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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 27, 1713. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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T. S., letter signed, 160.

Table Laundress. See Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Laundress).

Tables, wainscot, 210; and see Tea table.

Tagg, Thomas, royal bounty for, 472.

Tail Cart-takers. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs.

Tailor. See Taylor.

Tailors. See Royal HouseholdAbove StairsWardrobes (Great Wardrobe).

Taly Sarn Green, co. Cardigan, Steward and Keeper of the Court of, grant of office, 455.

Talbot, Adelhida, Duchess of Shrewsbury, worsted sent from Paris by her woman, 216.

-, Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury:

Ambassador Extraordinary to France:

bills of exchange drawn by, 33, 211, 352.

date of his return, 344.

discharge for plate as, 382.

matters referred to, 218, 295.

payments to (ordinary, extraordinary and equipage), 34, 36, 37, 40, 42, 43(2), 44, 45, 47, 208, 243, 295, 344(2).

apothecary to, at Paris, wife of. See Charras, Jaqueline.

Lord Chamberlain, arrears of Livery, 536; discharge for plate as, 382; wages and board wages, 503.

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 368.

equipage and expense of voyage to Ireland, issue for, 360.

letter from, mentioned, 423.

letter to, 437.

warrants to, 382, 419, 442.

-, Sir John, recommendation by, 31.

Talley, co. Carmarthen, manor, lands, etc., of the dissolved monastery of, steward and keeper of, grant of office of, 295, 327, 443, 455.

Tallow chandlers, counterfeit money brought in by, 14.

Tally Court. See Exchequer Receipt.

Talpott (Talput), James, waiter and searcher at Milton port, dismissed, 214, 239.

Tangiers, Treasurer of, accounts of, 148; and see Hewer, William; Pepys, Samuel.

Tankards, silver, stolen, 87.

Tankers and flagons, 16.

Tanner, John, master of the Mead, frigate, 105.

Tanners, petition of, 221.

Tannet, Thomas, tidesman at Bristol port, deceased, 343.

Tapestry, cleaning and repairing of, 210.

Tar, scheme for supplying, from North America, 158; importation of, 126, 194, 381, 393, 441, 442(2), 455, 465, 474.

Tarver, John, Queen's Remembrancer in the Exchequer Court, Scotland, 162, 260, 368.

Tate, Nahum, Poet Laureate, 506, 514.

Tattersal, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Tatton, [William], major general, matter referred to, 102.

Taunton, co. Somerset:

lease of lands and tenements to Mrs. Skinner, 30,265,304.

places in:

Church Lane, 304.

East Gate, 305.

East Street, 305.

Fore Street, 305.

Maudlin Street, 304.

North Street, 305.

Pole Street, 305.

St. Mary Magdalen, parish of:

Chantry in, 304.

Chantry of the Holy Trinity, 305.

Chantry of the Name of Jesus, 305(2).

Chantry of St. Andrews, 305.

Fraternity of High Cross, 305.

Fraternity of the Holy Sepulchre, 305.

Swings Chantry, 305.

Silver Street, 305.

Taunton, William, instructed by Customs officers at Bristol, 306; report on, 316; searcher's place for, 306.

Taverner, William, appointed Surveyor of the Coast of Newfoundland, 308.

Taxes. See also Assessments; Customs duties; Excise duties; Hawkers; House Duties; Land Tax; Leather Duties; Malt Duties; Salt Duties; Stamps:

Agents for, issue to, 33; reports by, 223, 445.

applications for refunding of, standing rule for, 56.

Auditor of. See Jett, [Thomas].

Commissioners for (Commissioners for bringing in arrears of):

(Justinian Isham, Roger Millart, Philip Ryley, Richard Shoreditch, George Townsend, William Walbank), superseded, 443.

(Justinian Isham, Thomas Legh, Roger Millart, Reginald Ryley, Richard Shoreditch, William Walbank), appointment, 442.

account returned by, of money paid for recruits, 35.

attending the Treasury, 8, 31, 51.

certificates by, of arrears, 51, of receipts of Land Tax (1711 and 1712), required, 10.

incidents bill of, issue for, 174, 524.

instructions by, not complied with, 75, 76.

issues to, 45, 53.

letters to and matters referred to, 25, 68(2), 73, 74, 82, 108, 116, 123, 157, 171, 177, 195, 209(2), 218, 220, 224, 226, 231, 235, 243, 250, 253, 255, 261, 291, 292, 294, 298, 324, 354, 356, 363, 365, 375, 388, 394, 399, 406, 409, 413, 419, 423, 426, 429, 440, 445, 449, 470, 473, 474, 484, 489.

memorials by, 31.

permit to, for inspection of duplicates in the Queen's Remembrancer's Office, 200.

proposal by, 381.

reports by, 31, 68, 231, 244, 337, 375, 404, 481.

salaries, 163, 260, 368, 442, 443, 479.

warrant to, 174.

duplicates of, in the office of the Queen's Remembrancer, inspection of, 200.

money for recruits paid out of, 35.

on salaries of Government Officials, repayment of. See Government Officials.

