Minute Book: December 1710

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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December 1710

Dec. 1,
Present Earl Poulett, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Pagett, Mr. Benson.
Mr. Crawford shews a letter from R. Bucknal from Lisbon about the musters [of the Troops] in Portugal. Mr. Crawford will send a copy of this letter hither, with the order for allowance of Officers' servants.
The Secretary of War is to acquaint the Officers that the recruits for Spain and Portugal shall be mustered before their embarcation; and Mr. Crawford will send the list of their numbers.
[My Lords order the] Dukes of Grafton and Northumberland to have dormant warrants [for their pensions].
Mr. How [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons is] called in and his memorial for clearings and offreckonings is read. My Lords approve what he proposes therein, but he is to take care that the tallies for the clearings or offreckonings be not delivered out till they can be disposed [of] at par or in such manner as that they may not be sold at a discount. My Lords will endorse the orders for interest from the date [of the assignment or disposal thereof].
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. They [inform my Lords they] will lend the 50,000l. upon Mr. How's tallies. My Lords desire them to consider of some methods for reducing the discount of Exchequer Bills. Ibid., p. 93.
Eodem die,
Present: Earl Poulet, Mr. Paget, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
Mr. Stephenson [is] called in. He says that the undertakers for furnishing corn for Portugal have sent the corn for Portugal, but object against [taking in payment] the tallies on the Low Wines Act [3–4 Anne. c. 18] because they are [on a] remote [fund] and like[ly] to be deficient. [My Lords] direct the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to attend about this on Monday.
[Write] to Mr. Walpole to be here on Monday morning about the extra charge in Spain.
The Agents for Taxes are called in. Their papers are read and the [minutes of my Lords'] answers are [endorsed] upon them.
Mr. Weston is called in with Mr. Vernon and Mr. Cholmley. My Lords tell them that if Mr. Weston's account be not forthwith cleared the [Exchequer] process must issue and the 12 per cent. [on his unpaid balance] must be charged. These sureties [of Weston promise my Lords they] will speak with the rest in order to give my Lords satisfaction that every one will pay his proportion of Mr. Weston's debt that cannot be satisfied out of the purchase money payable by Sir Peter King [for Weston's estate] and [will] attend my Lords again this day fortnight.
[Send] to the Commissioners of Transports to be here on Tuesday afternoon about Mr. Mason's debt. Ibid.
Dec. 4,
Present: all the five Lords.
At the nomination of Earl Poulett my Lords resolve that Mr. William Paul shall have the first Queen's waiter's place that becomes vacant.
Mr. Walpool is called in. He says the method has been yearly to give in Estimates [for the Forces] upon [the basis or calculation of] such treaties as were made [with the Allies concerning the war] and upon accounts of extraordinaries adjusted, [that is to say for the precedent year] and other [current] extraordinaries were left till next year when they would be adjusted. He says the extraordinaries now will be for 3,000 Imperialists, two Regiments of Portuguese deserters formed on the Queen's pay and five Regiments of Portuguese Horse and two of Foot which remained in Spain after the battle of Almanza. He is positive that he made no Establishment but for money given by Parliament.
As to the 17,000l. exceeding of the Establishment for the 40,000 men anno 1710 he says that though it is on the Establishment it is to be paid at the end of the year out of savings of 220,000l. given for the Troops of Augmentation [and it must then be done] by a special warrant, when [at which time] it will be known what the pay of the General Officers in the qualities in which they served will come to.
[My Lords order their Secretary to] make a list of all petitions and reports before my Lords. Ibid., p. 94.
Eodem die,
Present. all the five Lords.
[Send word] to Mr. How [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] to certify what subsistence is necessary to be furnished for preserving the men that are in being in Jones's Regiment: to be paid upon account: and to propose to my Lords out of which of the funds [tallies &c.] remaining in his hands such a sum may be satisfied.
[My Lords direct] the Judges to be paid for last term.
Mr. Stratford is called in and is told that my Lords do not think it reasonable to comply with his offer for remitting 75,000 Dollars to Hamburg, [they] having spoken with some others that have made a much more reasonable offer than his first was; but this will not discourage them from dealing with him in time to come. Ibid.
Dec. 5,
Present. Earl Poulett, Mr. Paget, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
[Send to Mr. Hoare et al. and all the other] remitters [of exchange for the Forces in Spain and Flanders] to be here on Friday morning with such proposals as they have to make [for remittances]. Ibid., p. 95.
Dec. 6,
Present. all the five Lords.
