Warrant Books: March 1708, 21-25

Pages 174-186

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 22, 1708. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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March 1708, 21–25

March 21. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of the Mayor etc of New Windsor praying consideration for the loss of the improvements on the 31 acres lying between the Park Wall & the Thames, of which they have been deprived since May 1706 by reason of the building the new bridge at Datchet: the same having been granted them till they should have some other recompence for the damage of their highways & parish rates by reason of the enlargement of the Little Park by enclosing common &c. Reference Book VIII, p. 315.
Same to the Commissioners for Prizes of the petition of Walter Middleton, Collector of Milford port & agent for prizes there in the late war & beginning of the present war: petitioner praying for recompense of his pains in taking care of the St Francis de Vein Chattell taken by the Monmouth with a lading of salt which would have been plundered by the rabble. ibid.
March 22. Royal warrant dated St James's to Treasurer Godolphin for payment of salaries in Scotland as follows for half a year from 1st May 1707 to 1st Nov 1707: all by reason that by article 14 of the Treaty of Union the Parliament of Scotland was to have made the necessary provision for the public charge & service of Scotland for the year 1707 but it now appears that the funds have not been sufficient for that purpose & many of the said servants who have executed their employments with great fidelity & been at considerable charges therein have received no part of their salaries since 1 May 1707 & the Queen is pleased to allow same as follows viz:
£ s. d.
James, Earl of Seafield, Lord High Chancellor & a Treasury Lord 1500
James, Duke of Montrose, President of the Privy Council & a Treasury Lord 1000
James, Duke of Queensberry, Keeper of the Privy Seal & a Treasury Lord 1350
John, Earl of Mar & Hugh, Earl of Loudoun, Principal Secretaries of State, 1000l. each 2000
David, Earl of Glasgow, Treasurer Deput & a Treasury Lord 600
David, Earl of Northesk & Archibald, Earl of Forfar & William, Lord Ross & Francis Montgomerie, four of the Treasury Lords 350l. each 1400
David, Earl of Wemys, “our Admiral there” 500
Sir David Nairn, Secretary Deput there 400
Further there is to be hereby issued to the said Sir David Nairn 104l. 0. 6½ which is to be remitted by him to John Law, clerk, the Queen's Almoner in Scotland, for the blue gowns furnished & the charity money distributed by him on Feb 6 last, being the Queen's birthday. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 342. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 326–7.
(Money warrant dated March 24, & twelve money orders dated March 29 hereon. Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 328–330.)
(Letter of direction dated March 31 for the issue of 8854l. 0. 6½ hereon. Disposition Book XIX, p. 130. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 330.)
March 22. Letter of direction for 35490l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans to be made at the Exchequer on the late Act [6 Anne c. 73] for Continuing the Half Subsidies: & is to be as in part of 586671l. 12. 6 for the Established Forces in Spain anno 1708: & is intended to be paid over to Sir Henry Furnese to complete the sum of 75490l. for the value of his bill given the 2nd inst for the service of the said Forces, & to be payable in Lisbon at the rate of 5s. the milrei. Disposition Book XIX, p. 122.
Same for 4000l. to Visct Rialton, the Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List moneys: & is in further part of 1707 Michaelmas quarter for the wages, board wages &c payable in his office.
(A like letter dated March 31 for a further 3000l. for the same service.) ibid., p. 123.
Same for 12166l. 13. 4 to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans on the Half Subsidies [6 Anne c. 73]: & is in part of 500000l. for augmenting the Forces &c: & is for the Duke of Savoy towards the sum intended him for the extraordinary service of the war in Italy & is to be paid over to Sir Theodore Janssen to complete the 24166l. 13. 4 for the value of his bills of exchange dated the 5th inst for 100000 Crowns payable at Turin at 60 days after date at 58 pence sterling per Crown of 82 sols each, money of Piedmont. Disposition Book XIX, p. 123.
