Warrant Books: July 1715, 16-20

Pages 639-647

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 29, 1714-1715. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1957.

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July 1715, 16-20

July 16. The Treasury Lords to the Acting Commissioners for Co. Middlesex. It is represented by Sir William Fazakerley, Receiver General [for Co. Midd. &c.], that the sum of 330l. 18s. 3d. is in arrear in Co. Midd. on the third 2s. Aid anno 1713 and the sum of 18,524l. 0s. 3d. proprietors may in that time carry off what quantity of salt they please. Nothing less than having some person constantly on the spot can hinder it. In the end that would not be a charge to the revenue, for the persons that employ these small works are generally very poor and if they did not run great part of their salt they could not subsist, but must discontinue their works, “and then the charge of officers would cease of course.” He hath acquainted us there is a large salt work set up at Fawley which will employ four boiling pans and the proprietor expects to make salt there in a week's time. The officer employed there at present is by no means able to attend both the works as they require. It will be necessary to have a watchman to assist him and to weigh salt upon occasion.
Mr. Owen Lloyd, riding surveyor on the coast of Wales West, has acquainted us that there is an officer wanting at Gest [Borth-gest], a place which lies between Pwllhely and Barmouth and is about 10 miles distant from each of them. It is a place, he says, where vessels may and do get in in the night or foggy weather without being seen by any officer, and of late years they have drove a considerable trade there of carrying timber for Ireland, there being three ships there from Ireland when he passed there last and two new ships building. “He thinks 5l. per an. given an officer there would be well bestowed and an advantage to the revenue.” We therefore pray warrant for appointing a watchman for the works at Hamble and Warsash and another for the new work at Fawley at the usual salary of 7s. a week each; and a preventing officer for Gest at a salary of 5l. per an. Ibid., pp. 148–9.
July 15. Same to the Victualling Commissioners and to the late Commissioners for Transport Service to dispose of old stores as follows: it being represented by Samuel Atkinson, Nicholas Roop and Thomas Colby, Esqrs., the late Commissioners for Transport Service, that there are lying at the Red House, Deptford, great quantity of stores returned by the transport ships and have proposed to deliver to the Victualling Commissioners such part thereof as may be used in the service in the Victualling and to sell the remainder by public sale. The said stores are hereby to be viewed and the useful part scheduled and delivered to the Victualling Commissioners, who are to make forth a bill for the value thereof to the paymaster of the Transport Debt: and the remainder to be scheduled and sold and the proceeds paid to the said Paymaster. Ibid., p. 150.
Same to the Receiver General of the Duties on Houses for Co. Monmouth to pay John Winniat 50l. per an. as Surveyor of said Duties loco John Edwards: as from date hereof.
The like to the Receiver for Co. Chester to pay the like salary to John Edwards as Surveyor of said Duties loco John Winniat: as from same date. Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, p. 165.
Treasury commission to Thomas Bond to be Surveyor of the Duties on Houses loco John Veek. (Treasury warrant to the Receiver General of said Duties for Co. Surrey to pay him 50l. per an. salary from date hereof.) Ibid., pp. 161, 165.
July 16. The Treasury Lords to the Acting Commissioners for Co. Middlesex. It is represented by Sir William Fazakerley, Receiver General [for Co. Midd. &c.], that the sum of 330l. 18s. 3d. is in arrear in Co. Midd. on the third 2s. Aid anno 1713 and the sum of 18,524l. 0s. 3d. Compare Software Version 1.0 Developed By:- Anil Pinto. Mobile - 98207 60638 SoftPage Data Conversion Pvt. Ltd, New Panvel. in arrear on the Land Tax due at Lady day last. “We must earnestly recommend to you the aforegoing particulars and desire you will cause the said arrears to be forthwith paid to the said Receiver, that the moneys may be speedily answered to the Exchequer. We desire also you will acquaint us with your proceedings herein as soon as conveniently may be.” (A like letter to the Acting Commissioners for the City of London about 21,121l. 12s. 4d. in arrear on the last year's Land Tax.) (A like letter to the Acting Commissioners for the City of Westminster about 1,113l. 17s. 3d. in arrear on the third 2s. Aid anno 1713 and 10,647l. 17s. 5d. in arrear on the last year's Land Tax.) Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 393.
