Warrant Books: July 1715, 1-5

Pages 575-612

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 29, 1714-1715. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1957.

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July 1715, 1-5

July 1715, 1-5
July 1. Money warrant for 20l. to Alexander Tracy for royal bounty for the charge of his passage to South Carolina as a schoolmaster. (Money order dated July 2 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 45. Order Book IX, p. 89.
J. Taylour to Mr. Cracherode to attend the Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital at the Horse Guards next Monday morning at 11 of the clock. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 386.
William Lowndes to the Board of Works enclosing four letters [missing] from the Lord Chamberlain signifying the King's pleasure for some works to be done at Whitehall, St. James's and Hampton Court. Send the Treasury an estimate endorsed on each of the said letters of the charge of the said works, so that my Lords may sign warrants thereon according to the 5th Article of the Instructions to the Board of Works [supra, p. 494]. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of Evan Phelipps setting forth that he is zealously affectionate to the House of Hanover, that he is conformable to the Church of England and perfectly understands the Welsh tongue: therefore praying to be appointed Surveyor of the Duties on Houses for Co. Cardigan. Reference Book IX, p. 238.
Same to same of the petition of William Williams shewing that he was Surveyor of Houses for Brecon until 1710 when he was removed without any fault alleged: therefore praying to be restored. Ibid.
Entry of a fresh reference to Hugh Cholmley [Surveyor General of Crown Lands] of the petition of Richard Yoward (Yeoward) for a new lease of lands in the lordship of Howton, Co. Yorks, ut supra. Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXVIII, p. 268, under date 1714 May 17. Ibid., p. 173.
Fresh reference to same of the petition of Mathew Waller for a fresh lease of the scite of the late Monastery of St. Mary's in the suburbs of the city of York, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXVIII, p. 341, under date 1714 July 6. Ibid., p. 187.
Fresh reference to same of the petition of Robert Hyde for a fresh lease of the manor of Handbridge, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXVIII, p. 376, under date 1714 July 21. Ibid., p. 189.
Treasury warrant to same for a particular of the manor of Aclome, Co. Yorks, with the scite and capital messuage of said manor and divers other messuages and lands there in order to a new lease thereof to William Heath at the ancient rents of 5l. 8s. 8d. and 2l. 9s. 0d. per an. and fine of 370l.
Prefixing: report by said Surveyor General on said Heath's petition for same. The Master and Chaplains Perpetual of the late Hospital of the Savoy by lease under their common seal dated 5 April 1693 granted the premises to petitioner for 21 years. I have no survey of the premises or of any of the lands of said Hospital. I have an affidavit of Francis Stanfeild, gent., that he has received the rents of the premises for seven years amounting to 75l. 4s. 0d. per an. at a rack rent. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, p. 103.
July 1. Treasury warrant to Thomas Foley, one of the Auditors of Imprests to engross for declaration the account of John Warters (Walters) as Solicitor for the Admiralty (Comptroller and Solicitor of the Rights and Perquisites of the Admiralty): to wit from 26 June 1708 to 24 June 1710.
Prefixing: said account in detail (total charge 295l. 14s. 3½d., including money received from John Dod, Receiver of the Perquisites of Admiralty: total discharge 553l. 11s. 7d., including items as follows and thus leaving the accomptant in surplusage 257l. 17s. 3½d.:
£ s. d.
paid to Mr.Southwell for carrying on a prosecution against the town of Galway in Ireland and for the like on account of the ship St. Stephen, seized and condemned as a perquisite of Admiralty by order of his Royal Highness [the late Prince George of Denmark] 25 0 0
paid to William Mowbray, Register of the Admiralty Court, for copies of depositions against Stephens, commander of an English privateer charged with embezzlements out of the prize ship Lady Rosary at Bristol 0 12 6
paid to John Exton, for his master, James Puckle, notary public, for attesting an instrument under the seal of the city of London authorising Townsend's accounts as Agent for the Admiralty at Jamaica 0 19 6
and a second ditto, the first power having miscarried 1 1 6
paid William Mowbray for copy of an examination of Fra.Ermeek, master of the ship La Joyeuse of Dieppe, seized to the Lord Admiral's use at Dartmouth 0 4 0
ditto for the deposition of Ignatius Briggs relating to the prize ship Mary of Rochelle, Barth. Butler master 0 4 0
ditto for attending with the records of the Admiralty Court relating to the seizure of two prize ships, the Adventure and a brigantine, name unknown, seized at Penzance, when the Exchequer Court was moved to grant prohibitions to stop the proceedings in the Admiralty Court 3 17 0
Samuel Proctor for brokerage on sales of several perquisites of the Admiralty 4 1 6
William Ettrick, one of the Council to the Lord High Admiral, for his fee in opposing the abovesaid prohibitions 1 1 6
Thomas Paye for stationery wares 33 5 0
paid Nathaniel Crosland, Keeper of the French Prison at Tower Hill, for bringing two prisoners to Doctors Commons to be examined as witnesses 0 11 0
Con. Phipps for his fee in the cause heard before the Lords of Appeals for Prizes on the ship Providence, seized in Falmouth port 2 3 0
James Dover for printing bills and catalogues of the ship St. Peter of Havre de Grace and her cargo of fish, condemned as perquisites 1 9 0
ditto for the like of the ship Rowland D'Antique and her cargo 0 16 0
paid Mr. Mark Bingham, Agent for the port of London, for sundry disbursements on several prize officers 4 5 6
Mr. Lloyd for the use of his room for setting up prize ships to sale 3 5 6
[fees] on passing an order of Council 21 Jan. 1706–7 appointing a reference from her Majesty to his late Royal Highness [Prince George of Denmark], then Lord High Admiral, on a report from the Duke of Ormonde, then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in relation to the town of Galway pretending to Admiralty jurisdiction 3 12 6
[ditto] on an order in Council 14 March 1706–7 directing a scire facias quo warranto against the said town of Galway from taking upon them Admiralty jurisdiction 3 2 6
for advertisements in the Gazette to give notice of the sale of several ships condemned as perquisites of Admiralty 4 10 0
paid to the Register's clerk of the Admiralty for sitting up all night to despatch certificates, copies of sentences &c. relating to the Adventure and the brigantine seized at Penzance 1 1 6
total of payments and expenses £553 11 7
Ibid. XXIII, pp. 104–6.
July 2. Money warrant for 34,129l. 19s. 1d. to the Bank of England for the allowance of 3 per cent. per an. for circulating Exchequer Bills for the quarter ended 1715 June 24 as follows: and let this warrant be satisfied out of any moneys in the Receipt of the Exchequer upon the fonds appropriated for this service.
Prefixing: certificate by the Auditor of the Receipt of said interest:
£ s. d.
on 4,575,987l. 10s. 0d. Exchequer Bills [issued before 25 March 1715] allowance from 25 March to 7 April 1715 being 13 days 4,889 8
Exchequer Bills to be deducted which have been cancelled at the Exchequer since the 7th of April 1715 (on which day the said allowance for circulation ceased) 14,962l. 10s. 0d.: thus leaving a remain of 4,561,025l. in Exchequer Bills standing out and uncancelled: [whereon the said allowance] for 78 days’ circulation of the said remain from 7 April 1715 to 24 June following is 29,240 10 10½
£34,129 19 1
Memorandum: There remains in the Receipt of the Exchequer this 2 July 1715 for the service of the said Bills the following sums, viz.:
£ s. d.
out of Two Thirds Tonnage since 8 March 1711–12 7,440 11
Half Subsidy since 1 Aug. 1714 9,555 5
Duty on Coffee since 23 June 1714 1,366 11 4
Additional Duty on ditto 406 11
15 per cent. Duty on wrought silks and continued ditto 696 14
[for the description of the above several Duties or funds see supra, p. 332.]
£19,465 13
(Money order dated Aug. 11 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 95. Order Book IX, p. 65.
July 2. Money order for 119l. 4s. 11½d. to the Taxes Commissioners (William Walbancke, Mr. Vincent, Paul Barrard, John Williams, Antho. Dawley, Brian Fairfax) for 1715 Lady day quarter's Land Tax incidents. Order Book IX, p. 90.
Letter of direction for 27,000l. to James, Earl of Carnarvon [as in replacement of the like letter of June 30 last, supra, p. 573]: to be issued out of moneys as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
out of the surplus [as by 6 Anne, c.2] of the Two Sevenths of 9 pence per barrel Excise [5–6 Wm. and Mary, c. 20] arisen between 1714 June 12 and 1715 March 25 4,241 8 0
the surplus [as by 6 Anne, c.2] of the Five Sevenths of 9 pence per barrel Excise [5–6 Wm. and Mary, c.20] arisen between 12 June 1714 and 1 June 1715 6,623 3 1
Duty on foreign sailcloth [as by 12 Anne, c. 12] 188 12 3
Duty of 25l. per ton on French wines imported [as by 7–8 Wm.III., c. 20] 13,785 15
Duty on Malt anno 1707 [as by 6 Anne, c. 5] 175 15
arrears of Two Thirds Excise [as by 2 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 10] 46 7 1
arrears of Double Excise [as by 2 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 3] 139 1 2
arrears of 21 pence per barrel Excise [as by 3 Wm. and Mary, c. 1] 143 8
[arrears of] fourth 4s. Aid [as by 7–8 Wm. III., c. 5] 1 4 0
[arrears of] Subsidies anno 1703 [as by 1 Anne, c. 6] 64 2 0
[arrears of] third Quarterly Poll [as by 9 Wm. III., c. 38] 4 18 0
[arrears of] first 2s. Aid and twelvepenny Aid [as by 1 Wm. and Mary, Sess. 2, c. 1 and c. 5] 4 10 0
[arrears of] Subsidies and other Duties [as by 1 Geo. I., St. 2, c. 12, c. 19 and c. 21] 11 6 5
fifteenth 4s. Aid [as by 10 Anne, c. 1] 500 0 0
Plantation Duty [as by 25 Car. II., c. 7] 141 17 2
[arrears of] fourteenth 4s. Aid [as by 9 Anne, c. 1] 882 19 5
imprest money repaid for prompt payment for annuities 45 11
£27,000 0 0
and further to pay out of public moneys arising between 12 June 1714 and 29 Sept. 1715 what will make said 27,000l. into 126,013l. 16s. 5d. as part of 300,000l. appropriated ut supra, p. 573. Disposition Book XXIII, pp. 81–2.
