Warrant Books: December 1707, 16-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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December 1707, 16–31

December 16. Warrant dormant by Treasurer Godolphin to Edward Wilcox, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South, to pay the taxes and parish duties yearly assessed on lands purchased by the Crown and laid into the Great and Little Parks at Windsor and into the several parks at Hampton Court and also the Coppices of Fangrove and Knowlegrove in co. Surrey, and also for a house purchased by her Majesty at Windsor. (This warrant takes the place of the cancelled warrant of 1706–7 March 7 supra p. 190.)
In the margin: a later Treasury confirmation dated 1714 December 7 hereof. Money Book XIX, pp. 136–7.
Money order for 333l. 5s. 7d. to Sir Michael Heneage Kt., Usher of the Exchequer Court, for necessaries by him delivered to the officers of said Court in Michaelmas term 1707 and for diet for himself at 5d. a day for 132 days from 1707 August 2 to December 13. Order Book VII, p. 86. Disposition Book XIX, p. 86.
William Lowndes to the Master of the Horse to pay (out of moneys for the Extraordinaries of the Stables) 633l. 4s. 3d. for six bills of repairs at the royal Mews, viz. the Mews at [Charing Cross in] London, at Kensington and at Hampton Court from 1702 September 6 to 1704 December.
Appending: schedule of items due for said work. Disposition Book XIX, p. 79.
Letter of direction for 1000l. to Viscount Rialton, Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List moneys: and is to pay for the wine lately bought for her Majesty's service and for entertainment of the Morocco Ambassador upon occasion of his stay at Plymouth. Ibid., p. 80.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. The officers of the Yards at Deptford and Woolwich have applied for reimbursement of the taxes on them for 1704, 1705 and 1706 in regard of the smallness of their salaries. The Lord Treasurer thinks it reasonable. You are to make out bills for repaying same accordingly. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 376.
December 16. Same to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed papers [missing] being Sir Christopher Wren's report on the petition of the Directors of Greenwich Hospital touching the 12d. per ton demanded by the islanders of Portland and 6d. per ton by the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's for all stone shipped from thence for the use of said Hospital: and a memorial of said Wren touching a liberty taken by the quarrymen of Portland to open new quarries and carry off stone at pleasure to the great prejudice of the quarries and in opposition to the right of the Crown.
Followed by: memorandum of a later reference dated 1707–8 March 13: see infra Treasury Calendar Vol. XX. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Borret of the petition of Mr. Crosby, of Booking, to. Essex, carpenter, and Nathaniel Boosey, baymaker and others of the same parish shewing that they prosecuted at their own expense Jeremiah Maysent and Barnabas Allen, collectors of subsidies of 5 Anne in said parish for collecting more money than the duplicates expressed and have proved 58l. 8s. 0d. received by them more than the assessments; which has been paid back to the Receiver General of the county and Maysent and Allen were fined 100l. and 100 marks for same: therefore praying repayment of their 200l. expenses therein and a grant of said fines for their services. Reference Book VIII, p. 287.
Same to Mr. Vanbrugh, Comptroller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office, of the petition of Richard Longbottam, barber to the late king, shewing that he is 269l. 5s. 0d. in disburse for necessaries provided for the said king and 250l. in arrear on his salary, the want of which hath put him to great straits: therefore praying relief. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General of the petition of Lady Lonsdell shewing that her counsel are of opinion “that the jurisdiction of the two undivided fourth parts of the estate of the late Lord Lonsdale called Richmond Fee does not sufficiently pass by the words of the said grant so as to [authorise her to] keep Courts, receive fines etc.”: therefore praying relief in the premises. Ibid.
Same to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of Nathaniell Terry et al. of Dartmouth, merchants, owners of the Adventure ketch of Dartmouth, shewing that in 1703 they imported from Oporto a great quantity of salt and paid Duty: in the following February they entered outward 1541 bushels thereof for the Newfoundland fishery, but while she was waiting convoy she sprung a leak and part of the salt was melted: she was then driven into Plymouth by contrary winds and the Customs officer visited her there and weighed the salt and pretended to find 327 bushels short and threatened to hinder the voyage unless petitioners gave bonds one of 150l. to him and one 280l. to the Queen; and after the ship was gone the bonds were put in suit and on a hearing in the Exchequer the bonds were delivered up but they had to enter into a recognizance to answer an information of forfeiture and on a trial a verdict was obtained against them for 434l. 18s. 0d.: “that having paid the full value of the salt and judgment obtained for the impost bonds 633l. 15s. 6d. and their debentures denied for what shipped off, they will pay the value of the salt as it stood exported at the time of the seizure and the Duties twice over for the salt consumed at Newfoundland”: and that this prosecution tends to the ruin of petitioners and their families.
