Minute Book: April 1706

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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April 1706

April 12, afternoon,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
Sir Theodore Janssen attending by appointment is called in. My Lord Treasurer tells him the Queen has ordered a further advance of four months' subsidy to the Duke of Savoy and that half of it should be sent away to-night and the other moiety in a very short time.
Sir Theodore says he will give his bills for it at the same rate he made his last agreement on the 30th March last, to wit 59½ [pence sterling] per Crown of 82 sols money of Piedmont : to which my Lord agrees and promises that he shall be paid on Tuesday next for the bills he gives to-night. Ibid., p. 209.
April 16, forenoon,
at my Lord Treasurer's house.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord directs] 6000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : out of [annuity] Contribution money in the Exchequer : and is for Wear and Tear ; being to satisfy bills of exchange [drawn] from Lisbon and other places.
[Likewise] 20,000l. to same for the Victualling and is towards answering bills of exchange : in part of a demand of 40,000l. on that head [of Victualling] : whereof 9735l. 14s. 5½d. is to be out of the like money of the Contributions for annuities and 10,264l. 5s. 6½d. is to be [raised] by applying tallies on the Two Thirds Subsidy now remaining in his [Sir Thomas Littleton, the Navy Treasurer's] hands for the Victualling : the interest whereof is to commence from the time the money shall be advanced to the Navy Treasurer for the same.
Mr. Howe's memorial is read and [my Lord] thereupon ordered issues to him as follows : viz. [to a total of 18,235l. 13s. 5¾d.]
£ s. d.
in part of his order for 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1706
for 63 days' clearings for the Troops and Regiments in England from 24 Dec. 1705 to 24 Feb. last 8358 12 0
for the pay of the Garrisons for same time 2506 5
for 63 days' clearings for the Battalion of Guards in Holland 926 13 10
for the pay of the General and the General Staff Officers from 24 Dec. 1704 to 24 March last 2520 10 10
to satisfy several warrants charged on the Contingencies for the year 1706 974 13 0
£15286 15
in part of his order for 5000l. for Invalids anno 1706
for the same 63 days' pay for the 4 Companies of Invalids 538 13 0
the like for the Reduced Invalids 168 15 0
£707 8 0
in part of his order for 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for the 5000 men for sea service anno 1706
for the same 63 days' clearings for the Regiments of Erle, Paston and Mordaunt 2040 8 3
the like for Livesay's and Whetham's Additional Companies 201 1 10
£2241 10 1
On reading another memorial of Mr. Howe [my Lord Treasurer] ordered that of the tallies on Low Wines for the service of the year 1705 he may dispose of 8000l. to any persons willing to advance same at 6 per cent. interest, to commence from the date of advancing thereof : and that the said sum be applied as follows : viz.
£ s. d.
in further part of 264,874l. 10s. 0d. for Guards and Garrisons anno 1705
for 60 days' clearings for the Battalion of Guards in Holland from 1705 Oct. 25 to Dec. 23 following 1219 7 7
for the pay of the [Garrisons of the] Cinque Ports from 1705 April 25 to Dec. 13 740 17 11¼
1960 5
as in further part of 87,125l. 10s. 0d. for 5000 men for sea service anno 1705
to clear Col. Handaside's Regiment from 25 Feb. 1704-5 to 24 Oct. 1705 1267 5 4
to clear Lieut. Gen. Erle's Regiment on account of respits and is in lieu of levy money at the rate of 3l. per man for 210 men to fill up the 10 Companies of his Regiment to 59 men in each 630 0 0
for Col. Handaside's Regiment on account of pay, being to satisfy to Col. Livesay the levy money for 243 recruits delivered by him to Col. Handaside 729 0 0
£4008 12 11
as in further part of 98969l. 10s. 0d. for raising and maintaining 5000 additional Forces for the King of Spain anno 1705
for Henry Cornish, to complete the pay of the Earl of Peterborough as Capt. General and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in Spain to wit to 1705 Dec. 23 1840 0 0
The above sums total 7808l. 18s. 5¼d. and thus leave 191l. 1s. 6¾d. out of the said 8000l. for uses to be appointed by the Lord Treasurer.
Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 210-11.
April 19, afternoon.
