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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Pacey (Pacy), William, Receiver General of Land Tax for part of Norfolk, viz., the Hundreds of Blofield, Brothercross, etc., appointment andsecurities, 233.

Pack, Samuel, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Package duty.SeeLondon Duty.

Packer, Mary, part of the Golden Lyon in the Strand demised to, 122.

-, Lewis, master of the Pelican, 76.

-, [Phillip], Paymaster of the Works, accounts of, 438.

Packers' bills, 392(2).

Packet Boats (Passage Boats):

accounts of, adjustment of, for the Post Office, 453.

Agent for, at Harwich (Captain Phillopson), 452.

better cabins for, 139.

captains of. See belowmasters.

charge of, 140; warrant for lessening, 139.

commanders of. See below masters.

complaint re, 434.

contracts for, 241, 434.

cost of building, 140.

crews of, petition for additional two men, 432, 458; wages of, 140.

frauds to the revenue by, prevention of, 189.

freight rates, 204.

gold and silver imported by, 139.

hire of, cost, of, 203.

horse accommodation on, 203.

maintenance of, estimate for, 206.

masters (captains, commanders) of:

appointment of, petition re, 404.

bonds by, not to import prohibited goods, 414, 454.

nominated by the Postmaster General, 203.

petition for post of, 389.

petition of, 432, 458.

profits of, from passengers, 203.

wages of, 140, 206.

mates of, wages of, 206.

passenger accommodation, 139, 203.

proposal for, 429.

proposal for allowing them to carry merchandise without liability of search by Customs at Lisbon, 139.

recruits carried on. 453.

sale of, proposed, 139, 205.

seamen of, bonds by, not to assist in running of goods, 414; wages of, 206.

settlement of, 140, 183, 189.

services re, 436.

stores for, 452.

tonnage of, 203.

too small, 205.

And see:












Port Patrick.

Portugal (correspondence).







Padstow, co. Cornwall, French ship seized at, 346; landwaiter at, 241.

Page, , quartermaster in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-, Gregory, loan by, payment of interest on. 297.

-, William, tidesman in the superior list, London port, deceased, 192.

Pages, SeeRoyal Household Above Stairs(Bedchamber, Pages, Pages of the Backstairs, Pages of the Presence, Pages of the Removing Wardrobe); Royal Household - Below Stairs (Scullery).

Pages of Honour. SeeRoyal Mews and Stables.

Paget,, captain, et al.,prisoners of war, petition complaining that they received but half subsistence, 217.

-, Henry, Lord Burton, afterwardsLord Paget andEarl of Uxbridge, captain of the Yeomen of the Guard (Her Majesty's Bodyguard), 115, 186, 348, 517.

Paice, Joseph, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof., 397.

Pain (Paine), John, payment to, out of Army clearings, 98.

-, Robert, petition of, 419.

Painter, Roger, tidesman at Bristol, superannuated, 265.

Painter (Serjeant Painter). See Works.

Painter's bills, for the Post Office, 453.

Paiod, Mr. SeePajot.

Paisible, James, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Pajot (Pajat, Paiod), Mons., Director of Posts at Paris:

bills of exchange remitted by the Post Office not acknowledged by, 204.

his demands for French postage, 204, 295, 429.

letter from, mentioned, 204.

Postal treaty executed by, 59.

Pakington, Sir John, Treasury caveat in favour of, 147.

Palatines.SeeGerman Protestants.

Palfrey, George, ensign in Stewart's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Pallister, William, master of the John and Samuel, 433.

Palmer, Charles, claims to have been instrumental in changing the Excise on coffee from the liquors to the dry commodity, 423: royal bounty for, 271, 423.

-, Peregrine, established waterman, appointed tidesurveyor, London port, 203.

-, Renatus, uncle of Renatus, junr., Surveyor of Customs in Dartmouth port, surrendered, 203.

-, Renatus, junr., appointed Surveyor of Customs in Dartmouth port, 203.

-, Richard, payment to, in South Sea Stock andtallies, 247.

-, Thomas, Commissioner for Stamp duties, 236.

-, William, et al., sureties, petitioners, 445.

Palmes, Francis, Envoy Extraordinary to the Courts of Vienna and Turin, 451, 522, 551.

-, [Francis], Lieutenant General, regiment of, horses of, killed and captured near Douay, 353.

-, Guy, his pension out of the Post Office, assignment of a yearly sum out of, to E. Pauncefort, 154; pensioner on the Civil List, 547.

-, William, his losses in coinage of copper half pence and farthings, 317; petition for grant of the manors of Cookham and Bray, 317.

Palmetto Leaf, manufacture of, [invention] patent for, 472.

Paltock, Robert, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Pandin, Gaspard, lieutenant, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Pangaert, Peter, contractor for forage in the Low Countries, petitioner, 152.

Pangaret and Goris, Messrs., petition of, 411.

Panton, Thomas, Equerry of the Royal Stables, 511.

Pantry.SeeRoyal Household Below Stairs.

Paper, contracts for supplying. 19, 22, 166; for the Houses of Parliament, payment for, 515.

- duties on. SeeScotland; Lottery on. SeeLotteries 1712, Adventure of 1,800,000l. and1714, the intended Lottery.

Paper, stamped. SeeStamp Duties.

Paper Bills, currency of, in North America, 218.

Paper Office. SeeState Paper Office.

contract for supplying, 19, 22, 166.

duties on (as by 10 Anne, c.19), Commissioners for.

SeeLotteries 1712, First Classis Lottery.

for Customs books, 84.

stamped. SeeStamp Duties.

Paris, 456.

ambassadorial journey to, from London, charges of, 208.

apothecary to the Duke of Shrewsbury in, wife of (J. Charras), 436.

bills of exchange drawn from, 154, 182, 202, 211, 264, 312, 344(2), 352, 391.

Director of Posts at. See Pajot, Mons.

Queen's messenger from, 216.

Park (Parke, Parkes), Daniel, Governor of Antigua, Governor of the Leeward Islands, murder of, proceedings, witnesses, and trial re,54, 276, 314, 384(2), 399, 436; surety for, for Customs (tobacco) duties, 178, 444.

-, Edward, an officer of the Hall, Royal Household, 502.

-, John, master of the Tabitha and Priscilla, 359.

-, Richard, lieutenant in Wharton's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-, Thomas, royal bounty for, 41, 124, 183, 284, 388.

Park House in the Isle of Wight.

SeeWight, Isle of.

Parker, Henry, Serjeant of the Vestry, Chapel Royal, 506; annual allowance out of the Wardrobe, 508.

-, John, Agent for Prizes in Falmouth port, payment to, 276.

-, Nicholas, master of the Lambert, 105.

Parkes, SeePark.


accounts of Receiver General of Prizes for, 71.

Acts of, passim; printing of, 291, 339, 515; Private Acts (45 Anne, c. 39), 87 note; [12 Anne, No. 10], 194.

applications to, for compounding debt, for relief, etc., 78, 187, 188, 201, 243, 244, 261(2), 335, 363.

clause to be offered to, for payment of duties on wines and brandies driven ashore, 150.

Clerk of the (M. Johnson), certificates by, 383, 524.

Commons, House of:

addresses of, 87, 184, 316, 323, 325, 367, 388, 406, 411, 418, 492.

application to, for compounding debt, 224.

army estimates for, 134.

bills of, under clerks for writing, copying, etc., 358.

candles for, disbursements for, 358.

case of Colonel Rice in, 87 note.

Chaplain to, gold medal commemorating the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360.

cleaning of, 358.

Clerk of (P. Joddrell), fee, 525; gold medal for the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360.

Clerks of, issues for, 53, 358, 454, 527.

Clerk Assistant (Culverwell Needier, Edward Stables), gold medal commemorating the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360; payments to, 358, 454, 527.

under clerks (Hicks Burroughs, George Coles, James Courthorpe, John Hooks), payments to, 358, 454, 527.

coals for, payment for, 358.

Committee of, Solicitor of the Post Office attending, 448.

detailed statement of income of the Civil List laid before, 492, 494.

doorkeepers of, payments to, 53, 358, 454, 528.

extraordinary charges of the Army and, 237.

furniture for, estimate for, 111, 472.

hangings of, cleaning of, 407.

Housekeeper of (Thomas Smith), payments to, 358, 454, 528.

letters for, delivery of, 143, 528.

matters referred to, 199, 218.

members of, gold medals commemorating the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360; letters for, delivery of, 528.

messengers of, four, payments to, 358, 454, 528.

mops for, payment for, 358.

new rooms fitted up for, furniture for, 111.

petitions to, 87 and note, 174 note.

Serjeant at Arms (Serjeant) attending (Thomas Wybergh), gold medal commemorating the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360; issues and payments to, 55, 180, 358(2), 519.

Speaker of (William Bromley):

allowance, 212, 327.

gold medals commemorating the Peace of Utrecht to be distributed by, 285, 360.

issues and payments to, 31, 212, 326 note, 327.

plate for the Speaker's table, discharge for, 325.

sweets for, payment for, 358.

votes of, payment to person delivering out, 358, 454, 528; re copper farthings and half pence, 28, 29, 198.

dissolution of, 327; proclamation for, 329.

Duke of Ormonde's services at Vigo acknowledged by, 281.

Forms of Prayer for, 339.

interest on transport debentures and, 46 and note, 47 note.


lamps and lanthornes for, provision of, 308.