March 22. Letter of direction for 5957l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans ut supra, and is for services as follows viz:
£ s. d.
in part of 586671l. 12. 6 for the Established Forces in Spain anno 1708
for the Regiments of Brudenall, Hamilton, Farrington, Mohun, Caulfield, Allen, Barrymore, Paston & Wynn upon account of subsistence 5000
in part of 894272l. 3. 6 for the 40000 men anno 1708
for 2 months' subsistence from Jan 24 last to March 23 inst for 108 additional Dragoons to each of the Regiments of Stair & Ross to complete their numbers from 54 to 60 men per Troop & to add a new Troop of the like number to each Regiment 957
Same for 750l. each to Henry Boyle & Charles, Earl of Sunderland, Secretaries of State, out of Civil List moneys: for secret service. ibid., p. 124.
William Lowndes to Mrs. Borret concerning her report of Jan 29 last on the petition of Dr. Wells for his disbursements in the suit concerning the advowson of Aldgate Church. When was the money expended & on what date did the Lord Treasurer direct the prosecution to be no longer at the Crown's expense? Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 405.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of John Richardson of the city of Durham, maltster, concerning the informations against him for concealing several quantities of malt since 1 April 1697; praying to be at liberty to make his defence before the Lord Treasurer. Reference Book VIII, p. 295.
William Lowndes to the Excise Commissioners in North Britain to report on the representation of Mr. Dowdeswell, their Secretary, that the business of his Office is so great that he cannot perform it with one clerk but needs an additional clerk at 30l. per an. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 326.
March 23. Same to Mr. Walpoole to prepare a royal warrant for paying 1127l. 10. 0 to Isaac Teal, Apothecary General of the Army, for providing medicines & necessaries for the Hospital in Spain.
Appending: (a) representation & estimate of said medicines made out by Dr. John Lecaan, Physician to her Majesty's Forces in Spain. “For want of medicines & necessaries the sick can get no relief and the wounded cannot be dressed: and for want of sheets, blankets & other things (which cannot be purchased for money in that country) the poor men cannot be kept clean or warm, which creates so nauseous a smell & leaves them naked to the cruelties of the weather that the consequences are most infectious & render the sick and wounded irrecoverable: through which infections the officers & servants of the Hospitals are not able to attend them without the greatest & most constant danger of their lives, as appears by the death of several chirurgeons & apothecaries: and the time being very short your Majesty is humbly desired to order the medicines to be got ready & likewise the necessaries undermentioned to be provided for the Hospitals of Gibraltar, Alicante, Denia & Catalonia” viz 300 pairs of sheets for one person at 6s. 6d.; 200 pairs of sheets for 2 persons at 8s. 6d.; 500 beds & bolsters at 4s. 6d.; 1000 shirts at 2s. 6d.; 150 pairs of blankets for one person at 5s.; & 150 ditto at 6s.; & 200 pairs of ditto for 2 persons at 7s. 6d.: likewise oatmeal, flour & medicines.
(b) report dated Feb 10 last from J. Brydges [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] & Henry St John [late Secretary at War] on the abovesaid representation & estimate. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 405–6.
March 23. Treasury reference to Sir Isaac Newton of the petition of Gabriell L'Clerk, one of the three engravers at the Mint, shewing that in June 1706 there being little or no business [on hand at the Mint] he obtained leave to go for Germany where his stay was longer than ordinary “being detained by the Elector of Hanover, as the said Elector has signified to his Lordship [Treasurer Godolphin]”: therefore praying payment of his salary during his absence. Reference Book VIII, p. 296.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Charles, Duke of St Albans for a re-grant in the name of himself & of William Beauclark, his second son, of the pension of 800l. per an granted out of the revenue of Ireland by Charles II in the names of the Earl of Middlesex & Thomas Felton. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 20.
March 24. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to John Dodd, Receiver of the Rights & Perquisites of Admiralty, to pay 458l. 6. 1 to Thomas Parry for cooperage &c upon the lading of the ship Pearl or White Pearl condemned as a perquisite of Admiralty.
Prefixing: report by said Dod et al on the petition of said Parry. Money Book XIX, p. 210.
Money warrant for 24l. 4. 1 to Sir Richard Newman, being the surplus on his account as sheriff of Co Northampton for the year ended 1707 Sept 29. (Money order dated April 10 hereon.) ibid., p. 211. Order Book VII, p. 136. Disposition Book XIX, p. 126.
Dormant warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Cashier to pay the fee or salary of 12l. 9. 2 per an to Matthew Oliver as Comptroller of Boston port.
