Minute Book: June 1708

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 22, 1708. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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June 1708

June 1 (altered to 2), forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Direct Mr. Wilcox to certify the state of the enclosures in New Forest. Ibid., p. 206.
June 2, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
Comte Brian¸con, Envoy from the Duke of Savoy, & Mr. Cornish are called in. The Comte acquaints my Lord Treasurer that he has by order contracted for clothing for the Duke of Savoy's Troops, to wit with the said Mr. Cornish to the value of 8966l. 19. 6 & with Mr. George Morley merchant to the value of 1228l. 8. 6 making together 10195l. 8. 0; Mr. Cornish's part to be delivered by the 20th August next & Mr. Morley's by the 28th of the same month; & to be paid for within 6 months after delivery: that he, the said Comte has orders to satisfy the same out of the subsidy that shall be payable to said Duke: but in regard he may be recalled before the said money becomes payable he prays that my Lord Treasurer (for the better satisfaction of the contractors) will please to assure them that they shall be paid according to their agreements out of the said subsidy.
My Lord Treasurer is pleased to consent to what is desired and orders that care be taken when the money becomes due for the said clothing that the same shall be detained out of the Duke's subsidy & paid to them according to their contracts. Ibid., p. 207.
June 3, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
Petitions are read & answered [& my Lord's answers are minuted or endorsed] on them. Ibid., p. 208.
June 4. Present: ut supra.
Reports &c are read & answered [& the answers are minuted or endorsed on them].
Comte Brian¸con & Sir Theodore Janssen are called in & Sir Theodore's proposal of the 2d inst for remittances to Turin is read as follows viz to give his bill on Turin dated May 23 last at 60 days for 106666 2/3 Crowns at 59 pence sterling per Crown of 82 sols of money of Piedmont “for the [re-]payment whereof I humbly offer to take an assignment on the next payment to be made by the East India Company”: and another bill for 100000 Crowns at 60 days at the same rate “for the payment of which I humbly offer to take tallies upon the Malt.”
My Lord Treasurer is pleased to agree to this proposal & that Sir Theodore shall be paid for the 106666 2/3 Crowns on or before the 12th of July next & for the 100000 Crowns by tallies on the Malt anno 1708 as is proposed.
My Lord orders that the 80l. in the Exchequer of arrears of the late king's time be issued to the Treasurer of the Chamber to be paid over to John Smith, Page of the Backstairs, in part of his arrears [owing in the said late King's time]. Ibid.
1708. June 8, afternoon. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners of Sick & Wounded & Dr. Morley are to be heard tomorrow morning at 10 of the clock.
[Send] to Mr. Walpool & Mr. Bridges to be here on Friday & Mr. Walpool is to bring the [Army] Establishments along with him. Ibid., p. 209.
June 9, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners of Sick & Wounded & Dr. Morley are called in [& are heard]. My Lord Treasurer is of opinion that the bills of exchange drawn by Mr. [Joseph] Gide amounting to 1400l. or thereabouts ought to be paid provided that Dr. Morley do enter into a bond of 500l. (besides the security already given by Gide) that Gide shall duly account & discharge himself of the money he has received for the Hospital in Jamaica as Agent there to the said Commissioners.
My Lord is also of opinion that Gide ought to be allowed his salary as long as he had the care of the Hospital and Dr. Morley is to have copies of the Commissioners' answer & of their abstract of Gide's accounts: & that Dr. Morley may still have recourse to the books in the [Sick and Wounded] Office, as was before directed, so far as relates to the matters of this account. Ibid., p. 210.
June 11, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[Send] to the Victualling Commissioners to be here on Monday morning.
[Send] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Monday afternoon.
[Send] to the Principal Commissioners for Prizes & Mr. Dodd & Warters to be here next Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Ibid., p. 211.
June 14. Present: ut supra.
Sir Henry Furnese will lend 25000l. on the Malt Act & 25000l. on the funds in the General Mortgage: [which sums my Lord directs] to be issued to the Navy for the Victuallers for bills of exchange: and so much of this 50000l. as will complete the quota for the Victualling for the year 1708 is to be placed on that head & the rest on the head of Wear & Tear. Ibid., p. 212.
