Warrant Books: February 1713, 17-28

Pages 123-136

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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February 1713, 17-28

Feb. 17. William Lowndes to the Taxes Commissioners. Mr. Jett, one of the Auditors of her Majesty's Revenue and Taxes, has represented to my Lord Treasurer that in the examination of the duplicates for the House [Duty] Money several of them do appear to be erased and particularly that the Duplicate of the said Duty for the year ended at Lady day 1711 for the East part of New Forest Division, Co. Southampton (sent herewith [missing]), seems to be altered in every article. “And it being evident that the Duty there and in many other parts hath annually grown less he [my Lord Treasurer] is apprehensive that there may be frauds by altering the figures after the Duplicates are signed.” You are to make a particular enquiry how the said erasures or alterations were made and whether any fraud has been practised therein and what means may best obviate such practices for the future. Ibid., p. 354.
T. Harley to the Commissioners of Accounts enclosing for their consideration a petition [missing] of several Officers of the Regiment late Brigadier General Stanwix's of the wrong done them by their Colonel or Agent in detaining their subsistence. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Lewis Shaigneau of Dublin, merchant, concerning 93 casks consigned to him as Melosses, and for which he is prosecuted in the Exchequer, Ireland. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 300.
Feb. 18. Money orders for 1712 Hilary term to the Welsh Judges as follows: viz.
75l. to John Meyrick as Chief Justice of Merioneth, Carnarvon and Anglesea.
75l. to William Jessop as Second Justice of same.
50l. to John Ward as Second Justice of Chester.
50l. to same as Second Justice of Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery.
75l. to Charles Cox as Chief Justice of Glamorgan, Brecon and Radnor.
75l. to William Brydges as Second Justice of same.
75l. to William Banastre as Chief Justice of Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan.
75l. to Francis Winnington as Second Justice of Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan.
Order Book VIII, p. 271.
Letter of direction for 1,500l. to William Lowndes: out of Civil List moneys: for secret service. Disposition Book XXII, p. 94.
Feb. 18. William Lowndes to the Postmaster General. My Lord Treasurer is informed that Mr. Quash, the postmaster at Exeter, is absconded. The gentlemen of the county have made application to my Lord [as to his successor]. You are to suspend making any alteration there till my Lord has spoken with you. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 355.
T. Harley to Mr. Pople, [cancelled and re–directed to] the Commissioners for Trade to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Col. Hunter, Governor of New York, dated New York Oct. 30, informing my Lord Treasurer that the distracted state of that Province calls for a speedy and effectual remedy. Ibid., pp. 352, 355.
William Lowndes to the Excise Commissioners. Mr. Thornycroft, a goldsmith, has petitioned my Lord that William Lyndall's salary as a Commissioner for Appeals [in Excise] may be applied to Lyndall's debt to said Thornycroft, the said Lyndall having absconded and withdrawn his effects. Please report hereon to my Lord. Ibid., p. 355.
T. Harley to the Salt Commissioners to report on the enclosed papers [missing] concerning George Lawson praying enlargement from prison for his Salt Duty debt. My Lord directs you to consider especially of some means of procuring more money from the petitioner or his friends towards satisfying his debt. Ibid., p. 359.
Feb. 19. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 150l. to Thomas Park, gent., as royal bounty. Money Book XXII, p. 157.
Same by same to James Brydges, Paymaster of her Majesty's Forces Abroad. Upon your transferring to Sir John Lambert, Sir Theodore Janssen and Nicholas Santini 60,000l. of South Sea Stock as security for 50,000l. to be lent by them in bills of exchange for the subsistence of the Forces in the Low Countries, you are hereby to take from them an indenture of defeazance as to the said stock and to send a copy thereof to the Lord Treasurer “to the end due care may be taken for the surcharging you with any profit or advantage over and above the said principal charged on you in the Exchequer.” Ibid., pp. 158–60.
Money order for 799l. 2s. 0d. to John [Robinson], Bishop of Bristol, for a bill of extraordinaries from 1711 Dec. 23 to 1712 June 23 as one of the Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiaries for the Treaty of a General Peace.
