Minute Book: January 1700

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15, 1699-1700. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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January 1700

Jan. 2,
Treasury Chambers. Cockpit.
Present: Earl of Tankerville; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Lowndes is to go with Mr. Strickland to the Transfer Office and see what [Lottery] tickets are changed and what are not; and Mr. Strickland (who is the Comptroller) is to receive from Mr. Thomas the tickets that have been exchanged for pay tickets by indenture between them; that so they may be secured and no danger be that any of them shall be delivered out again; and Mr. Lowndes and Mr. Strickland are to examine and inform themselves what tickets are not changed as they ought [to be] for pay tickets, how much they amount to and in whose hands they are: and to make report to my Lords.
My Lords having heard Sir Edw. Wood et al several times, as well by counsel as by themselves, are resolved to abide by their last determination: to wit: my Lords will not require Mr. Row and partners (in case they assign the extended estate for the benefit of Sir Edw. Wood et al as was agreed) to leave the tallies in the hands of the said Sir Edward et al till they have the effect of the said assignment and to defer the account in the meantime. But if Sir Edw. Wood et al are minded to sue in their own names my Lords will leave to the law the whole matter.
The Earl of Montagu [Master of the Great Wardrobe attends] about the expense of his Office. He instances in the King's linen and lace: upon account of the Queen's mourning the liveries were saved for that year (crossed through) some time: if the Trumpeters obtain their liveries for the time the mourning lasted it will make a precedent that will cost 25,000l. amongst the several servants [of the Household &c.]. The lace was saved at that time.
My Lord [Montagu] will send an account of what particulars in the Establishment [of the Wardrobe] are not paid. He says that formerly there were no rooms furnished for the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber and others, as is now done.
Write to his Lordship signifying the King's pleasure that whensoever any extraordinary provision is to be made in the Great Wardrobe not comprehended in the ordinary Establishment an estimate of the particular of that expense be made and transmitted to this [the Treasury] Board, that the same may be laid before the King by my Lords before such provision be made.
[Order for the issue of] 43l. to the Works viz. 40l. for the rem[ain] for the Guardhouses in Hyde Park and 3l. for pulling down a guardhouse and removing it. Treasury Minute Book XI, p. 245.
Jan. 2,
Present: all the five Lords ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in and Mr. Abbot. My Lords direct the Commissioners to cause a distinct account to be kept of all the money arising by the Subsidy Act (which ended 26 Dec. 1699) after the said date of its ending viz. money arising upon bond or otherwise and of the drawbacks and other allowances and charges thereupon; and that they give the necessary direction for this distinct account as well in London as the outports: and Mr. Abbot is to pay this money distinctly [and by itself] into the Exchequer weekly or as fast as it comes in under the head of arrearages of the said Subsidy.
The said Commissioners' report concerning Williamson (and his office of searcher) and his answer to the same are read. The bro[ther] of Williamson informs my Lords that he is dangerously sick.
Send all the reports and papers concerning the head searcher's office to the Attorney General, desiring him to peruse the same and to give my Lords his opinion whether he thinks there is sufficient ground to bring a scire facias to avoid the patent of Sir W. Fowlys for the said office which is now executed by Williamson as deputy. Ibid., p. 246.
Jan. 3,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
Write to Mr. Vander Esch or his clerk to attend my Lords next Friday.
Write to the two Commissioners of Prizes to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Order for the issue of] 307l. 1s. 3d. for the men of Capt. Hoskins' Company of Marines. Ibid., p. 247.
Jan. 5,
Present: Earl of Tankerville; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Sognius will bring on Tuesday next an account of all the moneys received by Mr. Vander Esch for the Dutch Forces.
The 200l. a week for the gardens at Hampton Court [payable] till 5000l. be paid thereon (and whereon about 4600l. is paid) is to cease till the work is measured and the account fully adjusted.
Upon reading the proceedings which have been had about the Queen Dowager's title to the manor of Richmond Co. Surrey my Lords are of opinion that the trust of the remainder of the 99 years is devolved to the King by a title derived under the grant in 1664 to the Duke of York; and if the Queen Dowager's trustees are of another opinion they are at liberty to proceed in the suit which they commenced in the Exchequer Chamber. Ibid., p. 248.
