Civil List Debt: Various Claims

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 17, 1702. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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Various Claims

Ibid., p. 129. Claims of Various Sorts on the Civil List.
£ s. d.
Due to Edward Brewster and Gilham Hill, his late Majesty's printers, a debt of 3475l. 13s. 3d. for printing Forms of Prayer, Acts of Parliament, Proclamations, his late Majesty's speeches and other matters and for stationery wares delivered to both Houses of Parliament for his Majesty's service betwixt the 29th Sept. 1700 and 29 Sept. 1701 3475 13 3
There being no warrant from the Treasury for allowance of this demand, Mr. John Williams, agent to the said printers for near 20 years, hath made an affidavit that the account delivered by him into the Treasury about Xmas 1701 signed by the several persons to whom the things were delivered agrees with the copy thereof delivered to us; that the rates
charged are the usual rates always allowed on their account and that there never was any deductions made at the Treasury for the said printer's account and that no part of the said sum hath been paid or discharged; for that all payments of that kind have been made to him for the said printer's use: and Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, hath also certified that no part of the same hath been paid at the Exchequer, nor have any deductions or abatements been at any time made upon such their bills.
Due to the Earl of Rochford, late Master of the Robes, on the surplus of his Declared Account ending 4 May 1695: as by his quietus appears 1637 7
Due to Robert Aldersey, engineer, for raising water for the fountains at Hampton Court in pursuance of an agreement for 200l. per an.: [to wit for the period] from Xmas 1701 to 8 March 1701-2: certified by the Earl of Ranelagh and by Mr. London, Master Gardener [there] 40 0 0
Ibid., p. 130. Due to Dr. Ferdinando Mendez, Physician to the late Queen Dowager, upon his patent for life of 100l. per an. dated 26 Sept. 1678 and certified by the Auditor of the Exchequer to have nothing paid thereon in the reign of his late Majesty King William; he keeping a constant correspondence and giving his advice in relation to her Majesty's health even after her removal to Portugal; as certified by the Countess of Arlington 1306 6
Due to Sir Robert Robinson, as Governor of Bermudas upon his allowance of 240l. per an. granted by privy seal of 4 March 1686–7: [to wit for the period] from 13 Feb. 1688–9 to 10 Jan. 1690–1 being 1 year 3 quarters and 59 days, to which time he continued Governor by his late Majesty's orders 458 15 10½
T38/193, p. 130. Due to Edith Colledge, Mistress Sempstress and Starcher to his late Majesty, for lace and linen provided for his said Majesty and certified by the Earl of Portland, Groom of the Stole, and by the Earl of Romney, who succeeded in that office that it remained due and that the King owned it in his lifetime to be a just debt and promised payment thereof 747 0 0
Due to Capt. William Sanderson for furnishing the Henrietta yacht with a crimson damask bed, window curtains and other furniture for his late Majesty's service anno 1691; certified by the Earl of Scarborough to be by his late Majesty's order who was pleased to promise 100l. for it when finished 100 0 0
The upholsterer makes oath to his furnishing it and being paid by Capt. Sanderson considerably above 100l. for it; and the Captain makes oath he paid the upholsterer above 100l. for the same and never received any part thereof but that it is still due from his Majesty.
Ibid., p. 131. Robert Jennings Esq., claims an allowance of 500l. per an. as one of the Grooms of his late Majesty's Bedchamber Extraordinary, from the time of his being sworn in as such viz. 12 Jan. 1697–8 to 8 March 1701–2: being 4 years and 56 days: which amounts to 2076l. 14s. 3d. whereof he received only 1000l. leaving 1076 14 3
It appears by certificate of Peregrine Bertie Esq., Vice Chamberlain of the Household, dated 12 Jan. 1697–8 that he [Jennings] was sworn into the employment; and the Earl of Albemarle certifies 2 March 1709– 10 that the late King allowed him 500l. per an. for that service and that his Lordship paid him by the King's order 1000l. and no more on that account, though his service and attendance was constant both at home and abroad.
The Rt. Honble. Arnold Joost, Earl of Albemarle claims as Gentleman of the Bedchamber to his late Majesty a salary from Midsummer 1701 to 8 March 1701–2 at the rate of 1000l. per an. 700 0 0
It appears by certificate of the Earl of Jersey, Lord Chamberlain, dated 14 June 1701 that he had sworn the Earl of Albemarle by his late Majesty's command [into the office of] one of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Bedchamber in Ordinary, to be admitted into waiting by the Groom of the Stole, with all salaries and privileges thereto belonging; but it does not appear that any privy seal or warrant was passed for payment of the said salary at the Exchequer.
Eliz[abeth] Harris, widow of Phillip Harris locksmith claims allowance of a bill of work done for' the use of his late Majesty King William amounting to 56 17 6
Derrick Jenssen, the late King's cabinet maker, certifies the particulars in this bill between 9 March 1694–5 and 6 Oct. 1701 to have been delivered to him for his Majesty's own use and fixt to their proper places and that the rates were reasonable and as usually and [that they were] not charged in his account. And Sir John Stanley of the Lord Chamberlain's Office certified that no warrant was granted by the Lord Chamberlain for payment of his bill.