Lords, House of:

addresses of, 307, 332 and note.

application to, by wine and tobacco merchants, rejected, 291.

bill rejected by, 294

case of Colonel John Rice in, 87 note, 88 note.

doorkeepers of, payments to, 358, 550; and see Windham, Mahaleel.

furniture for, 407.

gold medals commemorating the Peace of Utrecht for, 285, 360.

seats and woolsacks for, crimson say for, 239.

Serjeants at Arms attending (S. Goatly, C. Stone), payments to, 59, 383, 524.

Speaker of, Serjeant at Arms attending (S. Goatly), 524.

under clerks of, payment to, 552.

matter referred to, 423.

paper and printing for, payment for, 515.

proclamations for calling, 329(3).

Scotland. SeeScotland.

speeches of, printing of, 339, 515.

supply granted by, Commissioners for appropriating [as by Act 12 Anne, c. 11, clause 34] (Francis Annesley, Henry Bertie, Henry Campion, Thomas Lister, George Lockhart, William Shippen, Salway Winnington), salaries, 162: issue out, of, 148.

And see:



Chelsea Hospital.

Civil List.



Parliament Office, Westminster, in a very ruinous condition, 431.

Parlington, William, surgeon to Morris's regiment, half pay for, 482.

Parrot, William, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Parry, Charles, proprietor of the Tower Mills at Mitcham, his father's loss in bringing copper in England to perfection, 119; petition for supplying copper blanks to the Mint for coinage of half pence and farthings, 119.

-, Robert, lieutenant in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Parsons, Charles, Marshal of the Hall, Royal Household, 500.

-, Edward, Yeoman of the Accounting House, Royal Household, 495; wages and allowance for necessaries out of the Wardrobe, 507(2).

-, John, in custodiamlease of lands in Yorkshire to, 71.

-, Mary, pensioners on the Civil List, 509.

-, Theophilus, payment to, out of Army clearings, 98.

Parton (Partoun), co. Kirkcudbright, lands and barony of, 351.

Paston, William, Earl of Yarmouth, grant of the Crown's share of gold found by the Royal Africa Company desired by, 437.

Pastry. SeeRoyal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

Patent Rolls. SeeRecords.


Patillo, Mary, pensioners on the Civil List, 546.

Patten, 16.

Patterson (Paterson), Mr., issues for, 33, 65.

-, Alexander, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 171, 278, 362(2), 442, 474.

-, John, et al., merchants of North Britain, petition for liberty to land their goods at St. Leidgers Wharf in Southwark, 284.

-, Thomas, payment to, out of Army clearings, 98.

- William, royal bounty for, 223, 479.

Pattison, Ro., master of the Speedwell, 393.

Paul, John, captain, commander of H.M.S. Hastings, barber to, 158; duties on wine and muslin paid by, 158; information against, noli prosequi to, 158; petition of, 79, 158; steward to, 158.

-,William, Daily Waiter of the Hall, Royal Household, 500.

Paulden, Rebecca, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Paulet. See Poulett.

Pauncefort (Paunceford, Pauncefoot), Edward, Receiver General and Cashier of Excise:

assignment of a yearly sum out of G. Palmes's Post Office pension to, 154.

attending the Treasury, 13.

evidence of, re counterfeit money, 13, 14.

his charges for carriage and porterage of Excise and Malt Duties paid into the Exchequer, payment of, 465(2); petition for, 88, 465.

loan by, payment of interest on, 297.

-,Edward, Yeoman of the Jewel Office, 516.

Pavey, Thomas, a Groom of the Chandlery, Royal Household, 501.

Paviour, 120.

Paxton, Bartholomew, et al., payment to, for apprehending highwaymen, 310.

Paymasters, Departmental (Paymasters of Public Offices) orders and direction to, for reckoning interest on Exchequer Bills, 318, 320.

Payton. See Peyton.

Peace, Justices of. See Justices.

Peace Treaties. See France, Rijswick, Utrecht.

Peach, John, Bottle Groom in the Royal Stables, 512.

-,William, Footman in the Royal Stables, 512.

Peachy, Jeremiah, information against, for running East India Goods, 335.

Peacock, Lawrence, mate of the Customs sloop at Shoreham, 489.

Pearce (Peirce, Pierse), Charles, captain, extra Aide de Camp in Portugal, 420.

-,Edward, major general, half pay on the Irish establishment, for, 475; regiment of dragoons, disabled officer of, recompense for, 393; disbanded officers of, half pay for, 475; surgeon to (Charles Melvill), half pay for, 482.

-,Edward Lovet, cornet in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-,Sir George, Clerk of the Privy Seal, 504.

-Rowland, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-Thomas, Major General:

arrested for bills for money taken up in Portugal, 52.

Commander in Chief in Portugal, 177, 420, 430.

disbursements by, for contingencies, account of, 420, 421; payment for, 420, 430; for Hospital expenses in Portugal, account of, demand for and payment of, 359, 413, 420, 421, 430.

memorial of, 313.

order by, 403.

pay of, 313; petition re, 299.

payment to, 52.

regiment of, disbanded Serjeants, drums and privates of, subsistence and bounty for, 98.

Secretary to (John Durant Breval), 420; Portuguese assistant to, 421.

Pearde, Richard, senr., lieutenant in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

-,Richard, junr., lieutenant in Pearce's dragoons, half pay for, 475.

Pearne (Pearn), John, colonel, Lieutenant (Deputy) Governor of Montserrat, payment to, on his allowance, 163, out of four and a, half per cent, duty, 32.

Pearson, colonel, payment to, "to carry the Exemplaries of the Renunciation," 208.

-See also Peirson and Pierson.

Peat, Thomas, Queen's Waiter, London port, salary payment, 255.

Pedlars. See Hawkers.

Peircy, Baskham, master of the Freinds Adventure, 105.

Peirson, John, captain in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-,and see Pearson, Pierson.

Peko tea, 133.

Pelcomb (Pelcombe), Peter, appointed tidesman in the inferior list, London port, 113, 239.

Pelham, captain in Pepper's dragoons, half pay for, 279.

-,Henry, Clerk of the Pells, 81, 163, 485, 508, 535; loan by, payment of interest on, 297.

Pellet, John, payment to, 552.

Pellew, Charles, petition re loss on carrying tin from Cornwall to London, 462, 463.

Pells. See Exchequer Receipt.

-See Pels.

Pelly, John, master of the Orotava Merchant, 393.

Pelongs, 158.

Pels (Pells) and Sons, Andrew, of Amsterdam, bills on, remittances by, 1, 21, 37, 40, 66.

Pelts, duties on. See Customs duties.

Pelyne, Robert, stamper's place for, 168.

Pembarthy, Richard, boatman at Rochester, deceased, 387; salary, 332.

Pember, Andrew, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

Pemberton, Roger, lieutenant in Lord Windsor's horse, half pay for, 477.

Pembridge, Charles, [Customs Officer], 306.

Pembroke, co. Pembroke, wines and brandies driven ashore at, 110, 150, 153.

Pembroke, county of:

Chief Justice of. See Banastre, Sir William; Brydges, Edmund.

Land Tax (Taxes), Acting Commissioners for, letter to, 252; arrears of, 252; Receiver General of. See Phillips, James.

Second Justice of. See Jefferies, Edward; Winnington, Francis.

Pembroke, Earl of. See Herbert, Thomas.

Pembrook, William, clerk in the Admiralty, 316.

Pencartland. See Hamilton of Pencartland.

Pendarves, Alexander, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, 153, 340, 437.

Pendlebury, James, Master Gunner of Great Britain (of the Ordnance), 37, 180, 548.

Pendrill, Richard (the Pendrills), son of one of the four brothers who performed eminent service for Charles II after the battle of Worcester, 149; mother of, her recollection of the services of Adams, 150; royal bounty for, 43, 366.

Penefather, Nat., list of half pay Officers on the Irish Establishment certified by, 475.

Penington. See Pennington.

Penman, [James], Assaymaster of the Mint at Edinburgh, petition for charges during the reeoinage in Scotland, 236.

Pennant. See Glencothi.

Penner, John, footman of the Royal Stables, 512.

Pennington (Penington), petitioner, 389.

-,Thomas, payment to, out of Army clearings, 98.

-,Thomas, Queen's Waiter, London port, petition to surrender to his nephew, John Newman, 399.

Pennsylvania, ship seized in, 109.

Penny Post Office. See Post Office.

Pennyfee, John, boatman at Orford, appointed boatman at Topsham, 283.

Penotire. See La Penotire.

Penryn (Penrin), co. Cornwall, Surveyor of Customs at (Mr. Worth), 292; waiter and searcher at, 192.

Pensioners. See Chelsea Hospital (out pensioners); French pensioners; Gentlemen Pensioners.

Pensions, annuities, bounties, charities.




Chancery (Hanaper).

Civil List.

Cornwall, Duchy of.

Crown Lands.

Customs (London port Custom House; use; officers superannuation).

Exchequer (salaries and pensions).


First Fruits and Tenths.


Lancaster, Duchy of.


Post Office.

Pre Fines and Post Fines.

Queen's private pensions.


Wales, revenue of.

names of recipients of:

Abernarth, Margaret

Albany, minister of.

Arbuthnot, Dr. John.

Argyll, Duke of.

Arlington, Countess of.

Armstong, Katherine

Armstrong, Mary.

Arnold, Nehemiah.

