Warrant Books: November 1713, 1-15

Pages 414-433

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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November 1713, 1-15

Nov. 2. T. Harley to the Postmasters General. The Customs Commissioners, Scotland, have no objection to the setting up of packet boats between Port Patrick and Donaghadee for carrying on a correspondence between North Britain and Ireland provided the master of the boats and seamen give bond and security not to assist the running of goods. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Monsieur Viceti [Domenico Maria Viceti, Secretary in England from Genoa, acting as Agent and pro-Consul] enclosing for his consideration an account handed to my Lord Treasurer by Monsieur Steinghens Oct. 9 last containing the demands of Signor Como and other merchants here on Signor Alexandrino, a nobleman of Genoa. Ibid., p. 66.
Same to Mr. Wilcox [Surveyor General of Woods, Trent South] enclosing a memorial [missing] concerning the arrears of wages due to the keepers of Dean Forest. Acquaint my Lord when you shall pay same. Ibid.
Same to the Attorney and Solicitor General to report on Lord Ossulston's petition for certain rents received by the Sheriff of Co. Derby sold to petitioner's father by the Trustees for Fee Farms. Can they be legally conveyed in view of the exceptions in the Acts [22 Car. II., c. 6, and 22–3 Car. II., c. 24] for sale of Fee Farms? Ibid.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Works. By repeated instructions given particularly in Dec. 1709 by Treasurer Godolphin for the government of your Office no new building or repairs were to be begun before estimate to and approved by the Lord Treasurer's warrant. You are to lay before my Lord an account of the works proceeded in pursuant to such estimates and warrants since Dec. 1709. My Lord expects to see such account before any money be issued for the service of the Works. Ibid., p. 67.
Same to the South Sea Company. Send my Lord your opinion on the subscribing into South Sea Stock the 97,836l. 17s. 2d. Nevis and St. Christopher debentures, ut supra, p. 408. Have you any objections against admitting the said debentures to be subscribed? Ibid., p. 75.
Nov. 3. Money warrant for 5,000l. to Henry Smith, Treasurer for building fifty new Churches: on a precept from the Commissioners for said building. (Money order dated Nov. 6 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 362. Order Book VIII, p. 347.
Nov. 3. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Receipt to take in a further sum of 10,000l. in loans on Coals for the abovesaid work of building fifty new Churches: upon a certificate from said Commissioners in like form ut supra, p. 223. Money Book XXII, p. 362.
Same by same to the Excise Commissioners to cause a Transport debenture in their hands for the sum of 313l. 17s. 0d. with several years’ interest thereon to be subscribed into South Sea Stock and to cause such person to dispose of such stock at such time as you shall think fit and to apply the proceeds to the uses it should have been applied to in case money had been received instead of the said debenture when the said Commissioners first became possessed thereof.
Prefixing: (a) memorial from said Commissioners concerning said debenture; “there being lately a commission passed for receiving subscriptions of such debentures to the South Sea Company.”
(b) A previous memorial dated 1711 Oct. 9 from said Commissioners concerning same. In 1693 William Martin, a common brewer at Evesham, became indebted for Excise and we obtained (by proceedings against Martin Ballard and John Hopkins, his securities) a contract for Transport service on which 313l. 17s. 0d. was due, and we afterwards received a debenture dated 1695 Aug. 20 from the Transports Commissioners which was at our request made payable to our Secretary for her Majesty's use. By the Act of last Session [9 Anne, c. 15] for making good Deficiencies it is enacted that in all cases where any such debentures come into her Majesty's hands by extent or otherwise they shall be put into South Sea Stock in such manner as the Treasury Lords shall direct and the said stock shall be applicable to the same uses as they might have been applied to had they not been so put into the said stock. Ibid., pp. 369–70.
Letter of direction for 16,960l. 3s. 5d. to Thomas Moor, Paymaster of the Land Forces in Minorca, Dunkirk and Gibraltar: out of the 25l. per ton on French wines: and is intended to be applied to the subsistence of the Forces in the Low Countries to 1713 Dec. 24. Disposition Book XXII, p. 181.
Same for 26,592l. 9s. 4d. to said Moor: out of the 1,200,000l. Exchequer Bills anno 1713: and is intended to be applied to the services following:
£ s. d.
to complete 29,093l. 9s. 4d. granted by Parliament for the charge of her Majesty's Forces in Minorca to 24 Dec. 1713 8,093 9 4
to complete 18,731l. 4s. 0d. similarly granted for the Forces in Gibraltar to same time 4,969 14 6
to complete 38,967l. 16s. 0d. similarly granted for the Forces in Dunkirk to same time 13,529 5 6
£26,592 9 4
Ibid., p. 182.
Same for 303l. 14s. 3d. to Edward Nicholas, Paymaster of the Queen's Bounties and Pensions: out of Civil List moneys: as imprest towards satisfying the payments incurred in his Office since Midsummer last. Disposition Book XXII, p. 183.
Nov. 3. William Lowndes to the Attorney General to report the state of the proceedings relating to the estate left by Sir William Robinson and the claims of one Bonsey, who married Sarah Wren, who pretends to be heiress as being said Robinson's father's sister. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 66.
T. Harley to Mr. Jackson and Company. The executrix of Walter Whitfield desires that the 6,800l. remaining in your hands, which was issued to her husband as late Paymaster of Marines, should be paid into the Exchequer according to my Lord Treasurer's warrant. You are immediately to comply with said order. Ibid., p. 67.
Nov. 3, 12, 13, 17, 18. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petitions following, viz. of James Auchterlony for release of the ship Rose from quarantine.
Of Claudius Johnson dated Nov. 3 for the ship Lisle.
Of Jonas Alberg dated Nov. 3 for the ships Sarah and Hannah, Union, Friendship, Loyalty, Lawrence, Hannah, Union, Britania, Benjamin, New Providence, Triumph galley, John and Margaret, Judith.
Of William Tizard, merchant, dated Nov. 12 for the ship Exchange.
Of Richard Tomlinson dated Nov. 13 for the ships Bidolph, Eliz. prize, Providence, Thomas and Robert, William, Friends’ Goodwill.
Of Thomas Coore dated Nov. 17 and 18 for the ships Primrose, Endeavour, Fortune. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 62.
Nov. 3. Treasury warrant (on an order in Council of the 25th ult.) to same to discharge from quarantine the ship Industry on the petition of Henry Norris.
