Minute Book: December 1711

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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December 1711

Dec. 1. Present ut supra.
[Send] to Mr. Jezreel Jones to be here on Monday morning.
[Write] to the Commissioners of Salt Duties to acquaint them that some money is in the hands of the Treasurer of Christ Church in Oxford for Dr. Woodroffe, who died lately in the Queen's debt: and direct them to consider of the best means of recovering the same or any other part of his [Woodroffe's] effects recoverable towards payment of the Queen's debt: and to let my Lord know what course they take for the same end. Ibid., p. 100.
Dec. 4. Present: ut supra.
The Victuallers [are] called in. My Lord recommends to them to consider and report how the power of drawing bills [on the Victualling Office] for the future may be under [subjected to] some rules.
Their list of bills of exchange [drawn on them] is read.
My Lord puts them in mind that no perquisites belong to them in execution of their offices, and directs them to take care that they or any of their clerks or officers do not be interested in any contracts or be solicitors for any that shall be so [interested]: and that an instruction be formed to that purpose: and they are to be very careful that all their instructions be punctually complied with.
Mr. Cesar [Treasurer of the Navy] comes in [and on reading his memorial of demands for the Navy Victualling my Lord] ordered 3,000l. for inland bills of exchange and 10,000l. for short allowance money and 10,000l. a week from Nov. 29 last for the [? Victualling] Course until 40,000l. is paid.
The Victuallers [tell my Lord] they will make a proposal to his Lordship for [concerning the] payment of their bills.
[Write] to Mr. Bridges to take care that none of the Queen's money remitted to Spain be applied to the subsisting any prisoners but such as are her Majesty's subjects (struck through) were in the Queen's pay when they were taken except the Por ... (struck through).
[My Lord directs the issue out of Civil List Funds of] 2,000l. to Mr. Lowndes for secret service. Ibid., p. 101.
Dec. 6. Present: ut supra.
Upon Mr. Cesar's memorial [my Lord ordered the issue to him as Treasurer of the Navy of] 35,000l. this week, 25,000l. per week afterwards until 195,852l. (struck through) on Monday sevennight for wages and 1,459l. 3s. 4d. on the head of Victualling [being] due to several persons for cartage. Ibid., p. 102.
Dec. 10,
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges [is] called in. He acquaints my Lord that having sent to Mr. Milner by his Lordship's order for bills on Lisbon for 15,000l. he has received for answer that he [Milner] is willing to give them on the same terms as he gave his last [bills] for 25,000l. on that place upon a proposal entered Nov. 1 last, supra, p. 108.
Mr. Brydges is [ordered by my Lord] to make a memorial for the application of this 15,000l.
Mr. Brydges, Col. Arnutt and the Auditors of Imprests [are ordered by my Lord] to attend next Wednesday at six o'clock in the afternoon. Ibid.
Dec. 11. Present: ut supra.
[Write to the] Comptrollers of the [Accounts of the] Army to send to Mr. James Taylor and examine what accounts he hath passed of the money he received for the widows of Officers and whether anything or how much remains in his hands of the said moneys.
[Write] to the Commissioners of the Victualling to make out bills for what is due to Mr. Kelley according to their report, if they have no objection thereunto; he satisfying thereout so much as he hath defrauded the Crown of; according to his proposal for that purpose.
Mr. Howe [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons is] called in. His memorial of yesterday's date is read and 14,278l. 5s. 3d. is [by my Lord] ordered thereupon for such uses [of the Guards, Garrisons and Marines] as are therein expressed. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 104.
Dec. 12. Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Mr. Brydges is called in with the Auditors of Imprests, Col. Arnott and the merchants who have [hold] bills [drawn] from New England &c. on account of the Expedition to Canada. The report of Auditor Harley is read on Col. Arnott's account as Paymaster of the Forces upon that Expedition. My Lord discourses the merchants about the specie of the country (which is paper money) and is of opinion that 140l. for 100l. as the bills are drawn is a very low rate of exchange from that country.
My Lord observes that on the miscarriage of the Expedition three of the brigantines with their cargoes of provisions that were bought at New England for the service (the other being lost) were consigned back to Col. Dudley and [my Lord] is of opinion those brigantines are effects in his [Dudley's] hands to answer the bills that he [Dudley] has drawn.
[On the whole matter my Lord] ordered that Col. Arnott's account and the whole matter arising therefrom be referred to the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army, the Auditors of Imprests, Mr. Brydges and the Secretary at War for them to consider and report their opinions to my Lord what is fit to be done therein. Ibid., p. 105.
