Minute Book: December 1667, 16-31

Pages 148-158

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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December 1667

Dec. 16.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Write the Farmers of the London Excise to pay in their 50,000l.: also to the country Farmers to pay in the remainder of their 100,000l.
Mr. Barr is to give some recompence to Haynes, the Receiver.
A deed to be drawn to shew that the lease for Napper for tin is only in trust.
The Bishop of Landaff called in: is to undertake to pay in the arrears of Tenths by Lady Day next.
The Marquess of Worcester called in: prays my Lords' approbation of the King's warrant. Granted.
The Cofferer's account taken into consideration. To be further considered this afternoon.
All interest accounts to be referred to Auditors Phillips and Aldworth.
Sir William Doyly and Mr. Levett called in concerning Levett's arrear of 9,000l. odd on the Aids.
The House of Commons to be moved that the respective members at the next meeting of the House give an account what they have done for returning the rolls of the Poll yet wanting.
Sir William Doyly reports that 104,746l. is remaining in arrear on London on the Aids.
Auditor Phillips's deputy called in: is told that my Lords must have the particulars on whom this arrear is, that so they may know how to charge it.
Mr. Fenn and Sir George Carteret to attend to-morrow to give in Carteret's account of how much he has received for the Navy for the war.
Warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up Mr. Heinsius's bond for the release of the English prisoners in Zeland; the prisoners being released.
Sir Fr. Cobb called in about his arrear. He must pay the 150l., and my Lords will otherwise consider him for his services in the Customs.
Sir Rob. Howard called in about the Post Fines: to attend with Mr. Clayton the day after the House rises.
[Treasury Minute Book I., pp. 263–4.]
Dec. 17.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Mr. Knipe, late Receiver of the Aids for Surrey, to be arrested.
Sir Robert Viner called in: presents a paper of the moneys in arrear due to him on the Royal Aids. My Lords demand what is in arrear of the King's half-year at Lady Day, 1666: he is told that if any refuse to pay my Lords will help to constrain them: but must have it.
Warrant for 15,000l. for Sir Thomas Player on his Privy Seal on the Additional Aid.
Write the Customs Farmers for an account on Thursday of what they have done with the 16,000l. per mensem not paid into the Exchequer for these three months. Sir Robert Viner and Alderman Backwell to certify how much of the Custom House loan was laid down by them.
Send Sir Robert Viner's paper to Sir William Doyly, &c., for them to give on Thursday an account of the arrears on the Aids.
The Attorney General to quicken the report about Excise officers breaking open houses for gauging purposes.
Sir George Carteret's Privy Seal for interest to pass. Mr. Fenn called in: says that Sir George has not actually paid above three millions [for the Navy for the War].
Write Sir Robert Long to deliver orders for 22,000l. to the Earl of Anglesey in part of 100,000l. lately registered for seamen's wages.
Sir John Wintour called in about the 11,000 tons of timber reserved for the King: says the Navy has received about 1,000 and that 500 tons lie ready squared. Write the Navy officers to mark out all they find fit for the Navy and for the rest that Sir John Wintour pay the money.
Mr. Newport called in: says that so many ells is demanded for sheets for the Queen without saying how many pair to make up: also so much money for watermen's liveries. These warrants to be allowed and to be made out for so much cloth for so many pairs of sheets and so much cloth of such a value for watermen. That to be the rule to go by in the future. Now, it costs 15s. a yard and can buy as good for 9s. These things to be represented to the Privy Council that a general order be made for the future to reach to these and all such like cases.
Look into the Customs [Farmers'] grants and see what grants are excepted in them: such persons [grantees] to be written to to pay their rent.
The letter from York given to Mr. Laurence for the Attorney General's opinion thereon.
Sir Robert Long to pay to Sir Edward Griffith [Griffin] the money for noblemen's servants out of the money advanced on brandies.
Mr. Battelier called in: demands a warrant for his money to pay the impost bills. Ordered to bring a list of persons to whom he is to pay said bills.
Sir John Norton called in with Robert Mason. Mr. Laurence ordered to attend them to advise how to prosecute Giles Lampshire, who has the King's money of the Aids. Sir John Norton, Sir Robert Mason and other the Commissioners of the Aids for Hampshire to do their utmost to get in that money. Sir William Doyly to bring to-morrow the arrears of the Aids. Sir Robert Viner's paper to be sent to him.
