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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 23, 1709. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1949.

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Uchdulas, co. Denbigh, commote of, 184, 240.

Uchorvey, co. Carnarvon, commote of, 240.

Ulster King at Arms. See IrelandArms, Officers at.

Ulster, Province of, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Escheator of, salary, 114.

Umbrellas, 381, 488.

Uniack, James, lieutenant in Brigadier Cunningham's regiment of dragoons, half pay for, 121.

Union between England and Scotland, 7, 34, 54, 55, 59, 60, 61, 72, 74, 75, 77, 83, 94, 171, 174, 175, 183, 195, 208, 230, 258, 414, 439, 487.

individual losses by, 76, 83, 105, 163, 264, 291.

Unonius, Peter, master of the Unity, 482.

Unthank, John, appointed Customs boatman at Sunderland, 41.

Uphill, co. Somerset, Customs boatman at, 467.

Upholsterers, Society of, 107.

See also Queen's Upholsterer.

Upland Pond Wood, co. Kent, 422.

Upper Cross Common. See St. Christopher.

Upton, Hudson, Deputy Comptroller of Falmouth port, 467.

-, Richard, waiter and searcher of Falmouth port, 467.

Urmston (Whinston), John, chaplain for North Carolina, passage money for, 328, 345.

Urquhart, John, one of the Masters of the Work in Scotland, salary, 267.

Utkinton, co. Chester, mills of, 129.


Valencia, 435.

Valentine, Judith, annuity granted to, 312.

Vale Royal, co. Chester, 129.

Vanbeck, , jeweller, payment to, 165.

Vanbrugh (Vanburgh), Carlton, of London, merchant, 45.

-, George, of London, merchant, permit to reduce brandy to proof, 392, 397.

-, John, Clarencieux King-at-Arms, fee of, 281.

-, William, Comptroller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office, 351;

petition referred to, 187;

report of, 89.

Van Cooper. See Cooper.

Vandenbergh, Margaret, daughter of Nicholas, annuity during the life of, 96.

-, Nicholas, of Delft, 96.

Vanderheyden, , of Amsterdam, bills drawn by, 70, 228, 379.

Van Ellemet. See Ellemet.

Vanhaesdonck, John, grantee of marsh and derelict lands in Norfolk, Suffolk, Flint and Chester, 3734.

Vanhomrigh, [Bartholomew, Commissary General of Provisions for the Army in Ireland], accounts of, 307.

Van Leuwen. See Leuwen.

Varner, Henry, captain, Army debenture of, 356.

Vauch, Elizabeth, pension in Scotland for, 473.

Vaughan, Edward, chaplain for the Jerseys, passage money for, 139.

-, George, postilion to Prince George of Denmark, 298.

-, John, Earl of Carbery, caveat in favour of, against a grant of the site of Carmarthen Castle, etc., 97.

his house in Chelsea, 97.

surrender of lands in Jamaica by, in order to discharge arrears of quit rents, 410, 416, 439.

-, Richard, M.P. for Carmarthen town, caveat in favour of, 97.

Vaus, Lilias, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

Veild House. See Haverfordwest Priory.

Veitch, Euphram, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, John, presenter of signatures in Scotland, salary, 265.

Vellum, Duties on. See Paper;

stamped. See Stamp Duties.

Velvet, 44, 435.

Vendme, Duke of, 88.

Venice, 335.

Ambassador from, goods of, 209.

present to, 165, 420.

return of, 209.

Secretary to. See Dias, F.

See also Cornaro, .

Ambassador to. See Montagu, C., Earl of Manchester.

currants from, imported in Venetian ships, duty on, 192, 193, 201, 224, 243.

duties on English woollen manufactures in, relaxation of, 201.

English seamen, etc., at, relief of, 342.

St. Mark, Palace of, presents and New Year's gifts at, 342.

Secretary at, H.M. See Cole, Christian.

ships from, 192, 193, 201, 224, 243.

Verdigris (verdigreece), prize, 256.

Vernatty, Anthony, bills of, for setting up lights, 423.

Vernon, James, Groom of the Bedchamber to Prince George of Denmark, 221.

Vetch (Vethe), Samuel, colonel, bills of exchange drawn from New England and New York by, 377, 387, 432, 438, 455.

Vezian, James, royal bounty for, 376.

-, See also Vizian.

Viale, Marquis Benedetto, Envoy Extraordinary from the Republic of Genoa, present to, 413.

Vicary, . claimant to land in Woolmer and Alice Holt Forest, 361.

Vickery, William, merchant, petition of, concerning prize wines, 447.

Vienna, Court of, F. Palmes sent to, 78.

Vigo, English taken prisioners at, 158.

Vigures, John, highway robber, reward for arrest of, 245.

Villiers (Viller), , colonel, Governor of Tynemouth garrison, 244.

-, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland, annuity of, out of Post Office revenue, 241, 245;

arrears of, 29, 404, 428.

executors of, 428.

grant of various offices, etc., at Hampton Court in trust for, 79, 89, 1767, 2534.

-, Christopher, 1st Earl of Anglesey, lessee of the manor of Walton Leigh, 375.

-, George, colonel, regiment of, reformed officers of, half pay for, 122.

-, William, Brigadier, pension payable to his wife, 310.

Vincent, , Deputy to the Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons in Spain, accounts, auditing fees, 308, 309.

-, -, memorial of, 127.

Vinckestyne, Herbert, lands of, in Lynn Regis, extended for debt, 83.

Vinegar, Duties on. See CustomsDuties.

Viner, Sir Robert, patentee of a banker's annuity, 349.


Act passed in, for establishing ports and towns, opinion of Customs Commissioners on, desired, 167.

Assembly, 485.

