Minute Book: April 1668, 1-15

Pages 287-301

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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April 1668

April 1.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duucombe.
The Alum Farmers to pay in their rent immediately.
The Queen's Equerries to be assigned up to [the same date as] the King's Equerries. The Maids of Honour to be made up what is wanting for their year's wages on the Chimney money. My Lords to be reminded to place the Queen something on the Chimney money: as also Mrs. Kirk and Mrs. Blague after the King's servants. Sir G. Downing to draw a warrant for a year's wages for all the King's and Queen's servants paid in the Exchequer; the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, the women and Grooms to be first; and for the rest such to be placed first as are most in arrear.
The Earl of Bath and Sir Jo. Robinson called in: say they cannot provide for Plymouth and the Tower out of the Excise. My Lords say they cannot pay them on the Customs. They must speak with Sir Ste. Fox hereupon.
Write Sir Humphry Hooke to pay the 1,500l. remaining yet unpaid by him of a tally for 4,500l. levied on him as receiver of the Eighteen months' tax for co. Gloucester.
Petition from Mr. Goldsbrough, Clerk of the House of Commons, for his 10l. per an., and also for the 150l. due to him from Nic. Veile. Write said Veile to pay this latter amount. Same from Serjeant Norfolk. To be paid one year with the rest of the Sergeants at Arms. Same from William Barker concerning the Stables at Hampton Court. He is to inform Sir G. Downing as to where the Hearth money is which he desires.
The Earl of Bath and Sir John Robinson come in again and move for an assignment on the coinage.
Petition read from Robert Crayford. Referred back to the Earl of Anglesey to do them right; and that my Lords give no particular direction in such cases.
Sir Ste. Fox to attend to-morrow about paying Plymouth and the Tower.
Mr. Hartlib called in on behalf of the Chimney Farmers. My Lords ask why they do not make up their accounts with the Auditors; and he says they do not allow the Farmers their full defalcations. The Farmers to attend on Tuesday next.
The King to be moved concerning the prebendaries of Windsor, why they should not pay Hearth money.
Capt. Bird's petition read. Sir G. Downing is to see if the proclamation gave foreign ships leave to go from any country but England to the Colonies. Downing to draw a report also that my Lords do not conceive the King is obliged to make good losses by storms.
The Persians are called in. They and the Customs Farmers to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Williamson to be told that if he send now to the Treasury the letters for Sir William Temple's payment on the tin in Flanders, Sir G. Downing will sign them.
Mr. Controller reports that an order of Council is passed for prosecuting such Commissioners of the Poll Bill as do not do their duty. Also that Mr. Townsend is ordered to attend the Privy Council about Dr. Cook's tallies. Also that it's ordered by the Privy Council that in all leases of duration there be inserted a clause of resumption at pleasure.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 117–8.]
April 2.
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir J. Duncomb.
"Mr. Hervy called in: says that the Queen sent him to desire that if no ready money, she hopes my Lords will give her an assignment; and she hopes not for less than 10,000l."
Warrant to stay process against Sir Ge. Hungerford as surety for Sir Jo. Pretyman and against Mr. Culliford as security for Mr. Veile, Chimney collector, during the privilege of this session of Parliament.
Write Sir R. Long to take care of the payment of a warrant for Sir Job Charlton and Mr. Millward for six months' pay: and likewise for such other warrants for the rest of the Judges.
Lady Portland called in: moves for more money on her pension. My Lords will first consider the question of pensions in general.
Warrant for the Cofferer's interest money on his Privy Seal on the Hearth money.
Petition read from Sir Jo. Robinson, &c. Process stopped for a month.
Mr. Harbord called in about seizures in Dean Forest and the Attorney General's report [is read] that said seizures were not good. Write the officers there to remit the seizures of iron and coal, but not to suffer any more wood to be converted into coal and to continue the seizure of the forges.
Mr. Harbord, Mr. Naper and Mr. Ennis called in about the tin coinages. Harbord and Naper to draw the form of a warrant to put an end to this business.
Petition from the officers of the Works about a discovery. A report to be drawn that my Lords think they have enough for their discovery. My Lords will prosecute for the money and the King may [if he please] dispose of it to the Works.
The Queen's dressers to have each a quarter on the Exchequer and three quarters on the Chimney money.
Sir Robt. Southwell to attend to-morrow morning. The Lord General to have notice.
Alderman Bucknall and Col. Birch called in about renewing the Commission to the Commissioners [Farmers] of London Excise. This business to be considered next Tuesday, when the Attorney and Solicitor General, Serjeant Maynard and Serjeant Wild et al. are to attend.
