Entry Book: November 1671

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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November 1671

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Nov. 1 Money warrant for 50l. to Sir Gilbert Talbot for one year to Sept. 29 last, on his pension as Master of the Jewel House. Warrants Early XIX. p. 23.
Nov. 2 The Treasury Lords to [the Customs Commissioners] to employ Henry Newbery, Gent., as one of the Surveyors General in the Searcher's office, London port: this being His Majesty's pleasure although there is one such officer already, and said office has been usually executed by one person. Ibid, XLIII. p. 17.
Same to same to appoint Richard Scadgell a landwaiter and searcher in Looe, co. Cornwall, loco John Cunnyng. Ibid, p. 13.
[?] Sir Robt. Howard to Phill. Packer, Paymaster of the Works, to perfect his accounts for the 2,200l. (corrected to 2,000l.) imprested to William Harbord, which said Packer had the disposal of for the wall of the Great Park at Richmond. Out Letters General III. p. 8.
Nov. 2 The like letter (erased) to the officers of the Works at Windsor. Ibid.
Nov. 3 Royal sign manual to the Attorney General to prepare a bill for Robert Blayney, Esq., to be Secretary to the Commissioners for managing the Customs, with 400l. per an. salary, loco Richard Sherwyn thereto appointed Sept. 27 last, but since resigned. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 7–8.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners. We have been lately applied to by George Ravenscroft, et al., owners and freighters of the "Hopewell" an old Venetian ship alleged to be lately re-edified [as certified] by His Majesty's Consul at Venice, [they] producing a royal warrant for making her a free English built ship, and therefore praying that the goods lately imported in her and now under seizure may be freed and that said ship may pay only English Customs. You are to obey said warrant, as said ship and goods have long been under a chargeable and perishable condition. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 16.
Warrant to same to seize and sequester Sir Nicholas Crispe's farm of spice, in consequence of said Crispe's part liability in the Customs Farm ended 1667, Sept. 29. Ibid, pp. 17–18.
Same to Sir Robt. Viner, Edward Backwell and Francis Millington, to take care that no profits whatever accruing from the late Farm of the Customs ended Sept. 29 last, be paid to the Farmers of the Customs for the farm ended 1667, Sept. 29, but that same be detained for His Majesty. Ibid, pp. 19–20.
The like warrant to Mr. Mountney, Cashier General to the late Farmers of the Customs. Ibid, p. 20.
Nov. 3 Treasury warrant to Anthony Parsons, auditor, and Simon Smith, Receiver of Crown revenues, cos. Southampton and Wilts. to pay Edward Strange the 264l. 12s. 6d. per an. as Captain of Hurst Castle, as for himself, officers and soldiers (see infra Nov. 10, p. 1132, and Nov. 27, p. 1145). Warrants Early XIX. p. 4.
Royal warrant for 2,500l. to Sir Rob. Viner and 2,500l. to Alderman Backwell [in part] for satisfaction of 20,000l. by them paid to Lord Ambassador Montague for the use of Madame: with 6 per cent. interest from the time it was paid. King's Warrant Book III. p.10.
Nov. 4 Treasury subscription of a docquet. undated, of a warrant to the Exchequer for 45,000l. to Baptist May for the Privy Purse. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 16.
The Treasury Lords to Mr. Rumsey, Collector at Bristol. No moneys have yet been returned by you of your collection. We expect punctual compliance from all Collectors with their instructions for the speedy payment of all moneys. From such a place as Bristol opportunities [bills of exchange] for returning moneys cannot be wanting. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 20.
Nov. 6 Reference from the Treasury Lords to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Justinian Angell for a lease of a royalty and certain lands and tenements in Flixton, Ottringham, Dambrigg [Bainbridge], Skelton, Bramwith, Knottingley, Hornsea, Ferrybridge and Clementhorp, co. York, and in several other parishes in the county of Lincoln. Out Letters General III. p. 37.
Sir Rob. Howard to Sir R. Long et al., concerning the Treasury reference for settling the business of Wine Licences Ibid, p. 9.
The Treasury Lords to [the Customs Commissioners] to continue Edward Cresset in his employment of landwaiter in Bristol port and not to remove him to the collectorship at Barnstaple; Peter Docton having been appointed Collector at Barnstaple and Bideford. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 26.
Instructions and directions by the Treasury Lords upon the representation made this day by the Customs Commissioners. (One of the tidesurveyors to attend weekly at Gravesend; eleven watchmen to be added to the 25 already appointed [for London port]; a waiter and searcher to be settled at Barking, Essex, a ditto at Greenwich and Deptford; a ditto at Salisbury; a ditto at York.) Ibid, pp. 37–8.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of 1671, July, of a royal warrant to the Exchequer for 1,552l. 1s. 0¾d. to Col. Maurice Kingwell, being so much due to him and his company at the time of their transportation from Dnnkirk into Tangier as arrears as appears by the certificate of the Auditors appointed to take the accounts of the Army. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, pp. 5–6.