The like for the fee or salary of 15l. 5. 0 per an to Arthur Price as Customer of Milford Haven. Money Book XIX, pp. 211, 212.
Money warrant for 50l. to William Clayton for his service in computing & paying to the Contributors for Annuities on the Act of 3 Anne [3–4 Anne c. 2] the 5 per cent allowance on their Contribution money up to the 1st May 1705 as in satisfaction of all his charges in passing the accounts of moneys imprested to him for same. (Money order dated 26 March hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 26 March hereon.) Money Book XIX, p. 211. Order Book VII, p. 126. Disposition Book XIX, p. 126.
March 24. Money warrant for 674l. 14. 6 to Robert Cole, Agent & Consul at Algier, for 2 bills of extraordinaries in his said service from 1705 Aug 10 to 1707 Aug 10. Money Book XIX, p. 212. Order Book VII, p. 135. Disposition Book XIX, p. 126.
Same for 923l. 16. 0¼ to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of the Works, for the charges of the several officers of the Works and artisans employed in building the new office or offices for paying of Annuities as by the Act of 4 Anne [4–5 Anne c. 18] for the sale of Annuities.
Appending: bill of said charges. Money Book XIX, p. 217.
Same for 171l. 11. 0 to Robert Hewett, viz 161l. 5. 0 thereof for making out (by the Lord Treasurer's particular order) a perfect abstract of the accounts of the general & particular Receivers of the revenues of the late Queen Dowager Catherine “which were last passed before him & are parcel of the revenue of the Exchequer, together with the names of the particular tenants, the dates of the leases, the rents thereon reserved & the terms in being and the fees, stipends & payments that had been usually paid out of the said revenue to stewards, keepers, bailiffs & receivers thereof”; and the remaining 10l. 6. 0 for [Exchequer] fees &c. on said sum. ibid., p. 218. Order Book VII, p. 124. Disposition Book XIX, p. 126.
Letter of direction for 12000l. to John How, Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons: out of loans to be made by himself on Land Tax anno 1708: & is intended to be reserved to pay offreckonings for clothing as the Lord Treasurer shall from time to time direct. Disposition Book XIX, p. 124.
Same for 654l. to Charles Mason, Paymaster of the Transport Service: out of money recovered from Mr. Nutin, late Paymaster thereof: & is to be applied in part of debts which were to have been paid by the said Nutin “and to be deposited at present with the Commissioners of the Transports for that purpose.” ibid.
Same for 10000l. to the Navy Treasurer: out of Contributions on the second Act [6 Anne c. 48] for Annuities anno 1708: & is intended to be applied to pay wages to the ships' Companies (or those claiming under them) that were lost with Sir Cloudesly Shovell. ibid., p. 125.
Same for 5000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of Contributions on the abovesaid second Act for sale of Annuities anno 1708: & is in part of 894272l. 3. 6 for the 40000 men anno 1708: & is intended to be paid over to Mr. Medina for & in lieu of the like sum to be detained by the said Brydges out of the tallies & orders on the Land Tax anno 1708 which were struck in said Brydges' name Feb 27 last for the said Medina towards the advance on his contract for bread and bread waggons: “which sum in tallies & orders is now to be reserved in the hands of the said Mr. Brydges for such other services relating to the said 40000 men as my Lord Treasurer shall think fit to apply the same.” ibid., p. 128.
March 24. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Walter Steuart setting forth his importing into Scotland 39 pieces of foreign silks called lustrings & alamodes before 1 May 1707 & that on bringing them to London they are seized by the Customs officers, although the Attorney General has given his opinion that they are liable to no other Duties than were paid in Scotland, “notwithstanding which the Customs Commissioners refuse delivery thereof but [only on condition that they are] to be exported: therefore praying relief. Reference Book VIII, p. 295.
