Warrant Book: October 1711, 1-5

Pages 472-494

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1711

Oct. 1. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to Treasurer Oxford to perform all things in relation to the computations of the debts and the additional 500,000l. which are to be taken as public money and to be made part of the Capital Stock of the South Sea Company; and in relation to the application and disposal thereof and to the allowing the loss or discount (if any) upon the said stock for the use of the public and all other acts and things as in the Act of Parliament of the last Session for erecting the said Company: in which said Act provision is made for the deficiencies therein computed to amount to 8,971,325l. and for raising the further sum of 500,000l. for the service of this present year and further that the Navy Commissioners should state a true account of the moneys due from the Navy Office as well upon bills in Course upon the Second Register Book as upon bills in Course in the present Register Book before the 25th March 1711 (both principal and interest) and also of all tickets made out on or before the said date for wages of seamen; and likewise that the Victualling Commissioners, Transports Commissioners and Officers of the Ordnance should similarly state their accounts of moneys due in those Offices for payment whereof certificates or debentures payable in Course are or shall have been made forth: all which debts on bills, tickets, certificates or debentures are to be cast into one total sum: and further thereupon to deduct the said total sum (plus the said 500,000l.) from the total of the debts of all those several Offices (Navy, Victualling, Transport and Ordnance): and to take and esteem as public money so much as shall remain of the said debts after the said deduction and so to be made part of the capital stock of the said Company: and that the same [stock] or the produce thereof be disposed and applied either towards paying the residue of the said debts or towards any other public uses for which a supply has been or shall be granted by Parliament: and further that the loss or discount (if any) upon the said stock for the use of the public shall be accounted for (and the respective persons accountable for the same shall be discharged from such loss or discount) in such manner as the Queen shall direct. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 93–5.
Oct. 1. Same to same to give warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a fresh lease to Henry, Earl of Rochester, of the coppices in Wychwood Forest, ut supra, pp. 143–4, to wit, to add thereto the life of William Leveson Gower as a third life therein. (Treasurer Oxford's warrant hereon dated Oct. 5 is not entered. The entry of the Treasury signature of the docquet of the fresh lease is as usual undated.) Ibid., p. 95. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 328.
Same to Spencer Compton to pay 1,000l. to Ralph Cooke, gent., as royal bounty: without account. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 96.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to allow in account to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, the sum of 560l. 16s. 3d. paid by him on the 6th April last to Thomas Carbonnell for the charge of discompting 88,325l. in Exchequer Bills [which Bills are intended] to repay the Bank of England several loans borrowed of them [the Bank of England by the said Howe] by directions of the late Treasury Lords: and also the sum of 1,191l. 5s. 9d. by him paid on the 2nd June last to the Bank of England for the interest of several sums borrowed of them.
Appending. statement of the said two sums:
(1) Carbonnel's charge of discounting 88,325l. in Exchequer Bills.
to the discount of—
£ s. d. £ s. d.
3,900 0 0 at 32s. per cent. 62 8 0
262 10 0 at 30s. per cent. 3 18 9
2,000 0 0 at 20s. per cent. 20 0 0
6,800 0 0 at 18s. per cent. 61 4 0
1,200 0 0 at 17s. per cent. 10 4 0
10,700 0 0 at 14s. per cent. 74 18 0
7,300 0 0 at 13s. per cent. 47 9 0
8,462 10 0 at 12s. per cent. 50 15 6
8,900 0 0 at 10s. per cent. 44 10 0
3,600 0 0 at 9s. per cent. 16 4 0
500 0 0 at 8s. 6d. per cent. 21 5 0
11,600 0 0 at 8s. per cent. 46 8 0
8,600 0 0 at 7s. 6d. per cent. 32 5 0
7,000 0 0 at 7s. per cent. 24 10 0
5,000 0 0 at 6s. per cent. 15 0 0
£88,325 0 0 £530 19 3
to commission at 1s. per cent. 45 3 0
576 2 3
less growing interest on 90,325l. Exchequer Bills [being the amount of such Bills issued to him for this purpose, whereof he had succeeded in negotiating the abovesaid 88,325l.] 15 6 0
balance £576 2 3
(2) Bank of England account for interest dated 4 April 1711 and signed Thomas Mercer.
14 March 1710–11 balance of an account given of date [hereof] due as principal (received in full) 101,166l.3s.0d.
interest thereon 1,187 11 7
14 April for interest on Exchequer Bills delivered to Thomas Carbonnel as per account of ditto 3 14 2
£1,191 5 9
Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 96–7.
Oct. 1. William Blathwayt to William Lowndes in reply to the latter's letter of Aug. 28 last, ut supra, p. 423, requesting for the Lord Treasurer a state of her Majesty's present revenues in the Plantations and how far the accounts thereof are passed. I desire you to lay the following before my Lord Treasurer:
Barbados and the Leeward Islands.
In the year 1663 an Act was passed in the Assembly of Barbados granting a Duty of 4½ per cent. on all dead commodities of the produce of that island to Charles Ii., his heirs and successors for supporting the authority of the Crown, for building and repairing fortifications and for defraying all other contingent charges of the Government. And in the year 1664 the like Acts were passed in the respective Assemblies of Nevis, St. Christopher, Montserrat and Antigua.
These Duties were farmed in 1670 for 7,000l. per an. for the first seven years and for 5,000l. per an. for the next seven years, which terms expired in 1684, when the said Duties were committed to the direction of the Customs Commissioners, under whose management they still continue, and the accounts thereof are inspected and audited by the Auditors of Imprests "as a home revenue."
There are other profits arising to the Crown in the island of Barbados by Fines and Forfeitures; of which no account has been lately rendered by reason of the death of Charles Thomas, late Receiver of that revenue, notwithstanding his executors have been frequently called upon and her Majesty's Attorney General in that Island has had directions to issue process against them: but he has not hitherto been able to do it by reason of the refusal of the Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer there to obey his directions therein, and other irregularities practised by the officers of the said Court particularly specified in a memorial lying before the Treasury, a copy whereof is hereto annexed [missing].
There are also Fines and Forfeitures of small value accruing to her Majesty in the other Caribbee Islands, but there being of late no Receiver of that revenue (Mr. Perry, who lately acted in that office, having been sent to Barbados by the Customs Commissioners, whose officer he likewise was), as I informed you by my letter of July 7 last, I then proposed Mr. Alain Gilbert, now residing at Antigua, as fitly qualified to supply that place in case my Lord Treasurer should think fit.