In the margin: a later order of reference dated 1708–9 January 11 to the Attorney General. Reference Book VIII, pp. 287–8.
December 16. Treasury reference to the [Principal] Officers of the Works of the petition of Col. Primrose and Col. Holmes shewing that the Marshalsea in the Savoy is much out of repair and the soldiers and recruits of two Regiments of Guards often make their escape to the great expense of the Officers: therefore praying repairs, to an estimate of 122l. 3s. 2d. Ibid., p. 288.
December 17. Letter of direction for 4000l. to John Tailer as in further part of his [third] 20,000l. for building at Woodstock: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XIX, p. 80.
William Lowndes to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, to shew all friendship to Loftus Cliffe (for long an officer of the revenue in Ireland) for the first suitable vacancy ut supra p. 516. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 375. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 14.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of John Richardson of the city of Durham, maltster, shewing that he is prosecuted for the Duties on 50,000 bushels of Malt upon information of an old servant “that such information is altogether malicious”: therefore praying a stay of proceedings. Reference Book VIII, p. 288.
December 18. Royal warrant, dated St. James's, to John Howe, Treasurer of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, to pay 30l. per an. to Henry Powell, late Steward of the said Hospital for 14 years, for the support of himself and family: as from June 24 last during pleasure. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 289.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to take in loans on the Land Tax anno 1708 not exceeding in the whole 1,880,000l.: at 5 per cent. interest: as by the Act 6 Anne c. 1. Money Book XIX, p. 137.
Letter of direction for 200,000l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Land Tax anno 1708: to be reserved in his hands for such uses relating to the Navy [and Victualling] as the Lord Treasurer from time to time shall think fit to direct. Disposition Book XIX, p. 80.
Same for 198,741l. 0s. 2d. to James Brydges, Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1708: and is for services as follows:
£ s. d.
in part of 894,272l. 3s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1708
for 62 days' subsistence from December 24 inst. to February 23 next for the subject Troops, part of that body 56673 18 10
for the full pay for same time to the foreign Troops, part of said body 65147 17 4
for 3 months' pay from December 24 inst. to March 23 next to the General Officers of said body 5946 5
for Contingencies for said body for said 3 months 2500 0 0
for 6 months' forage money and waggon money for the Subject Troops part of said body 8129 17 6
for same and recruit money for the foreigners part of said body 10000 0 0
in part of 177,511l. 3s.6d. for the 10,000 Additional men anno 1708
for 62 days' subsistence as above of the Subject Troops and full pay to the Foreigners composing this body 35602 4 2
in part of 34,251l. 13s. 4d. for the 3000 Palatines anno 1708
for two thirds (being her Majesty's share) of the pay of the said body for 62 days as above 5811 2 11
in part of 43,251l. 12s. 6d. for the 4639 Saxons anno 1708
for her Majesty's proportion (being a moiety) of said 62 days' pay for the said body 7348 7
in part of 9269l. 16s. 6d. for Bothmar's Regiment of Dragoons anno 1708
for her Majesty's share of the said 62 days' pay of said Regiment 1581 6 6
£198741 0 2
Ibid., p. 81.
December 18. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Mr. Taverner, Agent for the States General, containing a reply to your reports relating to the Duties on Holland and Flanders linen. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 377.
December 19. Money warrant for 328l. 13s. 4d. to John Campbell, goldsmith, for 2 gold collars enamelled of the Order of the Thistle and 2 St. Andrews of gold enamelled and 2 velvet cases delivered into the Jewel Office: as by the certificate of John Charlton, Master of the Jewel House. Money Book XIX, p. 139. Order Book VII, p. 86. Disposition Book XIX, p. 86.
Letter of direction for 100,000l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy: out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Land Tax anno 1708: to be reserved in his hands for uses to be appointed by the Lord Treasurer. Disposition Book XIX, p. 80.