The ships Friends’ Adventure, Alexander Long master; Kath[erine], Tho. Bennet master; Ann, Geo. Madder master; from Hamburg with naval stores: on the petition of Geo. Morley.
The like on an order in Council of Nov. 1 inst. for the ship William and John, Samuel Farewell master; from Stockholm with iron: on the petition of William Astell.
The Providence, Grego. Bowden master; the Two Brothers, T. Burrell master; from Stockholm with iron. Ibid., p. 64.
Mr. Borret's report [read] upon Mr. Hughes’ petition for remitting his fine. Mr. Borret to discourse him how this poor man may with most ease be enlarged.
Letter [read] from Secretary Bromley enclosing a memorial of Capt. Lieut. Gery of General Holt's Regiment in behalf of the subaltern Officers: and a letter from the Commissioners for disbanding the Marines. Swift and Mostyn to state [the arrears due to said Officers].
Letter [read] from Mr. Hunter that money may be taken up at Exeter to pay the Marines. Send for Mr. Mostyn and show him this letter and speak with him particularly about taking up money at Exeter. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 19.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Francis Gwynn, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant to authorise John Howe, Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, to pay 2,209l. 9s. 0d. for clothing the 12 Companies of Invalids (1,747l. 15s. 0d.) and the Companies of Invalids doing duty at Greenwich and Upnor (461l. 14s. 0d.): to be paid out of any money in said Howe's hands for this purpose.
Prefixing: report by the Comptrollers of Army Accounts on the proposal for contracting. The usual time for clothing the Invalids has been every two years. As there has been no provision made by Parliament for this service, as has been customary, the clothier is unwilling to proceed until he knows upon what head of payment the charge thereof is to be placed. We submit that it may be paid out of money in general given for the service of the current year and that care be taken to explain it in the Estimates to be given in to Parliament for the service of the next year.
Appending: two estimates for the said clothing: (1) for the Twelve Companies; (2) for the Companies at Greenwich and Upnor; and separate report by the said Comptrollers on the second Estimate. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, pp. 129–32.
Nov. 3. Letters patent by same appointing Charles Harrison to be the sole officer for recovering and getting in the money due on compositions and fines in the Court of Exchequer and to take care of the prosecutions for recovery of all supers on any persons or estates in Ireland depending in any accounts passed or to be passed in the Exchequer of Great Britain or to be transmitted thither [i.e. transmitted to the English Exchequer]: he having been appointed by the late Treasurer [Godolphin] 27 Dec. 1709 to attend the Exchequer Court to take notice of all causes concerning her Majesty's interest or profit and to inspect all licences to compound upon penal laws and the payments into the Exchequer thereupon. Ibid., p. 135.
Nov. 4. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due from Sir John Evelyn of Wotton, Co. Surrey. (Privy seal dated Nov. 26 hereon.) (Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Exchequer dated Dec. 3 for tallies of discharge accordingly.) Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 448, 461–2. Money Book XXII, p. 376.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 70,000l. to Spencer Compton as imprest to discharge the arrears of the Queen's annual pensions and bounties due at or before 1713 June 24. (Money warrant dated Nov. 21 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated Nov. 12.) (Money order dated Nov. 23 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 448. Money Book XXII, p. 372. Order Book VIII, p. 354.
Same to Edward Nicholas to pay 100l. to Charles Boit, enameller, in further part of 2,000l. for a large picture to be made by him in enamel of the Queen, her royal Consort and her Court, towards which he has already received 1,700l. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 449.
Same to same to pay 1,200l. per an. to Katharine, Duchess of Buckingham, as from 1713 Sept. 29: during pleasure. Ibid., p. 450.
Same to the Attorney General or Solicitor General for a great seal for a commission to John Manley, the Surveyor General of Crown Lands, et al., to survey and ascertain the lands necessary for the fortifications at Portsmouth, Chatham and Harwich or for the service of the Navy or Victualling and to ascertain the damages due to the owners of land that shall be found not to be so necessary: certain of such lands having been purchased under the Acts of 7 Anne, c. 26, and 8 Anne, c. 23, and the Commons in Parliament having addressed the Queen, supra, p. 406, to direct a new survey to be made of such of the said lands as are necessary as above that they may be paid and satisfaction made for those not necessary. Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 450–1.
Nov. 4. Warrant dormant by Treasurer Oxford to the Auditors of Imprests to allow in the accounts of Charles Harrison of moneys imprested to him for charges in attending the Exchequer Court for causes touching her Majesty's interest (to which duty he was appointed by Treasurer Godolphin 1709 Nov. 27) the sum of 300l. per an. as salary from said date to June 24 last and from June 24 last of 150l. per an. only: as in lieu of all allowances for the pains of him and his clerks Treasurer Oxford having appointed him the sole officer for recovering and getting in the moneys of compositions and fines in the Exchequer and to take care of the prosecutions for recovery of all supers in Ireland passed in the Exchequer of England. Money Book XXII, p. 363.
Warrant by same to Edward Nicholas to pay 200l. to Lady Frances Keightley as royal bounty. Ibid., p. 364.
Same dormant to the Auditor and to the Receiver General of Crown Revenues for Co. Northampton to pay 20l. per an. to John Loveling, clerk, Bachelor of Arts, schoolmaster of the free school in the town of Fotheringhay, in like manner as the same was paid to his predecessor, Samuel Whitworth, deceased: all on the petition of the inhabitants of Fotheringhay. Ibid., p. 365.
T. Harley to Auditor Jett. I read to my Lord Treasurer the list of unsatisfied Recruit money, in the presence of Mr. Sloper, who acts for Mr. Brydges. Mr. Sloper gave my Lord to understand that if the said sums have not been paid into the Exchequer [by the Paymaster of the Forces to reimburse the Land Tax collectors who first paid same to the recruits) it is because the respective [Regimental] Paymasters have not received from you certificates of the Regiments, Troops and Companies chargeable therewith [as having received the said recruits]. Please take care that the respective Paymasters have certificates accordingly. (A like letter sent to Auditor Godolphin.) Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 68.