In Jamaica a revenue was granted to the Crown by the Assembly of that island for 21 years to commence from the 1st of Nov. 1683; to be raised by an impost on liquors imported, by licences for selling of wine by retail &c.; whereof the sum of 1,250l. per an. was appropriated to the building and repairing fortifications and the residue to the public charges in the support of the Government. This revenue by a subsequent Act of Assembly has been continued for 21 years from the 1st Oct. 1703.
The other revenues of this island are the Quit Rents; and Fines, Forfeitures and Escheats; which are likewise appropriated to the uses of the Government; and the produce of the whole for the three last years for which accompts are come to hand ending the 25th March 1709, including 5,125l. 6s. 5d. (the balance due from the Receiver from the preceding accompt), amounted to 18,887l. 2s. 4¾d. The disbursements for salaries and contingent charges of the Government for the same time amount to 14,820l. 4s. 9½d. So that there remained at that time in the hands of the Receiver General the sum of 4,066l. 17s. 7¼d.
The further accompts of this revenue are expected [to be brought] by Major General Handasyd, into whose hands they were delivered, as I am informed by a letter lately received from my Deputy there.
Bermuda Islands.
The revenues accruing to her Majesty in the Bermuda or Sammer Islands are appropriated to the support of that Government and consist of 60 shares of land of 25 acres each valued at 5l. each share, whereof 12 shares are applied towards the Governor's salary and the rest to the salaries or allowances to the Sheriff, Secretary and other public officers there, according to the ancient Establishment in those islands.
The profits arising to the Crown by Licences for Fishing of Whales about those islands is also applied towards the Governor's salary and may amount to about 100l. per an., and there is further allowed to him the sum of 240l. per an. payable out of her Majesty's Exchequer, the said Governor's salary amounting in the whole to 400l. per an.
In the year 1680 an Act was passed in the Assembly of Virginia granting to the Crown the Duties of 2s. for every hogshead of tobacco exported from that colony, 15 pence per ton upon all ships and vessels arriving there and not belonging to the Colony and 6 pence per poll for every person imported not being a mariner; which Duties were by the said Act appropriated to the support of that Government: and according to the accompts received thence the produce of this revenue for six years ending 25 Oct. 1710 amounted to 22,946l. 3s. 8¼d. And the money issued for salaries and other contingencies of the Government for the same time amounted to 21,859l. 11s. 3¼d.: so that there remained in the hands of the Receiver General at the making up of the last received accompt ending as aforesaid the sum of 1,086l. 12s. 5d.
The revenue of Quit Rents reserved to the Crown in Virginia (being 2 shillings per an. for every hundred acres of land granted to planters in that Colony) is more particularly belonging to the Crown and was set apart for answering any extraordinary exigencies of that Government by an order of Charles II. dated 1684 July 25, it then appearing that for want of such a provision to hinder the progress of Bacon's rebellion in that Colony it cost the Crown above 80,000l. sterling out of the Exchequer to suppress the same. But in no case is this revenue to be issued without her Majesty's express commands.
This revenue [of Quit Rents] according to the accompts received from thence for six years ending 25 April 1710 has produced 8,974l. 18s. 10½d., which with 5,745l. 10s. 1¼d. (the balance of the former accompts) make together 14,719l. 8s. 11¾d. The payments thereout by her Majesty's warrants and the sums remitted to England and paid into her Majesty's Exchequer [in London] within the same time amount to 13,917l. 5s. 10d. So that there remained in the hands of the Receiver General at that time the sum of 802l. 3s. 1¾d. Since which time I have just now understood that for buying up provisions for the Expedition against Canada not only that balance has been expended but an advance of 1,000l. [has been] made by the Receiver General for that service and further Directions have been likewise signed by the Queen for remitting hither [to England] as soon as may be 3,000l. more, which cannot be complied with in less than two years, that revenue [? the total revenue of the Colony] by the low price of tobacco not exceeding 1,800l. per an. communibus annis: wherein nevertheless the utmost care will be taken.
The accounts of Virginia to the time of the death of the late Receiver General have been some time past laid before the late Lord Treasurer [Godolphin] by whose directions they were examined by the Governor and Council there and so transmitted [back again] hither with a Report concerning the same: which accounts and report are now lying in the Treasury Chambers, whereupon an order was last year given for preparing a privy seal for passing them as near as may be in the Exchequer form; which privy sealis still depending at the Treasury and [is] solicited in order to a despatch: according to which method such other accounts may be passed as shall be thought requisite.
In Maryland an impost of 2 shillings for every hogshead of tobacco exported was granted by an Act of Assembly to the Lord Proprietor, whereof one moiety was appropriated to his own use and the other moiety to the support of the Government, and a fourth part of that moiety particularly to the buying of arms.
Upon the taking possession of the Government of that Province by the Crown it was ordered in Council the 20th of February 1690 that pursuant to the said Act one moiety of the said Impost should be paid to the Lord Proprietor to his own use and the other moiety applied to the use of the Government, viz. one fourth of the said moiety to the buying of arms and the remainder towards the salary of the Governor to be appointed by the Crown.
In the year 1692 a further Impost of 3 pence per hogshead upon tobacco exported was granted by the Assembly of the said Province towards the salary of the then Governor, Col. Seymour, for three years and has been since continued to him by subsequent Acts for the time of his being Governor.
In the year 1694 a further Duty of 3 pence per ton upon all shipping not belonging to the said Province and trading thither was granted by the Assembly for three years as a further salary to the Governor; which Duty as well as the former was also by subsequent Acts continued to him as long as he should remain Governor of the said Province.
The Fines and Forfeitures accruing to her Majesty in this Province have been applied towards payment of the salaries allowed by her Majesty to the two Receivers of Patuxent and Potomac, districts of the said Province. being 100l. per an. to each of them. But this revenue having not been sufficient to answer those appointments the executors of these Receivers are soliciting a further satisfaction by the payment of their arrears.
New York.
In the Province of New York by Act of Assembly passed in 1692 a revenue was granted to the Crown for the support of that Government, to be raised by an Excise upon liquors, by Quit Rents and by the Impost upon goods and merchandise imported, upon furs exported and upon the Indian trade for two years: which Duties have been continued by divers subsequent Acts to the 18th of May 1709, when the same expired: since which time the Assembly hath made no provision for paying the Civil List nor for defraying the other incident charges of the Government.
These revenues, before the expiration of the Act of Assembly, produced about 4,000l. per an.
New Jersey.
The Assembly of New Jersey has lately raised a revenue of 2,000l. for one year for the support of the Government, an account whereof is daily expected from my Deputy.
Massachusetts Bay.