December 19. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute and apply to Deficient Funds as follows the sum of 40,828l. 16s. 11d. being the income between November 21 last and December 19 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows: viz. 8l. 7s. 1d. from Whale fins; 2129l. 14s. 6d. from Marriages being a surplus from the first General Mortgage [or Deficiencies scheme]; 10,725l. 16s. 6d. from Houses; 78l. 0s. 2d. from Salt Duties before 1 August 1706 being a surplus as above; 4122l. 11s. 11d. from ditto since 31 July 1706; 4607l. 11s.d. from New Customs since that date; 2983l. 18s. 0d. from Additional Impositions since that date; 716l. 4s. 0d. from Vellum before 1 August 1706 being a surplus as above; 4205l. 1s. 8d. from ditto since that date; 761l. 14s.d. from Continued Impositions before that date being a surplus as above; 10,489l. 16s. 9d. from ditto since that date: the said distribution and application to be hereby as follows: viz.
The Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood upon the Register the 19th day of Dec, 1707. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 375117 9 8 8993 19
First 3s. Aid 415099 0 0 423098 18 7246 19 0
Paper for Plate 15400 0 0 15400 0 0 268 17 2
Malt Tickets 579060 0 0 403160 0 0 10109 9 10¾
Leather 504438 0 0 453438 0 0 8806 14 2
Third Quarterly Poll 212770 17 0 221470 17 0 3714 13 0
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 27771 6 450 16 8
New East India Company 65518 0 37392 18 1143 16 10¼
General Society [East Indies 5354 10 3055 19 93 7
2338628 15 1959905 8 10 40828 16 11
Money Book XIX, p. 142.
Letter of direction for 107,847l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1708: and is to be applied to satisfy half a year to the Yards to 1707 Lady day: 68,847l. thereof to be placed to the head of Wear and Tear and 39,000l. to be placed to the head of Ordinary of the Navy. Disposition Book XIX, p. 81.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Mr. Hinde a state of his accounts from the Customs books at Liverpool to enable him to adjust same: and meantime to stay prosecution against him. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 377.
Same to the Navy Commissioners for an account of money sent out to Spain since the taking of Barcelona or paid here on foreign bills drawn for the service there: in accordance with the desire of the House of Lords for such account [15 December 1707 Lords Journals XVIII, p. 362]. (The like letters severally to the Victualling Commissioners; the Principal Officers of the Ordnance and Mr. Whitfield, the Paymaster of Marines). Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fox for his answer to the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. St. John, Secretary at War, with the letter [missing] from several clothiers of the Army relating to the reversionary annuities in said Fox's hands for clothing, the want of which puts them under great hardships. Ibid.
December 19. Treasurer Godolphin to the Portuguese Envoy. I have considered what you writ me the other day desiring some money to be paid here upon your bills of exchange to Lisbon towards satisfying some contractors there who are providing clothes for the Troops of the King of Portugal. I am informed that the said contractors have obliged themselves to receive their money at Lisbon: that one third part thereof is already paid and the other two thirds are to be paid on delivery of the clothes there. The present lowness of the exchange I don't doubt is the reason why the contractors' correspondents are desirous to receive their money here, but I am of opinion few undertakers for clothing make such bargains as that a little difference of exchange for a few posts can take away so much of their profit as not to leave them a sufficient gain. For the present low exchange I take to proceed chiefly from a long stop to the public remittances but as soon as money begins to be returned for the subsidy to the King of Portugal or for her Majesty's Troops in those parts I expect to hear of its rising.
I own that the buying the clothes here is an advantage to the [British]nation, but then I believe no country can afford them so good and cheap. So I hope in that respect it is likewise an advantage to the kingdom of Portugal.
Upon the whole matter Sir Henry Furnese having provided himself with a considerable sum at Lisbon has made a proposal for remittances thither at a very advantageous rate for the public and therefore I could not but agree thereunto, which renders it impossible for me to comply with your desire. Ibid., p. 378.
William Lowndes to the Auditors of Imprests to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Earl of Ranelagh touching payments disallowed by you to the amount of 3,931,242l. 8s.d in his accounts between 1 April 1692 and 25 March 1699 as not being vouched according to the strict rules of the Exchequer. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Borrett of the petition of William Hill of Rusper, co. Sussex, shewing that one Patching, late of Rusper, gent, in June 1706 murdered petitioner's daughter and fled and petitioner prosecuted him to outlawry: that petitioner is well acquainted with Patching's estate which is worth 300l. per an.: that some persons upon Patching's flight without any title have seized his personal estate of about 500l. and threaten to cut the timber on the estate and there are several fraudulent debts set up to deprive her Majesty of her just right: therefore praying a grant of so much of the forfeited estate as he shall secure to the Crown. Reference Book VIII, p. 307.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Excise Commissioners to appoint John Bruere as a clerk in the Office of the Comptroller of Excise loco John Bettely deceased: at 80l. per an. salary. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 90.