July 16. Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Grace Shaw, widow, for a further term in a house in St. James's Street which her husband purchased for himself to dwell in “and likewise purchased the ground rent thereof from the Earl of Dover.” Reference Book IX, p. 241.
Same to same of the petition of Nicholas Smith for extension of lease of a piece of ground situate in a close called Windmill Feild at the upper end of Eyre Street in St. James's parish, Westminster, being 86 by 88 by 87 by 16 foot, being formerly granted to Sir William Pulteney, the houses on the premises being old and must be repaired and many of them rebuilt. Ibid., p. 243.
Treasury warrant to Nicholas Roope and Tho. Layton to examine and state what is due to the two Serjeants, two Corporals, one Drummer and 33 private sentinels of the late Lieut. Gen. Holt's Regiment of Marines; as by their enclosed petition [missing] representing that they were landed at Portsmouth on the 6th May last and had a Route to Westminster, where they came the 12th [May] and have continued there ever since without quarters or subsistence. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIII, p. 142.
J. Taylour to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer of Scotland to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] of Sarah Carstares, widow, praying continuance of a pension of 60l. per an. granted to her by Wm. III. and afterwards by Queen Anne out of the revenue of the late Bishopric of Glasgow. Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 392.
Same to same to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] of Sir John Schaw for preventing the importation of Irish cattle, meal &c. into Scotland, together with an estimate of the charge of putting the same in execution. Ibid.
July 17. Treasury warrant to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to enter a noli prosequi to the proceedings on the writ and inquisition taken thereupon concerning the two messuages at Whitby in the tenure of Jane Hill, widow, as follows, whereby they stand seized in the Crown's hands.
Prefixing: report by the Customs Commissioners dated April 28 last on the petition of said Jane Hill whereby she complains of the great hardship she and her children suffer by being turned out of the said messuages pretended to be formerly mortgaged by Richard Hill, her late husband, to George Macey, then Collector of Customs there, for 70l., “though obtained as she suggests by compulsion in the year 1701 or 1702, when that collector had got the said Hill imprisoned in York.” Hereon the Commissioners report that Macey died in York in Sept. 1702 indebted to the Crown in 220l. 18s. 9¼d., and on a writ taken thereon was found to be possessed (or some persons in trust for him) of the said messuages. William Seely, who was Macey's security, has been long gone beyond seas and nothing can be expected except from the said houses, “which after several writs sent into Yorkshire without any effect the agents at Whitby were endeavouring to sell till upon the petitioner's application to your Lordship the same hath been suspended.” The petitioner is old and poor and her case seems to deserve compassion. We have no objection to a noli prosequi. Out Letters (Customs) XVI, pp. 254–5.
July 18. Same to Charles Cæsar, late Treasurer of the Navy, and to the Navy Commissioners, Auditors of Imprests &c. forthwith to pay over to John Aislabie, present Treasurer of the Navy, the sum of 37,960l. 13s. 5¾d. remaining in the hands of said Cæsar, being composed as follows, viz. (1) 31,083l. 13s. 2¾d. “which hath arisen by the balance of an account adjusted between you [the said Cæsar] and the Bank of England the 30th of June last of the tallies and orders which had been deposited by you with the said Bank for [security or cover of] loans for the service of the Navy"; and (2) 6,240l. 19s. 0d. of principal money arisen by other tallies and orders on Malt anno 1713; and (3) 636l. 1s. 3d. for interest thereof [of the second item] to the 15th inst.: making in all the said 37,960l. 13s. 5¾d.
