Warrant Books: October 1708, 21-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 22, 1708. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1708, 21–31

Oct. 21. Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 40000l. to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of the Works: as imprest for the Works: out of Civil List moneys. (Money warrant dated Nov 19 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated Oct 29.) (Money order dated Nov 20 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 432. Money Book XIX, p. 388. Order Book VII, p. 198.
Same to John Howe, Paymaster General of Guards & Garrisons, to pay 358l. 10. 4 to Gregory King, Secretary to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts, for the salaries & expenses of the office of the said Comptrollers during the vacancy of the said office, to wit from Xmas 1707 to 19 May 1708 during which time the business of said office had necessarily to be attended by the Secretary, clerks & other officers: and from the latter date to pay to Sir Philip Meadows junr Kt & Thomas Broderick Esq, the present Comptrollers of Army Accounts, 900l. per an for salaries to the clerks & officers of said Office & for the incident charges thereof: the said annual sum having been directed by the royal warrant of 17 Sept 1703. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 432–3.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a privy seal to confirm & ratify & discharge to the inhabitants of the Isle of Portland what they have done & what moneys they have received under pretext of the royal warrant of Charles II dated 3 Nov 1665 which granted that for every ton of stone digged within the commons of said island (except such as should be taken for the King's use by warrant of the Surveyor General of Works) there should be paid the sum of 12d. whereof 3d. should be accounted for to the King & the other 9d. to be received & retained for the sole use & benefit of the said inhabitants: and the said inhabitants have continued to receive the said 9 pence per ton although the Queen is advised that the said warrant of Charles II being under the sign manual only is not a sufficient grant or authority in that behalf & that they are liable to account in the Exchequer for the same.
The present grant is likewise to license the said inhabitants to continue to dig stone within the said commons as by custom & constant usage they have heretofore done, subject to prosecution by the Queen's steward of the manor for irregular or promiscuous working or waste thereof: and inasmuch as the said duty of 12 pence per ton is an ancient duty paid to the Crown as Lord of the manor & island, & as the said inhabitants have always had some benefit or share out of the same in consideration of damage to herbage on the said commons by the digging of quarries, the present grant is to confirm to them the said 9 pence out of the said 12 pence per ton. Ibid., pp. 433–5.
Royal sign manual for 10000l. to Sir Isaac Newton, Master & Worker of the Mint: as imprest for the use & service of the Mint: out of Civil List moneys. (Money order dated Oct 12 hereon.) Ibid., p. 436. Order Book VII, p. 204.
Same for 500l. to Brigadier Sir Richard Temple: as a present for his pains & expenses in bringing an express from the Duke of Marlborough of the surrender of Lisle [Lille]: and 32l. 10. 0 for Exchequer &c fees thereon. [This sign manual was cancelled and superseded by that of Nov 17 infra p. 437.] No money warrant or money order was made out on this cancelled sign manual: but a letter of direction dated Oct 27 authorised the payment of this 532l. 10. 0. This entry however would appear to have been incorrectly left uncancelled.] Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, pp. 436–7. Disposition Book XIX, p. 225.
Oct. 21. Same for 300l. to Capt. James Moyser as reward & for his charges in bringing an express from Major Gen. Stanhope, Commander in Chief of our Forces in Spain, of the surrender of the Castle of Port Mahon & the reduction of the whole island of Minorca to Charles III of Spain. (Money warrant dated Oct 25 hereon.) (Money order dated Oct 26 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 437. Order Book VII, p. 196. Disposition Book XIX, p. 225.
Same for 182l. to Capt. James Jefferys (“whom we have directed to attend our good brother the King of Sweden as a volunteer in his army”): for 6 months from Feb 24 last to Aug 24 last on his allowance of 20s. a day. (Money warrant dated 1708–9 Jan 15 hereon.) (Money order dated 1708–9 Jan 15 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated 1708–9 Jan 17 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 437. Order Book VII, p. 210. Disposition Book XIX, p. 252.
