Minute Book: May 1713

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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May 1713

May 2.
St. James's.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Lord Chief Baron Smith and Mr. Baron Scrope were called in. A report of the Barons of the Exchequer [in Scotland] dated Feb. 13 last on a petition of Sir Alexander Ramsey was read and approved.
Their report [to wit, the report of the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland] dated the same day on the memorial of the Commissaries [of Musters] of the Army in Scotland for several allowances on their accounts was read and allowed, except the 150l. which they crave as paid to Sir David Nairn for agency: which is disallowed.
Their report dated 25th Feb. 1711–12 on the messengers' petition for carrying the Proclamations &c. to Scotland is read and approved, but [my Lord orders] the allowance for that service to be paid in Scotland out of the Civil List there.
Their report dated the 26th Feb. 1711–12 on the representation of the executors of Mr. Allardice, late Master of the Mint in Scotland, is read and my Lord agrees to what is therein proposed; but the account is to pass according to the Course of the Mint in England.
An extract from their report dated 28 July 1710 in favour of John Smith, Surveyor of the Works [in Scotland], is read and my Lord agrees that 200l. be paid him for his service in the years 1708 and 1709; but the charge of the Office of the Works [in Scotland] is to be considered and a new Establishment to be made of the same before any further allowance be given to the said Smith as Surveyor.
An estimate of the charge of repairing Holyrood House amounting to 1,059l. 14s. 7d. is read. [On the request of my Lord Treasurer] my Lord Chief Baron [of the Exchequer in Scotland] will cause it to be further examined and laid before my Lord and more particularly explained. Ibid., p. 78.
May 6.
St. James's.
Present: ut supra.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of the Civil List money in the Exchequer: viz. to £ s. d.
the Cofferer of the Household 1,500 0 0
Mr. Scobell for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
the Paymaster of the Band of Pensioners 1,250 0 0
the Earl of Peterborough, to complete his order 320 0 0
Mr. Smethin, her Majesty's goldsmith 1,000 0 0
the Duke of Somerset, for arrears of the Stables 1,000 0 0
the Commissioners of the Stables, to complete 3,000l. 400 0 0
[Secretary] the Earl of Dartmouth, for secret services 750 0 0
Mr. Compton 1,350 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise 300 0 0
Lord Lansdown for [rent of] Mote Park 171 17 6
the minister of [the town of] Macclesfield 100 0 0
Mr. Roberts, Engine Keeper at Windsor 40 0 0
Mr. Portman for Hyde Park 400 0 0
Sir Clement Cotterell, to Michaelmas 1711 435 19 3
Mr. Englis, ditto 352 0 0
the underclerks of the [Privy] Council 200 0 0
Mr. Topham and Mr. Holmes 62 10 0
Mr. Watkins, late Secretary to the Embassy 720 0 0
Mr. Borrett for law charges [of Crown prosecutions &c. by him as Treasury Solicitor] 500 0 0
£14,352 6 9
Sir Christopher Wren is called in. My Lord tells him the Queen intends to have barracks built in Hyde Park for part of her Guards and that he must attend the Duke of Ormonde to know what numbers are intended to be entertained there and to lay before my Lord an estimate of the charge of building the same. My Lord also directs him to survey the Chapel at St. James's used by the French and Dutch congregations and see whether it is larger than the Chapel used by her Majesty, and if it be, that he lay before my Lord an estimate of the charge of fitting it up for her Majesty's use.
Upon reading a report signed by the [Principal] Officers of the Works wherein 'tis represented amongst other things that the repairs absolutely necessary to be forthwith made at the Mews will amount to 1,083l. 0s. 8d., my Lord directs the said repairs to be forthwith gone in hand with; but care is to be taken that the same do not exceed the said estimate.
[Send a] letter to the Surveyor of the Mews to view the same and to lay a survey thereof before my Lord with an account of the number of houses belonging thereunto and in whose occupation the same now are and also what encroachments have been made thereupon and by whom. Treasury Minute Book XX, pp. 79–80.
