Minute Book: January 1669

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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January 1669

Jan. 4.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncomber.
Mr. Payne to attend on Friday to inform my Lords in whose hands Sir Solomon Swale's deeds (for securing the King's loan to him) should be lodged.
The alum farmers' account is to be considered to-morrow, when the Lord Keeper will attend, pursuant to the late order of Council. Write the Solicitor General to attend.
Dormant warrant ordered for Sir John Heath.
Write the Treasurers of the Navy to give an account from time to time to the Commissioners of the Navy what money they receive and how they expend it: as was done by the Earl of Anglesey.
Lord Colepeper to attend with his Auditor to-morrow concerning his [Colepeper's] account.
Warrant for 736l. for half-a-year's diet to the Lord Privy Seal to Xmas last.
Write the Master and Wardens of Goldsmith's Hall that the King having appointed Mr. Brattle Assaymaster to the Mint it is inconsistent with his holding the same post at their hall, for that the Pix cannot be tried while these two places are in one hand, and that therefore they choose another. Write Mr. Slingsby, Master and Worker of the Mint, to hasten to town to perfect the indenture of the Mint.
Sir R. Long to attend to-morrow about paying Mr. Capell's pension notwithstanding the order for Alderman Backwell.
Lord Arlington's letter (about transferring Sir George Benyon's pension to his son) is to be sent up to the King.
Sir R. Long to certify for what [length of] time the 200l. per an. to himself and the 100l. per an. to Mr. Warder (Wardour) has been paid and what is the original of those two allowances.
The King to be moved about Sir Samuel Morland having the place of Commissioner of Appeals [in Excise] and for what time: and none more to be appointed.
The business between Mr. Tyack and Mr. Crane to be heard next Friday. The Lord Keeper to be moved for a habeas corpus to bring Crane from the Fleet on that day.
Letter read from the Commissioners of the Navy. (Ordered) that they shall have the lops and tops of trees felled for the Navy, to be used for defraying the charge of converting and transporting Navy timber to the King's yards, they giving an account what they make thereof and what became of those in Whittlewood Forest.
Letter from the Earl of Dorset about Mr. Pight. Lord Ashley's report about him to be looked out.
The King to be moved concerning Viscount Grandison's docquet for 4,700l. per an. Likewise as to the Duke of Newcastle's docquet.
The Chimney Farmers are to bring answer speedily whether they will accept my Lords' late proposition concerning their defalcations.
Certificate read from the Bishop of Durham about a small annuity to two schools at Durham. Auditor Aldworth to certify why it should not be paid.
My Lords will not meddle with Viscount Dillon's docquet.
The King to be moved about the business of Butts and Stockton that Stockton may discharge Butts.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 1–2.]
Jan. 5.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Sir W. Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Write the Commissioners of [Taxes for] Middlesex about the difference between them and those of Westminster.
A list to be made of all those that had impost bills last year.
Write Sir R. Long to issue the money of the Additional Aid to pay the orders in course and to no other use, and not to dispose of any of the money of the 1st month [of the Eleven Months' tax] but by my Lords' particular directions.
Mr. Mathew Perrye's letter, dated Dublin, Dec. 5 last, giving an account of the receipt of a letter from the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland, is to be shown to Sir George Lane. He is to get another letter from the Lord Lieutenant and give it to Sir G. Downing to give to Alderman Bucknell. Sir G. Downing to see what said Bucknell has paid into the Exchequer [on the rent] of the French tunnage.
Warrant for the pay of the garrisons of Portland and Hurst Castle: and for the perpetuity of 10l. per an. to the poor scholars of Oxford.
The Commissioners of Excise and Mr. Lawrence are to certify on Monday what old arrears of Excise still remain unpaid and what is being done for recovery thereof.
The complaint is read from the sub-farmers of Lord Townshend's part of the duty upon exported coals, concerning bonds taken upon the duty. Write Viscount Fanshaw, Mr. Payne, Mr. Dickenson and the King's officers of London port above stairs to attend hereon on Friday.
The Bishop of Chester called in with Mr. Prettiman about [the said Bishop's] first fruits. Prettiman is to bring to my Lords on Tuesday the privy seal for the Bishop of Ely's first fruits and precedents from Queen Elizabeth's time till now, concerning (1) the question of granting more than four six months' [instalment periods, which the law gives] for them to pay in; (2) in case a bishop die before his first fruits are due; (3) as to arrears due upon a former dignity in case of promotions.
Lord Colepeper and his Auditor called in about said lord's account. The account to be reported to the King, and Sherwyn to draw a form of a warrant to pay him what is due on it.
The Cofferer and the Farmers of the London Excise to attend on Monday about 20,000l. borrowed by him of them at Oxford.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long about the 10,000l. warrant for the Ordnance.
The Treasurer of the Chamber's warrant is to be rectified.
Warrant for payment of the Lieutenant of the Tower's bills in pursuance of his bills allowed by the Privy Council.
The letter of the 29th ult. from the Navy Commissioners is to be offered to the King.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 2–3.]
Jan. 8.