“And whereas it has also been further represented that there remains in your hands in tallies and orders for Reversionary Annuities after one and two lives the principal sum of 39,089l. these are further to authorize and direct you forthwith to assign and transfer unto the said John Aislabie the said tallies and orders for Reversionary Annuities amounting in principal money to 39,089l.” The Auditors of Imprests are hereby to allow thereof on said Cæsar's accounts and the Navy Commissioners and the said Auditors are hereby to surcharge said Aislabie with said sums. Money Book XXIV, p. 79.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of William Feilding and Lady Diana his wife shewing that many years since they purchased a dwelling house at the north side of Duke Street, Westminster, adjoining the wall of St. James's Park, at the west end whereof upon the wall of the said park is a timber building and under it a dog kennel erected; that the stench and noise of the dogs kept there are a nuisance not only to petitioners but to their neighbours, and the said timber building often exposed to fire petitioners’ house: that they applied to the late Queen for a lease thereof and had great expectations “ of her Majesty's favour thereon, intending herself to view the premises, but her state of health not admitting thereof”: therefore petitioners pray a lease of the said ground. Reference Book IX, p. 243.
Same to same of the petition of Cha. Heblethwaite for a lease of a small tenement in St. James's Park, now out of lease, formerly possessed by the Keeper of the Spaniels of the Prince of Denmark, the petitioner intending to new build and beautify the premises. Ibid., p. 245.
July 19. Royal warrant dated St. James's to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 1,000,000l. to John Aislabie, Treasurer of the Navy: as imprest for the Navy and Victualling. (Money warrant dated Aug. 5. hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated July 28.) (Money order dated Aug. 6 hereon, together with, in the margin, a later Treasury confirmation dated 1715 Oct. 21 hereof.) King's Warrant Book XXVII, p. 63. Money Book XXIV, p. 90. Order Book IX, p. 109.
Same to the Treasury Lords to pay 500l. to Archibald, Earl of Forfar, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Prussia, “whom we have commanded to attend his said Majesty during the present campaign in Pomerania”: without account: “which we are graciously pleased to allow him as well for his charges in making a camp equipage as [for] all other his extraordinary expenses during the said campaign.” (Money order dated Aug. 11 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXVII, p. 64. Order Book IX, p. 109.
Same to same to pay 649l. 7s. 0d. to Awnsham Churchill, bookseller: without account: for the following items:
£ s. d.
for five sets of 16 volumes of books called Rymer's ‘Fœdera,’ extraordinarily bound, which were furnished by him for our service 337 0 0
for the 14th, 15th and 16th volumes of the same book for Mr. Libintz [Leibnitz] 10 10 0
for 44 volumes of manuscripts extracted from records bound and lettered which were bought by him [Churchill] pursuant to our direction of the executrix of the said Rymer to be placed in the Cottonian Library 215 0 0
for making indices to print in the 17th volume of the said ‘Fœdera,’ “not only the indices of the said manuscript copies" 35 0 0
for binding 15 [copies] of Flamsted's [John Flamsteed's] Historia Coelestis in red Turkey leather 17 12 0
for binding 15 more [of Flamsteed] in calf skin, gilt and filleted 8 7 6
for [Exchequer] fees and charges in receiving the said sums, which amount to 623l. 9s. 6d. 25 17 6
£649 7 0
(Money order dated Aug. 18 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXVII, p. 68. Order Book IX, p. 110.
Same to same to pay 150l. to George, Lord Lansdown, for half a year to 1715 June 24 for the rent of Mote Park, which was laid into Windsor Great Park. (Money order dated Sept. 3 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXVII, p. 69. Order Book IX, p. 120.
Money warrant for 1,140l. 8s. 2d. to Daniel, Earl of Nottingham, President of the Privy Council: for 1714 Sept. 22 to 1715 June 24 on his 1,000l. per an. in lieu of diet and 500l. per an. as royal bounty as President. (Money order dated July 21 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 81. Order Book IX, p. 107.