Boundary between Carolina and:

commission for settling, proposed, 4857;

charging the cost of, 67, 4857.

disputes as to, 4857.

chaplains for. See:

Agnew, A.

Boyd, A.

Brody, W.

Faber, T.

Goodwin, B.

Hudson, E.

Lewis, R.

McNoe, R.

Paxton, R.

Tinney, W.

Wallis, S.

Council, 485, 486.

President of, 485;

acting for the Governor, 486;

letter from, 485; See also Jennings, E.

Customs in, Surveyor and Inspector of, appointment, 255.

encroachments on, by the Proprietary Government of Carolina, 485.

Governor of, 485.

See also Hunter, Robert;

Nott [Edward].

grant of the whole of (in 1674), 484;

surrendered, 484.

great numbers of people removing to Carolina from, 486.

illegal trade in, measures for preventing, 167.

Indians in, Mohican, threatened by inhabitants of North Carolina, 486;

propagation of the Christian faith among, 107.

lands, grants of, proposed new method in passing, 486.

in dispute with the Proprietors of Carolina, difficulties in making grants of, 4867.

Mohican Indians. See VirginiaIndians.

Navy ships in, proposal to provision from Pennsylvania, 154.

Northern Neck of:

extent of, 484.

grants of (in 1660 and 1671), 484;

surrender of, desirability of, 4845.

inheritance of, proposal to exchange for a lease of Lott and Cope in Derbyshire, 4845.

quit rents in, value of, 4845.

survey of, 485.

ports and towns in, establishing of. See Virginia, Act.

Queen's Revenue in, 67, 485.

Deputy Auditor of. See Bird, W.;

Diggs, D.

Quit rents, 4846.

annual revenue from, 487.

charging the Boundary Commission expenses on, 67, 4857.

grant of (in 1674), 484;

surrendered, 484.

payments out of, 106, 487.

Receiver General of, 106, 487.

seizures and forfeitures in, account of, required, 488.

tobacco, Duty of 2s. per hogshead, 486.

trade, ill condition of, 483, 486.

William and Mary, College of:

destroyed by fire (in October, 1705), 107, 487.

founding of, 1067.

Governors and Visitors of, 1067;

petition of, 487.

rebuilding of, royal bounty for, 1067, 487.

revenues of, 487.

Virginia, [co. Cavan], barracks in, maintenance of, 121.

Vizian, , purveyor of the Stables to William III, arrears of, 137.

-, See also Vezian.

Vryberge (Vryberg), , Envoy Extraordinary from the States General, 32;

memorials of, 82, 420.


Waager. See Wager.

Wachop, Mary, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Waddell, Agnes, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Wade, , payment to, for charges of an Admiralty suit, 285.

-, George, brigadier, payment to, for services and loss of baggage, etc., in Spain, 216.

regiment of foot of, officers of, subsistence for, 166;

subsistence for, 205.

Wager (Waager), [Sir Charles], Rear Admiral, galleon taken by, in the West Indies, 13, 33, 161, 164, 173;

tigers sent to the Queen by, 146.

Wagstaffe, Benjamin, appointed tidesman in London port, 79.

Waiters and waiters and searchers. See Customs.

Wakeman, John, lands of, in Great Yarmouth, 237.

Waldegrave (Walgrave), Lady Henrietta, pension of, on First Fruits and Tenths, arrears of, 40;

purchased by the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, 81.

Waldersee, Matthias Baltasar von, Envoy Extraordinary from the King of Denmark, letter from, 424;

present to, 462.

Waldrom, Michael, quartermaster in Brigadier Wolsey's regiment, half pay for, 121.

Waldron, Henry, tidesman in London port, dismissed, 138.

-, -, tidewaiter in London port, petition of, 140.

Walef, Monsieur, Convention with (dated 24 Feb., 1703), 408.

regiment of dragoons of. See ArmyLow Countries, Twenty thousand men.

Waleking (Walkeling), Cort, Deputy Privy Purse to Prince George of Denmark, 223;

pension for, 299, 312.


Auditor of Crown Land Revenues. See Godolphin, S.

Judges of, salaries, 78, 218, 2823, 452.

North, Excise collector. See Hunt, W.

mines in, 62.

wrecked goods in, 285.

Walgrave, Lady. See Waldegrave.

Walker, Dr. George, family of, pension in Ireland for the support of, 357.

-, Helen, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, John, pension in Ireland for, 357.

-, Jos., imprisoned for assault on a Customs officer at Liverpool, petition of, 301.

-, Margaret, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, Robert, quartermaster in Lord Charlemont's regiment, half pay for, 122.

-, Thomas, housekeeper at Newmarket, salary, 279.

Walkeling. See Waleking.

Wallace, Katharine, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

Waller, Dame Catherine, royal bounty for, 25, 249, 250.

Wallington, co. Surrey, hundred of. Assessment Commissioners, process against, 394.

Wallis, Dr. [John], payments to, for deciphering letters, 18990.

-, Phillip, payment to, for care of a ship at Jersey, 284.

-, Samuel, chaplain for Virginia, passage money for, 351.

-, William, payment to, for clothing, 248.

Walmer, Walmar, co. Kent, riding officers at, 332.

Walpole (Walpool), Horatio, Secretary to the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the Treaty of a General Peace, equipage of, 204, 245.

ordinary of, 204, 245.

plate for, 210.

-, Robert, sick in the country, 452.