B. Lloyd's account for South Wales declared before deputy Auditor Tudor. Process against him stayed.
Sir G. Downing to draw out the particulars of the 12,000l. per an. for the Privy Purse besides what they have on the Customs: and to draw an order for it. Of this 12,000l. one half was on the Tenths. A paper or minute hereof to be given to my Lords to-morrow.
Lord Colepeper to attend on Wednesday with Auditor Chislet.
Warrant for 1,425l. for Mrs. Rebecca Brounker: to be on the Hearth money.
Sir G. Downing to draw warrants for such of the King and Queen's servants as bring their certificates and apply for warrants without staying for such as apply not. My Lords to consider the Exchequer and Treasury lists for the King's and Queen's servants to-morrow, to appoint whom they will not have paid in them, if any such.
Deputy Auditor Tudor called in about Mr. Morice Wynne, receiver of North Wales. Warrant for the receiver to receive some of those rents.
Sir Edw. Griffith to attend to-morrow to know if he have a Privy Seal to receive more money: otherwise that he get one for 50,000l.
Auditor Chislet called in about the account of Mr. Greene, receiver of Crown revenues for cos. Warwick and Leicester.
The Persians called in with Alderman Backwell: they offer to prove that about 12 of the Customs men came aboard the ship and set sail up the river with it, which else had not come into the river. They are to attend at the Custom House to-morrow.
Write Mr. Spencer to know why the tally for 160l. held on him by Mr. Sylvius is unpaid.
Mr. Watts, receiver of Herts, attends with his account and with Deputy Auditor Lightfoot. The rest of the receivers to attend to-morrow with their auditors.
Sir R. Long says he was with the Attorney and Solicitor General about orders to be charged on the 1,250,000l. and also with the Commissioners of the Navy, who will make report to the King, but not in writing.
Write the seven Auditors of the Exchequer Court and the Auditors of Imprest not to allow in account any payments which shall be made by any Receivers or Farmers by virtue of letters patent or Privy Seal without warrant first obtained for it from my Lords.
Sir R. Long propounds to promise Cock, &c., that he shall be registered after what the King has [already] directed to be registered, and that Cock will be contented. Cock says that what money shall be paid them they'll lend it to the King on any reasonable security.
Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 119–21.]
April 3.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomb.
Mr. Trout, Receiver of Kent, Surrey and Sussex, called in with his account.
Order to Capt. Cock to allow six per cent. [interest] for quartering sick and wounded to the persons that quartered them. Col. Reymes to present a memorial for this to assist Downing in drawing the order.
The Duke of Monmouth's Privy Seal to be given to Sir Ste. Fox to give to the secretaries to get the King's hand to it.
Memorandum: My Lords to speak with the King about 10,000l. for the Queen. Write Sir Thomas Ingram to know what is uncharged of honors, manors, lands and rents within the survey of the Duchy of Lancaster in order to make up the Queen's jointure to 40,000l. per an. in pursuance of the King's warrant for that to be so done out of any of the lands within the survey of the Exchequer and of the Duchy of Lancashire. Mr. Eggleston, late Receiver of Suffolk, is to be taken into custody and not discharged till the Queen is also paid.
Deputy Auditor Lightfoot called in about Mr. Deering's account for Suffolk and Cambridge.
The copy of the order of Council about process against Commissioners of the Poll Bill not acting is to be sent to Sir W. Doyly and he is to make up the list of such as have been failing and return it to the Treasury with all speed, that process may be directed.
A report about pulling down some houses at the Tower is to be sent up to the Privy Council.
The particular about the 12,000l. per an. for the Privy Purse is to be given to-morrow.
My Lords to speak with the King about the English forces in Portugal.
Mr. Williamson to be sent to to know if the rules concerning allowances to His Majesty's public ministers be agreed unto.
Sir R. Long and Capt. Cock called in about the orders to be registered on the 1,250,000l. and on the first [month of the Eleven] months' tax. Capt. Cock offers that if they be registered they will deposit their orders and lend again the money on any security payable in 18 months' time. Capt. Cock called in again and told that the Privy Council having taken cognizance of the matter my Lords cannot at this time give their answer, but will be more ready to forward it upon confidence of Cock, &c. continuing in the mind to lend the King this money again on some other funds. They are to attend again tomorrow.
A copy of the Chimney Bill to be spoken for from the Clerk of the House of Peers.
Sir Rob. Viner and Auditor Beale are called in and bring the account of the Piedmont money. Ordered that Col. Grey have a sight of this account and then the matter to be considered.
