Warrants etc: November 1701, 16-30

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1938.

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, 'Warrants etc: November 1701, 16-30', in Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701, (London, 1938) pp. 394-408. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol16/pp394-408 [accessed 24 May 2024].

. "Warrants etc: November 1701, 16-30", in Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701, (London, 1938) 394-408. British History Online, accessed May 24, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol16/pp394-408.

. "Warrants etc: November 1701, 16-30", Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16, 1700-1701, (London, 1938). 394-408. British History Online. Web. 24 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-treasury-books/vol16/pp394-408.


November 1701, 16-30

Nov. 17. Money warrant for 120l. to the executors of Ann Goulding for one year to 1696 June 24 on her pension. Money Book XV, p. 541b.
Letter of direction for 29685l. 6s. 4¾d. to the Navy: out of loans on the last part of the 3700l. per week: to be applied as follows:
£ s. d.
for the Course and is to be placed to the head of Wear and Tear 5000
for the Ordinary of the Navy 5000
for wages to seamen 19685 6
Disposition Book XV, p. 335.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. The direction as by my letter of Dec. 6 last supra p. 167 having been deferred until this time you are now directed to pay and apply the tallies and orders for 32331l. 6s. 3d. on the 3s. Aid towards discharging the debt on bills registered in the Navy Office on the Second Book, the interest thereon to be made principal until the 14th inst. Ibid., p. 336.
Same to Mr. Papillon to attend my Lords on the Navy Commissioners' letter that you have not duly charged yourself with 219l. 13s. 0d. in the front of your ledger for 1697 for interest received on Victualling tallies and orders. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 476.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to satisfy (out of the 5000l. directed to the Navy this day) the debt due to the executrix of Sir Peter Paravicene on a bill registered in course to pay off a mortgage which he had upon the Navy Office. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Abraham Chambers as a landwaiter London port loco his uncle Nicholas Wanley who is rendered very infirm by an asthma.
John Browne (one of the reduced number of extraordinary tidesmen London port) as a tidesman in the inferior list ibid loco William Wilkinson deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, pp. 149, 149b.
Nov. 17. Treasury subscription for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery of furniture, detailed, for his Majesty's yacht Charlott Capt. Macks commander, viz. bedding &c. for the Bedchamber; tables, chairs, &c.; beds for the cabins and State room and Gun room and Captain's cabin; one close stool; beds for 6 officers' cabins; 12 chamber pots, &c. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 141.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Thomas Malherbe and 5 others for the transfer of their pensions to the Irish Establishment. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 180.
Nov. 18. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Benjamin Jackson of the office or place of Master Mason to the Works loco John Oliver lately deceased. King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 122.
Same dated same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to discharge Robert, Lord Lexinton from the plate delivered to him out of the Jewel Office by indenture dated 1697 April 19 as one of the Ambassadors for the General Treaty, being 5893 ounces of white plate and 1066 ounces of gilt plate. Ibid., p. 123.
Same dated same to the Postmasters General from Dec. 25 next to cause the English and foreign port of all letters sent from England to Scotland and also the Secretaries of State's packets to be paid at Berwick by the Post renters of Scotland: all by reason of the difficulty which is found in obtaining the money due to the King for the postage of such letters and that the Post renters of Scotland use all endeavours to evade the paying thereof and particularly by pretending to defalcations for packets and expresses of the Secretary of State contrary to the late Queen's warrant of 1693 July 21 and to the condition upon which the port of letters betwixt Berwick and Edinburgh was to be accounted for to the Treasury of Scotland: and it further appearing that the Post Office at Edinburgh is by order of the Treasury there about to be let to farm. Ibid., p. 124.
Royal sign manual dated same for 20,000l. to William Lowndes for Secret service. (Money warrant dated Nov. 21 hereon.) (Money order dated Dec. 2 hereon.) Ibid., p. 125. Order Book V, p. 322.
Same dated same for 30000l. to Mr. Casper Frederick Henning for the Privy Purse: without account. (Money warrant dated Nov. 21 hereon.) (Money order dated Dec. 3 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXI, p. 126. Order Book V, p. 324.
Money warrant for 589l. 17s. 11¾d. to Henry, Earl of Galway for 81 days April 4 last to June 24 last on his pension of 1250l. per an. and for the succeeding quarter thereon. (Money order dated Dec. 10 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 518. Order Book V, p. 325.
Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to augment the salaries to the Barrackmasters Ireland from 36l. 10s. 0d. to 50l. per an. each and to apply the saving on 9836l. 10s. 0d. money established for fire and candle, &c. to the most proper uses: it appearing from the said Lord Lieutenant's letter of 9 Oct. last that there are 12 Horse barracks wanting besides those ordered to be built and that for the Foot there are 81 barracks and redoubts more than the number of Companies to be quartered: eight of the nine Foot barracks are hereby not to be proceeded in and the charge thereof is to be applied to building stables for horses to 12 of the Foot barracks. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 176–7.
Nov. 18. Royal warrant dated Hampton Court to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to rectify mistakes detailed in the Irish Establishment viz., omissions of salaries and pensions therefrom detailed (17 items in the Civil List and one item in the Military List, totalling 1303l. per an.): which salaries and pensions are hereby to commence from Aug. 1 last. The said omissions, which are hereby to be repaired, were due to the allowances having been granted by particular letters from the King since the 1st May, 1699) being the commencement of the last Establishment) and no notice was taken of them before the present Establishment was made, which was the occasion of their being omitted: all as follows viz.
within the Civil List. per an.
£ s. d.
Auditor General for transmitting accounts yearly into England 50
second Serjeant-at-Arms 50
Capt. James Waller 200
Elias Bouhereau 200
Jean La Caudiere, additional allowance 73
Josias de la Mothe 45 12 6
Jervaisotte, Lieut. in Sanderson's Regiment 36 10 0
De la Bouchetiere 36 10 0
Bonniface 9 2 6
La Sautiere 54 15 0
Dagos, a Reformed Captain 45 12 6
Chabrolle, formerly at 6s. a day now 45 12 6
Ann Albertine du Passy 73
La Land, a Lieutenant 36 10 0
Dubuc, a Lieut. 36 10 0
Saubergue, a Lieut. 36 10 0
Collombier, a Lieut. 36 10 0
Serville 27 7 6
Beaufort 27 7 6
within the Military List.
Lord Blayney in lease of his Government of Sligo 182 10 0
Ibid., pp, 178–9.
Nov. 19. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to hasten their report on the petition of Deane Monteage, late of London merchant and John Monteage his brother: and meantime to stop process against them. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 476.
Same to same to threaten process against such importers of wines from St. Sebastian as have not paid their compositions. Ibid.
Nov. 19. Same to same to comply with the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Excise Commissioners concerning 2 great seizures of brandy by them at Great Yarmouth and Ramsgate. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland enclosing the above 2 royal warrants of the 18th inst. supra p. 395–6. As to the reward proposed for Mr. Kennedy for discovery of forfeitures in 1641 we have signed a warrant for same and due encouragement will be given for such discoveries. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 179.
Nov. 21. Treasury allowance of the 1701 Sept. 29 quarter's incidents bill of the Salt Office (total 224l. 14s. 9d.) and of the Excise Office (total 981l. 17s. 3d.). Money Book XV, p. 518.
Treasury warrant to the Commissioners of Stamped Paper to refund the assessments in respect of the 3s. Aid of last Sessions 12–13 Wm. III c. 10 to Stamps officers of under 50l. per an. salary. Ibid., p. 519.
Nov. 21, 24, 27, Dec. 29. Same dormant to the Receiver of the Duties on Marriages and on Houses for Co. Somerset to pay the salary of 80l. per an. to Edmund Carent as Surveyor of said Duties loco John Pitman: as from Sept. 29 last.
to the Receiver of Co. Northumberland to pay the salary of 70l. per an. to John Langley as surveyor of said Duties loco Robert Cole dismissed.
to the Receiver of Co. Stafford to pay the salary of 70l. per an. to Edward Corbett as same.
to the Receiver of Co. Denbigh to pay the salary of 50l. per an. to James Jones as a same from Sept. 29 last.
to ditto for Co. Huntingdon for the salary of 40l. per an. to Thomas Jeay as a same from Sept. 29 last.
to ditto for Co. Leicester for 70l. per an. to William Draycott as a same from Nov. 21 inst.
to ditto for Co. Lincoln for 60l. per an. to George Chappell as a same from Sept. 29 last.
to ditto for Co. Stafford for 70l. per an. to John Yapp as a same: from June 24 last.
to ditto for the City of London for 50l. per an. to John Coker as a same: from Sept. 29 last. Ibid., pp. 520, 521.
