Warrant Book: May 1710, 1-5

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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May 1710

May 1. Letter of direction for 356l. 13s. 0d. to John, Lord FitzHardinge, Treasurer of the Chamber: and is to be paid over to Ralph Young, one of her Majesty's Messengers [of the Chamber], in full satisfaction of two bills for travelling charges as signed by the Earl of Sunderland and certified by William Vanburgh, Comptroller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office: viz. £ s. d.
for a journey to Vado commenced in June 1708 163 18 0
for a journey to Barcelona in Aug. 1709 192 15 0
£356 13 0
Disposition Book XX, p. 154.
William Lowndes to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, to raise 63,803l. 13s. 8½d. on the residue of the 200,000l. tallies on Land Tax anno 1710 which were put into your hands Dec. 10 last for the service of the 40,000 men in Flanders, viz. by assigning same to Sir Henry Furnese for the value in his bills given or to be given for the services as follows: £ s. d.
in part of 919,092l. 3s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1710.
for one month's subsistence from July 24 next to Aug. 23 next to her Majesty's Subject Troops forming part of said body 30,536 9
for the foreign Troops part of said body, and is in part of 55,758l. 16s. 1d. to complete their pay for the same time 33,267 4
£63,803 13
Ibid., p. 155.
May 1. Letter of direction for 55,736l. 12s. 9½d. to said Brydges: out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1710: and is for services as follows: viz. £ s. d.
in part of 919,092l. 3s. 6d. for the 40,000 men anno 1710.
for the pay of the foreign Troops of this body and is (together with the above 33,267l. 4s. 7¼d.) to complete said 55,758l 16s. 1d. for their pay from June 24 next to Aug. 23 next 22,491 11
in part of 177,511l. 3s. 6d. for the 10,000 [additional] men anno 1710.
for one month's pay July 24 next to Aug. 23 next to the Subject Troops of this body 4,096 5
to complete the pay of the foreign Troops of this body to same date 11,834 11 1
in part of 34,251l. 13s. 4d. for the 3,000 Palatines anno 1710.
for two thirds, being her Majesty's share of one month's pay thereof as above 2,957 2 11¼
in part of 43,251l. 12s. 6d. for the 4,639 Saxons anno 1710.
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay of this body 3,724 3 1
in part of 9,269l. 16s. 6d. for Bothmar's Regiment of Dragoons anno 1710.
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay of this Regiment 801 6 3
in part of 220,000l. for the Troops of Augmentation anno 1710.
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay to the new Prussian Corps 5,912 19
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay to the Saxon Troops of Augmentation 2,854 16 7
for her Majesty's share of same month's pay of the Regiment of the Elector of Treves 1,063 16 9
£55,736 12
Ibid., pp. 155–6.
May 2. Approval by Treasurer Godolphin of instructions as follow which Col. Francis Nicholson is desired to observe in the payment of the Officers ordered to attend him in the present Expedition: together with authorisation by said Treasurer to said Col. to take up money in the West Indies ("from any Receivers or Collectors of Customs or any others accountable for her Majesty's revenues in Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island in New England") for defraying the contingencies of the Forces under his command on the said Expedition, and to draw bills for [refund of] same on the Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons.
Prefixing: draft by J. How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, of said Directions.
The said Officers having received from me [the said Howe] six months' full pay in advance from April 1st next, the said Col. Nicholson will, when the said pay is near expired, as he has opportunity and as the necessity of the service requires, take up money at the most advantageous rate of exchange, for paying one or two months' [further] pay to the said Officers, giving bills of exchange upon me at 30 days' sight which shall be laid before my Lord Treasurer in time to authorise and enable me punctually to pay same. On payment thereof to said Officers care is to be taken to make the usual deductions of 12d. in the pound and one day's pay in the year for the Hospital at Chelsea, receipts in duplicate being taken for the full amount; one of said receipts to be sent to England with the bill drawn and the other to be retained in said Nicholson's hands. Money Book XX, p. 269.