Alderman Backwell moves that the Mint should certify the proceeds of the Dunkirk money and to whom paid.
To-morrow my Lords to overlook the Exchequer and Treasury Chamber lists for wages to see if there be any on the same for whom they won't sign warrants.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 121–2.]
April 4.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomb.
The Serjeant to apprehend William Lavington, high collector of Gloucestershire.
Write Mr. Sparks to attend Sir William Doily to consider about Commissioners of the Poll that are defective.
The Chimney Farmers to attend on Thursday, there being very much business appointed for Tuesday.
Sir W. Doily called in: presents a petition from Sir John Talbot concerning Mr. Keyte for stay of process, he having paid all his money. Process to stay.
Sir R. Long to certify what moneys ordered to be paid out of the Poll Bill receipts are yet unpaid and to whom due: my Lords being resolved without any further delay to place the same on some other fund.
Write Viscount Grandison to send a list of the Halberdier's Guard as they stand at present.
Mr. Morice and Mr. Dean to attend on Monday about the Irish Customs.
Capt. Cock &c. called in about their Navy debt. Says the sum is about 42,000l., besides 5,000l. for Mr. Joliffe. Are told that my Lords will direct that they shall have their orders registered on the confidence they will assign same to whom my Lords shall appoint; and they shall have an assignment on the Earl of Anglesey's last 100,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax.
A blank to be left for the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber on the Chimney money, and to charge the rest as they bring certificates. A Privy Seal to place on the Exchequer the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber and all creation money and all other payments from the Customs. Charnock to draw it, taking the list of them out of the list of payments made at the Custom House.
Sir R. Long to place [on the register] the 42,000l. for Cock et al.; then the 10,000l. and 30,000l. for the King.
Write the Commissioners for the Navy and Ordnance that the Act for the Eleven months is full.
Write Sir R. Long to send hither the note for Alderman Backwell's money to be entered here [at the Treasury]. Also to send Sir W. Coventry's letter for delivering those orders to the Earl of Anglesey, for which purpose Long to have a letter signed by a quorum of my Lords.
The papers about the Irish establishment are to be sent up to my Lords next Council day.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 122–3.]
April 6.
Present: all my Lords.
Write Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow to speak with Sir J. Duncomb.
Write the Navy Commissioners that their certificate for the week 22 to 29 March is not so full as the other certificates; particularly it says not what of the growing charge abates that week and what growing charge remains; nor what of the ships are paid off and what to be paid. "And though possibly there were that week neither any ships paid nor to be paid, yet my Lords would have those heads to be still mentioned."
Process to be stayed against Sir G. Sonds (Sands) for 4l. per an. rent of some houses in Redriff. The Tenth of 16l. 5s. 0½d. due to His Majesty out of the manors of Selling, Kennington and Hedcott, is to be levied on the several tenants according to their proportions and Sir G. Sonds is to pay only his proportion.
Sir Rob. Long and Sir W. Doyly to consider and state what is due from the country on the 1,250,000l. Act, and in whose hands same remains and what is to be done for the speedy bringing of it in.
Write the Farmers of the Post Fines to pay Mr. Ellyot's tally on them of May 3 last for 250l.
Warrant to the Earl of Anglesey to assign 2,775l. 10s. 6d. to Mr. Colvile for his interest account on his last 100,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax.
The Earl of Castlehaven presents a warrant from the King about levying money in the times of rebellion for fines, &c., in Oxfordshire.
Mr. Powell, late sheriff of Montgomeryshire, having long lain in the serjeant's hands, and not taking care to satisfy the King's debt, is now to be sent to the Fleet.
Francis Dormer called in with his Auditor, and his account declared. Respite ordered for the 40l. odd in his hands.
Warrant for 500l. for Sir Jo. Trevor on the 1,000l. Privy Seal. Ordered that as to his ordinary he be reduced to a certainty according to the new reglement.
The Irish Customers called in. They are to declare what they will do as to their defalcations, and they are to end their defalcations for the year entire to Xmas.
Write the Attorney General to quicken his report about Lord Lovelace's business.
Warrant to Sir R. Long in pursuance of the King's warrant for 20,000l. on the 1,250,000l. Act and for 80,000l. on the first month of the Eleven Months to the Earl of Anglesey: with [sic? which] 80,000l. [is] to take place after all [the undischarged balance] of the Additional Aid [which is to be] charged thereon [i.e. on the Eleven Months' tax].