Same to the Solicitor General of the petition of Edward Progers for enrolment & confirmation of a lease of the Great Gatehouse from King Street into New Palace Yard & several messuages, sheds & premises, part of the bailiwick of Westminster. ibid., p. 315.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to John Dodd, Receiver of the rights & perquisites of Admiralty, to pay to Capt. Clenhall, the Commander & other the officers & seamen of the Prince pacquet boat employed between Falmouth & Portugal, one moiety of the small Spanish ship St Anthony (Pedro Burdeo master, from Santa Cruz to Bayonne with a cargo of snuff) taken by them Aug 10 last and ransomed for 2500 pieces of Eight: as a reward for their service in taking the said ship: and further out of the other moiety (being the Queen's moiety) to pay 100 guineas to Capt. Francis Clies for his bravery and courage in defending the Expedition pacquet boat when attacked & boarded by a French privateer of 26 guns, he having maintained a close fight for several hours, the enemy's ship being lashed to the pacquet boat & after a very obstinate fight forced the privateer to sheer off, Capt. Clies being shot in the head & several of his men killed & wounded.
Prefixing: report by the Postmasters General detailing the circumstances of said capture &c and proposing rewards as above. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, pp. 147–150.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of several messuages & parcels of land in Walton, Weybridge & Chertsey (formerly part of the lands of the late Queen Dowager) in order to an extension of lease thereof to Margaret Agar, widow of John Agar.
Prefixing: said Surveyor General's report on said Margaret Agar's petition. ibid., pp. 150–152.
1708. March 25. Royal warrant dated St James's to Sir Robert Cotton & Sir Thomas Frankland, Postmasters General, to discharge George Main gent of Edinburgh (who was Postmaster General or Farmer or Contractor of & for the Post Office in Scotland) from all liability to any further account therefor on his paying the sum of 4l. 3. 5 into the hands of Stephen Lilly, Receiver General of the Post Office of England, being the balance remaining in said Main's hands on the 11th Nov 1707 when his contract ended: all upon considering the report of the said Cotton & Frankland of Jan 21 last on said Main's memorial. Further upon their proposal and representation touching the managing the Post Office in North Britain the said Postmasters General of England are hereby to cause the revenue of the Post Office in Scotland as from the said 11 Nov last to be managed and collected according to such methods & by such officers at such salaries as were proposed in the said proposal & representation.
Appending: said report from said Cotton & Frankland dated Jan 21 last on the Treasury order of reference of Dec 3 last. Mr. Main took the said farm of the Scotch Post Office for 3 years from 1701 Nov 11 at 1194l. 8. 10 per an rent. On the expiry thereof in 1704 he took a further 3 years' term therein. As to the postage of the English letters which were sent from hence to Scotland Mr. Main has been accountable to the London Office for the postage due thereon & has punctually discharged himself thereof, having been allowed 100l. per an salary out of the London Post Office by royal warrant. He has made up an account from the 1st May 1707, when the Union of the two kingdoms took place, to the expiry of his farm on Nov 11 last. This account we ordered him to keep separate & distinct, presuming that his farm rent for that time would be paid to the Exchequer here. By this account it appears that after the usual allowances made to him for the postage of the Secretaries [of State's] pacquets between London & Berwick sent by the ordinary mail and for the charge of all flying pacquets between London & Edinburgh and the salaries of the several Deputy Postmasters between Berwick & Edinburgh & a clerk employed in the Post Office at Edinburgh & for the expense of maintaining pacquet boats between Port Patrick & Donnogodee in Ireland, the balance of profit from the said Post Office in Scotland is inconsiderable, the balance due from him being only 4l. 3. 5. “And in all probability unless the Union cause a great increase of trade the management of the Posts there at least for some time will rather be a charge than any advantage to the revenue by reason of the Representatives in Parliament having the privilege of franking their letters, which before the Union the Members of Parliament in Scotland never enjoyed in that kingdom.” What profit Mr. Main made of the said farm we cannot judge, having never seen the gross produce of the Post revenue of that kingdom but Mr. Main doth affirm that his profits communibus annis did not exceed 200l. We cannot at present judge what probability there is of making an improvement of the revenue of the Post Office there. But we must observe to your Lordship that the stages as at present settled are but few and not one horse post in that part of the kingdom of Great Britain except between Edinburgh & Berwick. We therefore propose that a person be appointed at Edinburgh to manage the Posts of that part of the kingdom who shall be accountable for all moneys received as well for the postage of letters sent from hence to Edinburgh as for the postage of all letters sent between Edinburgh & any town or place of Scotland. Mr. Main seems to be the fittest person to be entrusted therewith as he has acquitted himself in the management of the Posts there with a general good character both from the nobility & gentry & we have had long experience of his punctual payment of all sums due to this [London General Post] Office. We are of opinion it may be proper to send to Edinburgh an officer who has had experience in the methods of the London Post Office to inspect for some time the methods of the Post Office there & in the summer to survey the several Roads & the present settlement of the Post stages there & to report whether any improvement may be likely to be made to the enlarging of correspondence & increase of the revenue.
