Minute Book: September 1667, 16-30

Pages 83-96

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2, 1667-1668. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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September 1667

Sept. 16.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry.
Lady Dreydon [Dryden] to have the 500l. from the Receiver of Somerset and Dorset, as part of the money she was to have had from Sir Stephen Fox's assignments.
Sir Cerill Wich's docquet to the great Seal is to pass.
Warrant to the Attorney for the Privy Seal for Bombay to pass: as also that for the Duke's children.
Warrant for the Auditors' fees.
Sir Robert Long to deliver the orders for the whole 15,000l. to Mr. Pepys.
An order to Auditor Morice to receive the books, &c., of Auditor Gwynn, deceased, as auditor of Crown revenues for the counties of Chester, Lincoln, Notts, Derby, in whose stead he comes.
John Clevely, rector of Beeching Stoke, in Wilts, to be discharged.
To settle on Thursday morning how the tallies of the new Farmers of the Customs shall be paid. The Lord Keeper comes in about their patent. The Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney General advised with about obliging that no account be received from a Deputy Auditor unless sworn. The new Farmers called in. Memorandum: that when the Commission account is brought in they be spoken to about the defalcation for alum. The Lord Keeper will be here again on Monday to go on with the new Customs Farmers' patent.
Sir George Carteret to assign 100,000l. of the 200,000l. orders to the Earl of Anglesey: and same to be delivered to said Earl by Sir Robert Long. Memorandum: Sir George Downing to draw such warrants as are necessary on the Privy Seal for 200,000l. or 30,000l. for the officers of the Navy.
Sir Robert Long and Sir George Downing to consider the Earl of Newburgh's patent and how my Lords may sequester it for nonpayment of rent.
Write the Customs Farmers that in regard of the great business and better settling this farm and beginning the new one, my Lords have appointed Andrew Newport and Col. Bullen Reymes to sit with them till Michaelmas. And they and all the King's officers are desired to admit and assist them. The like for Sir John Earnley at Southampton, Sir John Knight for Bristol, Sir Francis Cobb for Hull, Sir Francis Anderson for Newcastle, Sir Thomas Meadows for Yarmouth, and Sir Walter Moyle for Plymouth.
The King to be spoken to about Viscount Fitz-Hardinge's and Sir B. Gascoign's docquets.
The Marquess of Worcester is to write to such as he knows most ready to hasten in the King's money of the Poll and Aids in co. Monmouth.
Mr. Segar to provide firing and candles [for the Treasury], and be paid for it.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 152–3.]
Sept. 17.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry.
Write the Customs Farmers that my Lords take notice of 7,118l. 10s. 2d. paid to Sir Robert Viner on a tally of Sir George Carteret's without their order. My Lords are very desirous Sir Robert should be accommodated, but they will charge this item on the Farmers, and no more such are to be paid till a return of my Lord's letter.
With regard to the accounts of Ireland, which are yearly transmitted to England, write Sir Philip Warwick to return what accounts he has and where any more are that he knows of.
Write all officers of [any of] His Majesty's receipts to prepare their account of receipts and debts of their offices to Sept. 29, and to be brought in to the Treasury by Oct. 2.
Sir William Coventry says that Lord Arlington has Sir Robert Paston's undertaking to resign his wood farm whenever His Majesty may demand it. He also moves about Sir John Harrison's 1,000l. per an. on the Alum Farm.
Money warrant for the Duke of Buckingham's creation money.
Publication to be made [by advertisement in the Gazette] that all money brought in before November have 10 per cent., but not what shall come in after. To be put before the Privy Council to-morrow.
Write Capt. Cock to deposit 4,500l. on one of his 5,000l. orders.
The order of Council for paying merchants on the. Eleven Months' tax who have furnished the Navy, is to be considered Tuesday next. Sir Robert Long to attend them.
Warrant for Mr. Avery's Privy Seal for 10,000l. on his loans on the Eleven Months' tax with interest at six per cent. "by a feigned loan of the said Mr. Avery to have it out again."
Write Mr. Seymour for a copy of the Earl of Newburgh's grant.
