Minute Book: October 1668, 1-15

Pages 448-461

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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October 1668

Oct. 1.
Present: all my Lords.
Ordered that a day be appointed when all parties that have bid for the Irish Customs and Excise may attend at the Treasury. The Earl of Orrery to have notice of it. The Lords of the Privy Council to be spoken to to appoint a day.
Charnock to make up the account how each month of the Customs is charged: also a new state how each branch of the revenue is charged.
No money to be issued of the [fragments of the] Royal Aid on which tallies are not yet struck till an account is made out of all the fragments of that tax.
The Attorney and Solicitor General to attend the Committee of the Privy Council at the Council Chamber to-morrow to give their advice about the sale of the fee farm rents.
Mr. May called in: warrant for 500l. for the Works out of the moneys on the Customs Commission account and on the moneys to be paid in by the Tin Farmers on the foot of their account.
Mr. Lawrence reports the names of the Justices of the Peace in Gloucestershire in order to the passing the names of Commissioners for Dean Forest. To be considered next Tuesday.
Charnock to draw up out of the Auditors certificates an account against to-morrow of how much [has been paid out] of the fee farm rents to the King and how much to the Queen. Write to such of the Auditors as have not yet returned certificates as above to bring them in by to-morrow afternoon, [viz. Auditors Parsons; Sir Edmond Sawyer and Aldworth]. Write the above also together with Sir Thomas Trever, Auditor of the South part of the Duchy of Lancaster; Mr. Fanshaw, Auditor of the North part of said Duchy; and Auditors Morice, Hill, Philips and Sir Joseph Seymour to attend at the Council Chamber to-morrow afternoon for their advice to the Lords of the Council in the consideration of this matter.
Mr. Harlackenden (Herlackenden), Receiver of the Aids in Kent, is to attend on Tuesday next about his account of the Aids and about the money in his hands thereon.
Mr. Gibbs called in. He is to answer the paper of the Commissioners [for the Aids] of Suffolk on Monday.
Mr. Harbord to give an account of what returns are made by him and Mr. Corbin of the survey or view of the woods in Sherwood Forest.
Write the Commissioners of the Aids for co. Northampton that my Lords find by the state of Mr. Smith's account that they have overcharged the Royal Aid and undercharged the Additional Aid and that they set this matter right.
Sir John Talbot complains of a riot at Worcester by one Bagnoll against his Excise. Bagnoll to be summoned when Sir John Talbott desires it, and then the report to be made in Council about the complaints against the Mayor [of Worcester].
Mr. Lawrence called in about the Chimney Farmers' defalcations and about their security. Write the Farmers to put them in mind of preparing for the suit concerning said defalcations as Michaelmas term is drawing nigh: also for them to attend my Lords on Tuesday about their rent and their security for it in future.
The report as to how the Customs and other branches of the revenue are charged is to be made on Tuesday.
Mr. Wadlow to attend on Tuesday next about furnishing more money (to pay the yards, &c.)
No warrants for money to be offered to be signed except what are directly within the establishment except on Thursdays. Abbot and Charnock to put Sir G. Downing in mind of this.
Dormant warrant for Baron Spelman.
Sir Samuel Starling's Excise account for Norfolk to be sent to the Excise Commissioners to state, with the assistance of Mr. Ashmole, Comptroller of Excise. Process against him on his Hearth money account for Beds and Kent to stop; he being on his account.
Petition from the Grooms of the Queen's Bedchamber. To be considered as soon as possible, as also the Sergeants that go with the King [on his progress]. But it can't be done at present.
Mr. Lavington's business to be considered on Tuesday. He to attend then.
Richard Vaughan's petition referred to Mr. Lawrence.
Process to stay against Col. Whitly, he being upon his account and out of town on His Majesty's service.
Process to stay against Mr. Argol on certificate from Mr. Wharton of the payment of most of the money.
Warrant for 100l. on the Customs to Sir Edw. Walker as King at Arms.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 336–8.]
Oct. 5.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Earl of Bristol moves for 500l. in part of 1,000l. remaining unpaid on his privy seal.
Sir Tho. Morgan brings in a book of the revenue of Jersey.
The Earl of Carbery petitions for a lease of several encroachments, &c., in South Wales.