May 8.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall
Present: Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint are called in with several persons concerned, for themselves or others, in proposals for coining of copper farthings and halfpence. An abstract of the several proposals is read with the opinion of the officers of the Mint thereupon. Also a particular report from the said officers is read upon a petition of Cha. Hore. Then several votes of the House of Commons concerning farthings and halfpence in the years 1694, 1695, 1698, 1699, 1700 and 1708 [are read].
My Lord asks the Officers of the Mint whether [there is] any occasion for a further coinage of them for Great Britain.
Sir Isaac Newton says about two years ago he made it his business to inform himself from most parts and he did not find there was any want of them [farthings and halfpence] then, nor doth he yet think there is.
My Lord Treasurer [says] if there should be a want of them would it be best to coin them according to the value of the old ones or to make them as near as may be to the intrinsic value.
[The Principal] Officers of the Mint say they are of opinion they should be coined as near the intrinsic value as may be, to prevent counterfeiting.
[It is] objected by one of the proposers that they would then be too heavy and burthensome.
My Lord Treasurer [says] that need not be; for the value may be made up in workmanship.
Another objects that then the old ones would not go [pass current].
My Lord Treasurer [says] are none of the farthings now in use of greater value than others?
Officers of the Mint answer yes.
My Lord Treasurer: Cannot there be a standard for copper?
Mr. Hore says that will be very difficult.
Sir Is[aac] N[ewton]: We account copper [as being] at a proper standard that [when it] will bear hammering when it is red hot.
Lord Treasurer asks what that copper may be worth.
Sir Is. N[ewton]: About 11½ pence per pound, or 12 pence at most.
Lord Treasurer: May not farthings be made in fineness and workmanship so as not to allow of counterfeiting?
Officers of the Mint: Yes. They persist that they ought to be coined in the Mint and nowhere else because of the danger of trusting proper tools in any other hands and that they should be made as near as may be of intrinsic value.
Lord Treasurer: Cannot copper money be made in value in proportion to the silver money and anybody be allowed to import copper into the Mint to be coined as they do silver?
Sir Is. N[ewton] says if rules are set for the importers he sees no objection at present, but will consider of it.
Lord Treasurer: There must be a regulation as to the quantity to be received in, to avoid the coining of too great a quantity.
One of the proposers says though he never heard anything of this kind offered before he thinks it would be a very great encouragement to the copper manufacture and great quantities [of such copper coins] would be sent to the Plantations.
My Lord Treasurer directs the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to consult with the proposers and prepare such a representation as they shall think most proper to be laid before the Queen in Council for settling the standard and value of the copper: the charge of the workmanship: and such rates as they shall think proper to be settled for the importers of copper into the Mint and for the coining and delivering out of the same; and to attend my Lord therewith as soon as may be. Ibid., pp. 81–2.
May 12. Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Hawes is called in. Mr. Cæsar's memorials [for money for the Navy] are read [and thereupon my Lord orders issues as follows]: viz.
£ s. d.
for Victualling: [to wit, for] bills of exchange:
[my Lord] ordered [this to be issued] by 6,000l. a week 75,470 2 8
for Victualling: [to wit, for] inland bills of exchange and necessary money 12,500 0 0
more ordered upon account to pay wages to ships ordered to be laid up 20,000 0 0
£107,970 2 8
Mr Auditor Harley's report on Lady Katherine Jones's memorial about unissued debentures is read and approved.
Lord Dartmouth's letter is read with a memorial of the Portugal Envoy concerning the Duties on Portugal wines: [and is] referred to the Customs Commissioners to report against next Thursday morning.
Mr. Watkins’ memorial is read for liveries out of the Great Wardrobe for six hautboys of the first Regiment of Foot Guards. My Lord says he will very soon order money for that Office [of the Great Wardrobe] to enable the providing those liveries and other matters to be prepared against the Thanksgiving Day.
