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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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D. L., letter signed, 336.

Dade, Thomas, importer of French wines, petition signed by, 190.

Da Groot. See Groot.

Daily alms. See Poor, the.

Daily Waiters. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Gentlemen Ushers).

Daines, Sir William, lost annuity order in name of, innovated, 303.

D'Alais. See Alais.

Dale, William, petition proposing coinage of farthings and half pence of a new metal, 324.

Dalhousie, Countess Dowager of. See Ramsay, Mary.

Dalley, James, lieutenant in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Dalrymple, Sir David, Queen's Solicitor at Edinburgh, 328.

-, John, Earl of Stair:

attending the Treasury, 58.

desires money for his regiment to be paid to his own hands, 58.

letter from, 400.

Lieutenant General in the Low Countries (anno 1712), 443.

memorial, 51.

orders re exchange remittances for, 59.

pay of, 443; deficiency of, 400.

regiment of (Royal Regiment of Dragoons), exchange remittances for, 51, 58, 59; forage for, 51, 359, 373; in Bruges, 359; in Flanders, 51.

representation of, re forage rations for Dragoons, 86.

Dalston, Christopher, captain lieutenant in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

Dalton, Charles, Gentleman Usher Daily Waiter Assistant, 424, 516.

-, Richard, Yeoman of the Cellar, Royal Household, 496.

-, Richard, master of the Happy Return, 343.

Daly, Daniel, et al., traders of Cork, petition for restoration of a seizure of money, 122.

Dalzell, , colonel, regiment of foot, disbanded, 403; Officers of, half pay, 403; prisoners of war, 403.

Damasceene, Alexander, Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Dangeau, Mrs., issue to, 42.

Daniel, William, Yeoman of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

Danish Envoy, memorial from, 456; and see Rosenkrantz.

Danish troops, subsistence for, memorial re, 456.

Dantzic, ships from, 76, 80, 89, 109, 150, 154, 200, 230, 278, 364, 381, 397(2), 399, 441, 445, 474(2), 488.

Danvers, Beata, woman of the Bedchamber, 72, 179, 302, 486.

-, Charles, lessee of lands in Exeter nominated by, 270.

-, John, Commissioner of Salt Duty, 173.

Darcy (D'Arcy, Darcey), Conyers (Coniers), a Commissioner for executing the office of Master of the Horse, 274, 511, 552; a Gentleman of the Horse, 511.

Darington, Luke, Yeoman Harbinger, Royal Household, 499.

Daripe, David, captain, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Darling Sultanes, the, Sedan or chair for, 327.

Darlington, Richard, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Darnelly, George, payments to [for army clothing], 98, 249.

Dartiquenave, Charles, Paymaster of the Works, 164, 165, 238, 262, 345, 386, 463, 526, 537(2), 551.

Dartmouth port, co. Devon, 239.

Collector of (James Jenkinson), 309.

Customs smack at, establishment, 489.

landwaiters, 282.

ship seized in, 364.

Surveyor of Customs (Renatus Palmer), 203.

tidesmen, 265, 387, 394.

tidesmen and boatmen, 293, 387(2).

Dartmouth, Earl of. See Legge, William.

Darziliers, Jasper Perinet, Resident at Geneva, death of, 523; salary or allowance, 522.

Dashwood, Samuel, ensign and miner in Macneale's company in Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 482; pay, 280.

Datchet Bridge, co. Bucks., condition of, 396.

Dauger, James, ensign, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Davenant (D'Avenant), Mr., allowances of, 62.

-, Dr. [Charles], Inspector General of Imports and Exports, annual charge of his Office, 44.

-, Henry, Secretary (Envoy) at Frankfort, 20, 451, 520, 551.

-, Richard, Clerk of the Spicery, Royal Household, 496.

Davenport, Peter, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, William, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 76.

Davers, Robert, Auditor of Excise, 126; appointment and salary, 92; deputy to (G. Bruere), 126.

Davis (Davies), Anne, pensioner on the Civil List, 510.

-, Charles, chaplain going to the island of Carbonera, royal bounty for his passage, 207.

-, David, Groom of the Poultry, Royal Household, 498.

-, Edward, wages out of the Office of the Wardrobe, 507.

-, John, royal charity for, 507.

