Warrant Books: March 1709, 21-25

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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March 1709, 21–25

March 21. Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for a salary of 7,000l. per an. to Thomas, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; as from 1708 Nov. 29, being the date of his patent as Lord High Admiral of Great Britain and Ireland. Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, p. 5.
Same to Walter Whitfeild, Paymaster of Marines and Edward Harley and Arthur Mainwaring, Auditors of Imprests, to clear Major Gen. Holt's Regiment from 1704 Aug. 25 to 1705 Dec. 24 (which by reason of disputes arising between the Commanding Officers at Gibraltar and other accidents were not regularly mustered so that the Officers and soldiers thereof could not be paid and cleared nor [be] in a condition to raise recruits) and likewise to compute and clear the Companies following for the period 1704 Aug. 25 to 1705 June 24 viz. the Companies commanded by Major James Bush, and Capt. William Bassett in the Marine Regiment commanded by Major General Seymour and the Companies of Capt. Henry Carter and Capt. St. John Webb in Lord Shannon's Regiment of Marines and the Companies of Major Richard Cobham and Capt. Humphrey Corey and Capt. John Ramsey in Col. Jacob Borr's Regiment of Marines: all which were not regularly mustered between the 25 Aug. 1704 and the 24 June 1705: the said computation of pay is to be according to the number of men which from the ships' books on which they were borne shall appear to have been landed or set on shore there: all in accordance with the Act of 4 and 5 Anne [c. 12] for this purpose. Ibid., pp. 6–7.
Same to Edmond Jennings, President of the Council of Virginia in America, to give order to the Receiver General of her Majesty's Quit Rents in the said Colony to pay out of the said revenue forthwith 500l. to the Governors and Visitors of the College of William and Mary in Virginia as royal bounty to enable them to proceed in rebuilding the said College: the said Wm. and Mary having by letters patent ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. X, pp. 24–5, given licence for the founding of a place of universal study or perpetual college to be known by the name of the College of William and Mary in Virginia for promoting the study of Divinity, the true philosophy, languages and other good and liberal arts and sciences; several persons in the said colony having applied to Wm. and Mary that the church there might be supplied with a seminary of ministers and that the youth of the colony might be educated in learning and good manners and for propagating the Christian faith among the Indians in those parts: and the Visitors and Governors of the said College have represented that the said College with all its books and furniture was reduced to ashes by an accidental fire in Oct. 1705 and that after three years' experience they find the great want there is of the said College by their being so long deprived of such a means of education of their children and how slowly the usual revenues of said College are like to raise a sum any ways proportionable to the expense of a moderate building, and have therefore prayed the Queen's bounty towards the rebuilding. Ibid., pp. 7–9.
March 21. Same to Ralph Lane Esq. late Sheriff for Co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely to pay to Robert Peacock, Treasurer and Chief Constable of the Hundred of Wychford [Witchford], in the Isle of Ely, William Robinson and Robert Chapman in behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants of said Hundred the fine of 234l. set on them at the Summer Assizes in the Castle of Cambridge in 1705 at the suit of William Wye for a pretended robbery in said Hundred committed on one Baxter, his [Wye's] servant, which was found to be a conspiracy of the said Wye and Baxter and thereon they were convicted and Wye was fined the said 234l. and Baxter was fined 20 marks. Ibid., pp. 19–20.
Same to the Treasurer of the Chamber authorising him to satisfy and pay the several sums as follows amounting in all to 1,835l. 17s. 11d. which have been expended and laid out for services as follows and for the satisfying of which the said total sum has been [already] issued to said Treasurer of the Chamber out of the Exchequer [: this warrant therefore is only an ex post facto authorisation for payments already directed by the Lord Treasurer: for two of the said items viz. to T. Tompion and Grinling Gibbons see supra Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXII, p. 398] “and in case the whole or any part thereof be already paid upon any warrant of the Lord Chamberlain of the Household we do hereby ratify and approve of such payment. [The necessity for this warrant appears to be explained by Treasurer Godolphin's minute, supra, pp. 31, 33.]
Appending: schedule of warrants signed by the Lord Chamberlain for extraordinary services, for payment of which money has been [already] issued to the Treasurer of the Chamber and by him paid over pursuant to several directions of the Lord Treasurer “according to the said [Lord Chamberlain's] warrants: the same [being] to be confirmed by her Majesty's royal sign manual as has been accustomed.” (This schedule is certified to the Lord Treasurer by Mos. Giraudeau.)