Warrant for the Barbados money to be assigned on the remaining 6,000l. of the 46,000l. on the Additional Aid in Capt. Cock's name yet unassigned.
Write Auditor Beale to make a return concerning the Earl of Carbery's business (viz. as to an establishment to be made for the Presidentship of Wales).
The paper of complaint from the Customs Farmers is to be presented to the Privy Council, the same concerning ships from Barbados to Tangier, where they unlade and pay Custom to the Deputy Governor. [Resolved] that the said Farmers have liberty to have an officer in each Plantation to see that no ships trade but according to law, giving bond accordingly: also as to the ships which have liberty to go to New York from Holland that they have no liberty to lade any goods there of Virginia, Barbados, &c., but only the goods of New York.
Lord Ashley takes the warrant for issuing the wine money, to speak with Mr. Sherwin about it.
Sir Robert Viner called in about the Piedmont account, and Col. Gray's petition is read and Mr. Read called in with it. Ordered that the parties named in said petition attend this day week, and also Sir R. Viner.
Sir R. Viner moves for his 46,000l. on his Jewel House account. To be considered on Monday.
Charnock to keep a particular book in which an entry is to be made of all accounts that are declared; expressing the day on which and for what time.
Each Auditor to send a particular account of all the fee farms. This to be prepared against to-morrow and shown to Lord Ashley and Mr. Sherwin.
Hollar to have to 50l. [demanded] in his petition: to be on the new general dormant.
The letter from the Navy Commissioners about half-a-year's pay for the yards is to be considered to-morrow. Mr. Wadlow to attend then. The Navy Office to give an accompt what money will be due to the yards for the extraordinary fleet of this year, that money may be had for it on the Wine Act.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about providing money for several public ministers [ambassadors]. Care to be taken of them.
Copies to be given to my Lords of the new Order of Council for the revenue.
The Chimney Farmers called in: desire to be heard again on the business of their defalcations, either as to particulars or as to a gross sum. Also as to their [further] securities they say they are not obliged to give it. My Lords say that [there was] no such covenant, that the debt being part and the rent in their hands the Exchequer will require it. The King's counsel [the Attorney and Solicitor General] to attend on Thursday about the defalcations and security, and then my Lords will speak again with the Chimney Farmers.
Write the Excise Commissioners for the particulars of their disbursements for repairs of the Excise Office for the last quarter and for making offices for the Auditor and Comptroller, also of their disbursements for said office on the poor, the scavenger and taxes.
The list of all dormant warrants on the Exchequer and on Receivers, &c., is to be presented to my Lords to-morrow morning, that they may all be stopped at present.
The Customs Commissioners called in again about their Commission accompt, which is declared: as also Sir John Shawe's account of the navigation duty.
Write Sir Erasmus Harvy and Lord Paget to attend on Tuesday week about the business of the money due to the King for the over-measure of the 12d. per chaldron on sea coals.
Mr. Wadlow to be spoken with to-morrow about the names last desired by him to be Commissioners for Exeter for the Wine Act.
Alderman Backwell called in: moves for an assignment for his interest money on his interest accompt. Said accompt to be considered to-morrow.
Lord Arlington's letter with the new establishment for Ambassadors is to be laid before my Lords to-morrow.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Goodwyn for the Aids: he being on his accompt.
Sir Denys Gawden to attend to-morrow.
Warrant for 322l. 15s. 0d. for Mr. Le Gouse for a pearl sold to the Queen.
Copies of the rules for letting the Customs and imported Excise of Ireland are to be sent to Mr. Deane, Mr. Maurice, Mr. Muschamp, Mr. Tailor (Taylor): and to let them know that the whole revenue of Ireland is to be let except the Fines and Greenwax and the First Fruits and Twentieths of the Clergy: and that they attend on Monday next about their propositions, at which time my Lords will be pleased to hear whatever they have to offer. The Treasurer of the Household also to have a copy of these rules. Sir G. Downing to look them over to-morrow and make them ready to be copied.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 338–40.]
Oct. 6.
Present: all my Lords.
Write Mr. Pepys and Sir R. Long and the Navy Commissioners again to meet Sir G. Downing about the matter of how the money has been disbursed for the fleet, about which they were to have met last week, but that Mr. Pepys's other occasions diverted it by his being out of town.
