Warrants etc.: October 1698, 1-15

Pages 138-156

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 14, 1698-1699. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1934.

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October 1698, 1-15

Oct. 1. Establishment under the hands of the Lords Justices of England for a chirurgeon and mate for the Regiment of Foot under Col. Collingwood which is ordered to embark for the West Indies: to date from Oct. 1 inst.: (4s. a day for the chirurgeon and 2s. 6d. a day for the mate: total establishment 118l. 12s. 6d. per an). King's Warrant Book XX, p. 35.
Oct. 1. Treasury warrant to the Sick and Wounded Commissioners to deliver to the Major of the First Regiment of Guards under the Earl of Romney the room in the Savoy which has of late been made use of by you for keeping prisoners of war; in order for same to be made a Hospital for the said Regiment. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 131.
[? Oct. 1]. Royal sign manual for the following Military Establishment for Ireland viz. for three Regiments of Horse; four Regiments of Dragoons and 21 Regiments of Foot: to commence and take place from 1 Oct. 1698.
General Officers. per an.
£ s. d.
Lord Lieutenant, Deputy or Lords Justices for all allowances and entertainment 6492 18 8
one Lieutenant-General 1344
Muster Master General and one Clerk of the Cheque and not to receive the day's pay 460 5 6
six Deputy Commissaries of the Musters, 5s. each per diem 504
one Quarter Master General 336
one Adjutant General 336
one Advocate General 112
One Chirurgeon General 112
£9697 4 2
Military Contingencies.
military incidents; rent of the Horse Guard stables 110l. and fire and candle for Dublin Castle 60l. 170
Three Regiments of Horse.
two thereof with each, Field and Staff Officers (Col. 201l. 12s. 0d.; Lieut.-Col. as such 134l. 8s. 0d.; Major as such 100l. 16s. 0d.; Chaplain 112l.; kettle drummer 42l.); total 590l. 16s. 0d. and six Troops (each with Captain 235l. 4s. 0d.; Lieut. 151l. 4s. 0d.; Cornet 117l. 12s. 0d.; Quarter Master 84l.; two Corporals 42l. each; one Trumpeter 42l.; and 40 Troopers at 25l. 4s. 0d. each): total per Troop 1,722l.: the third Regiment with nine Troops: total for the three Regiments 37934 8 0
Four Regiments of Dragoons.
each with Field and Staff Officers (Colonel as such 201l. 12s. 0d.; Lieut.-Col. as such 117l. 12s. 0d.; Major as such 84l.; Chaplain 112l.: total 515l. 4s. 0d.) and eight Troops (each with Captain 168l.; Lieut. 84l.; Cornet 67l. 4s. 0d.; Quarter Master 50l. 8s. 0d.; one Serjeant 42l.; two Corporals each 33l. 12s. 0d.; one Drummer 25l. 0s. 0d.; one Hoboy 25l. 4s. 0d.; and 40 Dragoons at 190l. 12s. 0d. each: total per Troop 1,313l. 4s. 0d.) total for the four Regiments 44083 4 0
Twenty-one Regiments of Foot
each Regiment with Field and Staff Officers (Colonel as such 201l. 12s. 0d.; Lieut.-Col. as such 117l. 12s. 0d.; Major as such 67l. 4s. 0d.; Chaplain 112l.; Adjutant and Quarter Master in one 67l. 4s. 0d.: total 565l. 12s. 0d.) and twelve Companies (each Company with Captain 134l. 8s. 0d.; Lieut. 67l. 4s. 0d.; Ensign or Second-Lieut. 50l. 8s. 0d.; two Serjeants each 25l. 4s. 0d.; two Corporals each 16l. 16s. 0d.; one Drummer 16l. 16s. 0d.; and 40 private men 80l. 8s. each: total per Company 688l. 16s. 0d.); and one Company of Grenadiers (Captain 134l. 8s. 0d.; two Lieuts. each 67l. 4s. 0d.; three Serjeants each 25l. 4s. 0d.; three Corporals each 16l. 16s. 0d.; two Drummers each 16l. 16s. 0d.; and 40 private men each 80l. 8s. 0d.: total 764l. 8s. 0d.) total per Regiment 9,595l. 12s. 0d.: total for 21 Regiments 200507 12 0
Ordnance. £ s. d.
Superior Officers, detailed 1472 17 6
inferior officers in Dublin, detailed, 1043 1 10¾
Londonderry, detailed 58 16 0
Charlemont, detailed 29 8 0
Galway, detailed 112 8 5
Athlone, detailed 112 8 5
Limerick, detailed 129 4 5
Cork, detailed 66 4 5
Kinsale, detailed 255 4 5
Duncannon, detailed 95 12 5
Sligo, detailed 31 0 0
Carrickfergus, detailed 36 16 5
£3443 2
£ s. d.
Allowance for duty in Dublin (2d. a day per private of Foot and 3d. a day per Trooper) for two Troops being 80 men and seven noncommission officers 393 17 0
and for the Foot on duty there 2682 15 0
£3076 12 11
Governors and Garrisons.
£ s. d.