Appending: (1) said bill:
£ s. d.
paid for postage of letters to and from all parts. 279 0 0
paid for printed news and written intelligence 125 10 0
paid for stationery ware of all sorts 105 0 0
paid for other extraordinary expenses and incident charges during this six months 289 12 0
£799 2 0
for transporting my goods and equipage and [for gratuities] given to the Captain of the yachts and seamen for the transporting of my family and other charges of my voyage 187 10 0
£986 12 0
(2) Allowance by Secretary St. John dated Whitehall 1712 July 4 of said bill. “I allow the first four articles of this bill amounting to 799l. 2s. 0d. as being within the Regulation: as to the 5th article I am very sensible my Lord Privy Seal [the Bishop of Bristol] must have been at considerable expense in transporting his family and goods and do think the sum of 187l. 10s. 0d. charged for that service reasonable: but do however submit the same to my Lord High Treasurer.” (Money order dated Feb. 23 hereon.) Ibid., p. 160. Order Book VIII, p. 275.
Feb. 19. Same for 42l. to the Provost and Fellows of Eton College for one year to 1712 Xmas on their perpetuity.
8l. 6s. 8d. to the Vicar of the Tower of London for 1¼ years to 1712 Xmas on a perpetuity of 6l. 13s. 4d.
15l. to the Vicars of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield for one year to Xmas 1712 on their perpetuity.
10l. to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield for same on their same. Money Book XXII, p. 161.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the South Sea Company to permit James Brydges, Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, to transfer (out of the 409,600l. 7s. 6d. subscribed by him for the public into South Sea Stock pursuant to the Treasury warrant of 1711 July 26, supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXV, p. 377) any sum not exceeding 60,000l. to Sir John Lambert, Sir Theodore Janssen and Nicholas Santini for their bills of exchange given this day to the said Brydges for the subsistence of her Majesty's Forces in the Low Countries. Ibid., p. 162.
Letter of direction for issues as follows out of Civil List moneys:
the Bishop of Bristol in part of 1,300l. 300
the Earl of Strafford in part, of 1,300l. 300
the Earl of Peterborough in part of 1,820l. 300
Disposition Book XXII, p. 95.
William Lowndes to Auditor Godolphin. My Lord Treasurer is informed that the late Earl of Carbery died possessed of several manors, lands &c. in the Principality of Wales of which the terms are near expiring or expired. Please report hereon. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 356.
Same to the Attorney General. My Lord Treasurer has read your report of Jan. 12 last on Sir Nicholas Morrice's ground at Plymouth now used for a dock there. He is to attend you for your directions about the Common Recovery thereof which he is to suffer in order to your drafting a lease from him to the Crown. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners on an order in Council dated Feb. 16 to discharge from quarantine the following ships: viz.
Mons, James Dawson master, with iron from Stockholm.
Thorowgood, John Stoker master, with iron and deals from Stockholm.
Providence, Geo. Bowden master, with pitch from Christianstadt.
Mary Flower, Tho. Capleman master, with iron from Gothenburg: all the above on the petition of Richard Tomlinson.
Lucy and Mary, Tho. Russell master, with iron and pitch from Stockholm.
Frank galley, with iron and tar &c. from Hamburg.
Fortune, John East master, with deals from Copenhagen: the above three on the petition of William Astell.
Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 3.
Feb. 19. Approval by Treasurer Oxford of George Bruere as deputy to Robert Davers, jun., as Auditor of Excise.
Prefixing said Davers’ presentation of said Bruere. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 62.
Feb. 20. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Attorney General or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Humfry Howorth, Esq., of the office of Receiver [General] of Crown Rents and Revenues in Cos. Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery and the County Palatine of Chester, void by the death of Miles Granger, gent. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 358.
Warrant dormant by Treasurer Oxford to Henry Ferne, Customs Cashier, to pay the annuity or yearly salary of 50l. to John Benson, gent., as Collector of the Customs and Subsidies of wool, hides, pelts, lead and tin in the port of London. Money Book XXII, p. 163.