Ibid., p. 132. William Watson, sometime Page of the Bedchamber to his late Majesty King William, claims an allowance for the attendance of himself and 3 other Pages of the Bedchamber upon his said late Majesty in Ireland in the year 1690 for 137 days at 2s. per day each over and above 3s. per day paid them for that service 54 16 0
It appears by the certificate from the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office that there has been paid them for their riding charges and other expenses on the said attendance 20l. 11s. 0d. only, at 30s. per day for the said 137 days by warrant of the Lord Chamberlain and that there remains 54l. 16s. 0d. for that journey to make the allowance of 5s. per day each according to the rule of his Majesty's Establishment. And Sir John Stanley certifies that no warrant has been granted from the Lord Chamberlain's Office for the said sum.
He further claims for his own travelling charges in England from the year 1689 to the year 1696 as by a bill of particulars 34 10 0
Sir John Stanley certifies at the foot of the bill that no warrant "have" been granted by the Lord Chamberlain for this sum.
Robert Webb, Fowl Keeper, claims an allowance for keeping the fowls in St. James's Park for 2½ years from Midsummer 1695 to Xmas 1697 266 14 9
He exhibited to us a certificate dated 28th February 1699 signed by Thomas Taylor, Deputy Paymaster of the Works, addressed to the Treasury Lords, being an abstract of the said Mr. Webb's account for the service, amounting to the foresaid sum of 266l. 14s. 9d. which seems to be pursuant to a reference from the Treasury.
p. 133. He also claimed for his livery and salary for the same time 150l.; as to which we find that Peter Tozaa and Mr. Anthony Rowe who afterwards had the place of Fowl Keeper successively one after the other are returned by the Great Wardrobe [as] in arrear for their liveries there for the years 1698, 1699, 1700 and 1701 "after the rate of 36l. 15s. 5d. per an. And we find that the salary as returned from the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office to be due to Mr. Anthony Rowe as Pond Keeper is 30l. per an. And we also find that the late King in the Treasury 26 November 1700 on reading Mr. Webb's bill or demand as Fowl Keeper promised to make him an allowance for the time past in proportion to the salary of the then Fowl Keeper.
Edward Golding, Keeper of the deer at Hampton Court, claims for his disbursements in feeding several deer as per bill certified by Mr. Latton to be by his late Majesty's command 51 3 5
John Goddard Esq., sometime Governor of Bermudas, claims a further allowance than what is stated for him in the Exchequer account on his salary of 240l. per per an. for that employment; viz. from 14 Jan. 1697–8 (the date of his successor, Col. Day's, commission, to which time only his arrears are stated in the said account) to the 17th August 1698 exclusive [being the date of] the publication of Col. Day's commission, being 6 months and 33 days which at 240l. per an. amounts to 141 13 11½
By an extract of Col. Day's commission from the Secretary of State's Office it appears that on the publication thereof in Bermudas Col. Goddard's commission was to cease. And by certificate from the secretary of the Board of Trade and Plantations it appears that Col. Day arrived at Bermudas the 16th August 1698 and that his commission was published the next day.
Ibid., p. 134. Phillip Goubert, upholsterer, claims an allowance for work done and goods delivered for his late Majesty's use at Windsor and for work done at Hampton Court anno 1699 as per bill of particulars the sum of 117l. 14s. 6d. It appears by certificate of Mr. Dummer of the Great Wardrobe that Mr. Lowman, Housekeeper of the Palace of Kensington, hath witnessed the particulars of the said bill except the article of 36l. 18s. 6d. for the work at Hampton Court: but neither Mr.
T38/193, p. 134. Dummer nor Mr. Lowman can say anything to the rates or prices charged; but if the same were the usual rates and [if] that only 36l. 18s. 6d., which is not vouched, be deducted out of the bill there will rest due 80 16 0
The seven Gamekeepers of Hounslow Heath, Hampton Court, Richmond, Wimbledon and Ham claim an allowance for their respective proportions of 235l. per an. salary from his Majesty from Xmas 1701 to 8 March following amounting to 47 0 0
Mr. Latton (who as we are informed used to pay them [the said gamekeepers]) certifies that they were under his care and that their allowance was as abovementioned and that they are in arrear for that time.
Total of Various Claims 7765 2
and of Equitable Claims 2510 5 10½
£10275 8
Ibid., p. 135.
Total of Civil List debt standing out unpaid at the death of Wm. III.
£ s. d.
Exchequer account 324242 18
Band of Gentlemen Pensioners 6000 0 0
Ambassadors and other Ministers abroad 14502 2 5
Greencloth or Cofferer's account 74199 11
Treasurer of the Chamber's account 63755 6 10
Great Wardrobe account 27087 16
Office of the Robes account 6185 2
Pensions to the late Queen's servants and others 38716 2
Excise Office account 133173 18 0
Post Office account 33891 19
Office of the Works account 58127 9
Office of the Works at Windsor 5480 18
Extraordinary Expense of the Stables 7740 11 11½
Claims of various sorts and equitable claims 10275 8
Grand total of Civil List Debt £803379 4 6