July 2. J. Taylour to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] and to the Board of Works enclosing a memorial [missing] of the Earl of Mar and Earl of Loudoun for a lease of the houses they now inhabit in the Privy Garden, with a report from the late Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] thereupon. The Board of Works is to consider the reasonableness of their demands with respect to the moneys expended in repairing the premises. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 387.
Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of George Baker proposing his securities, detailed, on his being nominated Receiver General of the Duties on Houses for Co. Kent. (Treasury warrant dated—to the King's Remembrancer to take his said securities in 6,000l.) (Treasury commission dated July 10 to him accordingly.) Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, pp. 142, 143, 144.
Establishment under the royal sign manual for the Civil and Military Affairs of Ireland commencing from 25 March 1715:
Civil Affairs. per an.
Court of Exchequer: £ s. d.
Lord Treasurer 365 0 0
Vice Treasurer, for his ancient fee 50 0 0
Chancellor of the Exchequer 200 0 0
Lord Chief Baron, 500l. for his fee and robes and 200l. for his augmentation 700 0 0
Second Baron, 400l. for his fee and robes and 200l. for his augmentation 600 0 0
Third Baron, 400l. for his fee and robes and 200l. for his augmentation 600 0 0
Prime Serjeant, for his fee and robes 100 0 0
Second Serjeant 30 6 0
Attorney General, for his fee and robes 88 6 8
Solicitor General, for his fee and robes 88 6 8
Auditor General, 184l. for his ancient fee; 31l. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts and 50l. for transmitting the yearly accounts into England 265 0 0
Escheators of the Province of Leinster 6 13 4
Escheators of the Province of Munster 1 5 0
Escheators of the Province of Connaught. 1 5 0
Escheators of the Province of Ulster 1 5 0
Chief Remembrancer 30l.; and 21l. 19s. 2d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs' accounts 51 19 2
Second Remembrancer 7l. 15s. 6d.; and 45l. 6s. 9d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 53 2 3
Clerk of the Pipe 45l.; and 111l. 12s. 0d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs' accounts 156 12 0
Chief Chamberlain 52 3 4
Second Chamberlain 52 3 4
Comptroller of the Pipe 7l.; and 46l. 10s. 0d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs' accounts 53 10 0
Usher of the Exchequer 12l. 10s. 0d. [sic]: for his fee at 50l. per an. and 10l. per an. for his allowance of ink for the Exchequer; and 11l. 12s. 6d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 24 2 6
Transcriptor and Foreign Opposer 15l.; and 38l. 15s. 0d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs ‘accounts 53 15 0
Summoniter and Clerk of Foreign Estreats 7l. 10s. 0d.; and 36l. 8s. 6d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 43 18 6
Marshal of the Four Courts over and above the lawful fees of his office (computed at 120l. per an.) 280 0 0
Clerk of the Pells 30 0 0
Clerk of the First Fruits and Twentieth parts 27l. 10s. 0d.; and 11l. 4s. 9d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 38 14 9
Cryer of the Exchequer 1l. 13s. 4d.; and 7l. 15s. 0d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 9 8 4
Pursuivant of the Exchequer 71l. 5s. 0d.; and 7l. 15s. 0d. in full of all fees due upon passing Sheriffs’ accounts 79 0 0
Auditor of the Foreign Accounts 121 13 4
total for the Court of the Exchequer £4,257 10 2
Court of King's Bench: per an.
£ s. d.
Lord Chief Justice, 600l. for his fee and robes; and 200l. for his augmentation 800 0 0
Second Justice, 400l. for his fee and robes; and 200l. for his augmentation 600 0 0
Third Justice, 400l. for his fee and robes; and 200l. for his augmentation 600 0 0
Clerk of the Crown 7 10 0
total for the Court of King's Bench £2,007 10 0
Court of Chancery:
Lord Chancellour of Ireland 2,000 0 0
Master of the Rolls 157 9 11
four Masters in Chancery, each 60l. 240 0 0
Clerk of the Crown in Chancery 25 0 0
Clerk of the Hanaper at 10l. 10s. per an.; and 25l. for paper and parchment for the Chancery 35 10 0
total for the Court of Chancery £2,457 19 11
Court of Common Pleas:
Lord Chief Justice, 500l. for his fee and robes; and 200l. for his augmentation 700 0 0
Second Justice, 400l. for his fee and robes; and 200l. for his augmentation 600 0 0
Third Justice, ditto and ditto 600 0 0
Prothonotary 7 10 0
total for the Court of Common Pleas £1,907 10 0
Officers and ministers attending the State:
Principal Secretary of State 300 0 0
Clerk of the Council, 400l. for his constant fee; and 40l. for paper and parchment 440 0 0
Physician to the State 66 13 4
Ulster King at Arms 26 13 4
Athlone Pursuivant 13 13 9
Chief Serjeant at Arms 100 0 0
Second Serjeant at Arms 100 0 0
First Pursuivant 30 0 0
Second Pursuivant 30 0 0
Third Pursuivant 30 0 0
Keeper of the Council Chamber 18 5 0
Keeper of the Rooms in Dublin Castle 16 16 0
Keeper of the Records in Birmingham Tower 400 0 0
Clerk of the Paper Office 200 0 0
Constable of the Castle of Dublin 20 0 0
a Kettle Drum and six Trumpets, each 70l. 490 0 0
Lord Mayor and citizens of Dublin 500 0 0
Ranger of the Phænix Park and Master of the Game 50 0 0
Porter of the Castle of Dublin 13 13 9
total for Officers and Ministers attending the State £2,845 15 2
Incidents: per an.
£ s. d.
charge of the Circuits, to every Justice of Assize who goes [the circuit] 100l.; which for five circuits twice a year comes to [sic] 2,000 0 0
(the allowance of such as do not go [is] to be saved to the King) the Dean of Christ Church, Dublin, for the rent of the Exchequer Chamber and other rooms within the Four Courts 15 10 0
rent for Skeeldie's Castle, being the store house of Cork 7 10 0
the Receiver General for paper and parchment 25 0 0
the Keeper of the House for Receipt 5 0 0
the Singers of Christ Church, Dublin, for praying for his Majesty at 10s. every term 2 0 0
for prosecution of criminals 100 0 0
rent of the Parliament House, including fees 186 0 0
for a French Minister at Carthalogh 30 0 0
to the Prebends of St. Andrews for visiting the sick in the several prisons of Dublin 20 0 0
the King at Arms for his attendance on State days 12 0 0
for pumping water for the uses of the Castle 11 13 10
the Bailiff of Phoenix Park 9 0 0
Ranger of the Curragh of Kildare 20 0 0
Gate Keepers of the Phænix Park 17 18 0
Vicar of Castle Knock in lieu of his glebe and tithes of lands in Phænix Park 18 0 0
State Musician 370 0 0
Master of the Riding House 100 0 0
underkeepers of the Phænix Park for winter firing 13 2 6
for rent of a plot of ground adjoining to Carrickfergus Castle 16 3 6
Wardrobe Keeper: for coals 4 0 0
French Conformist Ministers at St. Patrick's and St. Mary's in Dublin 60 0 0
total for Incidents £3,042 17 10
Officers of the Customs:
Customer 7 10 0
Comptroller 7 10 0
Searcher 5 0 0
Customer 10 0 0
Comptroller 5 0 0
Waterford and Ross:
Customer 15 0 0
Comptroller 15 0 0
Searcher 6 13 4
Youghal and Dungarvan:
Customer 13 6 8
Comptroller 6 13 4
Searcher 5 0 0
Customer 13 6 8
Searcher 5 0 0
Customer 13 6 8
Searcher 6 13 4
Customer 13 6 8
Comptroller 13 6 8
Searcher 5 0 0
Customer 13 6 8
Searcher 5 0 0
Drogheda, Dundalk and Carlingford:
Customer 7 10 0
Comptroller 7 10 0
Searcher 5 0 0
Customer 7 10 0
Searcher 6 13 4
Customer 7 10 0
Searcher 6 13 4
Customer 5 0 0
Accomptant General: to be paid by debenture quarterly out of the Exchequer and not otherwise 400 0 0
total for the Officers of the Customs £638 6 8
to the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin 388 15 0
to the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Dublin 45 6 8
to the Bishop of Meath out of the manor of Trim 3 15 0
to the Archbishop of Dublin for proxies due out of divers churches belonging to the late Monastery of St. Thomas, St. Mary's Abbey and St. John of Jerusalem 18 5 6
to the Chanter of Christ Church, Dublin, for the rent of a plot of ground near Dublin Castle 27 0 0
the rent of the lands of Castlerey Park whereon the port of Kinsale stands 6 13 4
to the minister of the French church 50 0 0
to the second French minister 50 0 0
printing the Bills of Mortality 12 0 0
tithes of land in Phænix Park 12 0 0
for the rent of the Auditor General's Office. 26 0 0
£639 15 6
Commission of Appeals: First Commissioner, Second Commissioner and Third Commissioner, each 100l. 300 0 0
to be distributed among such of the Nonconforming Ministers by warrant from the Lord Lieutenant in such manner as he shall find necessary for his Majesty's service and the good of Ireland. 1,200 0 0
Prizage: to the Duke of Ormonde for Prizage 3,000 0 0
payments for Extraordinaries by Concordatums, to wit for freight, transportation, carrying of letters and other expenses and rewards; sea service; repairing and upholding sufficiently our houses; maintaining our ports; finishing needful undertakings of that kind begun in apt places and erecting of more strength in the like nature in other fit and necessary places; diet and charge in keeping poor prisoners and sick and maimed soldiers in Hospitals; printing, riding and travelling charges; prests upon account and all other payments amongst which the repairs of fortifications and provisions of Hospitals are chiefly to be taken care of by Concordatums of the Lord Lieutenant: and the Concordatums to be every three months certified over to our Privy Council here 5,000 0 0
“and our pleasure is that no payment or allowance be made by Concordatum but by warrant drawn by the Clerk of the Council in Ireland, passed openly at our Council Board there and signed by the Lord Lieutenant” or three chief officers. In default whereof all exceedings hereupon are to be set in super on the Lord Lieutenant or others that shall sign the same.
per an.