Eodem die, afternoon. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[Send] to the Solicitor General to be here tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock & Mr. Asgil & Mr. Rice are to be here then & Joseph Knight Esq.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. The copies of the opinions of counsel concerning the Queen's wines are to be sent to the Greencloth: & the officers of that Board are to inform themselves when any of the Queen's men of war go to Holland & to take care that the parcel of wines bought for the Queen's use be put on board the said men of war; & that when the same arrives in London port the captain or purser do make report to the Customs Commissioners that there is such a quantity of wine on board for the Queen's use: & the officers of the Greencloth are to cause them to be entered & the Duty paid and then to land them publicly & cause them to be brought from the quay to the Queen's cellar. Ibid.
June 15, forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The Solicitor General with Mr. Asgil, Mr. Rice et al are called in. The Solicitor General's report and the auditors' state of Rice's account [of Army Debentures delivered to said Rice &c as by Private Act, 4–5 Anne, c. 40, and Public Act, 6 Anne, c. 33] are read. My Lord will hear the matters on this report & on the stated account next Monday afternoon. Treasury Minute Book XVI, p. 213.
June 17, forenoon. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[My Lord directs the] issue to the Ordnance of 44404l. 4. 11 out of the 200000l. [instalment payable] by the East India Company on July 12 next: & is for services as follows viz
£ s. d.
for sea service of the Ordnance 14000
for land service of ditto 20000
in part of 30404l. 4. 11 for the train [of artillery] in Spain 10404 4 11
44404 4 11
Ibid., p. 214.
June 18, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[Letter of direction for the issue to William Lowndes out of Civil List funds of] 1000l. for secret service.
Mr. Whitfeild's memorial of the 14th inst [concerning money due to the Marines] is read & thereupon [my Lord] ordered 10007l. 0. 9 ½ for offreckonings [to them: to be paid out of or] by tallies on Malt anno 1708. Ibid. p. 215.
June 19, forenoon. Kensington. Present: the Queen, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Papers were laid before the Queen as follows: & the [Queen's] answers thereupon [are endorsed thereon as here printed in Italics].
From the bishop of London signifying that the 40l. per an payable by Mr. Compton to monsieur La Praed (late minister of the French Church at Wapping) is by her Majesty's commands to be paid to Mr. Cairon from the [date of the] dismission of the said La Praed: but [praying that] before a warrant be prepared for that purpose my Lord will read to her Majesty a letter sent to him [? Mr. Compton] concerning that matter.
The French letter is to be shewn to the bishop of London & if he then desires that the 40l. per an be given to Mr. Cairon the warrant is to be prepared accordingly from the time his lordship [the bishop] shall signify under his hand.
From Lord Halifax & the Earl of Berkeley, concerning a certificate from the Surveyor General of Woods [? Trent South] of what remains due to them respectively on two privy seals of the late king to them [payable] out of wood sales: viz 7000l. on a privy seal for 14000l. to Henry Segar for the Lord Halifax & 2500l. on a privy seal for 6000l. to the Earl of Berkeley.
A warrant [is ordered] to renew the privy seals for the remainder of what is unsatisfied on the grants from King William III: to be raised by such proportions as the wood will admit: during her Majesty's pleasure.
From Lord Power: [representing] his case, with several papers certificates & reports relating thereto. He prays a pension for the support of himself & family.
The Queen orders that he shall have 2 or 300l. a year in Ireland till he is otherwise provided for. A warrant to be prepared with a blank.
From the widow Pugh representing to her Majesty that her husband [Richard Pugh] served the Government 17 years & last as Commander of the Norwich & was cast away by a hurricane in the West Indies with a rich prize which he had taken about 8 days before & all else he had in the world: that she has lost her son in the said service & is left with a daughter in a deplorable condition: therefore praying her Majesty's compassion.
