Index Of Persons and Places: D

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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-, John, petition of, 110
-, royal bounty to, 229.

Dacre, Eliz[abeth], wife of Thomas, petition of, for payment of fee farm rent, 640.

-, Thomas, petition of, for payment of fee farm rent, 640.

Da Cunha. See Cunha.

Daeth. See Death.

Dagnia, Onesiphorus, prosecution of, for concealment of duty on glass bottles, 111, 120, 337.

Dahlem. See Dalem.

-, co. Pembroke, in Milford port, tidesman and boatman at. See Howells, T.
-, Taylor, C.

Dalem (Dahlem), Eliz[abeth] Sixte, pension to, 83, 694.

-, [Phil. Sext], captain in Colonel H. Holt's Regiment of Marines, company of, 14.

Dallons, Franois, royal bounty to, 229.

Dallow, Richard, porter of the Mint, petition of, for payment of allowance in lieu of habitation in the Martin Tower in the Tower of London, 207, 657.

Dalston, John, Sheriff of co. Cumberland, surplusage on account, 508.

Dalton, Barbara. See Strickland, Barbara.

-, Sir Marmaduke, assignment of Catterick manor, 450.

Dambon, James, pension to, Ireland, to cease, 745.

Dammin, Thomas, boatman, drowned at Southampton on the Shoreham Customs sloop, widow and children of, bounty to, 431.

Daniel (Daniell), , widow of, afterwards wife of Blakeney, receiving a pension, 128.

-, William, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

Dansey, John, collector of Customs, North Pocomac, Maryland, 660, 702, 758.

Danson, John, et al., tobacco duty bonds, 705, 769.

Danvers, Beata, a Woman of the Bedchamber, salary to, 277, 337, 428, 528.

-, John, a Commissioner of Salt Duties, 97, 650.

Darby. See Derby.

Darcy, [Conyers, 4th Earl of Holdernesse], grandfather of Robert, bailiff and steward of Richmond, co. York, grant of office to, 659.

-, Robert, 5th Earl of Holdernesse (Holderness), steward of the honor and bailiff of Richmond, co. York, petition of, 659.

Darlieth, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

Darnell, [Sir John], a Serjeant[-at-Law], stables of, at Windsor, 23, 376.

Darrell, Henry, of Trewonnal, sub-Commissioner for Prizes, Plymouth port, 232, 682.

Darseliers, Darsiliers. See Darziliers.

Dartmouth, Clifton-Dartmouth-Hardness, co. Devon, 701.

perpetuity to the Corporation of, granted by Henry VII, 304, 308, 418, 666.

residence at, or near, of riding surveyor between Exeter and Plymouth, 342.

riding surveyor between, and Exeter. See Fortescue, J.
-, Strode, S.

Dartmouth, Lord. See Legg, W.

-, (Darseliers, Darsiliers, Dazeliers, Daziliers, Dazzeliers), Gasper Perrinet, Resident at Geneva, ordinary to, 316, 388, 513, 665, 721
-, remittance for services relating to the war in Italy, 59, 587, 613.

Dashwood, Sir Fra[ncis], advance of composition money for Sir M. Biddulph, 603.

-, Sir Samuel, et al., Commissioners of Excise, petition of, 110.

-, Datchett, co. Buckingham, bridge at, over the Thames, building of, issues for, 70, 87, 634, 653, 697, 745
-, timber for, 155, 371, 400, 610.

Ferry, ferryman. See Burt, D.
-, Guards ferried over, 240, 241
-, lease of, 103, 240
-, lessened in value by enlargements and walling in, Little Park, Windsor, 240
-, profits of, account of, 240-241
-, purchase of, by the Crown, 240
-, road between, and Old Windsor, repairing of, 188, 536, 741.

Daugherdy, Garret, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 474.

-, Charles, doctor, [Inspector General of Exports and Imports], petition of, 110
-, recommendation by, 476.