Money warrant for 745l. 8s. 0d. to James Cressett for 6 months' extraordinaries 1699–1700 March 12 to 1700 Sept. 12 as Envoy Extraordinary to the Princes of Brunswick and Luneburg. (Money order dated Nov. 26 hereon.) Ibid., p. 524. Order Book XV, p. 323.
Same for 1397l. 10s. 0d. to Charles, Earl of Manchester for 3 bills of extraordinaries 1699–1700 March 1 to 1700 Dec. 1 as Ambassador Extraordinary to France. (Money order ut supra.) Money Book XV, p. 524. Order Book V, p. 323.
Same for 124l. 11s. 8d.. to William Young for half a year to Sept. 29 last on his annuity. Money Book XV, p. 533.
Nov. 21. William Lowndes to the Paymaster of the Works to pay to Michael Studholme the 680l. 7s. 10d. ut supra p. 392 as in full (with 680l. formerly issued) of 1360l. 7s. 10d. for repairs of the King's Ways to Kensington and of the road in Bushey Park and Sandy Lane at Hampton Court. Disposition Book XV, p. 337.
Letter of direction for 138l. 1s. 6d. to the Earl of Ranelagh; to be paid to Thomas, Lord Fairfax, executor of the late Lord Culpeper for so much due for 1698–9 Jan. 1 to 1699 March 25 on his 600l. per an. compensation for his rents and profits in Virginia. Ibid., p. 13.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ James Rhodes as collector, waiter and searcher at Shoreham loco Samuel Bincks, preferred to be collector of Chichester.
Andrew Wyatt as tidesman at Whitby loco Christopher Wright dismissed.
— Wilkins as waiter and searcher at Blythnook loco Lancelot Orde dismissed.
Samuel Binke as collector of Chichester and one of the supervisors of the riding officers for the wool business loco James Whitwood deceased.
John Bulman (one of the waiters at Shields) to be removed to be tidesurveyor at Newcastle and to act alternately by tides (in the river only) with the present Surveyor of Newcastle. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 149b.
Treasury reference to Auditor Shales of the petition of William Bayley for the place of Supervisor of the County of Chester loco Mr. Boden (worth 13l. 6s. 8d. per an.), Messenger and Cryer of the Exchequer at Chester loco John Best (worth 7l. 15s. 0d. per an.), Messenger to the Auditor and Receiver of North Wales loco Mr. Hudson (worth 5l. per an,) and Surveyor of the Works and Master Mason of Chester (worth 14l. 13s. 9d. per an.). Reference Book VII, p. 441.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Francis Partis, Mathias Partis and John Wooseley merchants, for leave to compound their debt of 6726l. 13s. 4d. for salt Duty, they being very poor and unable to pay. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the owners of the ship Chambers for return of 200l. seized by Mr. Williamson, a Customs officer, same being intended not for export but only for paying the carpenters and fitters. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Christopher Tower for an allowance for collecting the Duty of 15 per cent. on muslins, wrought silk &c. from India, for which he has had no allowance or profit. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the Hundred of Bucklow in Cheshire in order to a lease thereof to John Egerton for the lives of himself and his brothers Thomas and William.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Egerton's petition. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 144.
Nov. 21. Same to Auditor Henry Shales to discharge John Astell of the arrears of rent due before 1700 Sept. 29 for lands in Pembroke, part of the forfeited estate of Edward, Lord Griffin attainted for treason: said arrears having been paid to John Stone the said Lord Griffin's steward. Ibid., p. 148.
William Lowndes to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland for a fresh report on the case of Mris. Boyle whose late husband Edward Boyle, collector of Skibbereen, was plundered of 300l. six years since by a multitude of Tories. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 180.
Nov. 23. Treasury warrant to Edward Northey Esq., Attorney General, to stay process against the merchants who have come to a composition for importing wines from St. Sebastian in 1699.
Appending: list of said merchants (30 names in all viz. Thomas Weedon, William Lewen, John and Ezekiell Hall, John Hannet, Robert Rigden, George Grabhan, Jacques Ganvales, Joseph Moore, John James David, Samuell Bennet, Samuell Eyres, John and Nathaniel Matson, John Van Hatton, Thomas Tonkins, Richard Bennet, Isaac Richasey, Hugh Redman, Tobias Bowles, Aron Devile, Thomas Thomas, John Lambert, Thomas Tonkins, William Butler, Robert Jeffs, Elias Dupuy, Cornelius Dennis, Simon Francia, Derick Vanderstegen, Bartho[lomew] Palmer, Stephen Creagh). Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 143.
