Warrant Book: October 1711, 16-20

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1711

Oct. 16. Allowance by Treasurer Oxford of the salary bill, detailed, of the Malt Office for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter: total 312l. 4s. 3¾d. Money Book XXI, p. 208.
Money warrant for 348l. 9s. 10¼d. to Walter Hamilton for so much due on a moiety of 1,200l. for the time he acted as Commander in Chief of the Leeward and Charibbee Islands in America, to wit from 7 Dec. 1710 (being the date of death of Daniel Park, the late Governor thereof) to 8 July 1711 (the date of the arrival of Walter Douglas, present Governor).
And likewise to pay to Walter Douglas, Capt. General and Governor in Chief of said Islands, what is due on one moiety of the said 1,200l. from 11 April 1711 to July 8 following (being the day of his arrival at Antigua) and so much as is due to him on the full 1,200l. per an. from the said 8th of July: with dormant clause for payment of said allowance in full for the future: all as by the privy seal of April 30 last.
Appending: certificate by said Douglas that said Hamilton executed the government of said islands between Dec. 7 last and July 8. Ibid., pp. 209–10.
Allowance by Treasurer Oxford of the salary bill, detailed, of the Candle Duty Office for 1711 Sept. 29 quarter: total 770l. 7s. 8¾d. Ibid., p. 213.
Letter of direction for the following payments: out of Civil List moneys:
William Lowman and his wife as Housekeepers [of the Queen's house] at Kensington 150
William Blencowe, decipherer 200
Disposition Book XXI, p. 170.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to use all civility in passing the things of the Marshal de Tallard who has her Majesty's pass to go over into France as by the enclosed letter [missing] from Secretary St. John. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 27.
Oct. 16. Same to Mr. Brydges enclosing an extract [missing] of a letter from the Duke of Argyll to the Earl of Dartmouth dated Aug. 30, new style, relating to matters of your Office [the said Brydges' Office as Paymaster General of the Forces Abroad]. The Lord Treasurer directs you to prepare proper answers to the several articles therein so as the same may be forwarded to the Duke by Col. Killegrew, who will be going to Spain in a very few days. Ibid., p. 28.
Same to Col. Arnott to attend the Lord Treasurer on Thursday with a particular account of the moneys received and paid by you for the late [Canada] Expedition and the further demands you have to make on that occasion [or account]. Ibid., p. 29.
Same to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded. The Lord Treasurer has lodged 10,000l. in the hands of the Treasurer of the Navy to answer the most pressing services of your Office. Please lay an account before him to what uses the same may be best distributed with regard to the present exigencies. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Granville [Secretary at War]. The Lord Treasurer is informed that the Justices of Peace have allowed recruit money for men raised for Regiments on the Establishment in Ireland, [which is] contrary to the meaning of the Act for Recruits [9 Anne, c. 4]. Please send my Lord an account what orders have been given out for recruiting such Regiments. Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to report on the enclosed account [missing] exhibited to the Lord Treasurer by the executrix of Sir Cloudesly Shovell of money received and paid for the Second Regiment of Marines under his command; with the Navy Commissioners' report thereon. What is reasonable to be done therein to the end the imprest now standing out against the said executrix may be discharged? Ibid., p. 30.
Oct. 16,
Nov. 21,
23, 28, 30.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to employ Hugh Henry as a landcarriageman, Bristol port, loco William Clark, deceased.
Benjamin Johnson as surveyor of Berwick port loco Robert Mills, dismissed.
Thomas Brigden as collector and waiter at Shoreham and also to be the riding officer there for the wool business loco Abraham Aldersey, deceased.
Thomas Burt as waiter and searcher at Bridport and Chidcot in Lyme port loco Benjamin Warren, deceased.
William Mashedor as a tidesman in the inferior list, London port, loco John Rycroft, deceased.
Joshua Nicholson as a tidewaiter at Whitehaven loco Thomas Williamson, preferred.
Thomas Williamson as tidesurveyor at Whitehaven loco William Harrison, deceased.
Thomas Thorp (waiter and searcher at Chester) as a landcarriageman in London port loco John Neild, deceased.
Mathew Oulton as waiter and searcher at Chester loco said Thorp. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 361, 362, 367.