£ s. d.
to Charles Boit, painter in enamel for three pictures of her Majesty set in gold: by [Lord Chamberlain's] warrant dated 1707–8 March 10 57 5 0
to William Williams, employed by the Society of Upholsterers for the coffin, hearse, &c. provided for Sir Cloudsley Shoveil's funeral by [like] warrant dated 20 Jan. 1707–8 480 5 6
to Robert Trevet, herald painter for escutcheons and other heraldry paintings for the said funeral 138 4 7
to Daniell Williams for the fees due to St. Peter's Church Westminster for the [said Shovell's] interment 46 5 8
to six [of the Earl] Marshal's men attending on horseback the said funeral 3 0 0
to Grimlin Gibbons, carver, for the monument of Sir Cloudesly Shovell erected at Westminster Abbey: by [Lord Chamberlain's] warrant dated 4 Sept. 1708 322 10 0
to Hampden Reeves, her Majesty's upholsterer for the use of a bed for Mrs. Stanhope in her sickness, by her Majesty's special command: by [like] warrant dated 14 Feb. 1707–8 21 0 0
to Thomas Tompion, watchmaker, in full of his bills for a new swing clock and for work done for her Majesty from 1702 to 1708 Aug. 21 126 4 0
to Benj. Bedford for lodgings for the Muscovite Ambassador and retinue from 10 Oct. 1707 to 27 Feb. 1707–8: by [like] warrant dated 1708 May 31 131 13 9
to ditto for lodgings for the said Ambassador from 27 Feb. 1707–8 to 24 June 1708 and for [his host's] loss of goods and damages: by [like] warrant dated 1708 July 10 118 13 0
to ditto in part of an agreement for the hire of a new house for the said Ambassador: by [like] warrant dated 26 April 1708 157 10 0
to him more for the rent of the said house from Lady day 1708 to 24 June following: by [like] warrant dated 10 July 1708 109 18 0
to him more in full for the rent of the said house from 24 June 1708 to Michaelmas following, and for the hire of furniture: by [like] warrant dated 20 Jan. 1708–9 123 8 0
£1,835 17 11
Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, pp. 20–21.
March 21. William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to instruct Thomas Saunders in the business of the Customs in order to his employment. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 45.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of James Brown, Clerk of the Works at Windsor Castle, with Mr. Randue's recommendation of him for the place of keeper of the great water engine at Windsor, now vacant. Ibid., p. 46.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission of Excise for Scotland to include James Boyle in the place of John Montgomerie; the new Commissioners to be Alexander Wedderburn, John Whetham, David Ross, Alexander Forbes and said Boyle: with salaries of 400l. per an. each: the said previous Commissioners having had a salary of 300l. per an. each but an additional 100l. per an. having been authorised by royal sign manual of 1708 Nov. 9. (Treasurer Godolphin's signature dated March 29 of the docquet of this commission.) Out Letters (North Britain) II, pp. 16, 20.
March 22. Money warrant for 240l. to Thomas Jett for 2½ years to 1708 Dec. 20 on his fee of 20l. per an. as Auditor for Co. Northampton and 10 other counties detailed (Rutland, Warwick, Leicester, Stafford, Hereford, Salop, Worcester, Lancaster, Westmorland and Cumberland) and his like fee as Auditor for Co. Norfolk, and six other counties detailed (Huntingdon, Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Herts, Middlesex and the Cities of London and Westminster) and his like fee as Auditor for Co. Beds and six other counties detailed (Bucks, Berks, Oxford, Kent, Surrey and Sussex) and his like fee as Auditor for Richmond, Durham, Northumberland and York, and for two years to 1708–9 March 11 on his like fee as Auditor of Co. Southampton and six other counties detailed (Wilts, Gloucester, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall).
In the margin: a later confirmation dated 1712 Oct. 17 by Treasurer the Earl of Oxford. Money Book XIX, p. 461.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer having great demands made on him by the Paymaster of the Marines for clearing those Regiments, desires to know how the said Regiments are mustered when on board and under what cheque or control those musters are made, and also to whom and how often the accounts of the said musters are returned from on board and what examination they pass before the said Paymaster becomes possessed of them. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 43.
Same to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] and the Attorney General to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Lord Great Chamberlain praying her Majesty's leave to bring in a Bill in Parliament for confirming to him and his heirs the enclosed fourth part of Havering Park Co. Essex. Ibid.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to attend the Lord Treasurer on Friday morning with a list of the Receivers General of Land Tax anno 1708 with the state of their respective accounts, in order to his lordship's nomination of Receivers for the like Tax anno 1709. Ibid.
Same to same to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] from some gentlemen in the Isle of Anglesey touching the irregular assessing the Land Tax there. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Auditors of Imprests of the incidents account of the Trustees for [circulating] Exchequer Bills for one year to 1708 April 27: total 102l. 6s. 4d. Reference Book VIII, p. 353.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Earl of Cromartie. In reply to the letter from yourself and the rest of the Lords of the Justiciary I have ordered a further 500l. into the hands of Mr. Douglas of Cavers for the charge of the next Circuit Courts. The reasons for your desire not to go on circuit must satisfy everybody. But if anyone should endeavour to misrepresent the same your Lordship is always safe in the just opinion her Majesty hath of your Lordship's zeal and integrity for her service.
