Minute Book: July 1668, 13-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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July 1668

July 13.
.Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Sherwin called in and Lord Ashley's answer is read to Lord St. John's letter about New Forest. The Treasurer of the Household says the King will have the issuing of the commission stopped till Lord St. John's return from Yorkshire that he may be present at the execution of it.
Warrant for Thomas Bram's salary as Solicitor for [the Aids for] Oxford, &c.
Mr. Child, a brewer in Southwark, to attend on Thursday.
Charnock to prepare and keep a book for entering all orders of the Privy Council.
Warrant for process to be finally superseded against Mr. Haesdonck in accordance with Sir R. Long's report. The warrant to cite the royal warrant and the King's declaration of his pleasure therein.
Ordered that the bonds of the securities of such Receivers of the Aids as Sir William Doyly shall certify shall be put in suit.
Warrant for the arrest of Daniell Smyth.
The report as to Lady Crane is to be hastened.
Write the Commissioners [of the Aids] for Cornwall to quicken the tax.
Sir W. Doily and Sir G. Downing to speak with Mr. White and certify what is to be done as to compounding his debt to the King.
Mr. Slingsby and the Mint officers called in: present two papers about the farthing business. This matter to be heard Wednesday next, and copies of the papers meantime to be sent to Mr. Henry Howard and Mr. Hayes.
Mr. Taylor, Mr. Dudley Reuse and Sir Edmond Sawyer called in about the business of Windsor. Ordered that till further order Mr. Reuse dispose of no money to pay salaries, pensions or any other use except repairs to Windsor House.
Warrant on the Chimneys for all arrears due up to the present to Lord Belasyse.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Kirby (Kirckby), late Receiver of Hearthmoney for co. Lancs., till Michaelmas term.
The alum account not to be sent up to the Council till once more debated by my Lords. Charnock to take it out of the bundle.
The King to be moved about the docquet for the Duke of Buckingham to be Master of the Horse.
Write the King's officers in the Port of London to certify on Thursday next all their exceptions to the account of the Customs during the time the Customs were in commission; and what they find standing out on sights or sufferances on said account.
[Ibid. pp. 250–1.]
July 14.
Present: ut supra.
Sir John Denham called in. Warrant on the Chimneys for his money for repayment of his buildings in Scotland Yards: to be paid to the Works for him.
Mr. Warren's papers read and he called in. My Lords will make report that 5,000l. promised him by articles to be paid if the King be satisfied of his performance of his articles, and to be paid on the Customs, [shall] considering the King's affairs be paid on the Chimneys. But as to his captives' money he had no warrant to pay it, so the King cannot allow it. But he may have a brief to collect for it if the King please.
Sir R. Long called in: says the Commissioners of Accompts have written him to send them the returns of the Poll. He is to answer that they are to write to my Lords, and my Lords will give their orders to the proper officers.
Warrant for the issue of process against such Baronets as have not paid their 1,090l. [1,095l.] or struck tallies for same. Sir Robert Long to draw the warrant.
Sir Francis Mackworth called in: moves that a docquet pass for a searcher's place in Gravesend. The docquet to pass; the King having signified his pleasure and seeing "that it was a business before the order of Council."
Mr. Ball called in: presents a list of tallies unpaid on the country Excise. To be sent to the Excise Commissioners, who are to speak with Sir Ste. Fox, Mr. Cofferer, and Mr. Pepis: and with them adjust the course of payment.
Sir Ste. Fox called in: says he has paid 1,109l. for the Duke of Monmouth for his journey into France. Prays for repayment of 1,100l. He is to have it out of the King's 47,000l. disbursed for the Navy of this year: which is to be repaid on the Wine Act when that business is adjusted.
Warrant for two orders on the 1,250,000l. Act. The said orders having been lost payment is to be made on the copies.
The Attorney General to return his opinion to-morrow afternoon on the two points concerning the Wine Act delivered to him by the Treasurer of the Household.
The business of the discovery of lands in Lincolnshire by Mr. Burges, &c., with Sir C. Harbord's report thereon is referred to the Attorney General as to the legality thereof.
Sir R. Long is to return a certificate of Mr. Lely's pension and to report why it is not inserted among the other pensions. Mr. Lely to have 1,200l. on the Chimneys, being due to him for pictures. See his privy seal and the papers to warrant it.
Instructions for the [commission for the] Forest of Dean are brought in by Mr. Harbord; and read. A commission to be accordingly issued out.
Deputy Auditor Tudor called in: presents a state of Mr. Norcot's account as Receiver of the Poll money for Devon.