Oct. 16. Treasury reference to Baron Scrope of the petition of James Nasmith, her Majesty's Falconer for North Britain, shewing that before and up to the Union he received 40l. per an. by order of the Treasury Lords there and since the Union 40l. for the year 1707; but there are now four years in arrear thereon: therefore praying payment. Reference Book IX, p. 17.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Queen's Remembrancer to stay process against Samuell Bayly, late Receiver General for Co. Stafford.
Prefixing: report by the Commissioners for Taxes dated Office for Hides on said Baylie's petition. He was in arrear 6,446l. on the Land Tax anno 1710 and 677l. on House Duties. Since the capias and extents against him he has paid 6,034l. 8s. 0½d. There is no ground for his complaint of hard usage. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, pp. 287–9.
Same by same to Thomas Hewet, Surveyor General of Woods, North Trent, to fell such dead and decayed trees in Sherwood Forest as shall appear hurtful to the growing timber and altogether unfit for the service of the Navy. Ibid., pp. 289–90.
Letters patent by same constituting and appointing Lionel Herne and Samuel Edwards jointly to be the officers for paying the interest on Exchequer Bills as by the Act of 8 Anne, c. 14, and 9 Anne, c. 7: with 500l. per an. for themselves, clerks and incidents. Ibid., pp. 290–91.
Treasury countersignature for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated 1711 Sept. 21 to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the delivery to Richard Marriot, Wardrobekeeper at Hampton Court, of the following items to an estimate of 270l.: viz. for the Chapel there, a pulpit cloth of crimson velvet with a silk fringe and cushion suitable; a Bible in two parts; three large Common Prayer Books gilt for the Communion Table; a Bible and Common Prayer Book for the Dean's seat; a large Common Prayer Book for the Sub Dean; 18 large Common Prayer Books for the Lords' seats; 30 smaller ditto for the Green Cloth and Gentlemen of the Chapel; a Bible in two parts for the reading desk; four small Bibles and 10 small Common Prayer Books for the Children of the Chapel; 12 small Common Prayer Books for the Ladies' seat; crimson taffeta curtains for the organ loft; two surplices for the minister; two large stands bound with iron to hold the furniture for the Chapel. Ibid., p. 32.
Oct. 17. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to Spencer Compton, Paymaster of [the Queen's] annual pensions and bounties, to make no further payments to the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow under the royal sign manual of Aug. 7 last which appointed him to pay 210l. per an. to [each of] the said Universities as from May 15 last: which sign manual is hereby determined by reason of the trouble, charges and hazard it may be to the said Universities to appoint an agent to receive and remit the said yearly sums [from London]; whereupon the Queen has directed that the same should be directed to be paid at Edinburgh as formerly. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 105.
Oct. 17. Money warrant for 70,000l. to Lionell Herne and Samuel Edwards, Paymasters in this behalf, viz.: for paying to the Tellers of the Receipt the interest of 2 pence per diem allowed by them at the Receipt to the payers or lenders of the Exchequer Bills at the respective times of their paying or lending the same and also to satisfy to bodies politic and corporate having in their custody any such Bills upon which six months' interest or more shall be due and unpaid, "although the said Bills shall not have circulated through her Majesty's revenue or taxes in manner as the said interest is appointed to be paid by the Act [9 Anne, c. 7] for enabling and obliging the Bank of England to exchange all Exchequer Bills for ready money upon demand." (Money order dated Oct. 26 hereon. In the margin: to be paid out of Exchequer Bills.) Money Book XXI, pp. 209, 115.
William Lowndes to the Victualling Commissioners. A detachment of Troops is to be made from Portugal for the reinforcement of the Garrison of Gibraltar and it is necessary that the said Troops should be furnished from Lisbon with such provisions as they shall want in their passage from Lisbon. My Lord Treasurer directs you to give him an account and estimate of the provisions necessary "computed at certain rates for several numbers of men to answer the number that may be sent." Out Letters (General) XX, p. 29.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Sir John Lambert and others for stay of process in relation to their bills accepted for the Duties on the French wines. Ibid., p. 30.
Oct. 17
and 20.