Royal letters patent appointing Robert Eyre to be Solicitor General. Queen's Warrant Book XXIII, p. 460.
Same appointing Sir James Montague to be Attorney General. Ibid., p. 472.
Letter of direction for 10000l. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of the fourth payment to be made on or before Nov 12 next by the East India Company: & is intended to be paid over to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of Marines, upon account of subsisting the said Marines and the paying such of them as have been on foreign voyages two thirds of their pay upon landing, pursuant to the Lord High Admiral's orders on that behalf. Disposition Book XIX, p. 225.
Treasury reference to Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] of the petition of Edward Haistwell et al shewing that they were under agreement with said Howe to remit for the use of the late Col. Lillingston's Regiment all the money for the said Regiment for 18 months to the Leeward Islands at the rate of 20 per cent [exchange advantage]: that pursuant thereto they have lodged 5000l. about 12 months since in those islands but have not as yet received the Regiment's pay for want of muster rolls: that by a late Act of Parliament [6 Anne c. 57 for ascertaining the rates of foreign coins in her Majesty's Plantations in America] the specie of that island are reduced to near the standard of sterling money: yet in regard to their said agreement and the dead stock lying there they are willing to return [to forward thither by bills of exchange] 3000l. at 20 per cent provided they receive their money here immediately [provided] that their bills may arrive at the said islands before 1 May next when the said Act takes place. And for the future the petitioners propose to return the money of the said Regiment at 12 per cent [exchange advantage] which they allege to be the most any merchant can allow after the [intended] regulation of the coin. Reference Book VIII, p. 331.
Oct. 21. Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for placing on the Irish Establishment 4 new Regiments of Foot which were commanded to be raised by Col. Christopher Fleming (late Lord Slane) Col. Kilner Brasier, Col. Edward Jones & Col. William Delaune: that is to say when the respective Captains shall have raised 25 men [each] & they be carried before the Commissary General of Musters (if in Dublin) or before any Chief Magistrate or Justice of the Peace (if in the country) & be so certified by them. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 36.
Oct. 22. Money warrant for 16997l. 10. 0½ to Nehemiah Arnold for the 94th payment (which is the next payment in course) of the Malt Lottery Tickets.
Appending: certificate by N. Arnold & Sam. Wyesman of the sum due on the said 94th payment.
£ s. d.
principal money 9970 0 0
interest 6507 10
benefits 520
£16997 10
Money Book XIX, p. 373. Order Book VII, p. 196.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Receipt to distribute & apply the sum of 72870l. 11. 10 to Deficient Funds as follows; the said sum representing the income between Sept 24 last & Oct 22 inst from branches of the revenue as follows viz 36786l. 16. 9 from New Customs; 2864l. 1. 1 from Additional Impositions; 1639l. 1. 11 from Vellum; 16335l. 14. 8 from Continued Impositions; 6694l. 17. 5 from Salt; 8550l. from Windows: the said distribution & application to be hereby as follows viz
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament How they stood upon the Register the 22 Oct 1708 The distribution & application hereby ordered
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 513165 4 258727 9 8 16052 6
First 3s. Aid 415099 352598 18 12934 5 10¼
Paper for Plate 15400 13300 479 17
Malt Tickets 579060 299720 18043 4 10
Leather 504438 340393 2 0 15718 1
Third Quarterly-Poll 212770 17 0 175004 2 6 6629 16 10¼
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 21771 6 804 12
New East India Company 65518 0 18112 14 2041 10
General Society [East Indies] 5354 10 1480 5 6 166 16 11
£2338628 15 £1481107 18 £72870 11 10
Money Book XIX, p. 377.
Oct. 22. William Lowndes to Thomas Morrice Esqr [Deputy Paymaster of the Forces in Portugal]. I have read to the Lord Treasurer yours of the 24th ult. He observes thereon that the tin you mention to have sold at 120 Reis a pound [weight] comes out at less than it stands the Queen in [as cost]. He therefore would not have you dispose of any more there but to take care to forward it to Leghorn according to Sir Theodore Janssen's consignment sent you in a letter of 27 Aug last supra p. 375.