Prefixing: letter dated Edinburgh March 11 from said Earl of Cromartie to Treasurer Godolphin. “The circuit in October last being its first appearance after a long disuetude and for so long a time that there being no judge here in life who was at any [such circuit] but myself, I thought it my duty to serve in them, tho' my age did dissuade it: and that the law doth not require it but only allow it in a person of my station, whose province is principally to precede [preside] in that Court in its fixt and not in its ambulatory stations. But now they having been once in the course of circuits and that the expense of these Courts may be judged too much by the addition of [what] decency doth require to a Justice General, and my age and weakness rendering me unfit for travel I presume my little service will be as acceptable when I save my expense to the public especially when there are such worthy judges to exerce the function. My Lord I may with the less shame take the repose which the law allows me because I am not only the oldest judge in her Majesty's service, but I think as Justice General I have given more attendance at Courts both in Circuits and in ordinary Diets than any two of that station has done this hundred years: and if any such persons who do sometimes misrepresent my best actings shall upbraid me in this as if it were an omission I humbly hope that the above written truth will prove a sufficient antidote and if that prove too weak I think myself yet safe in my Sovereign's protection and in your Lordship's favour to one who hath been happy in your acquaintance.” Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 17.
March 22. Treasurer Godolphin to the Lords of Justiciary in reply to theirs of the 11th inst. relative to a further advance for the charge of the ensuing Circuit. I have directed 500l. as above as additional to the 1,500l. lately ordered and hope by your good management it will be very sufficient for those purposes “for I cannot but observe to your Lordships that till the revenues of Scotland are more equal to the charges of the Civil Government of that part of the kingdom all possible good husbandry must be used to prevent as much as may be the increase of the charges to [of] yourselves and the rest of the Lords of Session and other officers and persons who have demands of salaries, pensions or allowances by grants in respect of their offices, employments or services in Scotland: and I should think the expense of the Circuit Courts for the time to come might be very much reduced and brought to a certainty, and [I] would be very glad to receive your Lordships' thoughts upon that matter as soon as conveniently you can.
Prefixing: the said letter dated Edinburgh 11 March inst. and signed by the Earl of Cromartie, Ad. Cockburne, W. Struther, Gilb. Eliot, James Erskine. The above 1,500l. will be too little for the end proposed; the last Circuit by reason of too short advertisements and too little time after the Proclamation could not possibly keep the legal Diets at the three remotest stations, which were almost at double distance and were of more trouble than the nearer were; which [omission of the said three remotest stations] rendered the expense much less than will be necessarily expended when the Judges go to every one of the stations. We judge 2,000l. to be the least for defraying that charge, being 400l. for the table and stable to the Judges of each Circuit and 800l. for the clerks, Depute Advocates, macers and trumpets: or if (according to our old laws and customs) some person be appointed by your Lordship to go along with each Circuit to disburse the expense this will be most acceptable to us, it being much out of our road to be provisors or supervisors in such matters. Meanwhile we have emitted our breeves for taking of Dittays and Informations of Crimes throughout this part of the kingdom and the Lord Justice Clerk has already sent out clerks to every shire in Scotland for these ends. Ibid., pp. 18–19.
March 22. J. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Excise Commissioners of Scotland to pay a further 500l. to Mr. Douglas of Cavers as above. Ibid., p. 19.
March 23. Letter of direction for the issue to the Forces, the Ordnance, the Transports and the Navy of the sum of 635,614l. 6s.d. or such other sum as shall complete the 1,880,000l. with which the Land Tax anno 1709 may be charged inclusive of the loans transferred thereto: the present issue to be out of loans thereon and to be for services as follows viz.:
272,280l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: to be applied and disposed to such uses [of the said Forces] as the Lord Treasurer shall direct: whereof 100,000l. is to be issued out of loans to be made by Sir Henry Furnese on credit of said Land Tax, the interest on the orders of loan being to commence from the date of the tallies; and 24,375l. is to be issued out of like loans to be made by Sir Theodore Janssen with like interest; and 147,905l. is to be issued out of loans to be made by said Brydges, the orders for which are to be drawn without interest.
70,000l. to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: out of like loans to be made by him without interest as above: the said sum being to be reserved in his hands for uses to be appointed.
36,000l. to Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance: out of like loans to be made by him without interest as above: and is intended to be reserved as above.
17,000l. to Thomas Micklethwayte, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Transports: out of the like loans to be made by him as above without interest: and to be reserved as above.
240,334l. 6s.d. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Treasurer of the Navy: out of like loans to be made by himself: and is to be reserved in his hands as above. Disposition Book XIX, pp. 267–8.
William Lowndes to Mr. Walpole [Secretary at War] to prepare a royal warrant for paying 24,766l. 7s. 1d. to Sir Solomon de Medina and Jacob Hiskia Machado for bread and bread waggons for the service of her Majesty's Forces in the Low Countries anno 1709 as by the enclosed memorial and account [missing] from Moses d'Medina: if the said account be correct. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 44.