July 19. Same for 500l. to Anthony Cracherode: as imprest for Crown Law suits. (Money order dated July 21 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 81. Order Book IX, p. 106.
Same for 1,700l. to William Cadogan, Esq. (Lieut. Gen. Cadogan), Envoy Extraordinary to the States General and Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands: for one bill of extraordinaries from 16 Oct. 1714 to 16 April 1715 in the said service.
Appending: said bill:
for pens, ink, paper and other stationery ware 100
for newspapers, Intelligence &c. 50
for postage of letters as well from England as foreign parts 150
for expense and charges in several journeys between Antwerp and Holland 200
for charges and expenses in my journey to Vienna and back again 1,000
for two expresses from Vienna to Brussels, 100l. each 200
Together with: Secretary Townshend's allowance dated St. James's 14 July 1715 of said bill. “I allow the first three articles of this bill, amounting to 300l., as being according to the usual Regulation of Extraordinaries. As to the fourth article, Mr. Cadogan made several journeys with his Majesty's approbation and for his service between Antwerp and Holland and as the sum of 200l. charged on that head appears to be reasonable I do allow the same. As to the two last articles which relate to Mr. Cadogan's journey to Vienna and to the expresses sent from thence I have laid them particularly before the King, who having commanded Mr. Cadogan to go to the Imperial Court on very important matters for his service has been pleased to direct me [to allow] the sums of 1,000l. for the journey and 200l. for expresses; and accordingly I do allow the same by his Majesty's special command.” (Money order dated July 26 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, pp. 82–3. Order Book IX, p. 106.
Same for 62l. 10s. 9d. to Francis Lombe, Esq., for the surplusage on his account as late Sheriff of Co. Norfolk for the year ended 29 Sept. 1714.
71l. 16s. 0d. to Hen. Townsend, Esq., for the same on his account as Sheriff of Co. Worcester for same year. (Money orders dated Aug. 6 hereon.) Money Book XXIV, p. 41. Order Book IX, p. 97.
Same for 99l. 2s. 8d. to Thomas Chaplin, Keeper of his Majesty's Tennis Courts, for three quarters to 1715 Lady day on his fee of 8d. a day and fee or salary of 120l. per an. Money Book XXIV, pp. 83, 90.
J. Taylour to Mr. Addison to send to the Treasury Lords a particular of what alterations from the present Establishment of Ireland are intended in that [draft new Establishment] now proposed by the Lord Lieutenant. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 394.
Same to the Bishop of London. In answer to yours of this day to the Chancellor of the Exchequer my Lords have considered the papers which you sent to the Treasury some time since concerning an Establishment for his Majesty's Chapel at St. James's and Whitehall and for the Lutheran, French and Dutch Chapels at St. James's. My Lords have no objection to the preparing of them according to what they were at the time of her late Majesty's demise without any new or additional salaries or allowances to be contained therein. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 394.
July 19. Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to George Clark of premises as follows at rents of 31l. 5s. 0d. per an. and 12d. per an. and fine of 150l.