[No entry of any minute.] Ibid., p. 96.
Dec. 7,
Present: all the five Lords.
[The Principal] Officers of the Ordnance are called in. Their Estimate for next year is read.
Mr. Brydges [being called in and] acquainting my Lords that the Bank are ready to advance the sum of 10,000l. in Exchequer Bills for two months at the rate of 4 per cent. per an. upon a deposit of 12,000l. in tallies and orders on the Duties on Candles, for the uses of the Forces already appointed by my Lords, and to be repaid in specie; my Lords are pleased to agree thereunto and direct Mr. Brydges to make the deposit accordingly. Ibid., p. 97.
Dec. 8,
Present: all the five Lords.
[My Lords direct the] Attorney General, Solicitor General and Mr. Borret to attend my Lords next Monday morning in relation to the trial of Mr. Dyot.
Sir Theodore Janssen, Mr. Shepheard et al. are called in and their proposals in relation to the remittances for Lisbon, Amsterdam and Antwerp are read. My Lords will consider this against next Tuesday morning and desire they will attend then.
Mr. Brydges to attend next Tuesday morning in relation to the bills drawn by Mr. Bacalan for the prisoners at Burgos.
Sir Theodore Janssen acquaints my Lords that he is willing to make his remittances of 75,000 Rix Dollars to Hamburg in bills [of exchange] payable at two months at 5s. 1d. [per dollar] to be [re-]paid in Exchequer Bills: to which my Lords agree.
Mr. Brydges' memorial relating to the interest and discount due to the Bank for 230,000l. advanced by them on a deposit of tallies is read. My Lords direct him to attend the Bank and to desire them to advance on a further deposit so much as will satisfy the said interest and discount, amounting to 5,975l. 5s. 3d., upon the like terms as the last advances were made by them.
Mr. Walpole is called in: his memorial [for money for the Navy] is read. My Lords direct that out of the Exchequer Bills remaining in his hands for such uses of the Navy as my Lords should appoint he do apply as follows viz. 12,346l. for paying Plymouth Yard for a quarter to 1709 Midsummer and for the same quarter to the Yards at Kinsale and Harwich. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 98.
Dec. 12,
Present: Earl Poulett, Mr. Pagett, Sir Thomas Mansel, Mr. Benson.
Mr. Walpole is called in and upon reconsidering his memorial of the 7th inst. my Lords direct him to apply the remainder of the Exchequer Bills in his hands to the uses following: viz.
5,000l. towards answering bills of exchange drawn for the service of the Victualling but to be placed to the head of Wear and Tear anno 1709.
4,403l. towards answering what is due to the Bank for interest and discount of Exchequer Bills for advances which they have made on deposits of tallies.
Ordered that Mr. Walpole do desire the Bank to advance a further sum of 20,000l. on a deposit of General Mortgage tallies on the like terms as they advanced the last to him. And he is to give my Lords an account as soon as he has obtained it [the said loan, so] that their Lordships may apply it to the most pressing [of] the services of the Navy.
The remitters [of exchange are] desired to be here next Thursday morning.
The Attorney General's report, relating to the quarantine, having been laid before the Lords of the [Privy] Council, their Lordships think if it be made capital to break quarantine it may be thought so severe that none will be prosecuted and therefore my Lords [of the Treasury] desire he will reconsider that matter and propose such corporal punishment as he may think proper for those who are not able to pay a fine, and mulcts for such as are [so able]: and to send my Lords his report herein as soon as conveniently he can. Ibid., p. 99.
Dec. 13,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Howe [Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons is] called in and his memorial is read in relation to 9,808l. 8s. 8d. resting in his hands [praying directions to apply same] for clearings to the Scots Forces from 1 May 1707 to the 31 Dec. 1707. My Lords order a letter to the Secretary at War to prepare a royal warrant for applying the same accordingly. Ibid., p. 100.
Dec. 14,
Present: all the five Lords.
By the Queen's order the Countess of Dalhousie is to have a pension of 200l. per an. and [a gift of] 100l. in ready money.
[My Lords direct] 2,000l. for secret service: on the order in Mr. Lowndes' name. Ibid., p. 101.
Dec. 15,
Present: all the five Lords.
The Auditors of Imprests and the Agents [for Taxes are] put off [till another day].
[Write] to the Secretary at War to consult with Mr. Howe about fixing the Estimate for the charge of Chelsea Hospital in [for] the ensuing year.