Whitehall, Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. St. John and Capt. Cartwright are called in. Mr. Cartwright's memorial is read and [my Lord Treasurer] ordered thereon that 6931l. be issued on the order in Mr. Brydges' name for 100,000l. for extraordinaries of the Forces not particularly provided for in the last Session of Parliament : and is for uses as follow : viz.
for levy money for Lord Mark Kerr's Regiment of Foot, which is to consist of 537 men at 3l. a man 1611 0 0
for subsistence to same to be advanced according to the Queen's pleasure signified by the Secretary at War 1000 0 0
for levy money for 6 French Regiments consisting of 12 Companies [each] and at 20 men each Company ; according to the Queen's pleasure signified by Mr. St. John, Secretary at War 4320 0 0
£6931 0 0
On another memorial of Mr. Brydges my Lord ordered 81,719l. 10s. 2¾d. to him out of Annuity Contribution money in the Exchequer : and is for services as follow : viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 886,223l. 18s. 6d. for the 40,000 men in Holland anno 1706
for 30 days' subsistence from June 24 next to July 23 next for the Subject Troops, part of said 40,000 men [and full pay to the Foreign Forces making up the said body] 28930 0
in part of 177,511l. 3s. 6d. for the 10,000 additional men anno 1706
for the same 30 days' subsistence for the Subject Troops and full pay to the Foreign Forces composing said body 11775 3 6
in part of 222,379l. 5s. 10d. for the 10,210 men in Portugal anno 1706
for 30 days' subsistence for the said Forces from May 24 next to June 23 next 14312 3 9
for 4 months' Contingencies to ditto from Feb. 24 last to June 23 next 1333 6 8
in part of 414,166l. 13s. 6d. for Subsidies to the Allies anno 1706
for the King of Portugal in further part of 150,000l. for the Queen's proportion of the charge of 13,000 men to be maintained by that Crown : and is for the months of July and August 1706, being the value of 83,333⅓ milreis at 6s. per milrei 25000 0 0
in part of 250,000l. for prosecuting the successes in Catalonia
to answer bills of exchange drawn from Genoa and Leghorn for the service of the additional Forces for the King of Spain 368 15 9
£81719 10
[Likewise my Lord] ordered 30,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance : out of the like Contribution money : of which 20,000l. is to be for land services of the Ordnance and is to satisfy the cost of 10,000 fusees bought in Holland for her Majesty's service : and the remaining 10,000l. is to be for sea service of the Ordnance. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 212-3.
April 22, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Various] reports of the Comptrollers of Army Accounts are read and minutes [of my Lord Treasurer's directions and resolutions] are [endorsed] on them.
[My Lord orders] Sir William St. Quintin to be a Commissioner of the Revenue in Ireland loco Sir John Bland.
The Comptrollers of the Army Accounts are to be here again next Wednesday morning. The Duke of Ormonde will be here then.
The Customs Commissioners are to attend next Wednesday afternoon. Ibid., p. 214.
April 24, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
[Send a] letter to the Customs Commissioners that my Lord Treasurer is to meet the Commissioners for the Union this afternoon and that to-morrow being holiday his Lordship directs them to attend him here then in the morning instead of this afternoon.
[Send a] letter to Mr. Low that my Lord gives him leave to go into the country as he desires.
[My Lord directs] 500l. to be issued to Mr. Wilcox, on account for building a bridge at Datchet.
[Likewise] 5000l. to Mr. Brydges in further part for the clothing furnished by Mr. Churchill and Mr. Harnage for the 5000 men for the service of the King of Spain : and is in part of the 250,000l. for [prosecuting the successes for] the King of Spain : but is to be made good out of the deductions from the [pay of the] said 5000 men.
The Duke of Ormonde [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland] comes in.
[My Lord Treasurer directs a] letter for paying Lieut. Gen. Ingoldsby according to the Establishment [of Ireland and] notwithstanding the regulation [for postponing payment of certain proportions of the said Establishment].
Several reports and memorials relating to Ireland arc read and [my Lord Treasurer's decisions or] answers are [endorsed or margined] upon them. Ibid., p. 215.
April 25, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their presentments are read and [my Lord's] answers are [endorsed] upon them.
[My Lord directs] 2000l. for the building at Woodstock.