Thomas Hughes, a blind man 25 0 0
Duke of St. Albans 800 0 0
Baron de Virazel 100 0 0
David Gervaise and his wife 50 0 0
Catherine Wynne 100 0 0
Earl of Ranelagh, his heirs &c. 300 0 0
Mary de Montandre 200 0 0
Brigadier Belcastle's heirs &c. 500 0 0
Ulick, Lord Roche 100 0 0
Ellen Roch 50 0 0
Daniel Dering, Esq. 100 0 0
Sir George Barmvall [Barnwall] 100 0 0
Dame Sarah Devic 50 0 0
Elizabeth Rousele [Ronsele] 50 0 0
Elizabeth, Countess Thanet 300 0 0
Catherine Talbot 50 0 0
Mary Murry 91 5 0
John Outing, Esq. 200 0 0
Barbara Chantrell 100 0 0
Dame Antonatta Mowat 100 0 0
Lord Athenree [Athenry] 200 0 0
per an.
Countess of Cavan 100 0 0
Harry Power, Esq. 250 0 0
Deborah Rolston, widow. 20 0 0
Faith Steel, widow 10 0 0
John Whittel, clerk. 16 0 0
Jane Camsey, widow. 20 0 0
Frances Tippin, widow. 10 0 0
Daniel Magwire. 10 0 0
Robert Faning. 10 0 0
Elizaf [beth] Shalcross 12 0 0
James Roch, Esq. 300 0 0
Earl of Roscommon. 300 0 0
Sir William Russell, bart., and his brother. 200 0 0
John Walker, Esq. 200 0 0
Benjamin Parry, Esq., Public Register. 500 0 0
Eliza[beth] Caldwell. 100 0 0
Earl of Cavan. 200 0 0
John Pratt and John Baily, gent. 300 0 0
Joanna Cutts. 100 0 0
Earl of Grantham. 1,500 0 0
Duke of Ormonde, in lieu of Treasury deduc tions out of the Rent for Prizage [and Butlerage of Wines]. 108 4 11¼
Lawrence Stanyan, Esq. 100 0 0
Catherine Codroy. 54 15 0
Jane Cathcart. 54 15 0
Ignatius Newgent, Esq. 146 0 0
William Phillips, Esq. 200 0 0
Duke of Ormonde. 5,000 0 0
Thomas Keightley, Esq. 1,000 0 0
Samuel Hinton, Esq. 100 0 0
Lord Bellew and his sister. 300 0 0
Earl of Clarendon. 2,000 0 0
Mary Hyde, widow. 20 0 0
Dame Jane Douglas. 60 0 0
Abraham Jacobs. 20 0 0
Alice Reader, widow. 40 0 0
Isabella Berkeley, widow. 30 0 0
Mary Hartlib, widow. 20 0 0
James Shaw, clerk. 40 0 0
Elinor Shaw, widow. 300 0 0
Alice Collins, widow. 60 0 0
—Bonhereau [Bouhereau], underkeeper of the Public Library at Dublin. 30 0 0
Capt. Ferdinando Callaghan. 80 0 0
Renatus de Saunieres L'Hermitage. 500 0 0
Mary Barry, widow. 50 0 0
John Hansard, Esq. 100 0 0
Richard Levinge, Esq. 300 0 0
—L'Estanquet, widow. 50 0 0
Manon Senry de Oliver. 60 0 0
£18,547 19 11
A List of French Pensioners: to be paid monthly upon their personal appearance; or, if absent, to be paid quarterly upon authentic certificates of their being alive and in no employment.
£ s. d.
Josias Vimar 273 15 0
James Daubussarques and Farmer de Neuville, each 182 10 0
John de Varangle and Paul de Blosset, each 146 0 0
Abraham Mazeres 127 15 0
John de la Condriere [Coudriere] 146 0 0
John de Savery 127 15 0
Solomon de Loches, Samuel de Boisrond, Renatus de la Fancille [Faucille], James Moutont [Montaut], Francis Darene, Charles D'Albenas, Peter D'Pagez, Daniel du Petit bose, each 109 10 0
Florence la Milliere, Daniel Bernatre, Jasper la Balme, each 91 5 0
William Rientor 109 10 0
Stephen Dampier, William la Coudriere, James Fountaine, Jane and Mary de Lansac, Lewis Fonjuliane, Philip Morel, John La Barthe, Francis de Soligny, Richard Desherbiers, Anne de la Meloniere: each 91 5 0
Joshua Des Loires, John Fountaine, Hector de Cramache, Charles la Caltiere, Lewis La Malquire, Isaac Chabrieres, Gaston St. Germain, Alexr. Dallons, Francis Menivall, Peter Balawdrie, Benjamin Pascall, Charles de Sailly, Samuel Marconny, Gideon Fonjuliane, Albertine Du Pasey, Elizabeth Le Conte, Peter Durand, Elizabeth La Plaigne, John la Ronviere [Rouviere], John Monledier, John de Meny: each 73 0 0
Silvia and Anne Montant 73 0 0
Esther de Clervault and Diana de Fountanier and Esther her daughter 73 0 0
Dr. Philip Lloyd 73 0 0
Charles de Cresserons and Peter Des Maizeux: each 63 17 6
Henry La Lande, Margaret Combecrose, Peter Pinsun, Daniel Du Collombier, Anto. La Bastide, Guy de la Court, Paul Montigny, Lewis de Rosset, James La Rimbliere, Theophs. Desbrisay, Mary De Bruse, Gabriel Tharot, Francis Pontrean [Pontreau], John la Clide, John la Brouse, John Dortoux, Daniel de Virazel, James Fenovillet, Jacob La Motte, Mare St. Maurice, Lewis de Prez, Mene Lambert, Paul La Porte, John Chardeloup, Peter Lavall, Jean Thomas, Francis Du Rouze, William Despierres, Anne la Perrine, Jeremy Bancons, Anto. Lamaria, John Brasselay, William Poucet, Charles Duroches Judith De Contierr, Charlotte De Laspoise, Mary D'Arilliers, Daniel D'La Force, John Fontanier, John Bayse, Janzes Bernard, William Guion, Anto. La Santier, Charles de Quinsac, Isaac Croses, David Daripe, Isaac Belloc, Peter la Mongontiere, Luke Tevigar: each 54 15 0
Charles Vaudiere, Anto. la Roque, Claudius Playfay, Theodorus la Cailtiere, James Rousse, Isaac Malleray, Simon Du Fay, John Constantine, Henry Drulhon, Peter Sisol, Peter Du Chesne, Philip Constantine, Durand Therond, David Moncornet, Charles du Marest, Augustus Duvall, John La Rouviere, John La Roque, Stephen de Guilhon, Peter Monfort, Jacob Vincent, James St. Philibert, Lewis D'Hannus, Stephen St. Mesmim, Centn. la Motte Belland, Abraham Sandor, Samuel Comte la Musse, Alberte Delande, Alexander Dutoral, John Terrott, John Rossieres, Abell Machinville, Francis La Lande, Anne Thonars, Samuel la Boissonade, Charles la Boulay, Hannibal Du Causse, Alexr. Millery, Charles Vignolles, Isaac Charrier, John Giberne, Lewis Du Perce, Solomon Liger, Arnold Pron [Prou], Susan Thenie, Abraham Courteil, George Piozett, Elizabeth Foucault, Anto. Bernard, Margt. Najac, Lewis St. Laurens, John De Prades, Cosmo De Mimet, Andrew Labat, Joseph St. Puy, Peter la Brisonniere, Lewis Fontalba, Cæsar Meslier, John Larger, Thomas Terson, Anto. Valogne, Francs.Cabroll, Andrew Moncal, Cæsar la Fortelle, John Vaury, John Dagor, William Maret, Mary O'Hara, Mary la Mouline, David Lame Court, Martha Mercier, James Villemison, Fra. Du Parc, Isaac De Lorthe, Thomas Favier, Isaac Lesbrille, Charles Brueys De Bezut: each 45 12 6
John Jalaquier, Alexr. Des Tourneaux, Lewis Darques, Daniel Dabbadie, Michael Du Chesne, James Brunyer, Daniel Conlom, [Coulom], Anto. De Mezerat, Gideon Castelfranc, Charles De Lonpre, James Limarest, John Papot, Peter Portall, John Bigos, Nicholas Ferrand, David Calvairat, Noah Desclaux, John Clavier, James Rochemont, Francs. Bastidebarbut, Peter Goullin, Ben. Ganme, John Lesserre, Peter Lamy, John Boyer, John Le Mestre, Vincent Leymerie, Stephen La Molliere, Balthazar du lac, Charles de Begat, John Bancons, Charles Bosleroy, Peter Maimbre, Anto. Bonneval, Paul Pinean [Pineau], Mariana Sermant, Mary Lambermont, Gabrielle La Mottebrocas, Henry La Lande, Paul Longchamp, Peter Fraissinet, John Massilos, Samuel La Motte Grindor, Michael Brunville, Peter Vignan, Renatus Lestablere, John Pepin, John Vestien, Isaac Bancons, Meide Mainanduc, Henrietta Constance Boyle, widow, and Mary her daughter, John La Beissude, Philip Girard, John James Conlom [Coulomb], Mary Brunneval, Mary La Chappelle, Abel Amatis, Theophs. Dandré Mary Brugiere, Martha La Garde, Mary de Lisle, Francs. Sarter, Lewisa Petitot, Phillip Bosoche, Peter La Rousseliere, Abraham Franquefort, William La Grange, Paul Randon, Jasper Pandin, Elizabeth de St. De Lis D'Hencour, Magdalen de St. De Lis D'Hencour, Varania de St. De Lis D'Hencour, Susan Bonabel, Francis Paul,—Chamier, Margaret Sabatier: each 36 10 0
John Surville, Martell Monpinson, John La Motte, Lewis Gallardy, junr., Claudius Guirandet, Peter Malie, John Boyer, Gabriel Farrange, Peter Chelar, James Michael, John Boucherie, John Cailhott, Saml. Du Fan, Japhet Puychenin, Alexr. Pellat, Lewis Papin, Joseph Valada, Josias Villineuve, Francis Massee, John Tauranac, Joly Ternac, James Croizat, David Farjon, Gerard St. Pan, Cha. Dumas, John Dalby, Theodorus Lantal, John Grandey, Matthew Briant, Michael La Mangere, Abr. St. Agnan, John Belorient, Daniel Forteniere, Bertrand Laisné John Faure, Lewis Le Petit, Francis Damboix, Claudius Belet, Anto. De Loche, John La Motte Champy, Solomon Roux, John La Chancellerie, Lea De Belland, Alexr. Lenfant, Judith Le Coursey, Nicholas Cassell, Magdalen Dosseville, Cha. La Touche, John Monpinson, Olimpia La Motte, Marquise De Pechells, Francs. Garripuy, John La Coste, Lewis Passy, Adam Glatigny, Moses Vernoux, Daniel La Cherrois, Lewis Geneste, John La Salle, Lewis Rivalls, Simon Chabert, Isaac Estannié Lewis Vigneul, James Du Homet, Paul Baignoulx, Jonas Pavillard, James Melon, Francis Couron, Isaac La Capelle, Charlotte Massuquier, Paul Caladon, Elizabeth Beaucours, Henrietta De Bette, Joseph Langé Peter Merciere, John Aldebert, James Danger, Peter Boaton, Magdalen Brisac, Elizabeth Brisac: each 27 7 6
Francs. Malherbe 22 16 3
Armand la Font, Martha Molie, John Grance, Balthazar Farinel, Charles Gallissian, James Beauchamp, Margaret Davessein, Magdalen Davessein, Gidida Davessein, Maryanne Davessein, James la Bruleray, John Bessieres, Peter Denis, John Andat, John Vialars, Jane Pellissier, Peter Dumas, Mart. Champlaurier, Gideon Briant, Henrietta Rabault, Jane Rabault, Peter Burean, James Bontoux, John Darassus, Anto. St. Juliane, Michael David, Mary Dagar, Stephen Nissole, Ann Thermin, Peter Guilhermin, John Joye, Ant. Garrisson, John la Fitte, Centurion Angier, Francis Vigne, Albertus la Cour, John Teissier, Lewis Armand, James Barry, Joseph la Plaigne, Abraham Roux, Paul Ville, John Du Cross, James la Fort, Elizabeth Falquier, James Mongand, David Laval, Carolina de Laspois, Catherine Jane de Laspois, Lewis Payzant: each 18 5 0
Frederick Du Mesnil and Charles Gaspar: each 12 3 4
Peter Massot, Stephen Ganbert, David Langlade, Peter Clavier, James Grenié, David Bellegardé, James Guizot, Mark la Motte Cercler, James Dalterat: each 9 2 6
Elizabeth Vebron 20 0 0
£17,605 7 11
Abstract of the Civil Establishment.