Nov. 24. Same to the Trustees for exchanging Exchequer Bills to apply 1722l. 1s. 0d. (part of 19,000l. imprested to you at the Exchequer) in paying the salaries of yourselves and officers and incidents &c. for half a year from 1701 April 27 to Oct. 27 last.
Appending: detailed list of said salaries &c. viz. 8 Trustees, 14 officers and clerks, and divers extra clerks. Money Book XV, pp. 524–5.
William Glanvill (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Richard Clarke. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 477.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to present fit persons for the better guard of the northern ports from Newcastle to Bridlington as proposed by Mr. Manly on his visitation of the said ports. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 149b.
Same to same to provide 2 vessels of 6 or 7 tons each for the better guard of the coast of Cockbush and Langston in place of the old and unfit boats there and to present an additional boatman and 2 tidesmen and boatmen instead of the extraordinary tidesmen which are occasionally hired for ships delivering in the port of Chichester. Ibid., p. 150.
Nov. 25. William Lowndes to the Master of the Jewel Office for an account of the several indentures for plate delivered out of your Office. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 477.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Elizabeth Clark, widow of Thomas Clark, late collector of Excise in Cos. Hereford and Worcester for leave to compound her husband's debt to the King. Reference Book VII, p. 441.
Nov. 25, Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Samuel Child and John Nuthall proposing a change in their sureties as Receivers of Taxes for Co. Surrey. Reference Book VII, p. 442.
Nov. 26. Money warrant for 285l. 2s. 6d. to Gilbert, bishop of Sarum for half a year to 1701 Sept. 29 on the annuity for the support of the Order of the Garter. (Money order dated Dec. 16 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 518. Order Book V, p. 329.
Nov. 28. Same for 100l. to Henry Killigrew as royal bounty: to be satisfied by 4l. a week from Dec. 10 next and to be paid to said Killigrew himself and not to any assignee. (Money order dated Dec. 18 hereon. In the margin: a later confirmation by Treasurer Godolphin dated 1702 May 5.) Money Book XV, p. 526. Order Book V, p. 330.
Treasury warrant to Edward Nicholas to pay and apply 9099l. 10s. 4d. to the late Queen's servants and charities for half a year to Xmas 1699 or for other periods detailed.
Appending: detailed schedule of said Queen's servants and charities and list of her poor pensioners.
A schedule of the late Queen's Servants and Charities for half a year to Xmas 1699.
£ s. d.
Sir William Trumbull, half a year to Xmas 1699 600
George Sayers, Vice Chamberlain 250
Edward Nicholas, Treasurer 200
Phillip Bertie, one of the Gentlemen Ushers of the Privy Chamber 100
Oliver D' La Muce, a ditto 100
Sir John Osborne, a ditto 100
George Watson, Esq., Cupbearer 16 13 4
Cha. Nicholas Eyre Esq., one of the Carvers 16 13 4
Thomas Lister, a ditto 16 13 4
Henry Mordant Esq., one of the Sewers 16 13 4
Edward Heron, the other ditto 16 13 4