The Duke of Ormonde comes in. His memorial in relation to the disbanding &c. is read. As to the three Battalions at Dunkirk that are to be broken and the reduced men of the six Battalions there which are to be reduced to the lowest complement, my Lord directs Mr. Brydges to lay before him a state of what is due to them and will be necessary for the purposes aforesaid. And the like for such men as are to be reduced at Minorca and Gibraltar.
The Secretary at War [is] called in. He says he has desired Mr. Brydges to lay before my Lord a state of his demands for the disbandment and reductions abovementioned; and that he has also spoken to the Commissioners of Transports to get ready the shipping necessary for bringing home the said disbanded and reduced men as soon as may be.
My Lord [tells the Secretary at War he] will speak to Lord Bolingbroke to send an express to-night for making the said disbandment and reductions with all the speed that may be. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 83.
May 13.
Present: Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Edwards desires a minute to be entered that he may have leave of absence from the 20th inst. to the 25th June next. My Lord consents hereunto.
[Write] to Mr. Anstis to let my Lord know what is actually owing to clear the last [tin] coinage after the receipt of this week's 3,000l.
[My Lord directs an issue to] Mr. Sloper of 2,400l. “to satisfy four warrants on Mr. Compton for 600l. each in tin tallies [drawn] in his own name.”
Query: how the case stands on a lease for Mrs. Fra. Skinner at Taunton.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of the Civil List money: viz. to
£ s. d.
the Cofferer of the Household 1,000 0 0
Mr. Scobell for tin 3,000 0 0
the Privy Purse 500 0 0
the Speaker [of the House of Commons] 455 0 0
Mr. Compton for Mr. Arthur 600 0 0
ditto for Mrs. Erskine 100 0 0
ditto for Mr. Cranfeild 400 0 0
Mr. Lowndes for secret service 1,600 0 0
the Paymaster of the Band of Pensioners 1,250 0 0
Sir Charles Cotterell for Monsieur Boys 427 0 0
the Serjeants at Arms: one year [on their wages and board wages] 903 7 6
£10,235 7 6
Ibid., p. 84.
May 14.
St. James's.
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Studholme [is] called in. My Lord directs him forthwith to repair her Majesty's roads to Kensington; which he promises to perform and submit the [charge for] same to such admeasurement and valuation as shall be made by the officers of the Works or any others my Lord Treasurer shall appoint after the service is performed.
My Lord also directs him to propose what he will take per annum to keep the said road in repair for the time to come.
[Write] to the [Earl of Abingdon] Justice in Eyre, Trent South, to give my Lord his opinion what method he conceives most proper for putting in execution the Act [9 Wm. III, c. 33] relating to the preservation of timber in New Forest.
[Write] to Mr. Hewit to send my Lord an account of what the trees which he has felled in Sherwood Forest are sold for and that he forthwith pay the same into the Exchequer.
[My Lord directs the issue of] 2,400l. to Mr. Compton out of loans to be made by Mr. Sloper on credit of repayment out of the produce of her Majesty's tin: to be applied to satisfy so much to the said Sloper on several warrants signed by her Majesty in that behalf.
[Write] a letter to the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland to recommend Mr. Talbot Ivery (at the instance of Sir John Talbot) for the first vacant collector's place in the Customs there. Ibid., p. 85.
May 15.
Treasury Chambers, Whitehall.
Present. ut supra.
The memorial of the [Paymaster of the] Ordnance is read. My Lord directs [the issue to him of] 4,360l. 13s. 9d. for land service [of the Office of Ordnance] to complete the Deficiencies [of issues] for that service anno 1711.
The Taxes Commissioners are called in. Their memorials and reports are read and the minutes taken thereon [are endorsed thereon].
[My Lord directs] 100l. to Mr. Speak: [to be paid] by the hands of Mr. Compton. Ibid., p. 86.