Warrant by same to the Receipt to innovate eight lost or mislaid annuity orders called Bankers’ in the name of Ralph Cook, Esq., viz. No. 1294 for 5l. per an.; No. 1295 for 30l. per an.; No. 1296 for 30l. per an.; No. 1297 for 5l. per an.; No. 1290 for 100l. per an.; No. 1291 for 50l. per an.; No. 1291 for 50l. per an. Order Book VIII, p. 225.
The like for one order on Bankers’ Annuities similarly lost or mislaid, in the name of Elizabeth Thurston, viz. No. 1050 for 63l. 15s. 8d. per an. Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer to apply as follows 20,200l. out of the 200,000l. loan which you are to procure on a deposit of 300,000l. South Sea Stock as by Treasurer Oxford's warrant of Jan. 26 last, supra, p. 92: viz.
to the head of Wages.
for paying four months’ course ending 31 Oct. last to the pilots and others concerned in the Book of Wages 5,200
to the head of Victualling.
for carrying on the new Course of that [the Victualling] Office 10,000
for carrying on the payment of Short Allowance money to the Companies of several of her Majesty's ships now at home 5,000
Disposition Book XXII, p. 94.
Feb. 20. Same to the Leather Duties Commissioners to hear John Yates upon the heads he proposes, and if his proposals be of advantage to the Crown, then please advise as to a reward for him. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 355.
Treasurer Oxford to Lord Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt. “I find some ill-minded people have set up a practice to diminish the current coin by washing and other wicked arts. It being necessary to think of proper methods to stop this growing mischief, to which end I desire the favour of your assistance and when you have digested your thoughts, and your health will permit, be pleased to let me know and will order the officers of the Mint and of the Exchequer to meet your Lordship at the Treasury to consult on this necessary point to find an adequate remedy to the evil.” Ibid., p. 356.
Warrant by same to the Customs Commissioners to direct the Comptroller of Customs, London port, jointly with the Collector Inwards to approve the securities of the merchants for the Duties of goods imported and also to have the joint custody of all bonds and deposits with the said Collector, the better to enable him [the Comptroller] to keep an account of the Collector's charge and discharge: and to have an allowance of 200l. per an. for the said service: but 100l. per an. to be hereby taken off from the additional allowance of 300l. per an. allowed to the Collector Inwards by the warrant of 1702–3 Jan. 29 for taking on the Plantation receipt: all in accordance with reports from the said Commissioners dated Sept. 17 last and Nov. 13 last. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 10.
Letters patent by same constituting James Astry to be Secretary to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts loco Gregory King, deceased: with the fee or salary of 300l. per an. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 48.
Warrant by same to the Queen's Remembrancer for stay of process against Rowland Holt, Comptroller General of the Accounts of the Customs: he having delivered in the accounts of the collectors of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty from Barbados and the Leeward Islands from Xmas 1689 to the several terminations of their last accompts [which have] come to England, which have their different terminations between Xmas 1711 and August 1712; together with states of the sales of the goods which were the produce of that Duty in the said Islands from 1685 to 1711.
Prefixing: certificate by Auditor Edward Harley of the delivery of said accounts. Ibid., p. 49.
Feb. 21. Dormant money warrant for 300l. per an. to Francis Winington as Second Judge of Cos. Pembroke, Carmarthen and Cardigan loco Edward Jefferies, Esq.: in accordance with the privy seal of 1703 July 8. Money Book XXII, p. 164.
Letter of direction for 1712 Hilary term to the Judges et al. as follows: out of Civil List moneys: viz.
the Judges at Westminster 3,250
Sir Joseph Jekyl, Chief Justice of Chester 125
the Second Justice of Chester, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomerie 100
the six Judges of Wales at 300l. per an. each 450
the 11 Masters in Chancery for 1712 Xmas quarter on 100l. per an. each 275
Disposition Book XXII, p. 95.
Feb. 21. William Lowndes to Sir William Wyndham. Upon consideration of several reports on Sir Solomon de Medina's demands for bread and bread waggons for the Forces in her Majesty's pay in the Low Countries anno 1710, my Lord Treasurer thinks it reasonable he be allowed 17,760l. 12s. 11d. in full of the balance of his accounts for said service. Please lay before the Queen for her signature the enclosed warrant [missing] for this as drafted by the Auditors of Imprests. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 357.