The warrants for the bills on the Treasury of the Chamber are to be prepared for so many years as are directed to be paid.
Sir Edw. Graves called in. He is to have no warrant at present, others being in the same condition, having no warrant by reason of not being on the establishment of the Household.
Petition from Mary Boynton. The King to be moved in it.
Mr. Clutterbuck's certificate read of such peers as have not paid their Poll money. No orders for wages nor any warrants for [creation] money are to be delivered to any of them till they pay their Poll money. A letter to be sent to each of them to pay it, but for the Duke of Monmouth Sir Ste. Fox is to be spoken to about it, and Mr. Hayes for Prince Rupert.
Petition from the Serjeants at Arms. Nothing done in it.
A memorandum to be made for Sir J. Duncombe about the privy seal for the year of suspension [of payment of pensions, &c.] for him to speak with the Lord Privy Seal to pass it, and that it be entered in its proper place. Write Sir R. Long to this effect.
Petition from Sir Bernard de Gumm. Nothing [done in it]. Same from Richard King and the rest of the armourers. [My Lords have] no money. Same from Jeremy Gohory. A warrant on the Chimneys.
The King to be moved that the Great Officers [of State] have salaries in lieu of the perquisites of their places.
A list to be made of all sums charged on the Chimney money to this day.
Petition from Sir William Bolton. To be considered hereafter. Same from Fran. Jacobson. Nothing to be done in it.
The Vice-Chamberlain of the Household called in: moves for a warrant from the King to place [or assign on a particular fund for payment] his Münster money and several other payments on account of the war: which my Lords declare to be fit to be done. This matter to be moved by Sir G. Carteret in the Privy Council.
Petition from John Storye, one of the sureties of Peniston Whalley, late Receiver of Hearthmoney in co. Lincoln, complaining that said Whalley hath all the moneys in his hands to balance the accompt and therefore desiring my Lords' aid against him. Referred to Sir R. Long. Same from Francis Tyrringham. Nothing [done on it]. Same from Mr. Juy to be paid as falconer. A warrant for him on the Chimney money. Same from Lady Wentworth. The King to be moved in it. Same from Sir George Benyon. Nothing to be done in it. Same from Sir Solomon Swayle. He must apply to the King. Same from Mr. Wivell. He is to have liberty to sell the place, but it is to be during pleasure and the money to go to the King, Nalton and Wivell's patent being suspended.
Write Sir William Blackeston to hasten to pay his moneys as promised. The Earl of Carlisle to be asked for directions as to the other moneys which said Blackeston has in the Treasury.
Petition from Lieut. Col. John Meautys. He and Mrs. Dixon to attend on Friday morning. Same from John George. My Lords will not meddle in it. He must apply to the Barons of the Exchequer. Same from Zachary Craddock. Sir R. Long to certify when this patent was granted and for what time. Same from Elizabeth Mullet. Nothing to be done in it. Same from Robert Morison. [My Lords have] no money.
Sir R. Long's report read about the five Hundreds in Dorset desired by Lord Holles. Warrant for a particular for a lease.
Petition from Sir Charles Wheeler with the Duke of Albemarle's report. Sir Ste. Fox to allow the 100l. for that year and no longer. Warrant for it to be allowed on Fox's contingencies.
Petition from Jane de Sylvius. She is to be paid equal with the rest. Warrant on the Chimneys.
Lord Hawley's paper read about his fees as Steward of the several manors in Somersetshire. Referred to Lord Ashley.
Petition from Mary Wingfield. To be considered hereafter. Same from the littermen. Mr. Mason to attend on Friday to inform my Lords of the state of their case. Same from Sir Thomas Peyton with Sir C. Harbord's report. My Lords do not think fit to take out the clause of excepting the underwoods out of Peyton's grant of the waste land called Allington Freth, in Kent. My Lords will dispose of the said woods to the King's best advantage. Sir C. Harbord to certify what is to be done to discover their value, and by whom and when they ought to be felled.
Lord Arundell's privy seal for 2,000l. is to be considered hereafter.
The order of Council read concerning Hugh MacCartny. he is to make out his pretence, and then a report to be made to the Privy Council for payment to be made in the Barbados as in the other like cases.
The Earl of St. Albans' grant read. The papers relating to this matter to be brought to the Treasury, that my Lords may see the whole progress of it.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 251–4.]
July 15.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Price to be paid on his Privy Seal. Warrant on the Chimney money.