Receivers General of, appointments and securities of, 231, 232, 233, 234; arrears in the hands of, certificates of, 51; money for recruits paid by, 35, 110, 111.

And see under several counties and places.

Scotland. See Scotland.

solicitor of, state of prosecutions by, required, 22.

Taylor (Tailer, Taylour, Tayleur), Mrs., late husband of, Deputy in the Office of the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands], 480; records of Crown Lands in her custody, 480.

-, Benjamin, Yeoman of the Chandlery, Royal Household, 501.

-, Henry, boatman at Topsham, superannuated, 283.

-, James, allowance out of the Wardrobe, 508.

-, James, assignee of the estate of George Newell, petition for stay of process, 108.

-, James, Receiver General of Land Tax for the Palaces of Whitehall and St. James's, 173, 234.

-, Jo., Deputy Auditor [of Crown Lands], particular and memorandum by, 145.

-, J[ohn], Clerk of the Receipt, letters from (in the absence of Treasury Secretaries), 132, 209, 318, 340, 345(5), 346(2), 350, 351, 354, 360, 362, 363, 370, 372(2), 374, 375, 376, 378, 381, 425; payment to, for computing and levying tallies in vacation time, 163.

-, John, apprehended for highway robbery, 234.

-, John, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 230, 354, 442.

-, John, 1st Secondary in the Treasurer's Remembrancer's office, 540.

-, John, in custodiam lease of part of Thomas Perrin's estate, 270.

-, Richard, appreh ended for highway robbery, 69.

-, Robert, minister at Currie, petition for grant of rents of the bishopric of St. Andrew, 228.

-, Theophilus, lieutenant in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Thomas, First Groom (Eldest Groom of the Removing Wardrobe), 348, 517.

Tea, duties on. See Customsduties; Imperial, 133; Peko, 133; price of. See Prices.

Tea equipage, 133, 167, 327, 392.

Tea kettle, 133.

Tea pots, 133.

Tea table, 133.

Teague, Peter, appointed tidesman at Salcombe, 387.

Teddeman, Edward, commander of the Customs sloop at Shoreham, 489.

Tempie, Stephen, captain in Dormer's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Temple, the, Master of (T. Sherlock), 525.

Temple, John, tidesman in the inferior list, London port, promoted to the superior list, 293.

-, Sir Richard, major general, regiment of dragoons of (commanded by General Ross), establishment, 266, 267; subsistence for, 342, 347.

Temple Mills near Great Marlow. See Great Marlow.

Tennis, Robert, master of the Sheringham, 278.

Tennis Courts and Tennis plays, keeper of (T. Chaplin, H. Moor) fees of, 90; issue to, 50.

Tennison, Henry, lease of ground in Phnix Park granted to, 214.

Tenths. See First Fruits.

Terrell, Nicholas, deputy to the Comptroller [General of Customs], appointed to make extracts out of the Port Books in the Queen's Remembrancer's Office, 332; report by, 423.

Terry, John, landwaiter, London port, surrenders appointment, 239.

Tessin, Katherine, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

Tetuan, Alcaide of, presents from the Queen to, 326 note, 327, 392.

Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester, hundred of, Acting Commissioners of the Lower Parts of, 68; arrears of taxes of, 68.

Thame, co. Oxford, carrier at (W. Tyler), prosecuted for carrying letters, 452.

Thames, The:

passage boats between Rotterdam and, 78, 139.

road between Windsor Castle and, 425, 480.

transports in, 240, 258.

Thanksgiving, Public, proclamations for, 328, 329(2), 330.

Thanksgiving Day, preparations for, 30, 264.

Thebes, Archbishop of, present from the Queen to carry him home, 319.

There, Mary de, et al., payment to, 552.

Thistle, Order of, Collar of, with an enamelled St. Andrew, for the Earl of Portmore, 135; Secretary to. See Nairn, Sir David.

Thomas, Lady, house at Hampton Court let to, 178.

-, Charles, deceased, Receiver General of the Casual Revenue of Barbados, Treasurer of Barbados, 252.

-, Magdalen, pensioner on the Civil List, 544.

-, Oliver, Footman in the Royal Stables, 512.

-, Rachel, Yeoman of the Robes, 536.

-, Susanna, daughter of Charles, 252.

-, Thomas, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, William, tidesman and boatman at Dartmouth, superannuated, 293.

Thompson (Thomson), Catherine, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

-, George, master of the Thistle, 278.

-, Jean, pensioner on the Charity Roll of Scotland, 198.

-, John, petitioner, 194.

-, John, (Post Office), payment to, 452.

-, John, master of the Mary and Ann of Stockton, petitioner, 458.

-, Joseph, payment to, for Post Office painter's bill, 453.