Treasury reference to Thomas Baker and William Goslin of the petition of John Henley, Esq., shewing that by sign manual the Queen ordered him to pay 2,000l. into the Exchequer out of moneys in his hands of captors' shares of prizes uncalled for: that the late Lord Treasurer [Godolphin] by warrant directed him (in the case of captors) to obey the directions of Thomas Baker and William Goslin by whose orders he has "since the superseding his [Henley's] warrant (patent)" paid several (above thirty) ships' companies; and that the remains in his hands of the moneys uncalled for by captors is no more than 1,956l. 10s. 8d. (1,955l. 19s. 5¼d.) (and the great part thereof but of short standing), out of which pursuant to the Queen's sign manual he has paid 1,200l. into the Exchequer. "Further there remains in my hands 1,003l. 13s. 0d. due to captors on several ships which cannot yet be adjusted and 370l. 8s. 7d. reserved for my charges and expenses": that he submits himself to the Lord Treasurer [as to the question of remuneration] for his own trouble in this affair: but his two officers, one at 60l. per an. and one at 50l. per an., are on no Establishment and he has subsisted them amounting to 302l. 10s. 0d.: which he hopes he may reserve. (The two entries of this petition present slight differences.) Reference Book IX, pp. 16, 20.
Oct. 17. Same to Sir Philip Meadows and Mr. Bruce, Comptrollers of the Army [Accounts], of the petition of Robert Doyly shewing that in 1702 he was made chaplain to the Regiment now commanded by Major General Wade and continued so for five years and upwards, but has received no clearings since 29 Sept. 1703 nor even the subsistence due from 1705 Nov. 10, the said Major General having taken 41l. of it out of the hands of the late Paymaster, Major Grace, and refusing to account for and make payment of it as also of the arrears due since, but offering the petitioner 20 guineas [stipulating for petitioner] to give him a discharge without making any account. Reference Book IX, pp. 16, 17.
Oct. 17. Treasury reference to the Honble. Edward Harley, one of the Auditors of Imprests, of the petition of Charles Williams, John Vanbrugh, Eliz. Shovel and Jane Leye in behalf of themselves and the Colonels and divers Captains of the late two Marine Regiments and the widows of others deceased, praying that a full and exact state may be made of the pay of the said Regiments as well for the time they were at sea as on shore, which will prevent intricacies and mistakes which hath hitherto happened either for want of a due credit according to the charge laid against them or through charging 'em with what does not affect their land pay. Ibid., p. 17.
Oct. 18. Letter of direction for 2,000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of Contributions on the 2,000,000l. anno 1711: and is intended to be paid over to George Murray, Secretary to the Commissioners for Inspecting the Affairs of the Armies in Spain and Portugal, and is towards the charges and expenses of the said Commission and to be accounted part of the 1,500,000l. voted by Parliament for the service of [the Forces in] Spain and Portugal anno 1711. Disposition Book XXI, p. 170.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Vernon and Robert Chomeley, sureties of John Weston, late Receiver General for Co. Surrey, praying if the said Receiver's debt be not cleared by the time limited that William Weston and Joseph Sturt, the other sureties, may be prosecuted for their proportions and that time till next Lady day be granted them [petitioners]. Reference Book IX, p. 17.
Oct. 19. Letter of direction for 1,000l. to Samuel Masham, Cofferer of the Household, on the order in his name dated July 6 last: out of Civil List moneys: and is the sum her Majesty is pleased to allow towards making good the [Land] taxes assessed on the Palaces of Whitehall and St. James's for the year 1705 and which have fallen short of what the Act of Parliament for that tax directed to be assessed on them for that year: and is to be paid to the Receiver General [for London] for said tax accordingly. Disposition Book XXI, p. 171.
William Lowndes to the Queen's Remembrancer. The Commissioners for Stating the Public Accounts of the Kingdom have required accounts to be laid before them on Tuesday next of all warrants for stay of process against imprest and other accomptants from 13 Dec. 1701 to the 15th inst. Please send to me by that time copies of all such warrants which have been directed to the Queen's Remembrancer, see supra, pp. 514–26. (A like letter to the Customs Commissioners; Excise Commissioners; Salt Commissioners; Stamps Commissioners; Postmaster General.) Out Letters (General) XX, p. 31.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests similarly to send copies (for the abovesaid Accounts Commissioners) of the certificates that have been sent to the Treasury "from the Auditors' Offices" of the neglect of accomptants within the abovesaid period. Ibid.