-, Nicholas, waiter and searcher in the Isle of Man, appointed Collector and to act for the Customer at Arundel and to be riding officer for the wool business, 423, 449.

-, Richard, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, Samuel, ensign of Dawson's company, Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

-, Thomas, noontender, London port, deceased, 387.

-, William, royal charity for, 507.

Davy, Thomas, master of the Yarmouth, 381.

Dawbeny, Enoch, stamper's place for, 244.

Dawes, Lancelot, lieutenant in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

-, Sir William, bishop of Chester, preacher appointed by, 109.

Dawkins, Polycarp, deceased, insolvent security, 194.

Dawson, , customs officer at Shoreham, proceedings of not to be encouraged in a Customs House officer, 404, 405.

-, Benjamin, master of the Happy Return, 278.

-, George, captain in Montandre's regiment, company of, 280; half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

-, Henry, lieutenant in Dawson's company, Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

-, Hester, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, James, master of the Mons, 125.

-, Richard, petition for reward for discovering the murderers of a Customs Officer's servant, 270.

-, Robert, appointed boatman in Rochester port, 387.

-, Thomas, annuity orders assigned to, affidavit re loss of, 303.

-, Thomas, master of the William and Sarah, 230.

-, Thomas, minister of Windsor, annual bounty for, 537.

Dayrolle (D'Ayrolle), James, Resident at the Hague, 451, 520, 551.

D'Critty. See Critz.

Deakins, William, turnbroach to the Kitchen, Royal Household, 502.

Deal, co. Kent, boatmen at, 283; brewer of, 324; riding officer at, 239.

Deals, importation of, 76(2), 125, 126, 194, 200, 221, 230, 278, 294, 312, 340, 343, 359, 381, 393, 396, 435(2), 441, 442(2), 446, 455, 465, 474.

Dealtry, Richard, waiter and searcher at Clovelly, superannuated, 449.

Dean Forest, co. Gloucester:

Conservator or Supervisor of, payment to, 84, 536.

Constable of (Viscount Weymouth), 84, 536.

enclosures in, allowance for repairing, 84, 536.

keepers of (six), payments to, for wages, etc., 84, 359, 414, 536.

young trees in, preservation of, 84, 536.

Dean of the Chapel. See Chapel Royal.


allowance to Earl of Halifax payable in, 19.

interest on, application to Parliament re, 335.

on Codfish, 154.

unissued, claimants to, examination of proofs of, 424; memorial re, 30.

See also:

ArmyDebentures, officers (arrears).

Irish Debentures.




South Sea Company subscriptions to.

Transport Service.

Debnam, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Debt, composition or compounding of, 17, 18, 78, 82, 114, 187, 188, 201, 224, 228, 243, 261, 331, 354, 363, 397; lands (estate) extended for, 270, 350; prisoners for, 118, 207, 224, 378.

Decipherer. See Blencowe, William; Keel, John.

Decker (Deckar), Matthew:

attending the Treasury, 21, 37, 44, 66.

bills of exchange of. See below exchange remittances.

caveat entered by, 438.

exchange remittances by (bills of exchange), 1, 21, 33, 41, 44, 65, 234, 254, 262, 483; agreements and proposals for, 37, 40, 56, 66, 475; repayment of, 38, 479; security for, 1.

issues and payments to, 33, 41, 276.

letter from, 1.

loans by, 12, 33, 75, 234, 244, 262, 373, 483.

memorial by, 431.

South Sea Stock deposited with, 75, 235, 475.

Declonseaux, Rene, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

Dee, John, Receiver General of Taxes for part of Sussex, petitioner, 261.

-, William, Receiver General of Taxes for part of Sussex, petition, 261.

Deeplake, Jonathan, boatman at Sunderland, 332, 387; appointed Surveyor of Customs at Chatham, 332; Coal Duty frauds at Rochester discovered by, 332; owlers apprehended by, 332.

Deeplowe, William, clerk to the Office of Works, 538.

Deer, beans and hay for, 182, 241, 246, 253, 309, 315, 444, 480, 527, 550; hunted, fees of. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Deering, Helena, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

Deficiency Acts and General Mortgages:

First Deficiency Act (as by 89 Wm. III, c. 20):

Customs revenue of the Crown (further rates and duties on tobacco) appropriated to the liquidation of Deficiencies by, 197 note.