-, Henry, Secretary at Frankfort, extraordinaries, 285
-, ordinary, 316, 388, 512, 664, 721.

Davenport, Mary, et al., widows of pensioners, Chelsea Hospital, petition of, 110, 126, 278.

Davers, Sir Robert, house of, in Somerset House Yard, title to, and tenants of, 766.

Davesseins (Davisseins) d'Moncall. See Moncall.

Davey (Davy), John, tidesman and boatman, Bideford, appointment of, 642.

-, Nicholas, Agent for Prizes, Falmouth, 458.

David, John James, of London, merchant, duties on prize brandies, 192, 564, 625.

Davies (Davis, Daviss, Davyes), , [apothecary], medicines for servants of the Stables, 628.

-, Elin[o]r, reversionary annuity, 718.

-, Jacob, waiter and searcher, Briton Ferry, appointment of, 409.

-, John, surveyor of the warehouse for East India Duties, additional allowances to, 702.

-, -, executor of Thomas, 384
-, assignee of. See Bedell, H.

-, Richard, of Rotterdam, merchant, payment to, of royal bounty towards building the English Episcopal Church at Rotterdam, 576.

-, Rob[er]t, reversionary annuity, 718.

-, Row., pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 473.

-, -, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, drawn out to Chester, arrears to, 469.

-, Sir Thomas, assignee of J. Portman, annuity to, 384
-, executor of. See Davies, T.

-, Thomas, executor of Sir Thomas, 384
-, executor of. See Davies, J.

Davison, John, captain, of Yarmouth, et al., concerning lease of derelict lands in cos. Lincoln and Norfolk, 110, 141, 276, 422.

-, William, composition by, for surety bond, 246-247
-, mortgage on lands at Tanfield assigned to, 246.

Daviss. See Davies.

Davisseins (Davesseins) d'Moncall. See Moncall.

Davy. See Davey.

Davyes. See Davies.

Dawges, , captain, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 470.

-, Bryan, examiner of the Outports Customs Books, 238
-, to carry on sales of prize ships and goods in the absence of Commissioners of Prizes, 255.

Dawson, Edw[ard], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 472.

Day, Arthur, and Co[mpany], reward to, for surprising the Benediction, 392.

-, Samuel, [Lieutenant] Governor of Bermudas, house built by, on waste ground in Bermudas, 635
-, salary to, arrear of, 635.

-, Sir Thomas, father of Samuel, petition of, 207, 635.

Dazeliers, Daziliers, Dazzeliers. See Darziliers.

Deadman. See Dodman.

Deal, co. Kent, Agent for Prizes. See Bargrave, C.

Agent for Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty. See Warren, T.

boatmen at, presentment for, 140. See also Austin, W.
-, Brown, G.
-, Burnet, R.
-, Harris, J.
-, Horne, W
-, Hunt, J.
-, Maritone, D.
-, Mole, R.
-, Stanton, J.
-, Verge, J.
-, Warden, J.
-, Wenlock, C.
-, Wood, J.

chief boatman. See Gilliam, W.
-, Wildbore, J.

Mayor of, case of, 283.

prizes at, disbursements on, 393.

searcher at. See Powell, S.
-, Wildbore, W.

surgeon at. See St. Leger, E.

waiter at. See Powell, S.
-, Wildbore, W.

Dean (Deane), Geo[rge], keeper of the accounts of the pensioners, Chelsea Hospital, 261.

-, Marmaduke, comptroller of Customs, Chester port, frauds by, 604
-, grant of office revoked, 604, 617
-, petition of, 183.

Dean Forest, co. Gloucester, Conservator or Supervisor of. See Mordaunt, H.

cordwood in, contract for, 43, 59, 62, 167, 477, 509, 593
-, contractors for. See Avenant, R.
-, Foley, P.
-, Wheeler, J.

deer stealing in, conviction for, 689.

enclosures in, 508
-, in accordance with the Act of 19-20 Chas. II, c. 8, division of, into sixteen parts, and cutting and selling of one part, 547.

keepers, allowance to, 508
-, payment to, for convicting deer stealer, 689.

timber in, Act for the preservation of (19-20 Chas. II, c. 8), 547.

verderer of. See Windham, F.

wood cutting in, letter concerning, 211.