Present:—Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Customs Farmers attend with Lord Townshend's sub-farmers et al. They [Lord Townshend's sub-farmers] say they will be content with two masters' bonds with their officers' consent. Ordered that they be privy to all the bonds and to the certificates before the bonds be returned but their officers must make no delays, and that the bonds themselves be delivered to them for eight days on security in 5,000l. to re-deliver them at that time. Warrant ordered according to the paper delivered by the King's Remembrancer.
Warrant to the Customs Farmers for their interest money of 8,800l. to be paid on the 8,000l. a month for discharge of their 200,000l. loan " according to the former minute [the warrant to be particular in] reciting the doing of it because ordered before the late order of Council of Nov. 23 last."
Write the King's Counsel that my Lords "understanding that the East India Company are about a new trial about calicoes that they gave them [my Lords] their assistance."
Write Sir W. Doyly to deliver to the King's Remembrancer Walter Vaughan's bonds as late Receiver of the Royal Aid for co. Pembroke: in order that process may issue.
The Customs Farmers are to send the name of the Quaker from whom the prohibited goods were taken in Kent in order to his arrest.
Letter read from Lord Arlington about a parcel of goods for the Venetian Ambassador. Ordered that the Customs Farmers send to my Lords a list of the goods, and then my Lords will move the King in it.
Sir G. Downing to write to Mr. Walter Montague, Master of the Horse to the Queen, acquainting him that my Lords have signed both his warrant and his order for three months' advance on his ordinary (to be accompted from the day of his departure from the presence) without putting him to the expense of a new privy seal, upon confidence of Montague's sending my Lords a release under his hand of all claims of his allowance from Jan. 1 to the time of his said departure. Mr. Williamson to certify the date of such departure.
Sir R. Long to certify on Monday what is to be paid out of the Additional Aid on orders registered. Warrant for the issue of all moneys that come in of the Additional Aid and the first of the Eleven Months' tax to pay off the yet unpaid orders on said Additional Aid.
The Grooms of the Bedchamber move for the remainder of their year's salary above the 2,747l. on the Customs.. To be considered on the return of the Treasurer of the Chamber.
The East India Co. and the Navy Commissioners [attend] about the [freight of the ships] " Leopard" and " Convertine." As to the " Leopard" they make a dispute: as to the " Dunkirk" my Lords remit it. In the whole my Lords demand 7,600l.
Warrant to Col. Leg to assign (to Sir Ste. Fox) 1,800l. for the Duke of Monmouth. Warrant also for 2,200l. to said Fox on the Additional Aid in place of his orders on the Customs.
" A great seal to remove the [payment of the] 10l. per an. [rent due to the King from the East India Company] for Bombay to the Exchequer and to insert a clause not to hinder justice as to crimes or to take benefit of clergy in this [kind of] cases. Mr. Jolliffe to bring the clause."
The docquet for felling decayed timber in Dean Forest is to be looked out and passed.
The Privy Council to be moved concerning Sir John Robinson's bills [as Lieutenant of the Tower] in regard they exceed the sum allowed by order of Council.
Warrant for one year to Sir Godfrey Lloyd.
Warrant, or privy seal if needful, for the remainder due to the Duke of York's rockers and nurses.
Petition read from the Farmers of Excise of Durham. Warrant for the arrest of Nich. Sheffield.
Mr. Tyack and Mr. Crane called in about the lordship of Ruthen. Both sides offer to pay what is due to the King and pray the extent may be taken off. Ordered that Tyack pay what money he has of the King's otherwise process will go out against Arundell's estate. The trial of the title is postponed.
Warrant for 100l. to Lady Harvy for hay for New Park: pursuant to the King's warrant.
The King to be moved concerning Mr. Elliot's warrant.
Write the Duke of Ormonde to attend on Tuesday about Mr. Tilson's petition.
The letter of the 29th ult. from the Navy Commissioners is to be moved in the Privy Council.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 3–5.]
Jan. 11.
Did not meet.
Jan. 12.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry.
Warrant on the Exchequer for the Queen's littermen.
Warrant to the Earl of Anglesey to assign to the present Treasurers of the Navy 20,000l. in orders registered in his name on the end of the Additional Aid: same to be in lieu of 20,000l. by them employed in paying the yards, &c.
Sir Philip Frowd to attend next Monday about 730l. for expenses to the fleet.
The Queen's dressers complain that Sir R. Long has no money for them.
Lord Colepeper moves for a great seal to confirm the payment on both his accounts in case he surrenders his patent. Ordered that it be done and that Sherwyn draw it. Said Lord produces an order of Council that he be discharged of the money for the trees. He also moves for interest in regard he is to have his money on both his accounts upon the chimneys. The King to be moved about it and about 345l. on his former account.
Warrant for the Jewel Office not to issue the money paid this year for New Year's gifts without order from my Lords.
Auditor Morice to attend to-morrow about Mr. Penyston Whaley's Hearth money account.
Sir R. Long to certify what Sir Robert Paston is behind of his rent for the wood farm.
Mr. Tilson's petition read, the Duke of Ormonde being present. A report to be drawn to the King.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long to pay my Lords' quarter's salary out of any money of the Customs uncharged, and to reimburse the Teller [out] of the Additional Aid.