Second Deficiency Act (as by 1 Anne, c. 7), further rates and duties on tobacco devoted to deficiencies by, 197 note.

Third General Mortgage (as by 6 Anne, c. 27), further rates and duties on tobacco continued for the Public by, 197 note.

Fourth General Mortgage (anno 1708, as by 6 Anne, c. 73), tallies on, loans on, 21, 22, 51, 354, 379.

Fifth General Mortgage (anno 1709, as by 7 Anne, c. 31), further rates and duties on tobacco continued for the Public by, 197 note; tallies on, loans on, 21, 22, 354, 458.

[Seventh] Deficiency Act, as by 9 Anne, c. 15, debentures put in South Sea Stock under, 415; further rates and duties on tobacco made perpetual by, 197 note.

De Hays. See Hays.

Delafountaine, Benjamin, a Page of the Bedchamber, 502.

Delaval (Delavall), George, 551(2); Envoy to Portugal and Morocco, 62, did not go to Morocco, 62; Envoy Extraordinary to Portugal, 451, 522; Plenipotentiary to treat with the King of Portugal and the Emperor of Fez and Morocco, etc., 522.

Delawarr (Delawar, De la Warr), Lord. See West, John.

Delgardno, Robert [army clothier], payment to, 98.

Deloraine, Earl of. See Scott, Henry.

D'Elorme, De Lorme, Delorn. See Lorme.

Demaid, David, Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Den. See Denn.

Denbigh, Earl of. See Fielding, Basil.


Crown Rents and Revenues in, Receiver General of (M. Granger, H. Howorth), 126.

double judicial seal for, 226.

House duties in, Receiver General of, warrant to, 361; Surveyors of. See Arthur, E.; Meredith, J.

Second Justice of, issue for, 242, 287; and see Ward, John.

sheriff of, letter to, 370.

Denby, Humphry, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Denham, Joseph, petition for reward for discovering the effects of Morgan Whitley, 171, 254, 406, 409.

Deniers, 444; and see Florins.

Denmark, Envoy from. See Rosenkrantz.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Poultney, Daniel.

Prince of. See Charles; George.

Denmark House, Clerk of the Works at (T. Rotherham), 538; Storekeeper at (T. Hutton), 538.

Denn (Den), Cornelius, broke and absconded, 188; memorial of, with an account of tobacco plantations in Holland and Germany, 153; petition for leave to apply to Parliament for compounding his debt to the Crown, 201; surety for, 187; surety for Robert Wise, 188.

Dennis, John, a Queen's waiter, London port, deputy to (J. Hardwick), 282; leave of absence for, 269.

-, William, tenant of a burgage in Silver Street, Taunton, 305.

Dent, Thomas, landwaiter at Bristol, deceased, 343.

Denty, Francis, captain in Gorge's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Deptford, co. Kent:

Anchor Wharf, issues for, 38, 257.

Mast Dock, issues for, 38, 257.

Red House, stores at, 103.

H.M. ships at, paying off and laying up, 202, 222, 230, 281; short allowance money for, 213.

Derby, Benjamin, Receiver General of Land Tax for Dorset and Poole, 234.

Derby, countess of. See Richmond and Derby.

Derbyshire, Receiver General of Land Tax. See Bradshaw, Samuel; sheriff of, fee farm rents paid to, 263, 414.

Dering, Charles, cornet in Morris's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Dermemble [? Memel, Prussia], ship from, 230.

Dernath (Vandernath, Van der Natt), Gerhard, Count Dernath, Envoy from the Duke of Holstein, memorials of, 384, 422, 460; sealing of his goods, 481.

Deserters and Desertions. See Army; Mutiny.

Desbordes, John Peter, colonel, Quarter Master General of the Forces in Portugal, 420; regiment of, disbanded, 402, Officers of, half pay, commencing date, 402, petition, 141.

Desborrow (Desborow), , ensign in Mountjoy's regiment, half pay for, 478.

-, Christopher, payment to, 532.

Deval (Devall), George, Customs boatman at Scilly, 387.

-, Richard Aron, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Devereux, Edward, Viscount Hereford, grant of manorial offices in Wales by Charles II, 295.

