Minute Book: August 1667, 1-15

Pages 50-64

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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August 1667

Aug. 1.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
The Marquess of Worcester called in. Warrant for the pay of Chepstow garrison to the 24th June last.
The Earl of Carbery called in, craving his salary of 400l. per an. as President of the Council for the Marches of Wales. Ordered to produce his Privy Seal for it and for allowance for a diet.
Memorandum. The Receiver of South Wales brings in a considerable sum due from the Earl of Carbery to the King.
Alderman Bucknell called in. An order to be drawn shewing what is expected from the Farmers of the London Excise if they will have allowance of the 3,000l. for charges; and concerning answering the duty on imported strong waters.
Sir Edward Griffin called in. Says he has no tallies. Write him to make his account of all moneys he owes or tallies he has received and of his payments.
Write the Mayor and Juratts of Dover to put the Excise laws in execution.
Mr. Price, Receiver of co. Hereford, called in. To have three weeks to go into the country and then appear.
The new Customs Farmers to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Speaker's and Sir Edward Thurland's fees to be paid.
Mr. Raleigh to have liberty with the Serjeant to go to the Auditor and to come with him hither.
The Spaniards called in about a ship seized by one Prescott with Canary wines. Prescott is desired to restore the ship on payment of his charges, he having sold her in contempt of the order of the Privy Council.
Process stopped against Thomas Gawdy and John Kendall, sureties of Mr. Jay as late Receiver of Hearth money for Norfolk and Huntingdon.
The Archbishop of Canterbury to be spoken to by my Lords to lend on the Eleven Months' tax the St. Paul's money now in Sir John Cutler's hands. Mr. Gilbert, Collector of Canterbury, called in. To attend Wednesday next.
Mr. Roe, deputy to the Warden of the Fleet, called in; says Mr. Kilby is out on habeas corpus from the Lord Chancellor. Write the Lord Chancellor to call in the said habeas corpus. Representation to be made to the Privy Council about Sir John Lenthall's letting Kilby go abroad.
Mr. Sherwyn to attend to-morrow with a copy of bonds given by the Chimney Farmers and their security.
Sir John Denham's docquet to pass.
Write the Auditor [concerned] that the remainder of the tally for Mr. Sergeant Norfolke on the Tenths of the Diocese of Winchester be allowed on the year 1667.
Write the Earl of Bath desiring an answer to my Lords' former letter, the rather the peace being now made, and so necessary the tin business be speedily settled.
Mr. Daniel's enstalment to be considered to-morrow.
Write Sir Robert Long whether pensions paid by the Receivers of the revenue be comprised in what he returns of pensions in his last certificate to my Lords.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 94–6.]
Aug. 2.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Mrs. Lane called in. Moves for her pension. My Lords answer that they meddle yet with no private business, but when they do that shall be considered.
Write Sir Gilbert Talbot to render an account of the charge of his office, and of the debts, if any, upon it.
Write the Cofferer of the Household for an account of what pensions he pays.
Lady Villiers's Privy Seal to be carried to the Secretary to be passed.
The late Receiver of Windsor to give to the present Receiver a rental of that revenue.
The new Farmers of the Customs are told that my Lords have as yet no signification of the King's mind; and that if they think they have satisfied the King they get a signification thereof and bring it to my Lords.
Write the principal officers of the Navy admonishing them that, whereas several of their late certificates express not the prices of the goods, they express the same for the future.
Sir Thomas Player and Sir Robert Viner called in about 9,400l. which Sir Robert Viner claims out of the Chimney money and which Player demands for the city to pay their second 100,000l. Viner to send the names of the Collectors and Sub-Farmers of the Chimney money for 1666, Lady Day.
Sir George Carteret and Sir Robert Viner to give an account of the tallies in Sir Robert Viner's hands of 105,000l. deposited in his hands by Carteret, stating the dates and by what warrant deposited, &c. Viner says the tallies are yet in his hands.
Sir Thomas Player called in again and told that the Firehearth Farmers are ordered to attend on Tuesday next and that my Lords will endeavour to settle the business to the content of the city.
My Lords to move the King concerning Sir Edward Turner, the Speaker of the Commons.
Sir Thomas Gower, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. York, called in. Has overpaid 117l. as Collector of the Firehearths but cannot yet produce all his papers and must now go out of town. No process to be had against him till next term.