May 2. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to Spencer Compton to pay to Francis Sorrell and Robert George, the Secretaries attending the Managers of the present [1710] Lottery, 300l. as advance (to be repaid out of surplus of the fund granted by the Act [8 Anne, c. 10] recently passed for Continuing the Duty on Coals &c.): and is to be for incident expenses in the execution of said Act. Ibid., p. 270.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to pay to John Aldred the several bills on the Second Book in Course of the Old Navy Debt, amounting to 559l. 18s. 5d.: out of the tallies on the second 2s. Aid [as by the Act 11–12 Wm. III., c. 2, anno 1700] in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy or out of the moneys arisen thereby uncalled for by the persons next in Course on the said Book: the same being for the pension of Sir Thomas Allen, who was formerly an Admiral of the Fleet: and is to enable the said Aldred to pay the remainder of his composition money as one of the securities of Samuel Pacey deceased, late Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Suffolk. Disposition Book XX, p. 157.
Same to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, to write to the Collector of Customs at Portsmouth to supply Col. Nicholson (who is going thither with the four Indian Sachems to embark them for their own country) with so much money as he shall find necessary to furnish them with sea provisions for their voyage and to subsist them whilst at Portsmouth. He is to draw bills for same on Mr. Thomas Lowther at the Treasury Chambers. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 181.
Same to the Attorney General. Hasten your report on the letter from Monsieur Vryberg, Envoy from the States General, concerning Jasper Mendez of Rotterdam. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Baker and Mr. Gossling to report on the enclosed accounts [missing] "which contain different states of the moneys alleged to be due to the mariners of the ship Worcester." Ibid.
Same to Col. Hunter, Governor of New York, to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Peter Schuyler, an inhabitant of Albany in the Province of New York, praying to be reimbursed 1,840l. 2s. 0d. alleged to be by him expended for furnishing the forts of Albany and Schenectady with firewood for seven years; and to be allowed interest for the same. Ibid., p. 182.
May 2. Same to Mr. Dayrolle enclosing a list [missing] brought to the Treasury by Sir Alexander Cairns of 741 poor Palatines shipped for Holland. It is the Queen's pleasure that you appoint someone to go on board on arrival and by the list to pay them five guilders per head, ut supra, p. 260, and to give a certificate to the respective ship masters of the numbers brought over by each and of the numbers that died in the passage: drawing bills on Spencer Compton for same. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Mr. Barrat [Borrett] of the petition of Edward Dalton who has been a prisoner in Newgate for three years for a fine of 10l. which he is unable to pay; and desiring release in order to maintain his great family. Reference Book VIII. p. 401.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, to stay proceedings against Richard Butler of New Ross, merchant, and his security on his debt of 741l. 1s. 8¾d. to the Crown, he having no effects and being so reduced by losses in the way of trade that there is no prospect of his paying save by leaving him at liberty to follow business. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 88.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to give strict orders to the Commissioners and Officers of the Revenue there to recover and secure to her Majesty's use such forfeitures as may accrue to the Crown by the death of Sir Richard Kennedy, whose next heir is said to be a priest: and [likewise any forfeiture accruing] by the murther committed by Mr. Eustace upon his wife. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 173.
May 3. William Lowndes to Sir Christopher Wren. By the enclosed memorial [missing] Lord Halifax has represented to the Lord Treasurer a matter which relates to the improvement of the works that supply water to her Majesty's Gardens at Hampton Court. Please make an estimate of the charge of what is proposed. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 183.
May 3, 13,
16, 22, 24.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners to employ Joseph Moores as a tidesman in Poole port loco John Wyat deceased.
Augustus Smith as a tidesman and boatman at Stockton loco John Gee who relinquished that employment.
William Russell as a landwaiter at Colchester loco Robert Heaton deceased.
Richman Goodwin as waiter and searcher at Paignton in Dartmouth port loco his father.
George Daval as a boatman in the islands of Scilly loco John Morris deceased.
Henry Ord as tidesman and boatman at Whitby loco Charles Pye dismissed.
Thomas Kenton as a tidesman at Bideford "instead of the [abovesaid] Ord."
John Bembrick, a boatman at Cockbush in Chichester port for several years past, and Thomas Jackson, a waterman to the coastwaiters in London port, to exchange places.
William Lowndes as waiter and searcher at Colchester loco William Russell preferred to be a landwaiter there.
Benjamin Blanch as a tidesman in the inferior list London port loco Joseph Kitchinman lately deceased.
Richard Sankey as deputy to Richard Moreton, a Queen's waiter London port.
Cornelius Smith as a tidesurveyor at Deal loco John Mansergh dismissed.
