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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 21, 1706-1707. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Eagles, Edward, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 119, 377.

Earle. See Erle.

Easingwold, co. York, Excise riding collector of. See Wynne, L.

East, William, Clerk of the Estreats in the Court of Common Pleas, 165.

East Cowes, Isle of Wight, 285.

East Greenwich. See Greenwich, East.

East Indies, East India, 368.

goods, duties on, Act for (as by 6 Anne, c. 37), 35;

imported to Ireland from England, 459.

prizes taken in, 24, 26.

ships, 459.

ships for or going to, 35, 300, 350, 499.

ships from, 48.

spirits exported to, 526.

East Molesey, East Moulsey, co. Surrey, manor, bailiff of. See Young, W.

East Pembroke. See Pembroke, East.

Eastcombe. See Greenwich.

Easternwick. See Elsternwick.

Eastman, Geo., Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Buckingham, 101.

Eastwood. See Chopwell.

Eccleston, Thomas, outlawed for treason, lands of, 343.

Eddestone. See Eddystone.

Eddisbury (Edisbury), co. Chester, hundred of, 129.

Eddystone, Eddestone, The, lighthouse to be rebuilt on, profits of, assignment of, 8.

Edgson, William, sheriff of Rutland, accounts, 373.

Edinburgh, shire of. committee of Justices of the Peace for, adjusting differences between Excise Commissioners and brewers, 4778,

Edinburgh, co. Edinburgh, Acts of Parliament dated at, 4601.

bookkeeper to the town of. See Dickson, J.

city of, to be put under the same Excise methods as towns in England, 260, 261.

Commissioners for the Equivalent at or going to, 36, 352, 410.

Custom House, 340, 428.

Customs officers, quarterly salaries, 487.

English goods allowed to pass through without enquiry, 320.

Equivalent moneys to be sent to, 348.

Excise officers ordered to by the Excise Commissioners, London, names of, 273.

Excise surveys and charges in, 368.

Justices of the Bound, determination of in Excise matters dated at, 493.

letters dated at, 331, 410, 478.

merchants of, depositions of, 363;

petitions of, 254, 255, 319.

Mint, 265

coinage in, report on, 264.

dies and puncheons for, 350.

Master of. See Allardes, G. memorial of, 524.

officers of, report for the guidance of, 492.

persons to be sent to, 350, 3534.

silver, melting of, 489.

Warden of, 350, 353 See also Drummond, W. See also ScotlandMint.

Ordnance carriage to be returned from, 42.

postmaster at. See Maine, G.

Resolution of Parliament dated at, 461.

ships registered at, 488.

Edisbury. See Eddisbury.

Edwards, David, printer, petition of, 157, 175.

-, Gilbert, outpensioner, Chelsea Hospital, 377.

-, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Lincoln, 101.

-, Samuel, first clerk in the Teller's office, 160.

-,-, officer to the Trustees for circulating Exchequer Bills, 305.

-, Thomas, weighing porter, 189.

Edwin (Edwyn), Samuel, Usher or doorkeeper of the Exchequer Receipt, 47, 103, 169, 172, 210, 355.

Egerton, , business with Sir J. Crew, 55, 473.

-, Elizabeth, Countess of Bridgewater, gift from the Queen at the christening of her child, 245.

Eglesfield, , Collector, Carlisle port, debtowing by, 66.

Egypt, trade to, 185.

Eithinog, Ethineock, co. Carnarvon, 67;

tenement called Coed Maddoch or Coed Maddock in, 67.

Elector of Treves, The. See Treves.

Elector Palatine, The, Envoy from. See Lescheraine, Count.

journey to Vienna, payment for, 227.

payments and subsidies to, 24, 65, 66, 120, 161, 219, 317, 436, 510.

treaty with, 179.

Elford, , 432.

Ellemeet, Ellemet. See Jonge.

Ellesdon, Charles, deceased, searcher of Poole port, 243.

-, See also Elsdon.

Elliott (Elliot), John, waiter and searcher at Stonehouse, deceased, 237.

-, Roger, colonel, lieutenantgovernor of Gibraltar, payment to for seizing a ship, 338.

-, Stephen, prosecuted for Customs frauds, 479.

-, Thomas, lodging chaplains in waiting at Kensington, 336.

-, William, coastwaiter, London port, 312.

-,-, laceman, payment to, 377.

-,-, Survey of duties on Houses, co. Berks, removed, 322, 329.

Ellis, John (Ja.), Comptroller of the Mint, 97, 263, 264, 492.

Elsdon, Ellesdon, co. Northumberland, waiter and searcher at. See Ord, J.;

Rowe, E.

Elsternwick, Easternwick, co. York, manorof, 181.

Elton, Abraham, of Bristol, junr., petition for place as Receiver General of Taxes, co. Somerset, 526.

Ely, Isle of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Richers, T.;

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Percival, W.;

White, J.

Emlyn Dyffryn Brian, Emlyn Dyffimbryan, co. Pembroke, manor or lordship of, 287.