Same to the Commissioners for Trade. By the enclosed memorial [missing] Mr. William Heysham informs my Lord Treasurer that the sugar Plantations in America and the trade and navigation of Great Britain must be greatly discouraged in case the importation of rum, sugar and molasses from Surinam to New England and other the Northern Colonies be not timely prevented. Please report to the Queen in Council your opinion thereon and the methods for remedying the mischief if true. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Swift. The subaltern Officers of the Marine Regiments have petitioned shewing the great hardships they are reduced to for want of their subsistence. Send my Lord an account of their names and Regiments and arrears for the time of Whitfield's being Paymaster, and the money remaining in Whitfield's hands for same at his death and who is possessed thereof. (A like letter to Sir Roger Mostyn for the time you have been Paymaster of Marines.) Ibid., p. 69.
Nov. 4. Same to the Attorney and Solicitor General enclosing the Excise Commissioners’ report [missing] on the petition of Robert Paine, [who was] security for some persons who were entrusted with the returns of Excise money and failed. Take care of this business and give all despatch to it. Ibid., p. 70.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Allen, master of the ship Paul, praying discharge of a malicious prosecution for taking on board his ship a barrel of wine and some pepper at the instance of one Artis, who swore they were not prohibited goods. Reference Book IX, p. 143.
Petition read from William Cockburne, searcher at the port of Leith, praying payment of an additional salary. Referred to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland.
Petition [read] from John Short setting forth the usefulness of his employment as Accomptant General [Accomptant and Inspector General of the Customs in Scotland] and praying to be referred to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland. Referred to said Commissioners.
Report read from the Victualling Commissioners on the petition of Jer. Kelley, brewer. Send to Mr. Borret to adjust.
[Petition read from the] widows of Marine Officers. The Secretary at War to make a proposition that they may be paid with the Officers widows. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 20.
Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to pay the allowance of 8s. a day to Lord Mark Kerr from the day his Regiment was placed on the Irish Establishment until a Company shall fall vacant in said Regiment, he having at present no Company therein. Out Letters (Ireland) IX, p. 358.
Nov. 5. Money warrant for 955l. to Henry Worseley, being 500l. for equipage and 455l. for 91 days’ ordinary in advance as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Portugal. (Money order dated Nov. 6 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 364. Order Book VIII, p. 349.
William Lowndes to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. My Lord has read your report on Mrs. Easton's petition for her husband's enlargement from prison. Please ascertain from the persons on whose complaint he is imprisoned what security they expect for his answering their account. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 69.
T. Harley to the Taxes Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of James Curtis, junr., praying to be made Surveyor of [the Duties on] Windows loco one Waller, deceased. Ibid., p. 75.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Nicholas Courtney of the Inner Temple praying to be Steward of East Greenwich and Sayes Court, which office has been vacant for three years. (Again referred on Dec. 7 to Auditor Jett.) Reference Book IX, p. 143.
Nov. 5. Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, of the petition of John Short, Accomptant General of Customs and General Inspector and Adjuster of Damages on Wine and Tobacco in North Britain, praying consideration of his case, his offices being left out from an Establishment made by the late [Customs] Commissioners there. Reference Book IX, p. 143.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Francis Gwynn, Secretary at War, to prepare a royal warrant for payment to Major Gen. Pearce of the sum of 3,010l. 6s. 9d. for the value of 10,034 milreis 462 reis expended by him for Hospital and other Contingent expenses of the Army in Portugal during the time of his Commanding in Chief there.
Prefixing: report dated Oct. 30 from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts on the demands of said Pearce. The whole demand is as follows:
mil. reis.
paid to the Contractadores for the Hospital at Estremos and supplying the like with meat, wine, bedding, firing, water and oil at 9 pence a day [per man] whereof the Regiments paid 5 pence and the Major General 4 pence for each man from 21 Sept. 1712 to 10 Jan. following: for which the Major General produces the Contractadors’ original receipt attested 3,830 96
paid to Field and Staff Officers, for which the Major General produces receipts signed by the respective Officers as [paid] from James Brydges by the hands of said Pearce 1,666 664
paid to Field and Staff Officers for the maintenance of their mules, for which the like receipts are produced 519 333
paid for several contingent uses of the Army 4,018 369
10,034 462
Followed by: detailed accounts of the last three items of the above account. The account for the pay of the General and Staff Officers mentions the following: viz. Major Gen. Pearce, Col. John Peter Desbordes as Quarter Master General of her Majesty's Forces in Portugal; Capt. Charles Pearce as an extra Aide de Camp; John Durant Breval as Secretary to Major General Pearce; John Elrington as Judge Advocate of her Majesty's Forces in Portugal; Richard Waterman as Provost Marshal; Capt. Thomas Giles as Waggon Master of the Forces in Portugal.
The account for Contingencies disbursed by Major General Pearce during the time he Commanded in Chief in Portugal is as follows:
mil. reis.
paid for expresses to Spain, Lisbon and several quarters 343 400
paid for carriages for the Army; they having no mules nor carriages allowed 1,520 410
paid to several deserters that came over from the enemy that were prisoners in Spain 160 500
paid for postage of letters 68 390
paid as reward to the Portuguese for taking up deserters 72 0
paid to the Juiz de Fora of Beja 96 0
paid to Signor Rodrigo Menezes for damage done to his house and garden in Campo de Ovrigne [Ourique] 45 600
paid to a Pizan that was robbed of all he had near Landroal [Alandroal] 93 600
paid to the Juiz de Fora of Aldegalega for his care in impressing horses, carriages and boats for the use of the Army 48 0
paid to the Juiz de Fora of Borba for his care in providing quarters and necessaries both for the Army and sick whilst there 72 0
paid to the Fryers of the Convent near Berba for three oxen and seven sheep stole from them by the soldiers 76 800
paid a Portuguese Assistant to my Secretary from 18 Sept. 1712, old style, to 10 Jan. following at 833⅓ reis per diem 95 833
sundry extraordinary expenses 643 666
paid the Provider of the misericordia for sick left there 13 760
paid for removing the sick from Beja to Estremos 6 800
paid the Provider of the Misericordia of Villaviciosa for the sick 60 0
paid for removing them to Estremos Hospital 9 500
paid the Provider of the Misericordia of Rendodo [Redondo] for the sick left there 18 310
paid for removing them to Estremos 4 360
paid for the carriages that were left at Estremos on their march at Monte D'Fergo 5 820
paid the Juiz de Fora of that place for his care in supplying the sick with necessaries 4 800
paid for the carriage of the sick from Campo De Ovrique to Estremos Hospital 14 420
paid for secret service 545 400
4,018 369
Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, pp. 125–8.