William Church and William Framingham as boatmen at Brancaster in Wells port at 25l. each per an.: the Customs Commissioners having frequent information of great quantities of goods run on the coast of Norfolk and being advised by Peregrine Bertie (one of the patent searchers of London port, who formerly visited that coast in the quality of Surveyor General) and Mr. Weddell, the Surveyor of Norwich, and Mr. Nash, the officer at Cromer, who are well acquainted with that coast, that there is an absolute necessity of settling a boat with two able boatmen at Brancaster, the harbour there being esteemed the best between Lynn and Yarmouth and is generally the road where vessels anchor that come from the southward to Lynn, Boston and other places thereabouts; without which it is impossible to look after suspicious boats, the marshes there being very large and the creeks many, nor inspect vessels bound for the coast and oversea which commonly stay in that bay to take advantage of the tides. The said Church has been employed in extraordinary for four years at Cley, and Framingham has been useful in discovering some of those frauds notwithstanding the threats of the merchants. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 278, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 291, 292.
May 3. Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of George and Joseph Newell, goldsmiths, shewing that they have been long confined in Newgate and thereby their healths much impaired: that they have conformed to what her Majesty's Agents for Taxes required of them: therefore pray an order for issuing out of the Exchequer a supersedeas of the execution as to their bodies only, upon giving reasonable bail for surrender. Reference Book VIII, p. 401.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of George Dod and Allan Garway for extension of lease of a messuage, being the fifth tenement from the Great Gate in the east side of the Savoy, to encourage them to rebuild; the premises being very old. Ibid.
Letters patent by Treasurer Godolphin constituting Theophilus Newcomen as Clerk Engrosser in the Alienation Office (to attend in her Majesty's Office of Compositions for Alienations for the Engrossing of all Writs of Covenant and Writs of Entré concerning lands or tenements holden or not holden): loco Bernard Halfpenny who by deed of the 2nd inst. has surrendered same. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 89.
Subscription by same for the execution of a warrant by the Duke of Shrewsbury dated April 25 last to John Charleton, Master of the Jewel Office, to deliver "to whom I shall appoint" 1,000 ounces of white plate [for himself as Lord Chamberlain] as has been formerly allowed to the Chamberlain of her Majesty's Household: to an estimate of 400l. Ibid., pp. 29, 91.
May 3. Warrant by same to the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, to appoint John Jephson to be their counsel in all causes relating to her Majesty's revenue under their management loco John Forster Esq., who is constituted her Majesty's Solicitor General in Ireland. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 174.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to pay to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, 5,817l. 3s. 0d. for pay &c. as follows (to wit, 4,999l. 1s. 0d. for pay according to the Establishment of Ireland and 818l. 2s. 0d. for the difference between the established pay of [the Forces in] Great Britain and that in Ireland) and 581l. 14s. 4d. for the exchange [loss] thereon: according to an agreement made with Robert Finlay of London, merchant: the same being the full pay of the Regiment of Dragoons commanded by Brigadier Edward Pearce and the Foot Regiments of Visct. Mountjoy and Major Gen. Gorge from the respective days when they were placed on the Establishment of Ireland until they should embark for Ireland viz. from 1708–9 Feb. 5 to 1709 July 17, being the day they sailed for Ireland. Ibid., pp. 176–7.
Followed by: a like royal warrant dated 1708 May 3 to same to pay 7,334l. 17s. 4d. to said Bridges on account of said Regiments (to wit 5,912l. 7s. 4d. according to the Establishment of Ireland and 1,422l. 10s. 0d. for the difference between the established pay of [the Forces in] Great Britain and that in Ireland and 733l. 9s. 9d. for the exchange thereof pursuant to an agreement with the abovesaid Finlay: and is for the full pay of the abovesaid Regiments from the time they were taken on the Irish Establishment viz. from 7 Oct. 1708 or from the respective days of their broken musters after that time to the 12 July following ([1709] being the day they sailed for Ireland).
[It is clear that the date of this second warrant is wrong and that it should probably be 1710 May 3, see infra, pp. 494–5.] Ibid., pp. 178–9.
May 4. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Postmasters General to pay 1,175l. each to George, Duke of Northumberland, and Charles, Duke of Grafton, for half a year to Lady day last on the annuity of 4,700l. granted by Charles II. to Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland, being due to the said Dukes at Lady day last as assigns of the said Duchess ("assigned to them after her decease"). (Letter of direction dated May 5 for same to be satisfied by 350l. forthwith and by 100l. a week for the remainder.) Money Book XX, p. 274. Disposition Book XX, p. 157.