Sir W. Doyly and Mr. Lovin called in with Mr. Lavington. He (Lavington) must be in custody till the money is paid, together with 12 per cent. interest.
Write Mr. Veale, Receiver of Aids for co. Gloucester, for a statement how his account stands.
Write Sir R. Long to insert a line in the bottom of his weekly certificate expressing how much money is weekly brought into the Exchequer from Sir W. Doyly's Office upon the Additional Aid and the Eleven Months' tax, whereof the Tellers can give him information each week when they come to make up their certificate.
Sir Denys Gawden called in about his interest account. Auditor Beale to examine it and consider it with the [Victualling] contract and declarations, fixing the matter to those contracts with the [interest] accordingly at 6 per cent. to Sir Denys for want of timely payment [to him from the Exchequer], that so the matter may be laid before the King in Council. If this direction is not clear he [Beale] is to state his doubts.
Mr. Wadlow called in. My Lords move him for money for pay of the yards and the ships that are now come in. Write Mr. Fenn for an accompt how the last 20,000l. from Mr. Wadlow was disposed. Also write the principal officers and commissioners of the Navy that as my Lords hear that some ships are lately come in to be paid off they desire a list of them and of the money requisite for their discharge, specifying particularly what thereof must be for service [performed] before provision [was] made on the Eleven Months' tax and how much for service during the time provided for by that Act and how much since. Write Mr. Wadlow to furnish 10,000l. this week, 10,000l. next and 5,000l. a week subsequently till the remainder of the money of Xmas quarter [on the Wine Act] is paid. Write Sir R. Long to give direction to Mr. Burgess to draw the orders on Mr. Wadlow in as great a number or for as small sums each as Wadlow shall desire. No order to be for above 500l., that so the payees may be the better able to take up money on them.
Warrant for Alderman Backwell's interest money to be placed on the 6,000l. of the 46,000l.
Ordered that the list of what is charged on the revenue be made up with what warrants are charged on each branch [or small farm thereof and] which continue [unpaid] on them. So write Sir R. Long for a certificate how much charged and yet unpaid on the Tenths, Fines and Forfeitures, alum farm, farm of unwrought wood, 5s. per ton on French shipping, Issues of Jurors, Post fines, Butlerage of wines, Coinage of tin, Sixpenny writs, Receivers of the revenue of imported salt, duty on potashes, smalts and saffers, [farm of] logwood, duty of 12d. per chaldron on exported coals and 12d. on coals carried along the coast: or so many of the above [small farms] as have had their patents enrolled before the Auditor of the Receipt. Also desire him to certify the value of these revenues so far as possible. The Salt Farmers and such [other Farmers of the small farms] as have not enrolled their patents in the Exchequer in a month shall have their farms seized by my Lords. Write Sir R. Long for a list of such Farmers.
Warrant for the stop of all dormant warrants for pensions till further order, except what are within the order of Council.
The business of the allowances [of ordinary entertainment and extraordinaries] to ambassadors is to be considered to-morrow.
Mr. Lawrence to consider Mr. Gibbs' account. The state of the debt of Jay, White, Price and Harlackenden to be presented to the King in Council at his return.
Warrant for the Commissioners for Dean Forest to be filled up according to the list given in.
The Customs Farmers and the Attorney General to attend to-morrow about settling the business of the covenants of the said Farmers' farm.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 341–2.]
Oct. 7.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir John Denham moves for liberty to take possession of his lodgings now in Sir Robert Stapleton's hands in Scotland Yard or to be paid for them. My Lords say that those lodgings moneys are retrenched by order of Council. A copy of the order to be sent to Sir J. Denham.
Mr. Gipps, Receiver of the Royal and Additional Aids for Suffolk, called in. He is to pass his account with all speed. The Commissioners [of Aids for co. Suffolk] are to see his answer to the exceptions made by them against his account, and meantime to take care that the money be answered to the King, and not to suffer this dispute to hinder the said money coming in. If they are not satisfied with his answer they may appoint some person to attend the passing his accompt.
Petition from Eliz. Johnson. The parties to be sent for who did the injury.
The Attorney General called in [concerning the Chimney Farmers' securities]. Says he did insist that security should be given by the Farmers when the 200,000l. loan [should be] paid back to the city. He thinks Sir Rob. Vyner et al. are liable. Ordered that the Chimney Farmers attend to-morrow, with counsel or without, then my Lords will speak with them about making an equitable end of the business of their defalcations.