Secretary at War, 34.

allowances out of deductions from pay of Forces Abroad and contingencies of Guards and Garrisons, 84.

attending the Treasury, 4, 31.

copies of Acts for, 8, 131.

letters, etc., from Holland and Flanders to, directions concerning delivery of, 44.

letters and warrants to, 11, 29, 56, 87, 93, 111, 113, 131, 133, 135, 147, 256, 257, 259, 290, 295, 346, 359, 363, 380, 401, 437, 440.

matters referred to, 26, 38, 45, 68, 126, 140, 151, 161, 165, 171, 176, 178, 201, 210, 212, 213, 230, 234, 243, 288, 316, 318, 320, 322, 326, 355, 424, 433, 435, 439, 441, 446, 452, 461, 463.

reports by, 87, 244, 256, 257, 259, 3467, 359, 3634.

Treasurer of the Navy, issues to, 428, 456.

Walsh, John, musical instrument maker, payment to, 24, 235.

Waltham Forest, co. Essex, officers of, fees and allowances of, 54, 358.

Walthorpe (Walthorp), Ann, pensioner of the Prince of Denmark, 224, 300.

Walton, William, proposal of, for supplying gunpowder to the Ordnance, 465.

Walton Leigh, co. Surrey, manor of, lease of, 3745.

Walton-on-Thames, co. Surrey, fields called Tadworth, Bigprey and Trewershee in, 69;

leases of lands in, 689, 3745.

Warburton, George, Deputy Postmaster in Ireland, petition of, 421.

-, Jane, a Maid of Honour, annuity of, 303, 362, 391.

Ward, David, major, surety for Major Tynte, Governor of Carolina, 64.

-, John, M.P., letter to, mentioned, 138.

-, -, merchant, petition of, concerning prize wines, 447.

-, Patience, lease of tithes in Hooton Pagnell, Clayton, Frickley and Shippins, 257.

Wardoack, , ensign, Army Debenture of, 356.


Great, accounts, auditing fees, 309.

fees at, 460.

issue for the service of, 69, 322.

Master or Keeper of, accounts, auditing fees, 309.

issue to, 322.

loans by, 322.

payment by, 317.

warrants to, 100, 139, 183, 305, 381, 386, 435, 448, 485, 488.

See also Montagu, John, Duke of Montagu;

Montagu, Ralph, Duke of Montagu.

Office, 309;

bedsteads for, 381.

Removing, at Whitehall, 488.

Keeper (Yeoman) of. See Davenant, G.

Page of. See Lucas, C.

Standing, at St. James's, custody of, transferred to Keeper of Removing Wardrobe, 348;

Keeper of. See Chase, J.;

Davenant, G.

at Whitehall, custody of, transferred to Keeper of Removing Wardrobe, 348;

Keeper of, 348.

at Windsor, custody of, transferred to Keeper of Removing Wardrobe, 348;

Keeper of, 348.

-, in Scotland. See Scotland.

Ware, James, Auditor General of Ireland, 436.

-, Thomas, trumpeter in the Fourth Troop of Horse Guards, 128.

Warren, Borlace, sheriff of co. Oxford, 245.

-, William, mariner, proposal of, for improved packet boat service to New York, 475.

Warters (Water, Waters), John, Comptroller and Solicitor of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty, account of, 2856.

payment to, 284.

petitions referred to, 62, 74, 182, 420.

reports of, 194, 351.

Warwick, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

Receiver General of assessments. See

Andrews, J.

Barnes, .

Benson, R.

Claridge, W.

Holyoake, F.

Palmes, W.

Watchmakers, 108. See also Queen's Watchmaker.

Watchmen. See Customs.

Water. See Warters.

Water engine. See Windsor.

Waterford, co. Waterford, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Comptroller of, salary, 117.

Customer of, salary, 117.

Ordnance establishment at, 119.

Searcher of, salary, 117.

Waterhouse, Benjamin, payment to, for feasts due to officers in the Post Office, 176.

Watermen. See Customs;

George, Prince of Denmark;

Queen's Watermen.

Waters. See Warters.

Watkins, , colonel, petition of, 113.

regiment of, clothing and accoutrements of, 113.

company in, respits on, 333.

at Gibraltar, 93, 198, 323, 379.

offreckonings, 113, 198.

subsistence, 93, 323, 379.

-, Phillip, petition for employment in the Revenue in Ireland, 140.

Watson, Cha., waterman to the Inspectors of the River in London port, 467.

-, Robert, deputy to the High Steward and Bailiff of the manor of East Greenwich, 318.

Watt, Anna, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

-, William, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

Watts, Edward, an agent and trustee for the recovery of the debt due from the Crown of Portugal, 444.

-, Richard, gardener at the Little House at Windsor, 223;

pension for, 299.

Wauchop, , colonel, prisoner in the Tower, diet and lodging of, 50, 212, 423.

Waugh, Thomas, tidesman in Bristol port, 138.

Weames. See Weemes.

Weather, bad (floods, ice, etc.), 79, 86, 144, 332. See also Storms.

Weatherby, George, of Newcastle, fined for unfair dealing in the fishing trade, 373.

Weaver, , Customs collector of Portsmouth, 373.

Webb, Lieutenant General, victory of, [at Wynendale], 446.

-, Isaac, seaman in the packet boat Marlborough, 356.

-, John, lieutenant of the Royal Regiment of Marines, royal bounty for, for extraordinary services at Gibraltar, 159.

-, Joseph, huntsman to the Harriers of Prince George of Denmark, 222, 298.

-, Mary, lease of a messuage belonging to Savoy Hospital, 90.

-, Robert, mate to the Customs boatman at Whitstable, 467.

-, Roger, Harbourer to Prince George of Denmark, 222, 299.

-, St. John, captain, his company in Lord Shannon's regiment of marines, paying and clearing of, 106.

-, Thomas, Receiver General of Taxes for co. Gloucester, 125.

-, -, seaman in the packet boat Marlborough, 356.

-, -, Second Justice of Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan, salary, 283.

-, -, Solicitor to Prince George of Denmark, 222, 299.