Sir William Doyly called in with Mr. Knipe, late Receiver of Surrey, whose account Sir William produces. Knipe to make up his account unto the Auditor and pay in the remainder forthwith,
Warrant to arrest Mr. Coppinger for striking Mr. Raleigh here.
The answer of the Attorney General to Sir Henry Caesar's paper read about some doubts concerning exacting Firehearth money from the poor. Caesar called in and promised an answer against Monday week, the time of Hertfordshire Sessions. Meantime my Lords will advise with the King's counsel at law.
Mr. Eccleston sent to to know if he has cleared his account as Receiver for Suffolk.
John Prestwood shows that the sureties of John Harvey, Receiver of Crown revenues for co. Lincoln, have paid in all the money. The bonds to be delivered up, and Mr. Mellish to have his commission.
Sir Fr. Clerk, Receiver of Firehearths for Kent, called in. To have till August last to clear his account. Write Sir Edmund Sawyer to be in town this day three weeks at furthest to pass the Hearth money account for Kent and some other counties.
Mr. George Raleigh to be discharged.
Meredith Lloyd prays stay of process.
The account of the sheriff of Oxford, as signed by Baron Atkins, viz. for 40l., is allowed and passed.
Process against Mr. Jay to stop till Sept. 1 next. Process against Mr. Benet, late sheriff of Oxford [sic ? for Bucks], also stopped till next term, he having undertaken to pay the Queen's money by that time.
Mr. Scawen, Receiver of the Hearth money for Cornwall, called in. Process ordered against him, and he to be kept in the custody of the Serjeant.
Bevis Lloyd to attend on Monday with his auditor.
The Cofferer of the Household to bring in his interest account on Friday next.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 96–8.]
Aug. 3.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Write the Auditor of Imprests to send a copy of Sir George Carteret's patent as Treasurer of the Navy.
The Warden of the Fleet produced a habeas corpus from the Lord Chancellor for Mr. Kilby, dated June 26 last. The Warden to shew this writ to the Lord Chancellor.
Mr. Pepys called in; and is desired to take care to insert the prices of goods in the Navy certificates. Mr. Papys offers a state of the Navy debt, which is 951,000l. to May 25 last.
Write the officers of the Exchequer to pay 300l. to the Earl of Anglesey to be sent to Sir Edward Spragg for a present exigency for the use of the Navy.
The Farmers of the alum works to attend Tuesday next.
Advise with the Attorney General how to take in Sir Thomas Clifford's part of the patent of logwood.
My Lords sat about making a state of the King's income, expense and debts.
Write Sir Robert Long to know when the Norfolk and Bedfordshire money will come to be paid. "And to give a list of all such as now within 150,000l. of being paid."
[Ibid. pp. 98–9.]
Aug. 5.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Write the Customs Commissioners to take off the restraint of Sir Gilbert Talbot's tally for 200l.
Write Sir Robert Long to know what is due to the King's and Queen's pages.
Write all the Receivers of the Poll money for an account of what is sent up on their respective counties, and what they have paid.
Warrant for one month's ordinary to Mr. Morice, secretary to the Ambassadors at Breda.
Resolved when any money is charged to be payed by my Lords' letter that it be put into the weekly certificate.
Col. Howard and Mr. Fenn to attend to-morrow about the pay of the two maritime regiments.
The docquet for 1,500l. for Sick and Wounded is to pass.
Mrs. Moone called in and her petition read praying to be admitted into possession of the coinage duty on tin. Ordered that her ladyship is left to take her course in this matter, my Lords having proffered her 500l. per an. as composition, which she formerly accepted, but now refuses. My Lords will defend the King's title as well as they can.
The Earl of Bath written to about the tin business for a state of the farm thereof as it was under his late grant.
Peter Prideaux to attend to-morrow.
Order for a Privy Seal for the 1,500l. paid by Mr. Squibb to Capt. Heemskirke.
Mr. Hill, Receiver of Firehearth money for Cumberland, to be taken into custody. Write Sir Robert Long about the tally for Sir John Norton, Receiver of Hearth money for Somerset. Bevis Lloyd, Receiver of same for Monmouth and Radnor, called in with Mr. Tudor. His account to rest till Michaelmas, and process to stay till Oct. 23, when he will clear his account and pay all. Process stayed against John Lloyd, Receiver of same for Glamorgan and Brecon.