Write the principal officers of the Navy to give certificates on the Eleven Months' tax for the fire ships burned in the river since the business of Sheerness. This to be considered on Friday next.
Sir Robert Long to certify what money for interest is necessary to be kept for the Act of the Eleven Months' tax.
Capt. Chaloner's account of Hearth Money for Somersetshire brought in by Auditor Parsons and passed. Process against Chaloner stayed till Michaelmas term.
Write Sir Robert Long to inform Sir Thomas Player from time to time what money comes into the Exchequer of the Hearth money for the time it is engaged to the city.
Write the Customs Farmers to pay in the first place and before all others the tallies in the Earl of Anglesey's hands. This letter to be written when the said Earl has these tallies in his hands.
Charles Read to be discharged. Hen. Hill, constable of the upper half-hundred of Lymne, alias Limpne, in Kent, to be arrested for refusing to assist in the arrest of Edward Andrewes.
Write Sir George Carteret to assign to the Earl of Anglesey the 200,000l. registered in his name, and to deliver to him all other tallies and orders now in his hands.
A paper of queries read from Bevis Lloyd, Receiver of Hearth money for Monmouth and Radnor. To attend Lord Ashley, who will show him how these queries are already adjudged, and give him directions.
Thomas Showell, late Collector of Customs of Bristol, called in. The 194l. in his hands must be paid in. If the King owe him any money he must petition for it, but my Lords cannot defalct it without the King's order.
Petition read from the Farmers of Excise of Wilts concerning abatements. Mr. Warcup called in. Ordered that the Excise Commissioners bring in an order fit for settling this abatement.
Sir Edm. Turner's report read about imported strong waters. Mr. Finch offers 1,500l. per an. for [a farm of] imported strong waters in the outports for three years at 4d. a gallon, and if the 8d. a gallon be recovered he'll account accordingly. Mr. Bucknell [is to be] asked what he'll give for this farm.
Mr. Whittington called in about his place of searcher of Hull. Mr. Harpham to attend hereon on Thursday next.
Mr. Stratford called in: prays a warrant for payment of Sir Robert Viner's tallies on the Customs: is told that he hath without my Lords' order received 7,000l. this week, and that my Lords' will settle all tallies to be paid in course on the Customs and so Sir Robert Viner shall have right.
The Auditors of the Imprest to attend on Friday next about their account for allowance for making up the Customs accounts and bring their precedents with them.
Viscountess Fitz-Hardinge called in: told that my Lords will speak with the King about Viscount Fitz-Hardinge's docquet: that they find that Viscount Clane's docquet and eight or ten more of the like nature are coming, which makes the business more difficult. Resolved: that the King be moved that no warrant be tendered to His Majesty by either of the Secretaries for anything relating to the revenue.
Immediate extent to issue against Walter Pritchard and Thomas Pritchard, securities for Mr. Harris, Receiver of Hearth money for Devon. Harris called in and ordered to pay what he owes.
Mr. Controller to speak to Lord Arlington and Mr. Williamson for the paper signed by Sir Robert Paston concerning his resigning his wood patent on demand of the King.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 153–6.]
Sept. 19.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir William Coventry.
Sir Robert Paston to attend to-morrow to give a full answer about his new patent.
Write the Victualler of the Navy that the King will make a new contract at Michaelmas, 1668, and that my Lords are ready in the meantime to hear propositions from him.
Mrs. Karr's docquet to pass.
An order of Council passed to allow interest at 10 per cent. only for money lent before November next.
The Privy Council to be moved that two of the King's yachts ("yaughts") go as low as Margate and Harwich to hasten up the East India and other ships and colliers [so as to get in the Customs receipts on them before Sept. 29].
The Privy Council to be moved about putting the accounts for the militia money into a proper way for stating.
The King to be moved about allowing the Earl of Berkshire a recompense for the Greenwax and to take in the patent.
The King to be moved about the reference from Secretary Morice that Major Huntington shall have the farm of 5s. per tun on French wines unless others give more.
Jo. Squib's petition read. To be considered when Sir John Duncomb is present.
Mr. Tyringham to attend on Monday next.
Lord Arlington's Privy Seal for the Post Office is to pass.
