Warrant Book: February 1711, 11-15

Pages 165-170

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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February 1711

Feb. 11. William Lowndes to Mr. Granville [Secretary at War]. As the Act of Parliament [9 Anne, c. 2] has not directed who should pay the Guard for keeping quarantine at Standgate Creek, the Attorney General is of opinion the Queen may save the country the charge by appointing some soldiers who will do the business better. Please send the Treasury Lords an account by to-morrow of what soldiers are quartered nearest that place so that they may report the same [to] the first Cabinet Council. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 302.
Same to Mr. Bendyshe. The Treasury Lords desire you to attend the Cabinet Council on Tuesday morning next. Ibid.
Feb. 12. Money warrant for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Richard Topham for 1710 Xmas quarter for himself and three clerks for digesting the records in Caesar's Chapel in the Tower.
25l. to George Holmes for same quarter as Chief Clerk for the same work. Money Book XXI, p. 13. Order Book VIII, pp. 30–1. Disposition Book XXI, p. 56.
Same for 328l. 10s. 0d. to Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, Keeper of New Park at Richmond, for three years from 1707 Xmas to 1710 Xmas on his fee of 6s. a day in respect of the said office. Money Book XXI, p. 14. Disposition Book XXI, p. 45.
Treasury allowance of Henry Ferne's incidents bill, detailed, as Customs Cashier, for the year ended 1710 Xmas: total 325l. 1s. 2d. for the charges of paying his money into the Exchequer and 290l. 1s. 4d. for the charge of passing his accounts. Money Book XXI, p. 16.
Treasury warrant to Spencer Compton to pay Dame Katherine Waller 100l. as royal bounty. Ibid., p. 18.
Money order for 80l. 2s. 0d. to Col. John Pearne: viz. 30l. 2s. 0d. for 56 days from 1710 Aug. 4 to Sept. 29 and 50l. for Sept. 29 quarter following on his allowance as Lieut.-Gov. of Montserrat.
50l. to John Yeomans for one quarter due Jan. 10 last on his same as Lieut.-Gov. of Antigua. Order Book VIII, p. 30.
Feb. 12. William Lowndes to the Stamps Commissioners to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] and two specimens of paper for public service. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 302.
Feb. 12, 13,
16, 20, 22.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ
Francis Goldar as a landcarriageman in fee London port loco Edward Ebden who is become a bankrupt, whereby he is rendered incapable of attending his duty.
Roger Berryman, junr., as waiter and searcher at Totnes loco Thomas Hartley, deceased.
William Taylor as Collector of Padstow port loco John Bligh, dismissed.
John Lathbury as a tidesman at Topsham in Exeter port loco Richard Dark, deceased.
Ralph Henville as a tidesman at Bristol loco John Watkins, deceased. (A second entry ibid. says loco John Battiscombe who relinquished.)
William Collins, waiter and searcher at Bideford, loco Thomas Bolitho, deceased.
Richard Reynolds as surveyor, waiter and searcher at York in Hull port loco Joshua Green, deceased.
Thomas Swales as a landcarriage waiter in London port.
John West as a tidesman in the superior list [London port] loco Thomas Edwards, deceased.
Joseph Holmes as a same in the inferior list loco said West. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 336, 337, 338, 339, 341.
Feb. 12. Treasury reference to the Auditors [of Imprests] of the petition of the Duke of Leeds as executor of James Herbert, Esq., Receiver General for Prizes in the late war, shewing that Auditor Harley has finished the said Herbert's account excepting two articles of incidents amounting to 627l. 16s. 6d. for extraordinary clerks, coach hire, &c.: therefore desiring allowance of same in said account. Reference Book VIII, p. 445.
Feb. 13. Money warrant for 133l. 6s. 8d. each to Edward Harley and Arthur Maynwaring for two years' salary to 1710 Lady day as Auditors of Imprests. Money Book XXI, p. 18.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer. In order to enable you to pay tickets to turned over men assigned (pursuant to Act of Parliament [4–5 Anne, c. 6, cl. 12] in that behalf) for the month of January last, the Treasury Lords direct you to deposit 3,500l. in tallies and orders on the twelfth 4s. aid [the Land Tax anno 1709] with any person who shall be willing to advance 3,000l. thereon in Exchequer [Bills] upon the terms of being repaid the same again in specie with 6 per cent. interest within two months from the time of advancing same: for which advance the said deposit is to be a security. The 3,000l. so to be paid is to be placed to the head of wages anno 1709. Disposition Book XXI, p. 52.