Alderman Bucknell to attend to-morrow about the letter out of Ireland from Mr. Mathew Pery to Mr. John Pery relating to the French tunnage; about which my Lords have spoken with the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
Mr. Williamson to insert in his to-morrow's Gazette a notification that Thursday, August 13, is appointed for the letting the farm of the Customs of Ireland to such person as shall give most for the same, and that Monday following, the 17th August, is similarly appointed for the letting the farm of the Excise of Ireland. This to be posted at the Treasury door, the Exchequer door, the Exchange and the Custom House.
Sir John Nicholas, the Clerk of the Signet, is to certify what warrant is come to his hands for a privy seal for Sir William Temple: and is to send it to the Treasury before anything be done upon it. Write him also to send to the Treasury the list of the privy seals for board wages in the Signet Office.
Write the Commissioners [of Aids] for Newcastle and Northumberland to quicken the taxes.
Sir W. Doyly called in: presents a draft of articles to be between the Commissioners [for bringing in taxes by means of exchange] in [Great] St. Hellens on behalf of the King of the one part and Mr. White of the other part for paying the arrear of the taxes in his hands. Doyly to attend the Attorney General with these articles.
Sir W. Doyly to send to Mr. Powell, Solicitor [of the Aids] for Kent, a list of all persons in arrear [on the Aids] in Kent on Mr. Herlackenden's account. Powell is to give to the Treasury an account where these moneys are.
Sir John Banks' Poll order is to be placed on the Chimneys [in the same way] as Mr. Meynell's with such interest forwards, viz. six per cent. and 4 per cent. The warrant for this is to be in the name of Thomas White.
Mr. Attwood called in from the Attorney General: makes report why the Attorney General allowed Lord Hatton's plea as to the manor of Little Weldon, co. Northampton. The Attorney General to give a statement in writing as to the lease in Queen Elizabeth's time and that granted by the late King and why the rent ought not to be paid to His Majesty. Sir C. Harbord to certify the value of the lands granted to Lord Hatton.
Warrant on the Chimneys for the Lord Almoner. To be on the account of the Treasurer of the Chamber.
Mr. Attwood also reports from the Attorney General about the Duke of Newcastle's title to Noemanswood in Sherwood Forest. The Attorney General to make report of the case in writing to-morrow.
Mr. North called in: moves for a lease for 31 years to Mr. Sharpe of said Sharpe's discovery. Sir C. Harbord to certify a value with a view to a lease.
Warrant on the Exchequer for Sir W. Swan at 20s. a day for his ordinary.
Mr. Ashmole called in: moves for payment of the money to Mr. Street. Sir Philip Warwick's letter read. Warrant ordered for 100l.
Warrant to the late Commissioners of Excise for some books in Mr. Ball's hands to be delivered to Mr. Ashmole.
The business of the lease of lands (Holbeach and Whaplode Marshes) in Lincolnshire to Mr. Burgess and Mr. Deane is referred to the Attorney General et al.
Mr. Kingston called in with his Counsel about the difference between him and Mr. Stedman about a coal mine in co. Somerset. Stedman appeared not. He is to attend my Lords the last Thursday in Michaelmas term, or my Lords will proceed to grant Kingston's desire.
Petition read from Lady Elizabeth Dryden for payment of 657l. 14s. 4d. out of such moneys as shall be paid into the Exchequer by the Receiver of Cornwall or Devon. Sir R. Long to certify the case and whether this be no part of the money fixed for the Earl of Berkshire on the Eleven Months' tax.
petition from Francis Crane and Francis Arundell on reference from the King. Sir C. Harbord to report the value of the park and what [is the cost] of keeping so many deer in order to the turning it into a rent.
Petition from the four Ushers of the Exchequer. To be paid in the Exchequer on the Customs.
Mrs. Lanier to have her 10l. on her account.
Petition from the pages of the Queen's Chamber. To be considered the first Monday in November.
Petition from Bevill Skellon and Brian Duppa concerning their discovery of lands in Clerkenwell which are intermingled in some lands belonging to an almhouse, which lands were in the inheritance of Henry Seckford and John Seckford, but are now escheated to the Crown and enjoyed by strangers. Petitioners pray a grant of same. They are to set down the value of the discovery and to what proportion they desire to be gratified, and then my Lords will consider the case.
Petition from William Juy. To be paid on the Exchequer for both wages and liveries if possible, if not possible then for wages in the Exchequer and for liveries on the Wardrobe. Warrant for this on his surrender of his patent.
Petition from Ant. Seager. Warrant for 40l. per an. for him.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about Charleton. Charleton is to bring a certificate of what [counterfeit] coiners he has convicted and then be rewarded here [in the Treasury].