[My Lord reads a] letter from the Navy Commissioners for 50,000l. for Wages. My Lord orders that 37,000l. in tallies on the Two Thirds Subsidy for this head [of Wages] be disposed of [to wit deposited as security for loans] at 6 per cent. interest, such interest to commence from the date of the advance of such loans : and that the same be applied to the payment of Wages accordingly. Ibid., p. 216.
April 26, forenoon. Present : ut supra.
The Agents [for Taxes] are called in with Mr. Carew about arrears alleged to be in Mr. Weston's hands. The Agents exhibit several letters from the [Assessment] Commissioners for co. Surrey in justification of Mr. Weston. A paper signed by Sir John Buckworth and 5 other Commissioners [is read] acquainting my Lord that upon notice given them that Mr. Weston had not answered into the Exchequer the money by him received from the country by above 13,000l. (as by a paper annexed to the said memorial) they had directed the matter to be examined into. My Lord orders that the said paper and also the letter of Mr. Carew (wherein he acquainted my Lord that upon a like information to him as contained above he had directed the collectors to pay no more money to Mr. Weston) be referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General.
Sir Theodore Janssen is called in. My Lord acquaints him that 'tis necessary that a further advance of 2 months' subsidy be remitted by this night's post to the Duke of Savoy ; that money is scarce at present but that he [Janssen] shall be [re]paid out of tallies which are very good upon several funds in the hands of the Paymaster [of the Forces abroad] as well for this as for the last 2 months' [bills].
Sir Theodore says he is willing to give his bills as my Lord Treasurer desires at the same rate he gave the last ; that he hopes my Lord will allow interest on the orders which are to be assigned to him, to wit from the respective days on which he gives his bills : to which my Lord agrees.
The Comptrollers of the Army Accounts are called in. They acquaint my Lord that the Duke of Marlborough ordered them to take care of providing clothes for 6 new French Regiments and that they have agreed for same as is contained in a memorial which they presented setting out the detailed clothing respectively for Serjeants (including a coat laced with gold lace and a laced hat), Drummers (including a coat laced), Granadiers, Corporals and Centinels : the whole being as follows :
£ s. d.
144 Serjeants at 8l. each 1152 0 0
144 Drummers at 5l. 10s. 0d. each 792 0 0
216 Corporals at 4l. 5s. 0d. each 918 0 0
318 Granadiers at 5l. each 1590 0 0
3282 Centinels at 3l. 15s. 0d. each 12307 10 0
£16759 10 0
package to be added and the money to be paid in one month after delivery of the goods. "Besides the Colonels being gratified there is near 1000l. a Regiment saved of what is generally given in the contracts exhibited to us for the like numbers [of men] and yet the clothes and accoutrements of these six Regiments are of the best of all kinds."
My Lord Treasurer approves of these prices and will direct the money accordingly. But his lordship orders that the clothes shall not be delivered to the Officers faster than the men are raised. Treasury Minute Book XV, pp. 217-9.
April 30, forenoon. Present : Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
My Lord Treasurer being moved by letter from the Duke of Montagu for money for the Wardrobe says there is no money at present. As soon as there is his Lordship will direct for that Office.
A servant from the Lady Peterborough attends with 2 bills drawn by the Earl of Peterborough, one dated Feb. 6 last on my Lord Treasurer for 4000l. payable to Lady Peterborough in part of money laid out for the use of the Queen in procuring horses for a new Regiment of Dragoons and recruiting other her Majesty's Troops as by lists and receipts : the other bill dated the same day Feb. 6 last for 608l. drawn on my Lord [Treasurer] and payable to Sir Fra. Child for the like use at 9l. a horse.
My Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. Brydges do accept those bills and make a [demand for this money from my Lord in his next weekly] memorial.
Write to Mr. Morrice in answer to his of the 26th inst. that my Lord is very well pleased with his good services ; that my Lord Galway always doth him right in his letters to my Lord and that my Lord will be mindful of the promise he lately made him : that as to what he mentions that the bills do not come so seasonably to him as they should, my Lord always has and will take care to give timely directions for the remittances from hence, but it may sometimes happen through contrary winds or other accidents that they may not come to his hands so soon as they are wanted.
My Lord will sit on Thursday morning [to read petitions] and the doors are to be shut. Ibid., p. 220.