Write the Customs Farmers that His Majesty came this day to the Treasury Board and declared he would have no further stop to be made in the business of the Persians, and that their goods be quietly suffered to be shipped on the East India ships and their bonds for the 200l. be delivered to them.
Alderman Backwell, Mr. Glanvile, Sir R. Long, &c., to attend on Thursday about the tin in Flanders. Mr. Glanvile's account of the tin is to be here with Auditor Chislet on Monday.
Mr. Hartlib is to attend Lord Ashley about the Chimney Bill and then attend my Lords.
Sir Rob. Southwell to attend next Wednesday.
The King to be moved about Prince Rupert's business on Lord Arlington's letter about Spring Garden.
The Customs Farmers, and Sir Antho. Cope et al. are to attend on Monday next about the building of the Custom House.
The Excise Commissioners to attend to-morrow and their petition to be read.
Write the Clerks of the Signet to take care for the speedy despatch of the Privy Seal for payment of the judges' salaries [from the Customs] into the Exchequer. And though my Lords look upon this as the King's business yet if the Clerks of the Signet insist upon it my Lords will take care for the payment of their fees, yet withal desire to be certified what business of the King's was wont to be despatched by the Clerks of the Signet without fees and what not.
The King to be moved about Sir Tho. Strickland's business on his order of Council about building a ship for the King in Lancashire.
The Alum Farmers to attend on Monday.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 124–5.]
April 7
Present: Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir W., Coventry.
Write the Earl of Bristol to pay in the arrears due from him in Sussex to the King amounting to about 550l. last Michaelmas.
Write Auditor Aldworth to make a speedy return about the warrant for lands in Yorkshire which was referred to him.
Sir R. Long to make a report about the money to Sir Henry De Vic for the Garter; and what of it is for the Poor Knights and what for officers.
Ordered that Mr. Culliford shall speedily have a warrant; the whole of the King's officers being speedily to be considered.
Warrant for 1,500l. to be paid by the Earl of Anglesey to Sir D. Gauden, the victualler, for his orders on the poll money: pursuant to the Order of Council.
As to the proclamation against the importation of glasses the King is to be moved and acquainted that Sir Rob. Paston demands 800l. per an. defalcation for it.
Warrant for 500l. for Lady Trevor on the King's warrant.
The Commissioners of the Aids for Surrey called in with Mr. Smith about a dispute as to the assessment on two Hundreds. My Lords desire Sir Edmund Bowyer to levy the money for the time past on the hundred on which it is laid, and for the future they may agree better.
Write Sir Rob. Crooke to attend on Thursday about a discovery from the Earl of Carlingford; and to bring with him the account of Mr. Bennet, Receiver for Dorset and Somerset, for 1663.
Sir H. Wood to send a Privy Seal on which to draw the warrant for 15,000l. for the Queen Mother on the Chimneys.
Mr. Hervy to bring a Privy Seal for 10,000l. for the Queen Consort on the Chimneys.
Mr. Bridgeman to bring a Privy Seal for 20,000l. for the Privy Purse.
Auditor Beale to hasten the account of Sir Charles Berkley, &c., for Dunkirk: in accordance with the order in Council of March 13 last.
Sir B. Gascoign desires a letter to Alderman Bucknall to pay into the Exchequer the half-year due of their rent on the French tonnage.
The [Grand] Commissioners of Excise and the Country Farmers of Excise are called in with Col. Birch and Sir C. Harbord. The Commissioners' petition read that their office may stand.
Warrant for 400l. for Boynton, whereof 100l. on the Exchequer and 300l. on the Chimneys: and to be placed before the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber on the Chimneys.
Write Sir R. Long to know if the 17,500l. for Tangier, directed to be registered on the Country Excise by my Lords' warrant of Feb. 27 last, be registered, for Lord Ashley says that 4,000l. of it must be stopped.
Alderman Bucknall is to bring in a scheme of what new charge is to be added to the present charge [of the Farmers of the London Excise] to have the managing of the whole Excise. They offer to do it for 15,000l. per an.
Sir D. Ashburnham and Mr. Finch called in. To be heard again on Friday.
Mr. Sheers and the discoverers of the plate are to attend on Monday: said Sheers having already twice attended but uselessly, as nothing could be done by reason of the absence of Mr. Potter, who presented a petition to my Lords concerning said plate [as pretended discoverer thereof]. Potter to be written to to attend.
The Irish Customers called in about their defalcations on the Customs. Write the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to issue a commission to examine the account of the Irish Farmers of the Customs on the articles in the paper. Lord Ashley will dictate the instructions and the sums.