In the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England the revenues arising to the Crown are granted by the Assembly from year to year and are appropriated wholly to the uses of the Government. The sum raised for the service of the year 1709 and with which the Treasurer of the Province charges himself (according to the accompts received thence ending the 31st of May 1710) being extraordinary in regard to the Expeditions against the French amounted to 76,315l. 0s. 1d. The Treasurer of this Colony is nominated by the General Assembly and his accompts [are] allowed by them and so [as so allowed are] transmitted by the [my local] Deputy Auditor to be laid before the Lord High Treasurer for his satisfaction, as copies of them are now lying, as well as others, before the Commissioners appointed by Parliament [for taking the Public Accounts].
New Hampshire.
The revenues of the Crown in the Province of New Hampshire in New England are raised likewise by the Assembly and [are] appropriated to the support of the Government. The sum raised for the year 1710 according to the last accompts received thence amounted to 3,049l. 9s. 0d. The disbursements the same year for the uses of the Government amounted to 2,930l. 1s. 8d.
There are divers other Profits and Acknowledgments accruing to the Crown from the respective Proprietors of the American Plantations upon account of their grants. These are as follows:
For the Province of Pennsylvania the yearly Acknowledgment of two beaver skins [tenderable] the 1st of January [of each year and remaining due] from the 4th of March 1680–1.
For the country of New-Castle upon Delaware River the yearly rent of 5s. at the feast of St. Michael: [remaining due] from the 24th August 1682.
For the two lower Counties upon Delaware River, half the Quit Rents and other profits from the 24th of August 1682; which if computed at 300l. per an., at that rate there would be due to her Majesty from the Proprietor, William Penn, Esq., to the 24th August 1711 (being 29 years) the sum of 8,700l. But Mr. Penn having for several years been in transaction with the Crown and the Commissioners for Trade for surrendering his interest in the Government of Pennsylvania and the annext countries, he has been only called upon for this debt from time to time without any further prosecution, in expectation of such purchase or surrender.
For the Province of Carolina the yearly rent of 20 marks from the feast of All Saints in the year 1708: the Proprietors having paid the said rent to that time.
Hudson's Bay.
For the land held by the Governor and Company of Hudson's Bay the yearly acknowledgment of two black beavers and a moiety of Seizures and Forfeitures for unlawful trading in those parts.
There are likewise other revenues raised from time to time by the respective Assemblies of the Plantations under her Majesty's immediate government as Country Revenues, being extraordinary levies for which they appoint particular Treasurers and Receivers; which revenues are issued by warrants of the Assemblies by whom they are raised and to whom only the said officers hold themselves responsible.
There is also a Duty arising to her Majesty in the Plantations upon the several Enumerated Commodities exported thence to England and from one Plantation to another, wherewith I am directed by my patent [as Auditor General of the Plantations] not to intermeddle; the same being granted by Act of [the English] Parliament and wholly under the management of the Customs Commissioners [England] and their under officers: from whom the Lord Treasurer may have a particular accompt, as well as of the 4½ per cent. Duty payable from the Caribbee Islands. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) III, pp. 61–8.
Oct. 2. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 200l. to Mr. _ Hellier: as royal bounty. Money Book XXI, p. 186.
Money warrant for 2,000l. to Treasurer Oxford for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter's salary. (Money order dated Oct. 3 hereon.) Ibid., p. 188. Order Book VIII, p. 104.
Same for 4,360l. to Thomas, Earl of Strafford, for 436 days 1709 Dec. 25 to 1710–11 March 6 on his ordinary as late Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Prussia: his allowance as Ambassador Extraordinary to the States General of the United Provinces commencing from the latter date, 1710–11 March 6. (Money order dated Oct. 3 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 188. Order Book VIII, p. 104.
Same for 1,898l. 17s. 0d. to same, whereof 1,498l. 17s. 0d. is for five bills of extraordinaries in his said service to Prussia for the said time; and 400l. for one bill of extraordinaries from 1710–11 March 6 to 1711 June 6 in his service as Ambassador Extraordinary to the States General.
Appending: the said bills.
(1) from 1709 Dec. 24 to 1709–10 March 24, as allowed by Secretary Henry Boyle 1700 April 14. "I allow 300l. of this bill for three months, being within the Regulation."
£ s. d.
for postage of letters and pacquets and other extraordinary charges to the Postmaster of Leyden chiefly for what passes to and from England 46 15 0
for postage of letters and pacquets to the Post Office at Berlin with allowances to several other Postmasters for receiving and forwarding my foreign letters 63 4 0
for written and printed intelligences, gazettes and other newspapers, prints and pamphlets 39 7 0
for secret correspondence and such like expenses for her Majesty's service 108 4 0
for stationery ware and other incidental charges included under that head 43 1 0
£300 11 0
(2) from 24 March 1709–10 to 24 June 1710 as similarly allowed by Secretary Henry Boyle 1710 July 14.
£ s. d.
the same five items as above respectively 48l. 7s. 0d., 64l. 7s. 0d.; 35l. 15s. 0d.; 109l.; 42l. 13s. 0d. 300 2 0
(3) from 24 June 1710 to 24 Sept. 1710 as allowed 3 Nov. 1710 by Secretary St. John.
£ s. d.
the same five items as above respectively 46l. 9s. 0d.; 62l. 17s. 0d.; 39l. 10s. 0d.; 108l. 4s. 0d.; 43l. 300 0 0
(4) from 24 Sept. 1710 to Dec. 25, as similarly allowed 1710–11 Feb. 8.
£ s. d.
the same five items as above respectively 45l. 15s. 0d.; 70l. 6s. 0d.; 42l. 10s. 0d.; 97l. 14s. 0d.; 44l. 2s. 0d. 300 12 0
(5) from 25 Dec. 1710 to 6 March 1710–11, as similarly allowed 1711 June 22.
the same five items as above respectively 44l. 19s. 0d.; 69l. 17s. 0d.; 41l.; 95l. 5s. 0d.; 47l. 16s. 0d. 298 17 0
(6) from 6 March 1710–11 to 6 June 1711, as similarly allowed 1711 July 7, "I allow 400l. of this bill pursuant to the Regulation."
£ s. d.
for postage of letters to the Postmaster at the Brill for receiving all my letters and packets to and from England 95 9 0
for postage of letters to the Post Office at the Hague for forwarding and receiving my foreign letters 114 3 0
for written and printed intelligence, Gazettes, and other newspapers &c. 39 15 0
for secret correspondence and such like expenses for her Majesty's service 107 14 0
for stationery ware and other incidental charges included under that head 44 4 0
£401 5 0
(Money order dated Oct. 3 hereon.) Money Book XXI, pp. 188–90. Order Book VIII, p. 104.