Mr. Walpole [is] called in and his proposal for the distribution of the last 20,000l. borrowed of the Bank is read and agreed to.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. My Lords order 100l. a piece to the four Captains [of her Majesty's ships] who brought the 65,000 moydas from Portugal: to be paid out of the money in his [Brydges'] hands.
Mr. Brydges' memorial of this day's date is read acquainting my Lords that having pursuant to their order of Nov. 28 last applied to the Bank for a loan of 25,333l. 6s. 8d. for [re-]paying the value of 106,6662/3 Crowns remitted to Turin at the rate of 57 pence [sterling] per Crown upon the terms mentioned in the said order [supra. p. 105], the Bank in lieu of the said proposal are willing to lend the said sum for two months in Exchequer Bills to be repaid in [specie or ready] money at 4 per cent. interest; my Lords are pleased to agree there-unto and do direct him to borrow same on a deposit of the tallies in his hands [on funds] for the service of the year 1710 accordingly.
Another memorial of Mr. Brydges is read praying direction to borrow of the Bank a sum of 5,924l. 4s. 9d. on a deposit of Land Tax tallies anno 1711 on the terms above mentioned, to answer the interest and discount &c. due to them [the said Bank] upon several advances amounting to 230,000l. My Lords are pleased to agree thereunto and direct him to borrow the same accordingly.
Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons is] called in and his report concerning Jones's Regiment in the West Indies is read and agreed to. But he is to take care that the tallies be not delivered out till they can be disposed of at par.
His memorial for [money for] offreckonings and clearings is read. My Lords will consider it next Monday, as also the [Army Accounts] Comptrollers' report concerning the Battalion of Guards in Spain: and [my Lords direct] the Auditors [of Imprests], Controllers [of Army Accounts] and Mr. Howe to attend then.
Mr. Peyton is called in. He acquaints my Lords that the East India Company do propose to take a parcel of tin to carry to the East Indies provided they may have the same at 3l. 10s. 0d. per cent. [? per hundredweight] and pay for it in Exchequer Bills. My Lords upon consideration that the said proposition is intended for an experiment to enlarge trade and for the speedier consumption of tin do agree that 50 tons thereof shall be delivered to them at that price, and direct a warrant to be prepared accordingly.
Mr. Walpole's memorial [is read] proposing the application of the last 20,000l. advanced to him by the Bank. My Lords agree thereunto as follows viz. .. [left blank]. Ibid, pp. 102–3.
Dec. 18,
Present all the five Lords.
Mr. Brydges is called in and his memorial is read about 37,916l. 11s. 3¼d. for subsidies to the Allies. My Lords will consider it to-morrow when the remitters [of exchange] are here.
The Comptrollers of the Army Accounts and the Auditors of Imprests and Mr. Howe are called in. The Comptrollers' report is read relating to the two months' pay to a Battalion of Guards lately in Spain, to wit from 23 Aug. to 22 Oct. 1707 for which there are no muster rolls. My Lords are of opinion that the relief [in this case] must be by a clause to be inserted in some Act of Parliament to be passed this Session. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 104.
Eodem die,
Present: all the five Lords.
Write to Mr. Stratford and Company that 'twill be very acceptable if they will make their loan of the last 20,000l. on tin before Xmas. Ibid.
Dec. 19,
Present: all the five Lords.
Mr. Wilcox [is] called in. He is to surcease the execution of the warrant for the church of Portchester till further order.
The Navy Commissioners are called in and the petition of John Ward et al. is read with said Commissioners' report thereon. The petitioners come in. They are told they shall have 18 months' time for performing their contract as to the remaining 1,742 bolts of canvas upon occasion of [by reason of] the fire which happened at Leith. Mr. Ward will make a proposal to furnish a further quantity. Ibid., p. 105.
Dec. 21,
Present: all the five Lords.
My Lords order that out of the loans on tin remaining in the Exchequer there be issued to the Cofferer so much as [will pay] half the quarter ended at Lady day 1710 [for salaries and emptions of the Household]: and the like proportion to the Treasurer of the Chamber [on the Establishments payable in his Office]: also that the [Queen's] watermen be paid what is due to them to Xmas 1710.
The Navy Commissioners to attend next Tuesday morning.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in and his memorial relating to clearings in Flanders anno 1709 is read proposing the applying some money and tallies in his hands to that use. My Lords direct him to propose to them a distribution thereof.
[Write to] Mr. Granville [Secretary at War] to send hither the Establishment of half pay to the Officers en second. Ibid., p. 106.
Dec. 22,
Present: all the five Lords.