-, Price, Viscount Hereford, grant of manorial offices in Wales, 295, 325 note, 327, 455; recommendation by, 306.

Devizes, co. Wilts., Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Baxter, Alexander.

Devon, John, master of the Delight, 277.


House duties, arrears of, 252.

Land Tax, Acting Commissioners of, letters to, 142, 252; arrears of, 142, 252; Receiver General of. See Michel, Thomas; Thorne, George.

tin in, Assaymaster of (Charles Godolphin), 478.

[tinners of], issue for purchase of tin from, 37.

Devonshire, Duchess of. See Cavendish, Rachel; Duke of. See Cavendish, William.

Deyes (Deyos), John, lieutenant in Bateman's company, Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

D'Hermainville. See Hermainville.

Dice, stamp duties on (as by Act 9 Anne, c. 16), Lottery on. See Lotteries1711, First Classis Lottery.

Dickenson. See Dickinson.

Dickerson, Robert, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Dickins, Ambrose, Serjeant Surgeon and Surgeon to her Majesty's person, 517; reversionary grant of the office of Queen's Remembrancer to, 465.

Dickinson (Dickenson), Jane, royal bounty for, 271, 472.

Dickson, Mary, royal bounty, Scotland, for, 322.

Dikes, Phillip, South Sea Stock assigned to, 249.

Discount, allowed to contributors to Lotteries for prompt payment, 363; on tallies, Treasury minute re, mentioned, 20.

Disney, Anne, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Henry, royal bounty for, 128.

Dissell, John, Third Cook, Royal Household, 497; payments to, for china, 506.

-, William, painter, payment to, by the Post Office, 453.

Divinity, bursars in, in Glasgow University, 467; Professor of. See Halliburton, Thomas.

Divinity Lectures, at Oxford and Cambridge, perpetuities for, 529, 530.

Dixon, Fr., master of the William and Elizabeth, 435.

-, George, Receiver General of Taxes for Somerset and Bristol, securities of, 108, 223, 224.

-, Nathaniel, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 488.

-, Robert, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 513.

-, William, Tailor in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Dixwell, Sir Basil, Auditor of Excise, patent revoked, 92.

D'Jean. See Jean.

Docker, Hen., footman of the Royal Stables, 512.

Dockyards. See Navy.

Docton, Clear, appointed tidesman at Plymouth port, 113.

Dodd (Dod), Mr., counsel for the Bank of England, 9(2); heads of a charter for the Million Bank approved by, 7.

-, George, appointed tidesman in the superior list, London port, 283; memorial for tidesurveyor's place, 434, 445.

-, [John, Receiver General of Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty], instructions prepared by, 156.

Doddingtree (Dodingtre), co. Worcester, hundred of, 73 note.

Dodson, Martha, servant of the Scullery, Royal Household, 499; pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Dodwell, John, annuity claimed by, 187.

-, Mary, wife of John, annuity claimed by, 187.

Doidge, Thomas, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Dolben, Sir Gilbert, Justice of the Common Pleas, Ireland, his attendance on the Parliament in London, 279; payment to, 279.

Dollars, exchange rate, 57.

Dolloway, John, pensioner on the Civil, List, 541.

Donoghadee (Dononghadee), co. Down, packet boats between Port Patrick and, 189, 311, 397, 414, 454.

Doorkeepers of the House of Commons. See ParliamentCommons.

Dorchester, co. Dorset, Postmasters of, 238; salary of, 238.

Dorchester, Countess of. See Sedley, Katherine.

Dormer, James, brigadier, half pay for, 477; regiment of, disbanded, 477, 482; officers of, half pay for, 477, 482; on the Irish Establishment, 477, 482; pay and subsistence, 214, 354; surgeon to, 482.

Dornant, Samuel, captain lieutenant in Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

Dornford, Josia, master of the Cecilia galley, 381.

Dorset, Receiver General of Land Tax. See Derby, Benj.

Douai (Douay), France, horses killed and captured by the enemy near, 353.

Doubloon (Dubloon), Spanish, exchange equivalence of, 4.

Douglas (Douglass), , Lady Douglas, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, Alexander [? George], Lord Mordington, royal bounty for, 357.