Write the Attorney General to endeavour to void the patent of the present Assay Master of the Mint. Write Mr. Slingsby to hasten the Mint account, and to send word what shillings and sixpences have been coined of late.
Write the Chancellor of the Duchy [of Lancaster] to direct the Auditors of the Duchy to make a particular return [concerning fee farms] in the same way as is demanded from the Auditors of the revenue.
The Customs Farmers called in about their covenants for the present farm. [Agreed] that for London they have a month's time and three months for the outports: after every six months to bring in their [demands for] defalcations, and for the last year that they at the same time bring in the account for their defalcations. They desire that they may not by the particular [enumeration of] things for defalcations be precluded from the benefit of their other general clauses of defalcations. They ask from what time their collateral security on the chimneys shall take effect, and also that this collateral may cover the money already lent, as well as that which they shall lend during their farm. Ordered that this collateral security shall take place from the time they shall enjoy their farm. Ordered that their privy seal for forfeitures shall pass. Warrant ordered (to bear date Sept. 28 last) for repayment to the Customs Farmers of the 5,000l. [advanced by them] for Lord Gerard.
Warrant for the tally for the Ordnance to be registered on the Customs after what is already registered thereon on the 8,000l. per mensem. The list of what other tallies are unassigned is to be shown to my Lords.
Mr. Dillon to attend on Monday about his petition for forfeitures on the Customs of Ireland: when the Lords of the Committee for Ireland meet at the Treasury then his papers to be produced.
Petition from Edw. Blake. Ordered that Le Cardonell attend my Lords in three months or they will dispose of his place.
Write Sir John Talbot giving him an account of the letter from the Mayor, &c., of Worcester, and desire him to bring his proofs of the abuses done to the Excise officers there.
Petition from Percy Church. In the order of Council there is liberty to pay him. Ordered that he be considered with the Earl of Bristol, et al.
Warrant for stay of process against Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Kirby.
Petition from Daniel Fovoliere. The office of Ordnance is to pay him from Michaelmas. As for what is past he is less in arrear than most of the King's servants. Same from Sir John Hinton. He has no privy seal. Same from Symon Smith. Process to be stopped against him, he being upon his account. Same from Peter Cromhout. The law is to take its course.
The letters [from the] Ordnance to be read to-morrow.
Letter read from the Marquess of Worcester. Some of the names propounded by him are to be added to those already ordered [in the commission for Dean Forest].
Petition from Samuel Perkins. Mr. May to attend the King [hereon] and if he approve it, the shed to be built. Same from John Vaux. To be considered when there is money.
Letter from Mr. Harlackenden. The King to be acquainted with his debt.
Petition from Sir Joseph Douglas. Sir C. Harbord to certify the worth of the office, advising with the Auditor.
Petition from the Dutch at Sandwich read, together with a certificate from the Mayor. Warrant for the discharge of the goods on payment of Customs.
Same from Mrs. Jacobson. To be again considered. Same from Col. Powell. To apply to the Privy Council. The like answer to be given to all others not included in the establishment [of pensions sanctioned by the Privy Council]. Same from Mr. Bowler. Process to be stopped till the middle of Michaelmas term. Same from Eliz. Sims. Referred to Sir James Hovell and Mr. Steward, with the Mayor of Lynne, to examine what was done at Lynne, and as to the perjury. Same from Nicholas Lamb. To be considered with the rest of the Customs officers. Same from Edw. Seymour. Sir R. Long to certify what is fit to allow him.
Petition from the officers of the Tally Court. To be considered speedily. Same from John Wilkinson. Warrant for 30l. to him out of the Hanaper. Same from Tho. Willoughby read, together with the affidavits. Send them to Sir Robert Carre to see right done.
Mr. Vaughan's certificate read. My Lords can do nothing in it by reason of the order of Council [restraining payments of pensions].
Thomas Veele's petition referred to the Excise Commissioners. The Privy Council to be moved about Sir Jer. Whitchcot's deputy, who allowed Kilby to go home contrary to my Lords' order.