March 24. Letter of direction for 1,612l. 10s. 0d. to Sir Thomas Littleton, Navy Treasurer: out of loans on Malt anno 1709: to be placed to the head of Wages anno 1709 [and to be for services] as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
to answer the contingencies of the Fleet going to the West Indies under the command of Admiral Baker 1,000 0 0
for the flag pay of the said Admiral Baker to Xmas last 612 10 0
Disposition Book XIX, p. 268.
March 24. William Lowndes to John Howe, Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons, to apply 80,000l. to services as follows towards satisfying the sum of 83,261l. 13s. 0d., the said 80,000l. being made up of 50,000l. in orders on the Land Tax directed to him Dec. 23 last supra Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXII, p. 466, and 30,000l. in ready money similarly directed Dec. 29 last Ibid., p. 472. In order thereto the orders for the said 50,000l. are to be assigned to any persons willing to accept the same for ready money at 5 per cent. interest [discount]: the said services being as follows:
£ s. d.
on account of Guards and Garrisons anno 1709.
for 64 days' subsistence for the Troops and Regiments in Great Britain from 23 Dec. 1708 to 24 Feb. 1708–9 44,165 12 7
for 28 days' subsistence from Feb. 25. last to March 23 inst. for the said Troops and Regiments 19,376 7 4
for 63 days' subsistence for the Battalion of Guards in Holland from 23 Dec. 1708 to Feb. 23 following 4,337 13 1
on account of subsistence for the four Companies at New York; to be paid over to Sir William Ashurst in advance at the rate of 70l. per week to June 24 next 1,825 0 0
on account of the 5,000 men for sea service [anno 1709].
for 64 days' subsistence to Feb. 24 last for the Regiments of Major General Mordaunt, Lord Mark Kerr, Brigadier Macartney, Col. Bowles and Brigadier Handasyde's Officers in England 7,284 14 6
for 28 days' subsistence more for the said Regiments from Feb. 25 last to March 23 inst. 3,972 5 6
on account of the Invalids anno 1709.
for account of pay to subsist them from Dec. 23 last to March 23 inst. 2,300 0 0
£83,261 13 0
[For the direction as to the balance of 3,261l. 13s. 0d. see infra, p. 156, under date 1709 May 4.]
Ibid., p. 269.
March 24. Same to Secretary Boyle enclosing the following accounts [missing] for same to be laid before the House of Commons “as soon as conveniently you can in response to several Addresses of the said House: viz.
(1) a state of all such public debts and claims as have been brought before the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland.
(2) an abbreviate from the Commissioners and Comptroller General of Excise in Scotland of the produce of the Excise there from the commencement of the Union to Xmas last.
(3) a like abbreviate of the like revenue of the Customs Scotland.
Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 44.
Same to Sir James Montague to convene the Queen's Counsel at Law and to obtain their opinion on the validity of the lease to Mr. Marriot (on which subject you and the Solicitor General differ in opinion) “without regard to their having been of Counsel for the Earl of Wharton or the said Mr. Marriott.” Ibid., p. 45.
Treasury reference to the General Officers [of the Army] of the petition of Col. Watkins on behalf of his Regiment, late Col. Soames's, concerning the overcharge of 399l. 10s. 0d. upon the offreckonings of said Regiment between 24 April and 24 June 1705 which [overcharge] was assigned by the late Colonel to the clothing [for the year] ended 24 June 1707: and praying that credit may be given for said sum in the accounts of the offreckonings of the said Regiment, being for accoutrements delivered to the men from their first raising to the time of their being fully clothed and accoutred. Reference Book VIII, p. 353.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Robert Walpole, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant to authorise John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, to contract for clothing and accoutrements for ten Companies of Invalids viz. four Companies at Tinmouth [Tynemouth], Chester, Windsor and Greenwich and six Companies lately drawn from the Hospital [at Chelsea], the first four having received no clothing these two years and the last six having not yet been clothed since they were formed into Companies.
Prefixing: said How's memorial for same.
Appending: estimate of said clothing: total 2,865l. Warrants not Relating to Money XX, p. 326.
1709. March 25. William Lowndes to Mr. Wilcox for an estimate of the charge of the repairs in Hyde Park proposed in a memorial which was referred to you in May 1707 and part of which Mr. Portman now represents as absolutely necessary. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 45.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the patent officers of Exeter port shewing that in 1671 an order was made for sending a collector to Bideford and in 1675 seals were sent thither for the Customer and Comptroller there separated from Barnstaple where formerly the whole business [of entering and clearing] was transacted; which [new arrangement] has been chargeable [expensive] to the petitioners in maintaining a deputy at Bideford and that no blank parchment books being sent for the port of Bideford has occasioned prosecution against the petitioners for not returning the same: therefore praying that same [such parchment books] may be sent yearly for Bideford port and some allowance made for the support of their deputies there. Reference Book VIII, p. 352.
March 25 March 31 April 1. Establishment under the royal sign manual for the Civil List affairs of Ireland as from 25 March 1709.