Letter of direction for 1,350l. to William Lowndes: for secret service: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XXI, p. 45.
William Lowndes to the [exchange] remitters to give to Mr. Brydges their bills for 50,000l. on Amsterdam and Antwerp to go by this night's post: for the service of the Troops in Flanders. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 298.
Feb. 13. Same to the Customs Commissioners for a state of the accounts of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty, to wit in what manner and how far the Commissioners or Collectors of those Duties have passed their accounts, what remains in their or any of their hands, how much [remains] with the husband of those Duties or in the hands of the Receiver General of Customs and what part thereof incurred for arrears during the reign of William III. Ibid., p. 302.
Same to same to report on the petitions of Josias Wordsworth, Thomas Couts and others praying that the several ships therein mentioned now under quarantine may be permitted to come to their places of discharge to unlade. Ibid, p. 304.
Treasury warrant to same to observe an order in Council of the 9th inst. to release from quarantine the ship Concord of Leith, with potashes, clapboard and flax from Dantzic: on the petition of Richard Wightman. Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 340.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Sir Francis Blake for delivery of his bonds as surety for James Howard, late Collector of Berwick port, he having paid 200l. for his said surety as by order of Treasurer Godolphin. Reference Book VIII, p. 445.
Treasury subscription for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 17 Jan. last [to the Master of the Great Wardrobe] for a rich purse for the Lord Privy Seal: to an estimate of 20l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 31.
Feb. 14. William Lowndes to Sir Christopher Wren. I have read to my Lords the memorial from yourself and the other Principal Officers of the Works desiring [allowance of] interest on the 10 tallies lately struck for that office and that the half year more to Michaelmas 1710 [for salaries of the Office of Works] may be also directed in like tallies [so bearing interest]. My Lords direct you to attend them thereon on Monday morning next. Out Letters (General) XIX, p. 303.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Haye, owner of the ship Leviathan from Virginia laden with 160 hogsheads of tobacco and a parcel of pipe staves, praying that an entry may be made thereof from the time the same was delivered to petitioner by virtue of the writ of delivery, "the seizure being at first made by the officers of the Customs on pretence the ship was not qualified to trade to the Plantations, which the officer has not yet made appear." Reference Book VIII, p. 445.
Feb. 15 Establishment under the royal sign manual for four Regiments of Foot which the Queen has thought fit to send from Ireland for our service in Spain: the said Establishment to commence from Jan. 13 last when they embarked at Cork in Ireland: as follows, viz.
For one Regiment.
Field and Staff Officers (Col. as Colonel 12s. a day; Lieut.-Col. as Lieut.-Col. 7s.; Major as Major 5s.; Chaplain 6s. 8d.; Adjutant 4s.; Quarter Master 4s.; surgeon 4s.; one mate 2s. 6d.: total 2l. 5s. 2d. per diem).
Eleven Companies (each of a Capt 8s.; Lieut. 4s.; Ensign 3s.; 2 Serjeants 1s. 6d. each; 3 Corporals 1s. each; 2 drummers 1s. each; 50 private soldiers 8d. each: total per Company 2l. 16s. 4d. a day and for the 11 Companies 30l. 19s. 8d.).
One Company of Grenadiers (Capt. 8s.; 2 Lieuts. 4s. each; 2 serjeants 1s. 6d. each; 3 Corporals 1s. each; 2 drummers 1s. each; 50 Grenadiers 8d. each: total 2l. 17s. 4d.).
Combined total for one Regiment 36l. 2s. 2d. per diem.
Full total for four Regiments, making in all 2,175 men with Officers, 144l. 8s. 8d. per diem or 52,718l. 3s. 4d. per an.
Queen's Warrant Book XXIV, p. 432.