Serjeant Stevens' certificate for his salary read. Sir Robert Long to be spoken to about it.
Mr. Barker to be spoken to about his docquet for the Stables.
Mr. Bennet, head bailiff of Westminster, to be paid his order of 100l. issued by the late Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Whittington's petition to be considered on Friday.
The petition from the Auditors of Imprests for an allowance for auditing the Customs account referred to Sir Robert Long to certify what was anciently allowed.
Dr. Ball's allowance to pass.
The Excise Commissioners' warrant to pass.
Mr. Roger's petition read. To attend on Wednesday with the Earl of Bridgewater.
The petition of the Armourers read. Col. Legge is to certify what is due to them and why not paid, and to give an account of that office and what is bought and sold out of it.
The letter from the Commissioners for the Aids for co. Oxford to be sent to Sir William Doyly.
Widow Pinkny's petition read: a warrant ordered when Sir Robert Long certifies what is due to her.
Warrant for the perpetuities due to the University of Cambridge.
Alderman Backwell called in: his papers about his orders on the Poll money and others to be considered on Monday. He offers, if they are taken in and he is assigned 10,000l., that he'll lend 22,000l. more on the Customs for repayment of these moneys. Such rolls of the Poll money as are come in are to be considered on Monday. Sir Robert Long to certify what Privy Seal covers Backwell's tallies and orders on the Poll.
Mr. Trethewy, Receiver of the Aids for Somerset, to attend on Monday about the moneys he paid to Sir George Carteret and the Victualler of the Navy.
Sir Thomas Clifford to move Lord Arlington to write to Mr. Glanvill to come over.
Auditor Parsons called in about the account of Mr. Nicholas Sexon (Sexton), Receiver of Hearth money for Hampshire.
Sir John Pretyman's imprisonment to be considered to-morrow.
Mr. Griffin called in about his discoveries. Lord Ashley says the late Lord Treasurer and he refused [to allow] these to be discoveries several years since.
Petition read from Col. Scriven, partner to Sir Richard Otley, Receiver of Hearth money for Shropshire. Otley called in and ordered to presently pay in 700l.
The four messengers of the Exchequer to attend on Monday afternoon and produce their patents.
The Privy Seal for defalcations on the country Excise to pass as drawn.
Sir Bernard Gascoigne to attend to-morrow; also Mr. Harpham.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 156–9.]
Sept. 20.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir William Coventry.
The officers of the Works to send hither their orders this day week.
Write the Commissioners for the Forest of Dean to certify how the waters for the iron mills lie, as far as concerns the [King's] 10,000 acres, and to take care to secure for the king such as may be useful for setting up iron works.
My Lords to move the King about hastening the Scotch regiments away.
Sir B. Gascoigne called in about his petition concerning the 5s. per ton on French shipping; he offering to give 1,500l. per an. for it, or to collect it on salary [equal to anything] above 1,500l. clear to the King.
Write the Customs Farmers to pay immediately the Lord Privy Seal's tallies for his diet.
Mr. Newport and Col. Reims called in: represented that they ought to see past as well as new bonds because moneys are now paying on them. The Customs Farmers to be here about this on Monday. Further represented that they doubt the farmers will binder ships entering this next week as much as they can, and relate that a Virginia master came to the Custom House and said he was informed that favour would be shewed to such as would not enter their ships till after Michaelmas day. They present an order that the port of London reaches from Margate to Ness [Foulness] point.
Sir Robert Paston told that he had signed a paper to surrender his wood patent if demanded. He offers 5,000l. per an. for four years, which is the time of the Customs Farmers' grant: which if not accepted he must surrender his grant, but then absolutely he and his family ruined: that as to the paper he was promised it should not be made use of against him. The King to be moved for his pleasure herein.
Warrant for the allowance to the Breda Ambassadors and their secretaries to the 14th inst.
Sir William Doyly called in: "moved who shall pay the tally money: that the Receivers must pay it at last."
Col. Whitley to hasten in the [Hearth] money for [Denbigh, Flint and Anglesea], returning the dilinquent collectors' names.