She is not within the rules of the Navy for a pension but her Majesty orders an enquiry to be made into her circumstances &, if very poor, to be relieved with a sum of money.
From Thomas Cornwallis praying her Majesty's bounty.
[The Queen ordered] 50l. for this time: but if an employment happens [to fall vacant] that can subsist him he must accept it & expect no more sums of money.
From Col. Phil. Howard, making the same prayer.
Nothing ordered.
From Rebecca Fletcher praying a pension for the loss of her husband [John] who was an engineer & killed in Spain.
She must be relieved out of the fund intended for such purposes.
From the Countess Dowager of Marlborough humbly representing her great age and necessities & praying her Majesty's bounty towards her support. The Queen will give her something.
From Agnes Parsons representing that some time since the Queen expressed a compassionate desire of settling a yearly pension or allowance upon her for her support, she being 80 years of age & in great want. Her Majesty orders her a sum of 10l. as bounty.
From Margaret Agar, widow of John Agar deceased, praying the Queen to remit a fine of 200l. which by report of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands she is to pay for renewing a lease of a house & some lands in Surrey. Enquiry to be made into her circumstances & accordingly the Queen will remit part of her fine. The Surveyor General is to be spoken with hereupon.
From Edward Southwell representing that his salary as Secretary of State for Ireland is but 300l. per an: that for 3 years he was at considerable expense during 2 Sessions of Parliament there & in 2 journeys to England: therefore praying an additional allowance of 200l. a year for the said 3 years out of the revenue of that kingdom for his said extraordinary expenses. The Queen thinks twill not be a right precedent to grant what is desired & besides that Mr. Southwell's imployment being very profitable all that time renders the request less reasonable.
From the widow of Count Nugent, late Governor of Gibraltar [Henry Nugent, Count of Val de Soto], setting forth the great services of her said husband & the miserable condition she is left in. The Duke of Ormonde reports that he was very zealous in the service of the Allies & behove himself in several places with great distinction & had a great character from the late Prince D'Armstadt [Prince George of Hesse Darmstadt], that she is left in a mean condition and is an object of your Majesty's favour. The petitioner's husband was an officer of the King of Spain: that though she may be poor yet the Queen cannot relieve all that are so.
From Elizabeth Baker, widow of Capt. John Baker, shewing that her said husband had a pension of 36l. per an payable by Mr. Nicholas: that he is lately dead and has left her and 4 children destitute of all manner of subsistence: therefore praying the continuation of the said pension to preserve herself and children from starving. Refer to Mr. Compton to enquire on what ground the pension was first granted and what her circumstances are at present.
From Dr. [Samuel] Pratt, minister of the Savoy, on behalf of himself & the poor of the precinct of the Savoy & divers tradesmen, in relation to the Hospital of the Savoy: setting forth that there remains due to sundry artificers for necessary work done the sum of 28l. 9. 0; and 75l. to the minister on the usual allowance of 20l. per an to wit from 1702 midsummer to 1706 Lady day; & 16l. to the poor on an allowance of 4l. per an: all which he prays may be paid out of the rents or revenue of the Hospital. Mr. Burton, the Receiver [of the said rents], reports the disbursement of 28l. 9. 0 to be reasonable & that if the allowances to the poor & to the minister (who takes care of divine services & funerals) are thought fit to be continued there is due as above set forth. All these sums are ordered [by her Majesty] & a warrant to Mr. Burton to pay the same.
From Mary Carlisle widow praying that the pension of 100l. a year which her mother received may be continued for the support of herself & her poor children. Her husband & brother being both Captains were slain in the Army & their arrears [being] unpaid the Lord Treasurer will move the Queen that 50l. a year may be continued to the petitioner towards the support of herself & 2 sons. Her Majesty will allow her 50l. a year & [orders] a warrant to Mr. Compton for that purpose.