As to the payments you have made by the Lord Treasurer's direction on account of the Portuguese subsidy (which you say will, with what was lent the Portuguese King's Troops by Lord Galway's order while in Spain, make the said subsidy much in advance) you are to take care that the same be duly subducted and accounted for in the future payments of the said subsidy before the end of the year. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 10.
Same to Sir John Stanley to move the Lord Chamberlain that 2 dozen of Russia leather chairs, a Turkey leather carpet & a stool covered with crimson damask may be provided & delivered to William Wekett for the use of this [the Treasury] Office. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on (a) infra, being a memorial presented to the Lord Treasurer by Monsieur Vryberge, Envoy Extraordinary from the States General, relating to goods seized in 1707 at Plymouth out of the ship Sligo Merchant bound for Rotterdam & belonging to Peter Verbeck & Gilbert Mommitire (Momitire), merchants of Rotterdam & subjects of the States General.
Appending (a) statement of the case. The said ship is Dutch built or Dutch property and arrived at Plymouth &, being bound for Dublin, did attend [wait] there [Plymouth] for convoy. The said [Customs] officers took out of the ship some wine, vinegar, salt, cochineal & spice under the Navigation Act & brought on the informations in Trinity term 1708 when the masters & sailors were at sea. The said ship had not entered, nor broken bulk nor run goods ashore but being a foreign ship came in only for convoy. There was no importation in law & the seizure was against the treaties & laws of nations “and further a ship nor her goods could not be said to be forfeited till she arrive at such a port or place that creates a forfeiture & having there entered & broken bulk, seeing the merchant might before such arrival alter his intended voyage. But the witnesses swore that the ship entered the port of Plymouth when the wind was fair for proceeding on her voyage. This gave umbrage as if the goods had been intended to be run, at least that it was a voluntary importation and seeing the ship imported prohibited goods at Plymouth and was bound to Dublin where these goods (if landed there) would have been forfeited [under the Navigation Acts] the jury thereupon brought their verdict that the goods were forfeited.” The wine & vinegar were tried in Trinity term, so judgment was affirmed against them and their cost. But the other goods not being tried until the sitting after the term, judgment cannot be affirmed against them until next Michaelmas term.
Note: that this ship came under Dutch convoy as far as Plymouth and the said convoy going no further the wind might be proved fair [yet] she was obliged to stay till another convoy presented, she having orders not to sail without convoy.
(b) Covering letter from Monsieur Vryberge dated Oct 21. This matter is supported by a resolution of the States General as being of great consequence for all Dutch merchant vessels, which ought not to be subject to search if they do not make entry in a port of Great Britain in order to discharge cargo but only enter for refuge or to await convoy. Out Letters (General) XIX, pp. 10–11.
Oct. 22. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Woosley, surety for William Howson in 1699 or 1700 for Duties on 3000 pound weight of Virginia tobacco; & likewise surety in several other bonds for Matthias Partis: for which petitioner was taken in execution but by reason of extreme poverty cannot satisfy same. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 331.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Richard Martin praying that a debt owing to him for necessaries supplied to the Army in Ireland [may be accepted in discharge as follows], or that the expense he shall be at in building 2 or 3 barracks in the territory of Ireconnaught (which the House of Commons in Ireland thinks necessary for her Majesty's service) may be accepted in discharge of a debt of 1200l. due to the Crown from George Lee, late collector of part of Co. Galway for whom the petitioner was surety: together with a certificate [missing] from Henry Cartwright, collector of the port of Galway. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 37.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners in North Britain to employ James Sterling as a tidewaiter at Tarbet. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 437.