Nov. 5. Petition [read] from James Tisser praying payment of 92l. 4s. 10d. which he disbursed in prosecutions when he was Solicitor to the late Commissioners for the Duty on tobacco pipes &c. [granted by 7 and 8 Wm. III., c. 31, and removed by 9 Wm. III, c. 45].
Petition [read] from the poor old superannuated sea Officers who were superannuated in King William's reign, praying an order for payment of their allowance to Michaelmas last.
Petition [read] from James Balding, lately employed in the Stamp Office, but discharged by the Supervisor without order, praying to be reinstated in his former business, Mr. Clark that was put into his place having petitioned to be removed to the Card Duties.
The account of Nehemiah Arnold, Paymaster of Lottery Tickets, [is read]. Referred to Mr. Auditor Harley to state the account and report what he thinks reasonable to be allowed to the Accountant and Comptroller for their pains and service since the time that money sufficient to clear the whole Lottery was received at the Exchequer. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 21.
Nov. 6. Money warrant for 500l. to William Borret as imprest for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Nov. 7 hereon.) Money Book XXII, p. 364. Order Book VIII, p. 349.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Nicholas to pay 100l. to Manuel Manasses Gilligan in satisfaction of so much expended by him for her Majesty's especial service. Money Book XXII, p. 364.
Money warrant dormant for 1,600l. per an. to Sir William Wyndham as allowance as Chancellor and Under Treasurer of the Exchequer: together with warrant for payment of so much as incurred on the said allowance to his predecessor Robert [Benson], Lord Bingley, up to the time of said Wyndham's patent. (Money order dated Dec. 15 hereon for 254l. 4s. 10d. to Bingley as from 1713 June 24 to Aug. 21, the date of Wyndham's patent: and for 170l. 19s. 2d. to Wyndham from Aug. 21 to Sept. 29.) Ibid., p. 365. Order Book VIII, pp. 365–6.
Money order for 210l. 10s. 6¼d. to the executors of Sir Salathiel Lovell on his 1,000l. per an. as late a Baron of the Exchequer, to wit from the last day of Hilary term last to 1713 May 3, the day of his death. Order Book VIII, p. 352.
T. Harley to the [Principal] Officers of the Works enclosing the Secretary at War's letter [missing] relating to the repair of the barracks in the Savoy. Give all despatch thereto. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 70.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Basil Kennet concerning the entry of some books which he brought with him from Leghorn, where he has resided some time as Chaplain to the English merchants. My Lord Treasurer desires to have him made as easy as possible in this matter, and if they cannot be passed without Duty “report to him [my Lord] how much the Duties of the said books and papers do amount unto.” Ibid.
William Lowndes to the Excise Commissioners for an account what pensions are payable at the Excise Office and what arrears are due thereon to June 24 last. (A like letter to Mr. Ferne [for the Customs]; Mr. Lilly [for the Post Office]; Alb[emarle] Bertie [as Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall]; Mr. Jett [as Auditor of Crown Lands]; Mr. Godolphin [as Auditor of Crown Lands for Wales]; Mr. Glanville [for the First Fruits].) Ibid.
T. Harley to the Secretary at War to report on the enclosed reports &c. [missing] from the Duke of Ormonde as late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts about allowing English pay to Major General Pepper's and Col. Bland's Regiments from the time they were placed on the Irish Establishment to the day of their arrival there.
Likewise to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] presented to her Majesty by [Gerhard] Count Dernath, the Duke of Holstein's Envoy, concerning the payment of what is due to his master's Troops alleged by him to be still in her Majesty's service. Ibid., p. 71.
Nov. 6, 12,
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Customs Commissioners to employ Nicholas Davies (waiter and searcher in the Isle of Man) as Collector and to act for the Customer at Arundel and to be also riding officer for the wool business loco Nicholas Eveleigh, dismissed.
Edward Pollington, jun., as Collector of Newhaven loco Alexander Shoobridge, deceased.
George Spry as Surveyor of Stockton port loco Henry Williams, deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 67.
Nov. 6. Treasury reference to same of the petition of Samuel Wetherhed shewing that he was bound in 9,000l. on account of William Ellins and Edmund Farington, who are both insolvent; that petitioner has paid 1,000l. towards the principal out of his own money and been at 500l. charges: the Customs Commissioners threaten to prosecute him for the interest, therefore begs to be discharged of it. Reference Book IX, p. 143.
Report [read] from the Secretary at War about re-mounting Col. Kerr's Regiment. Referred: to the Duke of Ormond. Letter dated Dec. 18 from the Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, read Jan. 7. Further reductions are proposed to be made in Ireland when this is to be considered.
Petition [read] from the widow and administratrix of Lieut.-Col. McNeal praying an order for reimbursing 98l. which she is charged with for respits in 1702, 1703, 1704. Read 16 Dec. [Referred] to the Comptrollers [of Army Accounts].
The Duke of Ormonde's report [read] on the petition of Lady Katherine Jones, [daughter] of the Earl of Ranelagh. Warrant for releasing the arrear.
Petition [read] from Tho. Wilkins, late Undersheriff of Co. Glamorgan, praying an allowance for his extraordinary charge in executing the extent against Mr. Howells, late Receiver General for that county. [Referred] to the Taxes Commissioners.
Petition [read] from Charles Palmer setting forth that he had been instrumental in changing the Excise on coffee &c. from the liquors [to or] upon the dry commodity, for which he had a reward promised of 500l. per an., which he desires may be paid him for life, being very old. My Lord knows nothing of the promise nor of any pretensions he has to a reward. Feb. 1713–14: 10l. given him.
Report [read] from Mr. Andrews and Mr. Terrell relating to the Port Books in the Queen's Remembrancer's Office. [Referred] to Sir Christopher Wren to send an estimate of the charge of presses &c.
Write to Mr. Andrews and Mr. Terrell that they consider the method proposed by Mr. Holmes and, if deficient, to propose a better.
Memorial [read] of Edward Edwards praying to be recommended to the Commissioners of Stamp Duties for an employment. [Referred] to the said Commissioners.
Montandre [the petitions of him and other French Officers are read]. These cases must wait the direction of Parliament.
Letter [read] from the Earl of Peterborough desiring the pay of two men in his Regiment above the Establishment. Signify the Queen's pleasure to the Secretary at War.
Memorial [read] from Mr. Fytche praying an allowance for making out 2,226 Lottery Orders. [Referred] to the Commissioners for making forth [Lottery] Orders to consider and report. Dec. 3: Report read. Agreed to give him 250l.