Same to the Attorney General. The Commissioners for Duties on Hides are in doubt whether the Additional Duties granted the last Session may be applied in proportion to their produce towards the charges of management of the whole Duties. Please report your opinion hereon. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] from the Morocco Ambassador concerning the Duties on some wines and chocolate arrived here for his use. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Burchett. The Navy Treasurer has represented to my Lord that 10,000l. or thereabouts remains in his hands which may be applied towards reducing the number of men on board her Majesty's ships, now in service, to their middle complement. My Lord Treasurer desires you to represent this to the Admiralty Lords to the end they may order to what ships this sum shall be applied. Ibid., p. 358.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the petition of William Astell, merchant, concerning the quarantine of the ship Young Dick, Josiah Richardson master, from Bremen; the master and two of the men having broken quarantine by coming on shore. Ibid.
Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to pay 1,000l. to Henry Disney as royal bounty for faithful services performed by him and divers expenses relating thereto. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 301.
The like for 1,000l. to William Kerr: as same: for the like consideration. Ibid., p. 302.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Excise Commissioners in North Britain approving their memorial to make a contract for the remittance to the Excise Commissioners, London, of the moneys received by them for Excise and other Duties, at an allowance of 1 per cent. until Xmas next, by such proportions at a time and as fast as you shall require the [remitters’] bills.
Appending: said memorial of said Commissioners dated Excise Office, Edinburgh, Feb. 14. “Notwithstanding the constant and utmost endeavours we have from time to time used to procure bills of exchange at par in order thereby to remit as much as was possible” of our receipts yet the bills we can obtain do not in any proportion answer our cash and we have about 40,000l. cash on hand at present. We therefore conferred with some persons here who will undertake to remit [to London] by good and sufficient bills at 40 days our cash between this and Xmas next, at a premium of 1 per cent., they giving security.
We advise acceptance hereof as we find by experience that at such times of the year when bills of exchange are at par (being for about three or four months [out of the 12]) we cannot procure remittances for more than 10,000l. or thereabouts, and such remittances are in some degree hazardous, we having no other security than the bills themselves. At other times of the year here when a premium is paid on bills of exchange (being for about eight or nine months) the premium is fluctuating from 1 per cent. to 1½ and 2 per cent. and sometimes higher.
Prefixing: letter from William Lowndes to said Commissioners dated Feb. 21 enclosing the above warrant. My Lord Treasurer directs you to remit your cash in hand by the abovesaid contractors as soon as conveniently may be. Out Letters (North Britain) II, pp. 407–9.
Feb. 21. Treasury reference to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, of the petition of the Marquess of Lothian for discharge of the Few and Blench Duties of 55l. per an. on the Lordship of Newbottle annis 1705 to 1713; the same having been discharged up to 1705 in consideration of the services of him and his ancestors. Ibid., p. 410.
Feb. 23. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 2,425l. per an. to Francis Nicholson for his office as Commissioner to enquire into several matters and things in North America: to commence as from Dec. 25. last, “of which said sum it is meant and intended that an allowance not exceeding the rate of 4l. per diem shall be for himself, the rate of 20s. a day for his secretary and the rate of 600l. per an. for clerks and all other incident charges.” Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 358–9.
Same to same for a same for 1,395l. per an. to Henry Neale, who by letters patent dated Dec. 12 last was appointed Surveyor of the Island of Minorca and the ports thereto belonging in the Mediterranean; which patent authorised him to enquire concerning many matters which import her Majesty's service in the said island: and is to be for his own labour and pains and of his deputies, clerks and other assistants and of all his charges and expenses therein: to commence as from Jan. 31 last: whereof 40s. a day is to be for himself; 20s. a day for deputies, clerks and assistants and 300l. a year for incidents. Ibid., pp. 362–3.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Spencer Compton to pay 100l. to Keneth, Lord Duffus, as royal bounty. Money Book XXII, p. 162.
Letter of direction for 500l. to William Lowndes: out of Civil List moneys: for secret service. Disposition Book XXII, p. 96.