Exchequer Court £ per an.
viz.: £ s. d.
Lord Treasurer 365 0 0
Vice Treasurer for his ancient fee 50 0 0
Chancellor of the Exchequer 200 0 0
Lord Chief Baron for his fee and robes 500l.; and for his augmentation 200l. 700 0 0
Second Baron for his fee and robes 400l.; and for his augmentation 200l. 600 0 0
Third Baron for his fee and robes 400l.; and for his augmentation 200l. 600 0 0
Prime Serjeant for his fee and robes 33 16 8
Second Serjeant 30 6 0
Attorney General for his fee and robes 88 6 8
Solicitor General for his fee and robes 88 6 8
Auditor General for his ancient fee 184l.; more, in full satisfaction for all fees due upon passing sheriffs' accounts 31l.; more for transmitting the yearly accounts into England 50l. 265 0 0
Surveyor General 60 0 0
Escheator of the Province of Leinster 6 13 4
ditto Munster 1 5 0
ditto Connaught 1 5 0
ditto Ulster 1 5 0
Chief Remembrancer 30l.; more in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 21l. 19s. 2d. 51 19 2
Second Remembrancer 7l. 15s. 6d.; more in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 45l. 6s. 9d. 53 2 3
Clerk of the Pipe 45l.; more in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 111l. 12s. 0d. 156 12 0
Chief Chamberlain 52 3 4
Second Chamberlain 52 3 4
Comptroller of the Pipe 7l.; more in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 46l. 10s. 0d. 53 10 0
Usher of the Exchequer: for his fee 2l. 10s. 0d.; for his allowance for ink for the Exchequer 10l.; more, in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 11l. 12s. 6d. 24 2 6
Transcriptor and Foreign Opposer 15l.; more, in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 38l. 15s. 0d. 53 15 0
Summonister and Clerk of the Estreats 7l. 10s. 0d.; more in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 36l. 8s. 6d. 43 18 6
Marshal of the Four Courts over and above the lawful fees of his office computed at 120l. per an. 280 0 0
Clerk of the First Fruits and Twentieth Parts 27l. 10s. 0d.; more, in full of fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 11l. 4s. 9d. 38 14 9
Clerk of the Pells 30 0 0
Cryer of the Exchequer 1l. 13s. 4d.; more, in full of all fees upon passing sheriffs' accounts 7l. 15s. 0d. 9 8 4
Pursuivant of the Exchequer 71l. 5s. 0d.; more, in full of all fees on passing sheriffs' accounts 7l. 15s. 0d. 79 0 0
Auditor of the Foreign Accounts 121 13 4
total for the Court of Exchequer 4,191 6 10
Court of Queen's Bench
Lord Chief Justice for his fee and robes 600l.; for his augmentation 200l. 800 0 0
Second Justice for his fee and robes 400l.; for his augmentation 200l. 600 0 0
Third Justice, ditto, ditto 600 0 0
Clerk of the Crown 7 10 0
2,007 10 0
Court of Chancery
Lord Chancellor of Ireland 2,000 0 0
Master of the Rolls 157 9 11
Master in Chancery (four at 20l. each) 80 0 0
Clerk of the Crown in Chancery 25 0 0
Clerk of the Hanaper at 10l. 10s. 0d. per an.; and 25l. per an. for paper and parchment for the Chancery 35 10 0
2,297 19 11
Court of Common Pleas
Lord Chief Justice for his fee and robes 500l.; and for his augmentation 200l. 700 0 0
Second Justice for his fee and robes 400l.; and for his augmentation 200l. 600 0 0
Third Justice, ditto, ditto 600 0 0
Prothonotory 7 10 0
1,907 10 0
Officers and ministers attending the State viz.:
Principal Secretary of State 300 0 0
Clerk of the Council for his constant fee 400l.; for parchment and paper 40l. 440 0 0
Physician to the State 66 13 4
Ulster King at Arms 26 13 4
Athlone Pursuivant 13 13 9
Chief Serjeant at Arms 100 0 0
Second Serjeant at Arms 100 0 0
First, Second and Third Pursuivants 30l. each 90 0 0
Keeper of the Council Chamber 18 5 0
Keeper of the Rooms of Dublin Castle 16 16 0
Keeper of the Records in Bermingham Tower 10 0 0
Constable of the Castle of Dublin 20 0 0
a Kettle Drum and six Trumpets each 70l. per an 490 0 0
Lord Mayor and citizens of Dublin 500 0 0
Ranger of Phœnix Park and Master of the Game 50 0 0
Porter of the Castle of Dublin 13 13 9
2,255 15 2
charge of the Circuits to every Justice of Assize who goes [on circuit] at 100l.: which for five circuits twice a year comes to 2,000 0 0
The allowance of such as do not go [is] to be saved to the Queen.
