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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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Macartney (Maccartney), [George], brigadier or major general, equipage, 168, 215.

payment to, 269.

foot regiment of (serving as marines), captain in, petition for recruiting expenses, 243.

clearings, 124, 169.

offreckonings, 198.

subsistence, 112, 166.

McCalla, Agnes, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

McCallagham, Callaghan, lieutenant colonel, payment to, of arrears of a rent charge out of lands called Laghane, 62.

MacCarthy, Callahan, Earl of Clancarty, page to, 62;

settlement by, 62.

-, Donough, Earl of Clancarty, forfeited estate of, 62.

Maccartney. See Macartney.

Macclesfield, co. Chester, Mayor of, 278;

preacher in, allowance for, 278.

McConachie, Marion, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

MacCormuck, James, captain, reformed officer, half pay for, 122.

McDougall, Jennet, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Machado, Jacob Hiskia, payment to, for bread and bread waggons for the Army in the Low Countries, 111.

Machell, John, surveyor of duties on Houses in Westmorland, 252.

Mackay (Macky), Bridget, royal bounty for, 148, 468.

McKennen, Margaret, pension in Scotland for, 473.

Mackenzie (Mckensie, McKenzie), Colin, Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer Court, Scotland, salary, 38, 135, 263, 267.

-, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, George, Earl of Cromartie, Lord Justice General, Scotland, letters from and to, 63, 100, 110;

salary, 265.

-, Sir James, memorial of, concerning his office of Keeper of the Register of Signatures in Scotland, 756.

-, John, expenses of, in attending the House of Lords in relation to Returns of Scotch peers to sit in Parliament, 4, 91.

-, of Preston-hall, Roderick, a Lord of Session in Scotland, salary, 265.

McKerr. See Kerr.

Macky, Bridget. See Mackay.

-, John, contractor for the Flanders packet boats, contract renewed, 1467;

petition for extraordinary expenses, 453.

MacMahon, Terence, Provost Marshal, petition for expenses, 446.

McNeal (Mc Neale), John, payments to, for taking tories in Ireland, 58.

-, Malcolm, captain, payments to, for services in Ireland, 58, 478.

McNoe, Robert, chaplain for Virginia, passage money for, 241.

Macroom, Macrome, co. Cork, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

McWilliams, Thomas, payment to, for services in Ireland, 478.

Madrid, 354, 404.

Magglemore, co. Lincoln, 64.

Maghlin, Robert, captain, petition for half pay in Ireland, 450.

Magny, de, colonel, subsistence of, 9.

regiment of (formerly Count de Nassau's), in or going to Portugal, agency and accounts of, 127;

officers of, payment to, 9.

Magrath, James, captain in Colonel John Rice's regiment, petition of, 465.

Maiden Bradley, Mayden Bradley, co. Wilts, 150.

Maids of Honour. See Royal Bedchamber.

Mainwaring. See Manwaring.

Maiseaux, Peter des, petition for pension on the Irish Establishment, 296.

Maitland, Alexander, a Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland, salary, 38, 135, 267.

-, Charles, a Macer of Sessions in Scotland, salary, 265.

-, John, Earl of Lauderdale, one of the Lords of Session in Scotland, salary, 265.

Malaga, biscuit exported to, 368, 380, 402;

wine imported from, 402.

Malet, Baldwin, Receiver General of Taxes for Somerset, debt of, 41;

compounded pursuant to Private Act 7 Anne, No. 18, 189.

-, William, son and one of the sureties of Baldwin, petitions of, 41, 189.

Mallet, Connaught, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Mallory, James, lieutenant in the Second Marine Regiment, petition of his executors, 457.

Mallow [co. Cork], barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Malplaquet, Battle of, present to Lieut. Col. Graham for bringing expresses from the Duke of Marlborough on, 348.