The Cofferer and Auditor Phillips called in about the Cofferer's interest account. Ordered, in regard he cannot make out when the several sums of money were borrowed, that he make oath of when borrowed, and get a certificate from the Greencloth of when paid, and that then the matter be reported to Council. Write the Greencloth to examine the Cofferer's accounts as to how and when those moneys were paid, and whether any old moneys were remaining in his hands before.
Col. Whitley, Receiver of Hearth money for North Wales, called in: process suspended against him.
All interest accounts to be referred hereafter to Auditors Chislet and Aldworth. Auditor Phelips to deliver all interest papers to Aldworth, and to be suspended from the execution of his place till further order; my Lords not being satisfied with some accounts he has stated to them.
Write the Lord Privy Seal to signify that the lease to Napper and Laurence of the tin at 5,000l. per an. is only in trust.
Warrant for payment of Dr. Hyde's perpetuity.
Process to go against Mr. Rogers, late Receiver of Hearth money for Surrey; the time formerly given him having expired.
Sir Robert Sawyer's deputy called in about the accounts of Fr. Dorington and Edwyn Walford, deputies to Col. Finch. Said deputies to be imprisoned and prosecuted, as also Mr. White, of Oxford, and Lloyd, the Welsh Receiver.
Warrant for discharge of Fr. Clerke.
Process suspended against B. Lloyd on his Chimney money account in co. Monmouth. Auditor Parsons called in about Mr. Napper's accounts as Receiver of Hearth money for Dorset. Napper to take oath as to money in other people's hands.
Ordered that all the Auditors when any account is brought to my Lords to be passed bring a copy if it in ordinary hand to leave here.
The King to be moved about the Earl of St. Albans' recompense for his government of Jersey.
John Newsam, Receiver of the Poll money for co. Warwick, called in with his account signed by Auditor Chislet. My Lords find not how he's charged by the rolls, and they find that the Poll account must be declared before the Barons of the Exchequer.
Mr. Tooker, Consul at Tripoli, has been so there nine years; placed by Admiral Stokes; promised 400l. per an., but never received any; continued there by Sir John Lawson, and promised the like, but never received anything; stayed till his money was all gone. My Lords will allow him 100l. per an. for the future, and expect his answer. For the arrears they must again move the King in Council.
Sir Richard Otley called in: process suspended against him and Col. Scriven on their promise to clear their Hearth accounts.
Letter read from Mr. Herlakenden, Receiver of Kent. His arrest by the Sergeant deferred till Tuesday.
Mr. Pierce Manaton, Customs Collector for Barnstaple, to attend on Thursday with Auditor Beale.
The House to be moved that a vote pass that their intent is not to take away the duty of Firehearths, but only to regulate abuses.
Mr. Scowen, late Receiver of Hearth money, to attend on Friday about his accounts. Process to go against such of the Farmers of Hearth money as are accountable for Lady Day, 1666. The Attorney General to advise who are liable to prosecution.
Write Alderman Bucknall to attend to-morrow.
The Earl of Anglesey gives an account what ships are paid and paying.
Petition read from William Grismond. Sir Tho. Tompkins and the other Commissioners of the Aids, &c., for Hereforshire, are to levy the money and help him: he having in kindness to his neighbour parted with his distress.
Warrant to the Customs Farmers to observe the Lord Treasurer's warrant of April 8 last for 16 tons of Spanish wine for the Spanish Ambassador.
Lady Ratclif's petition to be considered hereafter. Mr. Smith's petition read. It cannot be granted. Petition from Mr. Younger, the King's cutler. Cannot be yet done. Petition from Thomas Davies, the King's barber. To be considered hereafter.
Lord Colepeper's petition read about his tallies on the Post Fines. Referred to Sir Robert Long.
Petition read from Arthur Saltmarsh about nutmegs. Nothing to be done in it.
Same from the [King's band of] music read for their salaries at the Exchequer. To be considered when the growing charge is a little over. The like order for Thomas Lanyer's petition; Henry Harris's petition for 6d. a day; William Barwick, falconer's, petition; Hanna Swetnam's petition; Lord Hawley's petition; and Sir John Heath's certificate.
Same from Tho. Dawson and Tho. Weedon. Referred to the Excise Commissioners to report their loss by the plague.
Same from Sir Edw. Carteret. Sir Charles Harbord to certify what is to be done to recover those lands.
Same from Eton College for their perpetuity. They ought to keep a table. To be considered after a while.