Ascough, Mathias.

Ashton, Mrs. Ma.

Atkinson, Elinor.

Atkinson, Elizabeth.

Aubert, John.

Austen, Mary.

Babell, Charles.

Badger, Henry

Bagot, Richard, colonel.

Baily, John.

Ball, Elizabeth.

Ball, John.

Balisis, Theodore.

Barber, Mary.

Barrow, Daniel.

Barrow, Elizabeth.

Barrow, Mrs. Mary.

Barrow, Mathew.

Bartram, Thomas.

Bastin, Martha.

Bayne, James.

Bedford, Elizabeth.

Beetham, Allice.

Behrendoff, Mons.

Bell, Jane.

Bellew, Richard, Lord Bellew.

Bellomont, Lord.

Benn, Thomas.

Bennet, Mary.

Benson, Susanna.

Berkley, Jane.

Bertie, Robert.

Beverley, Thomas.

Bew, Frances.

Bickford, Nathaniel.

Bing, Anne.

Bishop, Elizabeth.

Black, Margaret.

Blackman, Solomon.

Blair, John.

Blake, George.

Blandford, Margaret.

Bly, T.

Bocock, Mary.

Booth, Charity.

Boss, E.

Boyce, William, captain.

Bradley, Richard.

Brand, Thomasin.

Brass, Sarah.

Bray, Anne.

Bridges, Anne.

Brinknall, Mary.

Brisbane, Mary.

Broadway, Richard.

Brock, Mary.

Brock, Rowland.

Brocket, William.

Brown, Edward.

Brown, Elizabeth.

Brown, Faith.

Brown, George.

Brown, Sarah.

Brown, Truth.

Browing. Jane.

Bruges aliasPride, Rebecca.

Bryan, Elizabeth.

Buccleuch, Duchess of.

Buck, Katherine.

Buckholt, Carsten or Carslen.

Buckingham, Duchess of.

Bunch, Williamina.

Burch, Love.

Burnet, Gilbert, bishop of Salisbury.

Buss, Margaret.

Butler, Walker.

Button, John.

Butts, John.

Cabel, Anne.

Cabin, Gabriel Mary.

Cadick, Katherinc.

Cairncross, Barbara.

Campion, Joanna.

Carter, Abraham.

Cartwright, Anne.

Cassilis, Countess Dowager of.

Castres, Abraham.

Castres, Jane.

Castres, John.

Cavan, Countess of.

Chaloner, Edmund.

Chamberlayne, John.

Chamberline, Thomas.

Charles, Prince of Denmark.

Charlton, William.

Christian, Anne.

Christ's Hospital. children of.

Chudleigh, John.

Chruch, Ursula.

Churchill, Charles.

Clark, Elizabeth.

Clark, Martha.

Clark, Richard.

Clark, Susannah.

Clauson, Elliner.

Cloffe, Elizabeth.

Cochrane, Lady Mary.

College, Edith.

Collins, Anne.

Colvert, Elizabeth.

Conway, Eleanor.

Conway, Marmaduke.

Cony, Ruperte.

Cooper, Mary.

Coote, Windebank.

Cordell, Ann.

Cordell, Elizabeth.

Cornwallis, Thomas.

Crocker, Isaac.

Croharre, Daniel.

Crooke, Bridget.

Cross, Thomas.

Cunningham, Magdalen.

Curtis, George.

Custis, John.

Dalhousie, Countess Dowager of.

Darlington, Richard.

Davis, Anne.

Davis, Charles.

Davis, J.

Davis, W.

Dawson, Hester.

Dawson, Thomas, Minister of Windsor.

Debnam, Elizabeth.

Deering, Helena.

Denby, Humphry.

Davall, Richard Aron.

Dickerson, Robert.

Dickinson, Jane.

Dickson, Mary.

Disney, Henry.

Disney, Anne.

Disney, Elizabeth.

Dodson, Martha.

Dolloway, John.

Douglas, Charles.

Douglas, Lady.

Doyley, Mrs. Mary.

Drew, Elizabeth.

Drummond, Anna.

Drury, Richard.

Du Commun, Jane Martha.

Du Commun, John Lewis.

Du Commun, Margaret.

Du Commun, Mary.

Du Commun, Peter John.

Duffus, Lady Charlotte.

Duffus, Lord.

Duke, Anne.

Dummer, Edmund, widow and daughter of.

Durell, Henry.

Durell, Susanna.

Edmonds, John.

Edon, Anne.

Edwards, Jacob.

Edwards, William.

Elford, Richard.

Elliot, James.

Elphinston, Mrs.

Elsmore, Hannah.

Erskine, Elizabeth.

Fachin, William.

Fairies, Bessie.

Falkland, Lady.

Farquhar, Mr., children of.

Fearme, Elizabeth.

Field, John.

Fielder, Richard.

Fielding, Anne.

Findlater, Earl of.

Fisher, Ri., captain.

Fisher, Thomas.

Fitzharry, Ann.

Fitzharry, Judith.

Flournois, Monsieur.

Flower, Rebecca.

Foubert, Henry.

Fowler, Elizabeth.

Foxton, Susannah.

Francys, Martha.

French Ministers.

Frolling, Christian.

Gairden, Dr. James.

Garbut, Thomas.

Garlick, Theophilus.

Gates, Bernard.

Gellot, Elizabeth.

George, Prince of Denmark, servants of.

Gibson, Elizabeth.

Gifford, Charles.

Godin, Benjamin.

Goldsborough, Amy.

Gourney, Anne.

Graham, Archibald, relict of.

Graham, Katharine.

Grahme, Mrs. Alice.

Graves, James.

Greensheilds, James.

Greig, Christian.

Greirson, Sarah.

Grosvenor, Anne.

Grove, Elizabeth.

Gummins, Thomas.

Gutsmer, Nicholas.

Gwillims, Isabella.

Haberley, Alice.

Hague, The, Minister at.

Hall, Elizabeth.

Hamilton, Margaret.

Hampton, poor of.

Hampton, Rector of.

Handel, George Frederick.

Hapgood, Thomas.

Harlackenden, Katherine.

Harris, Elizabeth.

Harris, Sarah.

Haughton, Tabitha.

Hawkins, John.

Hawley, Henry.

Hay, Lady.

Hayes, Elizabeth.

Head, Anne.

Heard, Robert.

Heather, Charles.

Hedges, Sir Charles.

Helbig, Mary.

Henderson, Anne.

Henderson, James.

Herauld, James.

Heymans, James.

Hildsley, Katherine.

Hill, Christopher.

Hill, Richard.

Hill, Sir Scipio.

Hills, Mary.

Hilton, Martha.

Hinde, Dr.

Hinton, Samuel.

Holder, George.

Holstein Beck, Duchess of.

Holt, Anne.

Home, Alexander, Earl of Home.

Hoolbrooke, Benjamin.

Hooper, Mrs. Mary.

Hopgood, Thomas.

House, John.

Houseden, Catherin.

Howard, James.

Howard, Lucy.

Howard, Philip, colonel.

Hughs, Hugh.

Hugk, John George.

Hume, Penelope.

Hume, Rachel.

Hurry, Grace.

Hussey, Sarah.

Hutchinson, Mary.

Hutton, Mary.

Hutton, Penelope.

Hyde, Elizabeth.

Hyde, Thomas.

Inwood, Robert.

Ironmonger, Uriah.

Irons, Henry.

Irvine, Mrs.

Jack, Margaret.

Jennings, Elizabeth.

Johnson, Maud.

Jolliffe, Margaret.

Jones, Dorothy.

Jones, Jane.

Jones, Thomas.

Keel, John.

Keightley, Lady Frances.

Keightley, Thomas.

Kemp, Abraham.

Kensington, minister at.

-, poor of.

Kensington School.

Kerr, Jean.

Kerr, William.

KerraliasBrothwick, Jane.

Kershe, Anne.

Keyling, Dorothy.

Keys, Frances.

Killigrew, Charlot.

Killigrew, Elizabeth.

Kincaid, Michael.

King, Alice.

Kirke, Peter.

Knight, Anthony.

La Meloniere, Major General.

La Penotire, Fred.

La Roche, Peter.

Lacy, Thomas.

Lammy, John.

Lance, Jone.

Lane. Thomas

Langley, A.

Langley, J.

Laurenson, Peter.

Laws, A.

Layng, John.

Le Marr, Margaret.

Le fever, Stephen.

Leighton, Susan.

Leimbach, Stephen.

Lesser, John George.

Letham, Richard.

Letour, Peter.

Lincicombe, Margaret.

Lindsay, Ludovick.

Livingston, Hannah.

Loe, Mrs. Jane.

Logan, Nicholas.

London and Westminster:

St. Jame's, poor of.

St. Margaret, Westminster, poor of.

St. Martins, poor of.

Loudoun, Earl of.

Lower, Josina.

Lowman, Mrs. Jane.

Lucas, Charles.

Lunt, John.

Lutzau, Mrs. Katherine.

Lyme Regis, Mayor of.

MacCarty, Lady Mary.

McClean, Mrs.

Macdonel, Eliza.

Mackay, Bridget.

Mackay, Mary.

Mackenzie, Mrs.

Mackenzie, Elizabeth.

Mackenzie, Francis.

Mckewen, Mrs.

Macklean, Sir John.

Mackneal, Mary.

Mackraken, Elizabeth.

Madocks, Milborn.