Feb. 23. T. Harley to Mr. Lambard to report on the enclosed letter [missing] signed J. G. dated from Downe near Bromley in Kent giving several instances of run goods being brought through that country by carts, horses, and foot packs; and desiring to be made an officer in those parts. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 359.
Treasury reference to the Queen's Remembrancer of the petition of Humphry Howorth proposing his securities, detailed, for the office of Receiver General of [Crown] Land Revenues in North Wales and Chester. Reference Book IX, p. 111.
Same to the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army of the petition of the Officers of that Battalion of the third Regiment of Guards that were taken prisoners in Spain; praying payment of their subsistence up to their Battalion's first muster in Britain, and power to the Commissary General to make up muster rolls from the day of their imprisonment in Spain till the Battalion's landing in Britain, “that they may have their due clearings as the other Guards have.” Ibid., p. 112.
Same to same of the petition of the Marquess of Lothian shewing that 1,189l. 0s. 4¼d. still remains unpaid on the contract which he made with William Elliot for clothing her Majesty's Third Brigade of Guards for the year 1710, “occasioned by one of the Battalions of the said Regiment being taken prisoners at Brihuega and the want of muster rolls”: therefore praying payment of said sum. Ibid.
T. Harley to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. My Lord Treasurer has received a very good character of James Woodhouse, Esq., for loyalty and knowledge of the laws and revenue of Ireland. You are to consider some suitable employment for him. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 301.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Queen's Remembrancer to take the securities, detailed, of Joseph Gace as Receiver of the Duties on Houses for part of the County of Lincoln. (Commission to same dated Feb. 23 hereon.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 60, 101.
Same by same to take the securities, detailed, of Adolphus Meetkerke as same for Co. Hertford. (Commission to same dated Feb. 23 hereon.) Ibid.
Feb. 24. Money warrant for 64l. 11s. 6d. to Henry Canby, one of the deputed searchers of London port, as the moiety of a seizure of money (coin of the realm) attempted to be exported on board the Henrietta yacht bound for Holland. (Money order dated Feb. 26 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 163. Order Book VIII, p. 273.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Henry Ferne, the Customs Cashier, to pay 120l. 16s. 7d. to Henry Ballowe and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer Court, in satisfaction of their allowance of 2s. per 1,000l. on the sum of 1,208,292l. 13s. 5d. paid into the Exchequer on account of Customs for the year ended at Xmas 1710. Money Book XXII, p. 165.
William Lowndes to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded.
My Lord has read your memorial for refund of taxes on your salaries and the salaries of your head Office in London. Please send my Lord an account of said salaries and said taxes to Lady day 1708 and since. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 358.
Feb. 24. T. Harley to Mr. Sloper. My Lord is informed that, under the direction of the late Earl of Ranelagh, you transacted the whole affair of making forth the Debentures for the Army arrears in the late war. Please send my Lord Treasurer an account of that negotiation showing the whole that was so made forth in debentures and the services for which they were made, how much has been issued to those services and what remains and where the debentures remaining (if any) are secured: and because the [Regimental] Agents or others receiving these Debentures in gross were to give security for their faithful distribution to the uses intended and to return the overplus (if any) you are to give my Lords the names of the Agents, and what accounts they have rendered and to whom and what overplus Debentures have been returned and where such Debentures remain or how they have been disposed of. Ibid., pp. 359–60.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Sir Edward Turner and Mr. Corrance concerning two Customs Officers at Orford. Ibid., p. 360.
William Lowndes to Mr. Brydges to send to the Treasury copies of all the Instructions which were given for clothes and accoutrements sent to Spain or Portugal since the war there, what quantities were sent and when and how far disposed and [how] charged to account of the Troops. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed anonymous letter [missing] directed to one Thomas Carr proposing a discovery of concealed Custom House bonds taken in King William's name which have not been discharged. Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to same, on an order in Council dated Feb. 23, to release from quarantine the ship Lioness, with hemp from Konigsberg, on the petition of Sir Randolph Knipe. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 3.
Same by same to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to enter a noli prosequi to the information against John Gourdon, merchant, for the bales of Italian thrown silk seized for being entered in the name of said Gourdon and Loubier, they being partners and both English, but the said Loubier resides at Turin for the better carrying on their trade to manage their sale of woollen goods exported from England and to make returns in this sort of silk which is used by the weavers here to make Lustrings and Alamodes and cannot be made with any other sort.
