Warrant Books: April 1708, 1-10

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 22, 1708. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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April 1708, 1–10

April 1. Money order for 20l. to Roger Millart, clerk to the Agents for Taxes, for 1708 Lady day quarter; being 15l. for himself & 5l. for a messenger for attending the said Agents. (Letter of direction dated 21 April hereon.) Order Book VII, p. 127. Disposition Book XIX, p. 138.
Letter of direction for the following out of Civil List moneys viz:
125l to Mr. Topham for a quarter as Keeper of the Records in the Tower.
40l. to Mr. Montague as Warden of Salcey Forest. Disposition Book XIX, p. 131.
April 2. William Lowndes to the Board of Ordnance to report on the enclosed letter “which I received in one from Mr. Morrice,” concerning the fortifications at Gibraltar.
Appending: said letter from Jos Bennett to Mr. Morrice dated Gibraltar 20 Jan 1707–8. Yesterday the Governor sent me word that all the money which you sent here last for the works was expended & that if I could not get more on my own credit the works must cease: but [he] has not made up any account how the money has been laid out nor do I know whether he has sent you any bills for the money or how he intends to draw for it because I am wholly a stranger to their dealings & believe if I had had the management of that sum it would have lasted longer; because there should not have been any disbursed other ways than immediately on the fortifications & not on other things which the Governor fancies. I have already written to the Board of Ordnance on this subject but have had no answer as yet and did also propose [to that Board] to complete all the needful work here for 5000l. if they would leave the management of them to me, but since the Governor has taken upon himself to command & direct it will be impossible for me to comply with my proposal, & nobody can tell what the charge will be, for he has declared that he does not regard how much the works will cost. The lime which I make here for the fortifications is daily carried into town for repairing private houses; the bricks which I gather for the works are worked up in private houses as well as all sorts of other materials: and what complaints I do make against it are not minded, so that it will be much better for me to go away & not to stay here to see things run thus. I do believe there are some who intends to lay the blame at your door if the work stands for want of money but I shall do my endeavour to get some money to carry them on upon my own credit until I do hear from you. I believe they have no good will to you for some reasons I do know. Our coals are all gone and if we had money I cannot work without lime. Please speak to our Ambassador that some coals may be sent forthwith to burn lime and that they may be ordered to me for that purpose, otherwise they will soon be gone. I have not [? an erratum for I have] sent to my Lord Ambassador the accounts of what money I have received. As Mr. Gorlston has all my accounts of disbursements he will soon find the balance due to me which I hope you will see paid, it being above 1¼ years due & I do pay Mr. Gorlston interest for the same. Out Letters (General) XVIII, p. 408.
April 6. J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Excise Commissioners in Scotland. Referring to the letter of March 13 last supra, pp. 166–7, “since that expedition is over” you are to forbear paying any more Excise money to the Earl of Leven towards providing magazines of corn at Edinburgh & Stirling. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 333.
April 9. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute & apply to Deficient Funds as follows, the sum of 43864l. 2. 10 being the income between March 12 last & April 9 inst from branches of the revenue as follows viz 15l. 9. 10 from whale fins; 10686l. 1. 10½ from New Customs; 2953l. 5. 10 from Additional Impositions; 7093l. 7. 8 from Vellum; 1065l. 5. 3 from Continued Impositions before 1 August 1706, being a surplus from the first General Mortgage [or Deficiencies Sinking Fund]; 24104l. 12. 9½ from ditto since 31 July 1706; 700l. 6. 1 from Salt; 2245l. 13. 6 from Windows: the said distribution & application to be hereby as follows:
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament How they stood upon the Register the 9th April 1708 The distribution & application hereby ordered
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 333892 9 8 9662 12
First 3s. Aid 415099 418098 18 7785 14 10½
Paper for Plate 15400 15400 288 16 11½
Malt Tickets 579060 372225 10861 1
Leather 504438 415438 9461 8 4
Third Quarterly Poll 212770 17 0 207624 2 6 3990 16 1
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 25771 6 484 6 11½
New East India Company 65518 0 30865 1 1228 17 7
General Society [East Indies] 5354 10 2522 9 6 100 8
£2338628 15 £1821837 7 £43864 2 10
Money Book XIX, p. 240.