Webber, Edward, payment to, for services in Ireland, 478.

Webster, Sir Thomas, proposal of, concerning annuities and reversionary annuities, 28.

Wecket. See Wekett.

Wedderburn, Alexander, an Excise Commissioner for Scotland, 109.

Weeks, Charles, instructed in Customs business, 63.

Weemes (Weames, Weems), Nicholas, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, Robert, of Hartlepool, merchant, imprisoned for Salt Duties frauds, 124, 373.

Weighers in fee. See Customs.

Weighing porters. See Customs.

Weights and measures. See Scotland.

Wekett (Wecket, Weket), William, allowances for attendance and disbursements at the Treasury Office, 53, 141, 238, 383, 390, 481.

Welby, Adlard, appointed a land-waiter in London port, 40.

Wellington, George, tidesman at Minehead, 40.

Welwood, Dr. James, a Commissioner for Sick and Wounded, 236.

Wemyss, David, Earl of Wemyss (Weymss), royal bounty for, 300.

Vice Admiral of Scotland, expenses of, in executing the office of Judge of the Admiralty Court in Scotland, 282;

salary, 282.

Wenman, Richard, Viscount Wenman of Tuam (Lord Wenam), trial of, 226.

-, William, affidavit of, concerning lands in Sherwood Forest, 273.

Wentworth, Peter, Equery to Prince George of Denmark, 222, 298.

-, Thomas, Lord Raby, Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Prussia, extraordinaries of, 3378;

ordinary of, 276, 327.

letter from, 11, 140.

letters to, mentioned, 87.

regiment of dragoons of, agent to. See Ellison, F.

clothing for, burnt in transit to Portugal, 140.

horses for, 4, 61, 157, 165.

officers of, subsistence for, 166.

subsistence for, 205.

Werden Point, riding officers at, 40, 105.

Wesley (Wessley, Westly), Mathew, surety for Timothy, petition of, 177.

-, Timothy, distributor for stamped paper for Berkshire, debt of, 72, 106, 152, 177.

West, John, Lord De La Warr, Groom of the Stole to Prince George of Denmark, 221, 297.

-, -, appointed tidesman in London port, 170.

-, Peter, sheriff of Devon, payment to, 245.

West Ham, co. Essex, lease of tenements in, 374.

West Indies:

Army in. See Army.

chaplain for. See Gigvillatt, J.

expedition to, intended, 448.

galleon taken in. See Wager, Sir C.

rum from, 368.

ships or squadrons in or going to, 4, 35, 85, 112, 300, 456;

proposal for provisioning from Pennsylvania, 154.

trade with, 479.

wrecks in, between 6 and 36 N., grant of, 236;

inspector of. See Collins, G.

Westbrooke, , Lord Admiral's suit against, 285.

Westly. See Wesley.

Westminster, co. Middlesex, 78, 150, 218, 374, 422.

Abbot and Convent of, 254.

Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

clocks at, keeper of, fee of, 254.

Dean and Chapter of, payment to, 245.

Queen's House at, Keeper of. See Incledon, J.

Receiver General of assessments. See Fazakerley, Sir W.

streets, etc., in. See London and Westminster.

Westmorland, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

Receiver General of assessments. See Brougham, T.

Receiver General of House Duties, 252.

Surveyor of House Duties. See Cort, H.;

Machell, J.

Westmorland, Earl of. See Fane, Thomas.

Weston, Jerome, Earl of Portland, lessee of the manor of Walton Leigh, 374.

-, John, Receiver General of assessments for Surrey and Southwark, 48, 394.

Westwood, Theophilus, underkeeper of Richmond New Park, petition for repair of his lodge, 62;

salary, 53, 323, 367.

Wetherly, Terry, Comptroller of Customs of Inverness, 163.

Wexford, co. Wexford, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Customer and Comptroller of, salaries, 117.

Weyanoak Creek, as a boundary of North Carolina, 485.

Weybridge, co. Surrey, lease of lands in, 68.

Weymouth, co. Dorset, port of, collector of. See Bower, T.;

Miller, T.;

Pley, George, senior and junior.

Comptroller of. See Smith, Nathaniel.

Surveyor of, 467.

Prizes Agent at. See Bower, T.

Weymss. See Wemyss.

Whale Fins, Duty on. See CustomsDuties.

Whaple, Samuel, landwaiter in London port, 40.

Wharton, Richard, surveyor of Berwick port, appointed landcarriageman at Newcastle, 79.

-, Thomas, Earl of Wharton, and the lease to Mr. Marriot, 7, 113.

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, attending the Treasury, 3, 31.

letter from, 19.

petition referred to, 57.

to examine and report on pensions, 3, 123.

warrant to, 57, 98.

Wheeler, Andrew, colonel, of the Second Battalion of Foot Guards, petition of, 463.

-, Benjamin, tidesman at Salcombe, dismissed, 332.

Whetham, John, Excise Commissioner in Scotland, on leave in London, 414;

salary, 109.

-, [Thomas], brigadier, commander in chief of the intended expedition, 286, 287.

equipage of, 215.

pay of, 215, 422.

Secretary to, pay of, 215, 422.

regiment of, pay and subsistence of, 9, 215.

Whinston. See Urmston.

Whitaker (Whitacre, Whittaker), Charles, Chief Justice of Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan, salary, 282.

-, -, Foreign Apposer in the Exchequer Court, salary, 322.

-, Edward, Solicitor to the Admiralty and the Navy, petition of, concerning his accounts, 55;

estate of, seized, 55.

Whitby, co. York, port of, collector of. See Shipton, T.

ill practices in, 190.

surveyor of, appointed, 190;

petition and recommendation for place of, 170, 173.

waiter and searcher of, 190.