the Dean of Christ Church for the rent of the Exchequer Chamber and other rooms within the Four Courts 15 10 0
rent of Skiddies Castle, being the storehouse of Cork 7 10 0
the Receiver General for paper and parchment 25 0 0
Keeper of the House for Receipt 5 0 0
Singers of Christ Church, Dublin, for praying for her Majesty at 10l. every term 2 0 0
John Trench Esq. for prosecution of criminals 100 0 0
rent of the Parliament House, including fees [on the receipt thereof] 186 0 0
rent of Durzey Island, including fees [on the receipt thereof] 45 0 0
rent of the Island of Blasques in Co. Kerry, including fees [on the receipt thereof] 52 19 0
2,438 19 0
[patent] officers of the Customs
Dublin (Customer; Comptroller; Searcher) 20 0 0
Wexford (Customer; Comptroller) 15 0 0
Waterford and Ross (Customer; Comptroller; Searcher) 36 13 4
Yaughall and Dungarvan (Customer; Comptroller; Searcher) 25 0 0
Cork (Customer; Searcher) 18 6 8
Limerick (Customer; Comptroller; Searcher) 31 13 4
Kinsale (Customer; Searcher) 20 0 0
Dingle Icouch (Customer) 5 0 0
Galway (Customer; Searcher) 18 6 8
Drogheda (Customer) 7 10 0
Dundalk and Carlingford (Customer; Searcher) 12 10 0
Carrickfergus (ditto) 14 3 4
Strangford (ditto) 14 3 4
Accomptant General: to be paid by debentures out of the Exchequer and not otherwise 400 0 0
638 6 8
to the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College Dublin 388 15 0
to the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church Dublin 45 6 8
to the Bishop of Meath out of the manor of Trim 3 15 0
to the Archbishop of Dublin for proxies due out of divers churches belonging to the late monastery of St. Thomas Court, St. Mary's Abbey and St. John Jerusalem 18 5 6
to the chanter of Christ Church Dublin for the rent of a plot of ground near the Castle of Dublin 27 0 0
the rent of the lands of Castlenye Park whereon the fort of Kinsale stands 6 13 4
to the minister of the French Church 50 0 0
to the second French minister 50 0 0
printing the bills of mortality 12 0 0
tithes of the land in Phœnix Park 12 0 0
to the clerk of the Paper Office 200 0 0
£813 15 6
Commissioners of Appeals 300 0 0
nonconforming ministers: to be distributed among such of them as the Lord Lieutenant shall find necessary for her Majesty's service and the good of that kingdom: not exceeding 1,200 0 0
the linen manufacture 1,180 0 0
payments for extraordinaries by Concordatums (for freight, transportation, carrying of letters and other expenses and rewards; sea service; repairing and upholding sufficiently the Royal Houses; maintaining the forts; finishing needful undertakings of that kind begun in apt places but not finished; erecting of more strength of the like nature in other fit and necessary places; diet and charge in keeping poor prisoners and sick and maimed soldiers in hospitals; printing, riding and travelling charges; prest [money] upon account; and all other payments, amongst which the repairs of forts and provision of hospitals are chiefly to be taken care of by Concordatums of the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Deputy, Lords Justices or other Chief Governor or Governors and Council; and the Concordatums to be every three months certified over to our Privy Council here [in London] 5,000 0 0
“and our royal pleasure is that no payment or allowance be made by Concordatum but by warrant drawn by the Clerk of the Council in Ireland, passed openly at our Council Board there and signed by our Lieutenant, Deputy or other Chief Governor or Governors and by three or more of the officers following viz. Chancellor, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Chief Justice of Queen's Bench or Common Pleas, Chief Baron, Master of the Rolls and Secretary of State. And for default either by exceeding the sums limited by anticipation or by not observing this our direction in every point” all sums or payments not conforming to the above are to be set in super on the Lord Lieutenant.
Total of the Civil List 24,231l. 3s. 1d. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, pp. 57–63.
A like Establishment or Military List for the Irish Army, Ordnance and other Officers as follows: to commence as from 1709 March 31:
£ s. d.