Henry Bulstrode Esq., one of the Gentlemen Ushers Daily Waiters 75
John Reni Montigney, a ditto 75
Edward Lloyd, a ditto 75
William Olds, Esq., one of the Gentlemen Ushers Quarter Waiters 37 10 0
Thomas Paltock, a ditto 37 10 0
Simon Archer, a ditto 37 10 0
Robert Bowes, a ditto 37 10 0
John Marsh, one of the Grooms of the Privy Chamber 30
Thomas Herbert, a ditto 30
Thomas Perry, a ditto 30
Bernard Gates, one of the Pages of the Presence 30
Abraham Kemp, a ditto 20
John Keydall, Page of the Robes 35
Peter van Lewin, one of the Pages of the Backstairs 40
Daniel Poulce, a ditto 40
Hamlet Kirke, a ditto 40
Richard Bradley, a ditto 40
John Vickers, one of the Grooms of the Great Chamber 20
Rowland Peirce, a ditto 20
Mathew Clark, a ditto 20
Simon Douglas, a ditto 20
Anthony Dagley, a ditto 20
Mrs. Steward Walbur Howard, one of the Maids of Honour 100
Mrs. Eliza[beth] Mohun, a ditto 120
Mrs. Mary Berkeley, a ditto 100
Mrs. Dorothy Cason, one of the Women of the Bedchamber 150
Mrs. Rachell Windham, a ditto 150
Mrs. Martha Lockhart, a ditto 150
Mrs. Eliza[beth] Worthington, Laundress 75
Mrs. Dorothy Ireland, Sempstress 75
Eliza[beth] Wile, one of the Necessary Women 25
Margaret Wood, a ditto 20
David Harris, Porter of the Backstairs 20
Edward Clark, Auditor 50
Daniel Moreau, Secretary's Clerk 50
Edward Godfrey, Treasurer's Clerk 50
Charles Golstein, one of the Equeries 110
Charles May, a ditto 110
Henry Killigrew, a ditto 110
John Brockhuisen Esq., one of the Pages of Honour 50
William Franckland, a ditto 50
Wesell Boshoff, one of the Coachmen 28 7 6
Christo[pher] Ronch, a ditto 28 7 6
Harman Vansull, a ditto 28 7 6
Lenord Snellart, a ditto 28 7 6
John Catchlove, a ditto 28 7 6
Jacob Joyce, one of the Postillions 9 2 6
Thomas Palmer, a ditto 9 2 6
David Havard, a ditto 9 2 6
Richard Cowlyn, a ditto 9 2 6
James Smallbone, a ditto 9 2 6
Samuell Clark, one of the Footmen 26 10 0
John Tranter, a ditto 26 10 0
Benja[min] Booth, a ditto 26 10 0
Robert Howe, a ditto 26 10 0
Isaac Graffart, a ditto 26 10 0
Jacob Vinck, a ditto 26 10 0
Jacob Van Wostein, a ditto 26 10 0
Benja[min] Ramsey, a ditto 26 10 0
Heyman Brewner, a ditto 26 10 0
Richard Littlehales, a ditto 26 10 0
Henry Gardie [the] Bottleman 25
Christopher] Harell, Esq., Apothecary 100
Mrs. Susan Barry 20
Mrs. Mary Lee 25
Mrs. Katha[rine] Seigler and Mrs. Ursula Seigler each 30
Executor of Margret Burges in part of her arrears to Midsummer, 1700 25
Daniel Marot 37 10 0
Executors of Mrs. Langford in part of her arrears to Lady day 1700 100
Eliza[beth] Worsupp 10
Frances Plunket 15
Eleanor Ross 10
Frances Barrow and Mary Ashton, each 15
Jane Doule 10
Robert Astrey 12
Peter de La Touch 50
William Kempe and Robert Clark, each 5
Edward Pauncefort, Purveyor 20
John Lauze, Yeoman of the Stirrup 50
Thomas Smith, Yeoman of the Carriage 9
Thomas Chamberlaine, one of the Chairmen 18
Benj[amin] Cotton, a ditto 18
Osweld Fawne, a ditto 18
John Vansull, one of the Grooms 20
Thomas Milett, a ditto 20
Christopher Hill, Master of the Barges 25
ditto for 24 Watermen 37 10 0
John Haley, a Messenger 5 10 10
Charles Bint, a ditto 5 10 0
William James 5
total of the late Queen's servants 5031 18 4
a List of her late Majesty's Charities.