White, Abraham, petition of, concerning quit rents of lands in Ireland, 244.

-, Anna, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, Edward, tidesman in London port, 138.

-, James, payment to, for a box in the theatre in Drury Lane 420.

-, John, appointed chief boatman at Chichester harbour, 40.

-, -, prosecution of, expenses of, 488.

-, Sarah, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

-, Thomas, captain, reformed officer, half pay for, 122.

White woollen cloth, Duty on. See CustomsDuties.

Whitehall. See London and Westminster.

Whitehall, Lancelot, Customs collector of Deal, 212.

Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, port of, collector of. See Arthur, W.;

Clough, J.

landwaiters, 331.

surveyor, 331.

tidesmen, 138.

Whitehead, Thomas, riding officer at Filey, 412.

Whitehear, Robert, tidesman and boatman at Bideford, 412.

Whiteing, John, bill of exchange payable to, 455.

Whiteman. See Wightman.

Whitfield (Whitfeild), Walter, Paymaster of Marines, 9, 10, 13, 24, 104, 106, 128, 135, 137, 156, 215, 216, 238, 240, 295, 304, 469, 482.

Whithorn, co. Wigtown, Customs boat at, 371;

preventing smuggling at, 371.

Whitman, William, chief boatman at Chichester harbour, 40.

Whitmore, Robert, appointed surveyor of duties on Houses for Kent, 105.

Whitney, Thomas, major in Lord Charlemont's regiment, half pay for, 122.

Whitstable, co. Kent, Customs boatmen at, 467;

waiter and searcher at, 331.

Whittaker. See Whitaker.

Whittich, Godfrey, tailor to Prince George of Denmark, 223.

Whittingham, Dr., payment to, for tithes of Phnix Park, 478.

-, John, arrested for burglary, 51.

-, Richard, Receiver General of assessments for part of co. Lincoln, 48, 240, 254.

Whittlewood Forest, co. Northampton, felling of timber in, for the building at Woodstock, 205, 249.

Lieutenant of. See Rider, William.

lodges, bridges, fences, etc., in, repairs to, 144, 317.

woodward of. See Newton, T.

Whittock, co. Nottingham, manor of fee farm rent for, 210.

Whitworth, Charles, Envoy Extraordinary to the Czar of Muscovy, extraordinaries of, 336, 460;

ordinary, 276, 327.

-, Fra., letter from, concerning goods of noblemen from Russia, 44.

Whorwood, Ann, petition for debt due out of Lord Griffin's estate, 284.

Whyteford, Sir John, pension for his wife, 471.

Wich. See Wych.

Wicklow, co. Wicklow, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Wicomico, Wicomoco, Maryland, Customs surveyor at, salary of, 144.

Wietson (Wieton), John, appointed waiter and searcher at Heacham and Brancaster, 88.

Wight, Isle of, encampment of Forces in, charges of, 156.

ship driven ashore on, 74.

surveyor of Customs in. See Filkes, J.

Vice Admiral of. See Poulett, C., Duke of Bolton.

Wightman (Whiteman), [James], brigadier, regiment of, clearings of, 123.

drafts to, 272.

offreckonings, 198.

Wilcove, Plymouth port, Customs boatman at, 138.

Wilcox, Edward, Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South, letter to, 301.

petitions referred to, 62, 73, 79, 89, 113, 144, 205, 286.

reports by, 104, 332, 3856, 465.

salary, 282.

warrants to, 103, 235, 249, 317, 326, 332, 382, 385, 419, 465.

-, Geo., petition of, for balance of sum recovered from the Governor of New York, 449.

Wildt, Hiob de, accounts of, for transport of troops from Holland to Ireland, 85, 89, 97.

Wilkinson, John, merchant, permitted to reduce rum to proof, 381.

William III, 89, 389, 438.

Apothecary to. See Chase, J. Clerk of the Woodyard to. See Perkins, M.

debts of, Commissioners appointed to state (G. King; E. Williamson), clerks of, salaries, 289;

incidents of, 289.

grants by, 62, 143, 206, 289, 318.

his share of the debt due from the Crown of Portugal, 444.

Household of, 81.

Cofferer of. See Newport, Francis, Earl of Bradford.

Lord Chamberlain. See Spencer, Robert, Earl of Sunderland.

in Ireland, 436.

landing of, sums advanced by Customs collectors at, 442.

servants of, arrears due to, 81, 137, 187, 351.

Stables of, purveyor of. See Vizian, .

Williams, , Queen's Printer, directions to, 141, 170.

-, Ann, executrix of David, petition of, 80.

-, Daniel, payment to, for fees due to St. Peter's Church, Westminster, 108.

-, David, Receiver General of Taxes for cos. Denbigh and Flint, accounts of, 80.

-, Edward, waterman to Prince George of Denmark, 299.

-, Henry, waiter at Llanstephen, 41.

-, John, agent to the Queen's Printers, payment to, 274.

-, Roger, footman to Prince George of Denmark, 222, 298.

-, Sir Thomas, lessee of lands in Walton, 374.

-, Thomas, convicted for robbery in a street near Newgate, 176.

-, William, captain, the dispute between the Customs collector at Mounts Bay and, 303.

-, -, payment to, for coffin, hearse, etc., 107.

Williamson, Edmund, a Commissioner for stating the debts of William III, 289.

-, -, a Sergeant-at-Arms, fee and board wages of, 224.

-, Marion, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

Willis, Henry, clerk to the Attorney General, payment to, 54.

-, Thomas, order of loan assigned to, 133.

Willmer, Daniel, watchman in London

ort, 75.

Wills, , major general, equipage of, 217.

expedition commanded by, 217, 270, 293.

major of brigade of, pay of, 217.

pay of, 217.