General Officers detailed 12,337 3 4
Lord Lieutenant, Deputy, Justices or other Chief Governor or Governors General of Ireland for all their allowances and entertainments 6,593 6 8
one Aide de Camp 182 10 0
one Lieutenant General 1,460 0 0
one Aide de Camp 182 10 0
one Major General 730 0 0
two Brigadiers at 30s. a day each 1,095 0 0
Muster Master General and Clerk of the Cheque: in full of all allowances and not to receive the day's pay 500 0 0
six Deputy Commissaries at 5s. a day each 547 10 0
Quarter Master General 365 0 0
Judge Advocate General 121 13 4
Adjutant General 365 0 0
Chirurgeon General 121 13 4
Provost Marshal General 73 0 0
12,337 3 4
military contingencies 3,000 0 0
military incidents (rent and fire and candle) 170 0 0
one Regiment of Horse; Field and Staff Officers 705l. 13s. 4d.; six Troops each of a Capt., a Lieut., a Cornet, a Quartermaster, two Corporals and one Trumpeter and 36 private soldiers at rates detailed: each Troop 1,761l. 2s. 6d.: total for the Regiment in all 216 men besides Officers 11,272 8 4
two like Regiments of Horse more 22,544 16 8
one Regiment of Dragoons; Field and Staff Officers 632l. 13s. 4d.; six Troops each with Officers as above and also a Sergeant and a hautboy and 36 Dragoons each 1,323l. 2s. 6d. per Troop: total for the Regiment of 216 men besides Officers 8,571 8 4
two like Regiments of Dragoons more 17,142 16 8
one Regiment of Foot; Field and Staff Officers 733l. 0s. 10d.; eleven Companies of each a Capt., a Lieut., an Ensign, two sergeants, three corporals, two drummers and 50 private men, 876l. per Company: total for the Regiment of 600 men besides Officers 9,636 0 0
one Company of Grenadiers to complete this Regiment: of 50 privates besides Officers as above: total for this Regiment 11,263l. 5s. 10d. 894 5 0
13 Regiments more of the like numbers: in all 7,800 men besides officers 146,422 15 10
another Regiment of Foot of 10 Companies with 50 privates per Company besides Officers and Field and Staff Officers 10,387 5 10
a Company of Foot Guards armed with battle axes and to attend the State and consisting of a Capt., two Lieuts., two Sergeants and 50 yeomen 1,229 8 4
Charge of the Ordnance:
superior officers, inferior officers, and storekeepers, gunners and matroses at Londonderry, Charlemont, Limerick, Kinsale, Galway, Athlone, Duncannon, Waterford, Carrickfergus, all detailed and 660l. for incidents. 4,687 18 0
“Whereas the safety of our kingdom of Ireland does much depend upon a useful and proper Train of Artillery with able officers and artificers to attend the same especially during the present war we do therefore think fit and accordingly require the Chief Governor to enquire into the ability and condition of the present superior and inferior officers of Ordnance and Train to the end that such as shall be found unqualified for their respective imployments or that do not constantly reside and execute the same be removed from such imployments and others fitly qualified placed therein: and that in future no inferior officer or artificer belonging to the said Ordnance or Train shall be admitted to serve therein before they shall be approved by the said Chief Governor” and for further improvement of the said Ordnance he is to adjust with the Master of the Ordnance there rules and orders for the government and management of the said Office and Train.
additional pay to two Troops of Horse and two Regiments of Foot when on duty in Dublin 2,437 17 11
Governors of Garrisons viz. Londonderry and Culmore, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Kinsale, Duncannon, Ross Castle, Dublin 2,517 15 0
Fire and candle for the Guards and Garrisons (Dublin Town Guard, Limerick Guards, Galway, Charles Fort, Athlone) 166 0 0
Regulation of the annual charge for maintaining and upholding the Barracks built in the several places following viz. 23 in the Province of Leinster (Arklow, Athy, Bray, Callen, Carricknashure, Carlow, Carlingford, Dublin, Duncannon, Drogheda, Enniscorthy, Finagh, Kilkenny, Longford Town, Mary Borough, Mullingar, Navan, Philipstown, Ross, Tullogh, Trim, Wicklow, Wexford.
31 in Munster (Abbygowny, Bantry, Caperquin, Cork, Colecormuck, Charleville, Clonmell, Cullen, Dungarvan, Dingle, Fourmile Water, Galbally, Kilmac Thomas, Kinsale, Kilmiddy, Killenaule, Limerick, Longford Pass, Macrome, Mallow, Needeen, Newmarket, Nenagh, Nine Mile House, Ross Castle, Ross Creagh, Silvermines, Thurles, Tralee, Waterford, Youghall).
20 in the Province of Connaught (Athenry, Athlone, Bryans Bridge, Bannaher, Belcare, Ballaghy, Boyle, Clare Castle, Castlebar, Coloony, Carrickdrumrush, Galway, Headford, James Town, Loughreagh, Laneborough, Mullet, Portumny, Roscommon, Sligo).
27 in the Province of Ulster (Ardmagh, Altmore, Belturbet, Ballyconnell, Belcoe, Ballyshannon Belfast, Blackbank, Cavan, Clannanlychurch, Culmore, Coleraine, Carrickfergus, Charlemont, Down Patrick, Drumbote, Dungannon, Enniskilling, Garrison, Garrydevillen, Killevan, Lifford, Londonderry, Newtown Limavady, Newry, Newry Mountains, Virginia) being in all 35 barracks for Horse and 227 for Foot and divided into districts under the care of 26 Barrack Masters: for fire and candle 6,000l.; for repairs 1,263l. 3s. 4d.; for bedding, sheeting and curtains 3,718l. 6s. 8d.; for straw for beds and salaries to 25 Barrack Masters at 50l. per an. each; and for watching empty Barracks; and for the charge of the Barrack Office in Dublin; and for salary to two Inspectors General 2,055l.: total 13,336 10 0
Authority is given to the Lord Lieutenant to vary the disposition of this total according as alterations take place in the Forces in the said barracks.