Exchequer 4,257 10 2
King's Bench 2,007 10 0
Chancery 2,457 19 11
Common Pleas 1,907 10 0
State Officers 2845 15 2
Incidents 3,042 17 10
Customs Officers 638 6 8
Perpetuities 639 15 6
Commission of Appeals 300 0 0
Nonconforming Ministers 1,200 0 0
Prisage 3,500 0 0
Concordatums 5,000 0 0
Pensions 18,547 19 11¼
French pensions 17,605 7 11
total £63,950 13
Military Establishment.
For the Army, Ordnance and other offices for the Military Affairs of Ireland: to commence from 1715 March 25.
General Officers.
Lord Lieutenant, Deputy Justices &c. for all their allowances and entertainments 6,593 6 8
two Aides de Camp, 10s. each 365 0 0
one Lieut. General. 1,460 0 0
one Aide de Camp 182 10 0
three Majors General, 2l. a day each 2,190 0 0
six Brigadier Generals, 30s. a day each 3,285 0 0
Muster Master General and Clerk of the Cheques in full of all allowances and not to receive the day's pay 500 0 0
six Deputy Commissaries, 8s. a day each 876 0 0
Quarter Master General 365 0 0
Adjutant General 365 0 0
Judge Advocate General 121 13 4
Chirurgeon General 121 13 4
Provost Marshal General 73 0 0
Physician General 182 10 0
£16,680 13 4
Military Contingencies.
to be raised by warrant of the Chief Governor 3,000 0 0
Military Incidents.
rent of the Horse Guards Stables 110 0 0
allowances for fire and candle to the Guards in Dublin if not otherwise provided for 60 0 0
One Regiment of Horse.
Field and Staff Officers (Col. at 12s., Lieut. Col. at 8s., Major at 5s. 6d., Chaplain at 6s. 8d., Chirurgeon at 4s., kettle drummer at 2s. 6d.) 705 13 4
six Troops (each of a Capt. at 14s., Lieut. at 9s., Cornet at 7s., Quartermaster at 5s., two Corporals at 2s. 6d. each, one trumpeter at 2s. 6d., 36 privates at 18d. each) 8,805 12 6
(total for the Regiment, 11,272l. 8s. 4d.) four Regiments more of Horse of the like numbers and rates 45,089 13 4
One Regiment of Dragoons.
Field and Staff Officers (Col. 12s., Lieut. Col. 7s., Major 5s., Chaplain 6s. 8d., Chirurgeon 4s.) 632 13 4
six Troops (each of a Captain 10s., Lieut. 5s., Cornet 4s., Quarter Master 3s., Serjeant 2s. 6d., two Corporals 1s. 6d. each, drummer 1s. 6d., Hautboy 1s. 6d., 36 Dragoons 1s. 2d. each) 6,615 12 6
(total for the Regiment, 8,571l. 8s. 4d.)
Another Regiment of Dragoons.
at similar rates but with nine Troops of 31 Dragoons each.
(total for the Regiment, 11,582l. 13s. 4d.)
total for the Dragoons. 20,154 1 8
Royal Regiment of Foot.
Field and Staff Officers (Col. 12s., Lieut. Col. 7s., Second Lieut. Col. 7s., Major 4s., Second Major 4s., Chaplain 6s. 8d., two Adjutants and Quartermaster 4s. each, Chirurgeon 4s., two mates each 2s. 6d., Drum Major 2s., Piper to the Colonel's Company 1s.) (1,107l. 3s. 4d.)
18 Companies (each of Capt. 8s., Lieut. 4s., Ensign 3s., two Serjeants 1s. 6d. each, two Corporals 1s. each, one Drummer 1s., 36 private soldiers 6d. each) (12,811l. 10s. 0d.).
two Companies of Grenadiers (each of a Capt. 8s., two Lieuts. 4s. each, two Serjeants 1s. 6d. each, two Corporals 1s. each. one Drummer 1s., 36 private soldiers 6d. each) (730l. each).
total for the Regiment 15,378 13 4
21 Regiments of Foot.
(each with Field and Staff Officers of Col. 12s., Lieut. Col. 7s., Major 4s., Chaplain 6s. 8d., Chirurgeon 4s., one mate 2s. 6d., Adjutant 2s., Quartermaster 2s.)
and nine Companies (each of a Capt. 8s., Lieut. 4s., Ensign 3s., two Serjeants 1s. 6d. each, two Corporals 1s. each, one Drummer 1s., 36 private soldiers at 6d. each).
and one Company of Grenadiers (Capt. 8s., two Lieuts. 4s. each, two Serjeants 1s. 6d. each, two Corporals 1s. each, one Drummer 1s., 36 private soldiers at 6d. each).
total for each Regiment 7,868l. 15s. 10d.; total for 21 Regiments. 180,623 5 10
One Company of Foot Guards to be armed with Battle Axes and to attend the State.
(Lieut. at 15l. per calendar month, two Lieuts. at 9l. per month, two Serjeants 2s. a day each, 50 Yeomen at 10d. a day each) 1,229 8 4
Charge of the Ordnance.
Superior Officers.
Master of the Ordnance 500 0 0
Lieutenant of the Ordnance. 300 0 0
Major of the Train of Artillery 200 0 0
Surveyor and Comptroller 200 0 0
Clerk of the Ordnance 100 0 0
Engineer, Overseer and Surveyor General of the Fortifications and Buildings 300 0 0
Second Engineer of Ireland 182 10 0
Third Engineer to attend the Train of Artillery 146 0 0
Inferior Officers in Dublin.
two Gentlemen of the Ordnance 146 0 0
a storekeeper 100 0 0
two Firemasters, 4s. each 146 0 0
two Bombardiers, 2s. each 73 0 0
Armourer at Dublin 73 0 0
four Assistant Armourers to move from store to store as occasion requires, 2s. each 146 0 0
wheelwright 36 10 0
waggon and carriage maker 36 10 0
Master Gunner to attend the Train 50 0 0
Gunners’ mate 25 0 0
eight Gunners to attend the Train at 12d. each 146 0 0
eight matrosses to attend the Train and stores in Dublin at 9d. each 109 10 0
Paymaster to the Train at 2s. 6d. 45 12 6
Clerk to the Surveyor and Comptroller of the Ordnance at 2s. 36 10 0
[Inferior Officers in the Country.]
Londonderry (storekeeper 2s. 2¼d., two gunners each 12d., two matrosses each 9d.) 103 17 6
Charlemont (one gunner, one matross) 31 18 9
Limerick (storekeeper, four gunners, two matrosses) 140 7 6
Kinsale (storekeeper, master gunner 2s., eight gunners, four matrosses) 276 5 0
Galway (storekeeper, three gunners, two matrosses) 122 2 6
Duncannon (storekeeper, master gunner, two gunners, two matrosses) 140 7 6
Waterford (storekeeper) 10 0 0
Carrickfergus (storekeeper, one gunner, one matross) 71 18 9
for firing, candles, postage of letters and other necessaries of the Office of Ordnance according to particular warrants of the Lord Lieutenant 660 0 0
total charge of the Ordnance £4,687 18 9
And whereas the safety of our Kingdom of Ireland does much depend upon a useful and proper Train of Artillery with able Officers and Artificers to attend the same, we do therefore require the Chief Governor of Ireland to enquire into the ability and condition of the present superior and inferior Officers of our Ordnance and Train, to the end that such as shall be found unqualified or not constantly resident be removed and others placed therein and that in future no inferior Officers or artificers belonging to the said Ordnance or Train shall be admitted before they shall be approved by the Chief Governor. And for the further improvement of the said Office of Ordnance the Chief Governor of Ireland and the Master of the Ordnance there are to consider and adjust Rules and Orders for the management of said Office.
Additional pay to Horse and Foot commanded on duty in Dublin.
allowance for three Troops [of Horse] on duty in Dublin, being 105 private men, nine noncommissioned Officers at 3d. a day each (the widows’ men excluded), with a kettle drummer for six months in the year 522 8
allowance for three Regiments of Foot on duty in Dublin, 400 in each Regiment (private men and non-commissioned Officers, widows’ men excluded) at 1d. a day each 1,825 0 0
£2,347 8
£ s. d.
Governors of Garrisons.