The solicitor [for the Aids] of Sussex to be discharged from his employment from Michaelmas next. Mr. Chamberlain, agent for Mr. Norcott, Receiver of Devon, to attend on Monday next to inform my Lords why the Devon money is so behind and their bills of exchange not paid. Write Edward Seymour, late Receiver of Devon, that 1,200l. is yet on his score, and that he take care to pay it in. Write the Commissioners for co. Chester complaining that the taxes are so in arrear: the said arrear being owing to a dispute between the city of Chester and the Commissioners for the Aids for said county, the city complaining that they are too hard taxed. My Lords desire unanimity, so that the arrear on both the Aids may be paid. Write the Commissioners for Rutland to cause Charles Dale to pay in his arrears of the assessments on his estate in the said county, or else to levy it again on the county.
The Farmers of the London Excise called in and make exceptions, detailed, against the Privy Seal for their defalcations. Told that they may petition next week; and my Lords will not take any advantage against them of this Privy Seal.
Sir Edm. Turner [is told] that his officer at Dover has given written transires for imported strong waters, notwithstanding orders to him to the contrary and printed transires sent to him. Ordered to examine and report the matter. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Clipsham called in about their transires for imported strong waters. Ordered to give bond to the Farmers of the London Excise that they will make it appear that this is part of the brandy they bought of the King.
The Farmers of the Excise of Kent to attend on Friday next.
Mr. Bucknall appears on Major Huntington's behalf on his reference concerning his offer for the 5s. per ton on French shipping. He shall have notice when this duty shall be let.
The Solicitor General called in about the Alum Farm.
Write the Customs Farmers to pay Sir John Robinson two tallies, mentioning them.
Mr. Milbank to attend on Monday about his account.
Write Sir Robert Long to certify what is due to Sir John Finch, Resident at Leghorn.
Write the Customs Farmers for the Custom account.
Messrs. Seaman, Whistler, Young, William Wood, Capt. Cock and others that have lent ships and sold goods to the Navy called in. To bring to Sir George Downing a list of their debts certified by the principal officers of the Navy.
The Excise Commissioners present for signature a letter to the Mayor of Exeter. Approved. They also desire a letter to some Justices of the Peace, detailed, at Marlborough and Wootton Bassett to examine the loss by the plague there.
The Earl of Anglesey's Privy Seal for old bills to pass.
The Excise Commissioners report that the Farmers of the London Excise refuse to account with them unless they be accounted with to Midsummer last. The said Farmers and Commissioners to attend on Friday next about settling the business of imported beer. The Farmers' account to be stated to Xmas. Thomas Fletcher, Sub-Commissioner of Excise for Salop, Hereford and Worcester to be discharged.
Peregrin Doyly to be solicitor [of Aids] for Suffolk.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 159–162.]
Sept. 23.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Sir Maurice Berkly's petition read. Auditor Beale to give an account next Wednesday what obstructions there are in his Dunkirk account.
Sir John Wolstenholme and the other new Farmers of the Customs called in and also the Lord Keeper: and my Lords proceeded upon the clauses of their new grant.
The Earl of Bath to attend to-morrow about the Tin farm.
Write the Receivers of the Poll money to attend to pass their accounts by Oct. 23 next on pain of arrest: and that if any rolls are wanting they are to have them sent up by that time.
Privy Seal for 4,000l. for Sir Edward Turner, Speaker of the House of Commons, as of His Majesty's allowance to him as Speaker.
Write the Solicitor General to draw a surrender of Sir Robert Paston's Wood farm. Also a surrender for Mr. Controller for his part of the Logwood farm. Write Sir Robert Paston to attend on Wednesday to sign this surrender, the King having directed him 1,000l. per an. out of the Wood farm during [i.e. for the period of duration of] the grant.
A draft of a bill [read] ordaining merchants within a certain time after the shipping out of imported goods to bring in their debentures or lose their moneys.
The new Farmers of the Customs to attend on Wednesday about adjusting the proportions of each 14 days' payment, viz. what for their tallies and what for the Exchequer.
The farm of the duty on French tunnage is to be let this day week. Notice thereof to be given to the Customs Farmers, the Lord Mayor, Sir Bernard Gascoign and Major Huntington.