May 19. Present: ut supra.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of the moneys of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty in the Exchequer: viz. to
£ s. d.
the executors of Mr. Lillington, who executed the office of Governor of Barbados 1,104 2
Mr. Lowther, the present Governor there 1,000 0 0
Walter Douglas, Governor of the Leeward Islands 600 0 0
Walter Hamilton, Deputy Governor at Nevis 100 0 0
John Yeomans, Deputy Governor at Antigua 100 0 0
Michael Lambert, Deputy Governor at St. Christopher 100 0 0
John Pearn, Deputy Governor at Montserrat 100 0 0
the Earl of Kinnoul in part of his arrears 250 0 0
£3,354 2
Mr. Hawes is called in. The Navy Treasurer's memorial is read [and upon it my Lord Treasurer] ordered [issues as follows for the Navy] out of loans on this year's Land Tax:
£ s. d.
on the head of Wages.
for paying off the Loo to the end of June 1709 7,000 0 0
for the Officers who have passed their accounts 6,000 0 0
for carrying on the pay of 26 of her Majesty's ships ordered to be laid [up]: in further part of 413,296l. for that service (whereof 70,000l. paid before) 100,000 0 0
for the Flag pay of the Duke of Leeds for last Xmas and Lady day quarters 442 10 0
on the head of Wear and Tear.
for paying bills of exchange due on the Navy 3,000 0 0
£116,442 10 0
Write to Mr. Burchett to let my Lord Treasurer know why the Loo was not paid off when money was formerly ordered for her.
Mr. Sloper is called in. A petition of the clothiers is read and direction is given [and endorsed] thereupon.
[My Lord] ordered 50,000l. to Mr. Brydges: out of loans on Land Tax: and is to redeem 60,000l. of South Sea Stock deposited [by said Brydges] with the remitters [of exchange as security for their repayment]. Treasury Minute Book XX, p. 87.
May 22. Present: Lord Treasurer.
The Navy Treasurer's memorial is read [and thereupon my Lord Treasurer directed issues to him as follows: viz.]
for the old Course of the Navy in S[outh] S[ea] Stock 10,000
in part of 142,569l. 17s. 6d. for last quarter to S.S.C. [the South Sea Company] 25,000
to Sick and Wounded in South Sea Stock to be assigned by the Navy Treasurer: and is to satisfy bills of exchange due to Mr. White 1,700
Mr. Brydges is called in. His memorials are read and minutes are taken [and endorsed] thereon.
[Write a] letter to the Secretary at War to procure an authority from her Majesty to Mr. Baldwyn to inspect the muster rolls of the Troops in Flanders of [date] [i.e. as of musters taken] 24 June 1712 and those [taken] since.
[My Lord] ordered [issues as follows] out of the Civil List money in the Exchequer: viz. to
£ s. d.
the Cofferer of the Household for [servants'] wages 1,200 0 0
The Privy Purse 500 0 0
Mr. Scobell for tin 3,000 0 0
Mr. Compton for Mr. Speke 100 0 0
ditto for Mrs. Pollexfen 100 0 0
ditto for Mr. Gosselin 25 0 0
ditto for Mrs. Goddard 6 0 0
ditto for the Prince [of Denmark's] livery servants in part of 1,130l. 2s. 6d. 565 0 0
ditto for a bill from the Duke of Shrewsbury 1,500 0 0
ditto for Mr. Paterson 100 0 0
ditto for Lady Mordington 10 0 0
Mr. Smethin, her Majesty's Goldsmith, in part of 2,500l. to Xmas last 1,000 0 0
the Duke of Somerset, in part of 4,000l. arrears to the Stables 1,000 0 0
the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Wise: to clear Lady day quarter 187 14 10
the Robes, in part of 1,000l. 500 0 0
Mrs. Yates for half a year 50 0 0
the Agents for Taxes: for last Lady day quarter's [salaries] 150 0 0
Mr. Rayner on an order signed in that behalf 187 10 0
£10,181 4 10
Ibid., p. 88.