Londonderry and Culmore Fort (Governor 10s. a day, whereof 40l. per an. is for fire and candle for the Gunners and Garrison) 182 10 0
Cork (Governor) 365 0 0
Limerick (Governor 1l.; Town Major 4s.) 438 0 0
Kinsale (Governor 1l.; Lieut. Gov. 10s.; Fort Major 4s.) 620 10 0
Duncannon (Governor 1l.; Fort Major 4s.) 438 0 0
Ross Castle (Governor) 182 10 0
Dublin (Town Major) 91 5 0
Charlemont (Governor) 365 0 0
£2,682 15 0
£ s. d.
Fire and candle for the Guards and Garrisons.
Dublin Town Guards 48 0 0
Limerick Guards 48 0 0
Galway Guards 20 0 0
Charles Fort 40 0 0
Athlone 10 0 0
£166 0 0
£ s. d.
Military pensions.
Colonel Henry Lutterell 500 0 0
Earl of Galway 1,500 0 0
Earl of Mount Alexander 500 0 0
Major General Gustavus Hamilton 182 10 0
Colonel William Culliford 250 0 0
Visct. Longford 500 0 0
Lord Blaney 182 10 0
Capt. Adam Blair 100 0 0
Capt. James Peltier 91 5 0
Colonel Henry Hawley 182 10 0
Peter Ponsin 27 7 6
Capt. George Lindon 54 15 0
Capt. John Augustus Claverie 45 12 6
Capt. Peter Delom 63 17 6
Philip Jansen De Teudbeuf 91 5 0
Capt. Richard Hill 91 5 0
Cornelius Kennedy, Esq. 200 0 0
Marquis de Miremont 1,000 0 0
Major Charles Lancaster 150 0 0
Colonel James Barry 200 0 0
Major General Sherrington Davenport, in lieu of a Troop in his Regiment till one becomes vacant 310 5 0
Margaret Fleming 30 0 0
Catherine Barton 80 0 0
Lord Frederick Howard, till otherwise provided for 200 0 0
Lieut. William Nappier 54 15 0
Frederick William, Earl of Lifford 500 0 0
£7,087 17 6
£ s. d.
And no payments are to be made on the above pensions unless the grantee do actually reside in Ireland or be absent by our leave and licence and do appear personally at each payment or be duly certified as alive.
Establishment of Half Pay for Reformed Officers.
Brigadier Wolseley's Regiment of Horse.
Lieut. Col. William Berry. 146 0 0
Lieutenants James Johnson, John Deane, each 54 15 0
Cornets Thomas Featherstone, James Cathcart, Richard Berry, Robert Flagherty, each. 45 12 6
Quartermasters Thomas Wingfeild, Francis Aldridge, Henry Dixson, James Humphreys, Michael Waldron, Gerrard Erwine, each. 27 7 6
total £602 5 0
Brigadier Echlin's Dragoons [6th Inniskilling Dragoons].
Lieutenant Luke Davis £45 12 6
Quartermasters John Nesbit and Albros. Wrightson, each 27 7 6
total £100 7 6
Brigadier [Henry] Conyngham's [Dragoons, 8th Hussars.]
Lieutenat James Uniack £45 12 6
Col.John Mitchelburn's Foot [Royal Londonderry Foot].
Col. John Mitchelburne 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. John Hamilton 109 10 0
Major Anthony Shambergh 91 5 0
Capt. Michael Cunyngham 54 15 0
total £401 10 0************************************
£ s. d.
Col. Thomas St. John's Foot [Regiment of Londonderry Foot].
£ s. d.
Col. Thomas St. John 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Alexander Stuart 109 10 0
Major Arthur Noble 91 5 0
Lieut. Samuel Mortimore 36 10 0
total £383 5 0
Col. [Abraham] Creighton's Regiment [of Inniskillen Foot].
Capt. Thomas Johnson 54 15 0
Capt. Lieut. John Orban 36 10 0
Lieut. Guy Carleton. 36 10 0
total £127 15 0
Col.[Geo.] Villiers’ Regiment [31st Foot].
Capt. Edward Dixey 54 15 0
Capt. Lieut. Richard Jennings 36 10 0
total £91 5 0
Brigadier Zacharius Tiffin's Regiment [27th Foot Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers].
Capt. George Carleton 54 15 0
Lieut. Henry Lane 36 10 0
total £91 5 0
[William] Lord Mountjoy's Regiment [of Foot, 1694].
Lieut. Joseph Pilott £36 10 0
[William] Lord Charlemont's Regiment [36th Foot].
Lieut. John Tobyn 36 10 0
Quarter Master Robert Walker 36 10 0
total £73 0 0
Col. William Seymore's Regiment [4th King's Own Regiment of Foot].
Ensign William Thompsons £27 7 6
Col. Frederick Hamilton's Regiment [18th Foot, Royal Irish].
Lieut. Robert Cook £36 10 0
Earl of Wharton's Regiment [of Dragoons, 1710–1713].
Lieut. Col. Henry Lord Santry 127 15 0
Major Thomas Brown 109 10 0
Capt. George Cowper 73 0 0
Capt. Lieut. Christopher Dalstone and Lieu- £ s. d.
tenants Richard Jackson, Richard Parks, Thomas Williams, Henry Lawson: each 45 12 6
Cornets—Hambleton,—McNaghton,—Jephson,—Cuffe: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters John Graham, John Harris, James Chetham, Hn. Sherriden, William Page: each 27 7 6
Chirurgeon Richard Collins 36 10 0
total £857 15 0
Brigadier David Creighton's Regiment [of Foot, previously Vis. Ikerrin's].
Brig. David Creighton 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. William Sampson 109 10 0
Major Patrick Fox 91 5 0
Captains Daniel Manserghs, Richard Rogerson, Robert Sampson, William Crofts, Docwra Brooks, Benjamin Malide, James Butler, John Warburton: each 54 15 0
Capt. Lieut. Robert King and Lieutenants Simon Sandys, James Hamilton, Abel CastelFrank, Marsh Harrison, John Crofton, Nich. Budiani, John Bulter, Morris Crosby, Lewis Meares, Richard Butler, George Sweetenham: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Michael Sampson, Edward Skipton, William Montgomery, Richard Hetherington, John Douglass, Hector Hammond, Samuel Morris, James Turner, Henry Moore, William Caulfield, Henry Lucius Hibbins: each 27 7 6
Capt. [sic for Chaplain] Richard Wight 60 16 8
Adjutant Mathew Bowen 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Richard Webb 36 10 0
total £1,657 14 2
Col. Richard Lucas's Regiment [of Foot, formerly William Delaune's: disbanded in Ireland in 1712].
Col. Richard Lucas. 146 0 0
Lieut. Col Thomas Wilson 109 10 0
Major George Sawyer 91 5 0
Captains John Eyre, Peter Bettisworth, Thomas Sinnott, William Hall, Banister Maynard, George Wandesford, Richard Goodrick, Barnaby Purcell, Maurice Wynne: each 54 15 0
Capt. Lieut. Brook Plucknett and Lieutenants Marcus Smith, William Coleman, John Machell, Solomon Tovey, Frederick Gore, Alexander Heron, Edward Thornycraft, Hugh Hilton, Lewis Dafour, John Chantry, Robert Inns, George Robinson: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Worcester Wilson, Matt. Palin, Samuel Webber, Gifford Killegrew, John Brahon, Thomas Baxter, Robert Foulk, Benjamin Everarde, Keightly Thornly, Delaval Harrison, Samuel Harrison, Richard Butler: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Ezekiell Hamilton 60 16 8
Adjutant John Spicer 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Daniel Gates 36 10 0
total £1,776 6 8
£ s. d.
Sir John Wittewrong's Regiment [of Foot, disbanded in 1712].
Col. Sir John Wittewrong 146 0 0
Major Peter Kerr 91 5 0
Captains Edward Addison, Thomas Plaistow, William Jephson, John Southby, John Wittewrong, Sir Marks Beresford, George Gregory, Francis Cope, David Cugley: each 54 15 0
Capt. Lieut. John Griffith and Lieutenants William Gurney, Thomas Parry, Andr. Kerr, Thomas Doidge, James Barry, James Wittewronge, John Cunningham, Walter Walsh, Edmund Bartlett, Thomas Mason, Meyrick Owen: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Barnaby Dunston, Philip Haynes, James Prowde, Thomas Crawley, Nathaniel Carr, Richard Hunter, Thomas Ashton, Paul George,—Owen, Robert Sandford: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Joseph Hort 60 16 8
Chirurgeon Noah Pitcher 36 10 0
total £1,539 1 8
£ s. d.
Col. Richard Morrisses [Morice's, previously Visct. Ikerrin's] Dragoons
Col. Richard Morris 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Robert Johnson 127 15 0
Major William Smith 109 10 0
Captains George Cooper, William Montague, Robert Moore: each 73 0 0
Captain Lieutenant Frederick Edmunds and Lieutenants John Mandsley, Robert McMullan, Henry Lawrence, Thomas Foulk, Thomas Fowler: each 45 12 6
Cornets George Barnes, Maurice Wemys, Charles Dearing, William Wemys, Francis Jemmott, William Saltmash: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters George Butler, Abraham Lam, Jerem Gredon, Oliver Carter, George Sternfeild, Michael Smith: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Gerard Lowther 60 16 8
Chirurgeon William Partington 36 10 0
total £1,356 11 8
Major General [Edward] Pearce's Regiment [Dragoons, 1706]. £ s. d.
Major General Edward Pearce. 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. John Jones. 127 15 0
Major George Weston. 109 10 0
Captains William Titchburn, George Barker, Michael Owen: each. 73 0 0
Captain Lieutenant Thomas Fitzgerald and Lieutenants William Flood, Joseph Dalley, Richard Pearde, senr., Richard Pearde, junr., Peter Combecrose: each. 45 12 6
Cornets Edward Lovet Pearce, Thomas Meriden, Lewis Griffith, Edward Wilson, Ruben Roberts: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters Nicholas Silver, Edward Horan, George Holland, Samuel Harrison, John Hammond, Edward Hopton: each. 27 7 6
Chaplain Peter Julian 60 16 8
Chirurgeon Charles Melvill 36 10 0
total £1,320 1 8
Earl of Deloraine's Regiment of Foot [disbanded 1712].