Oct. 2. Money warrant for 150l. to Thomas Walker, her Majesty's Housekeeper at Newmarket, for three quarters to 1710 Sept. 29 on his fee or salary. (Letter of direction dated Oct. 16 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 191. Disposition Book XXI, p. 170.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Treasurer of the Navy, Navy Commissioners, Victualling Commissioners, the Directors of the South Sea Company and the Auditors of Imprests to authorise the said Treasurer of the Navy forthwith to subscribe 288,600l. 7s. 2d. into the stock of the said Company as part of the 500,000l. to be deemed public money and to apply the same as follows, viz. 237,386l. to satisfy bills already made forth for the Course of the Navy incurred between the 25th March 1711 and the 29th Sept. 1711 and the remaining 51,214l. 7s. 2d. to complete 219,314l. 7s. 2d. for like bills made forth for the Course of the Victualling in the same time.
"And as to the method of your transferring the said stock and accounting for the same I do hereby direct that you the Commissioners of the Navy and Commissioners of the Victualling of the Navy respectively do transmit to you the said Treasurer of the Navy exact lists signed by yourselves or any three of you of the numbers, names and sums of all such bills as you shall respectively assign for payment in Course as usual out of the sum hereby directed to be made stock in the said Company for the use of the public; and that you the Treasurer of the Navy do forthwith transfer so much of the said stock as shall appear to be due for each of the said bills to the respective persons entitled thereunto. And I do also hereby order and appoint and by these presents pray and require the Directors of the said Company or the persons who are or shall be appointed to take subscriptions [for the said Company] that they do immediately certify to the Auditors of Imprests the sum that shall have been subscribed by the said Treasurer of the Navy for the use of the public in pursuance hereof in order to his being duly charged therewith in his accounts": all in accordance with the authority and power given to the Lord Treasurer by the royal sign manual of Oct. 1 inst., ut supra, pp. 472–3, in pursuance of the Act of the last Session for making good Deficiencies and for erecting a South Sea Corporation. Money Book XXI, pp. 191–2.
Oct. 2. Money warrant for 40l. to the Corporation of Clifton Dartmouth Hardness, for one year to 1711 June 24 on their perpetuity of 40l. per an. granted them by Henry VII. Ibid., p. 193.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Sir William Fazakerly, Receiver General of the Duties on Houses for London, Westminster and Middlesex, to pay the salary bill of the Commissioners and their officers for the Duties on Houses from 2 June last to 24 June last.
Prefixing: said salary bill, detailed: total 87l. 17s. 10d., the Commissioners being Philip Ryley, George Townsend, Richard Shoreditch, William Walbank, Roger Millart and Just[inian] Isham: Francis Sorrel their secretary, John Powle, clerk, Thomas Burkett, assistant, John Shales, doorkeeper. Ibid., pp. 199–200.
Allowance by same of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Malt Duty Office for 1711 June 24 quarter: total 495l. 5s. 1½d. Ibid., p. 212.
The like of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Excise Office for same quarter: total 834l. 4s. 2d. Ibid., p. 215.
The like of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Candle Duty Office for same quarter: total 276l. 1s. 3¼d. Ibid., p. 216.
The like of the salary bill, detailed, of the Excise Office for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter: total 6,441l. 13s. 11½d. Ibid., pp. 217–20.
Oct. 2. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Receipt to strike tallies for the Paymaster of the Post Fines for the 2,276l. which has been answered direct to the Queen by the Sheriffs of the Counties for [Post Fines for] the year ended 1709 Sept. 29.
Prefixing: certificate by Philip Tullie, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, of the sums so answered to the Crown by the respective Sheriffs, detailed. (The like warrant and certificate for the like allowance for the year ended 1710 Sept. 29.) Money Book XXI, pp. 223–4, 222–3.
Confirmation by same for the execution of a money order of 1710 Dec. 7 for 3,000l. to Secretary Henry St. John for secret service, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXIV, p. 485. Order Book VIII, p. 1.
Letter of direction for 46,569l. 4s. 1d. to the public Ministers [Ambassadors &c.] as follows: partly out of loans to be made by them respectively on credit of her Majesty's tin and partly out of the 3,000l. per week, ut supra, p. 471: all as follows:
in money. by tallies on the sale of tin.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
Earl of Strafford [late Ambassador Extraordinary to the States General and late same to the King of Prussia] 2,750 0 0 900 0 0
Mr. [Abraham] Stanyan [as Envoy Extraordinary to the Swiss Cantons] 1,375 0 0 _
Mr. [Henry] Davenant [as Secretary at Frankfort] 368 0 0 227 5 0
Mr. [James] Scot [as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Poland] 955 0 0 _
Mr. [Francis] Manning [as Secretary to the Republic of the Grisons] 146 0 0 175 0 0
Mr. [Daniel] Pulteney [as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark] 1,375 0 0 263 0 0
Mr. [John] Wyche [as Resident at Hamburg] 564 0 0 225 0 0
Mr. [Robert] Jackson [as Resident at the Court of Sweden] 273 0 0 _
Mr. [James] Craggs [as Resident at the Court of Charles III., King of Spain] 825 0 0 150 0 0
Mr. [John] Laws [as Secretary at Brussels] 550 0 0 400 0 0
Mr. [Christian] Cole, Secretary at Venice 174 0 0 389 16 8
Mr. [Benjamin] Lodington [as her Majesty's Agent and Consul General at Tripoli] 285 0 0 246 5 0
Mr. [Robert] Cole [as her Majesty's Agent and Consul at Algiers] 450 0 0 389 0 0
the executors of [Jasper Perrinet] Darziliers [as late her Majesty's Resident at Geneva] 97 10 0 _
Mr. [Horatio] Walpole [as Secretary to the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiaries for the Treaty of a General Peace] 1,958 0 0 _
Mr. [Henry] Watkins [as Secretary to the Ambassadors &c. to the States General] 482 0 0 _
Mr. [James] Dayrolle [as Resident at the Hague] 174 0 0 149 0 0
Mr. [Thomas] Lefevre [Lefebre, Leffever, La Favor] [as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to the King of Portugal] 550 0 0 _
executors of Mr. [Emanuel Scroop] Hows [Howe, as late Envoy Extraordinary to the Elector of Hanover] 905 0 0 199 18 0
Mr. [William] Palmes [as Envoy Extraordinary to the Duke of Savoy] 2,512 10 0 1,663 10 0
Mr [Dr. Henry] Newton [as Envoy Extraordinary to the Great Duke of Tuscany] 1,375 0 0 _
Lord Townesend [as late Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General] 3,159 16 5 1,579 18 0
Mr. [George] Delaval [as Envoy Extraordinary to the Emperor of Fez and Morocco 1,338 0 0 870 0 0
Earl of Strafford [as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the Treaty of a General Peace] 3,130 0 0 3,130 0 0
Mr. William Chetwynd [as Resident at Genoa] 1,780 0 0 566 0 0
Duke of Marlborough [as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General] 3,900 0 0 2,294 15 0
Mr. [William] Cadogan [as Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General] 1,375 0 0 824 0 0
£31,926 16 5 £14,622 7 8
Disposition Book XXI, p. 164.