Petition from Mary Winfield. See whether by the Order of Council it can be paid. Same from Thomas Warner on reference from the King. To be reported in Council that this being a purchase there may be liberty to pay the money, notwithstanding the late order of Council [restraining payments of pensions]. Same from the Pages of the Bedchamber. To be considered on Monday with the Lords of Ireland. Same from Tho. Hawke. He and Ketheridge to be both heard this day month. Same from Ambrose Norton. Ordered that Mr. Mason or any two of the Equerries certify first how he hath expended the money he lately received, and whether there is any money in his hands. Same from Sir Edm. Windham. Sir C. Harbord to certify the value of the things demanded.
Petition from Capt. Pawlett. The King to be moved in Council whether for saving charges two files of men may not be sent once a month to Calshot Castle from Portsmouth.
Same from John Hewit. To be moved in the Privy Council that 100l. be paid him and that his pension may be paid for the future.
Same from Lady Harvye. Ordered that she pay the money due to the King from her [late husband] on the commission account of the Customs.
See what the last direction was for the 1,000l. to Sir John Wolstenholme on the Customs bonds and whether it is not to be last paid.
The business of my Lords' own quarter's allowance is to be considered to-morrow.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 342–5.]
Oct. 8.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the Commissioners of the Navy giving notice of the money to be paid to the Treasurer of the Navy by Mr. Wadlow, and that they immediately pay off such ships with it as are ready for it, and with the remainder to pay off the yards because this is the money of the Wine Act. What shall not be laid out on the extraordinary fleet shall be discounted out of such money as hath been already disbursed out of His Majesty's ordinary revenue.
Send again to all the Auditors of the Auditors of the Exchequer to hasten an account [of the fee farms].
Warrant for payment of my Lords' quarter's salary out of the first of the 46,000l. that shall come in.
As to the 5,000l. which His Majesty intimated to my Lords that he must have for a secret service, resolved that the Treasurer of the Household give notice to Lord Arlington that there must be a privy seal under the head of secret service.
Write the Earl of Lauderdale that my Lords have not considered any private business, but they will speedily consider Lady Dysart's, as soon as the public charges are provided for according to the Order of Council, which they hope will be in a few days.
The Earl of Carbery's business to be considered on Tuesday, as to the establishment [for the President of Wales].
Write the Lord Keeper to appoint some time next week for a meeting for considering the commission for sale of His Majesty's fee farm rents.
Letters from the Ordnance read. To be considered in proportioning the revenue.
Warrant for 500l. for the Works: to be on the [farm of] imported salt.
Send an answer to the Duke of Buckingham that my Lords have put it into their memorandums to speak to the King about his docquet, and then will pass it.
Write Sir Robert Long that there are several sums of money due to several persons for interest unpaid, and request him to take care to his utmost for the payment thereof, and that he pay no warrants whatever which may be charged on the Exchequer until interest money be first discharged.
Sir Ste. Fox's clerk to attend the Duke of Albemarle about the establishment for the army, &c., that nothing may be left out.
The Cofferer of the Household, Sir Ste. Fox and Mr. Pepys to certify what tallies they have on the Excise unpaid and of what date.
My Lords tell the Chimney Farmers that no treaty of an agreement of what is in dispute about their defalcations is to be understood to retard the suit in the Exchequer: that the heads of their defalcations have been gone over by the Barons of the Exchequer. My Lords ask them the gross sum which they demand: if it be modest they will consider it. There is a paper here [in the Treasury] of their demands to August 23 last, which [is] considered. They say that there is about 60,000l. due to the King, which they demand for defalcations. They must prepare for a trial, but if they desire an amicable end they must bring on Wednesday such a proposition as my Lords may think reasonable to propose to the King.
Write the Excise Commissioners concerning the sum of 5,208l. 8s. 4d. which according to their certificate [for the week ending] Sept. 29 last was then remaining in their cash, and which had lain there from the 19th of that month. My Lords desire to know to whom it ought to have been paid and how it came about that is was not paid in in that time. Write Mr. Ashmole that my Lords desire to have from him a weekly account made up to Thursday of each week of the money paid into the Exchequer by the London Excise Farmers on their rent of their respective farms: and that he carry to Sir R. Long every Friday a certificate of all moneys paid by said Farmers into the Exchequer to that day, which certificate said Long is to subscribe if correct. In both certificates mention is to be made what the said Farmers are in arrear on their farms and for what time. Both these certificates said Ashmole is then to bring to my Lords, together with the weekly certificate of the country Excise, for their consideration.