[Ibid. pp. 162–3.]
Sept. 24.
Present: all my Lords.
Write Lewis Harding, Receiver of the Aids for co. Beds, to attend on Monday about his arrears.
Write Sir Robert Long that every day as any lend on the Earl of Anglesey's assignments they may presently have with them their certificates.
Warrant of 22,642l. 16s. 8d. for Sir Stephen Fox for the Guards.
Warrant to the Signet for passing Sir Stephen Fox's Privy Seal for interest money.
Sir William Courtney's petition read praying the offal and bark of 2,000 trees in Whittlewood Forest. He is to express the value of what he begs of the King.
Sir Henry Wood called in; prays half a year more to Sept. 29 next of the Queen Mother's pension of 30,000l. per an. Sir Robert Long to attend on Friday about it.
Sir Thomas Allen's petition read praying that his 2,000l. order on the Poll bill may be taken in and another given him on other security. Write the Earl of Anglesey to take it back, and to give him an assignment on the 30,000l. for officers of the Navy.
Alderman Backwell spoken to to send a bill of credit to discharge Sir George Askew. Lord Holles spoken to to know what will discharge him.
Mr. Millward and Sir Job Charleton to be paid their allowance in the Customs to Michaelmas next.
Petition read from Sir Thomas Williamson and Sir Clifford Clifton. To be considered hereafter.
Mr. Wyvell to attend on Monday on the complaint of Mr. Hervy, the Queen's Receiver. Sir Robert Long is to deliver to Mr. Hervy the 10,000l. orders for the Queen on the Eleven Months' tax.
The Customs Farmers to pay Sir Stephen Fox his tallies.
Sir Edw. Griffith's order established how he shall pay his 25,000l. that each have a share. Mr. Townsend to send a particular account of the persons and sums owing.
The East India Company called in and presented a petition. Referred to the Customs Farmers.
Auditor Parsons called in about Mr. Sexon's (Sexton's) account as Receiver of hearth money for Hampshire, and the abatement demanded. My Lords cannot give away the King's money above what is allowed by law and he must pay in by Nov. 10 next. Memorandum. What defalcation shall come to be demanded for war or plague or other emergent necessity, that the King shall in that case have it in his power to resume his farm. A clause to this effect to be inserted in the new Customs Farmers' patent.
The King's officers of the port of London, such as are not Farmers of the Customs, to attend on Friday with what advice they can offer as to the new Farmers' grant.
The Clerks of the Privy Council called in. Warrant for a year's salary to them. The like for half a year's salary to Sir Edw. Walker as King at Arms.
Sir William Doyly called in: presents to my Lords a paper about sending out the waggons.
Write the Customs Farmers to permit the payment of tallies for 1,400l. to Lord Holles, about which my Lords wrote once before.
Sir George Downing to speak with Sir Robert Long about repaying to Sir Walter Moyle 500l. he paid by my Lords' request to the Earl of Bath.
Memorandum. The King to be moved about his verbal order to Sir John Denham without any further examination to give to Capt. Lanier a part of the old house at Greenwich; that such things pass not but by regular way of examination, so that His Majesty be not taken by surprise.
The King to be moved about Lady Mary Killegrew for exchange of a waiter's place at Bristol.
My Lords to consider how to supply the Privy Purse. As to the 10,000l. loan to be paid by the Customs Farmers to the Privy Purse the King is to be moved to include it by a covenant in the Customs Farmers' bargain: and that it be paid into the Exchequer and issued thence.
Mr. Whittington to be sworn in as searcher of Hull.
Write Viscount Fanshaw to acquaint him with Mr. Harpham's taking security without my Lords' order, and that the like be no more done.
Mr. Morice, auditor, to have the commission he desires.
John Spencer's petition read for a lease of discovered lands in Norfolk. The Norfolk gentlemen at the Parliament to be spoken with ere anything be done.
Write Sir Robert Long to deliver to the Master of the Robes his order for 5,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax.