Oct. 2. T. Harley to the Navy Treasurer. The Lord Treasurer directs that the 168,100l. stock in your name in the South Sea Company for the use of the public be applied towards the 219,314l. 7s. 2d. due for Victualling bills made out and numbered in Course between 1711 March 25 and Sept. 29. Disposition Book XXI, p. 165.
Treasurer Oxford to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Capt. Edward Shadwell praying a pension on the Establishment of Ireland in consideration of his services in the last war; to enable him to support himself and family. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 30. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 253.
Treasury countersignature for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 1711 Aug. 29 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to Guy Maynard of a mattress for scouring, 60 yards of white damask and making it up into two window curtains for the Prince's Bedchamber at St. James's, and covering of crimson serge for the forms and seats in the Great Drawing Room &c.: to an estimate of 67l. 10s. 0d. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 32.
Same of a same dated 1711 Sept. 29 to same to deliver to [John Robinson] the Bishop of Bristol a Rich Purse as Lord Privy Seal: to an estimate of 20l.
And for the provision of the following items for Kensington [Palace] viz. new linings to window curtains in her Majesty's Bedchamber, two silk cases for two arm chairs, six pieces of red silk lyar for the curtain in the Gallery, Presence [Chamber], and Privy Chamber there: to an estimate of 40l. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to cause Joseph Dodd to be enlarged from prison, he having become bail in Easter term 1705 for one Snep, an owler in Romney, for transporting wool, who absconded, and Dodd was committed prisoner to Newgate where he has ever since remained in a miserable starving condition, his wife being dead who was his support in his confinement and he being an object of her Majesty's mercy.
Prefixing: report by Henry Baker on his case. Ibid., pp. 285–7.
Oct. 3. Same by same to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, to pay 37l. 10s. 0d. to Christopher Tilson for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter for making a particular account of the application of the Customs and divers other services. Money Book XXI, p. 193.
Same by same to same to pay John Thorowkettle 16l. 3s. 4d. for same quarter as Messenger [of the Chamber] appointed to attend the officers of the Customs. Ibid., p. 194.
Allowance by same of said Thorowkettle's bill for 16l. 3s. 4d. for same quarter for attendance upon the Lord Treasurer. Ibid., p. 193.
Money warrant for 75l. to William Weket for same quarter's attendance in and necessaries for the Treasury Office.
And 5l. to John Farra for same quarter for carrying letters on several occasions. (Money order dated Oct. 4 hereon.) Ibid., p. 194. Order Book VIII, p. 109.
Oct. 3. Same for 113l. 8s. 4½d. to William Clayton, Richard Shoreditch and Roger Millart, being 37l. 16s. 1½d. to each of them as late Agents for Taxes for 69 days from March 25 last to June 1, when their salaries of 200l. per an. each ceased; her Majesty having by the privy seal of Feb. 17 last put the business of the said Agents under the management of the Commissioners thereby appointed for the Duties on hides &c. (Money order dated Oct. 5 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 195. Order Book VIII, p. 112.
Same for 80l. 10s. 10½d. to same, being 26l. 16s. 11½d. each for 98 days Feb. 24 last to June 1 inst. on their allowances for directing and governing the Surveyors for the Duties on Houses: the patent of June 2 last having put their business [both Land Tax as above and House Duties as herein] under the management of the Commissioners for the Duties on hides &c., ut supra, as from June 1 last. (Letter of direction dated Oct. 16 for 156l. 14s. 0½d. The composition of this sum is not explained.) Money Book XXI, p. 196. Disposition Book XXI, p. 170.
Money order for 50l. to Walter Hamilton for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter as Lieutenant Governor of Nevis. Order Book VIII, p. 78.
Same for 400l. to Robert Benson for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter on his allowance as Chancellor of the Exchequer in lieu of perquisites. Ibid., p. 102.
Same for 250l. to John Scrope, a Baron of the Exchequer, Scotland, for same quarter on his allowance for leaving his practice in England. (Letter of direction dated Oct. 9 hereon.) Ibid., p. 102. Disposition Book XXI, p. 169.
Same for 10l. to Peter Le Neve, Senior Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer Court, for same quarter's allowance for locking up her Majesty's treasure [in the Receipt]. Order Book VIII, p. 102.
Same for 25l. to John Tarver for same quarter as Queen's Remembrancer (with William Stuart) of the Exchequer Court in Scotland. Ibid., p. 103.
Same for 5l. to Edward Milward for same quarter as porter attending at the Exchequer Gate. Ibid.
Same for 25l. to John Tyas for same quarter as Clerk of the Pipe (with Colin Mackenzie) in the Court of Exchequer, Scotland. Ibid.
Same for 50l. to Col. John Pearne for same quarter as Lieut. Governor of Montserrat: to be paid out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty. Ibid.
Same for 50l. to Michaell Lambert for same quarter as Lieut. Governor of St. Christopher. Ibid., p. 107.
Same for 12l. 10s. 0d. to Thomas Fox, gent., for same quarter for making and keeping the Registers of all the public loans in the Office of the Auditor of the Receipt. Ibid.
Oct. 3. Money order for 160,000l. to the English Company trading to the East Indies for one year to 1712 Sept. 29 on their yearly sum as by the Act of 9–10 Wm. III., c. 44, for raising 2,000,000l. and 9–10 Wm. III., c. 25, for Stamp Duties, and 6 Anne, c. 71, for the United Stock of said Company. Order Book VIII, p. 111.
Letter of direction for 7,620l. 11s. 3d. to John How, Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons: out of Contributions on the 2,000,000l. [as by 9 Anne, c. 16]: upon account for the service of the Guards and Garrisons. Disposition Book XXI, p. 165.