Letter [read] from the Board of Ordnance desiring to be eased of the charge of gunners at Barbados, which was intended to be paid out of the Four and a Half per cent. in the Leeward Islands, which [however] is not paid nor any money given by Parliament for that service. See what has been writ to the Commissioners of Trade about this affair. 17 May 1714: Another letter read. [Referred] to Lord Bolingbroke to take the Queen's pl[easure] whether this charge shall be continued.
Memorial [read] from Nathaniel Jackson and partners that the next day of Motion they will move the Court of Chancery for leave to pay in the 6,800l. which is in their hands [being part] of Mr. Whitfield's [Marine imprests]. Read. Register of Letters Read at the Treasury I, pp. 22–3.
Nov. 6. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to examine and approve the proofs of the claimants to the unissued debentures amounting in all to 6,560l. 3s. 10d. delivered to the Paymaster General of Guards and Garrisons, ut supra, pp. 365–6, before any of the said debentures be issued. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 128.
Nov. 7. William Lowndes to Lord De la Warr, Treasurer of the Chamber, to pay as follows out of moneys imprested to you for the service of your Office: viz.
£ s. d.
to the Lord Almoner for 1713 Sept. 29 quarter on the established allowances for the Daily Alms and the poor at the Gate 179 15 0
to Mr. Randue for 1713 Lady day quarter 80 0 0
Disposition Book XXII, p. 184.
Same to Mr. Holbech to pay as follows out of moneys in your hands for the Office of Treasurer of the Chamber: viz. to £ s. d.
Dr. Arbuthnot, for 1712 Lady day quarter 57 1 8
the Serjeant Surgeon, for the like 99 3 4
the Surgeon of the Household, the like 70 0 0
Mr. Malthus, Apothecary, the like 80 1 3
Mr. Dalton, Gentleman Usher Assistant, the like 16 13 4
Mr. Maynard, Yeoman of the Wardrobe, the like 85 0 0
to a Groom, the like 32 10 0
to two Pages, the like 50 0 0
the Groom of the Jewel House, for the like 26 7 1
the Groom Porter, for the like 137 10 0
the two Coffer bearers, the like 13 13 9
twenty messengers [of the Chamber], the like 225 0 0
two Clerks of the Cheque [of the Messengers of the Chamber], the like 49 17 6
six Grooms of the Chamber, the like 60 0 0
the Clockmaker, for a quarter to Michaelmas 1712 75 0 0
Mr. Randue, for a quarter to Xmas 1712 80 0 0
Dr. Shadwell, Physician in Ordinary to her Majesty, for travelling charges in 1712 18 0 0
In the margin this letter was recalled and the payments thereon were directed to be made out of the 500,000l. for arrears of the Civil List. Ibid.
Nov. 7. Same to the Secretary of the Admiralty. My Lord Treasurer is desirous that Mr. Richard Carter should attend the Commissioners for reducing Col. Charles Churchill's Regiment of Marines at Exeter. Please acquaint the Admiralty Lords therewith so that Mr. Lynn may have their orders to dispense with Carter's absence and to appoint him to take the muster upon the said reducement. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 71.
J. Taylour (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) enclosing to Sir James Bateman [Sub-Governor of the South Sea Company] papers to be laid before the Court of said Company about completing the cargoes of the [said Company's] two ships.
Appending. note as follows: “Besides the additions at the foot of the invoyce it will be necessary to add the following articles to complete the several cargoes and to proportion them in French linens and Flanders laces”: with schedule of said goods up to 10,000l. in each ship:
Under the heading of French linens the following are named:
Ruan de Coffre.
Flurets and Blancards.
broad Britts. fine: ditto narrow best.
broad Morlax and narrow ditto.
broad Creas de Lyon.
Under the heading of Flanders Laces the following are named:
Agua y Anis.
Oxo de perdis.
petty Flor.
Ibid., p. 72.
Nov. 8. William Lowndes to Mr. Studholme. I have read to my Lord your estimate for making a new road between the Thames and the wall which is building at the end of the new plantation on the north side of Windsor Castle. You are to proceed in it forthwith at a cost not exceeding 107l. 18s. 4d. Ibid., p. 74.
Nov. 9. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to the Attorney General or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission for the Duties on Leather, the new Commissioners to be Richard Shoreditch, William Walbank, Roger Millart, Justinian Isham, Thomas Legh and Reginal Ryley as in place of four first named. (The patent hereon bears date 20 Nov. 1713.) Queen's Warrant Book XXV, pp. 456–7.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Phineas Gomes Serra shewing that he received from Bilboa in Spain a parcel of kid skins, the product of that country, and sold same to Mrs. [Messieurs] Arnold and Seare, but one Mr. Ryves is prosecuting same to condemnation: therefore praying stay till Easter whereby he may have an opportunity to make a just defence. Reference Book IX, p. 145.
Nov. 10. Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to Edward Nicholas to pay 200l. to James Crainfeild: without account: in satisfaction of so much disbursed by him for her Majesty's especial service. Money Book XXII, p. 366.
T. Harley to Mr. Borrett enclosing a report of the 2nd inst. from the Victualling Commissioners relating to Mr. Kelley, one of the contracting brewers. Please consider same with the other cases of the brewers who contracted with the Victualling [and] who delivered beer short to the pursers and are now to compound with the Lord Treasurer. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 73.
Same to the Secretary at War. It is the Queen's pleasure that the Earl of Peterborough's Regiment of Horse should consist of two men more in each Troop than are at present on the Establishment intended for the year 1713. Please prepare a royal warrant for allowing the additional men in case the Establishment be so far settled and passed as not to admit of this alteration. Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren. When you last attended my Lord Treasurer you took directions to lay before him an estimate for building an Infirmary and other necessary offices for the accommodation of soldiers quartered in the Savoy. Please hasten same, it being of absolute necessity that the works should be speedily done. “You was also directed some time since to view the rooms in the Queen's Remembrancer's Office at the Exchequer where their books and records lay in the utmost confusion and to judge what presses or other conveniences were necessary to be made for the disposing and keeping them in order.” My Lord directs you to submit an estimate for this with all speed. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Lord Bolingbroke. My Lord Treasurer desires the following instruction to be added to those given by the Queen to the Commissioners for Disbanding the Marines: viz.