Same to same of 1671, Nov., of a royal warrant to the Exchequer for the pay to Sir Stephen Fox of 421l. 17s. 4d. per month or 5,484l. 5s. 4d. per an. for the four companies of the disbanded regiment late in the Barbados with their officers, and 7l. per month or 91l. per an. for the pay of Edmond Andrews, late Major of said regiment to commence from 1671, Oct. 5, and 14l. a month or 182l. per an. for the pay of the Lieutenant Governor of Windsor Castle, to commence from 1671, July 29: according to establishments hereof signed by His Majesty: to be paid quarterly in advance. Ibid, p. 6.
Nov. 7 Sir Robt. Howard to Sir Robt. Atkins and Sir Lionell Jenkins to prepare an order for the settlement of a course for the payment and collecting of His Majesty's duty upon the oaths and affidavits made in the Ecclesiastical Courts. Out Letters General III. p. 9.
Entry of the reference to Sir R. Howard, et al., of the petition of Will Harbord concerning Grafton and Pery Parks, co. Northampton. Ibid, p. 10.
Same of same to the Customs Commissioners of a petition not detailed. Ibid.
[?] Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Robert Fitz Gerrard, Comptroller of the musters and checques of the army and forces in Ireland, same having been referred to said Lords by the King, Sept. 15 last. Find that petitioner had a just right to the 2,919l., and that payment of said sum was acknowledged by Sir George Carteret and warranted by letters patent. Said sum ought to be allowed to Edward Corker, late Deputy Receiver to Sir George Carteret, out of that part of the balance of said Carteret's accompt payable by said Corker into the Exchequer in Ireland. Warrants Early. XLIII. pp. 23–4.
Nov. 7 Same to same from same, on the petition of George Lord Berkeley and the rest of the owners of two three-decked ships, lately built in the King's dominions, claiming the 10 per cent. Customs allowance on imports in said ships, notwithstanding that said ships were not finished within the time limited by the Act. Advise the allowance thereof, viz. as follows:— Ibid, pp. 24–5.
£ s. d.
For the ship "Anne" 307 2 7
For the ship "Berkley Castle" 501 9
Treasury warrant to Sir C. Harbord, Surveyor General, to give order to the Steward of the manor of Milton Falconbridge, co. Somerset, to pass an estate for three lives to Henry Keymer in a small copyhold tenement of 8½ acres in said manor, and the benefit of an old decayed house of His Majesty's, situate in Ivelchester [Ilchester] Bridge, co. Somerset. Ibid, p. 25.
Treasury subscription of a method proposed by the Excise Commissioners for bringing [oversea] exported beer to a due account. Ibid, pp. 28–9.
Prefixing:—Said method.
[?] Same of the instructions to William Cole for his office as Surveyor General of Bristol port. Ibid, pp. 21–2.
[After Nov. 7] Entry of Treasury allowance of the salary bill of the Law Duty Office, detailed, viz. for two quarters, May 1 last to Nov. 1 instant. Ibid, XIX. p. 4.
Nov. 8 Sir Robt. Howasd to the Customs Commissioners forwarding the letter from the Lord Lunenburg and the papers annexed: for their report thereon. Out Letters General. III. p. 9.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay the process of extent against the estate of Sir John Shaw in London, Midd. and Kent. Warrants Early. XLIII. p. 23.
Nov. 9 Royal warrant to Sir Robt. Long, Treasurer and Receiver General of the rents, &c. late in jointure to the late Queen Mother, to pay the following sums due as below, same having been attested by the Earl of St. Albans, Lord Chamberlain of the King's Household, and by Sir Thomas Bond, Comptroller of the late Queen Mother's Household, which debts were omitted from the schedule of the late Queen Mother's debts authorised to be paid ut supra, p. 778. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 58–9.
£ s. d.
64 0 0 to Lady Fisher, wife of Sir Clement Fisher.
43 5 0 to Richard Carteret, hosier, for silk stockings and other things delivered to the Duchess of Richmond for said Queen Mother.
375 0 0 to Peter Arnauld for a debt owing by said late Queen Mother to his father.
40 0 0 to Henry Browne, gent., under housekeeper of Somerset House, for half a year's allowance to pay sweepers for sweeping and carrying away the soil of the house and for a maid to make clean the privy lodgings.
60 0 0 to John Browne, gardener of Somerset House, for one year's salary to 1669, Sept. 29.
20 0 0 to Geo. Barr, undergardener there, for same.
20 0 0 to Jane Bartlett for washing the said Queen Mother's chapel linen for one year.
23 0 0 to Tho. Tillet and William Godby, chairmen to said Queen Mother, for their allowance for linen.
19 12 0 to Anthony Goddard, footmen, for his allowance for linen for five years, "our said late deare mother being then in France."
20 0 0 to Madame St. Michaell, for half a year's arrear due 1669, June 24, on her pension.
30 0 0 to Hugh May, Comptroller of the King's Works, in part of his salary due 1669, Sept. 29.
20 0 0 which the late Queen Mother usually gave as an allowance by way of charity to Ann Platt for the merit and desert of her husband.