Sir William Doyly to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Jay to attend to-morrow with Mr. Laurence, the solicitor, to consider the form of a bond for him and his security.
Mr. Madden, Surveyor of Woods, called in. Desires money for surveying Dean Forest, which is usually met by felling dotard trees. Write Sir John Winter to know what is due to the King for timber in the forest, of which he was to let the King have 11,335 tons at 15s. a ton. Write the Navy officers to know what timber they have received thence. Mr. Madden to be paid when the work is done.
Mr. Sherwyn to attend to-morrow about settling and declaring the account of Mr. Worseley, Receiver of Hearth money for Hants. Write Alderman Starling by an Exchequer messenger to attend on Friday next about his account of the Firehearth money for Kent.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 99–100.]
Aug. 6.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Col. Strowde to pay the 600l. presently into the Exchequer and to have till August 31 to pass his account [of the Chimney money] for Dover.
In orders which he draws on Navy certificates Sir Robert Long is to certify the prices if they be in the Navy certificates.
Mr. Griffith and Mr. Roper called in about a discovery. Ordered that if they will make any discoveries fit to be prosecuted my Lords will reward them. To attend when Sir Charles Harbord is in town.
Copy made of the letter to the several Receivers of the Aids, giving notice to them of the present commission for the waggons and exchanges, and that they observe them.
Write the auditors of the revenue to send in an account of all the King's and Queen's revenue, and to whom in lease, and for what time and rent.
Warrant on Sir George Carteret's Privy Seal for setting right the double tally.
Mr. Allestry and Auditor Chislett called in. Allestry's account not passed in regard he would not undertake for the moneys said to be in the hands of constables and such like.
A Committee of the City of London called in and presented a paper praying help for the payment of the last 100,000l. lent by the City on the Chimney money. The Chimney Farmers are called in [and are] demanded what my Lords shall do for the rent of 1666, Lady Day. Require the Farmers to bring an account when they shall themselves have an account where the money is.
Warrant for the pay of Carlisle garrison to the 2nd inst.
A letter sent by messenger to Serjeant Maynard at Gunnersbury to consider the enclosed Hertfordshire queries. concerning the Firehearth money, and to give the Solicitor General a meeting at his house to draw up an answer to be presented speedily to my Lords, for that the session at Hertford is Monday next.
Mr. Daniel, of Silsoe, Beds, to attend this day week, else my Lords will settle his enstalment at 200l. per an.
Sir Robert Viner called in about the 9,400l., whether he can furnish it. He answers no. The rest of the Chimney Farmers called in also and told of the 9,400l. in Sir Robert Viner's hands. "Moreover to know when they will pay the remainder of Lady Day, 1666, in their hands and an account for the rest. Moreover my Lords expect that they pass their account, for that they have one year's rent, which [is] 145,000l. and 105,000l. in tallies: just defalcations will be allowed them." The City Committee called in again and told that my Lords will send to the Farmers and get in the King's money for Lady Day, 1666, seeing the Farmers will set no time to pay it in. At last the Farmers offer and agree to pay into the Chamber of London before the 10th of this August, 10,000l. and to account by Sept. 10 and pay in what more has been received. This was declared before the City Committee, and my Lords told the said Committee that they will take care of the City's full and speedy payment.
Sir Henry North and Mr. Bamfield to be written to, and the petition of the Firehearth Farmers to be sent to them for an answer thereto. A paper of queries from said Farmers is to be sent to the Solicitor General.
William Nash to have liberty for 10 days to find out the owners of the goods taken in his house: on his bond to surrender again.
The Sub-Farmers of Hearth money written to to attend by Sept. 10 next with their accounts. Else they will be immediately sent for.
Sir Hugh Chomley and Mr. Crispe appear for the Alum Farmers: Say that about half-a-year's rent is in their hands. Write Sir Robert Long that no tallies be struck on the alum farm, but by particular order. Write the Alum Farmers to stop pensions of grace payable by them; that they give an account how they stand charged on their rent, and that they bring in their patent on Monday next.
Lieut. Col. Howard and Mr. Fenn called in about the two marine regiments.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 101–3.]
Aug. 7.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncomb.