-, Robert, clerk, going chaplain to the Factory of Petersburg, royal bounty for his passage, 193.

-, Samuel, Agent and Consul at Algiers, salary, 135, 191, 522.

-, William, appointed distributor of stamped paper for the City of York, 430.

-, and see Tomson.

Thornburgh, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 508.

-, John, a Child of the Kitchen, Royal Household, 497.

-, Margaret, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Thorne, George, Receiver General of Land Tax for part of co. Devon (Hundreds of Bampton, etc.), appointment, 233; securities, 233, 444.

-, Thomas, tenant of land in Langford Budville, 305.

Thornicroft. See Thorny croft.

Thornly, Samuel, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

Thornton, Christopher, appointed tidesman in the superior list, London port, 387.

-, John, Receiver General of Land Tax for Lancashire, appointment and securities, 233.

Thornycroft (Thornicroft), Mr., a gold smith, petition of, 124.

-,Edward, lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Thorold, Mrs., royal bounty for, 60.

-,William, clerk, minister of the English Episcopal Church at Rotterdam, payment to, 430.

Thorowkettle, John, Messenger of the Chamber, attending the Customs andthe Lord Treasurer, 73, 74, 165, 272, 366.

Thorp, Oliver, mate of the Customs sloop at Rye, 489.

Thread.SeeGold and silver thread.


Thurkill, Robert, surveyor between Wisbeach and Fosdyke, deceased, 239.

Thurman, Catharine, junior andsenior, pensioners on the Civil List, 510.

-,Mary, pensioner on the Civil List, 510.

Thurston, Elizabeth, Bankers' annuity orders in the name of, lost, warrant to innovate, 126.

-,John, payment to, out of Army clearings, 98.

-,John, Agent or Solicitor to companies of foot in Newfoundland, complaint against 244, 290; payment to, 215.

-,Malachy (Malchy), Knight Harbinger, 310, 531, 534, 553.

Thynne, Thomas, Viscount Weymouth, Constable of the Forest of Dean, 84, 536.

Tibbington, John, master of the Barcelona Merchant, 104.

Tidesmen.SeeCustomsLondon port andOutports.

Tidesurveyors. See CustomsLondon port andOutports.

Tidewaiters. SeeCustomsOutports.

Tiffin, Zach, ensign in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Tighe, Richard, ensign in Wade's regiment, half pay for, 478.

Tiken (Ticking) umbrellas for closet windows at Kensington, 210.

Tilburgh (Tilbury), Cornelius,Groom of the Privy Chamber, 504, 535.

-, John, Carver in the Royal Household, 503.

Till, Simon, Chairman in the Royal Stables, 512.

Tilson, Christopher, Clerkof the Treasury:

business of the intended Lottery [1714] to be for warded by, 48.

Commissioner for the Lottery of 1,500,000l. (anno 1711), 165.

Commissioner for taking in tickets of the two Lotteries authorised by Acts 10 Anne, c. 18 and 19 (anno1712), 68, 116, 117, 341.

issue to, for himself and other clerks of the Treasury, 81.

letter to, 473.

letters from, 95, 216, 375, 376(2), 377, 380.

payment to, for making particular accounts of the Customs, 70,163,260, 366, 485.

surety for Sir J. Humble, 226, 295, 322.

Tilt Yard. See London and WestminsterStreets and Places.


destruction of, complaintre, 199; prosecution for, 229.

dotard and decayed, felling and sale of, 229, 230.

for the Navy, enclosures in the New Forest, 221; importationof, 354; and see Navy.

preservation of, Act [9 Wm. III, c. 33] for, 31.

for repair of stables at Lindhurst, 341, 389.

sale of, money obtained by, to be paid into the Exchequer, 31.

Timber ships, 354.


Agents for (Commissioners for the tin affair) attending theTreasury, 2(2), 5; matter referred to, 462.

Assaymaster of, in Cornwall and Devon (Charles Godolphin), 478.

contract, state of, 396.

conveyance of, from Cornwall to London, petition re, 462, 463.

duty on, in London port, collectors of, 121.

farm of, 69.

in Holland, 16; as to price for selling, 2; mortgaged, 489.

price of, raising of, 135.

purchase of, issues for, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 23, 25(2), 26, 27, 30, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 40, 41(2), 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 49, 50(2), 53, 55, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62(2), 64, 65, 66; weekly issue of 3,000l. at the Exchequer for, 2, reduced to 2,300l., 483.

sale of, produce of, issues out of, loans and tallies on, 30, 31, 216, 339, 515.

[Tin] coinage, 30.

Tin plates, importation of, 409.

Tisser, James, Solicitor to the Com missioners for the Duty on tobacco pipes, etc., petition for payment of disbursements for prosecutions, 421.

Tithes, annual payment in lieu of, 537; grant of, 371.

-, Scotland. See Scotland.

Tizard, William, merchant, master of the Exchange, 455; petition of, 416.