Londonderry; Governor at 10s.; Town Major at 4s. 255 4 0
Charlemont; Governor at 10s. 168
Galway; Governor at 20s.; Town Major at 4s. 403 4 0
Athlone; Governor at 15s. 252
Kinsale; Governor at 20s.; Lieut. Governor at 10s.; Town Major at 4s. 471 4 0
Cork; Governor at 20s. 336
Duncannon; Governor at 20s.; Town Major at 4s. 403 4 0
Ross Castle; Governor at 10s. 168
Enisharkin; Governor at 10s. 168
Sligo; Governor at 20s. 336
Dublin; Town Major at 5s. 84
Limerick; Governor at 20s.; Town Major at 5s. 403 4 0
£3528 0 0
Military Pensions.
£ s. d.
Col. O'Donnel, pursuant to the Capitulations between General Ginkel and him 460 5 6
Col. Hen. Luttrell, the like allowance 460 5 6
Sir James Jefferys in lieu of a Company 168
Baron de Virazel 92
£1180 12 1
Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 450–5.
[? Oct. 1]. Establishment, under the King's sign manual, of pensions to persons incapable of service by reason of wounds received in the King's service or otherwise, and not able to maintain themselves: to be paid by monthly or quarterly payments as is usual upon certificate from the Commissary of the Musters of their being alive and in no employment at the several times of payment.
per an.
£ s. d.
Romagnac 159 12 0
Boistaquett 105
Questebrune 84
Deppe 84
La Catharie 63
Fontanier 63
La Boisonade 50 8 0
Pascalle 84
Seve; Lescoure; Villemison; La Boulay, La Boulay cadet; La Brosse Fortin; Du Causse; Lantillac; Mercier each 50l. 8s. 0d. 453 12 0
La Cloche 63 0 0
La Basoche; Beaujeu; Rochemont; Rivery; La Bastide Barbut; Gaulin; Gaume; La Serre; Lamy; each 42l. 378
Petit Bosque 168
La Clide; St. Germain; La Brousse; Dortoux; Gauteron, St. Maison; La Sautiere each 84l. 58 4 0
Barbaut; Sermant; Millery; Verdille; Brunevalle; Du Parc; Danroches; Lestrilles each 58l. 16s. 0d. 470 8 0
Chabrolles 142 16 0
Courteil; Ponthieu; Gally; De Lorth; Vignoles; Ginioux; Daunix; Charrier; Giberne; Montaud; Bernardon; Pressac; Montroy; La Garde; Chainlorier; Isarne; Du Perce; Liger; Prou; each 58l. 16s. 0d. 1117 4 0
Bayse 84
Sailly; La Rousselière; Boyer; Mestre; Lisleduroy; St. Sauveur, each 42 25 2
La Maugere; St. Agnan; Delorian; St. Fauste; Lange; Mercier junr.; Bignoux; Boisbelau; Fortenier; Le Petit; Laine; Faure; Bourdin; La Risole falantin; Dambois; Bellet; Le Brun; De Lorthe; Dumas; Nean; La Mothe; Roux; La Chancellerie; Vialas each 33l. 12s. 0d. 806 8 0
De Lome 58 16 0
Aldbert; Mercier; Lenfant; Lattanteville each 33l. 12s. 0d. 134 8 0
Guy; Bouloux; Lavall; St. Estienne; Guillermin; Quinson; Chamlorier; Montgaud each 25l. 4s. 0d. 201 12 0
La Fausille 168
De Sailly 84
Silvie and Anne de Montaud 84
Piozett 58 16 0
St. Your 58 16 0
Du Plessis 42
La Nalve 33 12 6
La Coudriere 84
La Primauday 58 16 0
D'Albenas, senr. 84
Fevouillet 58 16 0
Anto. Bernard 50 8 0
Heurard 84
Le Cocq 42
Garrison 25 4 0
Magnan; Bryan; La Palisse; each 16l. 16s. 0d. 50 8 0
St. Cyre 84
Venisse 100 16 0
Marconay 84
Fonjuliane 84
Iac. La Mothe 58 16 0
Daussy 42
St. Maurice; Guyon; Derpreè; La Mothe; each 67l. 4s. 0d. 268 16 0
La Moulin 50 8 0
Le Conte 25 4 0
Dalbenas, junr. 58 16 0
Joseph Gally 84
Iac Bernard 50 8 0
Mrs. Jacob 33 12 0
Cov. Laymerie 42
Burau 25 4 0
£7770 0 0
Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 456–9.
Oct. 2–12. Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated "at our Court at Goer" to Lord Edward Russell, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay 112l. 10s. 0d. to Robert Cooper Esq. administrator of Thomas Davenant, late Corporal to the Yeoman of "our own Royal Guards" for three quarters 1696 June 24 to 1697 Lady day during which time he was not inserted in the rolls he being nominated on the death of Capt. Houghton but not sworn in till after 1697 Lady day by reason of being obstructed by a claim made by another. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 23.
Same to the Treasury Lords to pay 20,000l. to Sir Henry Furnese, Sir Theodore Janssen, Samuell Shepheard, Gilbert Heathcote, Thomas Vernon, James Bateman, Edward Allen, and Joseph Martin, Receivers of the subscriptions for the Two Millions: without account: as in satisfaction of so much by them paid or allowed to the subscribers for one per cent. [discount] on their subscriptions. (Money warrant dated Oct. 13 hereon). (Money order dated Oct. 22 hereon). Ibid., p. 24. Money Book XIV, p. 183. Order Book IV, p. 496.