for the poor pensioners and petitioners of her Majesty's ordinary charities paid by the hands of my Lord Almoner: that is to cease from 1700 Xmas: and is for half a year to Lady day 1700 400
for the Vaudois Ministers the like [half year] 212 10 0
the School of Offenbach, the like 15
Mrs. Keightley, the like 100
Mr. Sherman 20
Mrs. Dartiquenave 10
Mrs. Heywood 5
the Lady Dorothy Burgh's executors the like, being in part of what is due to the time of her death 50
Mrs. Torway, the like [half year] 25
Mrs. L' Aisnee and Mrs. Verboon, each 10
Mrs. Banister 20
Mr. Gaffarelli, Mr. David, Mr. Hartman's son, each 10
to the hands of Madame Auverquer 80
the Bishop of London for the Ministers in New England 50
for Mrs. Mary Lee 11 10 0
Mrs. Hannah Manning, Mrs. Mary Doyley, alias Waller and Lady Prestwich, each 20
Thomas Lewin, Alice Antwine and Mrs. Mary Clark, each 10
Mary Schouten 3
Mary Gates for the Turkish children 40
executors of Monsieur De Villeneuve, who died in Oct. 1700: in part of what is due on 50l. per an. to Michaelmas 1700 25
Mrs. Nanny 25
rent of Mr. Nevill's house 10
Margret Harris 6
William Worthington 15
David Harris's child 8
rent of Mr. Gilbert's house 18
Eliza[beth] Clark 5
Richard Steward 15
Mr. La Fountain for Harmen's children for half a year to Michaelmas 1699 20
Mr. Haughton's daughter Tabith, for half a year to Lady day 1700 5
Marquis de la Muce's sister 33
Ann Donnavant 11
Mr. Sparrow's daughter 17 12 0
Mrs. Joyce Greeting; George Holder, each 11
Sarija Heremmer 6 12 0
the Dutch and French Church [in London] 8 16 0
Sarah Miller 6
Eliza[beth] Lennep 10
Margret Stephens 6 12 0
Eliza[beth] Duke 2
Ann Gourney; Margret Barker, each 10
Edward Laney 30
Mr. Millard for Monsieur Brassley's children 22
The following 27 items are to be returned to [or forwarded through the hands of] Mijn Heer Van Schuylenburgh.
for the Society of French Gentlewomen at the Hague 100
Monsieur and Madam D' Leslie 25
Mademoiselle D' Pardaillon 15
Mademoiselle de Vittenvalle 15
Mademoiselle de Languereque 25
Peter Loots 20
Jaques Crevemore, Antho D' Young; Joost Verkuylen; Mary Johnson, each 15
Antho Casson 12 10 0
Bernardine Barnes 2 10 0
Matchen Witz huysen 15
Mr. Nevilt 20
the Turkish woman 7 10 0
Geertie de Hounsterdyke [Hounslerdijck] 5
Madame de Renvelle 4 10 0
Old Beatrix 2 10 0
the widow Paul 7 10 0
Lieut. Wolfe's widow 5
Madame de Montgomery 15 10 0
Mes Dames [Mesdames] de Stirum 50
Gabriel Bourcour; John Willens, each 20
Lambert Van Dalen 15
Barbara Wilkins 12 10 0
Mrs. Keysers 12 10 0
to be paid to Edward Nicholas, Esq.
to be returned to Mr. Arnaud 50
for the French Officers' widows, orphans and refugees: being in all 51 families 500
for Mes Dames de Marancie 35
for Madame de la Barr 13 14 0
Mr. Cawthorn, Minister of Hampton Court, a year to Lady day 1700 50
Mr. Lany, for the sermons at Kensington, a year to same time 20
the poor of Kensington, half a year to Lady day 1700 12 10 0
a Frenchwoman to teach children: called Jacqueline 8 10 0
Mr. Bee for 3 ladies at Twickenham 15
the widow Cunningham 10
Ruth Yates 5
Mrs. Haughton's son 6
Mr. John Smith 6 10 0
the English Church at the Hague half a year to Michaelmas 1699 15
Mrs. Ann Franklin, half a year to Lady day 1700 105
Lord Mordington 55
ditto for house rent 14 10 0
Madame de Venneville 24 15 0
Monsieur and Madame D'Hospitall 25
Mrs. Johanna Hilsley 26 8 0
Madame Justell 30
Monsieur Bertheau 50
Eliza[beth] Lord 2 15 0
Rowland Brock 5 10 0
La[dy] Elphinston 50
Mrs. Frances Roche 5
Mrs. Katherine Russell 12 10 0
Lady Rookesby 33
widow Whalley 13 15 0
Sarah Browne 5 10 0
Lady Hamilton 22
Mrs. Killegrew 13 4 0
Mrs. Warcup 13 15 0
Monsieur Ronsell 20
Lady Slingsby 5 10 0
Mrs. Steward 11
Mrs. Frances Abell 3 17 0
Widow Macdonnell 13 15 0
Lady Douglas for herself 25
ditto for her daughter 10
Mrs. Kath[erine] Dives 13
Mrs. Deborah Roleston 13
Mrs. Sarah Bridgeman 13
Mr. John Conway 11
Mrs. Eleanor Franklin which is to cease from Xmas 1699: a quarter 10
Monsieur D' La Crosit half a year to Lady day day 1700 10
Mrs. Magdalen Cunningham 25
Mr. Gregory Gennine 15
Dame Francis [Frances] Russell 50
Mrs. Mary Marshall 30
Frances Ireland 25
Charles Elphinstone 50
Monsieur La Vassur 30
Sarah Ross 15
Mrs. Largere 30
Mrs. Belford 16 10 0
Widow St. Helen; Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Acere; Eliza[beth] Perigret each 10
Mrs. Ann Marriot; Susanna Benson, each 25
Eliza[beth] Mac Cracken; Kath[arine] Harlockkenden; Ann Richbell, each 20
Sarah Oakover 10
Frances Mackenzie 20
Walter Ralegh Esq., half a year to Xmas 1700 50
Lord Bophin's two sons to Michaelmas 1701 100
the French Minister of Greenwich half a year to Michaelmas 1699 20
total of the late Queen's Charities 4067 12 0
total of Servants and Charities, 9099l. 10s. 4d.