Wilson, , captain, et al., merchants, permits to reduce rum to proof, 368, 381.

-, Jean, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

-, John, arrested for felony and burglary, 322.

-, Joshua, merchant, permit to reduce rum to proof, 381.

Wiltshire, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

Receiver General of assessments. See Beaven, T.

sheriff of. See Kenton, F.

Win. See Wynne.

Winchester, co. Southampton, gamekeeper to Prince George of Denmark at, salary, 223, 299.

Windham, Dame Ann, daughters of, 178, 458.

-, Frances, daughter of Ann, pension of, 178, 458.

-, Sir Francis, bart., pension of, 176, 458.

-, Rachel, daughter of Ann, pension of, 178, 458.

Window, William, of London, merchant, grant of lands in Kent, 305, 4223.

petition of, 305, 360.

surety for R. Breton, collector of Dover port, 305, 422.

Windows, Duties on. See Houses.

Windsor, co. Berks, Castle Hill, old houses, etc., at, purchased and demolished, 313, 421.

Company of Invalids at, 113.

Dr. Arbuthnot's lodgings at, 231.

fire at, 65.

Little House at, 223.

gardener at. See Watts, R.

keeper of. See Brown, Faith.

payments to minister for, 223, 299.

Lord Treasurer at, 28.

Queen's Garden House at, mourning for, 100.

road to, repair of, 295.

School, Governors of, pension of, 224, 300.

Windsor Castle:

Apothecary at. See Davis, .

carved work in, Gringling Gibbons' salary for the care of, 40.

Chapel at, prayer books for, 230.

Council Chamber, mourning for, 386.

furniture sent to, 386.

Governor and Captain of. See Fitz Roy, George, Duke of Northumberland.

Housekeeper of. See Randue, .

new riding from the Great Park to, 103.

Painted Chamber, mourning for, 231.

Plumber at. See Roberts, Joseph.

Private Chapel at, mourning for, 231, 386.

Queen's Apartments, mourning for, 100, 236.

royal warrants, etc., dated at, 24750, 272, 278, 282, 289, 2912, 297, 300, 303, 312, 318, 324, 334, 347, 350, 352, 357, 3657, 372, 376, 3823, 387, 390, 392, 394, 402, 405, 407, 410, 411, 491.

servants at, medicines and physic for, 420.

Standing Wardrobe at. See Wardrobe.

Terrace, the, purchase of ground adjoining, 421.

water engine at, keeper of, duties and salary, 434;

petition for place of, 108. See also Roberts, Joseph;

Taylor, John.

works at, clerk of. See Brown, James.

issues for, 322, 389, 409.

Paymaster of. See Roberts, W.

Surveyor of, 434.

Yeomen of the Guard at, candlesticks for, 381.

Windsor Forest:

Cranbourne Chase or Park, deer in, hay for, 464.

deer removed to, 1989.

Ranger of. See Jones, Richard, Earl of Ranelagh.

Swinley Rails, lodge called, petition for lease of, 73.

Warden of. See Fitz Roy, George, Duke of Northumberland.

Windsor Great Park:

Bishops Gate, 145.

bridges in, repair of, 3856.

deer in, lodges and barns for, repair of, 385;

pens, repair of, 385.

fence of, outward, length of, 385;

repair of, 385.

Great Avenue, lodge by the Well in, repair of, 385;

paling of, repair of, 385.

herbage and pannage in, grant of, 209.

Hill Lodge in, grant of, 209.

Keepers, 385.

Lister Lodge, 209.

lodges and barns in, repair of, 385.

Lower Lodge, grant of, 209.

Manor (Mannor) Lodge, grant of, 209;

repair of, 385.

Middle Lodge in, grant of, 209.

Mote Park laid into, 312.

new riding to the Castle from, trees hindering view of, felled, 103.

new road across, payment for making, 145.

Paddock Walk, grant of, 209.

pheasants in, allowance for breeding and keeping, 89, 385.

ponds in, repair of, 3856.

Ranger or Keeper of, grant of office of, 209.

Sandpit Gate, 145.

Well. See (above) Great Avenue.

works in, 12, 138, 249.

Windsor Little Park:

deer in, hay for, 253.

new lodge in, grant of, 209.

Ranger or Keeper of, grant of office of, 209.

works in, 138, 249, 384.

Windsor Mote Park:

laid into Windsor Great Park, 312.

manor of, debts on, 20.

rent of, 78, 312;

fees on, 275.

Windsor Herald. See Maudit, Peers.

Wine Licences:

accounts, auditing fees, 309.

Commissioners for (W. Young, et al.), accounts, 103, 291.

Contractors for, accounts, allowances in, 64;

salaries, 64.

Office, incidents and salary bill, 419.

revenue from, amount of, 64.

Wine taster. See Customs.


Canary, 372.

Duties on. See CustomsDuties.

for the City of London, bill of impost on, 140.

for the Duke of Marlborough, 90.

for the Royal Household, 12, 152, 184.

French, 145;

seized, 171, 249, 2523.

Low, Duties on. See ExciseDuties.

low price of, in Scotland, 252.

prize, 63, 447;

duties on. See CustomsDuties.

saved from wrecks, 82, 140, 146.

Spanish, imported, 145, 2523, 381.

Sweet, Duty on. See ExciseDuties.

Swiss, imported, 192.

See also IrelandPrizage and Butlerage.

Wingfield, Thomas, quartermaster in Brigadier Wolsey's regiment, half pay for, 121.

Winn. See Wynne.

Winram, Helen, pension in Scotland for, 470.

Winter, John, shipwright, Navy bills sold by, 98, 173, 179.

Wirksworth, co. Derby, Hundred of, lead mines in, lease of Lot and Cope and office of Bergmaster (Barmaster), caveat against, 103;

petition for, 484.