T. Harley to the said John Howe to apply the above sum, together with 9,562l. 10s. 2d. remaining in your hands of tallies on the fourteenth 4s. Aid, which may now be disposed of at par, and also the further sum of 15,756l. 12s. 10d. on any other tallies in your hands for the year 1711 on which you shall be able now or at any time hereafter to raise money at par and not otherwise (making in all 32,939l. 14s. 3d.) to the services as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
for account of Guards and Garrisons anno 1711.
for 33 days' subsistence July 23 last to Aug. 24 last for the Troops and Regiments on the Establishment of Great Britain 24,503 8 0
for the balance of forage for the Troops in North Britain from 24 March last to May 14 last 1,077 14 0
for account of the 5,000 men for sea service anno 1711.
for 33 days as above for subsistence for the several Regiments on the [this] Establishment 5,558 12 3
for account of the Invalids anno 1711
on account of pay for 12 Companies of Invalids to subsist them to Aug. 24 last 1,800 0 0
£32,939 14 3
In all cases where interest commences from the dates of the orders of loan, care is to be taken that such interest accruing up to the time of disposal of the orders be surcharged [on you] in your accounts as Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, to the use of the public. Ibid., pp. 165–6.
Same to Sir Isaac Newton enclosing three pieces of Spanish money. Please assay and certify the Lord Treasurer their weight, fineness and value. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 14.
Same to the Victualling Commissioners enclosing the Attorney General's report [missing] on the petition of Jeremiah Kelly, the late contracting brewer at Deal, proposing to make full satisfaction for the wrong he has done to her Majesty and praying stay of process against him. Please state an account of his transactions that so the Lord Treasurer may judge what satisfaction is requisite. Ibid., p. 15.
Same to Mr. Brydges to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Sir Solomon de Medina, contractor for bread, bread waggons &c. for her Majesty's Forces in Flanders, praying an issue of 25,000l. upon account of his demands for the year 1710, without which he alleges it will be impossible for him to carry on that undertaking. Ibid.
Same to Thomas Walker, one of the five undersearchers of London port. The Lord Treasurer grants you a month's leave. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to show all due respect in passing the goods of Mr. D'Leith [Albrecht, freiherr von der Lieth] "that is arrived here from Holland, [as] Envoy Extraordinary from the Czar of Muscovi." Ibid., p. 16.
Same to Mr. Brydges enclosing for his observation the minutes or orders made at the Treasury the 2nd inst. on his memorials [see supra, pp. 101–2]. Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. At your last attendance on him the Lord Treasurer declared in what manner he intended that the debt on the Course of your Office should be satisfied. I enclose a copy of the minute entered [in the Treasury Minute Book] on that occasion and also in relation to what his Lordship observed upon the business of bills of exchange: for your guidance and governance therein [see supra, pp. 100–1]. (The like letter to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded; the Commissioners for Transports; and the Victualling Commissioners.) Ibid.
Same to the Excise Commissioners returning their report on the proposals [see supra, p. 460] for some alterations in the management of the Excise. The Lord Treasurer directs you to make a distinct answer to every article therein [to wit: in the said proposals] and give him an account what officers have been removed or have left within the last three years and the causes for same. Ibid., p. 17.
Same to the Postmasters [General]. I have read to the Lord Treasurer your representation of the 3rd inst. touching the state of Mr. Dummer's contract for carrying on the West India correspondence. It is my Lord's pleasure that the letters now lying in the [Post] Office for the Plantation Islands (for which the merchants have paid the postage) be forwarded by hiring from Mr. Mead one of those vessels now vested in him that used to be employed in that service. On your reporting the charge thereof my Lord will give warrant for same. Before my Lord determines as to the continuance of that correspondence he would have you consider well of that matter "and report your opinion how far the said correspondence either as it regards the benefit of trade or the public service in time of war has been or may be useful": also whether it may not be of service to the public to establish a boat between Ireland and Port Patrick in Scotland. Ibid., pp. 17–18.
Same to Mr. Renue. The Lord Treasurer has read the report from the Customs Commissioners about the encouragement proposed to be given to the Lustring Company. He desires to know the state of the said Company in respect to their looms and the persons they now employ with what increase they propose to make [therein] on the [strength of the] encouragement which they ask of her Majesty. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 18.
Oct. 3. T. Harley to Mr. Burchet to lay before the Admiralty the information from an Excise officer about ship beer brewed at her Majesty's brew house and now lately sold to merchants as it [the said beer] was going down in a tender to the man of war to which it belonged. Ibid.
Same to the Secretary at War enclosing Mr. Brydges' report [missing] on the memorial of three supernumerary Officers of Col. Disney's Regiment. Please inform the Lord Treasurer how those Officers came to be appointed "and by whose commission and whether they have been in service abroad."
Likewise Mr. Brydges' memorial [missing] about Col. William Ker's Regiment of Dragoons and as to the 100 days' forage money to Xmas next which they pray to be allowed. Since it appears to be the same that is allowed to the other Regiments of Dragoons, my Lord has no objections against your inserting that sum amongst the extraordinaries to be laid before Parliament the ensuing Sessions.
Likewise Mr. Brydges' memorial [missing] for 492l. 6s. 4d. for the subsistence of several Officers ordered to their posts in Portugal whereof the greatest part is for Officers said to belong to Carroll's [Sir Daniel O'Carroll's] Regiment. Please inform my Lord how long the said Officers have been here: upon what account and by whose leave. Ibid., p. 19.
Same to the Earl of Dartmouth enclosing the memorial of Col. Phineas Bowles praying to be recompensed for his trouble and expenses in bringing to England the trophies taken from the enemy at the battle of Saragosa. Please inform my Lord Treasurer what has usually been done in the like cases and what you think reasonable to be allowed to petitioner. Ibid., p. 19. Disposition Book XXI, p. 168.
Same to Mr. Wilcox enclosing the petition [missing] of Mr. Rider with the state of the Forest of Whittlewood. You are to consult the Attorney General as to the proceedings at law mentioned therein and all other matters therein for the benefit of the said forest. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 26.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to observe an order in Council of Oct. 1 inst. for the discharge of the following ships from quarantine: viz.
Humble Servant, Samuel, Freinds' Adventure, Providence, Elizabeth, Newcastle Galley, Francis and Mary, Freinds' Goodwill, Prophet Daniel, Bartho. Church [? master], Margaretta alias Pearl, Expectation, Benj[amin] Hope, Providence: all laden with iron, tar and wooden wares from Dantzic, Gothenburg and Carles Haven [Karlshamn]: on the petition of the merchants [not named] concerned in the said ships.
the Kingston, Henrietta, Endeavour and Merchants' Goodwill, with iron, pitch, tar and deals from Gothenburg: on the petition of Henry Lyoll.