Oct. 23. Same by same to John Dodd, Receiver of the Rights & Perquisites of Admiralty, to pay to the wives or relatives of 13 sailors who made their escape out of Dinant prison Feb 26 last the sum of 11l. 11. I remaining in said Dodd's hands as the proceeds of the vessel or boat called the Peter of Pleuvenon of about 7 tons in which they made their escape & which they took in to Guernsey which was there seized by an agent of the Admiralty & condemned as a perquisite of the Admiralty & sold for 272 livres which is 19l. 8. 7 out of which the said agent gave to the said sailors for their present subsistence 49 livres being 3l. 10. 0 & paid 61 livres 5 sols being 4l. 7. 6 for port charges, leaving 11l. 11. 1 as above.
Prefixing: report by the said Dodd & by J. Warters on the petition of the wives &c of said sailors. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, pp. 273–4.
Oct. 25. Warrant dormant by Treasurer Godolphin to Stephen Lilly, Receiver General of the Post Office Revenue, to pay 1000l. per an pension to Guy Palmes as by the great seal of the 4th inst supra, p. 384. Money Book XIX, p. 376.
Letter of direction for 19435l. 19. 10 to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons: out of the fifth payment which is to be made by the East India Company before Jan 12 next on account of their United Stock: & is for services as follows viz:
£ s. d.
in part of 419608l. 18. 6 for Guards & Garrisons anno 1708
for 28 days' subsistence to Nov 21 next for the Troops & Regiments in Great Britain 16289 0 4
in part of 87125l. 10. 0 for the 5000 men in sea service anno 1708
for the like subsistence to the Regiments of Mordaunt, Kerr & Bowles 2920 13 2
for the like subsistence for the Officers of Brigadier Handasyde's Regiment in England 226 6 4
£19435 19 10
Disposition Book XIX, p. 225.
Oct. 25. William Lowndes to Mr. Bridges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Mrs. Shrimpton touching her late husband's pay as Major Gen. & Governor of Gibraltar. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 12.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to appoint John Green as a tidesman London port loco John Hind deceased “subject to the pensions of the superannuated tidesmen.” Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 135.
Treasury reference to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts of the petition of Geo Nodes, agent to Lord Mordaunt's Regiment, shewing that he received at the Pay Office 3450l. 7. 9; that he has advanced to the Regiment much more: that there is due 2100l. on balance to the Regiment: therefore praying that same may be paid. Reference Book VIII, p. 332.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Robert Walpole, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant for paying Major Walter Douglas out of the respits on Brigadier Livesay's Regiment 9l. 2. 6 for the difference of subsistence between a serjeant & a private man for the year ended Dec 24 last & 36l. 10. 6 to satisfy the offreckonings of such serjeant for 4 years ended 1707 Dec 24.
Prefixing: a second report by Thomas Brodrick, dated [Army Accounts] Comptrollers' Office Oct 2 on the case. [This warrant is in replacement of that of Sept 14 last supra, p. 392.] Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 274.
Money warrant dormant for 50l. per an each to John Beaumont & Richard Wood, sworn attorneys in the Exchequer Court in Scotland: as from Lady day last: in reward for their service & attendance there for the better despatch & more orderly carrying on the proceedings in the said Court. (Money order for 50l. hereon for half a year to them to Sept 29 hereon.) Out Letters (North Britain) I, pp. 438–9.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Excise Commissioners in North Britain to pay 94l. 5. 6 to the Excise Commissioners [in England] for so much disbursed by the latter for passing the new Commission of Excise in Scotland.
Prefixing: representation by the Excise Commissioners in England, desiring payment of said sum. Ibid., p. 439.
Oct. 25. Allowance by same of the Excise Office salary bill for last Sept 29 quarter: total 920l. 9. 0. Out Letters (North Britain) I, p. 439.
Oct. 26. Letter of direction for 10879l. 11. 6 to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad; out of the fourth payment to be made by the East India Company before Nov 12 next: & is to be in part of 500000l. for the effectual carrying on the war in Spain & is intended to be paid over to the Paymaster of the Ordnance as imprest for the charge of the train of artillery in Spain “for which purpose the sum of 10404l. 4. 11 hath been before issued to the said Mr. Brydges upon this [500000l.] order.” Disposition Book XIX, p. 226.