Wise, Henry, allowance for keeping the Queen's Gardens and Plantations and in respect of St. James's Park, 40, 129, 249, 386.

letter to, on repairs at Hampton Court, 301.

report by, on Kensington gardens,

works at Windsor performed by, 138;

payments for, 12, 145, 249, 384.

Wiseman, Samuel, Comptroller of Malt Lottery Tickets, salary, 315.

Wishart, Bettie, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 470.

-, Helen, pension in Scotland for, 473.

Witchford, Wychford, Isle of Ely, hundred of, inhabitants of, fine set on, for a pretended robbery, 107.

Treasurer and Chief Constable of. See Peacock, R.

Withers, Henry, lieutenant general, aide de camp of, pay of, 247;

pay of, 247.

-, Hunt, colonel, charges of, in serving in a Catalan regiment, 293.

Witicki, Godfrey, pensioner of Prince George of Denmark, 300.

Wittewrong, Sir John, regiment raised by, 225;

levy money for, 188, 212, 225.

Wivenhoe, co. Essex, Customs smack at, commander and mate of, 467.

Wolmer. See Woolmer.

Wolseley (Wolsey), Richard, captain, petition for half pay in Ireland, 332.

-, [William], brigadier, regiment of horse of, reformed officers of, half pay for, 121.

Wood, , bond given by, for J. Nutin's effects, 67.

-, Cornelius, lieutenant general, aide de camp of, pay of, 247;

pay of, 247.

-, James, sheriff of co. Stafford, payment to, 291.

-, Nicholas, Receiver General of Taxes for part of Devon, petition of, 90.

-, Richard, sworn Attorney in the Exchequer Court, Scotland, salary, 167, 268.

-, Robert, landwaiter in Plymouth port, transferred to London port, 40.

Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, Customs collector at. See Andrews, Richard, Newby, Oliver.

Woodchurch, co. Kent, lease of woodlands in, 423.

Woodroffe, Dr. Benjamin, stay of process against, for Salt Duties debt, 194.

Woodrow, John, of Yarmouth, merchant, payment to, on malt debentures, 196.


Chief Justice in Eyre, Trent North. See Cavendish, W., Duke of Devonshire.

Surveyor General, Trent North, 273. See also Hewet, T.

Surveyor General, Trent South. See Wilcox, E.

wood sales, proceeds of, payments out of, 382, 419.

See also:

Barton Wood.

Beaconsfield Wood.

Bere Forest.

Birkland Wood.

Boughton Wood.

Cleaver Wood.

Clumber Wood.

Coning Wood.

Dean Forest.

Delamere Forest.

Doubleboys Wood.

Hardwick Wood.

Hartmere Wood.

Hazle Wood.

High Wood.

Kennardington Cross Wood.

Knilly Wood.

Lady Park Wood.

New Forest.

Princes alias East Woods.

Salcey Forest.

Sherwood Forest.

South Road Wood.

Upland Pond Wood.

Waltham Forest.

Whittlewood Forest.

Windsor Forest.

Woolmer and Alice Holt Forests.

Wychwood Forest.

Woods, William, surveyor at Ringsend, ship seized by, 489.

Woodstock, co. Oxford, Blenheim Palace building works, 373.

issues for, 102, 180, 215, 220, 288, 360, 427, 462.

marble for, 1389.

surveyor of, 138.

timber for, 205, 249.


on ships performing quarantine, directions concerning, 366, 441, 459.

riding officers to prevent the exportation of, 105, 310.

transported to France, 26, 66, 152.

Woollen draper, 48.

Woollen manufactures, encouragement of, 127, 131.

relaxation of duties on, in the Venetian State, 201.

shipped on a packet boat, seized, 173, 202.

Woolmer (Wolmer) and Alice Holt, Forest of, Binswood in, claim to, 361.

Bourne Lodge, alias Knight's Lodge, claim to, 361.

encroachments in, 361.

Warden of. See How, E. S.

Woolwich, co. Kent, 78.

Navy Yard at, sale of decayed stores in, 49.

prize ship sold at, 49.

Worcester, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of, 109.

lands, etc., in, lease of, 105.

Receiver General of assessments. See Albert, Thomas;

Chamberlain, Edmund;

Longdon, Robert.

sheriff of. See Perrott, Thomas.

Worcester, co. Worcester, 315.

battle of, 367.

Wordleham. See Worldham.

Workington, co. Cumberland, tidesmen at, 138.


accounts, auditing fees, 309.

Chief Joiner. See Hobson, Sir C.;

Hobson, J.

Comptroller of, 447.

contingencies, 423.

debts for, issues for, 322, 389.

estimates to be submitted to Treasury before works are commenced, 31, 447.

Master Glazier of. See Ireland, John;

Ireland, William.

Office of, 389, 450.

charges for the funeral of Prince George of Denmark in, 30, 423.

orders for the good government of, to be displayed, 447.

officers, salaries, 305.

Paymaster of (C. Dartiquenave), accounts, auditing fees, 309.

allowances, increased, 1323.

Exchequer fees paid by, 423.

good services of, 133.

issues to, 24, 30, 40, 129, 145, 152, 236, 249, 322, 384, 386, 389, 390, 423, 438.

loans by. See Dartiquenave, C.

memorial of, 30.

payments by, 40, 129, 145, 249, 423.

salary, 133, 423.

Principal Officers of, 447.

accounts, estimates, etc., referred to, 138, 172, 261, 411, 423.

memorial of, 33.

Purveyor of. See Hobson, Sir C.;

Hobson, J.

storeyard in Scotland Yard, marble in, 41, 139.

Surveyor General of, 126, 447.