Prefixing: particular and memorandum of the premises made out by Auditor Thomas Jett and ratal thereof by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. The premises comprise two messuages in part of a field heretofore called Pall Mall Field (which contained by estimate 45 acres) in the Liberty of Westminster and the yards and gardens behind same; being on the south side of Pall Mall Street between said street and the wall of the Royal Garden and abutting east on Mr. Handyside's house and west on the Countess of Duroy's house; one of the two messuages being in the tenure of—Dupuis, widow, and the other in the tenure of Isaac Narso and is now called the Cocoa Tree Chocolate House: also the large messuage in said Field with the garden behind and situate on the south side of Pall Mall Street between said street and the wall of the Royal Garden and abutting east on the house of said Dupuis and west on the Duchess of Grafton's house; which messuage is now or lately was in the tenure of the Countess Duroy: the said three messuages measuring 80 feet in front next said Pall Mall Street and 145 in depth from the Pall Mall Street to the Royal Garden now in the possession of Lord Carlton and the Duchess of Marlborough. The said ground formerly called Pall Mall Field, reputed parcel of the bailiwick, manor or manors of St. James's in the Fields, and sometime in the possession of the Crown of England and before parcel of the land purchased from the Abbot of Westminster and other persons, was demised 23 Sept. 1662 to John Harvey of Ixworth, Co. Suffolk, and John Coell of Lincolns Inn for 29 years from 1691 Sept. 29 at 5l. per an. rent at the petition of [and for the use of] Henry, Earl of St.Albans, and again demised 10 Sept. 1674 at the nomination of said Earl, to John Harvey and the said John (then Sir John) Coell for a further 29 years.
Followed by: undated entry of the Treasury Lords’ signature of the docquet of this lease. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIII, pp. 153–7.
Treasury allowance of the salary bill and incidents bill, both detailed, for the Malt Duties in Scotland for 1715 June 24 quarter: totals respectively 22l. 10s. 0d. and 2l. 10s. 6d. Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 393.
July 20. Royal warrant dated St. James's to Robert Walpole, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay (out of Army Contingencies) 200l. per an. to William Pulteney as from Sept. 29 last to pay the rent of a house for him to reside in as Secretary at War, there being none vacant in the King's gift at present: all by reason that under Wm. III. the Secretary at War was always allowed by the Crown a house for his residence, and it is the King's intention to confer the same favour on Mr. Pulteney. King's Warrant Book XXVII, p. 77.
July 20. Same to same to pay said Pulteney 1,455l. per an., viz. 1,000l. per an. for himself (over and above the 365l. per an. for himself on the Establishment of the Forces) and 455l. for the maintenance of his under officers and clerks necessary for the despatch of the business of his Office [as Secretary at War]. Both the said sums are to be paid out of the deduction of 12d. per pound [on Army pay] issued pursuant to the Establishment of the Forces. Ibid., pp. 77–8.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to repay to Excise officers whose salaries do not exceed 100l. per an. their assessments to the 2s. Aid anno 1715.
Prefixing: presentment by said Commissioners in behalf of said officers in consideration of the small salaries of most of them and the great charge they are forced to be at in keeping horses. Money Book XXIV, p. 85.
Money warrant for 169,053l. to Thomas Jett, Esq., Paymaster of the 1,800,000l. Lottery anno 1712 [10 Anne, c. 18] as imprest “in manner following":
168,003l., part thereof, for the certain yearly fond established by the Act 10 Anne, c. 18, for said Lottery to pay and discharge the principal and interest thereby made payable: computing the said year to commence from the 25th day of Dec. 1714 168,003
1,000l., other part thereof, to pay the salaries of the Paymaster and Comptroller of said Lottery and their clerks for one year from same date 1,000
50l. for same year's rent of their Office 50
Treasury warrant to the South Sea Company to pay to the respective Treasurers and Paymasters as follows the sum of 1,589l. 8s. 6d. for the dividend of 52,98l. 8s. 7d. at 3 per cent., being the South Sea Stock which at Xmas 1714 remained in their names for the use of the public: the said sums being to be applied by them respectively to public uses as follows for which a Supply has been or shall be granted by Parliament: viz.