Deane. See Dean.

Dearham, co. Cumberland, mines in, lease of, 670.

Death (Daeth), Eliz[abeth], reversionary annuity, 720.

-, Thomas, merchant, executor of Sir R. Lloyd, 221.

-, -, junior, recommendation of, 192.

De Bacatan (Bacalan). See St. Legere de Bacatan.

De Bar Montmelian. See Bar Montmelian.

De Basian, Marquis. See Bourbon, G. de.

De Beaubuisson. See Beaubuisson.

De Beaufort. See Hardy de Beaufort.

De Beaune Louvigny. See Beaune Louvigny.

De Blune. See Blune.

De Bonnecombe, Abb. See Guiscard, A. de.

De Bourbon. See Bourbon.

De Bouxin. See Bouxin.

De Brienne. See Brienne.

De Cantiran. See Cantiran.

De Chamier. See Chamier.

Decoate, Baldwin, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 472.

De Coninck. See Coninck.

De Duras, De Durfort. See Duras.

Dee, John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Sussex, 607.

Deere, William, waiter and searcher, Aberthaw, appointment of, 741.

Deering (Dering), Charles, a Commissioner for Prizes, 248.

-, Sir Edward, debt claimed as due to, in the Navy Office, 18
-, petition of, for employment, 18, 126
-, Receiver of Crown Rents and Revenues, cos. Cambridge and Suffolk, 512.

De Foissac. See Foissac.

De Fonvive. See Fonvive.

De Frotte. See Frotte.

De Grangue. See Grangue.

De Grave. See Graves.

Degruchy, Ph[ilip], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 470.

De Gualy. See Gualy.

De Guiscard. See Guiscard.

De Keroualle. See Keroualle.

De la Bastide. See Bastide.

De la Bourlie, Abb. See Guiscard, A. de.

-, Comte. See Guiscard, G. de.

-, Marquis. See Guiscard, A. de.

De la Fontaine (Fountaine). See Fontaine.

De Lalo. See Lalo.

De la Martiniere. See Martiniere.

De la Meloniere. See Meloniere.

Delamere, Lord. See West, J.

Delamere Forest
-, Forest of Mara and Mondrem (Mondrein), co. Chester, agistment, herbage, pannage and pasturage of, lease of, 260
-, bailiff of. See Crew, Sir J.
-, fishing in, grant of, 634
-, Fishpool in, leases of, 603, 634
-, Hatch Mere, Hatchess Mere, leases of, 196, 603, 604
-, Old Lodge or Old Pale Walk and the New Pale, enclosed lands, lease of, 260.

De la Milliere. See Milliere.

Delandes, Albrecht, agent to the Earl of Lifford's Regiment, petition of, 767.

De l'Angle. See Angle.

De la Prade. See Prade.

De la Rochefoucauld. See Rochefoucauld.

De la Salle. See Salle.

De la Santier. See Santier.

De Laussac. See Laussac.

Delaval (De la Val, Delavall), George, captain, royal bounty to, for carrying express, 79, 677.

-, Sir John, of Seaton Delaval, petition of, concerning piers at Seaton Delaval, 174, 179, 192, 488, 633.

-, [Sir Ralph], father of Sir John, piers erected by, at Seaton Delaval, 174, 488.

-, Robert, petition of, 167
-, stamper in the Stamp Office, appointment of, 46.

Delaware Bay, New Jersey, port establishment, 758.

riding surveyor of Customs. See Dyer, W.
-, Rowe, .

surveyor of Customs. See Dyer, W.

De la Warr, Lord. See West, J.

De Ligondes. See Ligondes.

De Lisle. See Lisle.