The Duke of Buckingham's docquet read. Mr. Mason to be spoken to how the account has been passed.
Cotes has been four times out of prison, but shall go no more abroad. Upon a habeas corpus the Lord Keeper to be acquainted that they are the King's prisoners.
The King to be acquainted that my Lords desire to propose in Council that a credit be settled to borrow money in the Exchequer on the Customs if the King will give eight per cent. and to have a collateral security on the Excise.
Write Lady Fanshaw, widow to Sir Richard Fanshaw, that my Lords desire to speak with her.
Auditors Chislet and Morice to attend on Monday about Chislet's being Auditor to the Queen Mother.
Warrant for the New Year's gifts to the Pages of the Bedchamber.
Col. Gilbye's lease to pass the Great Seal. He to be obliged to imbank 100 acres in 10 years else to forfeit his lease: the rent to begin from such imbanking.
The Bishop of Chester to have the time desired for payment of his first fruits and his arrears to be remitted; but the Privy Council to be moved in it and that for the future these things may be restrained to the law.
The King to be moved concerning Mr. Tomlinson's docquet for the ground of the Excise Office. Also that Sir Samuel Morland have the salary of a Commissioner of Appeals [in Excise] but that there may be an order in Council to reduce the said Commissioners to a certain number for the future as they die off. Said Morland to be acquainted with the draft of a privy seal now passing for discharging Sir G. Carteret of 15,000l. paid by him [Fox] to the Earl of Anglesey so that Morland may take care to see that the said sum be duly charged in Ireland on the said Earl.
Secretary Trevor's docquet to be altered and the salary like the place is to be during pleasure.
Viscount Dillon's privy seal is to be restrained to his paternal lands [as held] in [16] 40 and then the docquet to pass.
Warrant for the Earl of Lindsey on his order of Council.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 5–6.]
Jan. 13.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the Solicitor General to hasten the covenants for the letting to farm the revenue of Ireland.
Sir R. Long informs my Lords that the Earl of Anglesey has assigned 800l. to some of his clerks. My Lords desire to speak with said Earl about it.
Warrant for three months to Mr. Thynne on the Customs.
Warrant for 11,000l. for the Ordnance to be on the 8,000l. per month on the Customs.
Write Alderman Backwell to lend as much as will make up Sir William Godolphin's equipage and three months' ordinary in advance.
Mr. Morice called in and his order of Council read. Ordered that he must end the business of the defalcations of the Irish revenue before he have his reward. The commission for defalcations on said revenue is to be renewed, and Sir Thomas Worsop and Baron Povey to be inserted in it.
The Excise Commissioners present a state of the arrears of Excise: and directions are given in several cases.
Mr. Braythwait's report read. Ordered that an extent go out for the money against him.
Quere whether Mr. Prichard paid in his 500l. and whether it be to be paid to the city or not.
Sir G. Downing to consider with Sir R. Long where the Grooms of the Bedchamber may be made up a year's salary.
Mr. Stockton's petition read. Ordered that it be represented in Council that there was a contagious disease at Bury to that degree that the Assizes were removed: and as to whether defalcations may be allowed.
Alderman Backwell to be spoken to as to what proportions he will take his 10,000l. lent to the Queen Mother on the land revenue: whether by 500l. or more at a time.
Write the Chimney Farmers to bring on Tuesday their positive answer whether they will accept my Lords' proffer as to their defalcations.
Mr. John Ashburnham to attend on Friday about timber felled in Brockbrough [Brogboro] Park. Mr. Bp. [Bishop] to attend then.
Mr. Whalye's Chimney account for Notts declared.
Sir R. Long to inform my Lords on Friday next of how long standing is the New Year's gift to the Pages of the Bedchamber.
William Pollhill to have a commission to collect the arrears of the Poll Bill and Royal and Additional Aids [for Kent]. Write Sir W. Doyly and the Commissioners for the Aids of Kent that Mr. Harlackenden receive no more of that money.
Mr. Glanvill called in about the business of the tin in Flanders. He complains of the sentence at Bruges, which gave him a less price than ought to have been, and makes him pay eight per cent. interest, which is too much in that country. Ordered to bring a memorial and state the case, upon which the King may complain to the Governor in Flanders, and in the meanwhile Glanvill is not to slip his appeal in that country. Father Patrick to attend on Monday about those who are to fish the tin.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 7–8.]
Jan. 15. Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The arrears of the Eleven Months' tax in each county are to be added in Sir R. Long's paper of what has been paid. Long is to make use of 2,000l. of the first of the Eleven Months' tax to pay over-interest.
Warrant for felling for the Navy 1,000 trees in Alice Holt Forest and 1,000 in Whittlewood Forest.
Sir G. Downing and Sir R. Long to consider how the officers of the Navy who are placed on the Eleven Months' tax for their wages may have interest.
An affidavit read about abuses to the officers of the wine act. George Barker, of Southwark, to attend on Monday, and Mr. Wadlow and his officers to attend then.
Mr. Pepys says that 17,648l. 17s. 8d. makes Tangier even for principal money till the 4th of next month. This to be considered on Wednesday next.
Mr. Madden, the surveyor of the woods, is to attend on Monday.