£ s. d.
to James, Earl of Carnarvon, late Paymaster of the Forces [Abroad], for and towards the pay and clearings of the same during the time of his being Paymaster thereof 211 0 1
to Charles Cæar, late Treasurer of the Navy, for and towards the several services of the Navy and Victualling thereof during the time of his being Treasurer thereof 421 2 2
to John How, late Paymaster of Guards and Garrisons, for and towards the pay of the same and the contingent charges thereunto belonging during the time of his being Paymaster thereof 0 0 1
to Harry Mordaunt, Treasurer of the Ordnance, for and towards the service of the Ordnance 642 8 7
to Stephen Lilly, Receiver General of the Post Office 21 16 5
to Sir Roger Mostyn, bart., late Paymaster of the Marines 165 12 2
to Thomas Micklethwaite, Esq., late Treasurer of the Transport Office, for and towards the service thereof during the time of his being Treasurer thereof 104 15 0
to the executors of Thomas Savery, Esq., late Treasurer of the Office of Sick and Wounded Seamen and Prisoners at War, for and towards the service thereof during the time of his being Treasurer thereof 22 14 0
£1,589 8 6
The Auditor of the Receipt and the Clerk of the Pells are hereby to surcharge the said Carnarvon, Cæ, How et al. as above with the above sums by way of memorandum in the Imprest Rolls or Certificates, and the Auditors concerned are to charge same in the said Paymasters’ respective accounts.
Prefixing: certificate by J. Grigsby dated South Sea House 30 April 1715 of the particulars of South Sea Stock remaining at Xmas last in the names of the several Treasurers or Paymasters as follows for the use of the public: with the dividends thereon:
Principal. Dividend.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
James, Earl of Carnarvon 7,033 11 6 211 0 1
Charles Cæ, Esq. 14,037 1 2 421 2 2
John How 0 3 4 0 0 1
besides which he has in his name in Army Debentures 8,038l. 3s. 8d.
Charles Eversfield, Esq., since transferred to Harry Mordaunt 21,327 15 10 639 16 8
Stephen Lilly 727 7 3 21 16 5
Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart. 5,520 6 11 165 12 2
Thomas Micklethwaite, Esq. 3,491 16 1 104 15 0
the Honble. Harry Mordaunt, Esq. 86 12 6 2 11 11
Thomas Savery, Esq. 756 14 0 22 14 0
£52,981 8 7 £1,589 8 6
Money Book XXIV, pp. 87–8.
July 20. Letter of direction for 200,000l. to Robert Walpole, Esq., as Paymaster of the Forces: out of loans to be made by himself on credit of the Duties on Malt anno 1715: “for which loans the orders are to be drawn with interest from the date”: the said sum being intended to be applied to such uses of the Forces under his pay as shall be directed. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 84.
J. Taylour to the Board of Works enclosing a letter [missing] from the Lord Chamberlain to the Treasury for several works and repairs to be made in the Comptroller of the Household's lodgings at Hampton Court and that the roof of the Clerk of the Works’ lodgings at Kensington be raised eight feet for the conveniency of [persons] lying above stairs. My Lords direct you to endorse an estimate of the charge thereof on the said letter and to send it to my Lords so that they may sign a warrant thereupon. Out Letters (General) XXI, p. 394.
July 20. Treasury reference to the Taxes Commissioners of the petition of John Butter proposing his securities, detailed, on his nomination as Receiver General of the Duties on Houses for Co. Salop. [No securities warrant hereon. No commission hereon.] Out Letters (Affairs of Taxes) II, p. 142.
J. Taylour to the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, enclosing an extract from the report of the Customs Commissioners, England, on your memorial of June 30 last wherein you represent the great losses the revenues have sustained and are likely to sustain as well there as here by the many collusive seizures of wine and brandy. You are to proceed therein as the said report proposes.
Appending: said extract. “We are humbly of opinion the proposal of the [Customs] Commissioners in Scotland for buying the wines and brandies at present under seizure at Inverness in the Court of Exchequer there will disappoint the merchant in succeeding in his fraudulent attempt, and the sale thereof in this port when these goods shall be brought hither will probably raise to the Crown near as much if not the whole of what the Duties thereon will amount to. But we cannot agree with the [Customs] Commissioners of Scotland that a constant bidder should be appointed for the King in the Court of Exchequer, forasmuch as the same will be subject to many objections.” Out Letters (North Britain) III, p. 396.