Letter of direction for 10,000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of Contributions for Annuities anno 1710: and is for the services following: £
in part of 1,126,035l. 16s. 2d. for the service of [the Troops in] Spain and Portugal anno 1710.
to answer several bills of exchange drawn by William Chetwynd Esq., her Majesty's Resident at Genoa, from [? Genoa] the 1st March last, new style, for value taken up by him there for the service of her Majesty's Forces in Catalonia, which bills fell due April 23 last 10,000
Disposition Book XX, p. 157.
May 4. Letter of direction for 27,606l. 17s. 11d. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of loans to be made by Sir Henry Furnese on credit of the Land Tax anno 1710: and is for the services following: £ s. d.
in part of 567,845l. 14s. 4d. for Subsidies to the Allies anno 1710.
for the King of Portugal on his subsidy for the months of March and April 1710 25,000 0 0
more on account of same for the months of May and June 1710 1,927 2 2
in part of 1,126,035l. 16s. 0d. for the service of the Troops in Spain and Portugal anno 1710.
to be paid over to Sir Henry Furnese for commission and charges upon 75,000 milreis taken up by Mr. Morice, the Deputy Paymaster at Lisbon, for the service of the Forces there and for which the said Morice drew bills on said Furnese 679 15 9
£27,607 17 11
Disposition Book XX, p. 158.
William Lowndes to Mr. Povey enclosing a representation [missing] from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, desiring that a house and chapel may be built within an Indian fort for the missionaries intended to be sent to the Six Indian Nations in America. Please propose what sum may be proper to be allowed for such purpose and how the money may most easily be supplied. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 183.
Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Customs Commissioners for an addition of 20l. per an. to the salary of George Lisle, patent searcher in Poole port (Poole, Lyme and Weymouth), as from Lady day last and to continue during the present war only.
Prefixing: said Commissioners' report on said Lisle's petition shewing that his place was heretofore esteemed to be worth more than 200l. per an. and was represented as such to him about four years since "but has not since produced communibus annis 30l. per an., the salary included" and the fee of 2d. per pack on French linens which was formerly the chief support of that office, would probably (by reason of the long appropriations [thereon by several Acts of Parliament for the successive General Mortgages] and the great improvement of that manufacture at home) be of little advantage to him during his life should a peace be concluded. The Commissioners find his allegations true and advise an addition as above. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 283.
May 5. Money warrant for 20l. to Thomas Patten, clerk, as royal bounty for the charges of his passage to Virginia whither he is going chaplain.
20l. to Robert Griffith, clerk, for same as same to Pennsylvania whither he is going chaplain. Money Book XX, p. 274. Order Book VII, pp. 410, 413. Disposition Book XX, p. 162.
May 5. Warrant by Treasurer Godolphin to the Commissioners of Stamp Duties to repay the assessments to the Land Tax 1710 on salaries of their officers of not more than 50l. per an. salary and on the three officers of respectively 55l., 60l. and 70l. salary.
Prefixing: presentment from said Commissioners as to same. The said assessments would reduce many of the said officers to great extremity. Money Book XX, p. 275.
Same by same to Spencer Compton to pay 5l. each to Anne Smart, Margret Falconer and Katharine Bartlet as her Majesty's free gift and royal bounty to carry them to Ireland. Ibid., p. 276.
Same by same to the Exchequer to distribute and apply the sum of 42,082l. 17s. 9½d. to Deficient Funds as follows, the said sum representing the receipts between April 7 last and May 5 inst. from branches of the revenue as follows viz. 1,478l. 14s. 3d. from Whale Fins; 10,006l. 11s. 4½d. from New Customs; 2,607l. 8s. 7½d. from Additional Impositions; 2,060l. 4s. 7d. from Continued Vellum Duties; 21,968l. 13s. 8½d. from Continued Impositions; 1,416l. 5s. 3d. from Salt Duty; 1,945l. from Windows [House Duties]: the said distribution and application to be hereby as follows: viz.
Deficiencies as computed by Act of Parliament. How they stood on the Register 5 May, 1710. The distribution and application hereby ordered.
£ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.
Exchequer Bills 515165 4 36548 9 8 9559 19
First 3s. Aid 415099 0 0 149935 13 7703 0
Paper for Plate 15400 0 0 6000 0 0 285 15 7
Malt Tickets 579060 0 0 103390 0 0 10745 13
Leather Duties 504438 0 0 85458 11 10 9360 17 9
Third Quarterly Poll 212770 17 0 74000 0 0 3948 8
Third 3s. Aid 25823 2 9 9271 6 479 4
2267756 4 404604 1 7 42082 17
Ibid., p. 292.