Ordered that according to the King's direction to Mr. Controller to send 500l. per week to the Earl of Bath for fortifying Plymouth a letter be written to him that if he take 500l. from Sir Walter Moyle, Receiver of the Aids for Cornwall, for that use it shall be allowed him here. A letter to said Moyle to pay it. Memorandum. My Lords to move for this and future payments in Council.
Resolved, as to 200l. for Dartmouth, my Lords will take care of it. Memorandum. My Lords to represent to the King the impossibillty of finding money to disband the army and to take care of paying the seamen, and carrying on the present expense.
Sir William Coventry represents to my Lords the estimate made here of the King's ordinary revenue, expense and debts.
Write Mr. Scawen to bring to-morrow the commission of the Commissioners for the waggons.
The King to be acquainted with a paper of indirect proceedings used by Sir Robert Paston in obtaining his Wood farm.
Mr. Laurence, the solicitor, to attend to-morrow to advise how Cadwallader Jones may be apprehended.
Sir Robert Long to give an account against Friday next what offices are in the gift of the Treasurer.
Sir William Coventry will lend the 300l. which the Earl of Anglesey is to have out of the Exchequer.
The docquet for the Sick and Wounded is to pass.
Mr. Porter, Receiver of Firehearths for Berks, called in. Ordered to bring a note to-morrow from Alderman Backwell for the 500l. of the Chimney Money in his hands. Mr. Sanders, Deputy Receiver of Firehearths for co. Oxford, called in. Mr. Gregory chid for letting Mr. Sanders go about at liberty. Sir Edm. Sawyer written to to be in town this day week about his clerk, Mr. Seely, who pleaded here for Mr. Sanders, as that it's harvest time and hard to pay in money now. Sanders to pay in 300l. and then be discharged. Mr. Gilbert, Collector of Kent, to bring a certificate of his having paid in his money.
Write the Auditor for Wales to certify what the Earl of Carbery is in debt upon the King's account.
Write Viscount Mordaunt to pay in his Poll money and benevolence: and the like to all other Lords in arrear on those moneys. Write the Cofferer of the Household to bring in on Friday the rolls of the Poll money, else my Lords will complain to the Privy Council.
Sir John Winter called in about the 11,000 tons of timber. The Navy officers to certify what they have received, and Winter to bring in his contract with the King for it. Winter and Mr. Madden, Surveyor of Woods, to attend hereon on Friday next.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 103–4.]
Aug. 8.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Mr. Scowen called in: delivered his commission as orderer of the waggons. He produces a letter from Worcestershire that the warrants for Midsummer quarter [on the Royal Aids] are not yet given out. Letter to [the Commissioners] that unless they forthwith issue out their warrants they will be sent for to the Privy Council.
The Solicitor [Mr. Laurence] to attend the Auditor about preparing to void the Earl of Newburgh's patent next term.
Mr. Humph. Morice called in about his patent to be auditor in reversion to Auditor Gwynn. Says he will execute the place himself. To be sworn into his place.
Write Sir John Holland to get the bond signed by Mr. Jay.
Ordered that it be cast up at a rate per diem what the money which the Earl of Sandwich has received comes to.
The Excise Commissioners to attend on Monday with their thoughts how to get in all arrears.
Mr. Eccleston, late Receiver of Suffolk, called in. To attend to-morrow.
To speak to Sir Robert Long whether my Lords may not appoint any auditor they please to [audit] the Firehearth Farmers.
Ordered: no tallies to be struck on the monthly payments of the Customs for the future.
Process to issue out against Nathaniel Luggar, the Receiver of the Tenths of the Diocese of Exeter.
Sir Stephen Fox to send his estimate by the musters according to which the new forces began to be paid.
Auditor Parsons to be sent to about the manor of Corsham, co. Wilts, pretended to be a discovery.
Mr. Sanders, deputy to Mr. Knolles, Receiver of the Hearth money for co. Oxford, to be discharged.
Mr. Laurence to attend to-morrow concerning vacating Mrs. Moon's patent.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 104–5.]
Aug. 9.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry and Sir John Duncomb.
The Excise Commissioners to give an account next Friday what improvement they think may be made on each county.
Sir John Wintour called in about the covenant between him and the King for the 11,000 tons of timber.
Mr. Porter to pay in by Sept. 10 and process to stop meanwhile. Robert Scawen called in. Process to issue against his security. If Scawen will produce a note from Mr. Hinton, goldsmith, of 200l. he say he owes him my Lords will take it for payment.
