Warrant Book: October 1711, 26-31

Pages 534-538

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 25, 1711. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1952.

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October 1711

Oct. 26. William Lowndes to the Attorney General. The East India Company has desired that the goods on board five of their ships lately arrived may be landed and kept under the Queen's lock until the difference between them and the Customs Commissioners about the times of payment of Customs thereon can be adjusted. Is there any objection thereto in point of law ? Out Letters (General) XX, p. 37.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. The Lord Treasurer is informed that several bills of exchange are drawn upon you or upon the Navy Treasurer for naval services in foreign parts. You are to send him forthwith an exact list of all such bills, the names of the drawers, the rates and the due dates. (A like letter to the Board of Ordnance; and to the Victualling Commissioners; and to Mr. Brydges.) Ibid., pp. 37–8.
Oct. 27. Letter of direction for 20,000l. to Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer of the Ordnance: out of Contributions on the 2,000,000l. anno 1711: and is intended to be applied half for land services and half for sea services to be performed in the Office of Ordnance [anno 1711]. Disposition Book XXI, p. 171.
Same for 26,157l. 12s. 10¼d. to John How, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: out of Contributions as above: and is upon account for the service of the Forces under his pay. Ibid.
Same for 23,857l. 11s. 10d. to Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy: out of Contributions as above: and is to be applied as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
on the head of Wear and Tear.
for paying 32 rope makers [discharged] from her Majesty's ropeyard at Portsmouth to save a growing charge 2,000 0 0
for 1710 June 24 and Sept. 29 quarters for Deptford Yard 17,739 0 0
on the head of Victualling.
to answer bills of exchange drawn from several inland ports for provisions supplied to her Majesty's ships 4,118 11 10
£23,857 11 10
Ibid., p. 172.
Oct. 27. William Lowndes to John How to apply as follows the abovesaid 26,157l. 12s. 10¼d. and the further sum of 7,988l. 7s. 2d. which is to be raised [by you] on any of the tallies in your hands for the year 1711 "as you shall meet opportunities of disposing of the same at par and not otherwise": viz.
£ s. d.
for account of Guards and Garrisons anno 1711.
for 28 days' subsistence from Aug. 25 to Sept. 21 last for the several Troops and Regiments on the Establishment of Great Britain 20,809 17 4
for 61 days' pay from June 25 last to Aug. 24 for the several Garrisons 2,718 4
for 281 days' pay 1710 Dec. 23 to 1711 Sept. 29 for the General and Staff Officers in part of 9,983l. 17s. 6¼d. 6,359 11 9
for one quarter's allowance to Sept. 29 last for the Office of the Secretary at War and [the Office of] the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts] 1,041 18
for account of the 5,000 men for sea service anno 1711.
towards subsistence from Aug. 25 to Sept. 21 last of the several Regiments on that Establishment 3,216 7 10
£34,146 0
and you are to take especial care that in all cases where interest commences from the date of the orders of loan such interest to the date of your disposing of the tallies and orders be surcharged in your accounts to the use of the public. Ibid., p. 175.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to permit the East India Company to land their goods out of the five ships, ut supra, p. 534, to be kept under the Queen's lock; and to give the said Company all the ease you can by law. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 38.
Oct. 29. Letter of direction for 800l. to John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons: out of Contributions to the 2,000,000l. anno 1711: and is to be applied to the pay of the Regiments of Lieut. Gen. Seymour and Col. Kirke lately returned from the Expedition: in the nearest proportion that may be according to their effectives. Disposition Book XXI, p. 173.
Same for 2,000l. to James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: out of Contributions as above: and is to be applied to the pay of the five Regiments under his pay which are lately returned as above and in the nearest proportions as above. Disposition Book XXI, p. 174.
Oct. 29. William Lowndes to the Attorney General and Solicitor General to report on the enclosed draft [missing] of an indenture for the better security and repayment of loans made and to be made on credit of her Majesty's tin. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 38.
Same to Mr. Cardonell. I have yours of the 15th inst. with the state of the pay of the General Officers for the year 1711. I have not had opportunity to read the same to my Lord Treasurer by reason of his indisposition which still continues and confines him to his own house. "Be pleased to assure his Grace [the Duke of Marlborough] of my duty and service on all occasions." Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of William Palmer, Richard Benson et al., sureties of John Andrews, late Receiver for Co. Warwick, shewing that they have done all they can to discharge his 7,000l. arrear and have agreed with purchasers of his estate for 5,000l. and that there are other effects which will be more than sufficient to satisfy the balance: therefore praying stay of process till Hilary term next. Reference Book IX, p. 19.