-, Archibald, payments to, out of the Excise, Scotland, 172.

-, Archibald, Receiver General of Land Tax, Scotland, 51; additional allowance on the Civil List, Scotland, 74; commission and securities, 232.

-, Archibald, Earl of Forfar, petition of, 393.

-, Charles, major in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, Charles, Duke of Queensberry, payment to, 552.

-, Charles, royal bounty for, 173.

-, Charles colonel, debt due to, bill against the Excise Commissions, Scotland, for, 433, 436.

-, Edward, Commissary of Stores in Spain, half pay, petition and report, 77, 437.

-, [? George]. See above Alexander.

-, George, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247.

-, George, colonel, his charges for embarking dragoons from Scotland to Flanders, petition and payment, 235, 258.

-, James, ensign in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, James, Duke of Queensberry and Dover, Secretary of State, death of, 532; payment to executors of, 532, 547.

-, John, ensign in Creighton's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, Mary, Lady Mordington, royal bounty for, 33, 223.

-, Walter, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Leeward Islands (Governor of Antiqua), 384, allowance, 31, 76, 187; chapel plate, 16; crown evidences re murder of Colonel Parke sent home by, 261, 276; wife of, 16.

-, William, cornet in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Dove, Thomas, master of the Lawrence, 381.

Dover, co. Kent, 216, 239.

Customs sloop at, 488.

French ships at, complaint of ill treatment of, 299.

packet boats, complaint re, 434; commander of, petition for post of, 389; proposals for supplying, 261; rates of freight by, schedule of, 204; settling of, 140, 183, 189.

regiments disbanded at, 286, 311.

tidesmen and boatmen at, 387, 449(2).

Dover, Duke of. See Douglas, James.

Dowley, , ensign in Lucas's regiment, 211.

Down. See Downes.

Downe, co. Kent, letter from, 130.

Downes (Down), Dudley, Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer, 162, 163, 260; Rouge Dragon Pursuivant at Arms, 226, 531.

-, Stephen, captain in Windsor's regiment, petition for removal of respits from his company, 481.

-, William, captain in Windsor's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Downs, the, 250, 410.

Dowse, William, Receiver General of Land Tax for co. Huntingdon, 233.

Doyley (Doyly), Mrs. Mary, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Thomas, appointed deputy to T. Pratt, a Queen's waiter, 282.

Drage, William, alias Coles, Thomas, apprehended for highway robbery, 69.

Drains in St. James's Park, petition for leave to open, 113.

Drake, Thomas, Groom of the Confectionery, Royal Household, 496.

Draper, William, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 514.

Draycot, James, Surveyor of duties on Houses, co. Hertford, 181; appointed Surveyor, co. Cambridge, salary, 181.

Drew, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Drisdel. See Drysdell.

Drogheda, co. Louth, port of, Collector of. See Bodens, W. A.; fees of, 80.

Droitwich, co. Worcester, representation from, in favour of T. Huntbach, 371.

Drugs, duties on (as by 10 Anne, c. 19) Commissioners for. See Lotteries, 1712, Second Classis Lottery; for the Army. See Armymedicines.

Drum, co. Perth, Wellhill of, mill, land, shaws, etc., commonly called, 352.

Drummer, Court. See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Drummond, Anna, removed from list of Royal Bounties, Scotland, 322.

-, John, merchant of Amsterdam. See Vanderheyden.

-, See Du Drummond.

Drury, Richard, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, Thomas, lieutenant in Hawkin's company, Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476; pay, 280.

Drysdell (Drisdel), Mr., letter from, re his services to the Excise and salary arrears, 6, 93.

Dryden, Joseph, Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

D'Torci. See Torcy.

Dublin, 80.

Custom House Quay, 255.

Hospital in, benefaction for, 214, 215.

merchant of, 123.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, dean of. See Stearn, John.

Dublin Castle, 214; repairs in, charge of, 385.

Dubloon. See Doubloon.

Du Bourgay, , regiment of, 103.

Ducass, Stephen, lieutenant in Pepper's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

Duck, John, master of the Ann, 393.

Du Commun, Jane Martha, pensioner on the Civil List, 511.

-, John Lewis, pensioner on the Civil List, 511.