Delorain (Deloraine, De Lorraine), Countess of. See Scott, Anne.

-, Earl of. See Scott, H.

Delpeuch, Elias, reversionary annuity, 714.

De Malien. See Malien.

De Marmande. See Marmande.

De Massue de Ruvigny. See Massue.

De Medina. See Medina.

De Mollien. See Mollien.

De Nassau. See Nassau.

-, county of, collector of Stamp Duties. See Foulkes, R.
-, Grand Inquest, 272, 654
-, Justices of the Peace, 272, 654
-, lands etc. in, of outlaws, lease of, 670
-, Receiver General of Taxes. See Lloyd, T.
-, seal for, double judicial, 763
-, Second Justice of. See Lovell, Sir S.

De Neufeville. See Neufeville.

-, Thomas, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, [co. Durham], salary to, 396
-, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, [co. York], 314, 396.

-, Forces of, at [siege of Charles Fort] Kinsale, paymaster of. See Vander Esch, J.
-, provisions for, from Cork, 280.

King of, Envoy Extraordinary to. See Pulteney, D.
-, Vernon, J., junior.

Envoy from, goods of, sealing of, for transport, 444
-, lodgings of, in Lisle Street, 444
-, memorial of, 157.

See also Rosenkrantz, I.
-, Stcken, [H. H. von].

subsidy to, 1, 2, 4, 20, 26-27, 79, 95, 157, 222, 223, 226, 325, 334, 466, 581, 664, 753.

Prince of. See George.

treaties with, 222, 463.

See also Elsinore.

Denmeade, Joseph, convicted for deer stealing, Dean Forest, 689.

Dennis, John, Queen's waiter, London port, appointment of, 294.

deputy to, petitions concerning the appointment of, 126, 311, 320. See also Grant, J.

salary to, 428.

Dent, Giles, executor of W. Maynard, annuity to, 384.

Denton, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, drawn out to Tynemouth, arrears to, 469.

D'Entragues. See Entragues.

De Pechels. See Pechels.

De Penancoet de Keroualle. See Keroualle.

De Proisly Dept. de Tugny. See Proisly Dept. de Tugny.

-, Deptford Strond, co. Kent, Trinity House, Corporation or Master etc. of, 83, 165, 440, 555, 603
-, Yard, pay of, 459.

De Quirehamp. See Quirehamp.

Derbie. See Derby.

Derby, county of, Commissioners of Taxes, 111, 292.

Crown Land Revenues, Auditor of. See Godolphin, S.
-, Shales, H.

records relating to, 703.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Bradshaw, S.

Derby, Earl of. See Stanley, J.

Derby (Darby, Derbie), Benjamin, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Dorset and town of Poole, 607.

-, John, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Dorset and town of Poole, appointment of, 607
-, petition of, 110, 167.

-, Richard, Agent for Transports, Lisbon, 180.

De Regnier. See Regnier.

Dering. See Deering.

Derish, Dan[iel], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 470.

Dernath. See Vandernath.

De Ronsele. See Ronsele.

De Roux. See Roux.

De Roye de la Rochefoucauld. See Rochefoucauld.

De Ruvigny. See Massue.

De St. Lawrens. See St. Lawrens.

Desborow, Chris[topher], petition of, 126.

De Schomberg. See Schomberg.

De Serriere. See Serriere.

Desgraves. See Graves.

De Silva Brandao. See Silva Brandao.

Desodes, [Estienne], lieutenant, petition of, 127.

De Sylvius. See Sylvius.

De Tugny. See Proisly Dept. de Tugny.

De Vere, Aubrey, 20th Earl of Oxford, regiment of. See Index of Subjects Army, Regiments, Horse, [3].

-, Diana, Countess Dowager of Oxford, permission to, to make a door from her house into St. James's Park, 330.

Devereux (Devereaux), [John], captain in Colonel A. Lutterell's Regiment of Marines, company of, 13.

-, Walter, of London, merchant, prize wines, 241-242, 422.