Mr. Milbanck called in about his account of the 18 Months' tax. He says Mr. Salkeld has the money. Is referred to Auditor Phillips to state his accounts. John Salkeld, of Northumberland, sent for in custody for the above moneys in his hands. Write the Commissioners of Aids for co. Northumberland to know whether the sums in Salkeld's arrears are yet uncollected. Milbank to be discharged on his promise to account ere he leave the town.
Warrant to divide Mr. Townsend's tally.
Sir John Pretyman's petition read praying an enstallment of his debt. My Lords will not install the debt.
David Powell, late Sheriff and Receiver of the 18 Months' tax for Montgomery called in, being in custody at Thomas Killegrew's request for near 1,000l., which he owes of that tax. Ordered to account whilst in custody.
Write Sir Robert Long that Mr. May have 5,000l. of the 10,000l. order for the Works on the Eleven Months' tax.
Write Mr. Knolles and Mr. Ree, verderers of New Forest, to send to Mr. Phillpot for a copy of a grant to him of part of that forest. Ordered that till it be returned hither there be no felling of timber there save by order of the Navy or Ordnance.
Petition read from Humph. Atkins, constable of _.
Same read from Mr. Bowles, Master of the Tents, praying payment of a debt on the old Farmers of the Customs. To be remembered when the Farmers come to have their tallies paid.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 163–5.]
Sept. 25.
Present: Mr. Controller, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Robert Wyvell, deputy to Mr. Norton, Receiver of Richmondshire, called in. Undertakes to get his money speedily, and to sell his place to make money.
Mr. May brings in another paper about another part of Greenwich House begged by Widow Pett. The King to be moved about it.
Lord Arlington's Privy Seal for defalcations [on the farm of the Post office] to be brought hither Friday next.
Mr. Brown's petition about 500 weight of nutmegs referred to the Customs Farmers.
Petition read from Sir Thomas Allen for interest for six months past on his 2,000l. Nothing done on it.
Mr. Rogers and the Earl of Bridgwater to attend on Friday about Rogers' petition.
Col. Thomas Howard's petition read for a further reversion of the manor of Newark. Lord Ashley undertakes to bring Sir Charles Herbert's [Harbord's] instructions that no leases from the King exceed 31 years, and to satisfy my Lords whether in the Parliament or Committee of Parliament in 1660 any vote passed that no lease exceed 31 years.
The Earl of Anglesey called in. Ordered that Sir Robert Long admit into the orders for the 30,000l. for sea officers only the tickets in their own names, not what are in their servants' names or any other names.
Write the King's officers of the Customs that at the expiration of the present Wood farm they take care of the collection of those duties, notwithstanding any other grant.
The new Farmers of the Customs called in about settling a method of payment of tallies on the Customs. Resolved that they are every 14 days to pay 8,000l. into the Exchequer, and the remainder to be for tallies for debts to be paid in such course as my Lords shall direct. They desire the remainder may be only for paying off their 200,000l. advance on the farm. The resolution suspended till a list brought in of all old tallies. But as to the 8,000l. every 14 days, my Lords positively expect it for carrying on the King's occasions.
Alderman Backwell desired to give credit in Holland not exceeding 11,000 guilders to repay what is charged on Sir George Ascew for victuals.
Mr. Laurence directed to seize Cadwallader Jones.
Mr. Walden, Receiver of the Aids of Huntingdon, to attend Wednesday next.
Write the principal officers of the Navy to certify weekly what part of the growing charge is cut off every week.
Sir Robert Long to be spoken with about a dormant order to him to pay the 4 per cent. over-interest and to give certificates for it.
Sir Stephen Fox moves for repayment by the Earl of Anglesey of 600l. furnished to him by my Lords' directions.
The schedules [of delinquent receivers, &c.] brought in by Sir Edm. Sawyer. Warrant for process on them. Mr. Wyvell to offer his security to the Queen's Council speedily or be arrested. Auditor Aldworth presents Mr. Milbank's account stated. Mr. Townsend to attend to-morrow, it being alleged he has not struck the tally for 530l., part of which was paid by Milbank to Mr. Harrison at said Townsend's order. Sir Edm. Sawyer brings in the account of Mr. Rogers, Receiver of Chimney money for Surrey.