The Cofferer of the Household to bring in his interest account next Wednesday and to send an account on Monday week of what he has collected upon the Poll. Sir Robert Long to give an account what the Cofferer has paid into the Exchequer on the Poll.
Mr. Clutterbuck to attend Monday next about the old Poll Bill and the benevolence from the Lords.
Andrew Noell, Receiver of the Hearth money [for Rutland] to pass his account by Sept. 10.
A tally to be amended for Sir George Norton, late sheriff of co. Oxford [sic ? for Somerset].
Mr. Hartlib called in: prays a warrant against Anthony Maux (Maulx), Collector of Hearth money for co. Gloucester. Maux to be arrested unless he presently pay in 1,500l. to the King.
Write the Earl of Anglesey for an acquittance for the 300l.
Mr. John Madden, Surveyor of the Woods, called in about the 2,000 acres for the King [in Dean Forest]. To bring in an abstract of his commission Thursday next. Warrant ordered for [him to sell] old trees to the value of 50l. for the charges of the Commission about Sir John Wintour's business.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 105–6.]
Aug. 12.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry and Sir John Duncomb.
Write the Customs Farmers to send on Thursday next a list of all the Customs officers in London and the outports paid by the King now the Customs are in farm.
Sir John Wintour's docquet to be passed.
Mr. Johnson, Collector of London, to attend Wednesday next.
Write Sir Thomas Player for an account of the money paid in by each Chimney Collector. Write all the Auditors to certify the state of the accounts of the Receivers of Chimney money, and that severe proceedings be had against all who have not cleared their accounts.
Warrant for 4,080l. for Sir Stephen Fox for pay of the new forces. His interest account brought in to be passed.
"Write to the people behind of the Chimney money in Middlesex with a list of the persons on whom to be served."
The Cofferer of the Household to attend on Thursday next and give an account what money has been paid for the several tables.
To represent to the King that Sir Steven Fox cannot continue to get money to supply the paying on the present old forces: that they are paid to June 22 exclusive.
Sir William Doyly called in: presented a draft of a commission for managing the waggons and exchanges of money, also the draft of a letter to the receivers to correspond with them [the Commissioners herein] and receive their orders. All read and agreed to. The Privy Council to be acquainted with the complaint of said Doyly about the assessment of Haverford West.
Sir Robert Long spoken to that there be two messengers for the Treasury, viz: one more with Mr. Bembow.
Ordered that the Cofferer of the Household in bringing the rolls for the Poll for the King's family make a return of who have paid their Poll and who not.
The Commissioners of Excise called in. The two Forths, Farmers of the Excise of Kent, to attend Wednesday next concerning the non-payment of their money. The Farmers of the London Excise to attend Thursday next concerning the oath to be made of their expenses; and then to satisfy Mr. Beane, of Essex, of 1,700l. odd. The Excise Commissioners to attend on Friday and bring what reports they have ready about defalcations for the plague. Mark Davis, of Hereford, Collector of Excise, to be sent for by the serjeant; as also Jerom Bodley and Robert Manwaring, Sub-Commissioners [of Excise] for the East division of South Wales; and Thomas Fletcher, Excise Collector of Shropshire.
Write Mr. Izackson, Receiver of the duty on logwood, for an account of that farm from the beginning.
Mr. Laurence [Solicitor to the Excise] to give an account at the end of every term of what he has done on all processes to get the King's money.
Mr. Laurence Squibb is told that my Lords expect he presently pay the 5l. odd he's bound for of Cornwall Excise money. The Commissioners of Excise ordered to proceed with all strictness against all Collectors and Farmers in arrear, and when need is to apply to my Lords for a messenger to fetch them, further to send to my Lords every term a new book of arrears: and that this day fortnight they bring in what improvements they think may be made in the country Excise.
Major Reeves and Company, late Farmers of the Excise of London, to attend on Friday next about the 3,000l. due to Mr. Bean for beer imported into Essex.
Mr. Laurence ordered to consider how to vacate Mrs. Moon's patent. As also Mr. Jay's patent as Receiver of the revenue for Norfolk and Huntingdon.
Sir George Downing to consider with Sir Robert Long how the officers of the Fleet may be paid on the 11 months' tax, viz. by the Earl of Anglesey assigning to them upon his orders.