Same from John Marshall. Nothing to be done in it. The like for Fred. Dorvill's petition.
Lady Harvy (Sir Job Harby's widow) to have notice of Tho. Norton's petition.
Same from Moses Scotton, quartermaster. To be paid.
Same from Mary Price. The whole business of the Forest of Dean is before Parliament.
Same from William Southwell. To be sent to Sir William Doyly.
Same from Sam. Langsford. Referred to Mr. Pepys to certify what this person was and did.
Same from Edward Tressell [the King's mercer]. The accounts of the office [of the Great Wardrobe] ordered to be made ready in order to paying some money to the creditors there.
[Same from] the Porter of the Exchequer. Sir Robert Long to certify whether it be a new thing or an old charge.
[Same from] Col. Sam. Barry. Lord Windsor to certify what pay he received while he was there.
Same from Tho. Langhorn. To give an account by the direction of what office he made those robes, and then the office to certify what was due to him.
The superseding of the commission for Sick and Wounded to be considered at the Privy Council.
The certificate as to Lichfield Church to be considered after a while.
[Petition from] Elizabeth Poyer. She shall be paid out of the first money from Sir John Pretyman.
[Same from] the Jewel Officers. To be considered for board wages at the next payment.
Same from Andrew Gallway. Sir Robert Long to certify whether the Grooms of the Privy Chamber have anciently such allowance by Privy Seal.
Same from John Chadwick. Referred to Hugh May.
Same from Tho. Brown, Clerk of the Estreats. Sir Robert Long to certify whether this is an old or a new office and fee, and the usefulness of it, and how executed by this Browne. And if he certify it's an old office and well executed then the salary to be paid.
Mr. Christian, Receiver of Hearth money for Durham, to have his bonds given up to him, he having paid what was directed.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 265–71.]
Dec. 18. Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Alderman Bucknall moves for the conclusion of the covenants for the farm of the London Excise and then they'll make ready the 5,000l. [50,000l.]
Warrant to the Attorney General to prosecute the Excise Commissioners and officers that have not sworn according to law.
The second letter from the Mayor of York sent to the Attorney General to consider how if possible these moneys may be applied to the payment of the assessments.
Sir William Doyly gives an account of the arrears of the Aids. He presents a draft of a letter to the Receivers for their remitting moneys by exchange. The clause of making the bills payable at St. Hellens ordered to be left out. These bills to be payable at not more then 20 days' sight.
Warrant for payment of Mr. Packer's bill of 81l.
Sir George Downing to speak with Col. Whitley to know if he's willing to quit his receivership. B. Lloyd to attend on Friday hereon.
Sir William Doyly to attend to-morrow about appointing Receivers for all the counties.
Alderman Bucknall called in about the covenants for the lease of the London Excise. The King to be moved about the clause for nominating Commissioners for the London Farm. The draft of the lease to be delivered to Bucknall to view with his partners and return.
The Earl of Lauderdale's paper referred to the Customs Farmers to report with all speed.
Sir Robert Long to certify how much money the Earl of Anglesey has received and how much of every sort.
[Petition from] John Willowby, Farmer of the Northamptonshire Excise, referred to the Excise Commissioners.
Lord Ashley takes home with him Sir Thomas Player's warrant and Privy Seal, to view same.
Sir Robert Long to certify all moneys paid to the Earl of Carbery on any account.
Sir Robert Long to send to my Lords the certificate out of Ireland of Sir Thomas Player's 15,000l.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 271–2.]
Dec. 19.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Sir Allen Apsley declares he is willing that the Duke's money be _ as the King's.
Warrant for 200l. for such servants as bring the King New Year's gifts from noblemen.
Warrant for what is due to Garret Renders, he being discharged.
The King to be spoken to about the 4,000l. per an. for the Duke of Monmouth for the King's suppers at his lodgings; and about the said Duke's table.
Sir William Doyly called in about appointing and passing the list of Receivers for the Aids. Commissions to be drawn for all of them except the Eleven Months' tax and the One Month's tax; except the few noted in Sir William's paper. Edm. Seymour, late Receiver of the Aids of Devon, to pay what money is in his hands. Mr. Laurence gives an account how the suit against Mr. Carr stands as surety for Mr. White, late Receiver for co. Oxford. Tho. Wills to be sent for in custody on the affidavit of George Hele, Commissioner of Aids for Lesnewth, co. Cornwall. Sir George Downing to speak with the Earl of Carlisle about a Receiver for Northumberland, Newcastle and Durham. Sir William Doyly to have leave to go into the country for the holidays.