Write Sir H. Capell for the patent for his brother's pension or certificate to what time he is paid: that a warrant may be drawn.
The King to be moved in Council for an order to the Earl of Anglesey to assign 7,500l. to Mr. Colvill for his interest money on his [the said Earl's] last 100,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Mr. Williamson about putting a preamble to the Irish establishment and putting in the word yearly and putting the same into form, comparing the form with that of the former establishment.
The Chimney Farmers' defalcations are to be considered on Thursday. All the Barons of the Exchequer and the Solicitor and Attorney General are to attend then.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 126–7.]
April 8.
Present: Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomb.
Privy Seal for the Victualler and another for the Treasurer of the Navy; on the last estimates from the Duke of York.
Write the Attorney General to peruse the petition of Sir Edward Cartwright and John Barcroft concerning the estate of James Pyford, and on consideration thereof to prepare a lease of same from the King to them for one year so as to enable them to try His Majesty's title to same, and then a further lease can be considered. In preparing the lease the Attorney General is to peruse the return from the country gentlemen.
The Earl of Berkshire to send to the Treasury a copy of his grant of the Greenwax.
My Lords to move the King to speak to the Lord Privy Seal to pass Mr. Booth's Privy Seal for his son to be Customer of Ipswich.
Write the Auditors of the Imprest and the Auditors of the Revenue to certify on Thursday week what accompts are unpassed and not declared that ought to have been passed since 1660.
Tho. Veile called in. His fire hearth account is with Auditor Parsons. To attend with his Auditor to-morrow and his brother to have a week's more time to pay in the money.
Mr. Whistler says the debt due to Mr. Young, &c., is betwixt 6,000l. and 7,000l. My Lords will speedily consider to settle them on the Chimney money. They say they will be satisfied [even] though they have a late assignment.
Warrant for 1,300l. to Mr. Legouse; to be on the Chimney money next after the Boyntons.
Warrant for applying the King's revenue in Jersey to the garrison of Jersey; so much to be defalcted from the assignations on the Excise for the establishment of said island. Quere: who is the Receiver and Accountant ? Sir Ste. Fox to attend hereon to-morrow.
[Treasury Minute Book II. p. 128.]
April 9.
Present: all my Lords.
Sir Edm. Sawyer called in about Edmd. Woolsley's account as Receiver for Crown Revenues in Beds. and Bucks. Said account is declared.
A paper of 1661, April 20, is referred to the Barons of the Exchequer to consider and call for the officers of the Pipe and report a remedy.
Mr. Horwood and Sir W. Doyly called in about Mr. Stamp, Collector in Oxfordshire. They move for process against Oakes, who has the money, and endeavours to defraud the King of it. Order to stop the 300l. in money in the hands of the sheriff of Oxfordshire, which was levied for Mr. Jeremy Clutterbuck on Mr. Oakes's estate. The business to be heard next Tuesday.
An order to Sir W. Doyly to pay the rest of the Solicitors of the Aids appointed by my Lords for several counties, with the rest of the solicitors at rates to be appointed by my Lords. This to be settled to-morrow.
Write the Earl of Bath, the Groom of the Stole, to certify the seniority of the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber.
Mr. Gipps, Receiver of the Aids [for Suffolk], called in with Sir W. Doyly about Mr. Keene, High Collector for Ipswich and Woodbridge divisions of Suffolk, who is nearly 5,000l. in arrear, he being made Receiver by the Commissioners [of the Aids for the said divisions of Suffolk], who took no security from him. Write the said Commissioners intimating the danger their county is in if the money be not received from Keene and paid to the King's Receiver, seeing that the said tax was long since assigned, and can permit of no diminution; also to desire said Commissioners to get in the arrears standing out.
Capt. Cock, &c., to attend to-morrow about their certificates on the 1,250,000l. Act.
The Farmers of the Hearth money called in with Mr. Montague and others of their Counsel about the rules of their defalcations. They demand defalcations for fire, plague, war, opposition and proceedings in Parliament. For the plague they were damnified by the houses continuing void and the people impoverished as in Colchester, Winchester, &c.: but for London they demand no defalcations for the plague because there the houses were presently filled. Besides they do not demand defalcations for all the houses that had the plague but for those they were unable to get to, to get their money, by reason of the plague. As to the certificates of the Justices the Farmers' covenant is that he [the King] would tender to the Parliament an Act of the same name with that sent to Ireland, in which the Justices were discharged from further meddling: otherwise the Farmers to be entitled to defalcations. They therefore say they are damnified for want of such an Act. They further demand defalcations for Exchequer charges and fees and for assaults on their officers. Also defalcations for the vote of the House of Commons to bring in an Act to sell [settle] the Chimney money: whereas the Farmers covenant only for proceedings by authority of Parliament, which [authority] a mere vote hath not. Finally that when they took their farm they thought smiths' forges were to pay and that persons to have certificates were to have all the qualifications for certificates. The Solicitor General gave his opinion on these demands, when the Farmers withdraw with their Counsel. The Lord Chief Baron then offers his opinion (detailed) as to these claims (inter al. "For empty houses its better not to question that the landlord is the occupier, unless his mansion house. This a thing to be advised on.") Baron Atkins and Baron Turner also gave their opinions (detailed).