Tobacco, burned, 406; duties on. See Customsduties; in Ireland. See Ireland; in Scotland. See Scotland; seizure of, 198.

Tobacco merchants and importers, 78, 118, 187; abscond, 266; petitions by, 54, 197, 291, report on, 389, 390.

Tobacco pipes, etc., Solicitor to the Commissioners for duty on. See Tisser, James.

Tobacco plantations in Holland and Germany, 153.

Tobacco trade, discouragement, hard ships and difficulties of, 197, 294.

Tolls, for maintenance of Staines Bridge, inspection of accounts of, 396.

Tomlin, William, scourer in the Kitchen, Royal Household; 497.

Tomlinson, Richard, petitions for release of ships from quarantine, 89, 109, 118, 126, 416, 435. 441, 474.

Tomson (Tompson), Clifton, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

-, Leonard, Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer Court, salary payment, 540, 553.

-, Windham, pensioner on the Civil List, 546.

Tonge (Tongue), Robert, prosecuted for selling wool for transport, 197.

Tonks, Ann, pension payments to, 153, 208, 375.

Tonkuit Cove, co. Cornwall, waiter and searcher at, 293.

Tonnage and Poundage, duties of. See Customsduties.

Tooth, James, joint Groom of the Scullery, Royal Household, 499.

Topham, Christopher, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

-, Richard, Supervisor of the digesting of Records in the Tower, payments to, 12, 28, 45, 107, 199, 312, 393.

Topsham, co. Devon, boatmen at, 283, 293; ill practices at, 316; tidesmen at, 311.

Torcy (D'Torci), Marquis de, letter to, 138.

-, Mons., Postmaster General of France, matter referred to, 295.

Torphichen (Torpichen), Lord. See Sandilands, James.

Torquay, co. Devon, tidesmen and boatmen at, 239.

Torrington, Earl of. See Herbert, Arthur.

Torver, William, master of the Margaret, 393.

Torway, Mrs. Dorothy, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

Toulon, France, correspondence with Port Mahon via, packet boats for, proposals and reports, 205, 206.

Toulouze, Stephen, embroiderer of the Great Wardrobe, 536.

Tourton, N., importer of French wines, 190.

Tower Mills at Mitcham, 119.

Tower of London:

barracks in, 164.

Caesar's Chapel, records in, digesting of, Chief Clerk for. See Holmes, George; Supervisor of. SeeTopham, Richard; three clerks for, issue for, 312, 393.

Clerk of the Works at (T. Rotherham), 538.

Constable (Constable and Chief Governor) of (Earl of Northampton), salary, 527.

Invalid Companies in, three, clothing for, 75; dis banded, 100; pay for, 100.

Vicar of, perpetuity for, 125, 530(2).

warden of her Majesty's Exchange and coinage of money in. See Mint.

Warders of, forty, payment to, in lieu of short delivery of Liveries, 115.

Towers, Elizabeth, the Queen's Neces sary Woman, 168, 541.

-, Samuel, Groom of the Cellar, Royal Household, 496.

Towne, Lawrence, administratrix of (Elizabeth Goode), 83; estate of, debt due to the Crown from, 83.

Townesend (Townshend), Mrs., issue for, 45.

-, George, Commissioner for Taxes and for managing Duties on Houses, 163, 174, 182, 260, 368, 443, 524.

-, John, master of the Mary, 393.

Towy, Solomon, lieutenant in Lucas's regiment, half pay for, 211.

Toye, Edward, administrator of Thomas Bridgeman, petitioner, 266.


clandestine (illegal). See Smuggling.

discouragement of, memorial re, 418.

of Minorca. See Minorca.

of Newfoundland. See New foundland.

of North America. See America.

with France. See France.

And see Coal trade; Tobacco trade.

Trade and Navigation, Acts re, Colonial Governor's sureties for observance of, 244.

Trade and Plantations:

business of, payment to clerks of the Privy Council and Keepers of the Council Chamber for attending, 234, 344, 485, 534.

Commissioners for (Board of Trade, Committee of Trade), and see Bailley, George; Cotton, Sir J.H.; Foley, T.; Grey, T., Earl of Stamford; Gwyn, F.; Meadows, Sir P.; Monck ton, J.; Moore, A.; North, F., Lord Guild ford; Pulteney, J.; Turner, Sir C.:

account of revenues of Plantations transmit ted to, 143.

clerks, salary, 302.

debentures issued by, for Nevis and St. Chris topher sufferers, 473.

incidents, issue for, 47,302.

issue to, 359.

Law Officers (Attorney and Solicitor General) attending, allowance, 486, 539.

letters to and matters referred to, 94, 107, 110, 118, 121, 124, 156, 218, 225, 237, 264, 317, 335, 358, 399, 408, 409, 412, 418, 424.

opinion of, re Lustring Company, 15.

proposal by, for raising the revenue of New York by Act of Parliament, 464.

salaries, issue for, 47, 51, 97, 455, 528.