Write Col. Kirby to pay in his arrears on the Aids of co. Lancaster.
Petition from Rib. Ballard. When he has paid the money he shall be discharged.
Same from Mr. Jay. Deputy Auditor Chalet to take his accounts.
John Madden called in: presents an account of what is due to him as Commissioner and Surveyor of the Woods for what was done in Dean Forest. To be stated by Auditor Beale.
A Privy Seal to be drawn to discharge Mr. Forth according to the warrant before my Lords for defalcations for the Excise of Kent.
Mr. Manton called in with Auditor Beale. The money to be allowed to Manton, except what marked.
Ordered that the Auditors do always in passing accounts mark and set down their exceptions against them.
The Earl of Anglesey and Sir Robert Long to attend to-morrow about Sir Thomas Player's Privy Seal. Long to certify as to money paid on the Privy Seal, and Mr. Lightfoot to bring the certificate [sent] out of Ireland.
A memorandum to be given to my Lords to move the King in Council about the business of the Auditors.
A time to be fixed for the Farmers of the London Excise to attend about making exceptions to the draft of their lease.
[Ibid. pp. 272–3.]
Dec. 20.
Present: all my Lords.
Sir Robert Long reports that unless the Earl of Anglesey will give an acquaintance the City can't have their 15,000l., and that he will give none unless he be charged hence. The Earl says he will not give it any other way than by the present Privy Seal.
Sir Jo. Brampton called in.
Write Alderman Becknell that 10,000l. of their 50,000l. must be paid to-morrow or Monday next at furthest into the Exchequer.
Referred to the Solicitor [of the Excise] to let the new Farmers of the country Excise know that my Lords desire their [advance] money to be immediately paid into the Exchequer. Sir Robert Long and Mr. Sherwin to be advised with as to some way of making easy their bonds and delivering them out. Viscount Fans haw to attend on Monday to let my Lords know if he acquiesce in [charging] a noble for each Excise bond. Otherwise my Lords are resolved to put the taking of those bonds into another way.
Mr. Moor's report read about certain coppices in Waltham Forest. Mr. Bart_s petition about those woods to be looked out.
Write Thomas Ravenscroft for an account of what money of the Aids was in arrear during his late brother's life. Drury to be Receiver of the Aids for Suffolk.
Write Sir William Doyly, &c., to look into the Eleven Months' tax and see who of the Receivers have accounted or should. Else my Lords cannot give the new commissions.
Mr. Napper called in about his in super on his Hearth money account. To be considered when Lord Ashley is here.
Mr. Laurence called in: reports about Mr. Wyvell's goods. The business must be tried at law; yet withal the King must not lose the money.
Immediate extent ordered against Mr. Carr, security for John White, late Receiver of Aids for co. Oxford. Also against said White and Meredith Lloyd, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Montgomery, &c., who are now in the Serjeant's hands, that they may be removed into the Fleet.
Write the Lord Keeper not to grant habeas corpus to any in prison for debt to the King.
Warrant for this quarter's salary bill of the Excise officers. Write them that for the future such as are marked in the margin of the paper be discharged and for such as are marked with a quere the Excise officers are to certify the use of them: further that as to the bonds they are to be put into the hands of the Treasurer [of the Excise].
Sir Thomas Player to certify how much of the last 100,000l. borrowed on the Chimney money is yet unpaid and what is due on it. The Earl of Anglesey and Lord Ashley heard about the Privy Seal for 15,000l. for said Player. Lord Ashley takes it home to consider it further. Sir Philip Warwick and Sir Robert Long to be on Monday morning at Lord Ashley's about it.
Sir Robert Long to give notice that the Exchequer office be open to-morrow to receive any money to be brought in by the London brewers.
Mr. Naper called in again: Lord Ashley present. Nothing can be done in it.
Sir Robert Howard and Mr. Clayton called in about the Post Fines.
Write the Customs Farmers to attend on Monday to give an account why the Carlisle tally is not paid.
Mr. Fenn to attend on Monday to give an account about 45,032l. 15s. 3d. left in Alderman Backwell's hands to secure his interest money.
Tallies ordered to be struck for the account of Sir Robert Howard [et al. Farmers of Greenwax]. Said Farmers to pay only 13s. 4d. per 1,000l. for them, and so de futuro. Their account to be made ready for declaration.