We take this opportunity of informing your Lordship that the revenue of the Post Office suffers very much by the great number of letters sent under cover of the pacquets of the Secretaries of State of Scotland and we propose that it be recommended to them that a due regulation be made “f the said pacquet” & that no letters but their own and those relating to the affairs of their Office may be permitted to be sent under their cover, so that all other letters may be sent in the ordinary mails and duly taxed.
£ s. d.
Followed by (a) Mr. Main's account.
George Main, Postmaster of North Britain, is due for his farm of the Post Office there from 1 May 1707 to 11 Nov 1707 conform to his contract with the Lords of the Treasury of Scotland being half a year 597 4 5⅓
Paid to the London Office for the Secretary Pacquet for the month of May 74 11 4
ditto for June to the 24th 49 9 0
ditto from 24 June to July 31 75 11 4
ditto for August 58 7 6
ditto for September 50 14 0
ditto for October 58 4 4
ditto for Nov 1–11 27 1 0
paid for 23 expresses from 3 May 1707 to 25 Sept 1707 at 3l. 17. 6 each between London & Berwick 89 2 6
paid to James Wemyss, clerk to the Post Office, for his salary from 1 May 1707 to 11 Nov 1707 12 10 0
paid to the Postmaster in the Cannongate for the like salary 17 10 0
paid to the Postmaster at Hadington for the like 25 0 0
paid to the Postmaster at Cockburnspath for the like 25 0 0
half a year's salary for same time allowed to me, this accomptant, for keeping a pacquet boat betwixt Portpatrick & Donaghadee in Ireland as particularly expressed in my contract 30 0 0
to balance debitor 4 4 5⅓
£597 4 5⅓
(b) Certificate by the Earl of Glasgow dated 24 Dec 1707 as to the correctness of the above account.
(c) A further report dated 15 March 1707–8 to Treasurer Godolphin from the Postmasters General of England enlarging on the proposals contained in the above prior report of Jan 21 last. We propose that there be exact entries of the gross profit of all letters & that a particular account be kept of all state & frank letters & of all abatements for letters overcharged: likewise of all disbursements for salaries, incidents &c: an account to be made up quarterly & the balance to be paid.
(d) The proposed Establishment of the salaries of the Deputy Postmasters & officers of the Post Office in Scotland as from 11 Nov 1707, the time of the expiry of Mr. Main's farm thereof.
£ s. d.
Postmaster at Edinburgh 200 per an
the accomptant 50
the clerk 50
the clerk's assistant 25
3 letter carriers at a crown per week each 39
Postmaster at the foot of Cannongate 35
Postmaster of Hadington 50
” Cockburnspath 50
” Aberdeen 28
” Glasgow 25
” Dundee 15
” Montrose 15
” Inverness 15
” Dumfries 12
” Ayr 12
” Perth for himself & runner's wages 26
” Port Patrick ditto 20 3 0
” Paisley ditto 5 4 0
£672 7 0
the Postmasters following to have a fourth of the [postage of the] inland letters for his salary viz of Falkirk, Stirling, Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Irvine, New Galloway, Wigtoun, Monifieth, Arbroath, Bervie, Stonhyve [Stonehaven], Keith, Elgin, Forres, Nairn, Tayn [Tain], Wick, Thurso.
The Postmaster of Forfar to have a half of all inland letters for himself & runner.
The Postmaster of Dumbarton to have the third of the like for himself & runners.
The runners between Aberdeen & Edinburgh 60 0 0
ditto between Inverness & Aberdeen 30 6 8
ditto between Edinburgh & Glasgow 40 0 0
ditto between Glasgow & Ayr 17 6 8
ditto between Inverness & Edinburgh 26
ditto between Tain & Inverness 2 12 0
ditto between Stirling & Falkirk 6 0 0
ditto between Irvine & Kilmarnock 2 0 0
ditto between Hamilton & Glasgow 5 4 0
ditto between Borrowstounness & Linlithgow 1 6 0
ditto between Edinburgh & Dumfries 13 13 0
ditto between Edinburgh, New Galloway and Wigtoun 21 13 4
ditto between Inverness & Thurso 18 0 0
for maintaining pacquet boats at Port Patrick to carry letters between Scotland & Donaghadee in Ireland pursuant to the Act of Parliament passed in Scotland for erecting a Post Office 60 0 0
£304 1 8
Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 336–340.