Secretary to (William Popple), issue to, 47; letters to, 118, 142, 290, 358, 409, 448; salary, 302.

sureties of the Governor of North Carolina approved by, 244.

Trague, Peter, appointed tidesman at Salcombe, 394.

Traitors, proclamation for apprehending, 329.

Transfer Office. See Lotteries1710, Lottery Annuities of 1,500,000l.

Transport Service:

accounts of, for recruits carried on packet boats, 453.

agents for, at Lisbon, discharged, 83.

bills registered on the course of, issue for paying, 369, 381.

Commissioners for (Samuel Atkinson, Thomas Colby, Nicholas Roope):

accounts of, 7(2).

attending the Treasury, 7.

certificate by, 258.

letter from, mentioned, 138.

letters to and matters referred to, 24, 77, 83, 134, 136, 175, 235, 246, 298.

memorial, 51.

payment by, 258.

preparation of shipping by, for bringing home disbanded men, 30.

contracts for, issue for, 381.


interest on, Acts of Parlia ment re, 46 note, 47 note; cause in the Exchequer about, re hearing of, 2; peti tioners for, attending the Treasury, 46.

owners of, admitted shareholders in the South Sea Company (as by Act 9 Anne, c. 15, cl. 32), 47 note; decree of the Ex chequer Court obtained by, 48 note, petition of, 48 note.

subscribed into South Sea Stock, 389, 415; interest on, warrant for making up accounts of, 330.

debts of, Commissioners for stating (as by Act 11 Wm. III, c. 8), 46 note; payment of the residue of, 96, 153.

expense of, reduction of, 11, 83.

imprests for, uncleared, account of, required, 175.

Parliamentary supply for (anno 1713), estimate of, required, 14, 134 and note.

Paymaster. See below Trea surer.

report on, by Commissioners of Public Accounts, 134note.

ships for:

attending the grand fleet on expeditions to Spain and the West Indies, list of names of, and their masters, 104, 105, 106.

for the Expedition to Canada, 147.

for transporting forces from Dunkirk to Eng land and Ireland, 379.

freight charges of, 104, 105, 106, 379.

overcrowding of, 136, 138.

owners of, charges of, for transporting invalids from Spain, 1.

preparation of, for bring ing home disbanded men, 30.

value of, 77.

with Sir J. Jennings in the Straits, account of, required, 24.

wrecked, 77.

Treasurer and Paymaster of (Thomas Micklethwayt):

attending the Treasury, 20.

imprests to, 381, 397; mistake in, warrant to rectify, 454.

interest on Exchequer Bills and, 320.

issues to, 2, 3, 79.

memorial, 39.

payments by, 3, 79.

South Sea Stock in the name of, account of, required, 298.

dividends on, 148, 149, 150.

his privatestock, 454.

South Sea Stock trans ferred to, 3, 21, 39, 46, 79, 352, 353, 369, 454; reassignment of, 352.

tallies and orders in his hands:

account of, required, 298.

assignment of, 21, 39, 46.

loan on, 51.

interest on, as to charging, 397, 398.

Trant, Anne, widow, debt due to, from Colonel John Rice, payment of, 87, 88 note, petition of, to the House of Commons, 87.

Travers (Traver), John, petition for release of ships from quarantine, 456, 474.

-, S[amuel], Surveyor General of Crown Lands, report by, 153.

-, Thomas, cart-loader, Royal Household, 501.,

Treason, counterfeiting and diminishing within the law against, 14.

Treasurers of Public Offices. See Public Offices.


caveats, 147, 438.

Chambers (Office), minutes dated at, 131passim, 42, 49, 63; payments for disbursements, necessaries, sundries, 165, 260, 366, 486.

charges of, for passing accounts, 159.

account, 159.

clerks of payment to, in lieu of their fees, 81.

doors at, continually thronged with a parcel of women who call them selves the widows of serjeants killed in her Majesty's service, 435.

Entry Book of warrants drawn on the Civil List Lottery kept at, 494.

letter carrier. See Farra, John.

letter arrier,See Farra,

letters and orders to, payment to under clerks of the Privy Council for writing, 195.

Lord High Treasurer: apartment of, at St. James's, 135.

groom to, fee paid to, 468.

health of, 69.

house of, minutes dated at 41, 62.

messenger of the Chamber attending. See Thorow kettle, John.

office of, at St. James's, 210.

salary, 66, 161, 259, 366, 484.

And see Godolphin, Sidney, Earl of Godolphin; Harley, Robert, Earl of Oxford.

Lords, 74.

Messenger to, fee of, 200; and see Cowley, John.

records of Crown Lands (of the jointure revenue of Catherine of Braganca) to be taken to, 474, 480, 482.

right of, to inspect fishing for wrecks, 326.

Secretaries at, letter to, 146; payment to, in lieu of fees, 81.

Secretary to, SeeLowndes, William.