Earl of Delorain [as Colonel] 146 0 0
Lieut.Col.Thomas Bellasyse 109 10 0
Major Samuel Francis 91 5 0
Captains John Walsh, George Geldwstane, Hugh Lister, Simon Corbett, John Fishwisk, John Bolton, John Crow, Edward Hardiman: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant William Cox and Lieutenants William Twisleton, Edward Ford, William Hall, Hyde Howard, William Ford, Benjamin McDowell, Francis, Visct. Hermitage, Lane. Dawes, David Fairfeild, Thomas Steuart, Robert Crowe, Dennis Kelly: each. 36 10 0
Ensigns John Norris, Thomas Whetham, Lewis Gwynn, Cupar Wills, Jer. Bellingham, Thomas Mounsay, Randall Berry, Zach. Tiffin, Osb. Sid. Wandesford,—Sympson, Robert Griffith: each 27 7 6
Chaplain James Walsh 60 16 8
Adjutant James St. Clair 36 10 0
Chirurgeon David Fairfeild 36 10 0
total £1,694 4 2
Marquis de Montandre's Regiment.
Colonel Marquis de Montandre 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Charles Bateman 109 10 0
Major Joseph Campbell 91 5 0
Captains David Sutton, Henry McNeal, John Crossby, Robert Hawkins, George Dawson, William Heblethwaite, Charles Morgan, John Baxter: each. 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Samuel Dornant and Lieutenants John Deyos, Henry Bolton, Nicholas Byland, William French, John Hamilton, Robert Brereton, John Martin, Henry Dawson, Thomas Drewry, Philip Barringer, Gifford Craven, George Banister: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Theo. Beaumont, Richard Arnold, Allan Julian, Thomas Ballard, Edwiard Williams, John Boitous, Daniel Cunnngham, Whittle Frewen, Samuel Davis, William Byand, William Good,—Dashwood: each 27 7 6
Chaplain James Finley 60 16 8
Adjutant John Williams 36 10 0
Chirurgeon John Hepburn 36 10 0
total £1,721 11 8
Earl of Hyndford's Regiment [Dragoons, 1702].
Colonel Earl of Hyndford. 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Sir Robert Pollock. 127 15 0
Major Gavin Hamilton 109 10 0
Captains Daniel Vere, James Keath, Lord Sempill: each 73 0 0
Captain Lieutenant Robert Baillie and Lieutenants James Carmichaell, Archibald Hamilton, William Napper, William Graham, Robert Lambert: each 45 12 6
Cornets John Carmichael, John Jack, Cromwell Price, William Little, William Douglass, Mongo Campbell: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters Charles Bryden, Andrew Agnew, John Anderson, John Vere, Alexander Bailie, Edward Kenyre: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Alexander Christie 60 16 8
Chirurgeon John Southerland 36 10 0
total £1,356 11 8
Brigadier Phineas Bowles’ Regiment of Foot.
Colonel Phineas Bowles’ 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Thomas Strickland 109 10 0
Major Charles Douglas 91 5 0
Captains George Brooks, Robert Saunders, Henry Martin, Joslin Meade, James Lloyd, John Peirson, Samuel Boyd, Richard White, Henry Spencer: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Thomas Hickman and Lieutenants Jonathan Munsell, George Webb, Joseph Lambert, Arch. Wilson, William Wright, Matt. Norgate, Allen Johnson, John St. Clair, Barnet Conelly, Thomas Buckley, Charles Cotton, Thomas Griffith: each 36 10 0
Ensigns William Cuffe, George Maxwell, John Johnson, Charles Bowles, Matt. Murray, Joseph Munsell, Johnson Clark, Thomas Knox, Thomas Johnson, William Pumphrill, Thomas Vernon: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Andrew Nixon 60 16 8
Adjutant Abraham Burrows 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Richard Williams 36 10 0
total £1,748 19 2
Brigadier [James] Dormer's Regiment [of Foot, previously Lord Mohun's]
Colonel James Dormer 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. George Whittmore 109 10 0
Major Sol. Rapine 91 5 0
Captains Thomas Walgrave, William Shewen,
Arthur Buckridge, Giles Stevens, John Concarret, Anthony Hinton, Stephen Tempie, John Auburn, James Hamilton: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Samuel Montgomery and Lieutenants Charles Brice, Peter Davenport, Joseph Hill, Benson Cushen, Ester Berger, Peter Delamander, William Northcoate, Theo. Tayler, John Boswell, Jonath. Powell, Michael Butler, John Pyrke: each 36 10 0
Ensigns George Robinson, James Douglas, John Barton, Caleb Herbert, Robert Sterling, Edward Stroude, William Markham, James Knight, George Grames, Ralphe Haderton, Ells. Lawrence: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Albertus Leblange 60 16 8
Adjutant John Walker 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Caleb Herbert 36 10 0
total £1,748 19 2
Brigadier Alexander Grant's Regiment. [Foot, 1702].
Colonel Alexander Grant 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. John Steuart 109 10 0
Major William Clephane 91 5 0
Captains John Burjaud, Alexander Cumming, Cha. Elphinstone, James Minzies, Lewis Grant, William Norcliffe, William Fullerton, Charles Steuart, James Abercrombie, Patrick Murray: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Alexander Leslie and Lieutenants John Rutherford, Alexander McWattie, Benjn. Barton, Alexr. Corbett, John Chambers, John Sterling, Lewis Grant, John Lunden, Alexr. Cumming, Henry Cockeraine, John Neilson, Alexr. Raile: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Alexander Bruce, James Lindsey,
Alexr. Graham, Richard Burne, George Brodie, Robert Cutler, Thomas Turnbull, James Minzies, George Scott, James Grant, Anthony Robertson, Patrick Turnbull: each
27 7 6
Chaplain George Story 60 16 8
Adjutant Lewis Grant 36 10 0
Chirurgeon James Grant 36 10 0
total £1,831 1 8
Col. Thomas Harrison's Regiment of Foot [6th Foot].
Lieutenants Francis Morris, Edward Bouchier:
36 10 0
Ensigns Thomas Laundy, Edward Webster, Thomas Earle: each 27 7 6
total £155 2 6
General Stewart's [9th Regiment of] Foot.
Captain William Phipps 54 15 0
Lieutenants Edward Wynne, Robert Neillson: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Nicholas Westby, George Palfrey: each 27 7 6
total £182 10 0
Col. Jasper Clayton's Regiment [of Foot, 1706–1712].
Captains Henry Carey, Robert Lundy: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants Richard Andrews, Henry Harrison: each 36 10 0
Ensigns John Cassell, Henry Holmes: each. 27 7 6
total £237 5 0
Lieut. Gen. Gorge's Regiment [35th Foot].
Captains Charles Calcott, Francis Denty: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants Randal Jones, Mathew Floyer: each 36 10 0
Ensigns George Martin, William Hamilton: each 27 7 6
total £237 5 0
Col. William Windress's Regiment [37th Foot].
Captains Gilbert Symmond, Richard Dyer: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants James Dehays, Matt. Lewis Morton: each 36 10 0
Ensigns James West, John Couzens: each. 27 7 6
total £237 5 0
Brigadier Andr[ews] Windsor's Regiment [28th Foot].
£ s. d.
Capt. Thomas Johnson 54 15 0
Lieutenants Robert Fleming, J. Capell: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Edward Gold, Richard Annesly: each 27 7 6
total £182 10 0
£ s. d.
Lord Windson's Regiment of Horse [Macclesfield's Horse in 1694].
Lieut. Col. Robert Dallway 146 0 0
Captains Aubrey Porter, Charles Maule: each 91 5 0
Captain Lieutenant Eli. Studholme and Lieutenants Charles West, William Whitaker, William Entwisle, Roger Pemberton: each 54 15 0
Cornets Robert Wolseley, Audley Mervin, Thomas Kelly, George Hamilton, Henry Griffith, James Davenant: each 45 12 6
Quarter Masters Samuel Mass, John Villeneuf, Cha. D'Marrais, William Bell, Thomas Kirby, Michael Studholme: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Thomas Hesketh 60 16 8
Chirurgeon John Roffoe 36 10 0
total £1,137 11 8
£ s. d.
William, Lord Mountjoy's Regiment [1701, disbanded 1712].
Colonel William, Lord Mountjoy 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Geo., Earl of Dunbarton 109 10 0
Major Richard Brooks 91 5 0
Captains Humphrey Booth, William Proby, Arthur Steuart, Jacob Boyse, William Wansbrough, Peter Labilliere, Thomas Steuart, Charles Boyle, Beverly Newcomen: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant James Fleming and Lieutenants John Steuart, John Ardes, William Colhoun, Richard Hammaker, John O'Bryan James Rickfield, Bryan Mahon, Benjamin Billingsley, Samuel Deroyere, Paul Labastide, James Hamilton: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Adam Usher, Cha. de Gouleaine, Archd. Hamilton, Henry Spencer, William Steuart, Josias Read, William Carleton, John Oakeley, John Fox,—Desborow,—Hammon: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Archd. Steuart 60 16 8
Adjutant Rich. Hammaker 36 10 0
Chirurgeon John Darquier 36 10 0
total £1,712 9 2
£ s. d.
Col. John Corbett's Regiment of Foot [Col. Stringer's in 1702].
Colonel John Corbett 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. John Philip Goodwin 109 10 0
Major William Cecill 91 5 0
Captains John Darby, Geo. Jackson, Geo. Massey, Molton Lambert, Francis Browne, Geo. Wingfield, John Plates: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Walter Wolfe [and Lieutenants] Henry Gill, Matt. Suberbeill, Robt. Jordain, Walter Bagnold, Lacon William Oliver, Robert Boyle, Robert Sanby, Lod[owic]k Preston, Tim. Quin, John Steddall: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Richard Burton, Boyle Lowe, Cuth. Wade, Benj. Wellington, Emanuel Harris, James Erwine, David Douglass, Leonard Standford, Charles Cockburne: each 27 7 6
Chaplain William Wharton 60 16 8
Adjutant John Douglass 36 10 0
Chirurgeon James Macartney 36 10 0
total £1,511 14 2
Major General Pepper's Regiment of Dragoons [8th Hussars].
Col. John Pepper 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Thomas Erle 127 15 0
Major Adam Bellamy 109 10 0
Captains Sir Richard Vernon, Andrew Knox, John Pitt, William Cleland,—Pelham, William Matthews: each 73 0 0
Capt. Lieutenant John Stanhope and Lieutenants John Alexander, James Norris, John Shenton, Henry D'hourse, Richard Stedman, Christo. Zobell, Stephen Ducass: each 45 12 6
Cornets William Berkley, Richard Harwood, John Knox, Francis Godfrey, Samuel Blount, William Wolsley, Robert Stevenson: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters Francis Sample, James Johnston, John McManus, Richard Crofts, Robert Benson, John Gordon, Henry Willington, John Maclean: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Nicholas Finglis 60 16 8
Chirurgeon John Dedier 36 10 0
total £1,758 1 8
Col. Cha. Churchill's Regiment of Foot [Marines].