Prefixing: report by the Customs Commissioners on the petition of said Gourdon. By the Act 1 Anne, c. 27, for the importation of fine Italian thrown silk it is lawful for any persons residing in her Majesty's Dominions to import such silk into this kingdom from any place whatsoever during the present war with France and for three months after; making oath that it was bought in Italy for their account. The petitioner in his petition asserts that he is advised that the said clause of residence does not affect petitioner and his partner, who are both English, but was purely intended to cut foreigners off from that advantageous trade. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 11–12.
Feb. 24. Treasury reference to Mr. Howe of the petition of Capt. Geo. Browne, late in the Earl of Orkney's Regiment, shewing that by a sign manual of 1710 March 30 he has a pension of 100l. per an. out of Contingencies of Guards and Garrisons in consideration of long services and the loss of his limbs, but a stop is put to the payment of pensions on that Establishment without a special warrant: therefore praying relief. Reference Book IX, p. 112.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Commissioners for Managing the Lotteries for the years 1711 and 1712 to deface the plates thereof in the presence of seven or more of their number: as follows.
Prefixing: representation by C. Rhodes on behalf of the Managers and Directors of said Lotteries, detailing said plates, to wit one for the Classes Lottery [10 Anne, c. 19] and one plate for each of the other three Lotteries [the three courses of the Lottery of 10 Anne, c. 18], in all four plates, which were new made for that year at a charge of 83l. 15s. 0d. There also remain in the custody of the said Managers five plates made for the Lottery tickets anno 1711 [9 Anne, c. 16]. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 50.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of several burgages, houses, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Co. Somerset granted by Charles II. to Thomas Prowse for 17 years from Michaelmas 1694: all in order to a new lease of the premises to Frances Skinner, widow, whose husband, William Skinner, was nephew to said Prowse.
Prefixing: report by J. Manley, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on the petition of said Frances Skinner. Ibid., pp. 51–2.
J. Taylour to Sir Hen. Bunbury. My Lord Treasurer gives you leave to come for England as soon as you please. Your presence may perhaps facilitate the matter you mentioned to my Lord before you went from hence. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 301.
Feb. 25. William Lowndes to the Duke of Argyll enclosing a letter [missing] from the Board of Ordnance proposing to send by Mr. Neale any directions that shall be thought necessary about the Establishment proposed for Port Mahon in the papers sent to you, ut supra, p. 121. Please report on said papers as Mr. Neale is speedily going thither. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 360.
Same to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. Since the letter of Jan. 29 last to you, supra, p. 99, about the account of stores sent to Spain and Portugal Mr. Brydges has on the 21st inst. sent my Lord an inventory of stores under the care of Thomas Blyke in Spain, with copies of his letters to said Brydges, the Duke of Argyll and Col. Kane relating thereto: all which are here enclosed [missing]. Please discourse Mr. Brydges and Mr. Mead concerning these stores and know when and by whose order same were provided, their amount, and in what manner paid for: my Lord Treasurer “being much surprised that such a vast quantity of stores should be remaining as belonging to her Majesty when there are very few or none in the said inventory but what the Regiments should or ought to have provided themselves with.” My Lord expects from you an exact and speedy account of this whole affair: and that you digest the accounts of these and all other stores you shall find remaining into an alphabetical order, showing what are good, what damaged and the present value. Ibid., p. 361.
Feb. 25. Same to Mr. Baker to purchase at the lowest price you can the particulars proposed by the Admiralty Lords for a present to the Alcaid of Alcazar “and also that you provide the copper tea kettle and a dozen of sugar loaves to be added to the said particulars as you have proposed and lay an account of the whole charge of the said present before my Lord as soon as conveniently you can.”
Appending: said list:
£ s. d.