Same to Edward Nicholas Esq. to pay (out of money in your hands for the late Queen's servants' allowances &c.) 2,000l. to Jane Lady Berkeley late one of the Maids of Honour to the said Queen: as royal bounty: to be (with 1,000l. already paid in the said Nicholas's office) in full of her marriage portion. King's Warrant Book, XX, p. 25.
Same to same to pay 2,000l. to Elenora May wife of Edward May, being for the like allowance. Ibid.
Same to same to pay 3,000l. to Mary Berkeley daughter of Charles, Visct. Dursley late a Maid of Honour to the late Queen; as royal bounty for her wedding portion: no further payment is thereafter to be made to her in the office of the said Nicholas on any allowance or pension to her in respect of her being a Maid of Honour as aforesaid. Ibid, pp. 61–2.
Oct. 2. Money order for 500l. to Nicholas Baker for Crown Law charges. Order Book V, p. 17.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Sir Nicholas Sherburne bart. of lands and a water mill at Dalby in the parish of Kirkpatrick in the Isle of Man ut supra Tr. Cal. XIII p. 432, for 29 years from 1700 on the ancient yearly rent of 46s. 8d. and fine of 20l.
Followed by: undated entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of the lease. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 43, 149.
Oct. 2. Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Samuell Aldridge of Staines Co. Middlesex, gent, (at the nomination of Charles Whitgrave gent) of lands ut supra Tr. Cal. XIII, p. 433 (being woodlands near Burnham Co. Bucks.) for 25½ years from 1704 Lady day at the ancient rent of 6l. and fine of 100l. (For the docquet see infra under date? Dec. 27). Ibid., p. 44.
Oct. 2–12. Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated "at our Court at Goer" to the Lords Justices of Ireland for a patent to pass the great seal of Ireland to exonerate and discharge Sir Richard Bellingham from the debt of 2,000l. and interest thereon due to Lord Gormanstown; his father Sir Daniell Bellingham having been Deputy Receiver General to Arthur, Earl of Anglesey then Vice Treasurer of Ireland and did make several payments upon warrants amounting to 2,646l. 19s. 8d. which were only payable out of certain parts of the revenue and which upon the general [revenue account] could not be allowed him upon his accounts, by means whereof he left the said Sir Richard in great trouble, who accordingly borrowed 2,000l. of Lord Gormanstown on mortgage of his estate in Co. Meath, part whereof is yet unpaid; the said Gormanstown having died in actual rebellion and hath forfeited all his estate real and personal. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 460.
Oct. 4. Treasury allowance of the Excise Office salary bill for 1698 Sept. 29 quarter, together with the Salt Duties [Office] salaries: total 5,305l. 5s. 11½d. Money Book XIV, p. 173.
Money order for 75l. to William Wekett for same quarter for attendance and incidents for the Treasury Office; and 5l. to John Hurst for same quarter for carrying letters on extraordinary occasions. (Money order dated Oct. 6 hereon). Ibid., p. 173. Order Book V, p. 2.
Same for 106l. 4s. 0d. to the executors of John Topham, late Serjeant-at-Arms attending the House of Commons, for disbursements for coals, candles, sweets, mops, brooms &c. for said House in 1691 and 1692 and for reward to messengers for serving of orders within said time by direction of said House. (Money order dated Oct. 6 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 177. Order Book V, p. 2.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay (out of the French Duty of 25 per cent. and 25l. per ton on the lading of the ship Providence from Italy) 100l. to — Bobin a French gentleman who made discovery concerning the said lading; and a further 40l. to be distributed as bounty to the seamen of said ship who confirmed his information: as an encouragement. Money Book XIV, p. 177.
Money warrant for 7,500l. to Sir Benjamin Bathurst for half-ayear to Sept. 29 last on the annuity of 15,000l. to William, Duke of Gloucester: to be satisfied by tallies of anticipation on the Commissioners for the Two Millions. (Money order dated Oct. 6 hereon). Ibid., p. 179. Order Book V, p. 2.
Oct. 4. William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 4,325l. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: to be issued out of loans on the Duties on Coals &c.; and to be applied as follows: viz.
for two years' clearings to Col. Collingwood's Regiment on account 2025
for arrears of subsistence in Flanders 2300
Disposition Book XIV, p. 255.
Same to same to issue 15,403l. 16s. 10d. to the Navy Treasurer on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be issued out of the like loans: and is intended for wages to seamen as in further part of 250,000l. appropriated thereto. Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to apply to the subsistence of the four Marine Regiments the 5,907l. 17s. 0d. resting in the Navy Treasurer's hands of the [tallies on the] Two Millions and reserved in his hands for such uses as my Lords should appoint. You are to imprest it in equal proportions to the Colonels of the said Regiments. Ibid.
Same to the Postmasters General to order their Receiver to pay 2,000l. into the Exchequer out of Post Office money resting in his hands on Sept. 29 last and henceforward to pay weekly into the Exchequer the balance remaining on his [weekly cash] certificates after deduction of the ordinary charges of management and the weekly payments directed out of that revenue. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of any disposeable money in the Exchequer) 40l. to the messengers and doorkeepers of the House of Commons.
and 1,000l. to me [Lowndes] for secret service. Ibid., p. 256.