March 25. Allowance by Treasurer Godolphin of the salary bill, detailed, of the Prize Office for 1708 Lady day quarter: total 2067l. 10. 0. Money Book XIX, p. 213.
Money warrant for 2500l. to the executors of Alexander Stanhope for 4 bills of extraordinaries as late Envoy and Plenipotentiary to the States General between 27 Sept 1702 & 27 Nov 1706. (Money order for 2500l. dated March 26 hereon.) (Letter of direction for 2500l. dated 26 Mar hereon.)
Appending: said bills as allowed the first by Secretary Hedges & the last three by Secretary Harley.
£ s. d.
(1) from 27 Sept-7 Oct 1702 to 27 Sept-7 Oct 1703: bill dated Whitehall 12 Feb. 1703–4.
postage of letters to & from all parts from & to our Ministers in the North, Germany, Portugal & Italy with all their pacquets to be forwarded 395
new year's gifts 35
Gazettes, printed & written Intelligence 110
stationery ware 50
to poor soldiers, seamen and other distressed people to whom I gave passes at several times to go to England 10
entertainment upon her Majesty's birthday to many of the States General and some of all the Councils and most of the Foreign Ministers in town which though done without particular order I hope her Majesty will please to allow it, being the first year of her happy & glorious reign: it really cost me 140 0 0
to Mr. Du bois, a Commissary to examine passengers at the Brill by order of Secretary Hedges, for three quarters of a year's salary 22 10 0
Followed by: Secretary Hedges' allowance hereof. I allow the first 5 articles of this bill and the seventh, being by particular order. The sixth article I submit to the Lord Treasurer
£762 10 0
(2) For 18 months from 27 Sept-8 Oct 1703 to 27 March-7 April 1705: bill dated Whitehall 15 May 1705.
postage as above 590
two years' new years gifts 70
Gazettes, printed & written Intelligence 150
stationery ware 73
to poor soldiers, seamen &c as above 17
to Mr. Vincent Du bois as above by order as above for 1½ years salary at 30l. per an 45
to Mr. Armand by Secretary Hedges' order 60 pistoles 52 10 0
paid for pacquets of letters forwarded to Mr. Hill by order of the Earl of Nottingham by Mr. Warr. (In the margin: “the order for this appears dated 7 Nov 1703–4”) 5 10 0
mourning for the Duchess Dowager of Holstein by Secretary Harley's order 30
celebrating her Majesty's birthday in 1703–4 & 1704–5 50
Followed by: Secretary Harley's allowance hereof. I allow this bill as to the 900l. which is within the Regulation [of Ambassadorial extraordinaries]. And for the 183l. Mr. Stanhope had orders for the services and they are submitted to my Lord Treasurer.
£1083 0 0
(3) For 12 months from 27 March 7 April 1705 to 27 March 7 April 1706.
postage as above 395
new year's gifts 35
Gazettes, printed & written Intelligence 110
stationery ware 50
to poor soldiers, seamen &c as above 10
celebrating her Majesty's birthday 30 0 0
personal mourning for the Queen Dowager [Cattarina of Braganza] 30 0 0
moneys paid to 2 advocates & attorney employed in the cause betwixt her Majesty & the Princess of Freiz [Fries] concerning her Majesty's jewels: according to their account to March 16 last being then 1690 guilders, for which they look upon me as their paymaster: it is in English money at the present exchange 159
memorandum: this item is allowed by Secretary Harley: but against it there is the following marginal note: this bill (with a further demand to Xmas 1706) has been paid by Mr. Stepney out of remittances to him for that purpose & is therefore to be deducted from the bill.
Secretary Harley's allowance is as follow: “This bill of 600l. for 12 months not exceeding the Establishment; and the additional 60l. (whereof 30l. for mourning for the Queen Dowager by order, and 30l. for celebrating her Majesty's birthday) being customary is allowed by me. The additional 1690 guilders which is alleged to be disbursed by the said Envoy by order from England is allowed and recommended to my Lord Treasurer.”