“If there be any arrears of sea pay due from 25 Dec. 1708 to 24 Dec. 1710 to any of the non commissioned Officers and soldiers of the foregoing Regiments as Marines, who shall personally appear and be mustered, you are likewise to make up their accounts between their Officers and them for the said time and take care that they be mutually satisfied their just demands upon each other and paid what is due to them respectively.”
Ibid., p. 74.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Wilkins, late Undersheriff of Co. Glamorgan, shewing that in June 1712 an extent was issued against Geo. Howell, late Receiver General for said County, for 43,000l. and her Majesty hath received the due effect of the execution, but Baron Price has allowed only 10l. for the Sheriffs’ fees in executing the writ and returning thereof, whereas petitioner's expenses amounted to 71l. 5s. 0d.: therefore prays allowance thereof. Reference Book IX, p. 144.
Same to the Commissioners for the 1712 Lottery of the petition of William Fytche, Comptroller of the Two Million Adventure anno 1711, shewing that between 6 March 1712–13 and 5 July 1713 he made out 17,819 standing orders in lieu of tickets, for which he was allowed 455l. 9s. 0d.; that from 5 July to 31 Oct. 1713 he made out 2,226 more orders: therefore praying the like allowance. Ibid.
Nov. 11. Royal warrant dated Windsor Castle to Treasurer Oxford to pay 514l. 17s. 0d. to George Mackenzie, Esq., “whom we have employed as our Secretary to the King of Poland” for several disbursements and expenses he hath been at therein “and in attending our particular commands: of which we are pleased to allow the articles hereunder mentioned”:
£ s. d.
for his charges in attending the motions of the Polish Court, particularly for his journey to Jaroslaw on account of the interview between the Czar and King Augustus 184 7 0
for his attendance on the Electress Dowager of Saxony pursuant to our command 15 0 0
for his journey into Italy, where he was sent express by our directions 315 10 0
£514 17 0
to be paid out of the 500,000l. appropriated by the Act 12 Anne. c. 10, of last Session for the debts and arrears of the Queen's servants &c. (Money warrant dated Nov. 17 hereon.) (Money order dated Nov. 20 hereon.) Queen's Warrant Book XXV, p. 458. Order Book VIII, p. 355.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Receipt to make forth duplicates of four Exchequer Bills lost as follows, and to pay same and the interest thereon, provided security be first given to the Exchequer officers to indemnify them according to the tenor of the Act [6 Anne, c. 21, cl. 18] in that behalf.
Prefixing: certificate dated Nov. 3 by Tho. Bury that William Ellis, jun., of the parish of St. Clements Danes, brewer, executor of Richard Ellis, late of the parish of St. James's, Westminster, has this day made affidavit that the said testator, who died on May 12 last, was entitled to four Exchequer Bills Nos. 54717, 55536, and 55556 for 100l. each, and No. 22394 for 50l. as by the account given to the said William Ellis from the books at the Bank of England, and bequeathed same to said William, who cannot discover same, who therefore about four months since caused payment thereof to be stopped at the Bank of England and since at the Exchequer at Westminster, and did also advertise them in the Gazette from Tuesday, Sept. 15, to Saturday, Sept. 19 1713, with a reward of 20 guineas for each 100l.: so that there is good reason to suppose they are either lost, burnt or destroyed. Money Book XXII, pp. 366–7.
William Lowndes to the Navy Treasurer to apply as follows 8,000l. out of the loan from Sir William Fazakerley et al., to wit to pay same to Sir William Mostyn, Paymaster of Marines, upon account of clearing what shall be due to the non-commission Officers and soldiers of the Marine Regiments ordered to be disbanded, whereof the non-commissioned Officers and men to be reduced in Goring's and Churchill's Regiments are part. (Same to the Navy Commissioners to make out a Navy bill on said Treasurer for said 8,000.) Disposition Book XXII, p. 185.
Nov. 11. Letter of direction for 2,500l. to William Lowndes: for secret service: out of Civil List moneys. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Samuel Hunter, Esq. My Lord Treasurer has appointed Mr. Roope and Mr. Layton as Commissioners in the new Commission for disbanding the Marine Regiments. They are to set forward immediately for Exeter to reduce Col. Churchill's Regiment there. You and Mr. Fra. Lynn are to meet the said Commissioners at Exeter on Saturday next to concert proper measures for the reducement of said Regiment and of Col. Goring's at Plymouth. You are to bring with you such ships’ books and muster rolls as relate to the former [Commission] and deliver them to their [the new Commissioners'] Secretary. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 71.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] relating to Francis Le Brun, merchant, owner of the Three Friends of Calais, concerning a cargo of brandy seized in Graves Lake on board said ship. Ibid., p. 74.
Same to same. Mr. Shoobridge, Collector of Newhaven, is dead, and Mr. Pollington is recommended for his place. Have you any objection to his appointment? Ibid., p. 75.
Treasury warrant (on an order in Council of Nov. 9) to same to release from quarantine the ships Love's Increase, Jo[hn] Seaman master; Balt[ic] Merchant, Charles Callow master; Koninsberg, Miles Walker master; Hanover Succession, Tho. Gadsden master; Elizabeth, William Moverly master; Mary and Anne, John Linton master; Rose, Edward Stoker master: from Konigsberg, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Riga: on the petition of several merchants unnamed. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 53.
Treasury reference to Mr. How of the petition of Sir Scipio Hill praying payment of the arrears of his pension of 9s. 6d. a day from the commencement of the Union to 23 Dec. 1710. Reference Book IX, p. 141.
Fresh reference of the petition of Edward Gilliat, ut supra, p. 394, under date Oct. 20. Ibid.
Petition [read] from Lieut. William Farrell praying a civil employment, his half pay not being sufficient to subsist him and his aged mother. Referred to Mr. Secretary at War. Report read 20 Feb. 1713–14. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Petition [read] from Lancelot Whitehall praying a warrant for payment of his salary as Customer of Chichester port. Referred to the Customs Commissioners [to know] whether [they have] any objections to his being paid.
Letter [read] from Baron Banister about a fee from the Auditor of Wales not paid him and about his salary as a Welsh Judge after he was made a Baron [of the Exchequer]. [Referred] to the Auditor for Wales about the fees. Not to be paid in two capacities.
Petition [read] from William Este praying the place of Riding Surveyor of Hawkers and Pedlars, vacant by the removal of Thomas Wells. Enquire if Wells be removed and for what cause. 13 Nov.: Referred to the Commissioners for Hawkers and Pedlars.