Dec. 14. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges comes in. His memorial dated the 14th inst. [is read] about the bills drawn for the subsistence of the prisoners of her Majesty's Troops in Spain; whereby it appears that of the bills drawn on Sir William Hodges and Sir John Lambert for that service the sum of 20,687l. 16s. 3d. is on a scheme which was agreed by my Lord to be paid on or about March 1 next and 26,000l. remains unprovided for.
My Lord is of opinion Mr. Brydges should accept these bills in manner as the former were accepted and agrees that they shall be paid in Course with other the bills on the said scheme.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] is read dated the same day for 50,000l. on account of extraordinaries to enable the Foreign Troops in her Majesty's pay to recruit. [My Lord thereupon orders that Sir John Lambert be here on Monday next and the Chancellor [of the Exchequer is] in the mean time to speak to him about a remittance.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] is read dated the 11th inst. for 83,934l. 16s. 3d. for offreckonings to the Forces in Flanders from 22 August 1710 to Dec. 22 inst. My Lord takes notice that the muster rolls are returned but [only] to Feb. last and [says he] will consider about giving a security to the clothiers in [the form of] South Sea Stock.
The Attorney General's report and opinion is read touching the vouchers produced by Mr. Brydges for extraordinaries paid to the Foreigners [the Foreign part of the Allied Forces and paid partly by her Majesty]. Ordered that a copy be sent to the Auditors [of Imprests] for them to consider and advise with the Attorney General whether a warrant under the sign manual with the vouchers annexed directing the allowance thereof on Mr. Bridges's accounts may not be a sufficient authority to them [the Auditors] for so doing.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 4,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the 2,000,000l. Contributions: [and is to be applied] for Parliamentary [Navy seamen's wage] tickets [for recalls &c. under the Act 4–5 Anne, c. 6, Clause 12] and 9,000l. for carrying on Recalls: according to a memorial dated the 11th inst. [and this day read from the Navy Treasurer]. Ibid., p. 106.
Dec. 17. Present: Lord Treasurer.
[My Lord orders preparation of] a warrant for another Commission for taking subscriptions to the South Sea Stock.
[Write] Mr. Brydges to be here to-morrow morning. Ibid., p. 107.
Dec. 18,
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir John Lambert and other remitters [contractors for remittances of exchange are] called in. They present a proposal dated this day and signed by the said Lambert, Richard Hoare and E. Gibbon for supplying the Lord Treasurer with bills on Amsterdam at 2½ usance or on Antwerp at sight for 50,000l. or 80,000l. at the rate of 10 guilders 10 stivers current money per pound sterling: [they by way of repayment] to be paid for the same in [ready] money on or before the last day of January next with interest thereon at 6 per cent. per an, from the date of the said bills to the time of payment; or if paid in tallies, then to be allowed the discompt then current on the same: and that in the mean time South Sea Stock be transferred to them as a security with a defeazance [clause and] at the [equivalence or] rate of 120l. stock for 100l. with power to sell the same if not paid at the time: "and if required our Correspondents shall discompt our bills immediately as formerly."
My Lord agrees to the said proposition for 50,000l. only and with this alteration viz. that the remitters (who are to give their bills to go by this night's post) shall be paid in two months from this day and not on the last [day] of January next.
[My Lord] ordered that the debt owing in the Office of the Ordnance to the King of Portugal for powder according to the Treaty in that behalf be satisfied by the Treasurer of the Ordnance out of the stock which he stands possessed of in the South Sea Corporation in lieu of tallies on the sixth General Mortgage [which have been] subscribed thereunto [i.e. subscribed into the said South Sea Stock].
My Lord will receive the Queen's pleasure touching the Portuguese Troops in Catalonia and the payment of them.
[My Lord orders the] issue to Mr. Brydges of 930l. 2s. 6d. out of the public funds in the Exchequer of the year 1711: [and is intended] for half pay to Officers en second: likewise 455l. 19s. 4d. for pay to Mr. Conduit and subsistence to Major Pursell and his brother according to [said Brydges'] memorials in that behalf. Ibid., p. 108.
Dec. 19. Present: ut supra.
Mr. Brydges comes in. His memorial of the 17th inst. is read for 37,804l. 16s. 1d. for stoppages on account of the Regiments in Spain and Portugal: as also Mr. Granville's report of the 5th Nov. [last] touching those stoppages. [Thereupon my Lord] ordered that 18,000l. be issued out of the public funds of the year 1711 towards answering the said stoppages.