Colonel Cha. Churchill 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. George Bates 109 10 0
Major Robert Reading 91 5 0
Captains Hugh Drysdall, Joseph Johnstone, John Montayne, Julius Stirke, Stanhope Yarburgh, Richard Thomas, John Silcock: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Thomas Hooper and Lieutenants Thomas Brudenall, John Ball, Benjamin Theaker, Theo. Cremar, John Lloyd, Barnet McKenzie, Richard Abbott, Samuel Hackett, Stephen Otway, Andrew St. Leger: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Thomas Bates, Martin Needham, William Hull, William Supell, Thomas Launder, Samuel Lane, James Powell, Haestrecht James, Francis Frankford: each 27 7 6
Chaplain William Marstone 60 16 8
Adjutant Thomas Hooper 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Peter Lapland 36 10 0
total £1,511 14 2
Lord Ashburnham's Horse [1694, disbanded 1713].
Major William Blashford 127 15 0
Captains Samuel Friend, John Lethieullier, Anthony Najac: each 91 5 0
Captain Lieutenant Daniel Harford and Lieutenants Charles Staples, James Hore, Isham Baggs, Geo. Twisleton, James Usher: each 54 15 0
Cornets Noah Regnaut, John Walsh, Henry Wemys, Harry Conway, Chidley Blashford, Charles Goring: each 45 12 6
Quarter Masters Henry Vandeck, Roger Williams, Charles Nuttall, Thomas St. Clair, Thomas Hayse, Carr. Ramsden: each 27 7 6
Chaplain—Lansack 60 16 8
Chirurgeon Thomas Proby 36 10 0
total £1,265 6 8
Col. [Leigh] Backwell's Regiment [6th Dragoons].
Adjutant Joseph Poe £36 10 0
Lord Harwich's late Regiment [7th Dragoons].
Adjutant Francis Garnett £36 10 0
Major General Wade's Foot [33rd Foot]. Reduced Officers.
Lieutenants Robert Wheeler, Andrew Ross: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Richard Tighe, William Wade: each 27 7 6
total £127 15 0
£ s. d.
Col. Thomas Chudleigh's [Regiment] [34th Foot].
Col. Thomas Chudleigh 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Richard Cole 109 10 0
Major George Purdon 91 5 0
Captains Christo. Harrison, William Akie, Thomas Garth, James Paynter, Robert Hayse, Robert Parsons, Michael Cole: each 54 15 0
Captain Lieutenant Hugh Plucknett and Lieutenants Walter Yard, John Mowbery, Timothy White, James Ducass, John Blacker, William Hayse, John Lovell, Henry Meggs, William Hamilton, William Wattson: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Henry Sturke, Thomas Parker, Thomas Kittson, Thomas Speedy, Martin Skip, Thomas Price, Benjn. Beale, Roger Stearne, Nicholas Phillpott: each 27 7 6
Chaplain Mervin Perry 60 16 8
Adjutant William Paxton 36 10 0
Chirurgeon Peter Gacoon 36 10 0
total £1,511 14 2
Col. Kerr's Regiment of Dragoons [7th Hussars].
Col. William Ker 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Lord Torpichen 127 15 0
Major James Nasmith 109 10 0
Captains William Preston, Beltazer Gwydett, Henry Berkley: each 73 0 0
Captain Lieutenant Matthew Steuart [and Lieutenants] James Ogilvie, David Ogilvie, John Campbell, Francis Scott: each 45 12 6
Cornets Alexander Steuart, David McGill, William Johnson, Patrick Maxwell, William Richardson, John Langlands: each 36 10 0
Quarter Masters Alexander Horne, Robert Cunningham, Brice Blair, Andrew Ansley, Thomas Forrester, James Scott: each 27 7 6
Chaplain William Ogelvy 60 16 8
Chirurgeon Patrick Selfer 36 10 0
total £1,310 19 2
Additional Officers.
Captains Stephen Miller, Stephen Godfrey, Richard Hill: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants John Cook, George Thompson, Gerrerd Cuffe, Geo. Holmes, William Browne, John Miller: each 36 10 0
Quarter Master Thomas Thornborough 36 10 0
Cornet David Aubresby 36 10 0
Quarter Masters James Pallet, Peter Gausseran: each 27 7 6
Col. John Cavalier 146 0 0
Captains Francis Bonvilette, Gaspart Chatauvieux: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants John Gerbett, Francis Peyraube, James Jenton, Peter Cavalier, John Meyran: each 36 10 0
Ensigns Scipion D'stier, Peter Raze: each 27 7 6
Captain James Browning 54 15 0
Majors Theos. Vigneau, Michael Shanley: each 91 5 0
Colonel David Montolieu D'st. Ippolite 146 0 0
Lieut. Alexr. Campbell 54 15 0
Captains Isaac Gerveraux, Henry Sankey: each 54 15 0
Lieutenants Edward Charlton, Edward Cowley, George Graham, William Gunter: each 36 10 0
Captains William Hamilton, Peter Franequefort, William Burgh: each 54 15 0
Lieut. Col. James de Beaulieu 109 10 0
Lieut. Col. Thomas Newcomen 146 0 0
Lieut. Col. Henry Edgeworth 109 10 0
Major Robert Pigott 109 10 0
John Eckingham Chichester, Esq. 54 15 0
Chaplain David Durand 60 16 8
total £2,451 11 8
Total Establishment of Half Pay Officers. £36,229 5 10
And whereas we have been informed that great abuses have been committed by continuing upon the Half Pay persons who were provided for by commissions, employments, pensions or half pay in Great Britain which they held at the same time, all and every our Officers and Ministers concerned and more especially our Muster Master General and Clerk of the Checque in Ireland are hereby strictly charged and required to enquire diligently from time to time of the circumstances and qualifications of the persons receiving half pay, who are, before they receive any payment, to return a voluntary oath that they are not otherwise provided for.
Establishment of the annual charge for maintaining and upholding the Barracks [in Ireland], for providing fire and candle for the Troops and Companies of the Army quartered therein, together with the charge for the constant supplying the same with bedding and other necessary utensils, straw for filling the soldiers’ beds and bolsters, watching empty barracks, salaries to the Barrackmaster and other Officers and other contingent expenses attending the same:
Leinster Province.
Arklow: two Companies of Foot.
Athy: one Troop of Horse.
Bray, Callen: each one Company of Foot.
Carrickneshure, Carlow: each one Troop of Horse.
Carlingford: one Company of Foot.
Dublin: three Troops of Horse and 30 Companies of Foot.
Duncannon: three Companies of Foot.
Drogheda, Enniscorthy: each two Companies of Foot.
Final: one Company of Foot.
Kilkenny: one Troop of Horse and four Companies of Foot.
Longford Town, Maryborough, Mullingar, Navan: each one Troop of Horse.
Phillips Town: one Company of Foot.
Ross, Tullough, Trym: each one Troop of Horse.
Wicklow: three Companies of Foot.
Wexford: two Companies of Foot.
Munster Province.
Abbington: half Company of Foot.
Bantry: one Company of Foot.
Capperquin: one Troop of Horse.
Cork: nine Companies of Foot.
Charles Fort: ten Companies of Foot.
Colecormuck: half Company of Foot.
Charleville: one Troop of Horse.
Clonmell: two Troops of Horse.
Cullin: half Company of Foot.
Dungarvan, Dingle: each one Company of Foot.
Four Mile Water, Galbally, Kilmacthomas: each half Company of Foot.
Kinsale: ten Companies of Foot.
Kilmedy, Kilinaule: each half Company of Foot.
Limerick: 22 Companies of Foot.
Longford Pass: half Company of Foot.
Macrome: one Company of Foot.
Mallow: one Troop of Horse.
Needeen: half Company of Foot.
Newmarket: one Company of Foot.
Nenagh: one Troop of Horse and two Companies of Foot.
Nine Mile House: half Company of Foot.
Ross Castle: two Companies of Foot.
Rosscrea: one Company of Foot.
Silvermines: half Company of Foot.
Thurles: one Troop of Horse.
Trallee: one Company of Foot.
Waterford: seven Companies of Foot.
Youghall: two Companies of Foot.
Connaught Province.
Athlone: one Troop of Horse and four Companies of Foot.
Bryans Bridge, Banagher: each one Company of Foot.
Belclare, Ballaghy: each half Company of Foot.
Boyle: one Troop of Horse.
Clare Castle: two Companies of Foot.
Castle Barr, Colooney: each one Troop of Horse.
Carrickdrumrusk: one Company of Foot.
Galway: ten Companies of Foot.
Headford: one Troop of Horse.
James Town: one Company of Foot.
Loughrea: one Troop of Horse.
Lanesborrow, Mullett: each one Company of Foot.
Portumna: one Troop of Horse and two Companies of Foot.
Roscommon: one Troop of Horse.
Sligo: two Companies of Foot.
Ulster Province.
Armagh, Altmore: each one Company of Foot.
Belturbet: one Troop of Horse.
Ballyconnel, Belcoe: each half Company of Foot.
Ballyshannon: one Company of Foot.
Belfast: two Companies of Foot.
Black Bank: half Company of Foot.
Cavan: one Troop of Horse.
Clonawley: half Company of Foot
Culmore: one Company of Foot.
Coleraine: three Companies of Foot.
Carrickfergus: one Troop of Horse and five Companies of Foot.
Charlemont: two Companies of Foot.
Down Patrick: one Troop of Horse.
Drumbote: half Company of Foot.
Dungannon: one Troop of Horse.
Enniskillin: two Companies of Foot.
Garrison, Gardevillin, Kilivan: each half Company of Foot.
Lifford: one Troop of Horse.
Londonderry: six Companies of Foot.
Newtonlimavady: one Troop of Horse.
Newry town: one Company of Foot.
Newry mountains, Virginal: each half Company of Foot.
Total: 36 Troops of Horse, 187 Companies of Foot.