Mr. Clutterbuck called in about getting in his arrears of the first Poll and the Benevolence. Write Sir Robert Long to know what Lords are in arrear with their Benevolence. and similarly Mr. Fillingham about the Poll.
The Customs Farmers called in and complain about Sheriffs and Justices not executing the laws against tobacco; and produce an affidavit made before the Mayor of Bristol; which is to be tendered to the Privy Council next Wednesday, together with another paper.
Write the Customs Farmers to send my Lords all books relating to the Customs margented. The like to the Excise Commissioners and Chimney Farmers.
The Customs Farmers offer a paper concerning repayment of half subsidy on goods exported from one port after being imported at another port. The Attorney General to be spoken with hereon. The Farmers desire not the 300l. which they demand, lest it should open a gap to the other demands of the merchants for that time [that is for goods imported prior to and re-exported subsequently to the Restoration], which would involve repayment of about 1,100l. for goods exported. The Farmers to attend on Thursday with Auditor Wood concerning their commission account.
Sir Hugh Cholmley and the rest of the Alum Farmers called in. To bring in a copy of their patent this day week; and to give in their demands for defalcations, with the reasons. Sir Robert Long to certify what is due on the Alum farm.
Mr. Bishop called in, who gave in the paper about the mines in the King's park in Bedfordshire, said park being now in the hands of Mr. Ashburnham or his son.
Mr. Trevenion for Pendennis and Mr. Arundel for Scilly demand payments for those garrisons, and offer their accounts for the last year. To attend on Friday next with Auditor Wood.
Mr. Woodward, the Collector of the Aids for Kent, who is now in custody, is to state his account to-morrow.
Mr. Harris's petition read about a tally on Mr. Ralphe Milbank for about 500l. on the Eighteen Months' tax. Mr. Townsend, who has the tally, is to attend to-morrow with the Auditor for Northumberland.
The blank in the commission for exchanges, and the letters to the Receivers are to be filled up with the names of Sir William Doyly and the four Tellers of the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 107–10.]
Aug. 13.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry and Sir John Duncomb.
The Auditor for Wiltshire to state to-morrow how Mr. Scawen's account stands as Receiver of Wilts, Gloucester and Southampton.
Warrant to the Alum Farmers to pay presently into the Exchequer 1,500l. upon account of their farm or else to give reasons to the contrary to-morrow.
Mr. Townsend called in about Mr. Harris's tally on the Eighteen Months' tax for Northumberland. Sir Robert Long to certify to-morrow what money has been paid in on account of said tax for said county.
The Auditors to certify this day week how the accounts of the Receivers of the Voluntary Present stand. Nich. Bowden, Receiver of the said present for Cheshire, to be arrested.
Sir Robert Long to certify what is in arrear, in all places, of the Eighteen Months' tax.
The bill of the docquet of the Earl of Anglesey about paying for is to be brought to my Lords, or a copy of it.
Marke Milbank, of Newcastle, to be arrested for arrears of the Eighteen Months' tax in his hands.
Sir Richard Oatley, late Receiver of the Hearth money for Salop, to attend to-morrow about his accounts.
Sir Hen. Cesar and Sir Hump. Gore called in and report the opinion of the Justices of Hertfordshire upon my Lords' letter and the Solicitor General's paper. Sir Henry to give in writing to-morrow what the Justices empowered him to say.
Write the Farmers of the Hearth money that where a poor man lives in a house of above 20l. per an. they return the house into the Exchequer [as chargeable for Hearth tax]. Mr. Laurence to be advised with about it.
My Lords to speak with the King about a place for Sir Edmund Pooley as a Commissioner of Alienations.
The docquet for Mr. Smith's appointment as Receiver for Southampton, Wilts and Gloucester is to pass.
Alderman Sterling, Farmer of Hearth money for co. Beds, called in. Makes offers, detailed, as to his payments for the King's half-year due 1666, Lady Day, on said county, and on the farm of the Firehearths for Kent. Write the Farmers of the Hearth money for an account on Monday next of their receipts from July 27 to this day, and for the future to give an account every Monday of what money comes in to them of 1666, Lady Day.