December 20. Same by same to the Receipt to take in loans on Malt anno 1708 to a total not exceeding 650,000l. (including the unsatisfied loans on the Malt Register anno 1707) at 5 per cent. interest: all as by the Act of 6 Anne c. 5. Money Book XIX, p. 141.
December 22. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 511,734l. 8s. 6d. to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: as imprest for maintaining the Guards and Garrisons in Great Britain and for payment of the Invalids for the year 1708 including 5000 men to serve on board the Fleet. (Money warrant dated December 27 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated December 26). (Money order dated December 26 [sic for 27] hereon). Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 293. Money Book XIX, p. 145. Order Book VII, p. 88.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to the abovesaid John Howe of the office of Receiver and Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons of Great Britain and of all other Forces except those in Ireland and those employed abroad): his patent of 1702 December 22 which constituted him Paymaster of same for England being hereby determined: his present commission is to contain a clause constituting him Paymaster of all deductions which shall be appointed for the maintenance of disabled or superannuated non-Commission officers and men which are or shall be determined within Chelsea Hospital: with the fee of 20s. a day for same. Queen's Warrant Book XXII, p. 294.
William Lowndes to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of the Mint at Edinburgh. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 378.
Same to the Stamps Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer recommends William Kirke for a stamper's place in your Office. Ibid., p. 379.
Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of William Malet shewing that his father was Receiver General of Taxes for co. Somerset and petitioner, as his security, has suffered 6496l. 9s. 2d. in his estate: therefore praying to be appointed to succeed Mr. Dixon, the present Receiver General of that county who has met with such misfortunes as to render him incapable of the execution of that office. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) I, p. 155.
December 23. Royal warrant dated Kensington to Robert Hunter, Governor of Virginia, authorising him upon his arrival there and upon publication of his commission to take for himself a moiety of the salary of 2000l. per an. from the death of Col. Edward Nott, late Governor, to the date of such arrival: “out of our revenue there.” Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 292. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, p. 391.
Same dated St. James to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 1,716,603l. 2s.d. to James Brydges, Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad: as imprest for the Forces abroad anno 1708 as follows: viz.
586,671l. 12s. 0d. for maintaining the Established Forces in Spain and Portugal and the garrison of Gibraltar.
494,689l. 8s. 6d. for her Majesty's proportion of the subsidies payable to the Allies pursuant to Treaties.
500,000l. for the Augmentation of the Forces in order to strengthen the Army of the Duke of Savoy, for making good the alliance with the King of Portugal and for the effectual carrying on of the war for the recovery of the Spanish monarchy to the House of Austria.
100,000l. for the extraordinary subsidy of that amount granted to the Duke of Savoy for especial service in prosecuting the war against France in the year 1707.
22,957l. 2s. 0d. to complete the sum of 42,957l. 2s. 0d. for the Queen's proportion for the Troops of the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel employed in Italy for the year 1707 pursuant to treaty.
12,284l. 19s.d. for the charge of fortifications and other services of the garrison of Gibraltar in 1707.
(Money warrant dated December 27 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated December 26). (Six money orders dated December 26 [sic for 27] hereon). Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 316–7. Money Book XIX, p. 144. Order Book VII, p. 87.
December 23. Letter of direction for 70,705l. 14s. 9d. to Sir Thomas Littleton Navy Treasurer: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1708: to be applied to the following uses of the Navy:
£ s. d.
to the Victualling for bills of exchange 40929 4 6
to same for Necessary Money and Extraordinary Necessary Money 9176 10 3
to same for Short Allowance Money 12000 0 0
to [the Navy for] Wear and Tear, being for bills of exchange under this head 5000 0 0
to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of Marines, to be paid to the Officers of the same to enable them to raise recruits: the charge whereof is to be borne out of money saved by respits on the said Regiments 3600 0 0
£70705 14 9
Disposition Book XIX, p. 82.