Owners' Goodwill, Allured, Returne, Ann, Speedwell, Coronation, from Gothenburg; Jane and Margaret, from Konigsberg: with flax, hemp and iron: on the petition of Richard Green and H. Norris.
King of Poland, Wecselmunde, from Dantzic; Vine, Freindship, Elizabeth, Crown, Lyoness, from Konigsberg; Rose, from Riga, and Katherine, from Memble [Meme] and Gothenburg with iron: on the petition of merchants owners, unnamed, as above.
Out Letters (Customs) XV, p. 346.
Oct. 3. Fiat by Treasurer Oxford for royal letters patent to appoint James Tait as a King's waiter London port loco William Talman, surrendered. Ibid., p. 361.
Oct. 3,
4, 17,
Nov. 15,
Warrant by same to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the securities in 6,000l. of Philip Bacon and William Trotman as Receivers General for the Duties on Houses for Co. Suffolk: Treasury commission to them as such dated Oct. 2.
Bernard Turney the like for Co. Bucks: total securities 3,500l.: commission dated Oct. 2.
Robert Longden the like for Co. Gloucester: total securities 4,500l.: commission dated Oct. 4.
John Child the like for part of Co. Wilts, viz. the Divisions of Sarum and Marlborough: total securities 2,000l.: commission dated Oct. 4.
Thomas Newsham the like for Co. Warwick: total securities 3,000l.: commission dated Oct. 4.
Alexander Baxter the like for part of Co. Wilts: total securities 20,000l. [This entry would appear to be corrected by that below.]
Thornagh Gurdon the like for Co. Norfolk (Norwich City, Lodden, Clavering, Mitford &c.): total securities 45,000l. [sic for 4,500l.]: commission dated Oct. 4.
Thomas Burslem the like for Co. Stafford: total securities 1,600l.: commission dated Oct. 20.
Nathaniel Tredcroft the like for part of Co. Sussex, viz. the Rapes of Hastings, Pevensey, Lewes Upper, and the Cinque Ports of Rye, Hastings, Winchelsea and Seaford: total securities 1,600l.: commission dated Oct. 18.
Caleb Powell the like for Cos. Brecon, Radnor and Montgomery: total securities 1,600l.: commission dated Oct. 20.
John Popham the like for Co. Southampton and Isle of Wight: total securities 4,000l.: commission dated Oct. 4.
Alexander Baxter the like for part of Co. Wilts, viz. the Divisions of Devizes, Chippenham, Warminster and Trowbridge: total securities 2,000l.: commission dated Oct. 21.
Sir Robert Harrison the like for Co. Oxford: total securities 3,000l.: commission dated Nov. 15.
James Philips the like for South Wales (Glamorgan, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Pembroke and Haverford West): total securities 2,500l.: commission dated Nov. 15.
Robert Cawdron the like for part of Norfolk, sic for Lincoln, viz. the parts of Kesteven and Holland, Lincoln City and the Baile of Lincoln: total security 2,000l.: commission dated Nov. 21.
George Thorne the like for part of Devon (the Hundreds of Bampton, Tiverton &c.): total securities 2,500l.: commission dated Nov. 21.
Henry Fendall the like for Surrey: total securities 5,000l.: commission dated Nov. 21.
William Fancourt the like for Co. Rutland: commission dated Oct. 4.
John Sparry the like for Co. Worcester: commission dated Oct. 4. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 53–4, 59–60.
Oct. 4. Money warrant for 875l. to the seven Commissioners for Stating the Public Accounts, viz. Henry Bertie, George Lockhart, Salway Winington, Francis Annesley, Thomas Lister, William Shippen and Henry Campion, thereto appointed by the Act of last Session [9 Anne, c. 18]: being for one quarter to 1711 Sept. 29 on their salary as by the Act of 2 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 11, appointing such Commissioners and the Act of last Session, 9 Anne, c. 16, for the Stamp Duty which appropriated 3,500l. for their salaries. (Money order dated Oct. 4 hereon.) Money Book XXI, pp. 195–6. Order Book VIII, p. 106.
Same for 20l. to Owen Doyle, clerk, as royal bounty to defray the charge of his passage to Maryland whither he is going chaplain. (Money order dated Oct. 6 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Oct. 16 hereon.) Money Book XXI, p. 200. Order Book VIII, p. 110. Disposition Book XXI, p. 170.
Allowance by Treasurer Oxford of the salary bill, detailed, of the Salt Office for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter: total 1,142l. 10s. 0d. Money Book XXI, p. 214.
Letter of direction for 1,200l. to Spencer Compton: 200l. thereof out of Civil List moneys and the remaining 1,000l. out of loans to be made by Mr. Ralph Cooke on credit of her Majesty's tin. Disposition Book XXI, p. 166.
Same for 803l. 3s. 7¾d. to Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of the Works: out of Civil List moneys: to be paid to Henry Wise, viz. 700l. for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter on his contract for keeping her Majesty's Gardens and Plantations of 140 acres at 20l. an acre: and 103l. 3s. 7¾d. for same quarter for the underkeepers and gatekeepers of St. James's Park and hay and corn for the deer and feed for the fish and fowl there. Ibid., p. 167.
Same for 92,000l. to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy: out of Contributions for the 2,000,000l. [as by 9 Anne, c. 16]: and is intended to be applied as follows: viz.
on the head of Wages. £
to pay Parliament tickets [for seamen's wages under the Act 4–5 Anne, c. 6, clause 12] for the month of September 1711 3,000
towards carrying on Recalls 3,000
on the head of Wear and Tear.
to pay bills of exchange 6,000
to be reserved in the hands of the Navy Treasurer towards answering bills on the Course of the Navy from 29 Sept. last 30,000
the like [for bills] on the Course of the Victualling from same time 40,000
for such services in the Office of Sick and Wounded as shall be appointed 10,000
Oct. 4. T. Harley to the Commissioners for Affairs of Taxes enclosing for their information a return made by the Land Tax Commissioners in the City of York to the Lord Treasurer's letter. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 16.
Same to Mr. Brydges enclosing the account [missing] received by the Lord Treasurer of the officers and others taken prisoners at the battle of Brihuega. Ibid., p. 18.
Order by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing: Order of the Queen in Council dated Windsor Oct. 1, made on the Customs Commissioners' report on the petition of the merchants trading to the Canary Islands praying leave to export 200 quarters of grain per ship thither: the said Commissioners in their report taking notice that the exportation of corn is forbidden by Order in Council of 1709 May 19, but in regard there is now great plenty of corn at home and the said merchants alleging that it will be impossible to get home the returns of their trade unless they be indulged to carry a small quantity of corn with their other goods in each ship they, the said Commissioners, have nothing to object to it. The Queen therefore hereby orders that such export of corn be permitted. Out Letters (Customs) XV, pp. 359–60.