For the Tea Equipage.
twelve cups, twelve saucers 3 12 0
two sugar dishes and two plates 1 8 0
two tea pots, each 14s. 1 8 0
one Japan Bason 0 18 0
one fine tea table 3 0 0
two plates for the tea pots 0 14 0
six pound of fine Imperial tea at 36s. per pound 10 16 0
six pound of fine Peko tea 10 16 0
one Japan canaster 0 14 0
£33 6 0
four half pieces of fine Salisbury cloth, blue and scarlet, containing 16 yards: each half piece will cost 26 0 0
a copper Japanned tea kettle and a dozen of the finest sugar loaves to be added to the above particulars.
Same to Mr. Howe. On your report my Lord agrees that 200l. be paid to Capt. Borrett for one year on his pension out of any money now in your hands for Contingencies, in consideration of his services and the loss of his leg in the battle near Mons. Ibid., p. 363.
Treasury reference to the Commissioners for Sick and Wounded of the petition of William Slaughter, late Marshal for prisoners of war at Plymouth, shewing that there is due 2,924l. 7s. 5d. to him for the subsistence of Well [well or healthy] prisoners there; that he was obliged to raise money at great interest to carry on the said service and is now threatened to be sued for same, and is now out of employment and not in a condition to pay the money he took up. Reference Book IX, p. 112.
Feb. 26. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Navy Commissioners to make out a [Navy] bill for 163l. 14s. 6d. to William Borret for the fees, detailed, paid in passing a Commission for taking subscriptions to the South Sea Company. Money Book XXII, pp. 165–6.
William Lowndes to Mr. How [Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons] to pay 200l. to John Netmaker, who is appointed to go with Col. Nicholson to North America; the said Netmaker having under his custody the remains of stores which were brought [back] from the Canada Expedition and which he is to sell and dispose of in those parts to her Majesty's best advantage under the direction of the said Nicholson. The said payment is to defray the charge attending the packing and fitting the said stores for the intended voyage: and is to be issued on account of clearings anno 1712 to the four Companies now at New York, “it being meant and intended that the said sum shall be made good or paid by the said Netmaker to the said four Companies out of the first moneys that shall come to his hands by the sale of the said stores.” Disposition Book XXII, p. 97.
Feb. 26. William Lowndes to Mr. Brydges [Paymaster of the Forces Abroad] to send forthwith to my Lord Treasurer an account of the services exceeding those voted or for which a provision was made in the late Session of Parliament so far as the exceedings do appear in your Office. (The like letter to Mr. Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons.) Out Letters (General) XX, p. 362.
Same to Sir William Wyndham [Secretary at War]. My Lord Treasurer desires that the Estimates which you have prepared or are to prepare for the House of Commons as to the underwritten services be transmitted to his Lordship before the sitting of the House: viz.
for Guards and Garrisons anno 1713.
for the Invalids.
for Half Pay to Disbanded Officers.
for the Troops in Flanders exclusive of the Garrison of Dunkirk.
for the Garrisons of Dunkirk, Gibraltar and Minorca.
(A like letter to the Board of Ordnance as to the Estimate for Land and Sea Service of the Office of Ordnance anno 1713 which you have prepared or are to prepare to be laid before the House.) (A like letter to the Commissioners for Transports. (fn. 1) ) (A like letter to Mr. Burchett as to the Estimate of the Ordinary of the Navy anno 1713 which the Admiralty Lords have similarly prepared or are to prepare.) Ibid.
Same to Mr. Watkins to report on the enclosed account [missing] of Francis Beaumont, the undertaker or contractor for supplying the Army in Flanders with forage, to wit his account of the forage which is provided for the National Troops who followed the Duke of Ormonde to Ghent and also for the Auxiliary Troops that left him. Ibid.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to report on Mr. Anstis's memorial [missing] to my Lord touching the raising the price of [of tin by] one shilling and sixpence more on every hundred [weight] of tin hereafter to be sold in Cornwall. Ibid., p. 363.
Feb. 26. Same to Mr. Southwell to attend my Lord Treasurer at his apartment at St. James's on Saturday next at one o'clock to discourse you about the payments by Concordatums in Ireland and the means of bringing the same within the Established sum. Please bring an account of what the Concordatums have exceeded the Establishment in each year since the Queen's accession. (The like notice to Mr. Keightley.) Ibid.