Oct. 30. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Postmasters General to allow 54l. 3s. 4d. in account to John Sharpless, late Postmaster of Preston in Lancashire, in recompense and in addition to his salary for the two years and five months that he held the said office: he being a great object of charity: all provided his friends raise 20l. in further part of his debt: and thereupon to deliver up his bond and discharge him from his imprisonment. Money Book XXI, p. 221.
William Lowndes to the Navy Commissioners to make forth Navy bills for 6,000l. to Thomas Savery, Paymaster of the Sick and Wounded and Prisoners at War; assigning same for payment out of the 10,000l. remaining in the hands of the Navy Treasurer for this purpose: and is to be placed in his accounts as to 3,600l. thereof to the head of Wages anno 1711 and as to 2,400l. thereof to the head of Victualling: and is intended to be applied to the uses following:
upon account of what has incurred and may grow due for subsistence of prisoners in the several [British] ports from Sept. 29 last 1,400
for the like for quartering Sick and Wounded seamen from said date 3,000
for contingent and incident charges in the Office of Sick and Wounded from that time 1,600
Disposition Book XXI, p. 174.
Same to Mr. Brydges. The Earl of Dartmouth has sent to my Lord Treasurer the enclosed paper [missing] received from the Earl of Portmore signed Thomas Morrice and dated at Lisbon 1711 Oct. 17, new style, importing a certificate of sundry matters wherein the said Morrice refuses to comply with the said Earl of Portmore's orders. Please send an immediate answer to my Lord Treasurer touching all the matters therein. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 39.
Oct. 30. Same to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded. My Lord Treasurer directs you to make a monthly demand of sums necessary for carrying on the service in your Office from Michaelmas 1711; setting down in particular the numbers of prisoners and of sick and wounded in quarters and for what particular services you make any demands of money from time to time. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Victualling Commissioners of the petition of James Windle of Portsmouth, nailer; shewing that he has for 30 years bought of the Commissioners for Victualling the old iron hoops and paid according to contract; that about June 1708 he bought of them iron hoops for about 600l. and gave bond with two sureties for payment in 12 months; that he shipped 'em all off for Newcastle on Tyne, but they were taken by the French, notwithstanding which loss he has made shift to pay 400l. of the said 600l. but is at present unable to pay the remainder: therefore prays leave to pay it by instalments. Reference Book IX, p. 21.
Oct. 31. Privy seal for 3l. a day to Abraham Stanyan for his ordinary as Plenipotentiary for the determining by way of arbitration in conjunction with the Plenipotentiary of the States General certain differences between the House of Austria and the Duke of Savoy which are by both parties left to the decision of us and the States General: to commence from the day of his arrival at Milan which is the place appointed for holding conferences for the said arbitration. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 139.
T. Harley to Auditor Harley to prepare a state of the receipts and payments by William Borret from 15 Oct. 1710 to 15 Oct. 1711 as Solicitor for the Affairs of the Treasury as per the enclosed account [missing] which he has exhibited to my Lord Treasurer. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 41. Reference Book IX, p. 19.
Treasury reference to the Victualling Commissioners of the petition of Dame Margaret Tufton Farewell shewing that she is owner of the Victualling Office and wharf at Chatham let to the Queen at 100l. per an., which by contract ought to be paid quarterly, but is five quarters unpaid within these two months past, "but about that time they sent her five bills, two of which she was told she might presently receive but the remaining three must be subscribed into South Sea Stock, which your petitioner thinks is very hard, it being for rent and not for provisions, the owners whereof are supposed to get very considerable [gain], and therefore [petitioner] is humbly of opinion she is not obliged or directed by the Act to subscribe and the rather because nothing [is so to be subscribed] but what is for cattle, corn, grain or such other like provisions, being as she presumes the meaning and intention of that Act": therefore praying that these bills may be satisfied out of money in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands. Reference Book IX, p. 20.
Oct. 31. Subscription by Treasurer Oxford for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Master of the Jewel House for the delivery to Earl Ferrers of 130 ounces of gilt plate as a gift from the Queen at the christening of his child: to an estimate of 65l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXI, p. 325.