Man, Isle of, ministers in.

Mansel, Frances.

Mansel, Francis.

Mansel, Richard.

Marlborough, Countess Dowager of.

Marshall, Mary.

Marshall, Petere.

Mason, George.

Mathews, Sarah.

Matsen, Christian.

Maul, Thomas.

Mellege, W.

Mildmay, Benjamin.

Miller, Richard.

Miller, Sarah.

Miremont, Marquis de.

Mitchell, Mary.

Moffat, Agnes.

Moncall, , colonel.

Monceau, Mrs. Mary.

Moncreife, Thomas.

Mondaunt, Lewis.

Mordaunt, Mary.

Mordington, Lord.

Morgan, Ellin.

Morris, David.

Morrison, Margaret.

Murray, Elizabeth.

Myreton, Robert.

Nairn, Sir David

Nash, Samuel.

Nasmith, Barbara.

Nevill, Sophia.

New England, minister in.

Newberry, Cecilia.

Newcomen, Lady.

Newman, Elizabeth.

Newmarket School.

Nicholas, Oliver.

Normand, Edward.

North, Judith.

Norton, Margaret.

Oakeover, Sarah.

Oates, Rebecca.

Old Windsor, Vicar of.

Orange, Pierre L'.

Orkney, Countess of.

Osborne, Charles.

Otway, Frances.

Owen, Hugh.

Pack, Samuel.

Paisible, James.

Palmer, Charles.

Palmes, Guy.

Paltock, Robert.

Park, Thomas.

Parsons, Mary.

Patillo, Mary.

Patterson, William.

Paulden, Rebecca.

Peirce, Rowland.

Pember, Andrew.

Pembroke, Earl of.

Pendrill, Richard.

Person, Elizabeth.

Persoode, Peter.

Peterson, Erasmus.

Peterson, George.

Peterson, Mary.

Peyton, Gertrude.

Peyton. Sir Sewester.

Philips, Lady.

Philpott, John.

Pigott, Jane.

Pitman, Richard.

Plessen, Sigfried de.

Plunket, Frances.

Polexfen, Rosamund.

Porter, George, captain.

Powell, James.

Powell, William.

Power, Benjamin.

Prestwick, Lady.

Pritchard, M.

Pritchard, Rosemund.

Purcell, Edward.

Queensberry, Duke of.

Quinn, Henry.

Raines, Sir Richard.

Ramsey, Elizabeth.

Randell, Beatman.

Raven, Roger, captain.

Rawkins, Mary.

Raynsford, Francis.

Revet, Joane.

Reynolds, Arthur.

Reynolds, Elizabeth.

Reynolds, Isabella.

Ricaute, Charlotte.

Richause, Peter V.

Roberts, Katherine.

Robeson, Margaret.

Robinson, Thomas.

Rogier, Elizabeth.

Roleston, Deborah.

Rose, Francis.

Rose, William.

Rose, Margaret.

Rossignol, John.

Rossington, Eleanor.

Rossington, Elizabeth.

Rouple, Dinah.

Rowe, Arabella.

Rowe Charlotte.

Russell, Lady Letitia.

St. Albans, Duke of.

St. Loe, Mrs. Dorothy.

St. Loe, Mary.

St. Piere, Henry.

Salsbury, , colonel.

Sampson, Elizabeth.

Sampson, Jane.

Savage, Peter.

Sayers, George.

Scheels, Timothy.

Schumaker, Sophia.

Scofeild, Edmd.

Seignoret, John.

Sewell, Elizabeth.

Seymour, Charles.

Shaw, Mr.

Shepheard, Henrietta Maria.

Shepheard, John.

Shipton, Alice.

Shore, John.

Silvius, Anne.

Simcoks, Robert.

Simons, Anne.

Simcoks, Robert.

Simons, Mary.

Simpson, Anne.

Simpson, Margaret.

Simpson, Sarah.

Sinclair, Mrs.

Sisson, Elizabeth.

Slingsby, Victory.

Smith, Anne.

Smith, Elizabeth.

Smith, Mary.

Smith, Mary Elizabeth.

Smith, Thomas.

Smith, William.

Smithsby, Rabsey.

Snell, John.

Sorrell, Francis.

Speke, Hugh.

Stanhope, Katherine.

Steele, Richard.

Stewart, Elizabeth.

Stewart, Jean.

Stewart, Katherine.

Stewart, Mary.

Strachan, James.

Suhm, Burchard.

Sykes, William.

Tagg, Thomas.

Tattersal, Elizabeth.

Tessin, Katherine.

Thomas, Magdalen.

Thompson, Catherine.

Thompson, Robert.

Thornburgh, Elizabeth.

Thornburgh, Margaret.

Thornby, Samuel.

Thorold, Mrs.

Thurman, Catharine, junr.

Thurman, Catharine, senr.

Thurman, Mary.

Tomson, Clifton.

Tomson, Windham.

Tonks, Ann.

Torway, Mrs. Dorothy.

Towers, Elizabeth.

Turner, Joseph.

Vandoren, Jane.

Vaughan, Alice.

Vaughan, George.

Vernon, James.

Vezian, James.

Villiers, Mrs. Ann.

Voljohn, Elizabeth.

Wachop, , Major, widow of.

Waggot, Elizabeth.

Walker, Hester.

Walker, Margaret.

Walter, Jane.

Walter, Mary.

Walthorp, Anne.

Wandsford, Elizabeth.

Wanley, Dorothy.

Wapping, Minister of.

Warden, Martha.

Warren, Elizabeth.

Warren, Joyce.

Warren, William.

Webb, Charles.

Webb, Joseph.

Webb, Roger.

Wells, Cradock.

Wentworth, Peter.

Westley, Rob.

Weyms, Lord.

Whaley, Winifred.

White, Samuel.

Whitfeild, Anne.

Whitmore, Mary.

Whittle, Anne.

Wilkinson, Anne.

Wilkinson, Elizabeth.

William, Edward.

Williams, Hugh.

Williams, John.

Williams, Roger.

Williamson, Edmund.

Williamson, James.

Willoughby, Edward, Lord Willoughby.

Windham, Frances.

Windham, Sir Francis.

Windham, Rachel.


corporation of.

Dean, etc., of.

poor of.

Windsor School.

Winstanley, Elizabeth.

Witich, Godfrey.

Woodward, Susan.

Woodson, Leonard.

Wright, Aves.

Wright, Jane.

Wright, Sarah.

Wroughton, Teresa.

Wyche, Jermyn.

Yates, Nicholas, heirs of.

Yorke, Margaret.

Young, Robert.

Young, Sarah.

Penzance, co. Cornwall, Collector of Customs at (Richard Score), 257; tidesmen at, 265, 449; waiters and searchers at, 293.

Pepper, Gilbert, Agent (Undertaker) for Sick and Wounded Seamen at Kinsale and Marshal for prisoners of war in Ireland, bills of exchange drawn by, 110, 191.

-, Gilbert, and Daniel Roseingrave, a witness against Kirby et al., for the murder of Colonel Parke, 436(2), 443.

-, John, Major General:

claim by, report on, 206.

pay of, on the Irish Establishment, report on, 359.

regiment of dragoons of:

on the Irish Establishment, 279, 422.

pay for, 214, 354; report on, 422.

subsistence for, 214, 354.

two youngest troops of, disbanded, 278, 279; half pay for officers of, 278, 279.

Pepys, Samuel, Treasurer of Tangier, executors of, stay of process against, 148.

Perdue, Joshua, waiter and searcher at Penryn, deceased, 192.

Perpetuities. See:

Cambridge University.


Cotton, Sir John.

Eton College.

Kinnoul, Earl of.

Lichfield Cathedral, Dean and Chapter and Vicars of.

Oxford University.

London and Westminster:

St. Bottolphs.

St. John Baptist.

St. Magnus.

St. Michaels.

Poor, the.

Southwark, schoolmaster of.

Tower of London, Vicar of.

Perrin (Perryn), Thomas, merchant of London, extended estate of, in Mincing Lane and Mark Lane, 270; prisoner in the Fleet for Customs debt, petition for release, 298; sureties for, 118, 187.

Perrot, , Mons., deceased, prints and pictures brought over by, 396; father of, at Geneva, 396.

Perry (Pery, Perey), Hugh, master of the William, 105.

-, John, and others, proprietors of the copper and brass works called Temple Mills, petition of, 118.

-, John, Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

-, Micajah, merchant of London, security for Daniel Parke, Governor of the Leeward Islands, for tobacco duties, petition, 178, 444.

Perryn. See Perrin.

Persehouse, Peter, Serjeant at Arms attending the Lord Chancellor, appointment surrendered, 183.

Person, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

Persoode, Peter, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Perspectives, 167.

Perth, co. Perth, ship of, 311.

Peterborough, Earl of. See Mordaunt, Henry.

Peters, Robert, Receiver General of Taxes for co. Hertford:

arrears of (debt due to the Crown by), 82, 440; proposals for sale or assignment of his lands for discharging, 354, 381, 440.

creditors of, petition and proposal by, 440.

debt due to, for army and marine clothing, 67, 82, 440; proposal for paying, 481.

petition of, to be continued as Receiver, 82.

Petersburg. See St. Petersburg.

Peterson, Erasmus, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, George, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

-, Mary, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Pethick, Abraham, nominated landwaiter at Dartmouth, 282.

Petit, Mr., bills of exchange drawn by, 213.