Total of the Military List £267,590 10 10
An Establishment of Half Pay for the Reformed Officers of the Regiments as follows: to commence as from 1 April 1709:
s. d.
Brigadier Wolsey's Regiment of Horse:
Lieut. Col. William Berry 8 0 a day.
Lieuts. Robert Johnston, James Johnston, John Dean, each 3s. a day 9 0
Cornets Thomas Fetherston, James Cathcart, Richard Berry, Lanc. Carleton each 2s. 6d. a day 10 0
Quartermasters Thomas Wingfeild, Francis Aldridge, Henry Dixon, James Humphreys, Michael Waldrom, Gerrald Erwine each 1s. 6d. 9 0
Cornet Robert Flagherty 2 6
Brigadier Robert Echlin's Dragoons:
Lieut. Luke Davis 2 6
Quartermasters John Nisbet and Abr. Wrightsons each 1s. 6d. 3 0
Brigadier Henry Cuningham's Dragoons.
Lieut. James Uniack 2 6
Earl of Drogheda's Regiment of Foot:
Capt. William FitzMaurice 3 0
Col. John Mitchelburn's Regiment:
Col. John Mitchelburne 8 0
Lieut. Col. John Hamilton 6 0
Major Anto. Schomberg 5 0
Captains Mich. Cuningham and James Manson 3s. each 6 0
Lieut. Patrick Murray 2 0
Ensigns Daniel Gallaspy and James Donnally each 1s. 6d. 3 0
Col. Thomas St. John's Regiment:
Col. Thomas St. John 8 0
Lieut. Col. Alexr. Stewart 6 0
Major Arthur Noble 5 0
Capt. Mort. Cuningham 3 0
Lieuts. Martin Massay and Samuel Mortimer 2s. each 4 0
Col. Abr. Creighton's Regiment:
Capt. Thomas Johnston 3 0
Lieut Guy Carleton 2 0
Earl of Donegal's Regiment:
Lieuts. John Pearce and John Reynolds each 2s. 4 0
Ensign Stephen Farragut 1 6
Lord Mountjoy's Regiment:
Lieut. Jos. Pilot 2 0
Sir George St. Georg's Regiment:
Sir George St. George 8 0
Col. George Viller's Regiment:
Capt. Edw. Dixey 3 0
Capt. Richard Jenings 2 0
Lieut. Geo. Thompson 2 0
Lord Charlemont's Regiment:
Major Thomas Whitney 5 0
Capts. Hans Stevenson and Geo. Harris each 3s. 6 0
Lieut. John Tobyn 2 0
Quartermaster Robert Walker 2 0
Col Stanhope's Regiment:
Lieut. Geo. Mauser 2 0
Sir Math. Bridges's Regiment:
Ensign Edward Steadman 1 6
Col. Frederick Hamilton's Regiment:
Lieuts. William Gifford and Robert Coke each 2s. 4 0
Sir Hen. Bellasye's Regiment:
Capt. Cha. Nicholson 3 0
Ensign Gabriel Read 1 6
Lieut. Gen. Ingoldsby's Regiment:
Capt. John Hayne 3 0
Col. William Seymour's Regiment:
Ensign William Thompson 1 6
Brigadier Zachary Tiffin's Regiment:
Capt. Stedman and Capt. Geo. Carleton 3s. each 6 0
Lieut. Hen. Lane 2 0
Additional officers:
Captains Geo. Hart, John Park, Geo. Gregory, James MacCormuck, Stephen Miller, Richard Hill, John Murray, Thomas White, Arthur Gore, William Burgh each 3s. 30 0
Lieuts. Mathew FitzWilliams, Stafford Leybourn, John Cooke, Nicho. Holmes, George Holmes, Gerrald Cuffe, Mark Smith 2s. each 14 0
Total of the half pay officers 10l. 16s. 6d. per day or per an. £3,951 2 6
Whenever any of the above die, be preferred or refuse to serve, their allowance is to cease: and no other or further charge is to be added to the list. The Earl of Wharton, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, is directed to examine and report the particular merits of the several persons who receive any pensions by virtue of the last [previous] Establishment or by royal warrants since the date of that [previous] Establishment, in order to the making a new Establishment of Pensions: but as this cannot well be done until after his arrival in Ireland the said [previous] Establishment [of Pensions on the Civil or Military Lists] is to be continued and paid until the said new Establishment be made. But no payments thereunder are to be made unless the person to whom the pension is granted do reside in Ireland or be absent by leave of the Lord Lieutenant.
Lastly whereas several constant annual payments of the nature of pensions have been paid on the head of Concordatums which are not proper to be borne out of that fund and have caused an exceeding under that head, the same are to be examined into and reported on in like manner as the Civil List pensions above: but in the meantime they are to be continued and paid as above. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, pp. 66–82.