Letter [read] from Sir Nathaniel Lloyd concerning the estate of one Thomas Maning, a bastard, lately deceased intestate at Hartlebury in Worcester diocese, falling to the Crown. Let Mr. Borret enquire concerning this and particularly what the estate consists of.
Memorial [read] from William Keith about the place of Surveyor General in America. Write to the Customs Commissioners to think of some way of employing him. See the presentment made by the Customs Commissioners [for this place].
Petition [read] from the widow and only daughter of Edmund Dummer, Esq., late Surveyor of the Navy, who died April last and left the petitioners without any provision; praying a reward for his services, for their support. [Referred] to the Postmasters General. 3 Dec.: Report read. Referred to the Navy Commissioners.
Report [read] from the Postmaster[s] General on the petition of Richard Swift, their Solicitor, representing that he deserves 200l. for his trouble, charge and attendance in settling the Post Office Bill. Agreed.
The Postmaster Generals’ letter [read] about Mr. Walker's proposal for packet boats. Mr. Walker's case read at the same time. Ordered [to be referred] to the Postmasters General. 3 Dec.: Report read and approved.
Memorial [read] from the Navy Treasurer for a privy seal to empower the Auditors of Imprests to pass his accounts. Send this to the Auditors [of Imprests] with directions to prepare the draft of a warrant.
Memorial [read] from the Navy Treasurer for 10,000l. South Sea Stock for the Victualling. [Prepare] a warrant for this.
Petition read from William Morrice, son and executor of Thomas Morrice, late Deputy Paymaster of Forces in Portugal, praying that out of the moneys saved to her Majesty by shipping off money from Lisbon to Catalonia he may be paid the expenses of that service; and [have] a warrant for passing the same in the Paymaster General's account. Referred to Mr. Brydges to state the fact.
Representation [read] from the Postmaster General concerning the settling the postage of letters between England and France. The Postmasters to see what arrears in King William's time are standing out and what may be recovered so as Pajot's demand [for the French postage] (if possible) may be paid out of the same. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, pp. 24–6.
Nov. 11. Subscription by Treasurer Oxford for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe for the provision for the Earl of Dartmouth, Lord Privy Seal, of a rich purse for her Majesty's service: to an estimate of 21l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 133.
Nov. 12. T. Harley to the Taxes Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Luke Stokoe for the place of Surveyor of Houses loco one Wood, lately deceased. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 78.
William Lowndes to the Hawkers and Pedlars Commissioners. Certify my Lord Treasurer your reasons for displacing Thomas Wells, Riding Surveyor and Surveyor General of the Duties on Hawkers and Pedlars. Ibid., p. 75.
Nov. 12. Treasury reference to the Salt Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Chambers, prisoner in the Fleet for money received to the use of the late King Wm. III, shewing that he hath nothing left in the world to buy bread, but with his poor family must of necessity starve except he has his liberty. Reference Book IX, p. 145.
Memorial [read] from Thomas Wells, Surveyor General of the Duties on Hawkers and Pedlars &c., setting forth that he has been at great trouble and charge for advancing the Duties and is now discharged by the [Hawkers and Pedlars] Commissioners and praying to be heard. Referred to the said Commissioners.
Petition [read] from the creditors for building Blenheim House praying that they may have their proportion out of the 500,000l. [Queen Anne's Civil List Lottery]. To be laid before the Queen. 16 Nov.: The Queen when she ordered the last sum for this service thought that sum would have completed the whole.
Representation [read] about keeping the Records at Westminster; that there wants more room and that the house [office] is in a ruinous condition. Write to Sir Christopher Wren to know who ought to repair this building. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 27.
Warrant by Treasurer Oxford to the Stamp Commissioners to employ William Thomson as distributor of stamped paper for the city of York loco John Stone. Warrants not Relating to Money XXII, p. 132.
Commission by same to Thomas Williams to be Surveyor of the Duties on Houses loco Francis Morewood, dismissed. (Dormant warrant by same to the Receiver General of said Duties for Co. Durham to pay a salary of 50l. per an. to said Williams.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 146, 147.
Nov. 13. Warrant by same to Edward Nicholas to pay 100l. to William Thorold, clerk, minister of the English Episcopal Church at Rotterdam: without account: in consideration of his expenses in relation to the affairs of the said church. Money Book XXII, p. 367.
Same by same to the South Sea Company to permit Charles Cæsar, Treasurer of the Navy, to transfer 10,000l. in South Sea Stock to such persons and in such proportions as shall be specified in a list to be signed by him: same being intended to satisfy and pay bills on the old Course of the Victualling. Ibid.
Same by same to same to permit James Brydges, late Paymaster of the Forces Abroad, to transfer (out of the South Sea Stock standing in his name for the use of the public) 3,910l. 6s. 9d. for the services following: viz.
£ s. d.
for Major General Thomas Pearce for the value of 10,034 milreis 462 reis by him expended for Hospital and other contingent expenses of the British Army in Portugal during the time of his Commanding in Chief there and in full satisfaction of all his demands whatever for or upon account of the said Hospital and Contingent expenses 3,010 6 9
to Monsieur Steinghens, the Elector Palatine's Minister here, on account of her Majesty's proportion of the subsidy payable to the Elector Palatine in the year 1712: and is in part of 328,956l. 16s. 7d. granted to her Majesty for subsidies to the Allies anno 1713 900 0 0
£3,910 6 9
Ibid., p. 371.
Nov. 13. Same by same to William Fytch, Register and Comptroller of the Class Lottery anno 1711, and to Charles Blunt, Paymaster of same, to innovate 16 lost orders in the fifth Course of the said Class Lottery, to wit four in the name of Christopher Letheullier, two in the name of Dame Jane Letheullier, two in the name of William Bullock, six in the name of John Wing, one in the name of John Gould and one in the name of Sarah Houblon. Order Book VIII, p. 351.
T. Harley to the Navy Treasurer to apply as follows 20,000l. out of the loan from Sir William Fazakerley et al.: viz.
to the head of Wear and Tear.
for carrying on the new Course of the Navy 10,000
to the head of Wages.
for carrying on the payment of ships ordered to be laid up 10,000
Disposition Book XXII, p. 185.
Same to Mr. Brydges. The executors of Mr. Morris, late your Deputy in Portugal, demand 10s. per 100l. for his expenses and trouble upon all money by him shipped off from Lisbon for the service of her Majesty's Forces in Spain. Please report hereon, as also what salaries and other allowances were made to said Morrice for his said office and whether the sending of this money to Spain was not part of his business and considered in his salaries and allowances made to him as Paymaster.