Same to Mr. Vanbrugh. My Lords lately referred to you a memorial relating to frauds committed by the messengers of the Chamber in making their bills [for riding expenses &c.]. You report you find great reason to believe that some foul practices have been done and that though at present you cannot have a sight of those bills yet by the information you have received you will be able to prevent the payment of them if ever they be demanded and to make a more perfect discovery thereof. My Lords direct you to take all possible care to prevent payment of such bills as you suspect and to use your utmost endeavour for the future to discover such frauds in the making of the bills or in the allowing thereof by the Clerks of the Cheque: and to immediately attend my Lords with any such discovery. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 39.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to give five weeks' leave of absence to Thomas Walker (Waker) deputy to Mr. Peirce one of the undersearchers of London port: for recovery of his health. Ibid., p. 41.
Oct. 4. William Lowndes to the Board of Greencloth. In a representation you made to the King some time before he went last to Holland you state your opinion that upon the strictest computation and good husbandry the expense of the Household (which by a medium of the last three years has amounted to 110,000l. per an.) cannot be reduced to less than 80,000l. per an. My Lords desire your thoughts upon what particular heads of expense in the said Establishment and in what proportions the said retrenchment may best be made. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 42.
Same to John Sansom senr. to order the Customs officer that is to deliver the "gundalow" imported from Venice by the Earl of Manchester to take such care thereof and of the parcels belonging to it that they suffer no damage. Ibid., p. 43.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt enclosing three royal warrants for the King's signature one for 3,000l. to Lord Paget pursuant to the King's pleasure as by your letter for his equipage &c. ut infra p. 154 (2) for 37 acres in Richmond Park to the Earl of Rochester (3) for a grant in trust for the Earl of Ranelagh of ground at Chelsea. Ibid.
Affidavit, made before the Treasury Lords, by Jno. Donning of Bristol merchant relating to 30 gross of tobacco pipes and other goods entered in the name of James Donning in the Bristol Customs House 1693 May 19 for [lading in] the ship Cherubim, Edward Sweethen master, for Boston in the parts beyond the seas; and likewise to other goods (beer, cider, glass &c.) entered 1695 Nov. 28 in the name of the said James for John Donning for the ship Hopewell William Saker master, for Antigua and likewise to other goods (wrought iron, bar iron &c.) similarly entered 1696 May 8 for the Hannah pink, William Saker master, for Barbados; and likewise to other goods (shoes &c.) similarly entered 1696 Aug. 6 and 13 for the William and Thomas, Thomas Atkins master, for Barbados; and likewise to other goods (beer &c.) similarly entered in 1696 Oct. 7, 9 and 10 for the John brigantine, Thomas Ladd master, for Barbados; and likewise to other goods (ticking &c.) similarly entered 1696–7 Jan. 29 and March 1 for the ship Spykes Town, Jonathan Rogers master, for Barbados: being all the proper goods of the deponent and Duty paid thereon at export: all which ships were taken by the French in their said voyages and the said goods made prize and the deponent has not received nor is like to receive any benefit from the proceeds thereof, the ship Spykes Town after being taken and plundered by the French was afterwards taken by the Dutch and great part of the goods then lost [sic for left] on board were taken by the Dutch for salvage so that deponent is not like to receive more than 5s. in the £ on the goods so shipped in that ship. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, pp. 465–6.
Oct. 5–15. Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated "at our Court at Goer" to the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction as to the King's part of the judgment of 14,000l. [? 1,400l.] against John de Senne for silk and lace which came to his hands; he having, on account of his poverty, been admitted to compound for same by 300l. half thereof to the King, the other half to the informer: he having petitioned ut supra Tr. Cal. XIII, p. 424. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 38,
[? Oct. 5]. Treasury warrant to the Receipt to renew a lost order No. 952 for an annuity of 14l. in the name of Edward Clarke being for 100l. by him lent on the Excise. Order Book V, p. 3.
Oct. 5. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Powney shewing that he holds a farm at Eton called Mustians for 22 years to come at 3l. 18s. 4d. per an. rent and also the scite of the old manor of Windsor for about 35 years to come at 8l. 6s. 8d. per an.; "that being impropriator in fee of Old and New Windsor" [he] is entitled to the tithes of corn and hay out of above 300 acres of arable and meadow ground in Millfield, Mill mead and Datchet mead and lands contiguous which the King is purchasing for the enlargement of [Windsor] Little Park: therefore praying a concurrent lease of Mustians farm and of the scite of old Windsor [manor] for 99 years at the small rents of 8s. 4d. for the former and 6s. 8d. for the latter with leave to contract for buying off a fee farm rent of 16l. 13s. 4d. now in charge on the said impropriation towards satisfying his demand for the tithes. Reference Book VII, p. 295.
Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Richard Cocks, Receiver General of the 3s. Aid, 1s. Aid and Subsidies for Co. Gloucester, praying that accidental overpayments of 327l. 8s. 2d. upon the 3s. Aid and 206l. 17s. 8¾d. on the 1s. Aid may be transferred to his account of the Subsidies. Ibid., p. 296.
Oct. 6. Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 37l. 10s. 0d. to Christopher Tilson for 1698 Sept. 29 quarter for making a particular account of the Customs revenue &c. and other services. Money Book XIV, p. 179.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to make out bills for allowing on the Navy Treasurer's accounts the sum of 2,923l. 17s. 4d., being 2,764l. 4s. 8d. paid for taxes in the year 1697 on the salaries of the Navy Commissioners, the [Shipping] Register Office and their clerks residing in the Tower Ward and 159l. 12s. 8d. for the like taxes on the salaries of the Navy Treasurer's instruments [clerks] for same year as paid to the collectors of Broad Street Ward: as certified by George Dodington. Disposition Book XIV, p. 256.