The Solicitor General moves for his brother, Sir John Finch's, allowance at Florence for half a year. To be considered to-morrow.
Sir Allen Apsley to certify in writing that he desires his tally on Nottinghamshire for the Duke of York's month, which was over-struck, to be rectified.
Mr. Jer. Clutterbuck to attend to-morrow about Mr. Stamp's business.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 129–133.]
April 10.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Ordered that 6,000l. be registered on the Chimney money after the King's servants: to be disposed as my Lords shall see cause. Abbott to remember this when the King's servants' warrants are done.
Mrs. Blague called in. At present my Lords can do nothing on the Chimney moneys; but will speedily.
Each of the Maids of Honour to have 100l. on the Exchequer and a quarter more on the Chimneys.
The year of suspension for all the King's and Queen's servants is to be placed on the Chimneys after the 6,000l. above mentioned. Warrants to be drawn.
Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Lesley each to have 20l. on the Exchequer. The King to be moved, and Lord Arlington to be spoken to, for a warrant for some money for her.
Captain Cock called in. They will assign their orders to whom my Lords shall appoint.
Dudley Rouse (Rowse) of Windsor to attend on Thursday about his account.
Process of extent to issue against Mr. Oakes if not already done. Charnock to see to it.
Lord Colepeper to attend on Monday with Auditor Chislett about his (said Lord's) account.
Write the Farmers of Hearth money to bring a list of the towns and places for which they demand defalcations for the plague; also for an account of their charges in passing their security for repayment of their loan and the charges of messengers and expresses when any tumult happened.
Mr. Clutterbuck to attend next Tuesday with Mr. Horwood.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 133–4.]
April 13.
Present: all my Lords.
A Customer to be put into the port of Sandwich to execute the place of Cadwallader Jones. A blank for the name.
Lord Ashley to be spoken to about the Solicitors for the Aids for co. Berks.
Lady Brentford to have a warrant for 50l.
A state to be made of the King's debts to May 25 next, and how each branch of the Revenue is overcharged: so far as the same appears in the Exchequer.
Warrant to enter the 500l. and 100l. paid to Mrs. Langhorne as part of her husband's Privy Seal for his pension.
Warrant to Sir W. Doyly to pay Mr. Potts, the solicitor, his salary of 280l. per an. The like for Mr. Powell.
The Customs Farmers to attend on Thursday next about Mr. William Culliford's complaint of their having appointed Mr. John Sansome to execute the greater part of his office of Register of the Seizures.
Write Mr. Clayton and Mr. Morice, Farmers of the Post Fines, to attend to-morrow to show cause why they refuse to pay Mr. Elliot's tally on them notwithstanding my Lords' late letter to them.
The Equerries to be placed first as to their board wages for the year of suspension, and the Queen's Equerries to be paid up to the [same time as the] King's Equerries as on the Chimneys.
Auditor Phillips to bring to the Treasury on Monday the poll accounts of Major Barcroft, in which he [Phillips] has allowed him [Barcroft] 20l. without any order from my Lords.
[Sir G. Downing to] speak with Sir R. Long as to whether the warrants for the King's servants may say "draw orders" or "pass debentures." In the meantime the warrants to be filled up "draw orders or pass debentures."
The Earl of Castlehaven called in. The warrant to be made full as in the last patent, with exception [as] to the Excise. The papers to be sent home to Sir G. Downing.
Sir John Prettyman and Mr. Clayton called in about Sir John's debt to the King.
Col. Gray called in. Auditor Phelips is to return to the King's Remembrancer's office the bond for 8,000l. of the Piedmont money; so that process may issue thereon.
Write Mr. Colvill, Mr. Snow and Mr. Meynell to lend money to the Treasurer of the Navy and to Mr. Newport. Sir G. Downing to speak with them hereon at the Treasury to-morrow before 3.