Oct. 19. Same to the Navy Commissioners. The contractors and others who are possessed of the bills registered on the Course of the Navy between 1711 March 25 and Sept. 29 (which my Lord Treasurer has lately ordered to be paid in South Sea Stock) have petitioned my Lord praying to be allowed interest (on all bills carrying interest) to Dec. 25 next, forasmuch as the Stock in which they are directed to be paid does not commence interest till the said 25th Dec. My Lord thinks it reasonable to allow such interest on bills so carrying interest, deducting the first six months' interest upon every of the said bills according to the Course of the Navy. He directs you to compute such interest and to assign payment thereof (with the principal) out of South Sea Stock accordingly. (The like letter to the Victualling Commissioners.) Ibid., p. 32.
Same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] from Mr. Brydges praying 1,221l. 13s. 4d. to satisfy several demands therein for services of years preceding 1711. Are these demands such as the Parliament has provided for: and out of what ought they to be paid? Did not Mr. Philips (for whom 142l. 0s. 4d. is demanded for officiating as a chaplain at Alicante) at the same time receive pay as a chaplain to a Regiment ? Ibid.
Same to the Victualling Commissioners. It is represented to my Lord Treasurer that Porchester Castle is very convenient to be purchased for her Majesty's use in order to be made a brewery for the service of the Navy. Please report your opinion thereon and the probable cost. Ibid., p. 33.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Samuel Baylie, late Receiver General for Co. Stafford, praying 255l. 4s. 0d. for his charges on his receipt of 83,800l. 2s. 5d. of Land Tax and House Duties from 1708 to 1710, the returns of which money cost him 8l. per cent. [? 8s. per 100l.] except about 20,000l. thereof, which was paid in Exchequer Bills: and likewise 185l. 14s. 9d. for like charges in 1706 and 1707: and likewise 28l. 3s. 6d. which he has paid for recruits on the Irish Establishment for which he cannot obtain a tally and therefore is hindered from passing his account for the year 1710. Reference Book IX, p. 19.
Oct. 20. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 155l. 10s. 0d. to William Lowen for the charge of removing 100 head of red deer presented to her Majesty by the Duchess of Newcastle, from Houghton Park in Nottinghamshire to Windsor Forest. Money Book XXI, p. 211.
Same by same to same to pay 200l. to Lieut. Col. Henry Killegrew: as royal bounty: for his service in coming express from John, Duke of Argyll, General and Commander in Chief of the Forces in Spain, and returning with letters and despatches to the said Duke. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Auditors of Imprests. The Principal Officers of Ordnance have reported to my Lord Treasurer on the petition of Lawrence Stanyan for passing an account of moneys imprested to him as Paymaster of the Train of Artillery which was sent to Spain under Col. Richards in January 1705–6; the books and vouchers for same having been (as he alleges) lost when he was taken prisoner by the enemy. Please report your opinion thereon what is fit to be done. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 33.
Oct. 20. William Lowndes to the Postmasters General. The Lord Treasurer has been informed that many letters, packets and other things which ought to be charged for the Post Duties are received at Edinburgh to be brought to London and at London to be carried to Edinburgh without payment of the said Duties under the colour of a pretended conveyance by a black box, and that this practice tends extremely to her Majesty's damage in the revenue. He desires you to take all possible care to obviate the same for the future and that by this night's post you will write to Edinburgh that the said practice will be no longer suffered. "My Lord also desires you to attend him here next Monday morning at 11 a'clock in order to advise the most effectual methods how such letters &c. as ought to pay Duties may be duly charged therewith in all time coming." Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of divers merchants for leave to their ships to unlade, their goods being for the most part for the service of the Navy and they having come from no infectious places. Ibid., p. 34.
Same to the Customs Commissioners in Scotland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Walter Steuart for leave to the ship Joseph to discharge without airing [her cargo], the ship having come from no infectious place. In the margin: The said Commissioners' report hereon being lost a letter was signed by Mr. Thos. Harley 21 Dec. 1711 requesting a duplicate of their said report. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 274.
Thomas Harley to same. My Lord Treasurer gives leave to Mr. Boughton, your Secretary, to come to England for two months on occasion of his father's death. Ibid.