Same to same for like bills for allowing to the said Treasurer 3,102l. 7s. 6d. for the discount and brokerage on 40,300l. Poll tax tallies discounted by him pursuant to Treasury direction: as certified ut supra.
Appending: account of said discount
£ s. d.
1698 May 1 13,100l. Poll tax tallies converted into Exchequer Bills with an allowance of six per cent 786
3,000l. of said Exchequer Bills discounted into money with an allowance of six per cent. 90
July and Sept. 27,200l. like tallies converted into Malt Lottery tickets with an allowance of six per cent. 1632
discount of the said Malt Lottery tickets with an allowance of two per cent 544
brokerage on the whole 40,300l. at 2s. 6d. per cent. 50 7 6
£3102 7 6
Disposition Book, XIV, p. 257.
Oct. 6. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners enclosing an order of Council for an allowance of 50l. per an. to a divine and 31l. per an. to a schoolmaster in Pennsylvania out of the 1d. per lb. on the side [coast] trade there. Please certify the Treasury Lords what Duty the King has from Pennsylvania and particularly whether the abovesaid Duty be charged [appropriated] and how much it makes per an. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 44.
Same to the King's printers to deliver to Mr. Henry Baker 200 copies of the late Proclamation about the export of wool; for him to disburse same in proper places upon the sea coasts. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Winder as a tidesman in Whitehaven port loco William Bletsoe who has quitted that employment.
Samuel Winslow as commander of one of the smacks or sloops intended for the better guard of the coast loco Henry Millerd, already presented, who being already in another part of the service is content to wait another opportunity. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 467.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nath. Hubbald for employment in the Customs, he being reduced to a low condition by several losses. Reference Book VII, p. 296.
Same to same of the petition of Micajah Perry et al shewing that they lately imported from Pennsylvania in the Dove, John Spy commander, about 900 [weight] of whale fin caught by the King's subjects; that by a late Act 6d. per pound Duty is payable on imported whale fins above the Duties payable by the Book of Rates; that Greenland whale fin being worth 140l. per ton and Plantation whale fin not above 70l. per ton petitioners believe the Act did not intend to charge Plantation whale fin so high as Greenland fin: therefore pray to enter their goods ad valorem over and above the old Duty by the Book of Rates. Ibid., p. 297.
Same to the Warden &c. of the Mint of the petition of the Clerks of the Mint in the Tower shewing that by the late extraordinary coinage their business has been greatly increased to the filling up of 20 Journals in large folio which will require several years' constant attendance to transcribe into Ledgers, Melting Books &c.; further that their salaries are not sufficient for their maintenance being but 40l. per an.: therefore praying the settling of such standing salaries as my Lords think fit. Ibid.
Oct. 6. Treasury warrant to the Trustees for Fee Farms to convey to James Walsingham the reserve rent of 20l. per an. payable out of the manor of West Dereham in reversion of Mr. Armiger's lease, viz. at four years' purchase and the 40s. per an. rent reserved upon the said Armiger's lease at 16 years purchase: total consideration money 112l.
Prefixing: particular of the said rents. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 131.
The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices of Ireland. We have received from you Bartho. Van Homrigh's petition for some allowances for his services as Commissary General of Provisions in Ireland; he being now to close his accounts and having received no allowance from the King since Aug. 1693 for his care in managing the stores nor for his service in the transporting the Troops from Ireland in 1690. Please send us the state of his account and inform us of the nature of his said services. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 461.
Oct. 7. Money warrant for 40l. 13s. 4d. to Sir Thomas Trevor for half-ayear's salary to Sept. 29 last as Attorney General. Money Book XIV, p. 179.
Same for 2,000l. to the Treasury Lords (Charles Montagu, Sir Stephen Fox, John Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Thomas Pelham) for last Sept. 29 quarter's salaries. (Money order dated Oct. 10 hereon). Ibid., p. 180. Order Book V, p. 4.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue 40,799l. 7s. 9½d. to Fra. Eyles, Sir Theo. Jansen, Mordecai Abbot, Gilbert Heathcot, William Sedgwick, Geo. Dodington, Sir William Ashurst, James Bateman, Sir Hen. Furnese and Sir Jos. Herne, Trustees for Circulating Exchequer Bills, to complete the order in their name for 50,799l. 7s. 9½d. for 10 per cent. interest to the subscribers of the sum of 517,720l.: to be satisfied by tallies of anticipation on the Commissioners for the Two Millions. Money Book XIV, p. 180.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 16l. 3s. 4d. to John Thorowkettle for 1698 Sept. 29 quarter as Messenger [of the Chamber] appointed to attend the Customs.
Treasury allowance of said Thorowkettle's bill for 16l. 3s. 4d. for same quarter as like Messenger attending the Treasury. Ibid., p. 181.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Morris shewing that he was the first English servant that was employed by his Majesty at his coming over, but being unfortunately stabbed and afterwards falling ill of the small pox was turned out without further care being had of him; and that since he has had a deputation as waiter and searcher for these five years without any salary though he has been serviceable in seizing several uncustomed goods, in particular 1,100l. worth of lace belonging to Jno. Dumatre: therefore praying a riding surveyor's place. Reference Book VII, p. 296.