Feb. 15. Royal letters patent appointing Richard, Earl Rivers, to be Constable of the Tower loco Algernon, Earl of Essex, deceased, with the fee or allowance of 1,000l. per an. as from Jan. 11 last: during pleasure: as amply &c. as the said late Earl of Essex ("except the office of Lieutenant of the said Tower and all fees and advantages thereof which we have granted to William Cadogan, Esq., Lieut.-General of our Forces during pleasure, whose patent of grant thereof we hereby confirm: and also except the power and authority which hereby we do reserve to ourselves of constituting and appointing by patent under the great seal any person to be Lieutenant of the said Tower who shall act under and be subordinate to the Constable for the time being and during the absence or vacancy of the Constable to act for him"). Ibid., p. 438.
Letter of direction for 10,000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, out of loans to be made by himself on the Land Tax anno 1711: to be as imprest for the said Forces. Disposition Book XXI, p. 45.
Same for 7,794l. 15s. 11d. to Francis, Visct. Rialton, Cofferer of the Household: to complete (with the 10,000l. directed Dec. 21 last [supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIV, p. 550] the sum of 17,794l. 15s. 11d. for) 1710 Lady day quarter for the Household: out of Civil List moneys. Ibid., p. 22.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland. My Lords have read your answer to my letter of Jan. 20 last, supra, p. 146, and having revised the Xmas quarter's salary bill [or list] of the Customs they do not consider your answer satisfactory or that the said bill is made out according to their direction; for although you say you have not made alterations except amongst the lowest officers and smallest salaries (which nevertheless you ought not to have done without authority from my Lords), yet you have not distinguished in your list what those alterations have been nor when made nor the sums due to officers who have only served part of the quarter; for all the officers in the list are put down as though they had served in one place for the entire quarter, whereas the contrary appears by your own letters and you ought in all cases when the officers die or are removed to take care that the intermediate salary be saved to the Crown. As to the officers whom you say you have rolled (least they should contract evil obligations) my Lords observe that the times are not distinguished when those alterations [of station] were made but the whole salary is put down for such officers for one place only, whereas perhaps the salaries may be different and consequently the acquittances to the Receiver General taken according to the said list would not be proper vouchers. My Lords therefore desire you to revise [review] the letter I last sent you and to prepare the list or quarter bill pursuant to their orders, and not to take upon you to remove or roll officers or make any other alterations in the Establishment without first acquainting my Lords and having their approbation and warrant for so doing. My Lords expect likewise that you send them an account of the examination you mentioned in your presentment of July 18 last concerning Mr. Bruce. Out Letters (General) XIX, pp. 303–4.
Feb. 15. Same to Mr. Manley, Surveyor General [of Crown Lands], to report on the petition of John Hill, gent., who married the executrix of Col. Archibald Douglas, who has petitioned representing the great expense said Douglas was at in prosecuting the Crown's title to a grant which he obtained in King James's reign of concealed lands in the North of England in the possession of one Bathurst, and praying some place or other equivalent for the benefit intended by the said grant, as there is little appearance of the recovery of the premises. Ibid., p. 308.
Treasury reference to Mr. Whitfeild, Paymaster of the Marines, of the petition of Capt. Urian Brereton for payment of 96l. which by warrant of the late Lord High Admiral was directed to be paid in 1705 for the levy money of 32 men raised by petitioner; Mr. Whitfeild not having yet satisfied that warrant, alleging that he has no money in his hands for the same. Reference Book VIII, p. 446.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of the fishermen of the Hundred of Middleton, Co. Kent, shewing that since ships have been directed to perform quarantine in Standgate Creek their fishery there is rendered useless and their oyster ground is almost destroyed; that being forbid fishing in the said creek, on which fishery above 70 families have their dependence, they pray to be recompensed for the damage they have sustained thereby. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Brydges and Mr. Granville of the petition of Lieut.-Gen. Nicho Sankey shewing that from the time of his being made prisoner at the battle on the frontiers of Portugal his pay as Major-General has been diverted and paid to the Lord Shannon: therefore praying to be relieved therein. Ibid.
Treasury subscription for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated Feb. 7 inst. [to the Master of the Jewel House] for 130 ounces of gilt plate as a present to the Earl de Lareain [Deloraine] at the christening of his child: to an estimate of 65l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 31.