Jan. 9,
Present: Earl of Tankerville; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Boyle.
The Commissioners of Prizes and Mr. Cock [attend]. They withdraw.
The Earl of Montagu comes in. His papers to be laid before the King.
The Commissioners of Prizes and Mr. Cock come in again. They are to come here to-morrow morning with Mr. Buckeridg.
[Write] to the Receivers of the Two Millions to be here on Friday morning with an account of the deficiency of their fund, which [deficiency] is to be deducted out of the Two Millions. Ibid., p. 249.
Jan. 10,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Hill.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Tuesday morning.
[Order for the issue of] 400l. to be paid to Mr. Ryly on account for enclosures in New Forest.
[Order for the issue of] 300l. to Nicholas Baker [for Crown Law charges].
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer] to be writ for the [payment of] the last half-year's salary ordered for the officers attending the Commissioners of Trade. Ibid., p. 250.
Eodem die,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: the King: all the five Treasury Lords.
[Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of the sterling equivalent of] 7316 guilders 8 stivers: to be paid [by him to Mr. Hill and] per Mr. Hill to Zeger Goris for forage furnished to the Horse and Dragoons at Mont St. Andre in 1694: and to be charged [in the said Paymaster's accounts] to the account of the [said] Troops.
[Same for the issue to same of] 3150l. 12s. 0d. which by the Earl of Ranelagh's report is due to the officers that came from Piedmont. Mr. Blathwayt is to prepare a contingent warrant for it "and for what was paid to 'em by Mr. Hill."
As to the three disbanded French [Huguenot] Regiments the King orders that their accounts shall be made up [as] by the Establishment without cheques and to have no levy money nor recruit money.
The process against the Hudsons Bay Company [is ordered] to be continued.
The King will not give the Yeomen of the Guard the 1000l. a year which Lord Grandison had; nor riding charges to Kensington but he will allow them riding charges to Hampton Court and for other journeys.
Write to Lord Seafield upon the report of the Postmasters [General].
Send to the Postmasters [General] to attend [here] on Friday morning.
Mr. Ryley to attend next Wednesday with the report about New Forest. Treasury Minute Book XI, p. 251.
Jan. 12,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: all the five Lords.
[My Lords] order that the general direction which was given for paying the money for the Marine soldiers to the Colonels and from them to the Captains, be observed in the cases of Sir Cloudsley Shovel, Sir David Mitchel, Capt. Leigh and Capt. Williams.
Lay before the King the report concerning the mill and press for the old East India Company.
"A warrant to be signed, by such of the Lords as subscribed 10,000l. [in the name of the King as his subscription to the Two Millions] to impower Sir Theodore Janssen [to receive] the five quarters' interest on the original funds and two quarters' interest on the additional fund due at Xmas last and out of that to pay the 500l. remaining due for the fifth payment of the 25 per cent to Trade and the overplus into the Exchequer."
[Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of] 9080l. 10s. 2d. being a fortnight's sub[sistence] to Jan. 28 inst. [for the Forces]: to be issued out of the surplusage of the Customs remaining in the Exchequer.
The sum, about 1980l. [needed] to satisfy the widows of the slain officers is to be paid to the Earl of Ranelagh by a tally [of anticipation] on the Two Millions.
[Order for] 25,000l. to be issued to the Treasurer of the Navy for wages [of seamen]: out of loans in the Exchequer on credit of the Vote: 10,000l. thereof to be for Recalls.
Consul Baker to be here on Friday morning. Ibid., p. 252.
Jan. 16.
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Hill.
The Navy Commissioners will be here again next Thursday morning.
[Order for the issue of] 1752l. 3s. 0d. to the Chamberlain [of the City of London]: to be paid by 200l. a week after [payment of] the late [Exchequer] usher's liberates. Ibid., p. 253.
Jan. 17,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Mr. Hill.