Sir R. Long to certify what is due to the King from the Chimney Farmers to this day; supposing no defalcations. The Attorney General moves that there may be Commissioners appointed in all counties to examine matters concerning the Chimney defalcations. My Lords will appoint names. Ordered that the King must have some person in each county to attend these Commissioners. These matters to be considered on Wednesday next when the Barons of the Exchequer are in town.
Write the late Commissioners of the Customs to bring into the Exchequer the money on the foot of their commission account.
Warrant to Mr. Packer to take up money for New Park wall at [6 per cent.] interest and [4 per cent.] reward. To be on his 2,000l. orders on the Eleven Months' tax.
Sir R. Long to be advised with about the money arising by Fines and Alienations and what becomes of it.
A rent roll or particular to be made of the value of each branch of all the King's revenue.
Charnock to examine further the list of dormant warrants [for pensions, &c.] to see if none left out.
Warrant for 50,000l. more for the Treasurer of the Navy: on the Wine Act. Mr. Fenn also moves for a warrant for the monthly assignments for stores. Warrant for 2,500l. for the present October part of the 200,000l. for the Navy as by Order of Council, and 3,500l. on the November part: to be accounted as from Michaelmas last. Write the Commissioners of the Navy giving notice hereof, and that the said moneys are to be employed in buying stores.
Sir G. Downing to see if there be no more warrants for money on the Customs than what Sir R. Long returns as having orders registered for.
Sir John Talbot called in about the Excise abuses in Worcestershire. He is to get a letter drawn specifying the law and the proof and my Lords will sign it [in order to its being sent to the Justices there].
Charnock to draw a privy seal for Mr. Sylvius for his [ordinary for] his employment to Bradenburg according to the new rule [of the Privy Council touching Ambassadors' allowances]. But first write to Lord Arlington acknowledging his letter of the 29th Sept. last containing a project for an establishment of the allowances and entertainments to be made to Ambassadors agreed on by the Lords of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, and ask him whether this establishment has been communicated to the King, and whether the advance allowance for Ambassadors' equipage in proportion to their different characters is to be deducted out of their daily entertainment or is to be over and above the same. My Lords find by search in the Exchequer that in the late King's time, and before, said equipage was deducted from said ordinary. Desire his Lordship to represent the whole matter to the King and signify His Majesty's pleasure herein.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 346–8.]
Oct. 12.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The French Ambassador's secretary is to be told that my Lords cannot pass any warrants for 30 tons of wine per an. for Ambassadors, because the Order of Council says that there shall be no more after Michaelmas last.
Write Sir Thomas Strickland to pay without delay into the Exchequer the arrear of his rent of the imported salt; and also to cause his patent thereof to be forthwith enrolled if not already done.
Sir Robert Viner's Piedmont account is declared.
Sir R. Long and Sir D. Gawden, the victualler, to attend to-morrow about the business of his assignments on Capt. Cock's orders for 46,000l., and concerning his (Gawden's) own security as Victualler of the Navy, pursuant to the late Order of Council.
On Tuesday week the Chimney Farmers are to bring their proposition engrossed concerning their defalcations.
Letter to Lord Arlington to go by an Exchequer messenger.
Capt. Hill called in with his counsel: says he has discovered some goods of Mr. Coates. The Attorney General and Mr. Lawrence are to examine the case.
Mr. Hawke and Mr. Ketheridge to attend my Lords this day two months concerning said Hawke's petition complaining of an injustice done him in regard to an estate in the possession of said Ketheridge.
Mr. Tucker, Consul for Tripoly, to attend to-morrow.
Letter from Lord Arlington read. Ordered that the money for the Portugal soldiers be provided when the Lord General brings a note of it. To be paid out of the contingencies of the army.
Sir W. Doyly presents a paper of several arrears of the Aids. Warrants for the arrest of the collectors in whose hands oath is made that there is money. Dale to be summoned to appear this day month, my Lords being informed by the Commissioners at Great St. Helens for bringing in the Aids, that there is an unpaid arrear of assessment due from him from Xmas last and that he is usually destrained upon before he makes payments. Doyly acquaints my Lords with the several times of the waggons going out.