-, Lewis, brigadier, Lieutenant Governor of the Castle of St. Philips, Port Mahon:

contract and articles of agreement made by, 102.

lists of sick and wounded certified by, 289.

petition for adjustment of his accounts, 158.

Petre, Robert, payments to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247(3), 249.

Petree, Thomas, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Petty Bag Office, clerk of (Edward Bulstrode), 380; writs of scire facias out of, 356.

Peyton (Payton), Craven, Warden of the Mint, 474.

attending the Treasury, 14.

Clerk to (Deputy Clerk). See Beresford, Francis; Ford, George; Weddell, Robert.

matters referred to, 118, 119.

payment by, 319.

petition of, 147.

-, Gertrude, royal bounty for, 345.

-, Sir Sewester, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Pheasant Keeper. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Philip [V], King of Spain, piece of, weight and value of, 5.

Philips (Phillips), Lady, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

-, Ambrose, appointed tidesman and boatman at Falmouth, 293.

-, Edward, officer for delivering the venison warrants, Royal Household, 506.

-, Edward, Messenger of the Accompting House, Royal Household, 495.

-, James, Receiver General of Land Tax (Taxes) for South Wales (cos. Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan and Pembroke and town of Haverford West), commission and securities, 232; issue to, 15; petition for extraordinary charges, 291.

-, John, Daily Waiter of the Hall, Royal Household, 500.

-, Richard, Coachman to the Royal Stables, 512.

Phill, Henry, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 362, 364.

Phillips. See Philips.

Phillopson, John, captain, agent for the Packet Boats at Harwich, payment to, for travelling expenses, 452.

Phillpott (Philpott, Philpot), George, master of the Anne and Rebecca, 105.

-, John, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, Richard, boatman at Faversham, 331.

Philosophy, Professors of, on the Civil List, Scotland, 274; and see Moir, James.

Philpott. See Phillpott.

Phipps, Sir Constantine, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 368; Lord Justice of Ireland, 368.

-, William, captain in Stewart's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Phnix Park, co. Dublin, grant of ground in, for a hospital, 215; Surveyor General for work in, payment to, 385.

Physic, Professor of, in Glasgow University, 467; Professor and Reader of, in Cambridge University (Dr. Green), 530, in Oxford University (Dr. Thomas Hoy), 530.

Physician General. See Le Caan, John.

Physicians. See Army; Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.


exportation of, 396.

in enamel, of the Queen, her Consort and the Court, by Charles Boit, 88, 236.

in Holyrood House at the time of the Union, account of, required, 60, 433.

sent home by the Earl of Strafford, 93.

pictures, Repairer of. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Piece goods, importation of, 194.

Pieces of Eight:

exchange rates, 3, 33, 42, 44, 49, 237, 313, 320, 357; four to the Spanish doubloon, 4.

Mexico or Pillar, value of, 5.

quarter, of the new species, value of, 5, 10.

value of, 10.

Piedmont, French Officers taken to, 442; native of, 154.

Pierse. See Pearce.

Pierson, Alexander, master of the Robertson, 230.

-, Thomas, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 374, 440.

Pigot (Pigott), Henry, Waiter of the Robes, 536; issues to, for the service of the Robes, 13, 120, 484, 550.

-, Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Pillans, Thomas, payment to, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Pillant, Thomas, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 269.

Pillar Piece of Eight. See Pieces of Eight.

Pilots, for Transports, 259; and see Navy.

Pindar, Matthew, petition for new lease of woodland, etc., in Bromby and Redbourn, 339, 340.

Pine, John, master of the Prosperous Ann, 371.

Pines, Dean, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

Pinkney, Leonard, Gentleman Usher Quarter Waiter, 503.

Pinney, John, appointed boatman at Topsham, 293.

Pipe. See Exchequer Court.

-, Scotland. See Scotland, Exchequer Court.

Pipe staves, importation of, 194(2), 230, 311, 409, 433.

Pirates, clandestine trade with, proposal to discover, 157.

Pistoles, 8, 98, 167, 327.

Pitch, importation of, 125, 126, 312, 381, 393, 435, 441, 442, 455, 465; scheme for supplying, from North America, 158.

Pitcher, Noah, surgeon to Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211, 482.

Pitman, Richard, pensioner on the Civil List, 542.

Pitmillie. See Monipenny of Pitmillie.

Pitts, Mr., famous white neck mare bought from, for the Queen's stud. 468.

Place, Conyers, lost annuity orders in the name of, innovated, 277.

Placentia, Newfoundland:

Army and garrison. See Army.

Lieutenant Governor of. See Moody, John.

provisions for, 209.


" increases and spreads in many places abroad," 364.

ships from places infected with, orders in Council for performance of quarantine by, 338; and see Ships.

Plaistow, Thomas, captain in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Plank, importation of, 221, 381, 442(2), 465.

Plank ships, 230.

Plantation duties (as by Act 25 Chas. II, c. 7):

Comptroller of. See Wickes, John.

issues out of, 180, 229, 452.

officer to solicit debts outstanding on (B. Coode, H. Roynon), 113.

receipt of, in charge of the Collector Inwards, 127.

Plantations and colonies:

Army in. See Army.

Assemblies of, money for public uses given by, account of, required, 142.

Auditor General of. See Blathwaite, William.

chaplains for. See Chaplains.

copper coins for, 29.

Customs officers in, salary bills, 71, 311; and see Montserrat; Nevis.

Governors of, revenue accounts to be transmitted by, 143.

Northern, importation of rum from Surinam to, 412.

Prize duties from, 201, 452.

proposals for making them self supporting, desired, 225.

revenues of, accounts of, 142, 472.

See also America; Trade and Plantations.

Plasterer, Master Plasterer. See Works.


delivered to the Mint for coinage, 363.

for the table of the Speaker. See ParliamentCommons.

issued out of the Jewel House. See Jewel House.

sent to and from the Leeward Island, 15, 135.

stolen, 87.

wrecked, grant of, 326.

Platillas, French linen called, 425.

Platt, John, Yeoman of the Leash, 535.

Plessen, Sigfried de, pensioner on the Civil List, 540.

Plucknet, Brook, captain lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Plunket, Frances, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

Plymouth, co. Devon:

boatman at, 449.

Customs officers at, 258.

Customs smack, 489.


hemp for, 410.

issue for, 441.

land belonging to Sir Nicholas Morrice added to, lease of, 125, 188, 223, 227.

officers of, petition for repayment of assessments, 397, 409.

garrison of, chaplain for, 391.

hemp imported at, price of, 214.

H.M. ships at, 177; paying off and laying up, 202, 222, 230, 242, 251, 281.

Lamhay, lands called, claimed by legatees of Sir W. Strode, 317.

marine regiments at, disbandment of, 379, 428.

prisoners of war at, Marshal of (William Slaughter), 133; subsistence of, 133.

prize ships, 192.

prize wines at, as to duty payable on, 93.

regiments of Foot Guards for, 342.

ships seized at, 258.

surveyor of. See Wynd, Robert.

tidesmen at, 113, 265, 283, 293, 387.

tobacco bonds given at, 202.

weighers of, 265.

Plymouth Sound, 327.

Pocock, [John], colonel, regiment of, disbandment, 311, 487; expected at Dover, 311; non commissioned Officers and privates of, bounty money for, 311.

Poet Laureate(N. Tate), allowance in lieu of a butt of sack, 506; issue for, 273.

Poland, King of. Envoy Extraordinary to. See Scott, James; H.M. Secretary to. See Mackenzie, George; Elector of Saxony as, Resident afterwards Envoy from. See also Augustus.

Polexfen (Pollexfen), John, manor of Latchleys mortgaged to, 187.

-, Mrs. Rosamond, royal bounty for, 33, 222, 344, 469.

Pollard, Richard, payment to, for apprehending criminals, 69.

Pollexfen. See Polexfen.

Pollington, Edward, junr., Collector of Newhaven, recommendation and appointment, 423, 428.

Polock, Sir Robert, lieutenant colonel of Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Polonia wool, airing of, against infection, 364.

Pool. See Poole.

Poole, co. Dorset, Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Derby, Benj.; waiters and searchers at, 239.

Poole (Pool), Timothy, minister at Hampton Court, 550.

-, William, serjeant of the Larder, Royal Household, 501.

-, Sir William, Master of the Royal Household, wages and board wages, 495, 507.

Pooley, Robert, Commissioner for Stamps, 236; attending the Treasury, 19.

Poor, the:

Daily Alms, issues for, 35, 245, 424.

duties on Houses paid by. See Cumberland; Houses.

of Hampton, annual bounty 537.

of Kensington, annual bounty 537.

of London, issues for, 37, 167.

St. Botolph, perpetuity, 530.

St. Magnus, perpetuity, 530.

St. Margaret's. Westminster, annual bounty, 537.

St. Martin's, annual bounty, 537.

St. Michael's Cornhill, perpetuity, 530(2).

St. James's parish, annual bounty, 537.

St. John Baptist, perpetuity, 530.

of Windsor, annual bounty, 537.

perpetuities for, 530.

Poor at the Gate, issues for, 35, 44, 316.

Pope, John, tenant of a domain near East Gate, Taunton, 305.

-, Roger, stipend out of the Royal Stables, 513.

Popes, The, ecclesiastical imposition in Minorca allowed to Kings of Spain by, 144.