MALT, Mum, Cyder and Perry, Duties on:

anno 1702, as by 1314 Wm. III, c. 5, arrears of, issue out of, 468.

anno 1704, as by 23 Anne, c. 2, arrears of, issue out of, 283.

loans and interest, all satisfied, 283.

anno 1706, as by 45 Anne, c. 17, arrears of, issue out of, 469.

loans and interest, all satisfied, 469.

anno 1707, as by 6 Anne, c. 5, arrears of, issue out of, 469.

loans and interest, all satisfied, 469.

tallies and orders on, advances on, 27, 320.

anno 1708, as by 6 Anne, c. 38, loans on, issues out of, 66, 334, 401;

remainder transferred to Malt anno 1709, 82.

tallies on, 29, 42, 123.

anno 1709, as by 7 Anne, c. 3, loans on, 18, 21;

authorised, 82;

issues out of, 4, 35, 85, 87, 91, 101, 111, 131, 179, 206, 20910, 330.

loans transferred to, 21, 82.

tallies and orders on, advances on, etc., 18, 19, 21, 22, 25, 84, 21314, 2278, 271, 283, 3545, 455.

anno 1710, as by 8 Anne, c. 3, loans on, authorised, 466.

collector of, expenses of a prosecution by, 488.

debentures for malt exported, fraudulent conversion of, 1967.

debts for, 373, 439.

Office, incidents bills, 152, 314, 435.

salary bills, 123, 233, 383, 481.

Malt Lottery. See Lotteries.

Malteres Plantation. See St. Christopher.

Malthus, Daniel, apothecary to the Queen's person, payment to, 420.

-, Roger, appointed watchman in London port, 331.

Man, Isle of, poor ministers of, annuity of, payments to trustees on, 245, 258, 464.

smuggling into Scotland from, 371, 414.

Man. See Mann.

Manchester, Earl of. See Montagu, Charles.

Manclere, , captain, ammunition, etc., delivered to, 159.

Mann (Man), , captain, agent to Lord Mountjoy's regiment, complaint against, 424.

-, John, Customs collector at Swansea, arrears of, 443.

Mannaton, Francis, Receiver General of assessments for Cornwall, 47.

Manning, Francis, H.M. Secretary to the Republic of the Grisons, ordinary of, 296, 358.

Manor Lodge. See Windsor Great Park.

Manors, named:




East Greenwich.

East Moulsey.



Hampton Court.

Handbridge Principality.


Kirton in Lindsey.


Mote Park.






Walton Leigh.



Mansell, Ann. See Rawson, Ann.

-, Barbara, wife of Francis senior, annuity granted by Charles II to, 190.

-, Charles, son of Francis senior, annuity granted by Charles II to, 190.

-, Frances, royal bounty for, 468.

-, Francis, senior, captain, annuity granted by Charles II to, 190, 402.

-, -, junior, annuity of, payment to his executors, 190;

death of, 190;

sister and administratrix. See Rawson, Ann.

-, Rachel, royal bounty for, 468.

Manser, George, lieutenant in colonel Stanhope's regiment, half pay for, 122.

Manson, James, captain in colonel J. Mitchelburn's regiment, half pay in Ireland for, 121;

petition for arrears, 451.

Manwaring (Mainwaring, Manwareing, Maynwaring), Dr.. proposal by, for purifying goods from Dantzic, 439.

-, Arthur, an Auditor of Imprests, 28, 64, 83, 106, 132, 189, 237, 260, 277, 305, 307, 315.

Mar, Earl of. See Erskine, John.

Mara and Mondrein (Mondrim, Mondrene), Forest of. See Delamere.

Marazion, co Cornwall, waiter and searcher at, 88.

Marble, for Blenheim Palace, 139;

for the Queen's statue at St. Paul's, 139;

prize, gift of, 41.

Marblehead, Massachusetts, collector and surveyor of Customs at. See Blechynden, C.

Marine, Francis, Trumpeter in Scotland, salary, 265.


accounts, auditing fees, 307, 309.

clearings, 106, 109.

issues for, 910, 13, 24, 135, 238.

clothing, payment for, 238.

Commissary of, letter to, 126.

company strength, addition to, 307.

musters, 24, 106, 307.

method of mustering on board ship, enquiry as to, 109, 126.

officers, arrears due to, 256, 300, 353, 446, 457.

offreckonings, issues for, 13, 24.

pay, computed from ships' books, 106.

two-thirds, issues for, 10, 13, 104, 137, 156, 238, 295, 469.

paying and clearing of regiments and companies not regularly mustered, warrant for, in accordance with Act 45 Anne, c. 12, 106.

Paymaster of (W. Whitfield), 109.

directions to, concerning interest on Exchequer Bills, 218.

letter to, 128.

memorials of, 9, 13, 24.

payments to, 9, 10, 24, 104, 135, 137, 156, 215, 216, 238, 240, 295, 304, 469.

warrants to, 106, 482.