Sir Robert Long to have notice of the order of Council for paying over-interest money only for what shall be brought in before November 1st inst.: and that he give [public] notice thereof.
The Farmers of the London Excise to attend on Friday about adjusting the arrears of their rent.
On Sir John Wintour's petition, write the Commissioners in Dean Forest to despatch what relates to him.
Mr. Burnet, of the Pipe Office, to attend to-morrow about the schedules for process.
Warrant for the salaries of the Excise officers.
Order to _ to go into Blockborow [Blogboro] and Beckering Parks in co. Beds to number all the trees there.
Mr. Townsend and Sir Edw. Griffith [Griffin] to attend to-morrow. Mr. Townsend to state the accounts of all persons that have dealings with that office [the office of the Treasurer of the Chamber] and bring them in next week.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 165–7.]
Sept. 26.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Sir William Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for one or more orders for 5,000l. on the Eleven Months' tax for the Earl of Anglesey.
Sir William Courtney's petition read. Write the Commissioners of the Navy to certify the quantity of the tons of timber they have of the 1,000 trees out of Whittlewood Forest.
Write the Customs Farmers for a list of all bonds not paid, and that none be discharged but in presence of the King's officers.
Sir George Downing to have publication set up at the Custom House of my Lords' intent to let to farm next Monday the duty of 5s. per ton of French shipping for England and Ireland.
Mr. Avery's Privy Seal to be amended by a new Privy Seal.
Examine whose right it is to appoint a deputy collector, a place which Mr. Hebdon petitions for.
Edward Seymour to execute the Earl of Newburgh's office, bringing his security.
Write the Auditors of the Imprest to certify the state of the office of the Hamper from 1660.
Write the Earl of Newburgh that my Lords will prosecute the avoiding of his patent of the sixpenny writs and letting it to others unless he undertake to pay in by Oct. 23 next.
Sir Edw. Griffith to attend to-morrow.
My Lords will speak with the King about Secretary Morice's order to pay Col. Fitz Gerard's pension out of the Tangier establishment.
Capt. Tyringham's petition referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General as to the legality of what is granted him.
Mr. Laurence presents several complaints against several Justices and others about the Hearth money. The Privy Council to be acquainted with it.
The King to be spoken to about Sir James Bunce's Privy Seal for 5,776l.
Warrant [to the Customs Farmers] to deliver the 500 weight of nutmegs.
Auditor Morice called in: says that Auditor Chislett refuses him the books of Auditor Gwynn. To attend to-morrow with Auditor Chislett.
Sir Edm. Sawyer called in and Mr. Burnett of the Pipe Office about the schedules for process. The auditors to send particular account on whom to charge each sum due on the Tenths.
The Attorney General and Sir Robert Long to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Kirby to have the longest time any have had to pay in the remainder of his account: and process to stop in the meantime.
Capt. Hemskirk's Privy Seal and Alderman Backwell's 11,000 Guilders are to be put into one Privy Seal.
Abbott to make out what days of payment are given to each Receiver of Hearth money for their receipt before Lady Day, 1666, and for Lady Day, 1666.
Mr. Townsend's books produced, by which it appears he has made up no account these three years.
Mr. Byam's petition read. Referred to the Excise Commissioners.
The letter from the [principal] officers of the Navy to be produced at the Privy Council to-morrow.
Warrant to the Earl of Bath for [subsistence for] Plymouth garrison.
Mr. Atkins, Constable of Berks, to have liberty to go into the country for a fortnight. Mr. Porter to be here then.
The Earl of Bath's Privy Seal for 2,000l. for the fortifications of Plymouth to be by 500l. out of the Exchequer and 1,500l. on the Eleven Months' tax.
The King to be acquainted with my Lords' warrant to sequester the profits of the Wood farm from Sept. 29 [next].
Mr. Brassington's petition referred to Mr. Laurence.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 168–9.]
Sept. 27.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Mr. Controller, Sir John Duncomb.
Sir William Doyly comes in: complains of the bad coming in of the London taxes [Aids and Poll]. Sir Thomas Player to attend on Monday about the account of the arrears of the Aids [from London], first since the fire, then before. Doyly to be here then.