Petition from Major Scot. Warrant for 100l. for him; and that he be considered for the next employment [vacant] in the Customs.
Mr. Swan to have a pension of 40l. per an. for being instrumental in the King's escape [at Worcester].
The order of the Privy Council read about Jeremy Blackman. To be paid when there is money.
Petition from Cecily Savage. To be considered the first Wednesday in November next. Same from Thomas Beaumont. He is called in and told that my Lords will stop process. He says yet the bonds will lie out.
Sir R. Long and Sir g. Carteret to certify how the business stands for the money which is to be assigned by Sir George Carteret on the 100,000l. tallies on the Royal Aid delivered to the Chimney Farmers. This order is made on reading the petition of Thomas Stevens, marshal ferrier.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 254–7.]
July 16.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir W. Temple's privy seal to be signed.
William Elsden's petition referred to the Customs Farmers.
Sir R. Long moves that the warrant may issue for prosecuting baronets [who have neither paid their 1,095l. not struck tallies of discharge], for that it will be no charge to them unless they suffer the money to be levied on them, and that as to the [cost of] issuing process the Tally Office will bear it. Ordered that the warrant be issued, but that no process go against Parliament men.
The discoverer of the [false] coiners is to have his warrant when he has brought in his certificate as ordered.
Major Reeves called in with Auditor Philips's deputy about his Chimney money account for London, &c. The account to be drawn up and engrossed, and what is in arrear set in super on the accountants and so left to the Exchequer.
The Earl of Anglesey called in: presents a letter from the Navy Office desiring more money for paying off the fleet.
Mr. Perin's Chimney account is declared.
Warrant for Mr. Brown's salary [in the same way] as for Pots's.
Mr. Chislet called in with Mr. Spencer's account as late Receiver of co. Lancs.; which is declared.
Mr. Charles Bennet called in: acquainted my Lords that the Commissioners of Accounts had sent to him to bring to them to-morrow a paper of remarks he had made on Lord Ashley's account of the Prizes: that he had answered them that the said paper was lodged at the Treasury, but that he would wait upon my Lords for it. Hereupon my Lords bade him come on Monday afternoon and he shall have his answer. Meanwhile my Lords will take no resolution herein till they have acquainted Lord Ashley therewith and received his thoughts thereupon. Write Lord Ashley to let my Lords know on Monday what he has to say to it.
"Write the Bishop of Chester that whereas the King pays four itinerant ministers in Lancashire [it is desired to know] whether there be any who do officiate accordingly."
Alderman Bucknell to attend on Tuesday about the business of Mr. Pery's letter from Ireland, as to which he ought to have attended to-day.
Write the sheriff of Cumberland to quicken process upon the account of Mr. Spencer. The messenger has been beaten off by Mr. Rigby. An affidavit to be got and process made.
Mr. Glanville's account considered and declared.
Write Sir William Hickman that my Lords have received no answer from him to their order of May 22, nor any account of what aid he has rendered to Thomas Willoughby, Farmer of Excise of Lincoln. Write him for an account in three weeks of his proceedings herein.
Sir Edw. Sawyer called in about Mr. Knipe's account, and delivers a paper which is to be sent to Sir W. Doyly.
Mr. Lightfoot called in about Mr. Jay's account. An immediate extent to issue against his Hearth money security, and Jay's account as Receiver to remain till he has cleared his Firehearth account.
The Attorney General called in: says that if there be any information that the Duke of Newcastle is felling Noemanswood a letter [should be] written to him to forbear felling till His Majesty's title be considered: and he presents a paper of the state of the case concerning the wood. Write the Clerk of the Pipe to certify whether Noemanswood and Lindhurst in co. Nottingham be part of the manors of Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse, granted from the Crown, or whether they be not part of the forest of Sherwood. The Clerk of the Pipe to be very exact and careful in searching the records for the discovery of the truth of this matter. Upon this return from the Pipe the Duke of Newcastle is to be written to.
The Attorney General also makes report about [the lease of] Little Weldon to Lord Hatton. The Court of the Exchequer is to be moved by the Auditor in point of law as to his taking a lease, whether it drown not his inheritance and make him liable to the rent.
Mr. Child called in. My Lords desire his opinion what may be done about the more thrifty victualling the Navy. He says that between this and the middle of September is the proper time and that the best way is by Commissioners and not by contractors nor agents; but by a contract is the cheapest; that on good pay 8d. a day [per man would suffice] for [the Navy in] sea [service] and 6d. [per man per day for the Navy] in harbour.