Same to Mr. Wilcox to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the gentlemen and others entitled to Estovers out of New Forest, complaining of the great wastes there and praying that their rights may be secured. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Burchett. My Lord desires the Admiralty Lords to examine Commodore Constable concerning the plate he lately brought from the Leeward Islands having the Queen's arms [on it] and supposed to be indented at the Jewel Office; and to report what he says. Ibid., p. 364.
Same to Mr. Finch to certify what plate was indented out of the Jewel Office for her Majesty's Chapel in the Leeward Islands since the Queen's accession and what are the terms of the said indentures. Ibid.
William Blathwayt to the Commissioners for Taking, Examining and Stating the Public Accounts, enclosing a copy [missing] of the account of the public revenue arising in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England for one year from 1711 May 30: and likewise a copy [missing] of the account of her Majesty's Revenue arising in the Province of New Hampshire for one year ending the first of November 1712: both lately received from those parts. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) III, p. 89.
Feb. 27. T. Harley to the Customs Commissioners. Hasten your report on the petition of Mrs. Smith, relict of the late Collector of Chester and Liverpool. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 366.
Subscription by Treasurer Oxford of a royal warrant dated Jan. 24 and countersigned by Sir David Nairn, Secretary of the Order of the Thistle, to Heneage Finch, Master of the Jewel Office, for the delivery to David, Earl of Portmore, of a great Collar of said Order with an enamelled St. Andrew appended thereto: to an estimate of 190l. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 411.
Feb. 28. Privy seal for 600l. per an. to Samuel Thompson, who is appointed Agent and Consul General at Algiers: as salary or allowance: to commence from the date of his commission: with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries on bills duly allowed by one of the Principal Secretaries of State. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 359.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of George Wensley, citizen and fishmonger of London. Out Letters (General) XX, p. 365.
Feb. 28. William Lowndes to the Secretary at War. My Lord Treasurer has read the petition of the Officers, natural born subjects, who served in the Regiment of Dragoons raised in Portugal, for their half pay, and has no objection to giving such of the said Officers certificates in order to receive half pay, taking care no higher pay be allowed than what their commissions import, “because his Lordship is informed some of these Officers have commissions only as Officers of Foot.” Ibid.
Same to the Transports Commissioners enclosing a copy of Col. Newell's letter to Mr. Brydges dated Bayonne 15 Feb. 1712–13 in which (besides other matters relating to the men sent or sending home on board the transports ordered from Port Passage), you will observe that one of the transport ships ordered by you for 560 men was so crowded with 330 persons that she could not afford room for 20 men more. “Please give my Lord an account hereof and of your method of assuring yourselves as to the burden and content of each ship you hire and what restitution is made where ships are of less burthen than hired for.” Ibid.
T. Harley to the Navy Commissioners enclosing an anonymous letter [missing] to my Lord representing the deplorable case of men formerly belonging to her Majesty's ship Lowestoff for want of their wages, she having as is alleged almost five years’ pay due to her. Please consider same and advertise for the writer to appear before you. Ibid., p. 366.
William Lowndes to Spencer Compton enclosing the memorial [missing] of Mr. Marshall, Master of her Majesty's Stud, relating to the charge thereof, which he computes at 1,586l. 10s. 6½d. per an. Please send my Lord Treasurer an account what the Stud was in the time of the late Prince of Denmark and the charge of it and your opinion on Marshall's proposal. Ibid., p. 371.
Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of Benj. Edmonds of London, merchant, praying payment of several bills to the value of 8,389l. 15s. 3d. which he holds, drawn by Commanders of ships from New England and New York on said Commissioners at 45 per cent, exchange according to contract had [made] with the Navy Board. Reference Book IX, p. 113.


  • 1. The text of this letter as to the Transport service is not entered. In the Session 1711–12 the House had called for an account of the charge for transporting Forces from 31 Dec. 1710 to 31 Dec. 1711. In the following Session 1712–13 (the Session here in question) no account or estimate for Transport was called for by the House: but on the 23rd April it had under consideration the subject of the Transport in connection with the report from the Commissioners of Public Accounts (Commons Journal XVII, p. 300). Lowndes's letter here in question may have had reference to such report.