Emmerson (Emmeson), William, watering the road way in Hyde Park, 330, 372.

Emmeson. See Emmerson.

Emperor, The. See Germany.

England, John, bonds of, 48, 249, 486.

English, Jasper, Keeper of the Mansion House, Gardens and Orchards at Hampton Court, 303.

-, John Marshal of the Ceremonies, 89, 376, 426.

Erie (Earle), John, Register of Customs seizures, 73.

-, Thomas, colonel or lieutenant general, Lieutenant General of the Ordnance, 62.

Regiment of, arrears, issues for, 177.

clearings, issues for, 92, 134, 232, 380, 465, 490.

clothing for, 123, 124.

commission officers of, demands for pay, 144.

in Ireland, 123, 124.

officers of, petition of, 213.

pay for supernumerary men, 130.

respits, 17.

subsistence for, issues for, 83, 96, 139, 154, 195, 219, 288, 325, 378, 417, 441, 465, 490.

Erskine, , place in the Customs, 401.

-, the Hon. James, Lord Grange, [a Judge of Justiciary, Scotland], letter to, 352.

-, John, Earl of Mar, [a Scottish Commissioner for the Union], 29, 349, 352, 363, 371, 401.

a Secretary for Scotland, 266.

letters to and from, 31920.

seizure of wine and brandy, 315.

-, Sir John, of Alva, at Edinburgh, letter to, 352.

Esch, Jacob van der, Paymaster of the Dutch, Danish and Saxe Gotha troops in the late war, 20, 23, 25, 27, 1745, 285, 383, 384, 386, 387, 388, 389, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396.

Essex, county of, arrears of duties on Houses and Marriages in, Receiver of. See Sterne, F.

quit rents, 226.

Receiver General of, 519. See also Rich, N.

Receiver General of Land Tax 1705. See Maidston, F.

Receiver General of Land Tax 1707. See Turner, J.

Receiver General of Taxes. See Everard, Sir H,

Surveyor of duties on Houses. See Courtiville, C.;

Orbell, T.

Essex, county of. See also Massachusetts Bay.

Essex, Earl of. See Capel, A.;

Devereux, R.

Estarmiere, Isaac, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 72.

Estwick, Nathaniel, Secretary to the commissioners of inquiry into the losses at St. Christopher, payment to, 38, 397, 404.

Ethineock. See Eithinog.

Eton, co. Buckingham. College, Provost and Fellows of, perpetuity to, 165.

Ettrick, William, 229, 290.

Eugene, Prince. See Savoy.

Eutin, [Germany, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg], bishopric, pretensions to. See Denmark, Prince Charles of.

Evans (Evance), [David], lieutenant in the Marine regiment of Sir C. Shovell, 153.

-, Erasmus, tidesurveyor, London port to be Inspector of the River, 189.

-, John, tiles sold by, 128.

-, Jonathan, clerk, going to Virginia as chaplain, passage money, 285.

-, Owen, clerk going to Virginia as chaplain, passage money, 198.

-, Richard, clerk to the Tidesurveyor London port, 100.

-, Sir Stephen, bonds of, 48, 249, 486;

inquisition against, 48;

to pay in money or be prosecuted, 471.

Eveligha, Nicholas, riding officer and deputy controller at Littlehampton to be collector at Arundel, 268.

Evelyn, John, late Treasurer for the Royal Hospital of Greenwich, accounts, 78, 176, 207, 269, 283;

executors of, stay of process against, 176, 207. See also Evelyn, J.;

money due to as executor to Sir R. Brown, 283.

-,-, grandson and executor of John late Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital, 269, 283.

-,-, a Commissioner of Prizes, 495.

-,-, Receiver General of Stamp Duties, 324.

Everard, Sir Hugh, late Receiver General of Taxes co. Essex, 192, 486;

executors of, petition of, 167, 180, 245, 298, 331, 371.

-, Dame Mary, executor of Sir Hugh, 167, 245, 298, 331.

-, Sir Richard, son of Sir Hugh, on service in Spain, 371;

petition of, 486.

-, Robert, boatman's mate, Newcastle, 381.

-, [Thomas], a Commissioner of the Revenue, Ireland, 453.

Ewelme, co. Berks and Oxford, honor of, 280.

Exeter, co. Devon, city of, Receiver General for Land Tax 1707. See Quash, J.

port, Starcross in, tidesman and boatman in. See Miller, G.;

Trestain, W.

tidesman in. See Comings, W.;

Foxwell, T.

Eyles, Francis [Deputy Governor of the Bank of England], 5, 110.

-, Richard, boatman at Newcastle, relinquishes, 381.

Eyre (Eyres), Charles, Agent and Solicitor to the Customs in Scotland or North Britain, 257, 2589, 259, 314.

-, [Robert], Queen's Counsel, 367;

kinsman to. See Strode, .

-, Samuel, owner of the Swallow, redeeming a prisoner in France, 75, 154.