Recruiting, Act 7 Anne, c. 2, for, 77, 482.

advances by Receivers General of Taxes for, repayment of, 482.

recruits, levy money for, misappropriated, 300.

subsistence for, 104, 156.


disbanded, 300, 353.

Royal Regiment, lieutenant of, royal bounty for, 159.

Second Regiment, 45.

By colonels' names, see:

Borr, J.

Carmarthen, Marquess of.

Holt, [H.].

Seymour, [W.].

Shannon, Lord.

subsistence, issues for, 910, 13, 24, 104, 137, 156, 215, 238, 295, 469.

wounded at Gibraltar, payment for drugs, etc., and surgeon attending, 15.

Mariot. See Marriot.

Marishall's plantation. See St. Christopher.

Marks (Markes), John, an executor of John Smith of Bideford, lease of manor and lands in Devon, 55, 147.

Marlborough, Countess Dowager of. See Ley, Margaret.

-, Duchess of. See Churchill, Sarah.

-, Duke of. See Churchill, John.

MARRIAGES, Births and Burials, Duties on (as by 67 Wm. and Mary, c. 6, continued by 89 Wm. III, c. 20).

receipts from, applied to the Deficient Funds, 99, 136, 199, 242, 287, 319, 457.

Receivers General of, accounts, overpayments on, 250, 304.

debt of, 66.

discharged, expenses of, 90.

tally on, 326.

Marriot (Mariot, Marriott, Maryot), , lease of, validity of, 7, 113.

-, Richard, waiter and searcher in Colchester port, 392.

-, Thomas, Clerk of the Pleas in the Exchequer Court, fees, 282.

Marsh, Narcissus, Archbishop of Armagh, Public Library at St. Sepulchre's, Dublin, erected by, 191.

-, Richard, merchant, permitted to reduce rum to proof, 381.

Marshall, Gilbert, Customs collector at Padstow, arrears of, 443.

-, Richard, Studmaster to the Prince of Denmark, 223;

Studmaster to the Queen, memorial of, 144, 332.

-, -, underkeeper of Hampton Court House Park, repairs to his lodge, 286, 465.

Mart, Richard, housebreaker, reward for the arrest of, 313.

Martin (Martyn), . captain, advances in Paris to, for prisoners of war, 70.

-, John, of Southwold, instructed in Customs affairs, 212.

-, Joseph, merchant, petition of, concerning Customs seizure, 437.

-, Richard, debt due to, for necessaries supplied to the Army in Ireland, 57;

expenses of, in building barracks in Ireconnaught, 57;

security for the collector of part of Galway, stay of proceedings against, 57.

-, Thomas, Paymaster to the King of Spain, payment to, 159.

-, Walter, Queen's ratkiller, bills of, payment of, 24, 235;

mourning livery for, 231.

Maryborough, Mary Borough, Queen's county, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.


arms and ammunition for, 190.

Customs in, Surveyor and Inspector of, appointment, 255.

Deputy Auditor of. See Bladen, W.

Governor of, salary, 190.

Navy ships in, proposal to provision from Pennsylvania, 154.

Patuxent River, Plantation Duties (as by 25 Chas. II, c. 7), appropriation of, 190.

collector and Receiver of. See Muschamp, G.

Potomac, Receiver of. See Muschamp, G.

seizures and forfeitures in, account of, required, 488.

Maryot. See Marriot.

Maseres, , colonel, appointment as Brigadier of the Portuguese Horse, 93.

Masham, Abigail, a Woman of the Bedchamber, salary, 52, 391.

-, Samuel, colonel, gift from the Queen at the christening of his child, 183.

memorial of, 244.

payment to, 425.

regiment of horse of, arms for, 480.

men drafted from, clothing, etc., of, 244, 425.

quartermaster to. See Mass, S.

-, -, Groom of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Denmark, 221, 297.

Masner, Monsieur, grant of addition of arms to, 258.

Mason, , and debts on the manor of Clewer and Mote Park, 20.

-, Charles, former Treasurer of Transports, accounts of, 306;

receipt returned to, 80.

-, Jean, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, William, waterman to the Prince of Denmark, 299.