Oct. 7. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the memorial of the Dutch Ambassadors praying discharge of a seizure of a case of satins wrought with gold, seized on pretence of being East India goods, though they were wrought in Holland, belonging to Jacob and George Rotiers. Reference Book VII, p. 296.
Same to the Warden &c. of the Mint of the petition of Dorcas, Lady Ashfeild executrix of James Hoare, late Comptroller of the Mint, shewing that during the late great re-coinage her father was forced to undergo the greatest fatigue and trouble even to the ruin of his health and maintained two deputies all that time at his own expense: and that the other officers of the Mint have been gratified for their extraordinary pains and expense on that account: therefore praying the like regard for him. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Merein (Morein) shewing that he lately embarqued at St. Malo in France on board the Virgin de Carme, William Whaland master, bound for Ireland, and took with him 37 guineas and some Spanish double pistoles and one Lewis d'or; that by contrary winds the ship was driven to Plymouth when Mr. Wyn an officer took away all the said money and a bill of exchange for 50l. but on application to the Customs Commissioners same were all returned to him except the English money: therefore praying a restoration of same as he is a stranger to English law and otherwise it will be his ruin. Ibid., p. 297.
Same to Auditor Shales of the petition of Richard Sowray for allowance of a salary of 60l. as Receiver of the land revenues within the city and county [of the city] of York. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to George Bohun Esq. to deliver to Mary Bishop (widow of William Bishop who was executed for piracy) two pieces of plush value 12l. remaining in the said Bohun's hands of the goods of the said William: his widow being represented as an object of charity. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 132.
The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices of Ireland. We have laid before the King yours of January 29 last touching some gratuity to be given as the King's bounty to the officers attending both Houses of Parliament in Ireland for their pains and attendance during the sittings. The King directed examination whether any and what precedents there are of allowances to them for that service. Please enquire and report and same shall be laid before the King with the first opportunity. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 449.
Oct. 10. Money order for 100l. to Sir Salathiell Lovell Kt. for Easter and Trinity terms 1698 on his allowance as one of the Justices of Chester as by the privy seal of 1695 Nov. 31 [sic.]. Order Book V, p. 4.
Oct. 11. Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 28l. per an. to Thomas Wolstenholme as Customer of Bridgwater port. Money Book XIV, p. 182.
Oct. 11. Treasury allowance of the salary bill, detailed, of the Hackney Coaches Offices for 1698 Sept. 29 quarter: total 190l. 10s. 0d.
The like of the incidents bill, detailed, of said Office for same quarter: total 72l. 16s. 2d. Ibid., p. 188.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 500l. to the Navy Treasurer on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be issued out of loans on the Duties on Coals: and to be imprested to Mr. Culliford and his partner for sailcloth furnished into the stores. (Same to the Navy Commissioners to so imprest the said sum). Disposition Book XIV, pp. 252, 253.
Same to Mr. Abbot to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Sir William Ashurst touching the condition of the Forces at New York. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 45.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Henry Ditch late Quartermaster. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Bridges to instruct counsel and to prepare for the hearing of the complaint against the magistrates of East Looe before the [Privy] Council on Thursday next. Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. The Excise Commissioners have represented to my Lords the 5th inst. that several bills drawn on the Navy Treasurer are come to their hands for moneys paid by many of the Excise Collectors by order of divers Lord Lieutenants and Deputy Lieutenants, amounting to 240l. 16s. 7d. for conduct money and charges of impressing seamen: and that they have also a bill drawn on you Sept. 13 last by Samuell Atkinson, Henry Greenhill and Humphrey Ayles for 350l. value received from Mr. John Cowley then Excise Collector: [all] which they cannot obtain payment of. As the said collectors' accounts cannot be balanced for want of payment of these bills my Lords desire you to take special care that they be speedily paid to the Excise Commissioners. Ibid.
Same to James Herbert, Receiver General for Prizes. Hasten the despatch of your accounts for the Auditors of Imprests. Ibid., p. 47.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Francis Barry shewing that his trade is discontinued after following it for many years in London: therefore praying a place in the Customs, as he understands the rates of goods. Reference Book VII, p. 297.
Same to William Clayton of the petition of William Judge shewing that May 11 last he apprehended Elizabeth Lewis alias Jenkins for endeavouring to put off an Exchequer Note [Bill] of 60l. altered from 5l. and through his means the man who altered it (Aubrey Price) was convicted and executed June 22; for which service my Lords promised petitioner a reward but he has received none: therefore praying a reward. Ibid., p. 298.
Oct. 11. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Francis Godfrey shewing that through the contrivance of Robert Thorowgood he was deprived of being customer of Lynn Regis port Co. Norfolk but out of their deep sense of his hard case and sufferings my Lords constituted him surveyor of Newcastle port which he executed with diligence and faithfulness but is nevertheless dismissed and the place given to Charles Shelly: therefore praying to be established in as creditable a station. Reference Book VII, p. 298.
Oct. 12. Money warrant for 91l. to Andrew Lawrence, Surveyor of his Majesty's Ways, for the June 24 quarter for the six years 1692 June 24 to 1698 June 24 on his fee of 3s. 4d. a day. Money Book XIV, p. 181.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 330l. to Charles Fox and Lord Coningsby on the unsatisfied order in their name as Paymasters of the Forces, Ireland: to be issued out of loans on the Coal Duties: and to be paid over to the Transports Commissioners to provide bedding and other necessaries for the transportation of Col. Collingwood's Regiment. Disposition Book XIV, p. 257.