The Agents for Taxes are called in. Ordered that every Receiver General of the Land Tax and House money shall transmit to the Agents, to be laid before this [Treasury] Board, an account of all the moneys unpaid [into the Exchequer] for 1709 and 1710: how much thereof is received by them [but detained in their hands and not paid into the Exchequer] and how much is in arrear from the country and in what divisions or places the same is standing out: and what Justices of Peace or [Assessment] Commissioners have not paid. The Agents are to give my Lords an account how much has been brought in every year for four or five years before Xmas [last] into the Exchequer. Ibid., p. 107.
Dec. 26 Present: all the five Lords.
Mr. How [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons is] called in. [On reading his memorial for money my Lords order] 35,000l. to be issued to him upon account of subsistence.
[My Lords order the] Duke of Newcastle's 1,000l. on his warrant to be paid in Exchequer Bills.
[My Lords] ordered 420l. 5s. 7½d. to be paid out of any disposable money in the Exchequer [to Mr. Borrett] according to a list of law suits et al.
[My Lords authorise] Mr. Walpole to borrow 5,000l. of the Bank to pay off shipwrights and joiners discharged from Woolwich Yard: [to be borrowed] upon the same terms as he borrowed the last.
[Write] to Sir Henry Furnese to desire him not to dispose of any of his tallies or orders lately ordered on the Land Tax till such loans are made as will be made in Exchequer Bills.
Mr. Bridges [is] called in and his memorial is read relating to the distribution [of moneys] for the clearings of the Subject [British] Troops in Flanders for 1709. [My Lords] ordered that the money therein mentioned as it comes in be applied to the said clearings but no new loan [to be contracted] for that purpose. Ibid., p. 108.
Dec. 29. Present: all the five Lords.
The remitters [contractors for exchange remittances for the Forces in Flanders &c. are] called in. [My Lords decide that] they are to have 100,000l. out of the tallies in Mr. Brydges' hands on the Land Tax anno 1711 as in part of the money due to them, including Sir Theodore Janssen. Ibid., p. 109.
Eodem die, afternoon. Present: all the five Lords.
The Agents for Taxes are called in. Their papers are read.
[My Lords direct] 10,000l. to Mr. How for subsistence [of the Guards and Garrisons to be issued] out of Exchequer Bills.
Mr. [Francis] Artere [Arthur] in a letter to Mr. Bridges having intimated that he will furnish 5,000l. sterling per month for subsistence of the prisoners now in Spain, my Lords resolve that the bills [of exchange] which shall be sent [drawn on said Bridges from Spain] for the same (for three months) shall be duly complied with [shall be duly met by Brydges who will be enabled thereto by funds from my Lords]. Mr. Bridges is to send him [Artere] a copy of this minute.
Mr. Bridges is to give order to his deputy Mr. Mead not to answer any bills that may be drawn on him for subsistence of these prisoners. because provision is made for them as above.
The money for the prisoners is to be paid to Lieut. Gen. Stanhope or his order and Mr. Bridges will write him to entrust a proper person therewith [such a person] as will be capable to keep and render an account here.
[My Lords] refer the petition of the [Army] Clothiers to Mr. Bridges. Ibid.
Dec. 30, forenoon. Present: Earl Poulett, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Paget, Sir Tho. Mansel.
[My Lords order] Mr. Methwyn's memorial to be referred to Auditor Harley.
[Send] to Mr. Wilcox to give an account of the repairs of Lindhurst Lodge [in New Forest].
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. Their memorial of the 28th inst. is read. It is proposed to them to take one part of the money they have advanced in [the form of] tallies on the beginning [of the Register of loans] on the Land Tax anno 1711 to wit after 136,885l. 9s. 9½d. [of arrears] transferred [to the said Register by the Act for said Land Tax. They reply to my Lords that] they will communicate this to the Court of Directors.
It is proposed that the Bank should come into measures to operate the discount of Exchequer Bills. These Gentlemen [reply thereon that they] will discourse with the rest of the Directors and consider with them of a proper equivalent [remuneration] to enable them to perform [their part in such measure or some alternative equivalent measures].
[My Lords order] Mr. Wise to be paid for last quarter [for the royal gardens].
Mr. Ryly is called in. "He reads a report of Mr. Cheyny and Mr. Draper, two officers of Excise."
[Send word] to the Commissioners of Excise that one or two of their number attend on Monday at 11 o'clock; and to the Commissioners of Victualling to attend then: and to the Attorney General and Solicitor General to attend then. Treasury Minute Book XVIII, p. 110.