Popham, John, Receiver General of Land Tax, co. Hampshire, petitioner, 209.

Popish priest, arrest of, 156.

Pople. See Popple.

Popoli, Duke of, ambassador entertained by, 208.

Popple (Pople), Secretary to the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, 47, 118, 124, 142, 290, 302, 358, 409, 448.

Port, Katherine, housemaid of the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Port Mahon, Minorca:

artificers (of the Navy) at, issues for, 7, 112.

artillery trains in, officers of, recalling of, 160; proposed establishment, 121.

Barcelona and, passage between, 205, 206.

bills of exchange on, 43, 175, 313, 320, 357. Cp. Army Port Mahon (exchange remittances).

Castle of St. Philips, fortifications of, contract and agreement with undertakers for, 102; depositions, etc., re, 102; Lieutenant Governor of. See Petit, Lewis.

correspondence with, via Marseilles and Toulon, packet boats for, proposals and reports re, 205, 206.

farthings wanted at, 198.

garrison. See ArmyPort Mahon.

governor of. See Petit, Lewis.

Hospital at (new hospital):

building of, bills drawn for, payment of, 368.

complaints re, letter and papers of, 102.

Director of (Robert Hardwick), his charges for maintenance of sick and wounded, petition for and payment of, 82, 288, 289, 438.

sick and wounded sailors and soldiers in, charges of (maintenance, subsistence), 175, 438; 10d. per diem for, 82; charge of 15d. per diem (5d. from the regiments and 10d. as an extraordinary charge), 289.

utensils in, account of, 102.

letter dated from, 324.

Lieutenant Governor of. See Petit, Lewis.

Marseilles and, passage between, 205.

officers going to, subsistence for, 1.

[Ordnance] establishment for, 132.

regiments at and for. See ArmyPort Mahon.

Victualling Office at, engine for raising water at, 102.

Port Passage [? Port Pasquet, Majorca], transports ordered from, 136.

Port Patrick, co. Wigtown, packet boats between Donaghadee and, establishment of, proposed, 189, 311, 414; report on, 397; masters and seamen of, to give bond not to assist the running of goods (Irish victual or other prohibited goods), 414, 454.

Portage Duty.. See LondonDuty.

Portall, William, Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Portcullis Pursuivant at Arms (John Hesket, Thomas Wightwick), 226, 288, 531.

Porter, Abry, captain in Lord Windsor's regiment of horse, half pay for, 477.

-, George, captain, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

-, Ralph, landwaiter at Bridlington, superannuated, 266.

-, Susannah, pretended assault on, 481.

Portman, Henry, Keeper of Hyde Park, 28(2), 182, 480, 527.

Portsmouth, co. Hants.:

Aldermen of, turned out of office, 406.

borough of, rights and privileges of, prosecution for settling, 406.

dockyard, issue for, 441; workmen discharged from, petition to be reinstated, 99.

hemp imported at, price of, 214.

H.M. ships at, paying off and laying up, 202, 222, 230, 242, 251, 281; short allowance money for, 213.

Invalid companies at (four), 152; clothing for, 75.

mayor of (Joseph Whitehorn), turned out of office, 406.

regiment disbanded at, 99.

regiments of Foot Guards for, 342.

Portsmouth, Chatham and Harwich, lands for fortifications at:

Acts for purchasing (7 Anne, c. 26, and 8 Anne, c. 23), 418.

Common's sustained by prodamages sustained by proprietors of (lands found not to be necessary), Commissioners to enquire into (Navy Commissioner, Ordnance Board, Victualling Commissioners, Commissioners and Surveyor General of Crown Lands), 394, 411, 417.

report by the Attorney General re, 394, 411.

survey of, 388, 390, 391, 396, 417.


army in.See Army.

bills taken up in, by General Peirce, 52.

brandy imported from 381.

Commissioners for inspecting Affairs of the war in. See ArmyPortugal (Commissioners).

correspondence with, packet boats required for, 139.

Envoy and minister from. See AmbassadorsTo England.

Envoy from the Emperor to. See Ursini, J. F., graf von Rosenberg.

Envoy, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Secretary. See AmbassadorsFrom England.

hospitals in, Director, Physician, Master Surgeon and Master Apothecary of the British Hospital in, certificate signed by, 86; expense of, 413, 420, 430; drugs, medicines and surgeons' instruments for, petition re, 165; officers of, petition for half pay, 146, 324.

King of:

agreement with, proposed, for importing merchandise on packet boats, 139.

proposal to sell arms and accoutrements to, 86.

subsidies due to, 86; application for, 284; payment of, 141.

letters from and to, by the French and Flanders Mails, payment to France for conveyance of, 204; produce of, 203, 204.

permit for Count Rosenberg's baggage to be exported to, 180.

Queen of, presents for, from the Empress Dowagers and Archduchesses of Germany, 181.

wines from (Portuguese wines) duties on, memorials re, 30, 209, 218.

Portuguese moidores, exchange rate, 3; weight and standard of, 4.

Post Fines. See Pre Fines.

Post Horses, 120.

Post Office:

additional tax of (postage on) letters:

Act 9 Anne, c. 11 (Act for establishing Post Office Revenue) for, reward for the Solicitor of the Post Office for drafting and settling, 137, 429, 448; clauses in, rejected by the House of Commons, 448.

allowance for computing, 143.

ambassadorial postage. See Ambassadorsextraordinaries.

beadle (J. Kempton), payment for a year's watching, 452.

Bill, charges for settling, 429.

branch [post office]. See Chester; St. Neots.

brass money brought into, 14.

clerks of, beer for, allowance for, 143, 452; three feasts due to, allowance for, 143, 453.

clocks, allowance for looking after, 452.

[collector of].See Jenks, Richard.

collector for the New River Water (John sarjeant), 452.

[Comptroller of the Foreign Office], (Ashburnham Frowde), payment to, for travelling charges to Dunkirk for settling a postmaster there, 453.

[Comptroller of the Inland Office], (William Frankland), payment to, for beer for clerks and for travelling charges in Lincolnshire to regulate complaints against postmasters, 143, 452.

contractors for packet boats accountable to, for freight of passenger, horses and goods, 203, 206.

convex lights for, 453.

Cross Road Posts, management of, recommendation for, 336.

debts and arrears of. account of, required, 166.

delivery of letters to the House of Commons, payment for, 143.

Deputy Postmasters. See Abingdon, Chester.

frauds on postage of letters (under Act of 12 Car. II, c. 35), 448.

free postage, warrant for, 381.

Gazetteer of, new year gift to, 453.

Gazettes for, payment for, 452.

incident bills, 143, 452, 453.

Inlands letters, allowance for casting up, 143.

Irish letters, allowance for for casting up, 143.

Letter Carriers. See Rogers, John; of the Treasury. See Farra, John. See also Post OfficePenny Post.

letter carrying (private collection and conveyance of letters) by carriers, higlers, drivers of stage coaches and watermen, prevention of, clauses in Act 9 Anne, c. 11, for, rejected by House of Commons, 448; officer for, payment to, 453; prosecution for, failure of, 452.

Letter money, issues out of, 13, 15, 19, 59.

loss to, by passage boats set up between the Thames and Rotterdam, 78.

messengers. See Post Office Penny Post.

New Year gifts, 453(2).

newspapers for, 452.

Packet Boats, See Packet Boats.

painters' bills, 453.

Penny Post Office, messengers and carriers of Payments to, 143(2), 453.

pensions payable out of, 154; account of, required, 58, 422; removal of great pensions, 19.

post boys, Xmas box money for, 453.

Postal treaties:

with France, 203, 204, 209,218,295,411,429, 444.

with the Spanish Netherlands, 204.

Postmaster General of France. See France.

Postmaster General of Spanish Netherlands. See Spanish Netherlands.

Postmasters, complaints against, 452; salary of, 238; and see Ashburton; Dorchester; Dunkirk; Exeter; Lincolnshire.

Postmasters General (John Evelyn and Sir Thomas Frankland):

attending the Treasury, 59.

Captains of Packet Boats to be appointed by, 203, 404.

letter from, 429.

letters to and matters referred to, 59, 124, 136, 166, 168, 183, 189, 209, 238, 241, 261, 270, 284, 290, 322, 336, 389, 397, 404, 411, 414, 429(2), 432(2), 434, 436, 444, 454, 458.

memorials of, 139, 444, 457.

payment by, 448.

reports and representations by, 11, 78, 203, 205(2), 218, 295, 311, 397, 429(2), 432, 448(2).

[Secretary to].See Waterhouse, Benjamin.

warrants to, 139, 203, 205, 381, 448, 457.

punches for, payment for, 452.

Receiver General of (Stephen Lilly),:

attending the Treasury, 13, 14.

dividends on South Sea Stock paid to, 149(2), 349.

evidence of, re counterfeit money, 14.

letter to, 422.

loans by, payment of interest on, 297.

revenue of:

Acts for Establishing [12 Car. II, c. 35, and 9 Anne, c. 11], 137, 448.

great pensions removed from, 19.

in North America, loss to, by currency of Paper Bills, 218.

salaries of (inferior) officers of, repayment of assessments on, 63, 437.

Scotch letters, casting up of, 143.

seals for (silver, leaden), payment for, 143, 452, 453.

ship letters, 453; at a penny per letter, 452.