William Spencer to have liberty to surrender his place as Receiver of Cumberland to James Lankashire.
Alderman Backwell's proposition to be considered to-morrow. Mr. Glanvill to attend to-morrow.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 274–6.]
Dec. 23.
Present: all my Lords.
"Sir Ste. Fox and Mr. Pepys called in and debate. Mr. Pepys moves to be present ... on the Excise with Sir Ste. Fox. Sir Steven to bring in his 15,000l. orders on the Poll and have orders for them on the Excise."
Orders for 4,000l. for the Duke of Monmouth on Sir Ste. Fox's 68,000l.
The Earl of St. Albans to have a warrant for the revenue of Jersey till the government of the place be restored to him.
The Chimney Farmers to attend on Monday.
A paper signed by Mr. Howland to be sent to the Solicitor [of Excise, Mr. Laurence] for him to take care accordingly.
Sir William Doyly called in with Mr. Loving and Mr. Gibbs.
The Attorney and Solicitor General to attend on Monday about the lease of the London Excise.
Lord Vaughan called in. Auditor Hill's deputy to attend on Monday next about his petition.
Major Leicester's petition read. The Excise Commissioners called in with him. Ordered to pay what he owes.
The Excise Commissioners report concerning the arrears of the Sussex Excise on account of the plague. The [Farmers] are to represent to the Commissioners whether they are losers on their farm; otherwise my Lords will not consider it.
Monday next the Commissioners to give an account of all moneys in arrear in any Farmer's hands. My Lords will send messengers for such as are behind.
Lord Delamer with his brother called in: tenders a petition of his brother for a house of the King's burnt in London. Referred to Sir Charles Harbord.
Letter read from the Commissioners [for the Aids] in Stratton Hundred, co. Cornwall. Referred to Sir William Doyly.
The 100l. from a ship at Leghorn to be received by Sir John Finch, and a tally struck in the Exchequer to bring it to account.
Sir George Downing to tell the Customs Farmers that my Lords will take for New Year's gifts the wonted presents to the Treasury, but no more.
Col. Strowd called in: moves for the allowance of certain moneys disbursed by him. The Customs Farmers to pay it.
Viscount Fanshaw called in: moves about the fees for taking bonds on the Excise: prays they may have 15s. a bond. Agreed that they have 10s. a bond and 12d. for delivering up a bond; and to be without prejudice for the future.
Warrant to Sir Robert Howard, &c., Farmers of the Greenwax, concerning what due to them.
Sir John Talbot acquaints my Lords that not above 2,000l. is unpaid of the 100,000l. to be advanced by the Farmers of the country Excise: and this, he thinks, will be paid to-day.
Mr. Laurence to attend the Attorney and Solicitor General for their opinion about breaking open houses for gauging drink: and to carry it to the Lord Keeper for a letter from him to the Justices of North Wales.
Sir Thomas Player gives an account of what is unpaid to the City in principal and interest of the 100,000l. lent by the city.
Mr. B. Lloyd and Auditor Hill called in about said Lloyd's Hearth money account for Monmouth and Radnor. To be further debated on Monday, and process stayed for a fortnight.
Warrant on Mr. Meynell's Privy Seal for interest on such moneys of the Firehearths as were paid into the Exchequer, and to be registered in course.
Write the King's printer to print the Public Acts.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 276–8.]
Dec. 30.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir William Coventry.
The Earl of Peterborough presents a petition and a King's warrant about his pension on Tangier.
Sir Robert Long says a writ is come from the Lord Chief Justice demanding the key of the Treasury [of the Receipt] to put in some records. Mr. Falconberg called in about it and advised that Sir Robert Long and the deputy Chamberlains carry him the keys.
Sir Charles Harbord makes report about Sir Edward Carteret's petition.
Sir George Downing to offer no warrant for money but where a Privy Seal is first passed.
Sir George Carteret moves for a Privy Seal for his money paid to the Swedes. Granted. He will send the papers relating to it.
Warrant for 500l. to the Duke of Albemarle for horses.
The Earl of Lauderdale called in: moves for his pension on his patent. Sir Robert Long to certify what is in arrear to him.
Sir Robert Long to register Sir Stephen Fox's assignments on the country Excise in the course as in his paper.
Warrant for 100l. for the poor of St. Martin's [in the Fields].