See also Wren, Sir C.

undertaken without the Lord Treasurer's approval, 33.

vast expense of, 33.

See also


London and Westminster: Hyde Park.

St. James's.

Somerset House.



Windsor Castle.

Windsor Great Park.

Windsor Little Park.


Worksop Grounds, co. Nottingham, 273.

Worldham, Wordleham, co. Southampton, manor of, lord of. See Stuart, Simeon.

Worsdale, Roger, housebreaker, reward for arrest of, 313.

Worth, Samuel, helper to the postilions of Prince George of Denmark, 298.

Wragg, Samuel, trustee for Edward Bromwich, 190.

Wrecks. See Ships.

Wreen, Thomas, Customs boatman at Newhaven, 41.

Wren (Wrenn), Sir Christopher, Surveyor General of Works, attending the Lord Treasurer, 28, 31.

letters and warrants to, 41, 138, 236, 268.

petitions referred to, 108, 301, 405, 416.

to submit estimates before proceeding with works, 31.

Wright, Aves, pensioner of Prince George of Denmark, 223, 299.

-, Charles, doorkeeper to the Commissioners for Appeals in Excise, 45.

-, John, highway robber, reward for arrest of, 258.

-, -, noontender in London port, 138.

-, See also Right.

Wrightsons, Abr., quartermaster in Brigadier R. Echlin's dragoons, half pay for, 121.

Writer and embellisher, Queen's. See Brand, T.

Writing tables, 231, 386.

Wyatt, John, of London, bookseller, surety for A. Boys, 246.

Wybergh, Thomas, appointed landwaiter in Hull port, 88.

-, -, Serjeant-at-Arms attending the House of Commons, payment to, 3623.

Wych (Wich), John, Envoy Extraordinary to the Courts of Holstein Gottorp and Mecklenburg and to the Hanse Towns, equipage, 422, 476;

ordinary, 422, 476.

Resident at the Hanse Towns (Hamburg), extraordinaries of, 344;

ordinary of, 276, 327.

Wychford. See Witchford.

Wychwood Forest, co. Oxford, coppice woods, etc., in, lease of, 445.

Wye, co. Kent, woodlands in, lease of, 423.

Wye, William, fined for conspiring a prosecution in the Isle of Ely, 107.

Wylie, Henry, Comptroller of Borrowstounness, 451.

Wynne (Wyn), , colonel or brigadier, regiment of, embarkation charges in Ireland for, 479.

officers of, petition, 234.

offreckonings, 198.

ordered from Ireland, 27.

pay of, 271.

subsistence, 166, 379.

transportation from Ireland to England, charges of, 234.

-, John, concerned in the irregular solicitation for owners of the Worcester, 13, 1417.

-, Owen, major general, major of brigade of, pay of, 248;

pay of, 247.

Wytheridge, Edward, an agent and trustee for the recovery of the debt due from the Crown of Portugal, 444.

Wyvill, Ann, a Maid of Honour, salary, 52, 391.

-, Francis, Receiver General of Taxes for cos. York, Durham and Northumberland, 48, 427.


Yaddlethorpe, Yadlethorpe, co. Lincoln, lease of lands, etc., in, 431.

Yarmouth or Great Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, 196.

house in, seized for debt, 152, 237.

Kingston Rowe, alias Old Broadrowe in, 237.

owners, adventurers and fishermen of, payments to, for Excise of strong beer for the North Sea and Herring Fishery, 39, 465.

port, 41.

boatmen in, 162.

collector of. See Potkins, H.

Customs smack in, mate of, 467.

tidesmen in, 40, 41.

tidesurveyors in, 212.

Yarn. See Spruce Yarn.

Yates, John, prisoner in the Fleet, release of, 194, 240.

-, Nicholas, heirs of, pension of, 181, 358, 458.

Yaughall. See Youghal.

Yelverton, Susanna, a Maid of Honour, salary, 474.

Yeomans, John, Lieutenant Governor of Antigua, allowance, 60, 151, 253, 491.

Yeomen of the Guard, candlesticks for, 381.

mourning liveries for, 230.

watchgowns for, 231.

Yetts, James, Trumpeter in Scotland, salary, 265.

York, county of, Auditor of Crown Land Revenues, fee of. See Jett, T.

East Riding of, distributor of stamped paper for. See Claver J.

horse race in, gifts of gold plate from the Queen for, 246, 386.

Receiver General of assessments. See Wyvill, F.

Receiver General of duties on Houses, 71.

sheriff of. See Iveson, H.

surveyors of duties on Houses. See Chamberlain, W.;

Metcalfe, W.

York Herald. See Cromp, L.

Youghal, Yaughall, Youghall, co. Cork, barracks in, maintenance of, 120.

Customer, comptroller and searcher of, salaries, 117.

Young, Charles, appointment as waiter and searcher at Heacham and Brancaster, 40, 88;

appointed waiter and searcher at Whitstable, 331.

-, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 472.

-, Gustavus, surveyor of Hull port, payment to, 238.

-, Jean, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, Margaret, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 471.

-, Robert, Prince of Denmark's gamekeeper at Winchester, 223, 299.

-, Sarah, payment to, for care of the Guard Chamber at St. James's, 223, 299.

-, William, a Commissioner for Wine Licences, 103, 291.

-, -, daughter and heir of. See Young, Barbara.

executors of, payment to, 253.

grantee of various offices, etc., at Hampton Court, 89, 1767, 181, 2534.

-, -, pension of, payment to his executors, 281.


Zante, currants imported from, 192, 193, 201, 224.

Zealand, 197;

privateers from, 372.

Zelle, Troops of. See Army.

Zetland. See Shetland.

Zitto, Bernard, ensign, serving in the King of Spain's regiment of Castilians, 441.