Mr. Sawyer called in about the discovery of the Wood Farm. Mr. Mountney, a partner in it, lodges at
Mr. Scawen, Receiver of the Hearth money for Cornwall, called in with Mr. Hinton. Hinton will give satisfaction to the Chamberlain of London for the 150l. of Scawen's moneys in his hands. Mr. Scawen discharged, and process stopped till September 10, when he is to pay up. The Farmers of the London Hearth money to attend with Mr. Scawen to-morrow about Lady Day, 1666.
Lady Bunce called in and presented to my Lords an order of reference from the King for her husband: is told that with the first private business her's shall be considered.
My Lords to move the King about the Speaker of the House of Commons.
The Excise paper of discoveries referred to the Excise Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 110–2.]
Aug. 14.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry and Sir John Duncomb.
Sir Henry North's reply to be sent to the Farmers of the Chimney money for their answer thereon.
The King to be moved in Council against granting more places for life.
The papers concerning the Aids for Hampshire and Galler referred to Sir William Doyly.
"Get the money into the Exchequer for which Sir John Denham's Privy Seal and Col. Progers' Privy Seal [were granted] for fines upon a manor about Hampton Court."
Write Sir Robert Long to know who now executes the place of Receiver of First Fruits, and by what warrant, and whether he is in arrear or not.
The Cofferer of the Household called in and presented his interest account. Process stopped against him till November.
The man that hath brought the discovery of woods embezzled in co. Beds in Mr. Ashburnham's Park is to make oath of his information.
Mr. Coppinger's petition presented by Mr. Rawleigh: sent to the Excise Commissioners to prosecute them all. Mr. Laurence has undertaken it.
Col. Fitch, of Essex, to attend on Friday afternoon with his Auditor.
The business of 500l. a week to the Earl of Bath to be represented to the King as to the impossibility of paying it.
Major Broxholm and Col. Gilby will pay in by the 24th inst. their receipts for Chimney money for co. Lincoln and Hull.
Write the Messengers of the Exchequer that my Lords expect they attend by themselves or by sufficient deputies: there being only one out of the four attending at present.
Mr. Daniell and Mr. Sherwyn called in about Mr. Daniell's instalment. Write the Treasurer of the Chamber to know to-morrow what he has done with the tally for 300l. on Mr. Daniell. Mr. Jones, the King's Apothecary, to whom the tally was assigned, is to attend to-morrow.
Write Sir Robert Long to certify the particulars of Mr. Walker's account as Usher of the Exchequer, he desiring payment.
The Solicitor General to attend to-morrow about the answer from the Justices of Herts about Chimney money on paupers.
Sir Edm. Pooley's own bond is sufficient for his receivership during the suspension of Christopher Jay, late Receiver of Crown revenues for Norfolk and Huntingdon, &c.
Write the Cofferer of the Household to sign his interest account.
The two Mr. Forths called in about the 8,000l. arrears on their Farm of the Kent Excise. To attend again on Friday, and prosecution stayed till then.
Sir Richard Piggott and Mr. Scawen called in about the Hearth money for Lady Day, 1666. Piggott has paid in 500l. and promises another 500l. Scawen to clear his account with the Auditor of the Firehearths. Write Viscount Fanshaw to send for one Stratton, of Ware, for arresting Robert Guillim, the officer of the Farmer [for Hearth money] for co. Herts. Alderman Sterling to attend Monday next on information from the Firehearth Farmers that whereas he has made up for 1666, Lady Day, 700l. for Bedford, he has withdrawn 200l. from Kent to make it up. Mr. King, of Harwich, to attend Monday next about his Chimney Farm account for Suffolk. An Exchequer messenger to find him. The Farmers of Hearth money for Salisbury present a certificate of 800 persons exempt from that duty there. The Solicitor General to be advised with concerning help to be given by the constables to the Farmers' officers upon view.
Write Sir Henry North "that the reference was only to give my Lords full grounds to know what they believed before."
Write the Commissioners [for the Aids] for Kent concerning the deficiency under Mr. Woodward's collection, and to desire them to see where the default is that these moneys are not levied, and to try their utmost to get the money in. Mr. Woodward to be discharged.
Write Sir Edmund Sawyer to attend this day week, else my Lords will appoint a deputy for him.
Write Sir Richard Otley to attend on the 23rd inst.
Mr. Madden called in. If there be offal wood enough his 50l. to be paid out it.
Write the Warden of the Fleet to certify what prisoners of the King's Bench are there, who of them have habeas corpus, and by whom granted, and what liberty any of them have.