Sir C. Harbord called in about Mr. Clarke's lease of Moulsey and the lease is signed.
Mr. John Ashburnham called in about the wood felled in Brockbrow Park: says it was felled by his tenants under pretence of building two barns. A commission to issue under the Exchequer Seal to examine what wood has been felled and what prejudice it may be to enclose 22½ acres, which can be no more useful for wood. Mr. Madden to get it drawn.
Mr. May and Mr. Packer say they are behind [in their orders charged] upon the wood farm. Mr. Dickenson, at the Custom House, is to attend on Monday about lending money to them. Write the [auditor of the] Duchy of Lancaster to charge Mr. May with the money paid by them [the Duchy] to him for the Works.
Mr. Coleman moves for remitting the 12 per cent. He must pay the money and interest According to law.
Mr. Eastmond and Mr. Lawrence to attend next Wednesday.
Mr. Glanville produces papers about the proceedings betwixt him and Cornelissen. He confesses he submitted the business to referees. My Lords say he had no authority to refer it, and that he accepted this as payment, so my Lords cannot meddle in the business.
Mr. Aldworth makes report about the payment to the schools at Durham. Ordered to attend the Bishop and Dean of Durham hereon, and that the latter attend my Lords on Friday about it if possible.
The Customs Farmers and the officers of the Works, with Sir C. Harbord, are to attend next Friday about the re-building the Custom House.
Mr. Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, is to certify from Queen Elizabeth's time whether the Secretaries had their 100l. per an. pensions and their office during life or pleasure.
The Lords of the Council of Ireland are to attend on Monday with the Solicitor General and the Farmers of the Irish revenue, concerning the contents of the said Solicitor General's letter.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 9–10.]
Jan. 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
"Sir Philip Frowd that letters to 730l. were sent to the fleets in the Streights and elsewhere by the Secretaries, &c."
The Lords of the Irish Council came in and the farmers of the Irish revenue are called in. My Lords ask them if it were not better to take several grants of the several branches of the revenue because of their present loss for want of the Chimney money and wine licence. They say they had rather have all together. Write the Solicitor General to hasten the grant and that the defalcations be determined by the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland.
The King to be moved about providing a sum of money to buy saltpetre when the East Indian fleet arrives.
Mr. Madden presents a draft of articles for Dean Forest which is signed.
Sir Philip Musgrave's letter to be sent to Alderman Bucknell (as being, with his partner, interested in the farm of Excise of Westmorland) to return answer to.
Mr. May and Mr. Dickenson called in. My Lords desire Dickenson to advance 2,000l. on Mr. May's assignment on the wood farm. He says he will advance half-a-year.
Mr. Morice and Mr. Chislet to attend on Monday.
Mr. Barker called in with the Commissioners of the Wine Act, he having abused Bird, an officer of theirs. Mr. Bodurda complains of Barker that he defrauds the King of the duty. George Lawrence, wine cooper in Mark Lane, London, is to attend next Wednesday for abuses done by him to the officers of the Wine Act.
Mr. Proger's petition read, and his accounts produced. Sir R. Long to be advised with about the method of these accounts, and Sir C. Harbord to be asked how His Majesty's parks come to be charged with assessments; and also how repairs to Bushey Park are used to be done, viz., out of what moneys and by whom; my Lords having received a report from Mr. Ogar on Mr. Lightfoot's [petition] concerning repairs necessary to the paling in said park.
Samuel Mearn's petition read. To be recommended to the Earl of Sandwich, this petition having been sent down by the King. Col. Powell's petition read. Ordered to have 100l. on the 10,000l. general dormant. Mr. Tregonwell's petition read. My Lords can do no more than they have done. Sir Tho. Hanmer's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord. Sir William Conny's petition read. Write the Duke of Ormonde to know the value of the thing desired.
[Ibid. pp. 10–11.]
Jan. 19.
Present: at supra.
Write Sir Edm. Turner to return the quarterly certificates of the Customs of the outports: my Lords being much displeased at his not sending them regularly.
Elia Palmer's petition read. Ordered to bring his proposition and metal and coin.
The Tellers of the Exchequer called in and a letter to them from the Commissioners of Accounts is read. Ordered to attend the Commissioners of Accounts with such an answer as they presented to my Lords.
Sir George Carteret complains that the Irish Customers keep money in their hands. Ordered that Mr. Dean and others of the said Farmers and the Lords of the Council of Ireland attend on Friday.
The Chimney Farmers called in and their answer read. The Vice-Chamberlain (Sir G. Carteret) is to certify the respective days when each part of the 250,000l. lent by the Chimney Farmers was advanced and paid by them: then my Lords will consider what answer to give to the said farmers.
Mr. Dugdale's petition read. My Lords will move the King that he may have some fit employment upon the first vacancy.
Mr. Bean and Mr. Lawrence to attend to-morrow about Mr. Bean's imported beer.
Lady Fanshaw called in. My Lords tell her that her husband had plate out of the Jewel House by indenture, which is not delivered back, and that they are ordered by the King to demand it, and that it must be returned unless the King command the contrary.