Mass, Samuel, quartermaster to Colonel Masham's regiment of horse, petition for pension in Ireland, 463.

Massachusetts Bay, Deputy Auditor for. See Addington, I.

seizures and forfeitures in, account of, required, 488.

Massay, Martin, lieutenant in Colonel T. St. John's regiment, half pay for, 122.

Massey, Richard, Customs officer, transferred, 40.

Matrosses. See Ordnance, in Ireland.

Matsen, Christian, pensioner of the Prince of Denmark, 312.

Matthews (Mathews), , captain of a company at New York, 290.

-, Benjamin, Receiver General of Taxes for cos. Northampton and Rutland, debt of, 66.

-, Thomas, payment to, for arresting a burglar, 292.

Maudit, Peers, Windsor Herald, fee of, 281.

Maugersbury, co. Gloucester, 48.

Maule, Thomas, Groom of the Bedchamber to the Prince of Denmark, 221, 297.

Mawson, Charles, Chester Herald, fee of, 281.

Maxfield, Francis, arrears due to, in the Cofferer of the Household's Office, 137.

Maxwell, James, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, of Pollock, Sir John, one of the Lords of Session in Scotland, 265.

Mayden Bradley. See Maiden Bradley.

Maynwaring. See Manwaring.

Mead (Meade), David, a trustee for the Queen Dowager Katherine, 191.

-, John, Deputy to the Paymaster of Forces Abroad at Barcelona, 160.

bills drawn by, 23, 70, 228, 270, 294, 311, 316, 331, 353, 379, 404.

money shipped to, 20.

Meadows, Sir Philip, one of the Commissioners for Trade, salary, 68, 279.

Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Emperor of Germany, extraordinaries, 313;

ordinary, 51, 327.

-, Robert, Customs collector at Harwich, dismissed, 332.

Meakins, John, petition of, concerning a lost annuity order, 76.

Measures. See Scotlandweights and measures.

Meath, Bishop of, perpetuity of, out of the manor of Trim, 117.

Mecklenburg, Court of, Envoy Extraordinary to. See Wych, J.

Medicines and Drugs, 24, 157, 158, 159, 420.

Medina, Moses de, Army bread and bread waggons contractor, attending the Treasury, 13;

memorial and account of, 111;

payment to, 154.

-, Sir Solomon de, Army bread and bread waggons contractor, extraordinary charges and losses of, account of, examined, 211;

payments for, 211, 324.

payments to, 111, 328.

Mediterranean, Fleets in, 67, 363, 401.

Prizes agent in. See Smith, James.

prizes taken in, 179, 188.

ships for, Admiralty passes for, 127, 132, 145.

Medlicott, Charles, Commissary General of the King of Portugal's Forces, 157.

Medway, Sharpfleet (Standfleet) and Standgate Creeks in, fishery in, 410;

compensation to fishermen for losses by the quarantine, 418.

oyster dredging in, 418.

quarantine performed in, 366, 417, 418, 445, 449, 458, 460.

Meeker, Dr. John, pensioner of the Prince of Denmark, 312.

Meeres (Meers, Meres), John, commander of the Customs sloop at Calshot, 467.

-, Sampson, concerned in the irregular solicitation for the owners of the Worcester, 1417.

Meggot, George, lessee of land, etc., in St. Martins-in-the-Fields, petition of, 305.

Mein, Patrick, Customs collector of Deal, appointment, 212;

salary increased, 411.

Melasses. See Barbados;

Bermudas, Leeward Islands.

Mellifont, , Prizes Office warehouse keeper, 284.

Melling, Fra., clerk to the Attorney General, petition of, 413.

-, John, name used by J. Atmeare as an alias, 196.

Mellish, John, landwaiter at Portsmouth, 212.

Melon glasses and frames at Kensington, 438.

Meloniere. See La Meloniere.

Melville (Melvill), David, 3rd Earl of Leven, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, allowance of Customs on wines, 74.

payment to, for troops at time of the Invasion, 94, 96.

signature of lands in favour of, 187.

-, James, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

-, Walter, Herald in Scotland, salary, 265.

Memel, ship from, 459.

Mendez, Gasper, merchant of Bristol and Rotterdam, petition of, concerning seizure of a ship, 32, 420, 427.

Mepstone, William, waterman to the Prince of Denmark, 299.

Mequinez, Mequinies, Morocco, 340.