December 24. Same for 346,040l. 4s. 0d. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1708: to be applied to the uses following:
£ s. d.
for Wear and Tear, being for the Course of the Navy in the month of January 1705–6 33473 0 0
ditto for February 39537 0 0
ditto for March 40737 0 0
for interest by estimate on the bills in course to March 1705–6 9267 0 0
for the Victualling for the Course of that Office for the month of November, 1705 49557 17 10
ditto for December, 1705 50056 18 2
ditto for January, 1705–6 52075 18 8
ditto for February 1705–6 47580 9 4
for interest by estimate on the bills in course 16555 0 0
for wages to coopers, labourers etc. for the same 4 months 7200 0 0
£346040 4 0
December 24. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Brook et al., merchants, shewing that they are under contract to furnish [? one] entire clothing for 24,000 men for the King of Portugal which is being made up here: therefore praying the same allowance of drawback on the shirts, linings, neckcloths etc. as is usual on linens exported in time. Reference Book VIII, p. 288.
Same to same of the petition of Cornelius Parminter of Botreaux Castle in Cornwall, lately a collector in Padstow port and indebted 500l. to the Crown on his accounts, shewing that he has paid 160l. thereof but having sustained great losses at sea last summer and laid out above 500l. in rebuilding an ancient salt house in the said Castle (which is very beneficial to the Salt revenue) he is disabled from satisfying the remainder: therefore praying time for payment thereof. Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of the distillers of spirits from malted corn, shewing that the compound distillers by not being under any obligation of making their compound spirits merchantable or proof have brought a great discredit on the spirits which petitioners make from malted corn, of which there used to be a great consumption at home as well as great quantities exported to the East Indies, Africa and other parts to the advantage of the Customs and Excise on low wines and discouragement of the clandestine importation of French brandy: therefore praying an Act of Parliament to oblige the compound distillers to make their compound waters merchantable or proof and to prevent the running of foreign brandy. Ibid., p. 307.
Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Abraham Elton, of Bristol, junr., praying to succeed Mr. Dixon as Receiver General of Taxes for co. Somerset. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) I, p. 155.
December 26. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Spencer Compton to pay as follows as her Majesty's free gift and royal bounty “pursuant to her Majesty's pleasure to me signified.”
Margaret, Countess Dowager of Marlborough 100
Thomas Cornwallis, Esq. and John Crown, Esq. each 50
Margaret Strother 10
Eliz. Meese 50
Eliz. Watkins and Charlotte Rycaute each 20
William Tagg 10
Rebecca Bruges alias Pride, Mary Purdon, Jane Wooller widow and Sara Carlisle widow each 20
Money Book XIX, p. ] 40.
December 27. Letter of direction for 390l. to Spencer Compton: out of Civil List moneys: for payments of [the Queen's] pensions and bounties [as above]. Disposition Book XIX, p. 83.
December 29. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Henry Ferne, the Customs Cashier, to pay 37l. 10s. 0d. to Christopher Tilson for 1707 Xmas quarter for making a particular account of the Customs. Money Book XIX, p. 143.
Money order for 2000l. to Treasurer Godolphin for 1707 Xmas quarter's allowance.
75l. to William Wekett for same quarter for necessaries for the Treasury Office.
5l. to John Farra for same quarter for carrying letters [for the Treasury]. Order Book VII, p. 89. Disposition Book XIX, p. 86.
Same for 200l. to Charles, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, for one year to 1707 Xmas on his allowance for extraordinary services performed in his office. Order Book VII, p. 95. Disposition Book XIX, p. 93.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to report on the petition of Mr. Arnold, Paymaster of the Malt Lottery Tickets, praying the same salary as his predecessor, in regard of the numerous small payments he is obliged to make in one year and the increase of business. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 379.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Margaret Du Commun (Comun) and Catherine Vezian, dealers in silks, shewing that they lately bought of several merchants in London a considerable quantity of such goods against the Queen's birthday and same has been seized by the Customs officers as if they had been imported without paying Duty, whereupon petitioners applied to the Customs Commissioners and proved by the persons of whom they bought same that the Duties were paid; upon which it was further urged that they were French goods and on a view some mercers said they did believe they might be French though imported from Holland but would not swear that, but put the proof upon petitioners which was not in their power to do: petitioners believe the prosecution to be malicious and tends to the ruin of them and their families: therefore pray that their goods may be restored to them forthwith. Reference Book VIII, p. 289.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Robert White, housekeeper [of the Queen's house] at Richmond shewing that he has served the royal family 68 years and for part of that time lived in an apartment belonging “to the said castle” granted him by the late King James till the same was out of repair, upon which he was obliged to leave that place but left a servant behind him at Richmond to take care of his business there; that being 84 years of age he is not capable of paying his duty to his lordship [the Lord Treasurer]: therefore being an old servant and having several arrears due from the Crown, he prays such a lease of the said apartment as may be worth his while to repair the same that so he may return again. Ibid., p. 290.