Followed by:
Separate Treasury warrant to Edward Nicholas to pay the following list of Poor Pensioners amounting to 1236l. in all: pursuant to the King's pleasure signified to the Treasury Lords and as of his Majesty's free gift and royal bounty: viz.
Arabella Hunt 50
Alice King 75
Ann Eden; Williamina Bunce, each 50
Dame Sarah Newcomen; William Connyers, each 25
Ann Fitzharris; Ellen Carlisle, each 50
Mary Clinton 25
Mary Stedman; Eliza[beth] Bedford; Margaret Whittle, each 20
Mary Simpson; Martha Simpson, each 25
Mary Michell 10
Martha Frances 25
Ann Goodman, Isabella Gillins, each 10
Margret Morrison 20
Rabsey Smithsby 10
Elizabeth Reynolds 5
Mary Watson; Ann Disney; Ursula Church; Dame Lunsford; Mary Bocock; Katherine Ironmonger each 20
John Lee 10
Mary Nevill; Sophia Nevill, each 20
Susanna Woodward; Martha Bastin, each 10
Hester D' Civill 15
Mary Webster 5
Martin Carbonnell; Mary Brincknall, each 10
Nicholas Estoll 25
Thomas Frye; Thomas Gummins; William Bawkham; Ann Head; Joan Mills; Katherine Roberts; Joance Launce; Susanna Clarke; widow Jennings; Jobe Atkins; Dame Eliza[beth] Lenthall; Eliza[beth] Richards, each 5
Eliz[abeth] Loup 10
Bevis Gough; Sarah Madge; Ann Silver; Richard Yates; Mary Leach; Katharine Tessin; Ann Hartwell; Margaret Marshall, each 5
Margret Jolliffe; Eliz[abeth] Churchill, each 10
John Stephens 6
Magdalen Thomas; Ann Moody; Hester Walker, each 5
Eleanor Pendrill 10
Madlle. de Veil 25
Mrs. Abernethy; Jane Pigott; Mrs. Sarah Hussey; Madlle. Du Bott; Madame de Chail; Madame de Barnier; Madame de Champiny; Madame de Verangeville, each 10
Madame de Venevellas 20
Mesdames Marmande 10
Susanne Petit 20
Isaac Bobin 25
Mesdames de Alix 20
Edward Cripps 20
Money Book XV, pp. 526b–531.
Nov. 28. Money warrant for 40l. to Robert Bertie for one year to 1699 Xmas on the annuity payable to him during the life of Mrs. Cock. Ibid., p. 532.
Letter of direction for 7224l. 13s. 2d. to the Earl of Ranelagh: out of loans now in the Exchequer on the first part of the 3700l. per week: to be for the subsistence of the Troops in England, Jersey and Guernsey from Nov. 26 to Dec. 9 next. Disposition Book XV, p. 337.
Same for 7705l. 3s. 6d. to the Navy Treasurer: out of like loans: to be paid to Richard Povey, late Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, in part of the second sum of 20,000l. appropriated for Sick and Wounded. (William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to so pay same: to be applied for quarters and cure of Sick and Wounded as follows, viz.
£ s. d.
at Deptford 626 4 6
at Gravesend 257 18 4
at Rochester 3509 2 0
at Deal and Districts 3311 18 8
£7705 3 6
Disposition Book XVI, p. 1.