Approval by same of the 1711 Sept. 29 quarterly salary bills of the Customs respectively for London port: total 7,354l. 11s. 6d.: and for the outports: total 9,742l. 16s. 3d. Ibid., p. 360.
Treasury reference to John Manley, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of William Hooker et al. shewing that her Majesty's Surveyor [General] having several times lately been at Greenwich to take a view of the encroachments on the waste of the manor of East Greenwich doth account as encroachments some buildings and other things of the petitioners at or near Blackheath, according to a survey taken of the whole manor in 1697: therefore praying leases of their respective premises under small rents. Reference Book IX, p. 13.
Same to same of the petition of William Wickham for a new lease of a messuage and lands called Kirstall Ings, alias Folly Ings, within the county and city of York. Ibid., p. 14.
Nomination by Treasurer Oxford of William Mathew to be Deputy in the Leeward Caribbee Islands to William Blathwaite in the office of Surveyor and Auditor of her Majesty's revenues in the Plantations.
The like of Philip Ludwell to be Deputy Auditor in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and the precincts or limits of the same. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 287.
Oct. 4. Signature by William Blathwayt of a deputation to the abovesaid Philip Ludwell, Esq., to be Deputy Auditor of Virginia.
The like to the abovesaid William Matthews, Esq., as Deputy Auditor of the Leeward Islands. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) III, p. 69.
Oct. 5. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 200l. to Dame Silvius as royal bounty. Money Book XXI, p. 192.
Same by same to the Transports Commissioners, the Receiver and Paymaster of Transports, the Directors of the South Sea Company and the Auditors of Imprests to subscribe 87,000l. into the said Company in further part of the 500,000l. to be deemed public money: pursuing therein the method and directions, ut supra, pp. 480–1. (This warrant is described in the margin as follows: "Transport Course from 25th March 1711 to 29 Sept. 1711 out of South Sea Stock.") Ibid., pp. 197–8.
Letter of direction for 200l. to Spencer Compton: to satisfy a warrant lately signed by the Lord Treasurer: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XXI, p. 168.
T. Harley to the Customs Commissioners. The Virginia and Maryland merchants have attended my Lord Treasurer with the enclosed paper and petition [missing] complaining of the great hardships as well in respect to themselves as to the trade in general in being obliged by a new order of yours, and contrary to the usual practice, to pay their bonds before expiry of the time which the law allows for the exportation of their tobacco. Please report thereon. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 20.
Same to Mr. Popple to lay before the Commissioners for Trade the above petition for them to report their opinion to the Lord Treasurer thereon by Tuesday morning next. Ibid.
Same to the Board of Ordnance for an account of the moneys due in the Office of Ordnance on bills in course April 1711 March 25 and of the 6 per cent. interest [thereon] from that date to Dec. 25 following, as is directed by the Act [9 Anne, c. 15] for making good Deficiencies.
Also for an account with all speed of the debt incurred in the Office of Ordnance upon bills in course for [1711] March 25 to Sept. 29. (The like letter to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded.) Ibid., p. 21.
Same to Mr. Borrett. My Lord Treasurer sent you some time since the method proposed by the Auditors of Imprests for making process against accomptants more effectual: and therein it is proposed that in all cases where a distringas has once been issued without effect the several solicitors should be directed to take out a capias ad computandum the next term to secure the person of the accomptant till he gives security for rendering a due account. My Lord now directs you to advise with the Queen's Remembrancer about the form of the bond in that case and to submit same to the Attorney General and then to report to my Lord. Ibid., p. 22.
Oct. 5. Same to Baron Scrope to report on the enclosed two papers [missing] the one about spirits coming from Scotland by transire ("wherein it is mentioned the Duties of Excise are free by Act of Parliament"), the other a proposal about the woods in the Highlands of Scotland. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Granville [Secretary at War] enclosing Mr. Brydges' memorial [missing] for 30,441l. 3s. 3d. under the head of Stoppages which are to be paid here in England for Officers and recruits and other occasions of several Regiments in Spain and Portugal. My Lord Treasurer is of opinion that these stoppages do occasion many overpayments and other irregularities in the accounts with the Regiments and desires you to consider thereof and make some inquiry into the causes and occasions of them and as a great part thereof will undoubtedly appear to be for the pay of Officers here he desires you to report the names of the said Officers, how long they have been here, upon what account, and by whose leave: with your opinion on the whole matter. Ibid., p. 23.
Same to Mr. Blathwayt. The Commissioners for Trade have referred my Lord Treasurer to you to be informed whether there might not be money of her Majesty's revenues in Nova Scotia or other Governments on the Continent [of America which might be] applied in ease of the expense of the Garrison of Annapolis. Please send my Lord a state of that matter with all speed. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Granville [Secretary at War]. My Lord has considered your letter of the 3rd inst. about recruiting the Regiments in Garrisons out of Invalids. He is still of opinion that this affair may be so turned as to save a considerable expense to the public. Please reconsider the matter so that he may come to some speedy determination therein. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Vanbrugh [Comptroller in the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber]. The Chamberkeeper to the Chaplains in Waiting has desired an allowance of 2s. 6d. for travelling charges in progresses and removes of the Court as formerly allowed and as now paid to others of the same rank. Please certify who they be of the same rank that receive this allowance and the time when it was formerly allowed to this officer. Ibid., p. 24.
Same to Mr. Cardonell to report on Mr. Brydges' report enclosed [missing] on Sir Solomon de Medina's demand of 295,233 guilders 18 stivers for the extraordinary charge of bread and bread waggons, and loss of horses, boats &c. anno 1710. Please strictly examine the several articles thereof and report your opinion what is reasonable to be allowed thereupon "to the end this extraordinary charge for which no provision has been made by Parliament may be laid before the House in the next Session." Ibid., p. 25.
Treasury reference to Mr. Brydges of the petition of Capt. Gardner and Mr. Philpot shewing that there is but one half of the stoppages [? of said Captain's Company] paid from Dec. 23 last to June 23 last and they [Gardner and Philpot] have been obliged to advance great sums of money to support the necessitous families and creditors of Officers abroad: therefore praying that directions may be given for the payment of "the said demands, lodged with Mr. Brydges, to reimburse the sums already advanced and for a further support, the same being stopped abroad." Reference Book IX, p. 24.