Mercer, Thomas, bookkeeper to the Bank of England, 203.

Meredyth, Thomas, Lieutenant General, aide de camp of, pay of, 247;

pay of, 247.

Meres. See Meeres.

Merioneth, county of, Chief Justice of. See Hook, J.

mines in, lease of, 62.

Receiver General of assessments. See Caswell, J.

reliefs in, lease of, 240, 431.

Second Justice of. See Jessop, W.

Meriton, Henry, Cashier of the Excise, 71, 193.

Merrick, Benjamin, son of John, appointed waiter and searcher at Fareham, 138.

-, John, waiter and searcher of Fareham, 138.

Merur, , widow of a minister, pension in Scotland for, 472.

Meshaw, Meshott, co. Devon, lease of the manor and barton of, 147.

Meshott. See Meshaw.

Metcalfe, William, appointed surveyor of duties on houses for co, York, 71,

Methuen (Methwyn), John, Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Portugal, 429.

accounts of, 4, 85, 86, 15760, 409;

auditing fees, 3089.

at Gibraltar, 158.

plate on loan to, 4289.

Envoy to the King of Portugal, the Duke of Savoy and the King of Spain, 429.

-, Paul, son and executor of John, and the passing of his father's accounts, 4, 85, 86, 157, 160.

discharged from plate on loan to his father, 4289.

Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Portugal, ordinary and extraordinaries of, 276;

return of, 276.

a Commissioner of the Admiralty, 462.

Envoy to the King of Portugal, the Duke of Savoy and the King of Spain, 429.

Metier, John, Army Debenture of, 356.

Mews. See Royal Mews and Stables.

Michell (Mishell), , his plantation in St. Christopher, 411, 476, 490.

Micklethwaite (Micklethwait, Micklethwayt, Micklethwayte), Thomas, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Transport Service. See Transports.

loans by, 111, 396.

Middleburg, Middleburgh, Holland, 197;

ship from, wrecked, 82.

Middle Lodge. See Windsor Great Park.

Middle Park. See Hampton Court.

Middlesex, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

Justices of, fine imposed by, 347.

Receiver General of assessments. See Fazakerley, Sir W.

sheriffs of. See Benson, Sir W.;

Crowley, Sir A.

Middlewich, co. Chester, salt duties officer at. See Leigh, J.

Middway. See Mildmay.

Midgley, John, the elder, an agent and trustee for the recovery of the debt due from the Crown of Portugal, 444.

Miers, William, mate of the Customs smack at Gravesend, 467.

Milan, 339.

Mildmay (Middway), Benjamin, equery to the Prince of Denmark, 222, 298.

-, Charles, 2nd Baron Fitz-Walter, payment into Exchequer by, as part composition of debt of the Receiver General of Taxes for Essex, 57.

Milford, co. Pembroke, port of, boatmen in, 251.

collector of. See Goodacre, W.;

Sewell, J.

waiters and waiters and searchers in, 41, 79, 138.

Millar. See Miller.

Millart, Roger, Clerk to the Agents for Taxes, allowance, 247, 383, 475;

payment to, for special services, 280, 315.

Miller (Millar), John, a Cashier of the Bank of England, 290.

Treasurer (Receiver) of the Commissioners for collecting moneys for the poor Palatines, payments to, 268, 290, 294, 296, 302, 398, 400, 411, 438, 481, 483.

-, Robert, Clerk of the Mint at Edinburgh, petition for reward for services in the recoinage of Scotch moneys, 65, 196;

salary, 65.

-, Stephen, captain, reformed officer, half pay for, 122.

-, Thomas, Customs collector at Weymouth, arrears of, 443.

Million Adventure or Lottery. See Lotteries.

Mills, Richard, waterman in London port, 392.

-, Robert, waiter and searcher, appointed surveyor of Berwick port, 79.

Milner, James or Sir James, loans by, 76;

payment to, for Victualling bills of exchange, 74, 76;

petition for interest, 183.

-, Joseph, payment to, for Victualling bills of exchange, 76.

Milreis and reis, exchange equivalence of, 2, 21, 92, 93, 141, 142, 15760, 380.

Milton, co. Kent, Hundred of, fishermen in, compensation for, for losses by the quarantine, 418.

Minas, Marquis Das. See Sousa, P. de.