Nov. 28. Same for 10000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh: out of loans to be made by the Bank of England on the last part of the 3700l. per week: and to be applied towards the pay of the Forces sent to the assistance of the States General in further part of 181033l. 2s. 6d. appropriated for that service. Ibid., p. 2.
Same for 10335l. 10s. 4d. to Edward Nicholas: out of Civil List Funds: to be applied as follows
£ s. d.
to pay 6 months on the salaries and allowances payable by him ut supra, p. 405 9099 10 4
for royal bounties as by a warrant in that behalf ut ibid 1236
William Lowndes to Mr. Nicholas for a list of persons (who had pensions or allowances payable by you) who are dead or provided for or were directed to be left out of your Establishment. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 477.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Thomas Johnson and 4 others lately redeemed from slavery at Meknes, praying to be received into Chelsea Hospital. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Janson, late of Blythe Pans, Co. Durham [sic], salter, concerning his bond for 333l. 6s. 8d. for salt Duties on which he is prosecuted. Reference Book VII, p. 447.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the memorial of John Latton, steward of the manor of Richmond, concerning proposals by Richard Hawes junr., for a new lease of his Majesty's House and Gardens and Brewhouse now in said Hawes' occupation with leave to lay pipes from his brewhouse to the river through the slip of back meadow ground called the Friars and right of free passage from the Brewhouse Yard, as he now has, into the Friars, to the waterside to load beer and take in corn:
likewise of the desire of Mr. Smith for a term in the tenement in his possession at 6l. per an. rent and 3 old tenements next adjoining late in the possession of Mr. Eldridge, Joseph Rogers and Thomas Raier, the said 3 tenements being all old and very ruinous:
likewise of Sylvanus Lawrance for a lease of the old Barge House at 30s. per an. for 21 years; of which nothing has been made for many years and is much out of repair; and to take also the said slip of ground called the Fryers at 40s. per an. rent which now goes at but 20s. per an.; and to have free passage from any of his Majesty's Gardens or grounds thereon abutting and with like free passage to the tenants of Hawes' Brewhouse and the tenants of the house, coach house and gardens heretofore Holmewood's and late in the possession of Mrs. Hill, and the like free passage to the old ruinated building or shed called the Pumphouse:
likewise of Mrs. Darley for a term of 21 years in the little very old tenement in her possession at the present rent of 4l. per an.:
likewise of one Stone for a like term in a parcel of ground held by him of the Manor of Richmond lying in Shipperte [Shepperton] Mead Co. Midd. at 5l. per an. rent:
likewise of one Mr. Wood for a like term in a small tenement held by him at 40s. per an. rent. Reference Book VII, p. 445.
Nov. 28. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of George Smyth, Polycarpus Dawkins and John Lowen concerning their surety for William Smyth, of London merchant, for Malaga wines imported. Ibid., p. 442.
Same to same of the petition of Antho. Meek who with Mr. Stockdall was one of the 5 undersearchers of London port, shewing that Stockdall has resigned; whereby the whole right of the patent descends to petitioner. Ibid.
Same to William Borrett one of the petition of Capt. Charles Newey praying remission of his fine and imprisonment for assaulting a constable. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Edmund Themylthorpe, who 20 years since being an attorney at Norwich was employed by the Commissioners of the Wine Licence Office to let licences in Norwich and Norfolk under a promise from Mr. Brighouse, then a Commissioner, not to be answerable for more money than came to his hands; but he is now sued for losses from licences. Ibid., p. 443.
Same to Edward Northey Esqr., Attorney General, of the petition of Henry Bradshaw for a grant of outlawry debts of Robert Pulling obtained by petitioner in the Admiralty Court for a contract of land contrary to the form of several statutes. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to Auditor Done to prepare for declaration the account of Sir Charles Haddock and partners for victuals for the Garrison of Londonderry and for the army in Ireland for 3 months in 1689: total charge 40933l. 7s. 6d.; total discharge 40706l. 7s. 10d. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 147.
Nov. 29. Letter of direction for 11000l. to the Navy Treasurer; 6000l. thereof for Wages and Recalls; 5000l. for wages to ships: to be issued out of loans on the 3700l. per week, and out of the Additional Duties of 25 per cent. on French goods and the 22d. per pound weight on East India wrought silks. Disposition Book XVI, p. 11.