Mr. Lawrence to give an account whether anything can be done to recover Mr. Carre's house to His Majesty upon the accompt of his being security for Mr. White, late Receiver of the Aids for co. Oxford.
Sir W. Doyly to bring to-morrow Mr. White's proposition.
The letter of the 8th inst. from Mr. Powell, Solicitor [of the Aids] for Kent, is referred to Sir W. Doyly, with the account of the arrears of that county. Doyly to consider what is to be done to get in those moneys.
Sir John Talbot called in about the Worcester letter. He is to be heard with his counsel on Thursday about the abuses enacted to the prejudice of the Excise in that town. The Attorney General to attend then.
Sir Robert Vyner called in. My Lords say they wonder he got no part of the 40,000l. due to him on the Jewel Office before their coming in [as Commissioners of the Treasury], and that they have given Sir G. Downing order to put them in mind when there is money to pay him. He prays he may first have a privy seal. Charnock to draw one.
Write Sir Gilbert Talbot to pass his accounts of the Jewel Office before Auditor Beale, who is appointed to receive and state same.
Col. Reymes is to bring in writing [a statement of] what assignments he can get no money upon.
Warrant to Sir Robert Long to stop the issuing any [moneys out of the receipts from the] fragments of the Royal Aid till further order.
Warrant for Mr. Packer to take up 500l. at interest on the [Board of Works'] 2,000l. order on the Eleven Months' tax: [same to be] for New Park.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 348–9.]
Oct. 13.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir R. Long moves for a privy seal for removing Sir Dennis Gauden's orders from the Poll money on to the Chimney money. Sir John Banks also to have a privy seal for [the like for] his Poll orders. Long presents a draft for them. Charnock to prepare [these privy seals] for the King's hand.
Sir Denys Gauden called in. My Lords tell him that they intend to be repaid the 30,000l. which he had of Capt. Cock's orders: which he must do on the Wine Act. Sir R. Long to prepare a warrant for the King's signature for it and then a warrant for my Lords for 30,000l. for Sir Denys Gauden for this summer's fleet on the Wine Act, and this he is by way of reimbursement to assign to His Majesty's use as my Lords shall appoint, he having [already as above] received it on Capt. Cock's orders.
My Lords also speak to Sir R. Long, in the presence of Mr. Sherwyn, about issuing the money of the first [month] of the Eleven Months' tax to make good the [deficit on the] Additional [Aid or] supply; [my Lords urging] that if this is [so] issued, then if any money of the [Eleven Months' tax] Act comes in the Auditors [of the Additional Aid] will demand it. My Lords will further debate this matter on Thursday. Write the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then with Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwyn.
The Earl of Carbery called in, and Auditor Beale's report read about a future establishment for the President of Wales. Ordered that the diet, stables and whole expense be inserted in the paper; and see how ancient the allowance of diet and stables has been. To be considered on Thursday.
Mr. Taylor called in about his paper of [tender for the farm of] the Irish Customs. Says he deducts for the wine licences which are but 2,500l. per an. But my Lords say the wine licences are now at 4,000l. per an., and that they would not [wish] that he should hazard his proposition for [a mere] 1,500l. per an. So with his own hand he mended his proposition accordingly.
The warrant for my Lords' [quarter's salary] is to be upon the 1,000l. for the Ordnance on Capt. Cock's order.
Write Capt. Cock and the other gentlemen concerned therein with him to attend to-morrow about the 6,000l. unassigned on their orders.
Sir Erasmus Harvy called in. He is to bring an affidavit that the money is paid to Lord Paget.
The state of the revenue to be the first matter to be considered to-morrow.
Those in the Marquess of Worcester's list which are marked are to be added to the former list in the commission for Dean Forest: and all Parliament men in either list are to be inserted. Abbot to take care of it.
Petition read from Thomas Weedon and he called in. My Lords tell him that the advertisement about accounting before the 23rd inst. was not to hinder process in the meantime and that his case is common and therefore the example of ill consequence. He must hasten the state of his account.
Charnock to remember that nothing but public ministers are to be charged on the Customs of June next. Warrant on the said month for six months' ordinary to Sir John Finch and for what is due to Mr. Thyn.