Minehead, co. Somerset, Customs collector at. See Sandys, R. tidesman at, 40.

Mines, lease of, 62;

lead. See Wirksworth.

Minson, James, burglar, reward for arrest of, 245.


accounts, auditing fees, 309.

brewhouse in, 366.

charges of, payment of, out of the Coinage Duty, 90.

chest of, coined money in, account of, required, 90.

coinage, Act 7 Anne, c. 24, for continuing the former Acts for encouragement of the, 153.

in Scotland. See Scotland.

coins, foreign, bringing in of, Act 7 Anne, c. 24, to encourage the, 153.

allowance of 2d. per ounce for, 153.

Comptroller of. See Ellis, J.

at Edinburgh, Clerk of. See Millar, R.

General and Master of, 183;

warrant to, 165.

graver of, to prepare master puncheons, etc., for small silver coins, 165.

moneyers of the Tower Mint loaned to, 103, 201.

recoinage in. See Scotlandrecoinage.

Engineer of. See Brant, J.

Engravers. See Roetier, [James, John, Joseph and Phillip]. deputy. See Low, S.

lack of business in, 162.

Master and Worker of. See Neale, T.;

Newton, Sir I.

Moneyers, assisting in the recoinage of Scotch moneys, 103, 201.

Provost of. See Brant, J.

plate, bringing in of, Act 7 Anne, c. 24, to encourage, 153.

allowance of 2d. per ounce for, 153.

Principal Officers of, 103.

and the sale of tin, 426.

attending the Treasury, 11.

letter to, 473.

petitions referred to, 65, 201, 416, 449.

reports by, 196, 447.

warrant to, 447.

recoinage in Scotland. See Scotland.

Warden of. See Peyton, C.

Minto. See Elliott, Sir Gilbert.

Mirrie, , recommended for Customs place in Scotland, 413.

Mirrors (glasses), 317, 320.

Mishell. See Michell.

Mislowie. See Sutherland, William.

Misson, Missen, co. Nottingham, concealed lands in, 431.

Mitchelburne, John, colonel, half pay for, 121;

regiment of, reformed officers of, half pay for, 121.

Mitchell, Sir David, Gentleman Usher Black Rod, allowance in lieu of perquisites, 278;

payment to, 321.

-, Joseph, son of Sir Michael, petition for compensation for forfeited lands taken away by the Act of Resumption, 143.

-, Mary, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, Sir Michael, Lord Mayor of Dublin, forfeited lands granted to, 143.

-, Robert, payment to, for commission, 237.

Mitchelson, John, Keeper of the Register of Hornings in Scotland, salary, 266.

Modena, Duke of, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Bergamij, Count.

Moedas. See Moidores.

Moffat, Agnes, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Mohican Indians. See Virginia.

Moidores (moedas, moydas), 296;

exchange equivalence of, 21, 359.

Moira, James, Army debenture endorsed to, 356.

Moldash (Mollish), co. Kent, lands in, seized for debt, 423.

Molesworth, , Comptroller of Newcastle port, fees of, 245.

Mollish. See Moldash.

Monceau, Mary, pensioner of the Prince of Denmark, 312.

Monckton, Robert, affidavit of, concerning lands in Sherwood Forest, 273.

-, (Mounckton), Robert, a Commissioner for Trade, salary, 68, 279.

Moncreif, Isabel, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

Moncurr, Margaret, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

Mondrein, Mondrene, Mondrinn. See Delamere Forest.

Money, brass, 76.

old hammered, 400n.

See also Coins;


Moneyers. See Mint.

Monipenny, , captain, ammunition delivered to, 159.

Monkey Hill. See St. Christopher.

Monmouth, county of, Receiver General of assessments for. See Caswell, J.

Monseguer, , pay as Aide de Camp in the intended expedition, 215, 422.

Montagu, Duchess of. See Montagu, Mary.

Montagu, Duke of. See Montagu, John.

Montagu, Viscount. See Brown, Henry.

Montagu (Montague), Charles, Earl of Manchester, Ambassador to the Republic of Venice, ordinary and extraordinaries of, 94;

loans by, 94.

-, -, Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt. See Exchequer Receipt.

grant of several offices (specified) at Hampton Court, 1767, 181.

petition for repair of a lodge in Bushey Park, 79, 104.

Rangership of Bushey Park purchased by, 79.