Mr. John May, at the Forest of Dean, is to inform [himself] what timber trees are standing and falling, ?it for the King's use.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 112–5.]
Aug. 15
Warrant for 200l. to Sir John Frederick for Dartmouth for the works there.
Sir Charles Harbords ("Herberts") report, read concerning some houses in Reading intended for Sir Thomas Clerges. Ordered in place hereof (in order to avoid giving a longer lease than 31 years) that he have 30l. per an. out of the King's revenue from Berkshire with other leases for 25 years. "The King to be acquainted with this."
Write the Auditors to know what receivers of subsidies have since 1660 passed their accounts and what not.
Sir Vincent [Winston] Churchill called in, says he is willing to lend 2,000l. to the King if he can get it out of Sir Robert Viner's hands. Sir Robert to be here to-morrow about it. Sir William Coventry says Alderman Backwell will speak to him about it.
The Customs' Farmers and the Auditor called in about their Commission account. They declare they will quit the 300l. paid for [debentures on re-] exported goods though with [i.e. in possession of the necessary Treasury] warrant rather than that their account should stop upon that.
Mr. Prettyman to attend Monday next with a state of his account of the First Fruits to this day, and with his views as to the means of quickening payments.
Mr. Hodges gives in a particular paper of some few processes gone out. Thomas Sewell, formerly Collector of Bristol, to be sent for by a messenger. The like for Mathew Lock, late Collector of Hull, and Thomas Palmer, late Collector of Newcastle. Process to issue against Charles Foster, late Collector of Poulton. The like for the Collector of Berwick and Plymouth to see what may be got. Mr. Hodges to bring in a list of all bonds on which money is owing for Customs during the Commission account, in order that process may issue.
Memorandum. To consider about the business of the East India Company for calicoes, whether to be accounted linen or not. Judged at the Exchequer to be linen, and the matter taken after in hand by the House of Commons. My Lords will consider the business of calicoes, the debts standing out on the collectors and the prosecuting the bonds.
Write Mr. Applegarth, of Carlisle, to pay his money, and to prosecute the Collector.
Sir Richard Oatley promises to be here on Monday.
Mr. Hodges to get a Privy Seal for the 100l. paid him. A Privy Seal to be got for the money paid to Sir Richard Ford as Secret Service.
Auditor Beale reports an accompt of the 4s. per chaldron on exported coals of Newcastle measure and 2s. 6d. of London measure, but [as to which the Customs Farmers complain] that the patentee took 4s. of all and that they had not seen his patent. They pray this account may be put in super on Sir Job Harvey's account. Write Lady Harvey to produce her patent for the 4s. per chaldron, else all that is charged upon her will be put upon her and process issued against her for it. The Customs Commissioners are to satisfy my Lords of their scruples on their account.
The Farmers of the London Excise called in and produce a certificate of the 11,000l. disbursed for charges on their farm. An order made settling the defalcation of 27,000l. to these Farmers and that then their account be audited to June 24 last by Col. Birch. They pray defalcation of what Mr. Beane demands from them for beer exported into Essex. Not granted at present and the debate adjourned.
In regard the Earl of Anglesey comes not to town [my Lords must] advise with Sir Robert Long and Sir Stephen Fox how money may be issued to said Fox to pay the two naval regiments to June 22 last. The docquet for paying old Navy bills to the Earl of Anglesey to pass with an explanation offered by Sir William Coventry.
Col. Whitley called in with his Auditor about Firehearth moneys for Denbigh and Flint. To pay in presently 250l. and hasten the rest. Process against him stopped.
Sir William Doyly and Mr. Scawen to attend to-morrow with a list of all the solicitors of the Aids and their salaries.
Lieut. Col. Howard called in and acquainted with what was resolved about the two maritime regiments.
Warrant for 1,400l. for Sir Stephen Fox out of the loans on the Eleven Months' tax.
Sir Cerill Wiche's petition read. The eighth part is usually allowed on lead mines, so my Lords demand he give it to the King. My Lords will further consider of this matter.
All parties to the business of the Spanish ship to attend here on Wednesday next on the order of the Privy Council.
Petition read from Col. Graye for a share of the moneys he shall discover gathered for the Waldenses [and not accounted for]. Col. Gray to attend on Wednesday next.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 115–8.]