December 30. Money order for 12l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Fox for 1707 Xmas quarter for keeping all the Registers of the Public loans in the Office of the Auditor of the Receipt.
5l. to John Brodhurst for same quarter as porter at the Exchequer Gate.
400l. to Henry Boyle for same quarter on his yearly sum as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Order Book VII, pp. 91, 65.
December 31. Letter of direction for 109,083l. 6s. 8d. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans on Malt anno 1708: for services as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
in part of 586,671l. 12s. 6d. for the Forces in Spain and Portugal anno 1708
to answer a remittance to Mr. Morrice at Lisbon for the use of such of her Majesty's Forces as shall be employed in Portugal 10000 0 0
more, for the service of the said Forces and to be applied by direction of the Commander in Chief 6079 6 0
in part of 500,000l. for augmenting her Majesty's Forces and other purposes
to be paid to the King of Spain in part of 150,000l. for the expense of his person and Household 10000 0 0
to be paid to the Commissary or Paymaster appointed by his said Majesty to pay his own Troops as in part of said 150,000l 20000 0 0
for the moiety (being her Majesty's share) of the pay of 2600 Palatines, part of the Palatine Troops who are to serve in Catalonia; for 3 months from 1707 December 24 to March 23 next: to be paid only in proportion to their effectives 3753 3 6
for 3 months' pay from January 1 next for 4200 Imperialists and Italian Foot: to be paid on the foot of the Dutch pay and only for their effective men 12125 1 6
for the King of Spain in part of 150,000l. for the expense of his person and Household 4750 0 0
more to same in further part being for the pay of his own Troops besides the 20,000l. directed above 9500 0 0
for pay to the 2600 Palatines besides the 3753l. 3s. 6d. directed as above 1782 12 0
for pay to the 4200 Imperialists and Italians besides the 12,125l. 1s. 6d. directed as above 5759 17 0
all which last eight items making 83,750l. are for the value given to Mr. Brydges in Sir Henry Furnes's bills of exchange, to wit in bills dated the 23rd inst. for 60,000l. payable in Lisbon at 5 days' sight at 5s.d. per milrei, and in bills of same date payable at Barcelona 10 days after sight for 23,750l. for the value of 100,000 Crowns at 57d. sterling per piece.
in part of 494,689l. 8s. 0d. for subsidies to the Allies anno 1708
for the Duke of Savoy for 2 months to April 3 next on his subsidy and is to answer to Sir Theodore Janssen the value of his bills of exchange given the 19th inst. for 106,6662/3 Crowns payable at Turin at 57d. sterling per Crown 25333 6 8
£109083 6 8
Disposition Book XIX, p. 84.
December 31. Same for 21,868l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans on Land Tax anno 1708: to be applied as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
for the Ordinary of the Navy 8800 0 0
for Thomas Savery, Treasurer for Sick and Wounded, towards paying quarters for sick and wounded in the half year ended at Michaelmas 1706 6843 0 0
towards subsisting the prisoners at war 1225 0 0
to answer foreign bills of exchange 4000 0 0
towards carrying on the current service of the Office for Sick and Wounded 1000 0 0
of the above last four items three fifths are to be placed to the head of Wages and two fifths to the head of Victualling.
£21868 0 0
Ibid., p. 85.
Same for 803l. 3s.d. to the Paymaster of the Works: out of Civil List moneys: to be paid to Henry Wise for last Xmas quarter viz. 700l. for the Gardens and 103l. 3s. 73d. for St. James's Park. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. St. John and Mr. Brydges of the petition of Col. Thomas Allnut shewing that he provided a whole and a half clothing for his Regiment in February 1705–6, amounting to 4143l. 17s. 3d., which arriving at Alicante after the battle of Almanza the Earl of Galway disposed of the same to clothe his new Catalan Regiment: therefore praying to be reimbursed said clothing “in order to [enable him to] provide others in their room” Reference Book VIII, p. 308.