Mr. Hen. Baker comes in. Upon reading his memorial concerning James Ben and William Moon, sureties for James Hunt's appearance, my Lords are contented that upon their paying 300l. (to wit 100l. to Mr. Hen. Killigrew, and 200l. into the Exchequer) they, the said Ben and Moon be discharged from their recognizances: and my Lords order a warrant to be prepared for the King's signature to authorise the Attorney General to acknowledge satisfaction upon the record. Ibid., p. 254.
Eodem die,
afternoon. Kensington.
Present: all the five Treasury Lords.
Ordered that Mr. Strickland, Comptroller of the Lottery Ticquets, do attend at the Transfer Office to prove the tickets till the [said] Office be supplied with a new Commissioner in the room of Mr. Neal deceased. Prepare an order for that purpose.
The King comes in.
Ordered that there be paid to Monsieur Fleuri or his assigns 7086l. in discharge of all pretensions from the French who were interested in the capitulation of Fort Bourbon: [to be paid] by seven payments, the first to be of 1086l. on the 20th inst. and from thence continuing the payment of 1000l. each month till the whole 7086l. is satisfied.
The petition of Kath. O'Hara and Mary O'Hara is read, together with the report of the Lords Justices [Ireland thereupon]. The King is not pleased to grant their request.
The Earl of Orrery's petition for Sir Robert Strickland's estate [is read but is] respited.
The old East India Company's petition for mills and presses for India is read, with the Mint Officers' report [thereon]. Granted according to the [terms and conditions of the said] report.
The proposal of Sir Thomas Cook and Col. Cash for Sir John Freind's estate [is read]. The King will accept the 1000l. but the grant is to be restrained to so much as was intended to be granted to Japhet Crook, to wit, the brewhouse tenement, debts and stock belonging to the brewhouse only.
The petition of the [Assessment] Commissioners in Co. Lancs. of the Capitation Act is read. The King directs my Lords to speak to the Receiver [General for the said County] not to proceed to rigour with these gentlemen and care shall be taken one way or other to satisfy him.
Dr. Kingston [his] papers are read. [Order for] 200l. to be paid as [royal] bounty.
John Fetherstonhagh's petition [is read] for an additional allowance as Lieutenant Governor of Carlisle. To be considered when the King makes another Establishment [for the Guards and Garrisons].
The estimate of 68l. for the ice-house is approved.
The estimate for the Tennis Court at Hampton Court is referred to the Office of Works.
[Write the Principal Officers of the Works to] hasten the report of the estimate of the new works at Hampton Court last sent them.
The petition of Banastre, Lord Maynard [is read] for a reversionary term of 50 years in seven tenements.
[Order for] 1100l. or 1200l. to Lord Jersey for his bed.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1000l. for secret service.
[Order for the issue of] 200l. to the Earl of Oxford as [royal] bounty. Ibid., p. 255.
Jan. 19,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
Mr. Vanburgh is called in. My Lords order that the minutes taken at the hearing against the late clerks of the Cheque [of the Messengers of the Chamber] and the minutes taken upon their petition against several messengers; and also Mr. Vanburgh's report concerning the same; be all laid before the [Privy] Council: and Mr. Glanvill is to attend therewith.
In the meantime my Lords direct Mr. Nicholas Baker to proceed upon the informations against the said late clerks of the Cheque and their accomplices.
Sir Francis Child et al [attend] with the [King's] mathematical boys of Christ's Hospital. My Lords order a year's pension to be paid them.
[Order for] 500l. to be paid to Henry Baker for [Crown] law suits.
The Gentlemen of the Bank [are] called in about 1600l. and odd due to them by a contingent warrant [Army Contingencies warrant]. My Lords will pay the same so soon as there is [in the Exchequer] money applicable thereto.
[Send to the Exchequer] a letter [of direction] for the 200l. [payable] to my Lord Culpeper.
Write to the Auditors of Imprests for the draft of the privy seal for [passing] Mr. Packer's account [as former Paymaster] of the Works. Treasury Minute Book XI, p. 256.
Jan. 23,
Present: Earl of Tankerville, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Mr. Freke [is] called in. [Write] to Mr. Herne and Mr. Crompton to be here to-morrow.