£ s. d.
to keep the Barrack houses, walls, roofs &c. in constant order and repair, for which the Barrack Masters have contracted for 21 years from 1703 1,263 3 4
to non-commissioned Officers and private men, Horse and Foot, to supply earthenware trenchers &c. subject to break 500 0 0
to keep the bedding, sheeting, curtains and utensils in the County Barracks in constant repair according to contract made by the Overseers of the Barracks for 19 years from 1705 2,343 10 2
to keep the like in the Barracks of Dublin for two Regiments of Foot and two Troops of Horse in constant repair according to a like contract for 15½ years from 1708 324 8 8
for salaries to 25 Country Barrack Masters at 50l. per an. each 1,250 0 0
for salary to two Inspectors who constantly view all the Barracks twice every year round the kingdom at 157l. 10s. 0d. each 315 0 0
to the Barrack Master of Dublin, 80l. per an. and his assistant 20l. per an 100 0 0
to a person for measuring the coals in and measuring them out to the two Regiments of Foot and two Troops of Horse in Dublin Barracks pursuant the the late Queen's letter dated 1711 July 2 10 0 0
to the Surveyor General's extraordinary clerk and for books, ink, paper, quills &c. on the Barrack account 40 0 0
to the Register for his constant attending and service at the Barrack Office in Dublin 157 10 0
to two clerks, doorkeeper, messenger, books, paper, ink, quills, wax &c. 100 0 0
£6,403 12 2
for allowance of firing and candle estimated according to the nearest compute for 36 Troops of Horse and Dragoons and 186 [187] Companies of Foot according to the present Establishment 6,000 0 0
to provide straw for filling the soldiers’ beds to be shifted four times a year 360 0 0
for watching such Barracks as shall be empty by moving the Army 400 0 0
rent of ground whereon several of the Barracks are built and other Contingencies 172 17 10
£13,336 10 0
Whereas several alterations may hereafter happen as to the number of the Forces being reduced or drawn off from any of the said Barracks whereby part of the allowance of fire and candle will be saved, power is hereby given to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to change and alter from time to time the disposition of the abovesaid sum of 13,336l. 10s. 0d. per an., so as the same be still appropriated to the service of the Barracks only.
Abstract of the foregoing Military Establishment.
£ s. d.
General Officers 16,680 13 4
Military Contingencies 3,000 0 0
Military Incidents 170 0 0
Five Regiments of Horse 56,362 1 8
Two Regiments of Dragoons 20,154 1 8
Twenty-two Regiments of Foot 180,623 5 10
One Company of Foot Guards 1,229 8 4
Ordnance 4,687 18 9
Additional Pay in Dublin 2,347 8
Governors of Garrisons 2,682 15 0
Fire and candle for Guards and Garrisons. 166 0 0
Military Pensions 7,087 17 6
Half Pay. 36,229 5 10
Barracks 13,336 10 0
total £344,757 6
Out Letters (Ireland) IX, pp. 636–79.
July 4. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, for a privy seal to discharge the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due from Sir George Warrender. (Treasury warrant dated July 30 to the Auditor et al. of the Receipt to strike tallies of discharge accordingly. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated July 26.) King's Warrant Book XXVII, pp. 4, 47. Money Book XXIV, p. 90.
July 4. Money warrant for 387l. 18s. 10¾d. to Thomas Coke, Esq., Vice Chamberlain of the Household, for 236 days 1714 Aug. 1 to 1715 Lady day on his allowance or yearly sum of 600l. over and above the ancient profits of that office. (Money order dated July 7 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 62. Order Book IX, p. 97.
Same for 20l. to Benjamin Pownall, clerk, as royal bounty towards defraying the charge of his passage to Virginia, whither he is going minister. (Money order dated July 5 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 62. Order Book IX, p. 91.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt and the Clerk of the Pells to set aside, reserve and apply the overplus money of the fond settled by the Act of 5 Anne [6 Anne, c. 2], for paying 72,187l. 10s. 0d. in annuities purchased anno 1707 (and which said surplus according to the certificate as follows amounts to 70,730l. 10s. 8d.) for and towards making good the fond for paying and discharging the annuities not exceeding 40,000l. per an. which were purchased for the service of the year 1708 on the Act of 6 Anne, c.39 (for raising a supply for the year 1708 by the sale of annuities not exceeding 40,000l. per an.): all in accordance with the said last mentioned Act.
In the margin: A caveat clause as follows: care is to be taken that if by this or any other applications of funds towards these annuities there be an overplus more than sufficient to satisfy all payments due thereupon to or at any time before the 24th of June 1715 such overplus money be reserved and set apart in your [the Auditor of the Receipt's] certificate to be disposed for the public use.
Appending: Certificate dated Exchequer 6 April 1715 by the Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, that at Lady day 1715 there remained in the Exchequer a surplus of 70,730l. 10s. 8d. of the fonds settled and appropriated by the Act of 5 Anne [6 Anne, c. 2] (for 72,187l. 10s. 0d. annuities purchased anno 1707), to wit after satisfying all the said annuities and the charges of paying and accounting for the same: and that the said overplus money is applicable to the payment of the 40,000l. per an. annuities purchased anno 1708: the said 70,730l. 10s. 8d. arising as follows: viz.
£ s. d.
surplus of annuities [fund] anno 1706 64,882 8
surplus of annuities [fund] anno 1707 5,848 2
£70,730 10 8
Money Book XXIV, p. 63.
Same to same to issue, pay and apply the sum of 13,253l. 17s. 5d. (remaining on the 24th June last in the Receipt of the Exchequer for the surplus of the Duties of Excise charged by the Act of 4 Wm. and Mary, c. 3, with the payment of several annuities on [with] survivorships) towards making good the quarterly payments due or to grow due, on the 40,000l. per an. annuities as by the Act of 6 Anne, c. 39, for the service of the year 1708.
Prefixing: certificate as above by the Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, dated Exchequer 28 June 1715, that there remained in the Exchequer on the 24th June 1715 a surplus of 13,253l. 17s. 5d. on the Duties of Excise granted for 99 years for payment of several annuities with benefit of survivorships: which surplus is to be applied towards paying the 40,000l. annuities purchased anno 1708. In the margin: the like caveat clause as above. Ibid.
July 4.
Same to Anthony Cracherode to pay 8s. a week to James Carnaby, now a prisoner in Newgate, in a distracted and very poor condition: as on an allowance for his support from May 26 last. Ibid., p. 65.
J. Taylour to the Board of Works enclosing a letter [missing] from the Duke of Somerset to the Treasury Lords acquainting them that a great part of the buildings belonging to his Majesty's Stables are very much decayed and in a ruinous condition. Please view and report thereon to my Lords with an estimate. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 387.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary bill, not detailed, of the Customs officers, London port, for 1715 June 24 quarter: total 7,418l. 9s. 11d. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, p. 246.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to direct the collectors of the outports to pay same quarter's bill of established salaries, not detailed, in the outports: total 11,080l. 19s. 8d. Ibid., p. 247.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary bill, not detailed, for the half year ended 1715 June 24 of the Customs officers in the Plantations: total 1,667l. 10s. 0d. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to insert in the Establishment of the Customs the salary of 50l. per an. to Samuel Bernard, one of the clerks employed under Charles Godolphin, who keeps the Register for all Trading Ships in Great Britain; as in place of the salary of 50l. per an. previously allowed him. Ibid.
Same dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay to the abovesaid Charles Godolphin 50l. per an. for the salary of a clerk employed under him with reference to [the registration of trading ships of] Scotland: the like salary having been ordered by the late Lord Treasurer Godolphin 20 April 1710 out of the moneys to be received by the Customs Cashier, England, from the Receiver General of the Customs at Edinburgh. It is hereby to be paid from the time to which it was last paid. Ibid., p. 248.
Same to the Board of Works by way of endorsement on an estimate from said Board dated June 30 last for repair of the paving before the Horse Guards at Whitehall and Somerset House: to an estimate of 260l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIII, p. 36.
Same to Hen. Harcourt, Comptroller of the Classis Lottery or 2,000,000l. adventure anno 1711 [9 Anne, c. 16], and Charles Blunt, Paymaster of same, to make forth new orders for 16 defective orders in the said Lottery in the names respectively of Sir John Lambert for 500l., Sir John Meres for 115l., Edward Bearcroft for 115l., Mary Jousselin for 115l., Anne Killegrew for 115l., John Wright for 120l., Edmund Bridges for 120l., Franc.Favre for 120l., John Pearson for 120l., John Gape for 120l., Duke of Rutland two for 125l. each, Andrew Decker for 125l., Johann Whitaker for 130l., Mary Breguton for 130l., Thomas Weedon for 130l.: most of the said orders being defective by reason of not being signed by the [late Treasurer] Earl of Oxford. Ibid., pp. 108–9.
July 4. Treasury subscription for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant dated May 18 last to Lord Guernsey, Master of the Jewel Office, for the delivery to each of the 40 Messengers of the Great Chamber of a new escutcheon with the alteration in his Majesty's arms: to an estimate of 260l. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIII, p. 112.
J. Taylour to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland to send to the Treasury Lords an account of the money paid to the Receiver General there by the late Tacksmen of the Customs by way of composition; how much thereof has been disposed of and to whom and whether any part thereof now remains in his hands. Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 381.
July 5. Money warrant for 82l. 2s. 6d. to Henry, Earl of Rochester, for three quarters to Lady day 1715 on his fee of 6s. a day as Keeper of his Majesty's park called New Park at Richmond. Money Book XXIV, p. 56.
J. Taylour to the Customs Commissioners to send officers to Whitehall to seal the goods of several of his Majesty's servants who are returning back to Hanover. “The officers must be sent this morning." Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 387.
William Lowndes to Secretary Stanhope. I have read to my Lords yours of the 2nd inst. to the Earl of Carlisle concerning Mr. [Francis] Manning's pretensions as late Secretary at Coire [in the Grisons] [as Secretary to Abraham Stanyan, Envoy to the Protestant Cantons and the Graubunden, to wit, as chargé d'affaires in the absence of said Stanyan]. My Lords called for a report made by Mr. Powys (to whom a former memorial of his [Manning] was referred) and have read same and also the late Queen's warrant for paying 1,200l. to said Manning in full of all his demands on that account. My Lords do not think they can or ought to pay him any more on that account. Ibid., p. 388.
Same to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a letter [missing] from Sir Francis Andrews to Lord Townshend acquainting that he is arriving at Tilbury with my Lady Petre from France, “ which being within six miles of her house he [Andrews] hath desired that some proper officers of the Customs may be appointed to examine her trunks there to avoid their being brought up to London and sending back thither.” You are to do therein as you think proper. Ibid.
Same to the Postmasters General. I have read to my Lords your representation relating to appointing a Deputy Postmaster for North Britain. My Lords desire you to do therein as you think fit. Ibid.