Alderman Bucknell called in. The King to be moved in Council that all forts and garrisons may pay Excise. Bucknell to attend with the Cofferer on Tuesday for business to be heard between them concerning the 20,000l. Bucknell complains of French vessels which, when they come in, pretend only to be driven in and trade underhand and will not pay tonnage. He is to bring certificate how the usage is in France to English vessels coming in there.
Petitions from Lockwood and Deakes are to be carried to the Privy Council, and report to be made that my Lords have no money for Navy uses, but 200,000l. for the ordinary, therefore that the petitioners must apply to the Treasurer of the Navy where they are to be paid, and for the future no more petitions of this kind are to be sent to my Lords, but to the proper place of payment.
Sir Hugh Bethell's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord to certify what were the rules for Coldstreamers of that nature.
Sir Rich. Bishop's petition read. My Lords can at present pay but a year's salary.
The order of Council read about the Duke of Richmond's alnage.
Mr. Hebden's petition referred to Sir R. Long to examine how far past towards his payment.
Sir G. Downing to attend the Lord Keeper to know if my Lords may not attend him next Thursday about the alum account and about the alnage and if he approve of the time that he send to the Lord Chief Baron and the Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then.
The grant of Darley titles is to pass.
Petition read from Mr. Bishop, the butcher. The King to be moved that he may be placed on the Chimneys after 40,000l. for the saltpetre for the Ordnance.
John Chillenden's petition read. Order to be sent to the Treasurer of the Navy that no money be paid to Crabbe without order from my Lords.
Mrs. Hooker's petition read. No money at present.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 12–13.]
Jan. 20.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. Lightfoot's petition about the repairs at Bushey Park is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for 400l. for Sir Peter Wyche, half for equipage and half for three months' ordinary as envoy to Muscovy.
Write to Mr. Breams to send an account of money received by him in Cadwallader Jones's place; and to said Jones for an account of his getting in the King's money in the hands of Mr. Harris, late Receiver of Chimney money for Devon.
Write the several Auditors to give an account on Tuesday what Chimney collectors have not finished their account.
Write the Treasurers of the Navy that the Earl of Anglesey has orders to assign 20,000l. to them on the end of the Additional Aid.
Write Sir W. Doyly not to pay any of the Solicitors of the taxes for this quarter till the arrears of their counties are come in: and that he is to send out the waggons at the usual time.
Mr. Easmond to attend the Council on Friday next and my Lords to move the Council for a day for hearing the matter. Sir Edward Philips to have notice of it.
The Windsor payments to be considered next Friday.
Sir G. Downing to speak to Sir R. Long about his having paid only 8 per cent. to Harvy, &c.
The Earl of Aylesbury's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Mr. Lawrence, the wine cooper, called in about the abuses to the officers of the Wine Act. Ordered to find out the offenders and give satisfaction by this day week else my Lords will complain to the Privy Council.
Mr. Lawrence, the Solicitor, called in: says he had a privy seal for 100l. to prosecute the inquisition against Taylor, of Windsor, which said 100l. is expended and 20l. more. He is to attend Mr. Rowse to see if he have [any] money. Warrant to said Lawrence to renew the extent against Cadwallader Jones, the time given him being expired.
Lord Culpeper and Sir Robert Holmes to attend on Friday at the hearing of the business concerning passing said Sir Robert's docquet.
Lord Ashley reports that the Privy Council hath ordered that all forts and castles shall pay Excise.
Mr. Lawrence is spoken to about Mr. Bean's imported beer. Ordered that Alderman Bucknell and Mr. Bean attend the Attorney General, and if the Attorney General can't agree with them he is to see the King's covenants performed.
The Serjeant to go to the Fleet prison to see whether Kelly is there or not.
Sir W. Doyly called in and the articles about White, of Oxford, are read. Ordered that White account first.
Lord Wotton's privy seal to be altered and made for the first sum only.
Quere if the docquet for [Col. Russell], the Governor of Mevis [Nevis], was in pursuance of an order of Council.
A book to be kept of all businesses entrusted to Mr. Lawrence.
Mr. Murford's petition referred to the Customs Farmers.
Mr. Stockton called in and his order of Council read. Letters to be written to the Aldermen of Bury and the Mayor of Sudbury and to Sir Gervas Elvas, Mr. Walgrave, Sir William Gaudy, Lord Cornwallis, Sir Thomas Harvy, and Sir Thomas Cullum to certify when that contageous disease did begin, how long it lasted, what numbers died, &c.
The Bishop of Chester to have a privy seal as desired by him.
Mr. Preston's petition read. Mr. Lawrence to advise with the Attorney General how to attach the money of Jones's office.
Doughty Wormehill must apply to the Treasurer of the Navy.
Mr. Lawrence to give an account every first and third Monday in the month of all businesses committed to his care.
Warrant on the Exchequer for the Lieutenant of the Tower's bills.
A paper read from the officers of the Works. Directions are given upon it.
Sir Samuel Starling to attend on Monday to certify for what housing of the King's at Greenwich he demands Chimney money.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 14–15.]
Jan. 22.
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe: and of the Council of Ireland, the Earl of Burlington, the Vice-Chamberlain, Sir John Temple.