From Sir Christopher Wren praying a lease of the house or lodgings in his possession at Hampton Court as Surveyor General of the Works. Mr. Travers, the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, reports that if it be granted there must be a rent reserved of 10l. per an as a third of the clear yearly value; and considering the premises are old & decayed and must be rebuilt at his own charge & in regard he proposes to make a surrender of 341l. 3. 4 arrears due to him in the last reign Mr. Travers is of opinion the same is of as much or more value than the [estimated fine for the] lease desired. Her Majesty observes that when Sir Christopher dies this house will go to his executors & consequently the Surveyor of the Works will have no house at Hampton Court. Nevertheless in regard Sir Christopher has been an old servant to the Crown the Queen will gratify him in his request.
From George Cholmondeley Esq. praying a lease of some buildings at Richmond in the possession of Mr. Robert White, sometime Housekeeper of Richmond Palace. The Surveyor General of Crown Lands has reported a 50 years' lease of the premises which are to be rebuilt under a reserve rent of 20l. per an. But if Mr. White have a lease of the part thereof which he desires there may be a [rent] abatement of 5l. per an. Ordered the whole.
From Dame Ann Silvius, relict & executrix of Sir Gabriel Silvius, alleging that 4800l. was due to him as late Envoy in Denmark of which his late Majesty paid 2400l. & allowed him a pension of 300l. per an in consideration of the remainder: that since his death the said pension has not been continued to her: wherefore she prays payment of the said 2400l. to enable her to discharge the debts of her said husband. The Lord Treasurer thinks the King intended to put an end to any further demand of this arrear by granting the said pension which was duly paid as long as Sir Gabriel lived. 100l. to be given to Lady Silvius as bounty.
From William Killigrew praying that his pension of 150l. per an payable by Mr. Compton may be transferred to his daughter from Xmas last. The Queen will not change the property of the pension but if he should die her Majesty will be kind to his daughter.
Letter from the Earl of Galway in behalf of Mary La Chapelle & Mrs. Vibron for pensions. Mr. Compton is to be spoken to about Mrs. La Chapelle & Mrs. Vibron.
[Petition] from the Ladies Jannet, Christian, Hellen & Mary daughters of the Earl of Kincardine representing that her Majesty was pleased to grant to their father in 1705 (then Sir Alexander Bruce) a pension of 200l. a year payable out of the Treasury in Scotland; which [pension] is assigned to the petitioners: that the Lords of the Treasury [in Scotland] made a rule not to enrol any gift of pension unless presented to them within a certain short time, which their father omitted to do: therefore praying an order to the Court of Exchequer in Scotland (who are to state & determine the public debts) to state the arrear on this pension so as it may be paid in its proper place notwithstanding its not being entered in the Treasury books in the usual manner. Write to my Lord Chief Baron in Scotland for his Lordship's opinion on this petition.
From Col. Rossington representing that he has been the occasion of improving the revenue by procuring the Excise on coffee & tea to be changed into a Custom: therefore praying some employment, civil or military, as a reward for that service. If anything falls [vacant] that he is fit for he may be gratified.
The Queen's charity is prayed to be extended to the family of Mr. Lindsey who lately died in Flanders & left some debts there. Not granted.
[The Queen reads] an account of plate delivered out of the Jewel Office to the several Speakers since the Revolution, viz 2000 ounces each to Mr. Powle and Sir John Trevor; 2000 ounces and 2000 ounces to Mr. Foley; 4000 ounces to Sir Thomas Littleton; 4000 ounces and 4000 ounces to Mr. Harley, 4000 ounces to Mr. Smith “all which has been returned except that to Mr. Harley & Mr. Smith.” Mr. Harley's two services [of plate] as Speaker & his plate as Secretary; the Duke of Marlborough's plate of two embassies and Mr. Smith's service [of plate] as Speaker are to be discharged by privy seals.
[The Queen reads] the Surveyor General's report on Lady Diana Howard's petition relating to the Dog Kennel in St. James's Park. The Queen will speak with Mr. Wise about this.