Write the officers of the Navy on Sir Tho. Strickland's order of Council that they shall after Michaelmas have still 5,000l. per mensem. So if they can out of that provide Sir Thomas Strickland for building the ship 'tis well. But my Lords can assure them of no more money.
Paul Adams to attend on Thursday about his account for Hearth money for Sussex.
Mr. Dewy called in about the warrants on seizures.
Charnock to look for the first order of Council for allowing over interest.
The draft of Lord St. John's warrant for New Forest to be sent to the Attorney General to peruse and amend; and to certify whether he thinks the Lords of the Treasury or who else should sign it.
The Excise Commissioners to attend to-morrow about the defalcations for the plague on Capt. Brabant's farm of Excise of Newcastle.
Write the Customs Farmers that as to all warrants from the King to them relating to the Customs they be brought to my Lords before being executed. The King to be moved in Council for his pleasure herein in order to the writing such a letter.
Lord Berkeley's paper read. Warrant for 53l. 6s. 8d. and 192l. 14s. 0d. for him on the Chimney money.
Mr. Finch called in. Seeing he has entered a caveat at the Great Seal, the Lord Keeper is to hear him as to his claim. To be heard on Thursday.
The Alum Farmers' account is to be represented to the King in Council.
Sir R. Long and Sir Philip Warwick are to attend next Thursday about the Irish account. Sir P. Warwick to see if he can find the warrants [sic. for accounts], which are said by the Lord Lieutenant to have been sent to the late Lord Treasurer Southampton, but which as yet are not found.
Mr. Dewy and the Customs Farmers to attend on Thursday about the propositions concerning the Customs seizures.
Sir G. Downing to speak to Mr. Hyde to know if he had any vouchers for the time he had interest money or by what rule he shall go.
Sir William Hooker called in: desires that the business of the "Katherine" be stated, because Capt. Collyer, the captain thereof, is going to sea. Report to be made to the Privy Council that my Lords have no other light in this business than Lord Willoughby's certificate.
Write Sir R. Long to know if there is not a mistake in his certifying Mrs., Mrs. Vantlet, Mrs. Lesperance, and Mrs. Henrietta Orpe as belonging to the Queen, whereas my Lords think they belong to the Queen Mother. Mr. Burges, being spoken to by me [Downing], has amended the certificate.
Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord and Sir Anthony Cope to attend to-morrow about the building the Custom House.
The order of Council about Sir Maurice Berkley's Dunkirk accounts is to be sent to my Lords at the Council Board, to be amended as underwritten thereon by Sir W. Coventry.
Lord St. John called in. Write the Woodward of New Forest not to sign any warrant for fuel of any wood but what is allowed by the strictness of the forest law, there being information of great waste made in said forest by persons pretending right of fuel from there. This to be notified to the verderers. A Commission to issue out of the Exchequer to prevent abuses in the forest.
Warrant to discharge Mr. Eccleston on his promise to pay the money in a week.
Sir W. Doyly to be spoken to about John Swinburne, the person recommended to be Receiver for the Eleven Months' tax for Northumberland, &c., viz. as to his fitness.
Warrant for three months' ordinary for Mr. Thynne, and for six months' ordinary to Sir Jo. Finch.
Auditor Phillips or his deputy to attend to-morrow about Mr. Terry's account as Deputy Receiver of Hearth money for co. Huntingdon.
The Navy Commissioners to attend on Thursday, and in the meantime the King in Council to be acquainted with their letter of the 11th inst.
Write the Treasurer of Grays Inn to attend on Monday to show cause why he has not paid the 33l. 6s. 8d. due from him to the King, as appears by the account of the Receiver for Middlesex.
Mr. Arden, of the Checqr. office in Lincoln's Inn, is to attend on Monday concerning a servant of his having received several rents within the manor of St. John of Jerusalem due to His Majesty and not granted to said Arden: according to the information of the Receiver of Middlesex.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 134–7.]
April 14.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomb.
Write Auditor Aldworth to hasten Mr. Meynell's interest account.
Mr. Finch called in. The Excise Commissioners to summon Capt. Brabant, Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne, to make out his demand for defalcations for the plague.
Warrant for 125l. for Lady Brentford.
The 6,000l. for pensions is to be placed on the Chimney money presently. A gap to be left for it. Quere: in whose name it shall be ?
Order for a Privy Seal for orders to be drawn on the King's servants' letters patents: so that they may have credit to borrow.
Warrant for 100l. to Sir God. Lloyd. Quere: first what he hath among the King's servants ?
Sir R. Long to send an account what rent the Duke of Richmond pays for alnage and what he is in arrear thereof.