William Lowndes to John How [Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons] to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of William Wallis praying payment of 5532l. 12. 9 by him paid for clothing provided for the Royal Hospital at Chelsea and the four Companies of Invalids and that some regard may be had to a loss he sustained of 3022l. 2. 0 in receiving tallies & debentures &c from the Earl of Ranelagh. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 12.
Same to Mr. Popple junr to lay before the Commissioners for Trade the enclosed petition [missing] of Melchior Gilles, one of the poor Palatines. What may be a reasonable bounty during his stay for recovery of his wife's health? Ibid.
Same to Auditor Maynwaring to prepare a state of William Borrett's account as Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury: to wit, for the year ended Oct 15 last. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition & case [missing] of Richard Butler for recompence for his services & hardships. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Goff of Tremly Co Suffolk farmer, for remission of the verdict for 75l. obtained against him for concealing goods to defraud the Customs: petitioner being in great distress with a family of 8 children. Reference Book VIII, p. 332.
Oct. 27. Letter of direction for 50l. to Mr. Beaumont & Mr. Wood: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XIX, p. 225.
Same for 3831l. 12. 1 to the Navy Treasurer: out of arrears of funds as follows viz 12l. 13. 0 out of Subsidies anno 1702; 3459l. 5. 5½ out of ditto anno 1703; 356l. 7. 1½ out of the seventh 4s. Aid anno 1704; 3l. 10. 6 out of Malt Duties anno 1705: & is to be esteemed as issued in further part of the quotas for Wear and Tear of the Navy in the said respective years and to be applied in such manner as the Lord Treasurer shall direct. (William Lowndes dated same to the Navy Commissioners to assign said sum for paying a Navy bill made out in pursuance of a decree of the High Court of Admiralty & payable to Peter Dunker, Commander of a Dutch privateer, for salvage money upon the recapture of her Majesty's stores going for Lisbon in the ship called the Gabriell hagboat that were taken by the enemy: “it appearing to the Lord Treasurer that the ready payment of this bill, notwithstanding it is registered on the course of the Navy, is conformable to the Convention Act between her Majesty and the States General & agreeable to the practice in Holland when Dutch ships have been re-taken by her Majesty's men of war.”) Ibid., p. 226.
Oct. 27. William Lowndes to John How, Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons. The Lord Treasurer desires you to obtain from the Bank of England the sum of 10000l. [as a loan] on your depositing with them Malt tallies anno 1708 for that value as security, to be repaid (with 5 per cent interest) out of the fifth payment to be made before Jan 12 next by the East India Company “his Lordship intending that the said tallies shall be redeemed out of the sum of 19435l. 19. 10 directed to be issued to you at the Exchequer out of the said 5th payment by my letter dated the 25th inst” supra, pp. 420–1. Ibid., p. 227.
Letter of direction for 2000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of Contributions on the Second Act for Annuities anno 1708: & is to be as in part of 500000l. for the augmentation of the Forces anno 1708: & is intended to be paid over by him as follows viz
£ s. d.
to Lieut. Gen. Erle in consideration of his eminent & faithful services and of the several losses he has sustained during this present war, particularly at the battle of Almanza: pursuant to a royal warrant 1500
to Visct Mordaunt towards reimbursing the great expense he has been at in raising his Regiment in Great Britain and the losses he has sustained by desertion: pursuant to a royal warrant 500
Treasury reference to William Borret of the petition of Henry Axford of the borough of Devizes Co Wilts for payment of 266l. expended by him in prosecuting by the Queen's command several riots committed in said borough. Reference Book VIII, p. 332.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Salt Commissioners to stay process against Dr. Benjamin Woodroffe on his 600l. debt for rock salt, in regard his circumstances at present are but mean, having expended several considerable sums towards maintaining the Greek youths residing at Oxford. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 279.
Same by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to forbear process against the Salt Commissioners in respect of their accounts being behind & unpassed. Ibid.
