Appendix No. 1: Appendix No. 1

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Appendix No. 1

Sir Solomon de Medina's bill of his extraordinary charges and losses by reason of the unusual length of the campaign in the year 1708 (see supra, p. 130, under date 1709–10 Jan. 18), as submitted by Abel de Medina to the Duke of Marlborough: (in French)
Mémoire for the Prince and Duke of Marlborough.
[Fl. st. den.]
for horses and waggons captured in the last campaign of 1707 2,080 0 0
for the hire (service) of 50 waggons from 1 Nov. 1708 to 2 Jan. 1709 [new style] at the rate of 5fl. 10st. 0den. per waggon per day 86,625 0 0
Loss sustained at Ghent.
13 June, 6,000 loaves commandés by Monsieur Pendegrass and left at Ghent in the hands of the enemy: reduced to sacks of flour: 176.
13 July, by an order signed by the Comte de Bergeyk: sacks 860.
22 August, by order of the said Earl: sacks 191.
11 Sept., by a certificate of the carriers and of the Spanish Commissary of the sacks taken from the public magazines: sacks 3,828.
30 Oct., by a certificate of Phelipi Cardosso, the Spanish Commissary: sacks 97, making a total of 5,152 sacks: which at 6fl. 6st. 8den. per sack make 32,586 8 0
12,000 fagots at 8 per 100 960 0 0
8,000 empty sacks at 20 sols 8,000 0 0
3 July, transport by order of General Cadogan of 4,000 sacks of flour from Malines to Brussels at 12 sols per sack 2,400 0 0
12 July, 3,950 loaves left at Louvain and sold at 2 sols [each]: loss 759 14 0
13 Aug, ordered by General Cadogan at Brussels and left there: 9,051 loaves spoiled and sold there at a sol [each]: loss 1,527 7 2
27 Aug., left at Ash 14,550 loaves which were not livré [given out] because of the sudden march and which became spoiled: loss 2,455 6 0
9 Nov., paid to boatmen ("battilliers") to Zeeland, Ostend and back to Antwerp 2,199 18 4
wastage of flour during said season, 116½ sacks out of 1,852 sacks 736 17 4
despatch of grain to Dixmuyden, Furnes and elsewhere: loss of 12,000 empty sacks at 20 sols [each] 12,000 0 0
new style.
2 Jan., 62,000 to 63,000 loaves transported to Ghent for the Army, but (by reason of the sudden march of the Troops to their winter quarters) sold for one or two sols [each] as certified by a notary: loss thereon 5,750 0 0
3 Jan., 25,000 loaves left at Dendermonde but not given out (livré) by reason of the [said] march: and sold as above: total loss 2,056 15 0
loss of waggons and horses in the victualling train going to Brussels (du train des vivres fait en allant a Bruselles pour charges d'artilleri) likewise at Ostend, and in passing the Scheldt at Helle in front of the cannon 20,000 0 0
for the change of money drawn at Lille, Menin and Courtrai (10 per cent. on 152,320l.) 15,230 0 0
for the augmentation of the grain after passing the Scheldt, at least 500 last: at the rate of 35 gold gulden 24,500 0 0
219,867 5 10