Same to Mr. Parry. The passing of the Excise accounts has been delayed for some time by reason of some obstruction in the Vinegar Duty account. It behoves you to look after those accounts for the time you were concerned in the management thereof in regard great sums are likely to be charged on you and the gentlemen then in commission with you. (The like letter to Messrs. Davenant, Hornby, Sir John Morden, Sir Hen. Ashurst, Sir Sam Dashwood, Sir Humphry Edwin, Mr. Strong, Sir John Foche, Sir Step. Evance, Mr. Hall, Mr. Aram). Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 46.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petitions [missing] of his Majesty's patent Drum[mer]s and Fife[ers] praying payment of their arrears of salary. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Weeks as tidesman in Dover port loco Henry Broadley deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII. p, 468.
Treasury reference to the Transports Commissioners of the petition of Arthur Shallet for payment of 4,000l. debt due for transport service. Reference Book VII, p. 298.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Edwards shewing that his father served as an ancient officer in the Customs for 40 years and at his death had a debt of 400l. due to him for debentures: therefore praying for his father's place now vacant by the late wars. Ibid.
Treasury subscription for the execution of a warrant dated Oct. 7 from Peregrine Bertie, Vice Chamberlain, to Cha. Godfrey Master of the Jewel House, for the delivery to Sir Charles Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies, of two diamond rings of the value of 300l. each to be presented by the King to Monsieur Bosen, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Poland, and to Count D' Ossonville, Envoy Extraordinary from the Duke of Lorraine. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 133.
Oct. 12. Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to make forth a constat of the estate late belonging to John Stafford alias Howard who stands outlawed for high treason: in order to such grant thereof as the King shall direct. Ibid.
Oct. 13. Money warrant for 500l. to Joseph Chance as reward for discovering and bringing before Secretary Vernon one Samuell Grascomb mentioned in the Proclamation of 1696 Dec. 10 to have carried to be printed the manuscript of a false, scandalous and seditious pamphlet destructive to the freedom and liberties of Parliament. (Money order dated Oct. 14 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 182. Order Book V, p. 4.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue 35,674l. 2s. 9½d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: to be satisfied by tallies of anticipation on the Commissioners for the Two Millions; to wit on the 200,000l. part of the said subscriptions payable in November next: and is to be applied upon account of subisstence. Money Book XIV, p. 182.
Money warrant for 200l. to Nicholas Baker: on account: for for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Oct. 22 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 183, Order Book V, p. 9.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 150l. to the Mayor &c. of Berwick-on-Tweed for 1½ years to 1698 Sept. 29 on the annuity for the repair of the bridge over the Tweed built by Charles I. Money Book XIV, p. 183.
Money warrant for 1,020l. to Sir Thomas Mompesson, Sir Cha. Cotterell junr., and James Tyrrell Esq., late Commissioners for the Privy Seal in the absence of Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, for 255 days 1697 April 12 to Dec. 23 (being the time of their so acting) on the allowance in lieu of diet. (Money order dated Oct. 19 hereon). Ibid., p. 184, Order Book V, p. 10.
Same for 255l. to same for same time on the fee or salary of 365l. per an. to the Lord Privy Seal payable out of the Customs. An entry hereof is first to be made with the Customs Cashier to prevent double payment. Money Book XIV, p. 184.
Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute Edward Ashe gent as Comtroller of Plymouth port loco William Fall gent lately deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 467.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Edward Eve, a merchant of London, shewing that since the war with France he lost above 9,000l. and is reduced to great poverty and owes 220l. on four Customs bonds due under the late King James which he, is now sued on and being unable to pay must perish in a gaol. Reference Book VII, p. 298.
Oct. 14–24. Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated "at our Court at Loo" to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Laurence, Earl of Rochester of the piece of woodland lying in the northwest part of New Park and in the parish of Petersham Co. Surrey containing 37 acres: to hold to him and his heirs &c., for ever in free and common socage as of the manor of East Greenwich: at the yearly rent of 6s. 8d.
Appending: const at and ratal of the premises made out by Samuel Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands. The plot is bounded west by the old wall of the park extending 96 perches along it; east by a bank and ditch extending 62 perches along same; and abuts east on the open part of the said park called Richmond Hill and adjoining a piece of land already in the said Earl's possession near the gravel walk leading from his garden to the mount called Henry VII.'s Mount; and north by the said garden and the highway leading from his house towards certain stables. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 27–8.
Same to same for a great seal for a grant to Sir William Forrester and Sir James Forbes of lands as follow and of the yearly rent of 5l. as follow: for ever as of the manor of East Greenwich in free and common socage: in trust for Richard, Earl of Ranelagh: at the rent of 5l. per an payable to the Treasurer of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea: with covenants not to build thereon any structure which shall in any manner incommode the said Hospital nor to hinder the watercourses running therefrom.