De Vic. See Vic.

De Villeneuve. See Villeneuve.

Devink, Benjamin, landwaiter, Dover port, 545.

Devon, county of, coast of, riding officer for inspecting. See Gold, J.

Commissioners of Assessments, 104, 163.

gentlemen of, 163.

Grand Inquest for, 403, 409.

Receiver General of Duties on Marriages and Houses, payment by, 461. See also Quash, J.

Receivers General of Taxes, deputies of, frauds by, 403
-, frauds by, 403, 409. See also Bele, C.
-, Burridge, S.
-, Elwill, Sir J.
-, Quash, J.

Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses. See Atwood, G.
-, Holbech, W.
-, Weston, J.

taxes, collection of, frauds and abuses in, 27, 403.

commissioners for enquiry into, charges of, 46, 173, 327, 363, 456
-, first commission returned and executed, 34
-, new commissions, 34, 445, 574
-, nomination of, 34, 163, 409. See also Burgoyne, W.
-, Carew, R., et al.
-, Eyre, C.
-, Mitchell, T.
-, Putt, Sir T., et al.

Devonshire, Duke of. See Cavendish, W.

Dewick, Jonathan, tidesman, Hull port, dismissed, 606.

Dewy, James, petition of, concerning his services in the city and liberties of Westminster, 207.

-, -, Agent for Taxes, 342
-, a trustee for the sale of the estate of A. Briggs, 342.

Deyman, Aldred, tidesman, Cowes, 361.

De Zulestein. See Nassau de Zulestein.

D'Hostun. See Hostun.

Dickenson (Dicconson, Dickinson), Agnes, et al., petition of, concerning satisfaction of debts out of the estate of William, 103, 234, 400.

-, Roger, tenant of the estate of William, 103, 400.

-, William, attainted of treason, 234
-, forfeited estate of, in co. Lancaster, 33, 126, 144, 149, 160, 163, 176, 234, 363, 400, 495.

Dickson (Dixon), Geo[rge], Receiver General of Taxes, co. Somerset and city of Bristol, 607.

-, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 472.

-, Richard, surety for T. Santer, petition of, 761.

Didpoole. See Tadpool.

Dieppe, France, 421.

Digby, John, petition of, 183.

-, [John, clerk to the Trustees of Fee Farm Rents], 761.

Diggs (Digges), Dudley, Deputy Surveyor and Auditor General of the Revenues, Virginia, 441, 441-442.

Dike, Dorothy, petition of, 103.

-, Sir Thomas, admiral, petition of, for further reward for prizes, 207, 630
-, ships under command of, prizes taken by, 764.

Dinant, [Flanders], 618.

Dingley, , Captain of Yarmouth Castle, Isle of Wight, pay of, respits on, 109, 406.

Diplock, John, certificate relating to, 126, 153, 421.

Dishforth alias Disford, co. York, lands and tithes in, lease of, 450, 647.

Dixon. See Dickson.

D' Lone. See Dollon.

D' Moncall. See Moncall.

Dobbs, William, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 261.

Docminique, Cha[rles], reversionary annuity, 715.

Docton, [Philip], captain in Colonel A. Lutterell's Regiment of Marines, company of, 13, 14.

Dodd (Dod), , counsel, 42, 44, 45, 56, 63.

-, John, Commissioner and Receiver General of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty, 73, 110
-, account of, 141, 392-393
-, clerk of, salary to, 392
-, payments by, 260-261, 299, 361, 522, 531, 574, 646, 672, 694
-, petitions etc. referred to, and reports by, 115, 130, 133, 202, 204, 214, 238, 332, 421, 635, 690, 739
-, remittance to, 128
-, salary to, 392.

-, Ralph, boatman, Chester port, appointment of, 409.

Dodington (Doddington), George, a Commissioner for Appeals and Regulating the Excise, 233.

-, [George, Paymaster to the Treasurer of the Navy], 94, 138.