Mr. Dean says that they [the Farmers of the Irish revenue] keep back 27,000l. of their rent upon account of their defalcations. My Lords ask if he and his partners have any covenants to keep the King's money in their hands. They say not, but that they have a clause to pay under defalcations. My Lords say they must pay their rent, and desire they pay in all but 12,000l., which is to remain till their defalcations are settled, provided they delay not the passing thereof. My Lords desire Major Dean to pay the rent of the wine licences, which is 6,000l. in arrear. He says they could make but 4,000l. of it in two years. Ordered to bring an answer on Monday, and Mr. Lawrence to get a copy of their wine licence grant.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long about Mr. Newport's Custom House tallies for Mr. Rumbold's children, to insert his name by the tally.
Upon the Auditor's complaint write the Commissioners [of Aids] for Northumberland to return duplicates of the Royal and Additional Aids and Poll.
The Auditor to make a particular in order to the Earl of Lauderdale's having the office of steward of the two small manors of Petersham and Ham.
Lord Colepeper and Sir Robert Holmes agree that his lordship be paid a quarter for [himself as] the Governor [of the Isle of Wight], and his deputies: [to be] on the revenue of the Isle of Wight as the revenue comes in: viz., from Michaelmas to Xmas, because said Holmes's patent begins at Michaelmas last.
Write Sir W. Doyly to write to all the Receivers of the Eleven Months' tax that they pass their accounts by the 1st of April, and to the Commissioners of each county that they quicken in the tax.
Write Col. Trevanyon, late Receiver of Aids for Cornwall, and his deputy to attend on Tuesday about the difference between them.
The Bishop and Dean of Durham called in with Auditor Aldworth about a perpetuity to two schools at Durham. The payment began the 1st of Q. Mary, and for the last 60 years the Dean's school has had 8l. per an. of it.
The Customs Farmers and the officers of the Works called in about rebuilding the Custom House. They produce a model which is agreed to. They compute the charge, beside inward work, at 5,800l. Consideration to be had on Wednesday where money may be provided. An order to remove the sheds by the 14th of February.
The Customs Farmers desire that the East India Company may be sent to about the business of calicoes. The Governor, &c., of said Company to attend on Monday. The Farmers make complaint of some of their officers and produce affidavits. Francis Dacket, the King's landwaiter, to attend my Lords on Monday, and Procter May and Booke Booken to be sent for in custody.
Warrant for 10,000l. more to Sir Edward Griffin that so he may pay all the King's servants. Write him to know how much of the 20,000l. designed for him for this year according to the late order of Council will be taken up in paying such of the said servants as are payable in his office, and to bring on Monday a list of the persons so payable and the sums due to each.
Warrant on the Duke of Buckingham's privy seal in full of his 2,000l. for this year.
Write Secretary Trevor to get a privy seal for Sir Peter Wyche's 400l. and for the Earl of Carlisle's 500l.
Mr. Burges to give a certificate whether the wood farmers pay quarterly and how many days after [or behind, they are].
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 16–17.]
Jan. 25.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The officers of the Navy to attend on Wednesday about perfecting the Victualler's new contract. Sir Denis Gawden, the Victualler, to have notice.
Mr. Ashburnham called in. My Lords tell him that the Grooms [of the Bedchamber] shall presently have a warrant for 2,700l. on the Customs and for the 3,300l. my Lords will in a few days resolve about it. Dormant warrant ordered for the Pages of the Bedchamber.
Mr. Hayes called in about Windsor payments. Sir Edmond Sawyer to attend on Wednesday with Mr. Reuse about said Reuse's accounts.
Privy seal for the whole sum due to the Duke of York's children at Xmas last.
Sir R. Long to certify whether ever such a sum as 500l. has been placed on the general letters patent dormant before my Lords' time. The Earl of Carlisle called in. Ordered that his 500l. be on June next on the Customs. Write Secretary Trevor that the said Earl's 500l. cannot be paid on his present privy seal nor do my Lords think fit to issue so great a sum on the general dormant and request him therefore to add it to Sir Peter Wyche's privy seal.
Edw. Woodward's petition referred to Sir W. Doyly.
The East India Co. and the Customs Farmers called in about the duty on calicoes. They both declare they are willing to refer it to my Lords to compromise or to the Privy Council. Deputations to be prepared for persons to seize goods for the East India Co.
Warrant for Sir Samuel Morland to be a Commissioner of Appeals [in Excise].
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 18.]
Jan. 26.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir John Duncombe.
Cadwallader Jones called in and his petition read. Mr. Harris to make oath what collectors have money in their hands or keep his books.
Warrants for a year to Mr. Foliard and Mr. Lisle.
Sir Robert Viner and Mr. Lawrence called in about Mr. Knype's suit in the Exchequer about his tally. Sir Robert demands six per cent. before the late Act and 12 per cent. since. Mr. Lawrence to appear as from my Lords, and to insist on the 12 per cent.
Letter of the 23rd inst. considered from the Commissioners of the Navy concerning the Earl of Anglesey's having diverted some money designed to pay for stores. The said Commissioners and the Earl to attend to-morrow.
Sir W. Doyly to attend to-morrow to give an account whether he have sent waggons for the moneys in Kent and Southampton.