Solicitor to, SeeBorrett, William.


for subsidies. SeeAllies.

for trade. See Trade.

postal, See Post Office.

with the Almirante [of Spain], 23.

with France. See Francepeace with.

with the King of Spain, 251.

with Scotland.See ScotlandUnion.

See also Rijiwick; Utrecht.

Trebeck, Andrew, a Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

Tredcroft, Nathaniel, Receiver General of duties on Houses and Land Tax for Sussex, 231, 363, 390.

Treetean, James, tidesman and boatman at Falmouth, superannuated, 283.

Tremolla, co. Cornwall, lease of, 137.

Trent, river, fishing of, lease of, 340.

Trent, Henry, payment to, in South Sea Stock, 249.

Trenwith (Trin worth), James, Surveyor (Supervisor) of Duties on Houses, co. Middlesex, deceased, 391, 394, 404, 412.

Trevanion, Mr., payment to, for lodging her Majesty's chaplains at Windsor, 338.

Trevelyan, Sir John, recommendation by, 269.

Trevor,, captain, account of clandestine trade between Gibraltar and Barbary from, 223.

Trewen [sic for Frewin], Whittle, ensign in Montandre's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Trickey, George, master of the David, 343.

Trinder, William, watchman, London Port, deceased, 77.

Trinity House, Fraternity of, letter to, 143.

Trinworth. See Trenwith.

Tripe, John, tidesman and boatman at Dover, deceased, 449.

Tripoli, Agent and Consul at. See Lodington, Benjamin.

Troman, John, master of the Providence, 200.

Trotman, William, Receiver General of Land Tax for Suffolk, appointment and securities, 233.

Trotter, George, Collector at Whitby, deceased, 192.

Troughton, John, Collector of Salt Duty at Liverpool, petitioner, 340.

Trowbridge, co. Wilts., Receiver General of Land Tax for. See Baxter, Alexander; Division, Assessment Commissioners for, letter from, mentioned, 177.

Trumbull, Sir William, a Clerk of the Signet, 504.

Trumpets and Trumpeters. See Army; IrelandState Trumpeters; Royal HouseholdAbove Stairs (Serjeant Trumpeter); Scotland.

Trunnels, oak, importation of, 374. Cp. Turnills.

Tryer, George, tidesman at Chester, superannuated, 265.

Tryon, James, a Sewer of the Chamber, 504.

Tuam, Archbishop of. See Vesey, John.

Tucker, John, Keeper of the State Paper Office, salary payments, 42, 109, 292.

Tuckers of Brussels lace for the Queen, 222.

Tuckwell, Mr., issue for, 12.

-,Francis, Yeoman of the Acatery, Royal Household, 498.

Tull, Richard, a Groom of the Chandlery, Royal Household, 501.

Tullibardine, Marquess of. See Murray, William.

Tunnah, Charles, petition proposing coinage of half pence and farthings of a new metal, 324.

Turin, Italy, 131; Ambassador's journey to, 70; Envoy Extraordinary to. See Palmes, Francis.

Turkey, H.M. ships (squadron) from, 48, 355; letters to and from, payment to France for conveyance of, 204.

Turkey handkerchiefs, 93.

Turnball, Patrick, ensign and miner in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 482.

-,and see Turnbull.

Turnbroaches. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs (Kitchen).

Turnbull, Thomas, ensign in Grant's regiment, half pay for, 477.

Turncock. See Kensington.

Turner, Sir Charles, a Commissioner for Trade, 97.

-,Edward, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248, 249.

-,Sir Edward, letter from, mentioned, 131.

-,James, ensign in Creighton's regiment, half pay for, 211.

-,John, one of the Queen's messengers, 254.

-,John, payment to, for lodging servants of Maids of Honour, 338.

-,John, Receiver General of Land Tax for Essex, appointment and securities, 232.

-,John, tidesman and boatman at Oxford, appointed to Falmouth, 283.

-,Joseph, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-,Richard, a pankeeper of the Scullery, Royal Household, 499.

-,Thomas, Surveyor of Customs at Lynn, dismissed for neglect of duty, 239.

-,William, haberdasher of St. Giles's in the Fields, 176.

-,Dr. William, a Gentleman of the Chapel, 505.

-,and see Turnour.

Turney, Anthony, instruction in business of the Customs for, 146.

-,Bernard, Receiver General of Land Tax for co. Bucks., appointment and securities, 232.

Turnills [sic for Trunnels], 354.

Turnour, Charles, Register and Comptroller of the Classis Lottery (anno 1712), 231, 241(2), 246, 318.

Turpin, Edward, tidesman in the inferior list, London port, appointed land carriageman, 239(2).

-,Ro., master of the Diligence, 354.

Trust, Thomas, Serjeant at Arms, 180.

Tuscany, Envoy Extraordinary from. See Giraldi, Jacopo; Envoy Extraordinary to. See Newton, Dr. Henry.