Oct. 28. Letter of direction for 5000l. to the Navy Treasurer: out of Contributions on the second Act for Annuities anno 1708: & is intended to be applied towards paying bills of exchange for the Victualling & to be taken as part of the rate of 1l. 7. 0 per man per month which was intended by his Lordship [the Lord Treasurer] for Wear & Tear “the rate of 19s. per man per month for the Victualling being completed.” Disposition Book XIX, p. 227.
Oct. 28. Letter of direction for 30000l. to the Navy Treasurer: out of the fifth payment which is to be made by the East India Company before Jan 12 next: “& is to be paid over to the Bank of England to redeem tallies & orders which are to be deposited with them by the Navy Treasurer as a security for the like sum which is to be advanced immediately to him by the said Bank at 5 per cent interest, towards satisfying wages demandable by Act of Parliament and such other demands under the head of Wages as shall be most pressing: whereof the demands upon the said Act [are] to be paid in the first place.” Ibid., p. 228.
Oct. 29. William Lowndes to Mr. John How, Paymaster of Guards & Garrisons. The Lord Treasurer orders that as you shall find opportunity of raising money on any of the tallies in your hands on the funds anno 1708 you apply the sum of 17117l. 4. 0 to the uses following: viz:
£ s. d.
in part of 419608l. 18. 6 for Guards & Garrisons anno 1708
for 61 days' clearings June 25 last to Aug 24 last for the Troops & Regiments in England 7306 0 1
for the pay of a Lieut. & Adjutant & several recruits for the 4 Companies at New York from 25 April 1708 to Aug 24 last 448 1 0
for 97 days' pay for the Capt. General & Staff Officers [in Great Britain] from 1708 June 25 to Sept 29 3159 15 0
on account of Contingencies; to satisfy warrants signed by her Majesty 1843 6 3
in part of 87125l. 10. 0 for 5000 men in sea service anno 1708
for 4 months' clearings from April 25 last to Aug 24 last for Maj. Gen. Mordaunt's Regiment 1638 7 4
for 61 days' clearings from June 25 last to Aug 24 last to the Regiments of Mark Kerr, Macartney & Bowles 1963 12 1
in part of 5000l. for the Invalids anno 1708
for the like 61 days' pay for the 5 Companies of Invalids 258 2 3
on account for the said Companies from Aug 24 last 500
£17117 4 0
Letter of direction for 3536l. 19. 2 to said John How: out of the fourth payment to be made by the East India Company before Nov 12 next: to be as in part for Guards & Garrisons anno 1708, and to be applied to such services thereof as he shall find most pressing. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. On the 19th May & Aug 27 last I desired an account of the arrears on coals & culm. The Lord Treasurer is still very desirous of seeing that account (which has not yet been transmitted to him) because he is very inclinable to believe there may be sufficient money standing out of the said arrears to clear the unsatisfied loans on said Duties with the interest thereof and it is of very ill consequence that any of the public funds in the Exchequer should lie under the discredit of a deficiency when at the same time there would be none if the accounts were duly passed & the arrears thereupon hastened into the Exchequer with that due care as they ought to be. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 13.
Oct. 29. Same to same to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from the Customs Commissioners in North Britain touching the taking of affidavits on the back of transires, see infra, pp. 443–4. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Principal Officers of the Works of the petition of Michael Studholme & Henry Wise shewing that they made a new road cross the Great Park near Windsor from Bishops Gate to Sandpit Gate which is near 2 miles long & above 20 foot broad; that the charge of making same amounts to near double their estimate (which was 255l.) by reason of the several ditches dug on each side the road & clearing & new making several water courses & several new bridges, thereby making a good & lasting road & convenient for her Majesty's use; the estimate being only for mending the very bad places & making a passable road. Reference Book VIII, p. 332.
Oct. 30. Money order for 150l. to Thomas Coke, Vice Chamberlain of the Household, for last Sept 29 quarter's salary. (The money warrant for this order does not appear until Nov 18.) Order Book VII, p. 198. Money Book XIX, p. 386. Disposition Book XIX, p. 234.