Another memorial [from said Brydges] dated the 19th inst. is read relating to 10,000 pistoles paid in Spain by virtue of the Duke of Argyll's warrant for extraordinaries of the war there, over and above [the] 17,000l. allowed by the Instructions. [My Lord hereupon orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to the Secretary at War to prepare a [royal] warrant for allowing the 10,000 pistoles: "and send to the Auditors of Imprests for their opinion that part of his [Brydges'] memorial which desires the dispensing with the taking security for the said sum, in regard it is paid on contract to foreigners."
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] dated the 27th Nov. last is read for a recompense for Capt. Smith, who had the care of the money sent from Port Mahon to Barcelona. [My Lord orders Mr. Lowndes to] write to Mr. Granville [the Secretary at War] to prepare a [royal] warrant for paying him [Smith] 100l. for his care, pains and expenses in that affair.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] dated the 18th inst. is read for subsistence of the Regiments that went on the Canada Expedition. And my Lord being informed that in case the remainder of the bills for money taken up at Portsmouth before these Regiments sailed thence be paid the Officers will thereby not only be enabled but will actually proceed to recruit, his Lordship will order the remainder of those bills to be paid.
Another memorial [of Mr. Brydges] dated the 11th inst. is read for money to carry on the service in Portugal to the 23rd inst. and for directing the uses to which 25,484l. 6s. 4d. in Mr. Morrice's hands shall be applied. My Lord will consider this on Friday next, as also the demands for subsidy to the Duke of Savoy. The remitters [contractors for remittances of exchange] are to be here then.
Ordered that the Public Offices and Mr. Cardonel be writ to for a state of all debts due to her Majesty from any of the Allies which it may be proper for her Ministers at the Congress to make a demand of. Treasury Minute Book XIX, p. 109.
Dec. 24,
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir John Lambert and other remitters [contractors for remitting exchange are] called in and present a proposal signed by him and E. Gibbon proposing to supply the Lord Treasurer with bills on Turin at 60 days' date for 106,666 2/3 Crowns of 82 sols each, money of Piedmont, at the [exchange] rate of 56½ pence sterling per Crown; they to be repaid for same in [ready] money on their delivering the said bills.
My Lord considered thereof and agreed to same.
[My Lord orders] Mr. Brydges to make a memorial for two months' subsidy for the Duke of Savoy: and then a letter [of direction is to be sent to the Exchequer] for issuing the same to him [Brydges] out of the money in the Exchequer for the service of the year 1711. And the [abovesaid] bills are to be sent away by to-morrow night's post. Ibid., p. 110.
Dec. 28,
Present: ut supra.
[My Lord orders the exchange] remitters to be here next Tuesday morning with a proposal for remittances for the Troops in Flanders. And my Lord will then consider of the matter of recruiting the Foreign Troops in Flanders.
[Write] to the Commissioners of the Victualling that for whatsoever they have expended (and is now unsatisfied) or shall lay out for the Victualling [of] the landmen at Gibraltar they do keep and make particular accounts [thereof] and transmit them from time to time to my Lord Treasurer so that he may give direction for satisfying the same out of the money given for the service of the war in Spain and Portugal.
Mr. Cæsar [Treasurer of the Navy is] called in. His memorial [for money for the Navy is] read and thereupon [my Lord] ordered [him to apply sums to services as follows] out of the sum of 100,000l. lately issued to him [Cæsar] at the Exchequer out of loans on the Land Tax 1712: viz.
£ s. d.
for 1710 June 24 and Sept. 29 quarters to the Yards at Kinsale, Harwich, Plymouth and Portsmouth (whereof 48,000l. is to be on the head of Ordinary and 13,734l. on the head of Wear and Tear) 61,734 0 0
On the head of Victualling.
for half a year's pay to Michaelmas 1710 to labourers and workmen employed at several ports as London, Portsmouth, Plymouth &c. 8,259 6 10
for three quarters' pay to Michaelmas 1711 to blockmen, coopers, hoopers, bakers &c. 3,219 1 7
for short allowance money 10,695 2 11
for purchasing the Anchor Wharf and Mast Dock adjoining to her Majesty's Yard at Deptford [and to be charged] on the head of Wear and Tear 2,050 0 0
for the new Course of the Navy from Michaelmas 1711 10,000 0 0
£95,957 11 4
[My Lord directs the] issue to Mr. Brydges [Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad] of 3,225l. 16s. 6d. for subsistence to Col. Grant's Regiment to Oct. 22 last according to his [Brydges'] memorial in that behalf: to be issued out of the public funds for the year 1711 and as in further part of 1,500,000l. for [the Forces in] Spain and Portugal. Ibid., p. 111.
Dec. 31. Present: ut supra.
[No entry of any minute.] Ibid., p. 112.