Tweed, bridge over. See Berwick.

Twisleton (Twizleton), George, lieutenant in Lord Ashburnham's horse, half pay for, 478.

-,William, lieutenant in Deloraine's regiment, half pay for, 475.

Twitty, Charles, surety for Sir John Humble, 226, 295; executors of, bonds to be delivered to, 322.

Twizleton. See Twisleton.

Two Million Adventure. See Lotteries, 1711First Classis Lottery.

Two Million subscription. See East India Company.

Two-thirds subsidySee Customs duties (tonnage and poundage).

Twyford, Henry, captain's steward of H.M.S. Hastings, witness, 158.

Twyman, Peter, appointed landwaiter at Bristol, 343.

Tyas, John, Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer Court, Scotland, 368, additional salary, for leaving his practice in London, 162, 260.

Tyler, James, master of the Dorrell, 106.

-, William, a Carrier at Thame, prosecuted for carrying letters, 452.

Tyles, John, master of the Anne and Grace, 104.

Tyrawley, Lord. See O'Hara, Sir Charles.

Tyrrell (Tyrell), James, colonel, regiment of foot:

embarked from Ireland for Portugal, 463.

disbandment date, 403.

case of, 401, 460.

establishment, proposed, 401, 403; royal sign manual for, 463.

Tysall, Isaac, a footman of the Royal Stables, 512.


Umbrellas, tiken, 210.

Under Falconer in Scotland. See Scotland.

Under Sheriffs. See Sheriffs.

United East India Company. See East India Company.

United Provinces of the Netherland:

Conservator of the Privileges of Scotland in. See Kennedy, Sir Andrew.

States General:

Envoy Extraordinary to.

See Cadogan, William.

free passage of goods allowed by, 298.

Plenipotentiaries of, for arbitrating differences between the House of Austria and Duke of Savoy, 450, 520.

Secretary to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. See Harrison, William; Watkins, Henry.

troops of, subsistence of, 138.

Universities, Colleges and Schools.




Eton College.

Foreign Universities.








Unrated goods, duties on. See Customs duties.

Uphallfens, John, Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, 533.

Uphill, Richard, ensign of the Yeomen of the Guard, 348, 517.

Upnor, co. Kent, Invalid companies at, 417.

Ursini, Johannes Fredericus, graf von Rosenberg (Count Rosenberg), Envoy from the Emperor to the Court of Portugal, 181; baggage of, permit to export, 180.

Usher, James, lieutenant in Lord Ashburnham's horse, half pay for, 478.

-, Peter, appointed weighing porter at Newcastle, 449.

Ussone, Mons. d', General of the Irish Army, 87 note.

Utrecht, Holland, 303, 522.

Ambassadorial postage of foreign letters to and from, 170, 301, 469.

Treaty of (Treaty for a General Peace, Treaty with France, Suspension and Cessation of Arms):

Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to, Act or Declaration for dismissal of Saxe Gotha troops signed by, 196, 470; instructions for, 138; and see Robinson, John, bishop of Bristol; Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Strafford; Secretary to. See Harrison, William, St. John, George.

articles of, 59; (9th) article, relating to commerce with France, 24, 175.

demolition of Dunkirk in accordance with, 299.

French part of St. Christopher ceded to England by, 339.

gold medals for commemorating, 270, 285, 360, 392.

negotiations of, Earl of Strafford's journey to England to give an account of, 170.

Newfoundland and adjacent isles yielded to England by, 308.

proclamations of, 187, 329, 330(2).

seven general points of, signed by Mons.

Mesnager, 170.

signing of, 183, 251.

And see Assiento.


Vanbrugh (Vanburgh), George, merchant, permit to reduce imported brandy and rum to proof, 397.

-, John, Clarencieux King at Arms, 225, 531; Comptroller of the Works, 525, 535, 537, house of, at Hampton Court, 178, revocation of his patent, 168, 191.

-, William, Comptroller of the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber:

account of wages and board wages due to the Queen's servants required from, 2.

payment to, 287, 516.

report by, 454.

Vanderbank (Vanderbang), John, Yeoman Arras Worker in the Great Wardrobe, arrears of wages, 533; house rent for Arras Workers' and tailors' office paid to, 534; tapestry at Hampton Court to be repaired by, 210.

Vander Caa. See Kaa.

Vanderheyden (Vander Heyden) and Drummond, Messrs. (John Vanderheyden and John Drummond) of Amsterdam, composition of debt owing by, 17, 18.

Vandernath. See Dernath.

Vandoren, Jane, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Vanhuls (VanHuls, Vanhults, Vanhulls), William, Clerk of her Majesty's Robes and Wardrobes:

bedding delivered to, 111.

lease of ground near the Privy Garden in Whitehall to, 304.

payments to, 518, 534; for arrears of Liveries, 535; for travelling expense, etc., 348.

South Sea Stock assigned to, 249.

Vans, Patrick, lieutenant colonel, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 248.