The merchants concerned in the old Portugal debt set forth that in 1689 they agreed with the Earl of Romney to allow him one half of what should be recovered: that an agreement was made to accept 40000l. though the principal & interest then due was 525540l.: that since the said Earl's death it appears the late King William was to have one half of his [Romney's] share which comes to 7922l. 6. 6 ½: therefore petitioners pray that in consideration of the poverty of many of them & that the dividend will not be above 2s. 4d. in the pound of the principal money the Queen would grant to them the share which the late king was to have received. Her Majesty doth not think fit to give away her part.
From the Lord Lovelace praying her Majesty's bounty in regard of the great charges he has been at in passing his commissions and otherwise in fitting himself for his voyage to New York. Her Majesty is pleased to allow him 500l.
[The Queen reads] reports concerning a lease required by Mr. Egerton & Sir John Crew severally of Hatchew Meer & other fish pools in the forest of Delamere. Her Majesty seems to think the tenant right belongs to Egerton but is unwilling to renew the lease until she has an opportunity to bestow some mark of favour on Sir John Crew.
[The Queen reads the] report concerning the hemp merchants. The Lord Treasurer proposes for the reasons mentioned in the said report that her Majesty do allow by way of grace & bounty 1000l. to Edward Haistwell, 400l. to Sir Thomas Webster & 350l. to Nisbet when he has fully complied with his contract. Ordered as proposed in the said report.
[The Queen reads the] report from the Jewel Office concerning the old badges of her Majesty's watermen. The Queen grants the watermen their old badges.
From Lady Mordington, praying her Majesty's bounty. Mr. Compton to enquire into her circumstances.
From Elizabeth Winstanley showing that her late husband built the lighthouse on Eddystone Rock which was blown down in the great storm; that he lost his life in it & that there was due to him at that time 3092l. 18. 3: which is certified [correct] by the Commissioners for Trinity House who recommend petitioner as a fit object of compassion. She prays a pension but the Prince [as Lord High Admiral] reports that the same cannot properly be placed on the Navy Establishment. The Queen orders her 100l. a year by the hands of Mr. Compton.
From Col. Phillips praying to be paid 23l. for the charges he was at in keeping prisoners by order of the House of Lords last session. Ordered out of Secret Service money.
From Mr. Newman praying some bounty in regard of his services to several branches of the Excise, he being in extreme necessity. [The Queen orders him to be paid] 100l. by Mr. Compton.
The Duke of Leeds by his memorial sets forth that his late Majesty granted him among other things a rent of 40l. a year issuing out of Wychwood Forest payable by the Earl of Clarendon for 31 years from the death of the Queen Dowager: but he [petitioner] left it out of his grant at the request of the Earl of Rochester who was to have paid him 400l. [as consideration money]: but the same hath not been paid him and the rent is answered to the Queen: [further that there are in his grant] 2 fee farm rents one of 3l. 8. 6 per an & the other of 80l. a year but they prove to be leasehold & he is therefore deficient [by so much in his grant]: the [capitalised] value of which three several articles with the rents in arrear amount to 1048l. 6. 8. As the rent of 40l. a year is answered to her Majesty from the Queen Dowager's death it shall, in case it be [actually] so answered, be given to his Grace. As to the fee farm rents they are to be reprized if reprisals can be found.
From Denzill Onslow Esq. representing that the last Swainmote Court for Windsor Forest was in 1700: that it will be of great service for the vert & venison to have one Court every year; the charge whereof (being a dinner for the officers) came to about 30l. or 35l. “who signing it [the bill for the dinner] the auditor [for Crown revenues for Co. Berks] made out a debenture to the Receiver [of same for said County] to pay it: this was the usage before the revenue [of Crown Lands in said County] was granted away [by the sale of Fee Farm rents of the Crown under Charles II].” My Lord Treasurer is to speak with him to know what advantage doth or will arise to the Crown by holding these Swainmote Courts.
Petition of Lewis & Anthony Driver, sons of Robert Driver, praying some consideration for their father's services in discovering great quantities of timber to belong to the Crown in Rockingham Forest. An account of what was paid to their father in his life time is endorsed on the petition. Their circumstances are to be enquired into & then my Lord [Treasurer] is to order them a reward for their father's services.