Treasurer Godolphin to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition of Mary D'Arzelliers, widow of the Marquis D'Arzelliers, praying that the pension which her said husband enjoyed in Ireland may be settled on her. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 182.
William Lowndes to the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland. It has been represented that the annuity of 600l. granted by the late King to Lady Letitia Russell for 31 years from 1692 Lady day (payable out of the reserve rent of 1,500l. per an. in the Countess of Dorchester's grant of lands) is very much in arrear, and that divers sums have been paid into the Exchequer [Ireland] for the said quit rent as well by the collectors of the revenue as by the terre-tenants charged therewith. Please report a true state of this matter to the Lord Treasurer and whether any of the said moneys have been issued and applied to other uses than to the payment of the said pensions or either of them [i.e. of the said Countess and the said Lady Letitia]. Ibid., p. 186.
May 5. Treasury reference to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland of the petition of Mr. Drummond, Warden of the Mint at Edinburgh, shewing that he succeeded Charles Billingham in that office, who died and left his wife (a daughter of the Earl of Marchmont) and several children and "he" having purchased his office for a sum of money had little to leave them: [wherefore] a gift of the [said] office was presented in the said Drummond's name for account of Mr. Billingham's lady and children and the said gift was signed accordingly and he entered into possession at Whitsuntide 1705 and paid Mr. [Mrs.] Billingham 666l. 13s. 4d. sterling; and the salary of his office being but 150l. per an. "he is not yet repaid with interest": and petitioner, the said Drummond, being in London in 1707 was directed by the Lord Treasurer to meet the officers of the Mint in the Tower in order to the recoining the Scotch money like that of England which he did and for his pains has received no manner of allowance: and the Mint at Edinburgh being put into the same method with the Mint in England the recoinage of the money in Scotland was set about and from Sept. 1707 to Dec. 1708 inclusive there was coined and delivered out 320,995l. 19s. 6d. sterling which hurry of business tied the officers to constant attendance; for which Mr. Drummond has never received the least gratification: therefore prays (seeing that since the Union there is much more business [in his office] than formerly and will be still increasing) that he may have some addition to his salary and some allowance for his extraordinary pains and charge about the recoinage. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 164.
Same to same of the petition of the Clerks of the Commissioners for Plantation of Kirks and Valuation of Teinds in Scotland [shewing that ? their commission or ? their salary] "were formerly given by Acts of Parliament and the Officers of State were always of the Commission or as such had right to be present, which was of no small consequence, for the business of that Court was chiefly about tythes wherein the Crown had very great concern both as to the proper lands of the Crown as patron of many churches and having often the revenues which belonged to bishops which were for the most part tythes." The jurisdiction of these Commissions has been by a late Act of Parliament in Scotland [Feb. 1706–7 Acta Parl. Scot., Vol. XII, pp. 424–31] transferred to the Lords of the Session so that the Officers of State cannot be present in the determining of causes relating considerably to the Crown. The Crown has particular clerks who have salaries, but the Queen has not given any salary to the Clerk of Commission, though 'tis plain by this alteration that the Crown loses considerably: therefore there is more reason that the Clerk of the Court should have a salary to encourage him to be more careful in what concerns the Crown: "and the said Clerks have been at a new charge for making up the records that were burnt by accident the 3rd of Feb. 1700; which deserves some consideration." Ibid., p. 165.
Money order for 25l. to John Traver [Tarver] (who together with William Stewart is appointed to execute the office of Queen's Remembrancer in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland): for 1710 Lady day quarter on his additional salary allowed him in regard of his having left his practice here in order to apply himself to the said service.
25l. to John Tyas (who with Colin Mackenzie is appointed to execute the office of Clerk of the Pipe in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland): for same quarter on the like allowance and in regard of the like consideration. Ibid., p. 176. Disposition Book XX, p. 174.
May 5. Treasury reference to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland of the petition of the Rectors, Principals and Professors of the University of St. Andrew's setting forth their having a yearly allowance of 200l. granted out of the Customs in Scotland, to be distributed amongst the masters of the several Colleges according to their different necessities; that the same has been paid till Whitsunday 1707, from which time it becomes payable out of the Treasure of Great Britain: therefore praying that they may be put on the Civil List of Scotland for what is already due and that some part of the revenues may be appropriated for satisfying same for the future. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 185.