I also enclose Mr. Decker's memorial [missing] in behalf of Vander Caa [Kaa] and Castana for an arrear on their contracts for bread and forage furnished for her Majesty's Forces in 1712. How have the accounts on those [bread and forage] contracts been settled from time to time and have these contractors’ accounts been adjusted in the like or any other form and method? Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 76.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren. It is represented to my Lord Treasurer that the Office called the Parliament Office in Westminster is in a very ruinous condition. My Lord directs you to enquire how [on what lease &c.] the house is held where the said Office is kept, whether any and what benefit is made thereof and if you find that it belongs to her Majesty [is her Majesty's liability] to repair it then you are to estimate for the repair.
I enclose an estimate [missing] for the repair of the Queen's two Barge Houses and the launches belonging thereto. You are to view same and report on said estimate and when and by whom they were last repaired. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 76.
Nov. 13. T. Harley to the Commissioners for the Accounts of the Army enclosing for their consideration another petition [missing] of several Officers of the Regiment late under Brigadier General Stanwix. Ibid., p. 77.
Same to Mr. Borret to report to my Lord on the case of the estate fallen to the Crown, lately belonging to one Thomas Manning; an intestate bastard near Hartlebury in Worcester diocese. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Edmonds to attend my Lord Treasurer on Tuesday next when the Navy Commissioners are to attend him. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Lord Bolingbroke to lay before the Queen in Council the enclosed report [missing] from the Board of Ordnance to my Lord Treasurer on the petitions from the Justices of Peace of the East Riding of Co. Yorks and the Mayor of Hull concerning the repair of the banks of the river Hull. Ibid.
The Salt Commissioners’ presentment [read] for the suspending for two years the deduction of three pence in the £ out of the [Salt] officers’ salaries towards the Bank of Charity [Salt officers’ superannuation fund], there being money enough in stock for that time. To consider whether this surplus money may not be applied to ease what is allowed the [Salt] officers [in refund] for [Land] Taxes.
Letter [read] from Mr. Borrett that Mr. Sweet, a principal witness in the prosecution against the Duke of Marlborough in Holland, desires to know my Lord's pleasure about sending over a privy seal. My Lord is of opinion a privy seal should be sent.
Memorial [read] from John Cartlitch praying interest at 6 per cent. for 2,632l. 10s. 0d. from the 13 July last, which sum has been lately ordered him for gold then delivered into the Mint for medals, gold being always sold for ready money. [Referred] to Sir Isaac Newton.
Petition [read] from the Commanders of the Packet Boats desiring two men more may be allowed for each boat. [Referred] to the Postmasters General. [Their] report read 24 Feb. 1713–14. To be sent to the Secretaries of State. Letter from the Secretaries read 1 May 1714. My Lord agrees to this report.
Letter [read] from Mr. Sowter of Ashburton desiring that his son may succeed Mr. Winsor, deceased, late Postmaster there. [Referred] to the Postmasters General.
Petition [read] from Mr. Robt. Hart, late Receiver General of [Crown] Land Revenue for Cos. Yorks &c., praying to be allowed 170l. per an. travelling charges. [Referred] to the Auditor [of said Counties] to consider and make a state of his receipts. Register of Papers Read at the Treasury I, p. 28.
Nov. 14. William Lowndes to the Lord Steward or (in his absence) to the Board of Greencloth. My Lord Treasurer has received from said Board an account of the debt in the Cofferer's Office to clear the wages and board wages, pensions and other constant annual payments in that Office to 24 June 1713. My Lord has directed the full amount thereof, being 55,312l. 12s. 6¼d. to be imprested to the Cofferer to pay same. My Lord now desires an account of the other part of the debt in that Office, to wit for emptions by debentures, extraordinaries by creditors and other casual disbursements and expenses to the same date, shewing the names, dates and quantities. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 78.
Nov. 14. Same to Mr. Moor. My Lord Treasurer has been acquainted that some advantage is made by [the exchange, in] paying the Forces in Flanders or Brabant over and above the respective sums remitted: which [advantage] is to be accounted for to the use of the public. My Lord directs you (as he formerly did Mr. Brydges) to send him an account what the said advantage has amounted to since your being appointed Paymaster of the Forces Abroad: and so from time to time hereafter: and that you make a voluntary charge thereof in your accounts. Ibid.
Treasury warrant (on an order in Council of this day's date) to the Customs Commissioners to release from quarantine the ships Benj. and Jane, Roger Math[ew] master; Speedwell, Jo[h]n Routree master; Allured, Thomas Wright master; from Riga and Konigsberg with flax, hemp, linen, iron and potash: on the petition of William Astell.
The Maiden Ann, Robert Lawrence master; Gilly Flower, Hen. West master; Seaflower, Fr. Grace master; Agnes, Geo. Falkener master; Batchellor, Jo[h]n Landfeild master; Providence, And. Murray master; Providence, Ad[a]m Wetherell master; Owners' Goodwill, Tho. Faud master; Cobham Park, Geo. Lamming master; John and Samuel, William Pallister master; Isabella, Jam. Aire master; from Hamburg and Bremen with bale goods, pipe staves, clapboards, linen &c.: on the petition of Henry Bowman and William Joy. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 63.
T. Harley to the Excise Commissioners, Scotland. The Lord Treasurer has referred to the Attorney General the copy of the Bill exhibited against you by Col. Douglas. Out Letters (North Britain) II, p. 460.
William Lowndes to the Keeper of her Majesty's Wardrobe at Edinburgh. It is the Queen's pleasure that you forthwith transmit to my Lord Treasurer an exact inventory of all her Majesty's goods and other things that were in her Majesty's Palace of Holyrood House or elsewhere at the time you were appointed to be Keeper of the Wardrobe and whether the same are now remaining in your custody; or if any of them are disposed of or given away, and if so to whom and by what warrant: “and you are therein to make a distinct list of all her Majesty's pictures at the time of your coming into the said office; and if any of them have been since given away or lent out you are to specify the same, to whom, when and by what particular warrants.” Ibid.
Nov. 15. Treasury warrant (on an order in Council of the 11th inst.) to the Customs Commissioners to release from quarantine the Daily Hope, Jo[h]n Bryant master: from Gothenburg with iron: on the petition of Henry Norris. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 63.