The Lords Commissioners for Trade having proposed that the Germans who are to be settled at New York should be furnished with stores and tools for husbandry & a vessel to transport them thither together with an allowance for their subsistence for 9 months, the estimate for all which may amount to about 1000l., her Majesty's direction is prayed thereupon. They are to be presented with what the Commissioners for Trade certify to be necessary.
Mr. Buts' memorial [is read praying] for her Majesty's bounty. My Lord [Treasurer is ordered by the Queen] to consider what is proper to be done for him. [Give him] 50l.
Sir David Nairn's memorial [is read by the Queen praying payment] of several particulars viz
1. for the Earl of Glasgow as her Majesty's Commissioner to the General Assembly [the Lord Treasurer proposes for him an allowance of] 700l.
2. for the use of the General Assembly [my Lord Treasurer proposes] 400l.
3. to reimburse Sir David Nairn so much expended by him for her Majesty's service [to wit] 600l.: together with a desire that these sums be issued without [Exchequer] fees seeing that all payments of the nature of the first & second items never paid any fees and “the other two sums” have been already advanced. Ordered as proposed. Treasury Minute Book XVI, pp. 216–221.
June 21, forenoon. Whitehall, Treasury Chambers. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Rich, Lord Fitzwauter & Mr. Clayton are called in. Ibid., p. 222.
June 22, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Shorditch (one of the Agents for Taxes) is called in with Lord Fitzwauter & Mr. [Nathaniel] Rich. Lord Fitzwauter offers a paper signed by Mr. [John] Ward. [My Lord Treasurer] resolved that Lord Fitzwauter is to pay into the Exchequer on or before the 30th Oct next 854l. 17. 4 13/16; that Mr. Ward is to pay the like sum in like manner; that [William] Kiffin's part being 854l. 17. 4 13/16 be discharged according to the Act [private Act 6 Anne c. 18]; and my Lord Treasurer doth compound with Mr. Rich to accept 427l. 18. 7 12/16 for the remaining 854l. 17. 4 13/16. The total payments into the Exchequer will thus be 2137l. 13. 5 6/16: and Lord Fitzwauter & Mr. Ward do voluntarily propose & agree to rely on Mr. Rich's security already given to repay to each of them 427l. 8. 8 13/32 (being one moiety of the sums they now pay for him) & thereupon to give him a general release: and, after such payment made, those securities [surety bonds] are to be delivered up to Mr. Rich.
[Write] the Victuallers [of the Navy] to be here tomorrow morning. [Likewise to] some of the Commissioners of the Navy & Mr. Hawes to be here then. Ibid., p. 223.
June 23, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord directs the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of] 50000l. for wages to ships: out of the third payment which is to be made by the 26th July 1708 on the first Annuity Act anno 1708.
Likewise 21361l. 16. 11 for Necessary Money & Extra Necessary Money, Short Allowance [Money], Beer Money & other Contingencies of the Victualling, to be paid out of funds ut supra. Treasury Minute Book XVI, p. 224.
June 25. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Write] to the Office of Ordnance to send a particular of the stores which cost 8209l. 14. 0 for Spain, if Mr. Bridges has not that particular already.
Mr. Walpool, Mr. Bridges & Mr. Tilson are to make an account how much has been paid upon the order for 586671l. 12. 6 for [the Forces for] the year 1708, distinguishing what has been paid on the Establishment for Spain & what on that for Portugal and how much for any other uses relating to the Forces of 27123 men [for the Spanish and Portugal Establishment, see Commons Journals XV, pp. 447–8]; and shewing how much will be wanting to discharge those Establishments & other services relating to the Forces till Xmas next.
[Send to] the Auditors [of Imprests] to attend next Wednesday morning about their states of accounts. Ibid., p. 225.
June 28, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[Send] to Mr. Dodington to be here.
The Commissioners of Transports are to contract with Mr. Coward & his partner to transport the Lutherans & recruits to New York. Ibid., p. 226.
June 29, forenoon. Present: ut supra.
[No entry of any minute.] Ibid., p. 227.