The Marquess of Carmarthen [is] then called in. He brings back the three petitions which were sent him. He says some deserted their ships. He offers Captain Bennet's answer. He will hear the particular complaints of these people if they will attend him at a convenient time. His Lordship takes the three petitions with him.
Write to the said Marquess that it not being known to this Board how the accounts between him and his Captains or between them and their soldiers [of his Marine Regiment] do stand it will be of importance that he should take care that the money which the Treasury Lords furnish to make good the abatements for the Regimental clothing do not overpay what is due to any of his Captains or any of their particular Companies.
The like letter to be written to Sir Cloudsley Shovell [as to his Marine Regiment].
[Order for] 1075l. to be issued for secret service to pay for a bed and chairs bought for the King in France by the Earl of Jersey: to be issued out of funds [in the Exchequer for the Civil List or] "for the Civil Government."
[Order for] 3750l. to be issued on the order for the Duke of Gloucester: to be issued out of same.
The Customs Commissioners are to attend on Thursday morning.
Mr. Kent is acquainted with the minute of Jan. 17 concerning the [Assessment] Commissioners Co. Lancs. My Lords recommend to him patience. He [says he] was loath to prosecute them: but he will hold his land [sic for hand] a little.
[Order for] 300l. to be issued to the Speaker [of the House of Commons] on his warrant.
James Tosh [is ordered] 20l. on his order.
To-morrow morning the [Treasury Chambers] doors are to be shut. Ibid., p. 257.
Jan. 24. Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
Write to the Attorney and Solicitor General to be here to-morrow about the judgment in the Bankers' case.
[Write] to Mr. Henry Baker to bring to my Lords a copy of the [abovesaid] judgment which was given in the Exchequer in the Bankers' case.
The Earl of Tankerville comes in.
Mr. Freke having produced 20 Malt [Lottery] tickets Nos. 108791 to 108810 inclusive which were not signed by the Teller or his clerk when issued at the Exchequer: and it being certified by Mr. Robert Crompton and John Leacroft that they are true tickets and cheque right in the book my Lords have no objection against the payment thereof. Ibid., p. 258.
Eodem die, afternoon. Kensington. Present: the King: all the five Treasury Lords.
The report of the [Principal] Officers of the Works is read on Mr. Talman's estimate for new works to be done in the Gardens at Hampton Court (wherein 1930l. 9s. 0d. is [by the said Officers] abated [from the original estimate]). Direct Mr. Talman to proceed in the work but to take care that the estimate as reduced by the Officers of the Works be not in any thing exceeded.
Mr. Rymer [is ordered] 150l. in further part.
Lord Eure [is ordered] 200l.
Send to the Earl of Montagu and adjust with him about the furniture at Hampton Court.
Write a letter [to the Exchequer] to take in the loans of 100,000l. [total] upon the [Commons'] Vote of this day.
Mr. Walker's warrant [is] to be during pleasure. Ibid.
Jan. 25,
forenoon. Treasury Chambers, Cockpit.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. See their papers [for my Lords' minutes thereon].
[Order for a warrant for] tallies [of anticipation] on the Receivers of the Two Millions for 12,848l. 1s. 4d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on his order for the Forces: to be for 14 days' subsistence to the Forces to 1699 Dec. 24 and for the subsistence of the Garrisons from 1699 Nov. 10 to Dec. 2 and also to clear the officers of the Garrisons from 1699 March 26 to Nov. 25. Specify the [said respective] sums in the warrant.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to attend on Tuesday morning.
Write letters [to the Customs Commissioners ut supra p. 36] for separate accounts of the New Subsidies ending and beginning 1 Feb. 1699–1700 as were written for the Subsidies ending and beginning 26 Dec. 1699.
The Earl of Tankerville comes in.
The Customs Commissioners and Sir Thomas Cook [come in]. He shews the decree for making forth new debentures and certificates. It is offered to him that he bring a general Indebitatus Assumpsit against the officers and apply to the Exchequer Court for leave to give the whole matter in evidence. And my Lords recommend it to the [said] Commissioners to make it as easy as may be for Sir Thomas to bring the matter to trial. He declares his well liking of this offer. Ibid., p. 259.
