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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 24, 1710. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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Quarantine. See under Ships.

Quarry, Quary [Robert], colonel, [Surveyor General of Customs in the Plantations], obstructed in getting judgment on Plantation bonds, 119; recommendation by, 320.

Quash, Joseph, Receiver General of Duties on Houses and Land Tax (Assessments) for part of Devon, 138, 499.

Quayman. See Customs—London port.

Queen, the. See Anne.

Queen Dowager, Queen Mother. See Catherine of Bragança.

Queenborough. See Konigsberg.

Queen's apothecary (W. Jones), 571.

Queen's barges, Master of (J. Warner), 578.

Queen's Bench (King's Bench), court of:
-, ancient records of, kept in a "damp and noisome room" and exposed to danger by fire, 229.
-, Clerk of the Crown (S. Harcourt), 492.
-, judgment rolls, impossibility of stamping, 492.
-, justices of, annual payment to, by debentures at the end of each term, 421; and see Eyre, Sir R.; Gould, Sir H.
-, Lord Chief Justice. See Holt, Sir J.; Parker, Sir T.
-, proceedings in, proposed method of reforming, 288.

Queen's bounties. See Royal bounty.

Queen's chair roads. See Windsor Great Park.

Queen's conduits, memorial re, 578.

Queen's counsel, advice of, 20; appointment, 471; wages and fee of, 471.

Queen's goldsmith (S. Smithin), 399, 511.

Queen's housekeepers. See Royal Household.

Queen's houses. See Royal houses.

Queen's Locksmith (J. Kay), 606.

Queen's printers:
-, agent to (J. Williams), 461, 596.
-, collection of statutes relating to high treason to be printed and published by, 399.
-, copies of Acts of Parliament, &c., ordered from, 45, 223, 327, 431, 538; payment for, 461.

Queen's private pensions, charities and bounties. See Pensions and Royal Bounty.

Queen's ratkiller, mourning livery for, 335.

Queen's Remembrancer. See Exchequer Receipt.

Queen's Roads, keeper of (M. Studholme), 524; and see Roads.

Queen's Secretary at Lisbon. See Lefevre, T.

Queen's Serjeant Plumber (J. Roberts), 593.

Queen's waiters. See Customs—London port and Outports.

Queen's watermen, badges for, 160, 405, 487; liveries for, 525; wages and bills, 121, 550; pensionary watermen, grey cloth liveries for, 160, 525.

Queen's Wood called Birkland Wood in Sherwood Forest, q.v.

Queen's wines. See Wines.

Queensberry, Duke of, See Douglas, James.

Quelch, John, pirate, executed at Boston, produce from his goods and effects paid into the Exchequer, 389.

Quit rents. See Ireland; Virginia.