Order to the Treasurer of the Chamber and Cofferer of the Household to deduct their Poll money to each payee that has not paid it.
Write to Sir John Norton to represent the great arrear on Hampshire and the prejudice thereby to His Majesty.
Sir Edw. Griffin to make a state how far the 25,000l. [for the servants of the Household, &c.] will go, that my Lords may see it distributed in the most equal manner.
Sir Allen Apsley to satisfy my Lords what his Privy Seal for Secret Service is for.
The new Privy Seal for Mr. Avery to be carried to the Signet to pass. Sir Edward Turner's Privy Seal to pass.
Such of the King's officers of the Customs called in as are not concerned in the new farm. To have a copy of the new Farmers' patent and of my Lords' amendments thereon. These are delivered to Mr. Kinaston for them.
The Attorney General called in about Mr. Rogers' account: and Sir Edm. Sawyer and the officers of the Pipe called in.
Sir Robert Long and the Earl of Anglesey to attend on Monday.
[Certain resolutions come to as between the Customs Farmers and the East India Company, viz.] that as to couries the seal of the Company shall supply the oath of a merchant as to the value; as to the dust of pepper my Lords judge it reasonable they have the half duty on exportation: but whereas the Farmers say there is a judgment in the case to the contrary my Lords order the Farmers to produce it: ebony to pay only 20 per cent.: coffee not to be judged a drug.
Mr. Blany and Mr. Lloyd, Secretary to the Prizes, written to to despatch the East India Company's account about the two East India prizes.
The Customs Farmers to give their answer in writing on Wednesday what they will lend on the Customs.
Write the officers of the Works to stop pulling down the old house at Greenwich.
The Farmers of the London Excise called in with Sir Stephen Fox and the Cofferer of the Household. Fox says the Farmers say they will lend no more on their farm, but repay what they have advanced. Alderman Backwell prays they may now repay themselves, else have a new lease. To attend on Monday, and the King to be moved about letting this farm again. The Grand Commissioners of Excise called in and delivered to the Farmers of the London Excise the abatements for exported beer for Essex and Sussex.
Sir George Downing and Sir Robert Long to advise of an order to Sir Stephen Fox to assign to the Cofferer 15,000l. out of the 68,000l. in his name, and so for the other assignments to be made out of it.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 170–1.]
Sept. 30.
Present: all my Lords.
Sir Ste. Fox to advance 260l. for the Stables before the mews and the ways before the mews.
Sir Thomas Player to strike tallies for what of the Chimney money the City has received.
Order to all the outports about collecting the Wood farm and keeping the money distinct. Write the late Customs Farmers to make up their account of their farm and to pay in their remains.
The Solicitor General to prepare a bill for Mr. Fitzherbert's reversion as Customer outwards for Bristol after John Fitzherbert.
Write the Chimney Farmers to account with Auditor Chislet to Michaelmas, and to send in the rolls for 1666, Lady Day and since: else they will be able to have no process. Auditor Chislet to assist the Farmers herein all he can.
The Duke of York's docquet to pass.
A bill for 600l. per an. to Sir Bernard Gascoigne in full of all pretences of pension.
Viscount Fitz-Hardinge's docquet to pass.
[Resolved] that it's convenient to let the Excise: that a time be appointed for Wednesday next to consider hereof.
Such as desired to farm the duty on French tonnage are called in: the late grant read to them, then desired to withdraw and Sir Bern. Gascoigne called in by himself; he offers 1,500l. per an. and the moiety of what profit he shall make above: Mr. Bucknall called in, bids 1,600l. per an.: Mr. Cooper called in, proffers 1,200l. per an.: Mr. Bucknall called in again, agrees to give 1,800l. per an., without defalcations, so my Lords agree to let it to him.
Thomas Hodgson's petition read. Process against him suspended for six weeks.
Resolved that 2,500l. be allowed to the London Farmers for exported beer.
Sir Robert Long to bring the Treasurer of the Chamber's certificate of the state of his office.
Write Sir Philip Warwick to attend.
John Hoskins, a minister in Wilts, to be arrested.
[Treasury Minute Book I. pp. 171–2.]