Solicitor of (Richard Swift); prosecutions by, state of, 22; rewarded for drafting and settling the Act 9 Anne, c. 11, for establishing the Post Office revenue, 137, 429, 448.

stages, inspection of, in the Bristol Road, 453.

well at, allowance for pumping, 143, 452.

Xmas box money, 453.

Postillions. See Royal Mews and Stables.

Potashes, importation of, 76, 89, 154, 194, 433, 474.

Pottenger (Potenger, Pottinger), John, Comptroller of the Pipe, 26, 157, 309, 539.

Potter, Thomas, promoted to the superior list of tidesmen, London port, 192.

Poulett (Paulet), John, Earl Poulett, Lord Steward, letters to, 288, 368; and see Royal Household Below Stairs (Board of Green Cloth).

Poulteney (Poultney, Pulteney), Daniel, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark, 450, 520, 551(2).

-, John, Commissioner for Trade, payment to, 15.

Poulter, Josias, Gentleman of the Ewry, Royal Household, 496; allowance out of the Wardrobe, 508.

Poulton, co. Lancaster, waiters and searchers at, 283.

Poultry, officers of. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

Poultry Compter. See London and WestminsterPrisons.

Poundage Duties. See Customs duties (tonnage and poundage).

Povey, John, a Clerk of the Privy Council, 234, 534.

Powder.See Gunpowder.

Powell. Caleb, Receiver General of Land Tax for cos. Brecon, Radnor and Montgomery, appointment and securities, 232.

-, Giles, Chamberkeeper to the Queen's Waiters, 505.

-, Henry, under housekeeper at Kensington, 538.

-, Henry, Groom of the Accounting House, Royal Household, wages and board wages, 495.

-, Henry, wages out of the Wardrobe, 507.

-, James, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247.

James, pensioner on the Civil List, 510.

-, John, loan by, payment of interest on, 297.

-, Sir John, executors of, payment to, 552.

-, Jonathan, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, William, extraordinary tidesman, London port, tidesman's place for, 306.

-, William, royal bounty for, 271, 472.

Power, Benjamin, schoolmaster of Wapping, annual bounty for, 537.

-, Samuel, his proposals for lessening the charge of managing the duties on hides and improving the yield of those duties, 186.

Powys, Mr., matter referred to, 481.

-, R., (Treasury), letter from, 345.

-, Sir Thomas, Queen's first Serjeant at Law, 43, 302; appointed judge of the Queen's Bench, 268, 302.

Pratt (Prat), Dr. [Samuel, Dean of Rochester], Clerk of the Closet, Chapel Royal, 506.

-, Thomas, Queen's Waiter, London port, appointment, 244; deputy to (Thomas Doyly), 259, 282.

Prayer, Forms of, printing of, 515.

Prayer Books, for the Queen's Chapel at Windsor, 101.

Pre Fines and Post Fines, pensions paid out of, account of, required, 58.

Preachers, authorized, in America, 100; perpetuities for, in Oxford and Cambridge Universities, 529; stipend of, 109.

Prerogative Office, 183.

Press. See Printing Press.

Preston, Edward, payment to, for looking after Post Office clocks, 452.

-, Elizabeth, widow and executrix of Thomas, petition for renewal of lease of site of the monastery of Furness, etc., 285, 367.

-, [George], brigadier, petition for pay, 96; regiment of, on the Irish Establishment, 266; subsistence for, 212.

-, Thomas, 367; heir of (Sir Thomas Lowther), 285; lessee of the site of the monastery of Furness, 285.

Prestwick, Lady, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.


memorial of, 404.

regiment of foot of, 404.

disbandment in Spain, 402, 403.

invalids of, subsistence and bounty money for, 8.

noncommission officers of, full pay and subsistence, 402, 403.

officers of, full pay, half pay and subsistence, 402, 403; petition in behalf of, 337.

-, Charles, Groom of the Cellar, Royal Household, 496.

-, Cromwell, cornet in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, France, waiter and searcher at St. Austin Beach, superannuated, 283.

-, John, recommended for employment under the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland, 255.

-, John, appointed waiter and searcher at Poole, 239.

-, John, joint Clerk of the Acatery, Royal Household, venision fees and disbursements for the Royal Household due to, 506, wages, board wages and allowance for necessaries, 497, 507(2).

-, Mary, et al., wives of lieutenants sent to New England, memorial, 389.

-, Rees, nominated tidesman and boatman at Falmouth, 282.

-, Sir Robert, Baron of the Exchequer, 426; decree signed by, 48 note.

-, Roderick, gunner and bombadier of the Ordnance, money advanced by, petition for, 189.

-, William, letter from, mentioned, 188.

Prices, costs, values, etc.:

abstracts of Patent Rolls, per sheet, 191.

badges for the Master of the Queen's barges, 288.

barracks for 500 foot soldiers in the Savoy, 102.

bedding, 103, 288.

blankets, 103.

cask, per ton, 104.

clocks, alarm, 167; table repeating, 166.

cloth, superfine (various colours), 166, 167; and see below Salisbury cloth.

coat for Lancaster Herald, 288; for Portcullis Pursuivant at Arms, 288.

collar of the order of the Thistle with an enamelled St. George, 135.

copper, per pound, 29, 119.

cups and saucers, 133.

cushions, 210.

fatts [vats], per ton, 104.

freights, per ton per month, 104, 105, 106.

Furzeel barrels, 167.

gardening contract, per acre, 165.

gilding of store plate, 81.

gold cups for horse races, 145, 285.

gold medals to commemorate the Peace of Utrecht, 285, 360.

gold plate, 81, 91.

gold and silver thread, 84.

hammocks, 103.

hay, per load, 103.

hemp, per ton, 214, 410.

indexing, 191.

iron hoops, per cwt., 104.

Japan basin, 133.

Japan cabinet, 167.

Japan canister, 133.

lace, 222.

liveries for hautbois of the 1st Regiment of Guards, 111; for Officers at Arms, Ireland, 92; for Queen's Herbstrewer, 89; for Queen's Ratkiller, 89.

looking glasses, 167.

Lottery ticket plates, 132.

oats, per quarter, 104.

packet boats, building and fitting, 140; hire of, 203.

Perspectives, 167.

pistols, 167.

plate, gilt and white, 81, 145, 250, 369, 437, 466, 467; and see above gold plate.

purse for Lord Privy Seal, 429.

race horses, 468.

road making and repairing, 255, 389, 425, 480.

Salisbury, cloth, 133.

Scissil (sizzel), per pound, 119.

seals and signets, 226.

searching of Patent Rolls, per roll, 191.

ship, 77.

silver, per ounce, 226.

stipends in Scotland, 111.

surplices, 85.

tea, Imperial and Peko, per pound, 133.

tea equipage, 167, 392.

tea pots, 133.

tea table, 133.

Turkey handkerchiefs. 93.

[vats]. See above fatts.

watches, gold and silver, 167.

window curtains, 71.

workmanship (gold medal), 285.

Prichet, Thomas, highwayman. arrested and convicted, 310.

Pride.See Bruges.

Primrose, Archibald, Earl of Rosebery, Chamberlain of Fife and Strathearn, petition for discharge of rents, 228; payment to, on his allowance of 600l. per annum, 335.

-, [Gilbert], major general, his regiment of foot, on the Irish Establishment, 266.

Princes Wood in Bromby, q.v.

Printed news for Ambassadors. See Ambassadorsextraordinaries.

Printed stuffs, duties on. See Customs duties.

Printers. See Bowyer, William; Queen's Printers.

Printing House in White Friars, fire in, 275.

Printing Press, messenger of (Robert Stephens), 61, 406, 550.

Prints, exportation of, 396.

-, See Public Prints.

Prior (Pryor), Mathew:

bills of exchange drawn by, 57, 154, 182, 202, 264, 312, 344, 391.

letters from, mentioned, 204, 456.

matter referred to, 295.

postal treaty with France executed by, 59.

Prisoners of War:

at Plymouth, Marshal of (William Slaughter), 133.

in France, 171.

in Ireland, Marshal of (Gilbert Pepper), 110.

in Spain, 177.

enemy, 420.

noncommission officers and privates, 8, 98.

officers, 130, 170, 171, 336, 402, 403, 471.

Paymaster of (Mons. de la Corve), complaint against, 244.

returning home, 14.

subsistence for, 136.

taken at the battle of the Caya, 472.

transportation of, from Kinsale to France, 187.

Prisons. See Lincoln; London and Westminster.

Pritchard, Margaret, royal bounty for, 507.

-, Rosamund, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Privateers.See French; Guernsey; Jersey.

Privy Chamber.See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Privy Council:

Clerk of the Council in waiting, letter to, 460.

Clerks of (William Blathwaite, Sir Christopher Musgrave, John Povey, Edward Southwell), issue for, 40; payments to, for attending Trade and Plantation business, 234, 485, 534; salaries, 234, 534.

Committee of, Sir W. Wyndham attending, 38.

inferior officers of, payment to, for travelling and other charges, 338.

Keepers of the Council Chamber (Richard Grigson, Robert Harmsworth, Edward Salter):

bedding for, 288.

fee or salary of, 284.

issues for, 42, 53.

payment to, for attending Trade and Plantation business, 344.

letters from, circulation of, 329.

matters referred to, 79, 89, 122, 284, 299, 401, 405, 418, 432, 447, 460, 461, 474(2).

Office, books of, binding of, 268.