(4) for 7 months from 27 March–7 April 1706 to 27 Nov 1706.
postage as above 225
Gazettes, printed & written Intelligence 85
stationery ware 35
to poor soldiers, seamen &c as above 5
transport of [my] goods, coaches, horses, servants &c from the Hague to London 50
to the Captain of the yacht, his servants & seamen 21 10 0
Followed by: Secretary Harley's allowance hereof. The 4 first articles amounting to 350l. for 7 months not exceeding the Establishment, [as in the order] of the [Privy] Council, are allowed by me. The fifth and sixth articles amounting to 71l. 10. 0 seem reasonable and have been allowed to others but are nevertheless submitted to my Lord Treasurer.
£421 10 0
Money Book XIX, pp. 213–5. Order Book VII, p. 121. Disposition Book XIX, p. 125.
March 25. William Lowndes to Sir Isaac Newton. It has been represented to Treasurer Godolphin that Richard Collard junr, one of the Moneyers at Edinburgh [Mint], has been in a languishing condition for some months. Please give him leave to return home for the recovery of his health. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 406.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Thomas Chaplin shewing that in the reign of Charles II Thomas Cook, Master of the Tennis Court, did pursuant to the king's instructions build a new Tennis Court and other buildings on the part of ground formerly used as a garden adjoining the Cockpit & called the Brake; since which time some other buildings have been erected by the Duke of Montague & the Earl of Rochester by the sole consent of the [successive] Masters of the Tennis Court on consideration of rent which they [the said Masters] have always received and enjoyed without any manner of concession from the Crown: but that a stop is put to a grant of that office [of Master of the Tennis Court] to petitioner by reason the said lodgings are not excepted therein: that petitioner's grant being only during pleasure it cannot be inconvenient to the Crown; whereas should the Master of the Great Wardrobe obtain a grant of said premises by virtue of his office (which is for life) those lodgings could not so easily be reassumed to the Crown: therefore praying that he may enjoy said office [with all such rights] as his predecessors have done. Reference Book VIII, p. 296.
William Lowndes to the Excise Commissioners in North Britain to report on the memorial of J. Whetham & David Ross, the two of your members who were sent from London; they praying an allowance for the charge of their journey to Edinburgh & of removing their families thither.
Prefixing: said memorial. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 331.
Same to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain. The Lord Treasurer gives leave of absence to Sir Robert Dixon, one of your number, to go to the Bath for his health. ibid.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Provost & Bailiffs of Glasgow. I do not in the least think that you or any of the better sort were any ways concerned in the tumults you mention. As to the rights of your city with respect to your Livering port, which you say are like to be invaded, I can only tell you that I know of nothing as yet tending thereunto and I desire you to rest satisfied that when I do I shall oppose it as far as I am able.
Prefixing: letter to Treasurer Godolphin dated Glasgow March 8 inst & signed Richard Radgers, John Bowman, Thomas Smith, John Awd. We have received from the Customs Commissioners of Scotland a Book relating to the Customs. We cannot but discern thereby your endeavours to promote an equality in trade & unity in affection among all her Majesty's subjects which must needs make the Union happy to us and remove the prejudices which many too tenaciously retained against it. We know not how we may be represented to your Lordship with respect to the tumults in this city at the time of the passing of the Union in our Parliament nor shall we trouble you with a particular narration of them but only tell you that their rise was from the Provost refusing to sign an Address against the Union and that they came to such a height that (after being more than once insulted by the mob) he was obliged to leave the place and the Address [was] so impetuously carried on that the people of substance were forced to subscribe it for a protection to their houses & families.
And we may safely say there was no place in Scotland where so great a number of the better sort appeared for the Union as in Glasgow though this could no ways influence our Commissioners to go into it. But we assure your Lordship we did & do abhor such practices & shall in obedience & love to her Majesty make it our care to encourage every subject in duty & loyalty to Queen Anne. In the meantime we beg your Lordship's protection to the just interest & rights of this city which with respect to our Livering port are like to be invaded. This must inevitably end in the ruin of this place if your Lordship's justice & generosity do not timeously prevent it. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 332.