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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 20, 1705-1706. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Oak, Oake. See Ock.

Oakley (Oakeley, Oakely), Jeremy, a groom to William III, arrears to, 339.

-, Rich[ard], petition of, 116.

-, Vincent, loan by, 494.

Oates, Rebecca, wife of Titus, annuity or pension to, 164, 448.

-, Titus, doctor, annuity or pension to, 448
-, executors of, payment to, 448.

O'Brien, [Catherine], royal bounty for, 16.

-, William, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin, petition of, for grant of land near Cork, etc., 213, 704
-, regiment of. See Index of SubjectsArmy, Regiments, Foot, [49].

-, Oak, Oake, co. Berks, hundred of, custody of, grant of, 661
-, lease of, 560, 661, 706.

steward and bailiff of, offices of, 661
-, lease of, 706. See also Stonehouse, Sir J.

-, Mills. See Shippon.

-, River, co. Berks, 761.

O'Donnell, [Baldearg], payment to, 500.

-, John, major, murder of, 771.

O'Farrell (Offarrel), [Francis Fergus] d', major general, in the service of the King of Portugal, pay to, 23, 372.

- See also Farrell.

Ogilvie, William, riding officer for the wool business, Werden Point, 642.

-, Samuel, a Commissioner of Excise and Revenue, Ireland, 633
-, request of, to come to England, 431.

Ogleby, Jo[hn], pensioner, Chelsea Hospital, drawn out to Tynemouth, arrears to, 469.

Oglethorpe (Oglethorp), Lady or Dame Eleanor, executrix of Sir Theophilus, release from repairing the capital messuage of Staughton manor, 116, 238, 262, 299.

-, Sir Theophilus, covenant by, for the repair of the capital messuage of Staughton manor, 262, 299.

-, William, major in Lord Mohun's Regiment, suspended by reason of infirmities, pension to, 81, 199, 737.

O'Hara (Hara, Hare), Sir Charles, [afterwards 1st Baron Tyrawley], Lieutenant General of the Forces in Catalonia, pay to, 566.

memorial and petition of, 142, 185.

payment to, 436.

regiment of. See Index of SubjectsArmy, Regiments, Foot, [8].

-, (Oldfeild), Samuel, collector of Customs or customer, Boston port, appointment of, 64, 603, 642
-, salary to, 672.

Oldys, William, doctor, Queen's Advocate for Prizes, 444, 682.

Olive (Ollive), Allen, of Rye, tallow chandler, judgment against, for transporting wool, 105, 531.

Onely, [Nicholas], doctor, chaplain of the hospital in the Savoy, 405.

-, co. Essex, division of, Commissioners of Assessments, 279
-, estates in, formerly in the possession of Papists, 279
-, Receiver General of Taxes, 279
-, taxes, deficiencies of, 279.

Ongley, Samuel, Sheriff of co. Bedford, 689.

Onslow, Abraham, petition of, 116, 187.

-, Foot, a Commissioner of Excise and Malt, 655.

Oporto, Portugal, 194, 577.

Orchard, Charles, customer, Exeter port, 603.

Ord, [George], captain in Colonel T. Saunderson's Regiment of Marines, company of, 14.

-, Hen[ry], senior, tidesman, Newcastle, 701.

Ore. See Dore.

Orford, Earl of. See Russell, E.

Orgeval, d', captain, petition of, 126.

Oriott, [John], of London, merchant, privateer belonging to, ship seized by, 260.

Orkney, Earl of. See Hamilton, G.

Ormonde, Duchess of. See Butler, Mary.

-, 1st Duke of. See Butler, J.
-, 2nd Duke of. See Butler, J.

Ormston, Jos[eph], and his wife, petition of, 130.

Orrery, Earl of. See Boyle, C.

Orton, Robert, recognizance of, for H. Rowe, 431, 432.

Osborne (Osborn, Osbourne), John, a stamper in the Stamp Office, 335.

-, Peregrine, Marquess of Carmarthen, [afterwards 2nd Duke of Leeds], regiment of Marines of. See Index of SubjectsMarine Regiments, Two Old Marine Regiments, [1]
-, rumour concerning, 9
-, Vice-Admiral of the Red, pay of, repayment of taxes on, 192, 603.

-, Philip, boatman, Hull, 235.

tidesman, Hull port, appointment of, 235
-, dismissed, 606.

-, Thomas, 1st Duke of Leeds, claims of, to the estate of J. Smith, 146, 334.

lease of agistment etc. of Delamere Forest and of enclosed lands therein, 260.

recommendation by, 83.

request for grant of fee farm rent issuing out of Wychwood Forest, 79, 643.

[Treasurer of the Navy], 10, 115, 247.

trustees for. See Bertie, C., et al.

-, William, petition of, and recommendation of, 130.

-, -, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, [co. Warwick], appointment of, 546
-, salary to, 555.

- See also Osmond.

Osgood, Ann, reversionary annuity, 714.

-, Sarah, reversionary annuity, 714.

Osmington, co. Dorset, 643.

-, (Osborn), Thomas, Surveyor of Duties on Marriages and Houses, Guilsborough Hundred, co. Northampton, appointment of, 461
-, indirect practices of, 215-216, 731
-, salary to, 461.

Osnaburgh, Bishop of, Envoy from. See Donop, Baron.

Ostend, [Flanders], Ostenders, prisoner taken by, 632.

-, co. Kent, honor of, offices of steward, bailiff and woodward etc. of, fees of, 378, 732, 764
-, grants of, 378, 732, 763, 764. See also Polhill, D.
-, Sydney, J., Earl of Leicester
-, Sydney, P., Earl of Leicester.

rents of, 764.

Otger, Abraham, assignee of J. Lindsay, annuity to, 384.

-, Mary, relict and executrix of Abraham, annuity to, 384.

Ottoman, son of the Emperor of Morocco, payment to, for assisting the negotiations for the relief of Gibraltar, etc., 539.

Ouse River, 279.

Outing, John, petition for pension in consideration of services, 703.

Outlaw, Samuel, chaplain for the Leeward Islands, 258.

Outwell, co. Norfolk, Moor Hall in. See Moor Hall.

Overing, Noah, brewer, contractor to brew beer for the Navy, petition of, 169, 464.

-, Benjamin, a Commissioner for Prizes, accounts of, 248
-, Warden of the Mint, accounts of, 136, 145, 739.

Oviatt, John, clerk and accountant for Prizes, Portsmouth, 709.

Owen, Edward, captain, commander of the Rochester, payment to, of salvage money, 511.

-, Ellis, payment to, for arrears, 552.

-, John, ensign in the Earl of Donegall's Regiment, pay of, 116, 226, 271, 385.

-, Robert, clerk, chaplain for Maryland, 407.

-, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues. See Jett, T., junior
-, Shales, H.

Receiver General of Taxes, appointment of, petition for, 606. See also Harrison, Sir R.
-, Parran, J.

-, co. Oxford, Receiver General of Taxes, appointment of, petition for, 606. See also Harrison, Sir R.
-, Parran, J.

University, Gloucester Hall, 149.

Greek youths at, maintenance and education of, 149, 552.

Hart Hall, poor scholars of, exhibitions to, 246, 595
-, Principal of. See Thornton, W.

Professor of Civil Law. See Boucher, T.

Reader of Physic. See Hoy, T.

Receiver General of Taxes, appointment of, petition for, 606. See also Harrison, Sir R.
-, Parran, J.

Oxford, Countess Dowager of. See De Vere, Diana.

-, Earl of. See De Vere, A.
-, Harley, R.