Jan. 26,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
[Order for] 9080l. 10s. 2d. [to the Earl of Ranelagh for 14 days subsistence to Feb. 11 next for the Forces in England: to be paid out of the overplus of the Customs. In the margin: subsistence respited because Jersey and Guernsey are included.
The Earl of Montagu [attends]. My Lords acquaint him with the King's pleasure [for the Great Wardrobe] to provide the furniture necessary for the Rooms of State at Hampton Court as cheap as is possible. Treasury Minute Book XI, p. 260.
Jan. 29,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Boyle, Mr. Hill.
The Victuallers [attend. Ordered that] 5000l. out of the remainder of the last loan is to be issued to the Navy [Treasurer] for them: out of which they are to pay 4707l. 10s. 0d. due on bills of exchange.
[My Lords] order the money come in upon the new loan of 100,000l. to be issued to the Navy for wages.
[Order for the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh of] 8479l. 5s. 4d. for 14 days' subsistence to Feb. 11 next for the Troops in England: to be paid out of the overplus of the Customs. In the margin.
£ s. d.
Subsistence [for the said fortnight as first demanded see supra p. 41 first minute of Jan. 26] 9080 10 2
8479 5 4
£601 4 10
[Write] "to the Comptroller of Customs to send my Lords tomorrow morning a certificate setting forth how much were the gross and neat produces of the further Subsidy [Act] ending the 3rd inst."
Two letters [one to the Paymaster of the Forces to pay, and the other to the Navy Commissioners to imprest] the sum of 607l. 18s. 4d. for the non-commission officers and men of Capt. Stopford's [Marine] Company are read and approved.
[Order for] 1000l. to be issued out of the Civil List [money in the Exchequer] upon the order for the poor of London. Ibid., p. 261.
Jan. 31,
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for] 90l. to Mr. Gauntlett for books &c. due at Xmas last; [to be paid] per the Treasurer of the Chamber.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in. [My Lords desire Mr. Mordant and Mr. Charles Bertie to be here on Friday about the salary of the Treasurer of the Ordnance for the half year ended at Xmas last.
[My Lords direct] issues as follows out of the loans on the last year's Land Tax.
£ s. d.
[to the Navy Treasurer] to complete 500,000l. for wages to seamen; and to be applied to Sick and Wounded: [to be paid] in [ready] mo[ney] 5408
to ditto for wear and tear: to complete 106362l. 18s. 7½d.: in [ready] money 6362 18
[to the Paymaster of the Ordnance] for sea service of the Ordnance: [to be paid] in [ready] money and tallies 26592 6 11½
[to the Navy Treasurer] for the ordinary of the Navy: [to be paid] in tallies 44471 6
£82834 11 10½
But there having been issued already 4150l. for Sick and Wounded Seamen and 200l. for Contingencies of the [Office of] Register [of Seamen], making in all 4350l. this sum is to be abated out of the abovesaid sum of 82834l. 11s. 10½d. viz. 4150l. out of the head of wages and 200l. out of the ordinary of the Navy.
As soon as the number of men is reduced to 7000 by the pays now on foot my Lords (who have at present no tallies in their power) will consider the arrears due to the officers discharged and remaining unpaid to be paid out of the money given for wages (struck through) and provide in the best manner they can for their satisfaction.
Out of the money which shall be now directed for wear and tear my Lords order 1000l. to be inprested to Mr. Culliford and partner upon his contract for Engl. canvas.
[Write] to Mr. Dodington to be here on Friday morning likewise Mr. Aylmer and Mr. Herne.
Mr. Sidney Godolphin's petition is to be referred to Auditor Chetwynd. Ibid., p. 262.
Eodem die, afternoon Kensington. Present: all the five Treasury Lords.
Let an abstract be prepared every Monday morning of all the papers which are to be laid before the King on the Wednesday following.
Prepare a sign manual for the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Privy Seal, to have his allowances as Lord Privy Seal during the time he was Ambassador and Plenipotentiary for the Peace. Ibid., p. 263.