Sir R. Long to send a list of such of Capt. Cock's orders on the Additional Aid as are yet unpaid, and to whom the last assignment was made.
The Customs Farmers to send an account of the money paid and lent by them.
The Chimney Farmers called in. My Lords ask whether the covenant to save them harmless and [make them] competent gainers be under the Great Seal. They say yes, and produce a copy of it, by which it appears that they are to be made reasonable gainers only in case the King makes them collectors, which is told them. A copy of the covenant to be kept in the Treasury. My Lords say they cannot consent to defalk above 20,000l. If the Farmers are not contented with it they will move the King in Council to-morrow for a day of hearing for them.
The business of the Imprest rolls is to be considered the first sitting after this term, and no other business [to intervene]. The King's Remembrancer to be here then with the Imprest rolls. Also inform the King's Remembrancer that my Lords will, at the end of every Hilary and Trinity term, sign the Imprest rolls, and therefore that he send them in in time. Charnock to put Sir G. Downing in mind of this from time to time.
Sir Robert Vyner to be heard about his Jewel House debt on Monday.
Col. Trevanyon, late Receiver of Aids for Cornwall, and Mr. Trevanyon, his deputy, are to attend to-morrow.
Mr. Dean called in. My Lords insist on his answer whether he will pay in 15,000l. on what is in his [and his partners'] hands [as Farmers] of the Irish Customs. He offers to pay what my Lords demand on condition that if it appear that this money is not in their hands they shall have Irish interest for it at the end of their farm. Ordered that he and the Lords of the Council of Ireland (Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Sir Geo. Carteret, Earl of Orrery, Lord Berkely, and Sir John Temple) attend to-morrow.
Alderman Bucknell and the Cofferer to attend to-morrow.
Alderman Backwell's interest account to be considered on Friday.
Write the Solicitor General to let the Farmers of the Customs, England, have a sight of the articles which he is drawing for letting the Customs of Ireland. Write Mr. Lawrence to hasten the Commission for the defalcations of the Customs, Ireland.
Mr. Lawrence to quicken the commission for examining the abuses of wood felled in Brockbrow Park, co. Beds.
Warrant for the Privy Purse: on their privy seal.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 18–20.]
Jan. 27.
Present: Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir Jo. Duncombe, and also [of the Lords of Ireland] the Duke of Ormonde, Sir G. Carteret, Sir Jo. Temple.
Agreed that Mr. Dean shall have Irish interest for the 15,000l. he is to pay in, in case it shall appear that so much is not in the hands of the Farmers of the Irish revenue.
Mr. Lawrence to take out a copy of the Earl of Carlingford's patent of the wine licences in Ireland and my Lords will pay for it.
The Lords of Ireland go out.
Sir R. Long to send to my Lords on Friday an acquittance for Mr. Montague to sign releasing his right to his allowance of 100l. a week for the time from the 1st of January to the day of his departure out of the King's presence.
Mr. Lawrence [is] asked by what warrant Mr. Chudley's goods in the Treasurer of the Household's house [in Exeter] can be disposed of. He is to speak with Mr. Ward and Mr. Fisher about it.
Robert Hill, late Receiver of Hearth money, co. Cambridge, called in. Mr. Lawrence gives an account what is doing in that business. Two months' further release from custody granted to said Hill on security to Serjeant Gregory.
The Navy Commissioners and the Victualler called in about the victualling contract. The alterations desired are agreed to. A privy seal ordered for what [appears due] on the present estimate for the Victualler. A privy seal ordered on an order of Council about the Victualler's Dunkirk account.
Mr. Fen called in to [sic, for and] the Commissioners of the Navy, and the Navy letter is read about money diverted by the Earl of Anglesey after being designed for stores. Mr. Fen says the occasions upon which this money was employed were to be supplied out of the Wine Act, and the Earl of Anglesey did intend to pay them accordingly. My Lords desire the Navy Commissioners to hasten the books of the Earl of Anglesey's accounts. Write the Earl of Anglesey to hasten his accounts, and though some (many) of the pay books of the ships are not yet ready, yet that the Commissioners [of the Navy] could be at work about his books for contracts, &c., if he would be pleased to bring in his books for payments for stores and such like things. My Lords tell the Navy Commissioners that they will accommodate the business of the money diverted, and take care it be some way paid.
The Treasurer of the Household acquaints my Lords that 140 trees are cut down in his walk in New Forest. Write Lord St. John to examine the fact and punish the offenders.
The Cofferer, Sir John Fox and Alderman Bucknell called in about 20,000l. borrowed at Oxford. Ordered that Bucknell bring the account of their late London [Excise] Farm. As to the 4,000l. lent for the Wardrobe and paid to Sir Ste. Fox, it is to be searched out whether Fox did not give them [Bucknell and his partners, the Farmers of the London Excise] assignments on the Eleven Months' tax. Fox to give an account hereof on Monday. As to the 10,000l. lent by Bucknell, this was lent on a condition to be paid if it shall appear on the account of his late farm to be due to him. Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long about a privy seal to transfer 35,000l. of their [the London Excise Farmers'] advance on their late farm to this [present] London farm. Warrant ordered for the [Royal] House [hold] for four months: which is not to be issued out but kept here [in the Exchequer]. My Lords say that if the London Farmers will pay any money before [it be] due on their farm they shall have six per cent. interest [for the time] till due.