-, Deadman, co. Cornwall, in Falmouth port, riding officer for the guard of the coast from, to St. Mawes. See Sherrock, M.
-, Slade, J.

Dodworth. See Barnsley.

Do Lallosa. See Lallosa.

-, Sir Gilbert, Justice of the Common Pleas, Ireland, attending the English Parliament, 632
-, payment to, of Lent circuit fee, 632.

-, John, Clerk of the Fines at Ludlow, fee to, 367.

Dollard, Cath[erine], royal bounty to, 229.

Dollon (D'Lone), , 281.

-, Donarechet, Bavaria, battle of, celebration of, 621
-, see also Schellenburg.

Donegall (Donegal), Earl of. See Chichester, A.

Donjoy, Simon, collector of Excise, 351.

Donop, Baron, Envoy from the Bishop of Osnaburgh, present to, 678.

Dorchester, co. Dorset, gaol, prisoner in. See Sisterne, H.

Dorchester, Countess of. See Sedley, Catherine.

Dordrecht, Dort, Holland, 459.

Dore (D'Ore), Samuel, petition of, 207.

-, Sarah, petition of, concerning claims on the estate of R. Wrayford, 207.

D'Orgeval. See Orgeval.

Dormer, , letter of, concerning W. Ray, 126.

-, Fleetwood, a Commissioner for Prizes, 647.

-, Robert, Justice of the Common Pleas, appointment of, 572
-, fee or salary to, 578.

Dorset, county of, coast of, riding officer for inspecting. See Gold, J.

Receiver of Duties on Marriages and Houses, payment by, 234.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Derby, B.
-, Derby, J.

Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses. See Antrim, S.
-, Byles, W.

Dort. See Dordrecht.

Dory, Thomas, tidesman, Poole, appointment of, 596.

-, Edward, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 261
-, ensign in the Company of Invalids, 262.

Douglas (Douglass), Andrew, captain, petition of, concerning prizes taken in the West Indies and sold at Jamaica, 103, 234.

-, Edward, [late Deputy Commissary of the Musters to the two old Marine Regiments], petition of, 103.

-, Ralph, petition of, concerning Salt Duty frauds, 96-97, 207.

Dove, Ann, reversionary annuity, 715.

-, Jane, reversionary annuity, 715.

Dover, co. Kent, Agent for Rights and Perquisites of Admiralty. See Warren, T.

business of, increased by repairing of harbour, 545, 596.

collector of Customs. See Bretton, R.

harbour, account of, 741.

Commissioners for, 555. See also Fane, T., Earl of Westmorland, et al.

pierheads, piles and wharfing, damage to, repairing of, 96, 545, 555, 596, 603
-, Act for (11 Wm. III, c. 5), 96
-, loans for, 96
-, workmen, debt due to, 96.

landwaiter at, re-establishment of, 545, 596. See also Devink, B.
-, Rower, T.

Mayor etc. of, petition of, 555.

prize goods and wines, 255, 293, 318, 497, 605, 752.

prizes at, 221, 393.

warehouses in, 318.

See also Cinque Ports.

Dowling, Robert, pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 261.

Downer, , concerning the charging of malt by the lump, 15.

Downes (Downs), Dudley, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, salary to, 389.

-, Ephr[aim], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 470.

Downing, Joseph, payments to, for the Soldier's Monitor, 723.

-, Robert, tidesman in superior list, London port, 440.

Downs. See Downes.

-, The, prizes passing through, to the Thames, 429
-, vessels lost in, in storm, 457, 458.

Dowrich, Eliz[abeth], wife of Lewes, executrix of T. Clark, petition of, 552.

-, Lewes, executor of T. Clark, petition of, 552.

Dowse, . [housekeeper to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded], arrears of, 110.

-, Bith[iniah], widow of , petition of, 110.

-, William, Receiver General of Taxes, co. Huntingdon, appointment of, 608.

Dragenbergh, Ch[arles], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, drawn out to Windsor, arrears to, 468.