Warrant for what is due to Chester garrison: to be on the Country Excise up to the last muster, but for the future Sir Ste. Fox to pay them. Charnock to draw a privy seal to this effect and to give notice of it to Sir Jeffry Shackerlye's agent.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 349–50]
Oct. 14.
Present: Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write again to Mr. Slingsby, or in his absence to the Comptroller, &c., of the Mint, for an account of what shillings and sixpences have been coined upon the late Act for coinage.
Capt. Cock to attend to-morrow with Mr. Fenne about the 6,000l. remaining unassigned of Capt. Cock's 46,000l. orders.
Mr. Lawrence to attend to-morrow.
[Ibid. p. 351.]
Oct. 15.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Sir W. Doyly presents a draft of articles about Mr. White's business. The matter to be presented to the Privy Council. Sir G. Downing to first peruse the articles and margent them.
A state of the assessments of co. Hereford is to be represented to the Privy Council, and some of the Commissioners are to be summoned before the Council about it. Sir W. Doyly in the meantime to go to Kent to meet the Commissioners [for the Aids of said county] at Canterbury on Saturday next, and then if there be occasion they are also to be sent for.
Sir Edw. Wingfield called in with Mr. Byam: prays that the 60l. which is behind on the Excise may be remitted to Byam, he having deserved well in the late King's service. To be reported in Council.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about allowances to public ministers. Ordered that this letter, with the establishment of their pay, be entered into Sir G. Downing's books and observed accordingly.
Write Mr. Fenne to see the blanks in the assignments made by Capt. Cock filled up according to my Lords' warrants for the Barbados officers, &c.
Sir Denys Gawden to have his ordinary of 467l. per mensem on the present October. Warrant [for same] in part of the 200,000l. for the Navy for this year.
Write the Farmers of the London Excise to certify on Tuesday next what tallies are yet unpaid on the London Excise, with the respective dates and sums.
The Treasurer [of the Household] to draw up a project for the Navy, Ordnance and Tangier [for their payment] on the Customs: and to speak with Mr. Pepys about it.
Motion to be made in the Privy Council for 50,000l. for the Navy out of the Wine Act for this present quarter.
Alderman Backwell to bring in 500l. for Sir John Finch: [advancing same on the credit of the Customs] of June next.
Write the farmers and officers of the Customs on the Spanish Ambassador's complaint as to a small box of lace, &c., taken out of an Ostend man-of-war brought out of Flanders for the use of his family by a gentleman of his; and further, as to the little respect shewn to him by the officers at Gravesend. The farmers to report a valuation of the box, &c.
Sir John Talbot called in with Mr. Winnington, his counsel, and in the presence of the Attorney General, about his complaint of the abuses of the Excise at Worcester. Mr. Winnington says that small beer may be put to strong, but must be sold for strong, but it [strong beer] may not be put to small drink to sell it for small, and this is a constant received rule in the Excise: further, that the present Mayor of Worcester was a brewer. Write the said Mayor to attend my Lords this day fortnight. Sir John Talbot to send a particular of his complaint to Sir G. Downing to be inserted in said letter to the Mayor; together with all the names he (Talbot) would have sent for.
The Attorney and Solicitor General, Sir R. Long and Mr. Sherwin called in about issuing the money at present [coming in] of the first of the Eleven Months' tax to pay off the deficit of the Additional Aid. The Attorney and Solicitor say they think that if 1,250,000l. is paid no person can demand more. Sir R. Long moves that the register be brought to the Privy Council and there confirmed and declared when the Act is paid off. Long to make a certificate of the Additional Aid, what is due on it, and what will be lost.
Warrant to Sir R. Long to make use of the 5,000l. of the fragments of the Royal Aid to pay over interest: the remainder to be for paying off Guildhall assignments which fall short. Charnock to look out the papers and shew them to Downing.
The transcript [of the lease] to Burges and Deane is to be stopped because made to pass by the Pipe to the Great Seal contrary to the order of Council of three years since; for that [i.e. all matters relating to leases of Crown Lands] is not attendant on the Great Seal but on the Exchequer Seal only.
Mr. Sharpe's warrant to be fair written.
The King to be moved about Prince Rupert's docquet, it being for life.
Secretary Morice to have a dormant warrant for his son's pension in regard he's going away.
The Earl of Carbery's business to be the first to-morrow morning.
[Treasury Minute Book II. pp. 351–2.]