Petition from the King's and Queen's servants abovestairs for board wages for the year of suspension. My Lords own the debt, and care shall be taken of it as soon as possible.
Same from Andrew Galloway and Jer. Gohory, Grooms to the Queen's Privy Chamber; for board wages. To be considered with the above petition.
The Attorney General and the Farmers of the London Excise called in about the covenants in the said Farmers' lease. Debated. Also moved as to the difference about the town of Newmarket. Capt. Story to attend about it to-morrow week. Alderman Bucknell says also that there are claims by a patentee to be gauger of the French tonnage under Sir John Shaw. To attend hereon on Thursday with the Farmers of the French tonnage.
Sir Robert Long and the Attorney General to attend to-morrow about settling the paying the Excise money into the Exchequer.
Mr. Windsor Finch's petition read about an allowance on the farm of imported liquors. My Lords can't compel the Farmers to give him money.
Write the Earl of Anglesey to certify what tallies he has in his hands on the Customs undisposed of, with their sums and dates.
Resolved that as soon as New Year's Day is over, and it appears what noblemen have given the King [for] New Year's gifts, my Lords will give Mr. Batelier a warrant for so many of them to be paid their impost duty.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 278–9.]
Dec. 31.
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Alderman Bucknall to hasten the passing his patent for the French tonnage.
The Excise Commissioners called in: present an account of the arrears on the Excise for the last quarter but can't give an exact account till Saturday next.
Quere. Where Pendennis Castle is settled to be paid for the future. An account hereof to be given on Thursday next.
Quere. Why so great an arrear on the Excise for Cumberland, Westmorland, Derby and Cornwall.
Quere. Why the Farmers of Excise should have an interest allowed them if they pay not within their 21 days' time allowed them; whereas the Lord Treasurer allowed it if they paid within the quarter.
Mr. Forth demands interest for money. Ordered that he have it except 20l. which is to be abated for what he failed in paying in time.
Warrant to the Auditor, Controller and Commissioners of Excise to keep all Farmers of Excise to pay their rents according to the covenants of their leases, and not to allow interest to any of them that do not so.
Petition read from John Jacob. Write the Navy Commissioners that in regard of special service done by Major Thompson, concerned in the petition, my Lords refer same to them to do for the payment thereof what is consistent with their rules.
Mr. Warcup called in: demands further abatement above the 750l. formerly ordered for the Wiltshire Excise Farmers; Warcup offering to pay in 350l. on condition 900l. is allowed them. To attend on Thursday with an answer whether the rest of the Wiltshire Excise Farmers will be satisfied with this abatement or will have a commission of the Exchequer to state other damages.
The Customs Farmers to attend on Thursday about Lord Carlisle's warrant, which is ordered to be prepared "reciting coals in the preamble; but to be paid out of such part of their rent [of the Customs Farm as is] above the 16,000l. per mensem paid into the Exchequer."
Mrs. Gray called in and Sir Charles Harbord's report read about the manor of West Deeping, for which she petitioned. Report to be made to the King.
Petition read from the Queen's Equerries for their board wages during the year of suspension. The board wages to be speedily paid.
Sir Dennis Gauden, the Victualler, presents an account of allowances demanded. Referred to Mr. Pepys to consider the vouchers and equity of the demands and to state the whole, and to report as to victuals sent to garrisons and not spent and how the money may be retrieved to the King. Consideration to be had next Thursday how the 467l. per mensem for the Victualler may be placed on the Customs. The Victualler also prays other security for his 50,000l. orders on the Poll which my Lords declare they will speedily do. Further, he prays payment of 8,500l. for imprests for tallow taken from him by the Navy Commissioners, which bills of imprest ought to be ready money.
Write the Navy officers to state what the remaining wages from January last to the present come to: as also what is due of former wages and on tickets.
Lord Delamer called in about Mr. Booth, whose petition is read, and referred to Sir Charles Harbord.
Write the Navy Commissioners in favour of Mr. Blackburne as having performed acceptable service to the King upon the late loans from the East India Company.
Mr. Sherwyn called in: a draft presented of an Exchequer Commission to examine abuses of the officers of the Farmers of Chimney money.
The Attorney General to hasten the report about Haverford West.
Ordered that the extraordinary allowances to be made to Mr. Hyde, Master of the Robes, be made in pursuance of the King's warrant to the late Lord Treasurer.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 279–82.]