Drake, , doctor, charges against, for a libel, 283.

-, John, et al., of Norwich, sureties for A. Briggs, petition of, 161, 251, 464.

-, Edward, assistant to the warehousekeeper of unstamped paper, 625
-, assisting J. Evelyn, Receiver General of the Stamp Office, 625
-, billman to the Receiver, additional salary to, 625.

Draper, William, Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital, 678.

Draycott, William, petition of, 207.

-, Robert, petition of, 103
-, reward to, for discoveries of timber in Rockingham Forest, 103, 237-238.

Drummond, [John], agent for tin, Holland, 38, 39, 51, 192, 523, 559.

Dryburgh, John, administrator of J. Ferrie, petition of, 276.

Dublin, co. Dublin, 171, 299, 402, 706.

Agent for Prizes. See Hawkshaw, J.
-, King, .

Arbour Hill, inhabitants of, annoyed by dog kennel, 649.

Artillery Train, mounting of, 494.

Castle, 708.

clothier of. See McGuire, R.

Custom House, completing, enlarging and finishing of, 675
-, to contain all offices of the Revenue, 675.

Exchequer in, 638.

Forces, transporting of, 50, 513.

hospital for sick and infirm soldiers, 407, 434.

merchants of. See Moore, J.
-, Vatable, P.

packets carried between, and Holyhead, 576.

Phoenix Park, dog kennel in, ground occupied by, lease of, 464, 649
-, removal of, to a more convenient place, 171, 464, 649.

ice house in, ground occupied by, lease of, 464, 649.

poor of, Governor and Guardians of, petition of, 106, 207, 586.

recruits raised in, certifying of enlistments, 767.

ships, condemned as prize, 494
-, seized for illegal trading, 371.

Town Guard, fire and candle for, 441.

workhouse, finishing of, petition for grant towards, of sede vacante revenue of the bishopric of Meath, 106, 207, 586.

Dubourdieu, . petition of, for place of chaplain at Chelsea College or Hospital, 207, 635.

Du Cambon. See Cambon.

Duccane, , petition of, 171.

Du Chail. See Chail.

Ducket, Ch[arles], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, arrears to, 473.

Ducommun, Jo[hn], reversionary annuity, 717.

-, Mar., reversionary annuity, 717.

Du Cros. See Cros.

Dudley, Joseph, colonel, Captain General and Commander-in-Chief of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, 365.

Governor of New England, 185, 365, 640
-, disbursements for Independent Companies of Foot raised in New England and transported to Jamaica, 183, 407, 562, 587
-, services of, concerning seizure of pirates and their effects, 81-82, 183, 365, 522, 524, 562, 586, 694.

-, Sir Matthew, a Commissioner of Customs, 655.

-, Paul, a commissioner for enquiry concerning pirates, Essex county, Massachusetts Bay, payment to, 501
-, a commissioner for receiving and securing pirates' treasure imported into Massachusetts Bay, 504
-, Queen's Advocate in the Court of Admiralty, Massachusetts Bay, prosecuting pirates etc., 502.

Duffield, co. Derby, lands in, lease of, 328.

Duffin, Mary, widow of Thomas, petition of, for new lease of Ock Mills in Shippon, 761.

-, Thomas, 761.

Dufour, , factor of J. H. Huguetan, kinsman of Bagueret, 39.

-, Paul, loans by, 678, 696.

Dugan (Dugon), James, clothier to Viscount Charlemont's Regiment, 529, 573.

Dugard, Abraham, of London, merchant, petition of, concerning wine bonds, 149, 335.

Dugon. See Dugan.

Duke, Ann, petition of, on behalf of her son, 110.

Dumaresque, Edward, commander of the Lovis, petition of, concerning sale of prize wines, 511.

Dummer, Cornelius, Master Surgeon in Catalonia, pay to, 566.