-, Edward, 3rd Earl of Sandwich, pension granted by Prince George of Denmark to, 223, 299.

-, Sir James, Attorney General, 103, 113, 202, 348, 367, 440, 462;

Solicitor General, 349.

-, John, 2nd Duke of Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, issue to, 320;

payment by, 320.

-, Mary, Duchess of Montagu, grant of Rangerships, lodges, etc., in Windsor Great and Little Parks in trust for, 209.

-, Ralph, 1st Duke of Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, issue to, 69.

Montandre, Marquis de, regiment of foot of, for Portugal, 9.

officers of, payment to, 9;

petition for removal of respit, 316;

subsistence for, 324.

Monteith, Robert, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Montesano, Joseph, housebreaker, arrest of, 313.

Montgomery, county of, Receiver General of assessments. See Powell, C.

Second Justice of. See Pocklington, J.

Montgomery (Montgomerie, Mountgomery), Hugh, of Glasgow, merchant, issue to, for payment of allowances for salt imported into Scotland before the Union, 175.

-, -, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, of Langshaw, James, Clerk of the Justice Court in Scotland, salary, 266.

-, John, an Excise Commissioner for Scotland, 108.

-, -, Secretary to the Duke of Queensberry, 175, 310.

-, Lewis, Queen's waiter in London port, 232.

-, Thomas, a Macer of the Justice Court in Scotland, salary, 266.

-, William, Marshal of the Exchequer Court in Scotland, appointment, 72;

salary, 72, 153, 267.

Montrose, Forfarshire, Customs collector at. See Smith, Hercules.

Customs comptroller at, 452.

five Dutch ships wrecked near, 162.

foreign salt purchased at, 365.

land surveyor at, 452.

landwaiters at, 452.

smuggling at, 321.

Montrose, Duke of. See Graham, James.

Montserrat, Lieutenant Governor of. See Hodges, A.

Moody, James, deputy to Edward Harley, Auditor of Imprests, 28, 164, 279.

-, John, captain, petition for pay, 452;

services of, on Newfoundland affairs, 452.

Moore (Moor, More), , East India warehousekeeper, 477.

-, -, colonel, petition of, 94.

regiment of foot of, clothing, 94, 441.

for Ireland, 353.

new raising after being reduced in Spain, 441.

offreckonings, 198;

respits on, 94, 441.

subsistence in Spain for, 165, 169, 293, 353.

-, Horatio, Keeper of the Queen's Tennis Court, payment to his executors, 286.

-, John, Customs surveyor at Whitby, 190.

-, John, payments to, for services in Ireland, 58, 478.

-, Thomas, colonel, petition of, 446.

regiment of, at Ostend, 446.

at sea, under Lieut.-General Erle, 446.

recruiting charges of, 446.

Moores, Edward, Customs collector at Padstow, arrears of, 443.

-, George, merchant, permitted to reduce rum to proof, 381.

Moray, Robert, royal bounty for, 99.

Mordaunt, Charles, 3rd Earl of Peterborough, bill drawn by, 193.

Commander in Chief of the Forces employed in the Spanish and West India Expedition in 1705 (Commander in Chief in Spain), 63, 132, 442.

accounts, his desires concerning, 128, 130, 131.

appointment by, 271.

money sent to, and refused by, 160.

estate of, in cos. Bedford and Northampton, discharged from all liability on account of his employments abroad, 63, 132;

sale of part of, 132.

-, Harry, Conservator and Supervisor of Dean Forest, salary, 155.

-, [Harry], Major General, regiment of (serving as marines), clearings, 169;

subsistence, 112.

-, Harry, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance. See Ordnance;

loans by, 111, 396, 448.

-, John, Lord Mordaunt, regiment of, Agent to, bills drawn on, 427.

drafts from, 3467.

drafts to, 270, 346.

in Spain, 3467.

non effective money, charges on, 347.

officers of, petition of, 45, 3467;

subsistence for, 166.

raising, 346.

recruiting for, 216, 347;

money advanced for, 427.

subsistence, 205.

Mordington, Lady. See Douglas, Mary.

-, Lord. See Douglas, George.

More. See Moore.

Morgan, [Anthony], colonel, payment to, for charges of encampment of Forces in the Isle of Wight, 156.