The deputy to Auditor Morrice is called in about Mr. Moseley's Firehearth account for Cheshire. The 133l. to be set on the accountant and then the account engrossed.
Charnock is to cast up by means of Mr. Warder's certificate what the privy seal for board wages on the Exchequer comes to.
Warrant for three tons of wine Custom free to the housekeeper of the Queen Mother.
Warrant for the arrest of Col. Whitley's deputy.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 257–9.]
July 20.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Earl of Carbery called in: says the King has declared that his account shall pass, and demands that he may have what is due to him. But my Lords say the Queen must have what is due to her, and that they can not stop her money.
Warrant for the Earl of Oxford for what is due to him as Justice in Eyre.
Petition from Col. Fran. Burges. When the King is out of debt [he shall be considered].
Write Mr. Webb and Mr. Hartlib to attend to-morrow about the complaint from co. Huntingdon against their deputy, an officer of the Hearth money in said county.
The Treasurer of the Household presents a privy seal for Sir W. Temple for his embassy to Holland. Write Alderman Backwell to attend to-morrow about furnishing money to Sir W. Temple and Sir John Trevor. The King to be spoken to about Temple's allowance of 1,000l. for extraordinaries and about his ordinary beginning from July 1, whereas it should begin from the day of his departure; and also about allowing his ordinary postage of letters.
Mr. Bennet to have his paper of remarks on Lord Ashley's account of prizes, in order to give it to the Commissioners for Accounts.
The Cofferer of the Household called in: presents the Privy Seal for board wages. Warrant on the Chimneys in the place [or turn] that was reserved for it.
Col. Napier and Mr. Bishop to attend on Thursday about said Colonel's patent for fish at Yarmouth.
The report from the Clerk of the Pipe about the Duke of Newcastle's title to Noemanswood and Lindhurst in Sherwood Forest is to be quickened: as also that from the Attorney General on the two points on the Wine Act.
Mr. Wadlow to attend to-morrow.
Sir John Shaw called in with Auditor Beale about the Dunkirk account, which is declared. Also Auditor Beale propounds the state of their Customs commission account, and a certificate is read about it from the King's Customs officers of London port.
Write again to Sir Erasmus Harvy, executor of Sir Job Harvy, to clear the account of the impost on coals received by Sir Job Harvey, all or the greater part whereof he received by London measure, but did account by Newcastle measure.
The report from the Customs Commissioners about Mr. Ellesdon's petition is to be tendered to the King for his pleasure therein.
The King's officers that signed the paper of exceptions to the commission account of the Customs are to attend on Thursday, when my Lords will speak with them.
The King's officers of the Customs in all ports are to give an account of the profits of the late Farm of the Customs for every year of the said farm.
Mr. Sherwin called in: moves that the advice of the Barons of the Exchequer be taken about Lord Richardson's business about reliefs. Answer to be given to Lord Richardson that my Lords will consider this business at the beginning of next term.
Mr. May to certify what is done about the bridges near Hampton Court. Sir Tho. Clarges to be acquainted with the petition of Edward Manning, who has been employed in repairing said bridges, concerning His Majesty's title to some lands about the river cut through Hounslow Heath.
Mr. Morrice called in concerning [the letting to farm] the Irish Customs. Write Major Dean to attend on Thursday next, and if he come not then the Duke of Ormonde to be spoken to. Mr. Morrice to have back his proposal about the Irish Customs, leaving a copy of it.
The King to be spoken to about the docquet for 1,500l. for the Master of the Horse. Mr. Mason to attend to-morrow to certify whether this 1,500l. is to be part of the 2,000l. a year for the stables.
Mr. Lawrence is to state the case about the trial depending between the King and Lord Hatton about the manor of Little Weldon, co. Northampton: and to move the Barons of the Exchequer at the beginning of Michaelmas term for their opinion whether Lord Hatton's having taken a lease of said manor from the Crown does not drown his preceding deed of inheritance from the Crown, and to whether he is not liable to answer to the Crown the rent reserved in said lease.
Mr. Lisle and Mr. Foliard, the King's barbers, are to have a year's wages on the Exchequer.
Warrant for Mr. Terry's discharge.
Fra. Berkley called in with Mr. Lawrence. The 55l. is to be stopped and is to be paid by Mr. Gunter, as also the rest of the Excise of South Wales.
Write Sir Ste. Fox to get from the Board of Greencloth and to send to my Lords a list of such of the King's and Queen's servants as have privy seals for their board wages payable in the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 259–61.]