-, Edmund, contractor for the packet boats between England (Falmouth) and Portugal (Lisbon), payment to, for boats, 744
-, petition of, concerning hardships of contract, 619-620
-, release and discharge of, from contract, 744.

contractor for the packet boats between England and the West Indies, 37, 161-162, 449, 455, 706
-, accounts of, 550
-, allowances to, 735
-, payments to, 61, 497, 531, 584
-, petitions etc. of, 151, 162, 183, 207, 208, 210, 475, 497-498, 685, 735-736.

-, -, of the Middle Temple, Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, appointment of, 604
-, poundage from tradesmen and artificers, allowance in lieu of, 604.

Dun. See Dunn.

Dunbar, , captain, Governor of Buffin, payment to, 500.

Duncan, William, petition of, 141.

Duncanson, [Robert], colonel, regiment of. See Index of SubjectsArmy, Regiments, Foot, [33].

Duncombe (Duncomb), Anne. See Scott, Anne, Countess of Delorain.

-, Anthony, a Commissioner for Prizes, 275, 314, 647.

-, Edward, Sheriff of co. Bedford, 689.

-, John, junior, Receiver of Crown Rents and Revenues, cos. Cambridge and Suffolk, appointment of, 512
-, securities of, 509, 512.

-, Lidia, executrix of B. Cropley, annuity to, 383.

Dundee, co. Forfar, ship of, 595.

Dungan, Thomas, 2nd Earl of Limerick (Lymerick), petition of, 115, 144.

Dungannon, Viscount. See Trevor, M.

Dunkirk, France, 443.

-, (Dun), Sir Patrick, Physician General to the Forces in Ireland, appointment of, 157, 433-434
-, petition of, or in behalf of, 126, 157, 376-377, 434
-, salary or fee to, 157, 434.

-, William, clerk, chaplain for Carolina, 495.

Dunt, Gerrard, reversionary annuity, 716.

-, John, reversionary annuity, 716.

Dupplin (Duplin), Viscount. See Hay, T.

Durand, [Peter], lieutenant colonel, engineer attending the Expedition to Spain under Earl Rivers, pay to, 90, 724.

-, Peter, a French pensioner on the Irish Establishment, 441.

Duras or Durfort, Louis de, 2nd Earl of Feversham (Faversham), petition of, relating to the office of Master Warden and Ranger of Whittlewood Forest, 209, 648.

-, -, et al., executors of Queen Catherine of Bragana, memorial of, 210.

-, (Durel), Henry, colonel, Adjutant General and aide de camp to the Duke of Marlborough, petition of, 110
-, royal bounty to, for carrying express, 22, 354.

Durfort. See Duras.

Durham, county of, clergy in, pensions payable to, complaint concerning stoppages of taxes on, 104, 113.

coiners in, charges of prosecuting, petition for, 731.

Crown Land Revenues, Auditor of. See Jett, T., junior
-, Shales, H.

pensions out of, to clergy, 104, 113.

Receiver of, payment by, 113.

Receiver General of Duties on Marriages and Houses, payment by, 396.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Wyvell, F.

Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses. See Denham, T.
-, Wilcox, J.

wool carried from, into Scotland and transported to foreign parts, 415.

Durham, bishopric of, 763.

Durham, co. Durham, butcher of. See Swallwell, S.

Durham, William, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, [co. Bedford], 430.

Duxbury, Andrew, petition of, 184.

Dyer (Dyre), Giles, sheriff of co. Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay, 502.

-, [John], prosecution of, for libel, 283.

-, William, riding surveyor of Customs, Bohemia and Sassafras, Maryland, 702
-, riding surveyor of Customs, Delaware Bay, New Jersey, 702
-, surveyor of Customs, Delaware Bay, New Jersey, 758.

Dymchurch, co. Kent, Dragoons sent to, to assist in hindering the exportation of wool and the importation of silks, 688.

Dymer, John, petition of, 162.

Dyot, Richard, a Commissioner of Stamp Duties, 655.

Dyre. See Dyer.