Orders in Council, 76, 89, 109, 118, 125, 131, 142, 150, 154, 172(2), 186, 194, 200, 206, 218, 221, 230, 264, 270, 277, 285, 311, 312, 338, 340, 343, 354, 359, 360, 364(2), 371, 381, 393, 396, 409, 416, 428, 433(2), 435, 440, 441, 445, 455, 465, 474, 488; circulation of, in Scotland. See Scotland.

President of (Duke of Buckingham and Normandy), allowance, 531.

report to, 311.

under clerks of, payments to, 28, 195; and see Beak, Thomas.

warrant by, 268.

Privy Garden, doors of, 388; house in the possession of the Earls of Mar and Loudoun in, lease of, 195; and see London and Westminster Whitehall Palace.

Privy Purse, issues for, 12, 15, 16, 19, 23, 25(2), 26, 27, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 40, 41, 43(2), 44, 45, 47, 49, 50(2), 52, 53, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 72, 81(2), 434, 443, 485, 547; Keeper of (Lady Masham). See Royal Household Above Stairs.

Privy Seal:

as to passing Scottish grants under, 286.

Clerks of (Thomas Gostling, Henry Ludlow, Sir G. Pierse, George Sawyer), board wages, 504.

fees for passing, 147, 200, 208.

Keeper (Lord Keeper, Lord Privy Seal):

(Duke of Newcastle), payment to executors of, on his allowance in lieu of diet and on his fee, 536.

(Dr. John Robinson, Bishop of Bristol), See Robinson, John.

Commissioners for executing the office of Lord Privy Seal in the absence of (Sir G. Beaumont, Robert Byerley and Edward Nicholas), allowance in lieu of 16 dishes of meat, 264; determination of their patent, 335; issues and payments to, 43, 60, 412.

(Earl of Dartmouth), appointment, 335; rich purse for, 429.

Office, fees at, 200.

Office Keeper, fee, 200.

Scotland. See Scotland.


Agent for, at Falmouth (John Parker), account of, 276.

Agents for bringing in arrears of (Thomas Baker, William Gosselin):

certificate by, 276.

instructions for Colonel Nicholson to be prepared by, 6.

issue to, 33.

letter from, 276.

letters to and matters referred to, 83, 237. 466.

reports and representations from, 83, 110, 466.

arrears of, unrecovered, in America, 110; Commissioner for enquiring into. See Nicholson, Francis.

captors' shares of, unclaimed, for Greenwich Hospital (as by Act 6 Anne, c. 65, amended and extended by Act 10 Anne, c. 27), 396 note.

Deputy Receivers of, offices of, suppressed, 71.

duties on, from the Plantations, issues out of, 201, 452.

instructions re, preparation of, 6.

Office, in Covent Garden, 276.

prize money (produce), embezzlement of, 110; granted for the support of Greenwich Hospital (as by Act 10 Anne, c.. 27), 395, 396 note.

Receiver General of (James Herbert), allowance in account of, 71; patent of appointment, date of and date of revocation of, 71.

Receivers of, payments into the Exchequer by, 395, 396 note.

ships comdemned as, 374; illegally, 109.

subTreasurers of, offices of, suppressed, 71.

taken by H.M. ships, 93, 192, 237.

wines. See Wines.

Proby, Thomas, piece of ground in Phnix Park held by, great seal for surrender of, 214, 215; trustee of Dr. Richard Stevens for erecting a Hospital, 215.


for altering stamps on hides, skins, etc., 122, 330.

imposing quarantine, 364.

in Scotland, distribution of, etc. See Scotland.

printing of, payment for, 339, 515.

Procter (Proctor), William, payments to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 247, 249.

Procurator General. See Smyth, George.

Progers, Edward, Keeper of the Middle Park at Hampton Court, Moletaker and Keeper of the Hare Warren there, 548; death of, 548.

packet boats not to import,

Prohibited goods, bonds to be given by masters and seamen of French goods.

Prosecutions by solicitors of Revenue

See also East India Goods: 166; and see several Revenue

Prosecutions by solicitors of Revenue

Protestants, in Hungary, Agent for (Mons. Behrendoff), 88. See also French Protestants; Ger

Protestants, in Hungary, Agent for (Mons. Behrendoff), 88. See also French Protestants; German Protestants.

Provost Marshals. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs (Marshalsea).

Prowde. James, ensign in Wittewrong's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Prowse, Thomas, crown lands in Somerset granted by Charles II to, 132; nephew to (W. Skinner), 132.

Pruddon, Samuel, apprehended for burglary, 69.

Prussia, King of:

claim by, for arrears for his troops, 408.

Envoy or Resident from. See Bonet, Mons.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Breton, William.

subsidies due to, arrears of, 78.

Prussian ships, memorial re unloading of, 157.

Prussian troops, in Italy (8,000), claim for arrears, 408, 409; march from Italy without giving notice required by the Treaty, 23; no further pay to be remitted to, 23; report on, Inspectors' observations on, 171.

Prynn, Richard, tidesman and boatman at Starcross, appointment, 77; exchanges places with tidesman at Topsham, 311.

Public Accounts. See Accounts.

Public Offices, Treasurers and Paymasters of, dividends on South Sea Stock payable to, 144, 340.

Public prints, advertisements in, 64.

Puleston, Mr., Paymaster [sic for Postmaster] at Chester, recommended for management of the Cross Road Posts, 336.

Pulleyn, Henry, Governor of Bermuda, 322.

Pulteney. See Poulteney.

Pumphrill, William, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Pumpmaker, 120.

Punches for the Post Office, 452.

Puncheons for the recoinage in Scotland, 236.

Puntas, Flanders lace called, 425.

Purcell, Barnaby, captain in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-, Edward, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Pursers. See Navy; Ships.

Pursuivants. See Heralds' College; Ireland; Scotland.

Purveyors. See Royal Mews and Stables; Works.

Purvis, George, master of the St. George, 104.

Pyke, William, and others, petition against a patent for manufacturing Palmetto Leaf, 472.

Pym, Robert, tidesman at Exeter, superannuated, 265.

Pyrke, Jonathan, 2nd lieutenant of Grenadiers in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.


Quainton, co. Bucks., horse races at (Queen's plates, stakes), 468, 469.

Quarantine. See Ships.

-, in Ireland. See Ireland ships.

-, in Scotland. See Scotland ships.

Quarry (Quary), [Robert], colonel, Surveyor General of Customs in the Southern Division in America, deceased, 376; petition for his post, 397; report by, 110.

Quarter Waiters. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Gentlemen Ushers).

Quash, Mr., postmaster at Exeter, absconded, 124.

Quays and wharfs, Commission for bounding and limiting. See CustomsLondon port.

Queen Anne's Bounty, Treasurer to (Edward Barker), issue to, 253.

Queen Dowager.See Catherine of Braganca; Mary of Modena.

Queenborough, co. Kent, Customs Smack at, master of (John Scott), 332; mate of (John Humphrys), 332.

Queen's apothecaries. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Queen's barges:

Barge Houses, repair of, 432; launches in, repair of, 432.

Master of (John Warner), 210; badges for, 288.

new 12-oar barge, cushions for, 210.

Queen's Bench, Judge of. See Powys, Sir Thomas; writ of error in, 163.

Queen's Bench Prison. See London and WestminsterPrisons.

Queen's Chapels, Serjeant of [Serjeant of the Vestry, Chapel Royal], 85; and see Chapel Royal; Leeward Islands.

Queen's Counsel, matter referred to, 376; wages or fee of, 258; and see Conyers, John; Whitlock, Sir William.

Queen's first Serjeant at Law (Sir T. Powys), 43, 302.

Queen's gardener. See Wise, Henry.

Queen's gardens. See Royal Gardens.

Queen's goldsmith, issue to, 25; and see Smethin, Samuel.

Queen's Latin Secretary (Richard Hill), 191.

Queen's messenger (Mr. Smith), 216.

Queen's Mews and Stables. See Royal Mews.

Queen's Necessary Woman. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs.

Queen's Patronages in Scotland. See Scotland.

Queen's pensionary watermen (four), issue for, 484.

Queen's Printers, 291, 339, 515; Agent to (John Williams), payment to, 339, 515.

Queen's private pensions, bounties, etc., Paymaster of (Spencer Compton, Edward Nicholas):

accounts of, 330.

allowance for a clerk, 81.

appointment of Edward Nicholas, 312.

interest on Exchequer Bills and, 320.

issues to, payments by, 12 551 passim; fees on, 80, 81, 483.

office of, account of debts in, required, 288.

salary, 320.

-, Scotland. See Scotland.

Queen's private roads. See Roads.

Queen's Progresses or Removals, Guide of. See Studholme, Michael; SubAlmoner in attendance in, 274.

Queen's Remembrancer. See Exchequer Court.

Queen's running horses. See Royal Mews and Stables.

Queen's Stud and Studmaster. See Edinburgh.

Queen's swans, preservation of, from ice, etc., 165.

Queen's waiters.See Customs London port.

Queen's waiters, Chamberkeeper to (G. Powell), 505.

Queen's Watermen (forty-eight), wages, 484; and see Crocker, Isaac.

Queensberg, Queensborough, ships from 311, 440.

Queensberry, Duke of. See Douglas, Charles and James.

Quiltings, duties on. See Customs duties.

Quinn, Henry, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Quinsac, Charles de, captain, pension on the Irish Establishment for, 442.

Quit Rents. See Ireland, New York, Virginia.