Vasseur. See Le Vasseur.

Vaudois ministers, payment to, 551.

Vaugh, Ra., master of the Thomas and Robert, 441.

Vaughan, Alice, pensioner on the Civil List, 545.

-, George, pensioner on the Civil List, 541.

-, George, master of the Constant John, 354.

-, John, Earl of Carbery, officers in several lordships and manors in Wales vacant by the death of, 125, 295, 443, 455.

Veck, John, Surveyor of duties on Houses for Surrey and borough of Southwark, 181, 485.

Veill, Mrs. Anne de, payment to, 552.

Vellum (Vellom), duties on (as by 10 Anne, c. 19), Commissioners for. See Lotteries, 1712, Second Classis Lottery.

-, stamped. See Stamp Duties.

Velvet, crimson, for a winter suit, 293.

Venetian galleys, British slaves released from, 359, 361, 363, 367.


Ambassador (Ambassador Extraordinary) from, payment to, 57; and see Grimani, Pietro; Secretary to, present for, 57.

ambassador's journey to, expense of, 70.

British minister or Secretary at. See Cole, Christian.

Venison, fees and disbursements for, 506; for Gentlemen of the Chapel, 287; warrants, 506(2).

Vennevelle, Madam Claude de, payment to, 552.

Vere, Mr., as to payment of his bills, 195; letter from, mentioned, 195.

-, A[lonso], petition of, re payment for wheat received into Stores at Gibraltar, 470.

-, Daniel, captain in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

-, John, quartermaster in Hyndford's regiment, half pay for, 476.

Verey, James, payment to, in South Sea Stock and tallies, 246.

Verge, Clerk and Coroner of the. See Royal HouseholdBelow Stairs. (Verge).

Vernatty, Anthony, lamps and lanthorns supplied for the Houses of Parliament by, petition for payment for, 308.

Vernon, Dr., lease of extra parochial tithes in Bedford Level to, 371; surrendered, 372.

-, James, pensioner on the Civil List, 543.

-, Robert, a Groom Porter of the Royal Household, 499.

-, Thomas, ensign in Bowles's regiment, half pay for, 477.

-, Thomas, shipowner, petition for payment for ship lost on the rocks in the river of Canada, 77.

-, Thomas, et al., sureties of John Weston, petition of, 74.

Vesey (Vezey), , brigadier, regiment of foot of, captain in, 171, disbandment of, date of, 403.

-, John, Archbishop of Tuam, Lord Justice of Ireland, 368.

Vestures. See Royal Household Above Stairs (WardrobesGreat Wardrobe).

Vetch, [Samuel] colonel, [Governor of Annapolis Royal], anonymous information against, for abuses and frauds, 244.

Vezey. See Vesey.

Vezian, James, debt in the Cofferer's office owing to, 260, 480; royal bounty for, 40, 260.

Viceti, [Domenico Maria], Resident from Genoa [Secretary from Genoa, acting as Agent and proConsul], attending the Treasury, 61; letter from, mentioned, 437; matter referred to, 414.

Vickers, Joseph, appointed tidesman in the inferior list, London port, 113.

Victualling. See Navy.

Vie, John, of St. Malo, commander of

the Luzane of Nantes, 138.

barbarities committed by, 138.

description of, 15, 138.

Lord Hamilton's brother taken prisoner by, 138.

papers re, mentioned, 153.

run off with another man's wife, 15, 138.


Ambassador's journeys to, expense of, 70.

bill of exchange drawn from, 180.

British minister at. See Mordaunt, Charles, Earl of Peterborough.

Envoy Extraordinary to. See Palmes, Francis.

transaction of affairs for her Majesty's service at, by Simon Clement, 180.

Vigneau, Bernard de, et al., payment to, 552.

Vigo, Duke of Ormonde's services at, 281.

Villa Viciosa, Portugal, Provider of the Misericordia of, 421; sick soldiers at, 421.

Villiers, Mrs. Ann, pensioner on the Civil List, 547.

Vincent, Mr., his account, 466.

-, Elizabeth, executrix of George, bankers' annuities to be paid to, 459.

-, George, executor of Edward Conyers, 459.

Viol. See Bass Viol.


Carolina and, Commissioners for settling the bounds between (Nathaniel Harrison, Philip Ludwell), petition of, 448.

duties of 2s. per hogshead in, 412, 472.

Governor of. See Spotswood, [Alexander].

merchants, petition of, 294.

ordnance stores for, 206, 218.

quit rents in, 376, 412, 448, 472.

seal for, large double, 227.

tobacco from, 406.

Vivian, Thomas, assignee of a statute of bankrupt against John Lund, bankers' annuities to be paid to, 460.

Voglesang, Henry, master of the Neptune, 409.

Voljohn, Elizabeth, pensioner on the Civil List, 509.

Vyner, Sir Robert, bankers' annuities assigned by, or his executors, 459.