Sir Ste. Fox says that all the Guards and Garrisons are paid to Saturday last. Ordered to bring a paper of it on Friday next, and then the King and the Lord General to be acquainted with it, and care taken that the soldiers pay their quarters.
Secretary Trevor moves that his 8,000l. be placed on the Customs: is told that the first month [of said Customs] clear [of charges thereon] is August come 12 month.
Mr. Lawrence to give an account on Monday how Mr. Prichard's payment stands.
Mr. Trevanion and Col. Trevanion's counsel called in. Counsel says he is at law with the Colonel. The law must take place. Process suspended against the Col., he being upon his account.
Sir W. Doyly called in about Mr. White's articles. Doyly to bring an abstract of them to be carried to the Privy Council on Friday.
Sir G. Downing to see if Col. Legg's privy seal be to the Lieutenant of the Ordnance for the time being, that so the 40,000l. for saltpetre may be securely placed.
Mr. Dean called in. My Lords acquaint him with what is resolved this day by the Lords of Ireland.
Mr. Birstall brings affidavit about hams of bacon taken out of a Zealand man-of-war. These affidavits to be carried up to the Privy Council; those for [Mr.] Dacket are to be kept for Friday. Birstall says he has seized the bacon.
Mr. Morrice's business to be proposed next time the Lords of [the Council of] Ireland are here.
The warrant for the Privy Purse is to be for 6,000l.
The clerks of the Crown Office to have 5l. for transcribing a book of all the Justices of the Peace if they bring a certificate that it [such payment] was wont to be done.
Write Mr. Marriot, Clerk of the Queen Mother's Council, for a copy of the warrant empowering her trustees to grant a lease to Edward Not (Nott), Esq., of part of Braydon Forest for 60 years in possession and reversion.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 20–2.]
Jan. 29
Present: Lord Ashley, Sir W. Coventry, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Customs Farmers to attend next Monday about great iron guns to be exported.
Letter read from Col. Norton about the assessments in Hampshire. Lord Ashley is to reply that the money can't be remitted and that the county is not discharged till the money is paid to the Receiver.
Dormant warrant for the Marquess of Dorchester's creation money.
Lord Richardson and Mr. Philips called in. Ordered that the Attorney General sign the draft of the warrant.
Sir W. Doyly to pay Xmas quarter to the Solicitors of taxes but not Lady Day quarter. Doyly is to attend the Privy Council with White's articles.
Sir R. Long to send an account what money of the Customs is remaining in the Exchequer.
Warrant to empower Mr. Breams and the rest that have received Mr. [Cadwallader] Jones's fees to continue to receive them.
Warrants on Sir Ste. Fox's paper.
The Customs Farmers to be spoken to about a man whose bonds (for lead which was taken in the war and carried into Holland) were sued.
Tuesdays only to be petition days.
The Treasurer of the Household to send to [the officers of] his walk [in New Forest] to know whether there be good proof of the 140 trees felled.
Mr. Lawrence to attend on Monday about Col. Napier's patent [for fish at Yarmouth].
Capt. Davy's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord to report as to whether [petitioner is] in the same condition as other Coldstreamers.
Warrant for Sir W. Temple for three months on the June Customs. Write Sir R. Long to reserve 500l. for the Earl of Carlisle before Temple on that month.
Mr. Dacket called in. The business to be heard on Monday and the Customs Farmers to attend then.
Mr. Tomlinson's docquet to pass.
Write Secretary Trevor to pass the privy seal for the Earl of Carlisle's 500l.
Warrant for 200l. for healing medals: to be on the fund as in the order of Council.
Sir Gilbert Talbot to certify what money of the New Year's gifts he has now in his hands and what it usually amounts to every year: my Lords having received an order from the Privy Council that the money received for New Year's gifts from the nobility should be applied to the use of the Privy Purse.
Alderman Backwell to furnish 500l. to the Earl of Carlisle.
Mr. Greenwill and Mr. Mason called in. Sir R. Long told them that [the order for] 500l. for horses [which is drawn or charged] on the land revenue cannot be paid this 12 month.
A privy seal ordered for 40,000l. for salt petre: to be on the Chimney money.
Process stayed against William Kirkby (Kirby), late Receiver of Hearth money, co. Lancs., for his Chimney account.
[Warrant for] 2,000l. more for the Navy to pay the Yards: [to be] on [the Customs for] May next.
Alderman Backwell called in. Ordered that his 6,000l. interest money be paid on the first month on the Customs that will bear it, with interest.
Sir Gilbert Talbot to speak with Alderman Backwell about Lady Fanshaw's husband's plate, she having written to my Lords that she has put that business wholly in the hands of Alderman Backwell and given him a copy of her indenture. If they cannot agree in the matter my Lords will hear it.
Mr. Glanville called in. My Lords say he accepted the money in Flanders for payment so my Lords cannot alter it, but will give what assistance they can to get in that money.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 23–4.]