Appending: (a) particular and memorandum of the first plot made out by Robert Hewitt, deputy auditor, being 15 acres in Chelsea adjoining the Hospital but separated from it by a wall and now in the said Earl's possession and adjoining Thomas Francklyn's meadow next the kitchen garden and burying ground of the said Hospital &c. ut supra Tr. Cal. XII, p 391. as granted to said Earl 1696 July 10: (b) constat and memorandum of the second plot viz. 5 acres called St. James's Acres in the tenure of—Gray lying in the common meadow called Chelsea Mead alias Thames Mead demised to Sir William Pulteney 1668 Aug. 11 for 34 years from 1686–9 Feb. 29 and afterwards assigned to John Kenrick Esq. The Earl has 97 years to come in the first plot and there are 24 years to come in the second. "The reversion in fee is of no great value." Ibid., pp. 29–33.
Royal sign manual dated same for 3,000l. to William, Lord Paget, Ambassador to the Grand Seignior; "for his equipage and other necessary expenses occasioned by his journey to Belgrade in order to mediate a peace between our good brother the Emperor of Germany and the said Grand Seignior." (Money warrant dated Oct. 21 hereon). (Money order dated Oct. 25 hereon). Ibid., p. 34. Money Book XIV, p. 193. Order Book V, p. 15.
Oct. 14. Money warrant for 200l. to Thomas Rymer, Historiographer Royal, towards defraying the charge of transcribing and publishing the Ancient Leagues and Acts of State between England and other nations. (Money order dated Oct. 17 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 183. Order Book V, p. 8.
Oct. 14. Same for 188l. 15s. 9d. to Edward Proger Esq., Keeper of the Middle Park of Hampton Court, for so much disbursed by him 1691–2 March 23 to 1694–5 Mar. 21 for hay for the deer, taxes paid and divers repairs there as by an account thereof examined by Phillip Ryley, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South. (Money order dated Oct. 22 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 186. Order Book V, p. 10.
William Lowndes to the Cofferer of the Household to apply as follows 1,500l. out of the tallies of anticipation put into your hands for the service of the Household: viz.:
towards discharging the debt contracted for the entertainment of the Czar of Muscovy 1000
to Mr. Frampton upon his allowance of 1,000l. per an. for keeping running horses: and is for half-a-year to Sept. 29 last 500
Disposition Book, XIV, p. 258.
Same to the Board of Greencloth for copies of the last Establishment of the Household expense in the reign of Charles II, James II and the present King. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 47.
Same to Mr. Povey to report on the enclosed extract [missing] of a report from the Customs Commissioners upon certain papers transmitted to my Lords by Col. Nicholson, Governor of Maryland. Ibid. (A like reference to William Blathwayt Auditor General of the Plantations.) Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, p. 17. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 47.
Same to Mr. Popple to lay the abovesaid extract before the Commissioners for Trade. My Lords desire it may be an instruction to the respective Governors of the Colonies and Plantations in America that the Naval Officers do give such security and do join with the collectors as is proposed by the Customs Commissioners. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 47.
Same to Mr. Yard to insert in next Monday's Gazette an advertisement that my Lords have ordered money into the hands of Mr. Thomas Hall [pursuant to the Act of Parliament] for payment of all such tallies of pro or assignment on the Hereditary and Temporary Excise as bear dates in August 1696 and all other tallies remaining unsatisfied on the like Excise: and that the persons interested do repair to the Excise Office on Thursday the 20th inst. for payment thereof; from which time the King will not be liable for further interest on the said tallies. Ibid., p. 48.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Gray as waiter in Berwick port loco Thomas Rogers deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 468.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of John Gellibrand shewing that 40 Bibles printed at Douay in two volumes quarto by the College of the Jesuits are seized and now in the Customs House London port, being imported by — Read, master of a vessel from Dunkirk and that the importer is a bookseller in the Strand; that there are such books daily imported: [which matter] being presented to the Lords Justices, England, they transmitted same to the Treasury recommending petitioner for employment in the Customs. Reference Book VII, p. 298.
Oct. 14. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the farms of Frogmore and Shaw in order to a lease thereof to William Aldworth Esq. for 99 years on a fine of 1,907l. and on his re-conveying to the Crown 17 acres out of Shaw Farm and 23½ acres out of Frogmore farm to be inclosed in Windsor Little Park.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Aldworth's petition for same. Petitioner freely permitted the workmen to build the wall whereby they enclosed part of his ground into the Little Park last year before the present design of enlarging the same was known and hath since been very willing to part with parcels of his farms for that service and by his example encouraged other proprietors without whose consent this season would have been lost. I rate the new lease at 2,363l. from which I allow 456l. for his present interest in the said 17 acres and 23½ acres so deducted as above thus leaving 1,907l. as the total fine. This computation is made without any regard to petitioner's pains in stating and engrossing the accounts for Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland [of Crown Revenues] many years. I think he deserves to receive thereout the 50l. per an. which was agreed to be paid by the late Auditor Stevens but which remains unsatisfied for 13 years, making 650l.
As to Capt. Moor's pretensions it is certified by Lord Cutts and acknowledged by Capt. Moor that Aldworth paid him 200l. on the purchase. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 134–5.
Oct. 15. Money warrant for 500l. to Nathaniell Booth for two years 1693 June 24 to 1695 June 24 on his salary as Surveyor of Greenwax in the Court of Exchequer as by the grant of 1689 Sept. 5: he having represented that by reason of the great allowances to sheriffs for apprehending highwaymen &c. he cannot be paid his salary in the usual manner by the Office of the Pipe. (Money order dated Oct. 25 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 187. Order Book V, p. 12.