-, William, agent to Major General Holt's regiment, surety for Major E. Tynt, Governor of Carolina, 64.

-, -, collector and deputy customer at Cardiff, 332.

Morice. See Morris.

Morley, Dr., application concerning the account of the Agent for Sick and Wounded at Jamaica, 198.

Morocco (Fez and Morocco, Tafilet (Taffiletta), Suz, etc.), Emperor of, 341.

Alcaides, etc., presents to, 3401.

Ambassador from, and his retinue, expenses for entertainment at Lisbon and voyage to England, 160.

interpreter to, payment to, 274.

present to, 274.

slaves of, clothing for, 274.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Delavall, G.

journey to, expenses of, 158.

present to, items added to, by John Methuen, expense for, 158.

Morris (Morice, Morrice), Solomon, commander of the Monk, 358.

-, Thomas, Deputy Paymaster of the Forces in Portugal, 20, 157, 159, 323.

bills drawn by, 93, 1412, 404.

employment for, on his return, 172.

goods lost in the great storm by, 409.

letters from and to, 3, 4, 86, 1412, 165, 1712, 2834.

payment to, 159.

remittances to, 92, 93, 296.

solicits employment in recovering debt due from the King of Spain, 1712.

son of, appointment as Paymaster of the Garrison at Gibraltar, 3, 142.

tin sold by, 1412.

Morrison, Robert, Second Underkeeper of the Wardrobe in Scotland, salary, 267.

Morse, Nicho., of London, merchant, petition of, 442.

Mortars, 157, 159.

Mortimer, Samuel, lieutenant in Colonel T. St. John's regiment, half pay for, 122.

Morton, Grisell, pension in Scotland for, 472.

-, Sir William, grant by Charles II to, of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 484.

Mote, Isaac, presented for stamper's place, 246.

Mote Park. See Windsor Mote Park.

Mother Bank, 372.

Motte. See La Motte.

Mouline. See La Mouline.

Mounckton. See Monckton.

Mountgomery. See Montgomery.

Mountjoy, Lord. See Stewart, William.

Mounts Bay, co. Cornwall, Agent for Admiralty Rights and Perquisites. See Keigwin, R.

Customs collector at, 303.

Irish ships seized in, dispute as to, 303.

Mowbray, William, payment to, for postage, 82.

Moydas. See Moidores.

Moyer (Moyser), James, captain, payment to, for disbursements in forwarding despatches to Stanhope, 135, 354.

Muirhead, John, appointed Comptroller and Surveyor of Eyemouth and Dunbar, 143.

Mullingar, [co. Westmeath], barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Mum, Duties on. See Malt Duties.

Munday, Henry, appointed tidesman in London port, 392.

Munden (Mundeor), Richard, colonel, regiment of foot of, at Chester, 87.

from Ireland, 87, 213.

March to Plymouth, 87.

subsistence, 87, 166, 216.

Munny, Customs surveyor at, additional salary for, 144.

Munster, Germany, Bishop of, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Ducker, B. A. von.

Munster, Ireland, Province of, Admiralty jurisdiction in, 383.

barracks in, thirty-one, maintenance of, 120.

Escheator of, salary, 114.

Murder, arrest for, 2545;

outlawry for, 433.

Murray, Sir James, Lord Register in Scotland, 389;

death of, 265;

salary, 265.

-, Jennet, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, John, captain, reformed officer, half pay for, 122.

-, of Bonhill, John, a Lord of Session in Scotland, salary, 265.

-, Patrick, lieutenant in Colonel J. Mitchelburn's regiment, half pay for, 121.

-, Walter, Clerk of Stores to the Master of Work in Scotland, salary, 267.

-, William, pension for his widow, 472.

Muschamp, George, collector of Patuxent River in Maryland, appointed Receiver there, 190;

Receiver of Potomac in Maryland, 190.

Muscovado. See Sugar.

Muscovy. See Russia.

Musgrave, C., a Commissioner for the purchase of lands for fortifications, 224.

-, Christopher, a Clerk of the Privy Council, 277.

-, -, Clerk of the Ordnance, salary, 280.

Music. See George, Prince of Denmark.

Musical instrument maker. See Walsh, J.

Muslins, 79, 413.

Mutiny, Acts (7 Anne, c. 4, and 8 Anne, c. 6) against. See ArmyMutiny.

Myretown, Robert, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.