-, Margaret, pensioner on the Civil List, 510.

-, Mary, pensioner on the Civil List, 511.

-, Peter John, pensioner on the Civil List, 510.

Du Drummond, Mr., Treasury caveat in favour of, 438.

Dues, feudal (Scotland):

Blench, 129, 225, 228, 467, 483.

casualties, 189, 228, 286.

feu, 129, 225, 351, 467, 483.

marriage, 351, 395.

non-entry, 225, 228, 286, 395, as to method of granting arrears of, 228.

relief, 351, 395.

retoured, 228, 467.

taxtward, 395.

ward, 351.

Duffield, Walter, landwaiter in Bristol port, superannuated, 283.

Duffin, Mary, widow, petition for extension of lease or corn mills in Shippon, 194.

Duffus, Lady Charlotte, royal bounty for, 185.

-, Lord. See Sutherland, Keneth.

Dufour, Lewis, lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Duke, Anne, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Dull, co. Perth, grant of the Patronage of, 235.

Dumfries, co. Dumfries, ships of, 80, 89, 442.

Dummer, Edmund, Clerk of the Great Wardrobe, 533(2), 535(2).

-, Edmund, Surveyor of the Navy, death of, 429, widow and daughter of, pension for, 448; petition of, 429, 436.

-, Jane, daughter of Edmund, petitioner, 436.

-, Sarah, widow of Edmund, petitioner, 436.

-, Thomas, Deputy Master of the Great Wardrobe, 533, 534; Yeoman Tailor and Portitor in the Great Wardrobe, 533, 535.

Dunbar, Robert, declaration of, 102.

Duncan, James, Professor of Philosophy in New College, St. Andrews University, 274.

Dunch, Edmund, Master of the Royal Household, 495, 507.

Dunckley (Dunckly, Dunkley), Sir Robert, tobacco merchant:

absconded, 266.

debt of, petition for compounding, 261.

executor of B. Massey, 96.

securities of, petition of, 266.

surety for tobacco duties, 96.

Duncombe, Jane, widow, petition for extension of lease of Fewson's Grange, etc., 291.

-, [John], appointed a Commissioner for the 1713 Lottery, 378; Comptroller of Malt Lottery tickets, 488.

-, William, Equerry of the Royal Stables, 511.

Dungeness, co. Kent, 488, 489.


army at. See ArmyDunkirk garrison.

Castle of, Governor of (G. Clayton), 299.

Chief Engineer at (J. Armstrong), 299.

demolition of, officers appointed to superintend, 299.

Governor of (General John Hill), 299. See also ArmyDunkirk garrison.

hospital at, 156.

journeys to, charge for, 453.

postmaster at, settlement of, 453.

Town Major of (Sir J. Abercrombie), 299.

Dunkley. See Dunckley.

Dunn, John, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 513.

Dunning, co. Perth, parish of, 352.

Dunston, Barnaby, ensign in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Duplin. See Dupplin.

Duppa, John, postillion to the Royal Stables, 512.

Dupplin (Duplin), Earl of. See Hay, George.

Dupre, Lewis, tailor in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Durand, , Brigadier, letter to, re his accounts, 103.

Durell, Henry, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, Henry, deceased, one of the Equeries to George, Prince of Denmark, 352.

-, Susanna, relict of Henry, pension for, 352.

Durham, county of:

Crown Land Revenues, Receiver General of. See Hart, Robert.

Houses, duties on, Receiver General of, warrant to, 430; Surveyors of. See Morwood, F.; Williams, T.

Land Tax, Acting Assessment Commissioners of, letters to, 142, 252; arrears of, 142, 252; Receiver General of. See Wyvill, Francis.

Durley, Henry, petition of, for release of ships from quarantine, 186, 231, in behalf of Francis Collins, 374.


chairs. See Chairs.

congregation, chapel (Dutch chapel) for, at St. James's, 28, 264.

man of war, duties paid for provisions at Limerick by, restoration of, 179.

Dyas, George, recommended for a stamper's place, 255.

Dyer, Richard, captain in Windresse's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Dyot (Dyott), Richard, Commissioner for Stamp duties, 236; stamps counterfeited by, 225; discoverer of, 183, reward for, 259; petition for reprisal of value of, 158.