Mr. Bridgeman called in. Sir R. Long to certify what is due to the Privy Purse: and that it be placed on the Chimney money before the [orders for the] board wages. Sir R. Long to advise what is fit to be done about the business of [the use of the words] 'orders' or 'debentures' [in the warrants for payments to] the King's servants on the Chimney money.
Mr. Clayton to attend on Thursday about Mr. Ellyott's tally.
Lady Portland called in. Mr. Bland, Receiver of Yorkshire, is to presently bring in money to pay her. Write the Auditor that Bland presently pass his accounts or he shall be taken into custody. Warrant for 250l. to Lady Portland and the 200l. warrant to be taken in.
Mr. Payne, Attorney in the Exchequer, is to attend on Thursday about seizures.
Sir Anthony Cope and the Customs Farmers are called in about the Custom House building. [Resolved] that there be two ways to the quay, each of 12 foot, and with this my Lords agree to the model proposed by Sir Anthony Cope. The Attorney General or the Judges to advise who shall build it, whether the King or Sir Anthony.
Mr. Darcy's warrant for repayment of his 600l. loan is to be on the Privy Seal for 10,000l. The King's warrant to be got for it.
Mr. Controller to give to Sir G. Downing to-morrow, a list of all the board wages to the King's servants.
The Attorney General to hear Mr. Clutterbuck's business and about Mr. Oakes. The Undersheriff of Oxford or Mr. Horwood and Mr. Laurence to be present and then the Attorney General to report if it be an old debt.
Lady Sayers called in with Mrs. Killegrew about her docquet. My Lords will sign Lady Sayers's docquet after Whitsuntide.
Mr. Powell, late sheriff of Monmouth [sic for Montgomery], not to be sent to the Fleet till after Thursday, on which day he and Mr. Thomas Killegrew are to be heard by my Lords.
Sir Robert Southwell's business debated by my Lords. Sir Robert called in and Mr. Controller makes notes on his papers.
My Lords to be moved to-morrow about a Privy Seal to repay moneys lent on the credit of the Exchequer in general.
My Lords will meet at seven on Wednesday and Friday mornings while the House of Commons is about the money business. Lord Ashley to have notice hereof to-night.
Mr. Lightfoot to attend on Monday about Mr. Terry's account.
Sir B. Throckmorton called in: produces a letter from Mr. May, and informs my Lords of the burning of some wood in the Forest of Dean, and desires to know what is to be done in it. My Lords will consider it.
Warrant to pay the Duke of Cambridge's money quarterly on the Excise. The former warrant to be cancelled.
Those officers of the Admiralty that are paid in the Exchequer are to have nothing on the Chimney money because they have new salaries at the Navy Office.
Write the Earl of Anglesey that Mr. Colvill will lend him 5,000l. or more on his seamen's orders.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir Rob. Long to see how to find 1,000l., or assignments for it, for Sir Rob. Southwell. Downing to draw out a fair copy of Southwell's demands and my Lords' remarks thereon.
Alderman Bucknall called in about the business of brandies, and Col. Atkins's petition is read; and also a petition from the Farmers [of the London Excise]. Sir G. Downing to bring on Thursday a copy of Col. Atkins's petition and the state of the case to the House of Commons with the petition.
Mr. Seymour that brought the treaty from Portugal is to have what the King pleases. The King to be moved in it.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 138–40.]
April 15.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir J. Duncomb.
The Attorney of the King's Remembrancer's Office to be spoken to by Sir G. Downing not to issue process against Mr. Peryn till Monday next.
Mr. Controller presents a list of the [King's and Queen's servants entitled to arrears of board wages for the] year of suspension. A Privy Seal ordered for payment thereof. He also presents a list of some other old arrears. To be paid.
As to the Earl of Bath's list of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, the King is to be moved which of them he will have paid. The list to be sent up with the memorandum.
The particular names of the armourers of Greenwich who are included for 493l. 2s. 3d. in the general certificate for the King's servants payable in the Exchequer, are to be mentioned.
Viscount Mandeville and Mr. Tho. Kilby present a petition about rents and moneys in super, moneys nichilled, &c., which is read. To be considered.
Mr. Mansell to have a warrant for his arrears on the Chimney money and for what shall grow due on the Exchequer.
Judge Moreton called in about his desire of a lease of some lands of the Duchy of Cornwall.
Sir James Thynn called in: desires payment of his debt from the King.
Sir Hugh Bethell called in. Warrant ordered.
[Ibid. pp. 140–1.]