46 0 0 to Mary Harrison for furnishing bread to said Queen Mother's Chapel at Somerset House: being for one whole year.
737 3 0
Nov. 10 Royal sign manual for 100l. to Anna de Witz, daughter and heir of the late Lieutenant General Adam Von Karpf; being reward for services formerly done to His Majesty by said Von Karpf. (Money warrant hereon, dated Nov. 21.) Warrants Early XIX. pp. 13, 14.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of 1671, Nov., of a reversionary grant to Thomas Stringer, gent., and his heirs (at the nomination of Lord Ashley) of the chase called Cranborne Chase, in the counties of Dorset, Wilts and Southampton, and of all lodges, woods, profits, &c., therewith formerly granted by the late King James to William late Earl of Salisbury. British Museum Additional. MS. 28,074. p. 6.
Same to same of Nov. 1671, of the appointment of Robert Blayney, Esq., as Secretary to the Customs Commissioners, with a salary of 400l. per an.: upon the request of Richard Sherwin, Secretary to said Commissioners, to be excused from that service. Ibid, p. 7.
Same of same of 1669–70, Feb., of a grant to Jasper Everard, one of His Majesty's falconers in ordinary (loco Bartholomew Bynam, deceased), of an annuity or yearly pension of 50l. Ibid.
Nov. 10 Entry of the reference to Mr. Webb. et al., of Mr. Christian's letter concerning my Lords appointing a person for receiving the Hearthmoney. Out Letters General III. p. 11.
The Treasury Lords to the Attorney General to proceed against the possessors of the lands as below. Ibid, p 21.
Prefixing:—Petition of Sir Robt. Long, Bart., touching a lease he holds by grant from the late Queen of certain lands called Warmorton part of the honour of Penrith in Cumberland, wherein he prays to surrender his said lease, and that direction may be given to the Attorney General to proceed against the tenants by a bill of information for intrusion, or otherwise to proceed as he shall think fit or for a grant of such a covenient term [in the premises] as may countervaile his pains and charges in the prosecution.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney General for a grant to Francis Roberts, gent., of a King's waiter's place, London port, on the surrender of John Charnock. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 39.
Warrant under the royal sign manual to Sir Ste. Fox to pay to Sir John Skelton, Kt., Deputy Governor of Plymouth port. 100l. per an pension with the arrears thereof from 1663, Aug 3. viz. paying him 200l. a year till said arrears are paid and thenceforward 100l. a year: said annuity or yearly pension having been ordered by royal warrant of 1663, Aug. 22, to date from 1663, Aug. 20: "which said grant was never passed, nor consequently any part of the said pension ever paid to him." King's Warrant Book III. pp. 10–11.
Royal warrant for [a privy seal for] 11,000l. per an. to the Duke of Buckingham, Master of the Horse, as for provisions for the stables, coaches, coachmen, littermen and other servants and utensils belonging thereto, according to a contract made [by said Duke] with His Majesty, dated the 6th inst. (Treasury subscription of the docquet hereof, dated Nov. 27. See infra, p. 1165, under date Dec. 21.) Ibid, p. 14: British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 11.
Treasury letter of direction on an order for 500l. to Lord Hawley in full of 1,200l. furnished to His Majesty. Warrants Early XIX. p. 21.
Money warrant for 6,075l. 5s. 4d. to Sir Ste. Fox for the Gaurds and Garrisons, viz. as follows: 300l. for contingencies; and 182l. for a Lieut. Gov. of Windsor for one year; and 5,575l. 5s. 4d. for four new companies to be raised: all as by the privy seals of Aug. 11 last and Nov. 7 inst. Ibid. XXIV. p. 113.
Treasury warrant to Anthony Parsons, auditor of, and Simon Smith, Receiver of Crown Revenues for Southampton and Wilts, to pay the annual 264l. 12s. 6d. to Edward Strange, Captain of Hurst Castle, only up to the day the said garrison shall be disbanded, being the 23 inst. and no further, His Majesty having commanded said garrison to be disbanded and said castle to be manned and relieved otherwise. (See supra Nov. 3, p. 1129, and infra Nov. 27, p. 1145.) Ibid, XIX. p. 6.
Money warrant for 100l. to Isabell Boynton for half a year on her pension: and for 50l. to Isabell Boynton, the younger, for same; and for 60l. to Mary Boynton for same. Ibid.
Same for 3,000l. to John Kirk, Paymaster to the Band of Gentleman Pensioners for a half a year of the annual 6000l. to the said Band: to be issued as by the sign manual of Mar. 18 last. Ibid.
Nov. 10 Money warrant for 140l. 9s. 0d. to Edward Earl of Sandwich to be assigned to the six Pages of Her Majesty's Bedchamber for the liveries in arrear at Midsummer, 1668, viz. to each of them 23l. 8s. 2d. Warrants Early XIX. p. 7.
Same for 60l. to William Legg, one of His Majesty's Pages of Honour, for half a year of his pension to Sept. 29 last. Ibid.
Same for 600l. to Baptist May, Keeper of the Privy Purse, to be employed in providing angel gold for His Majesty's service in healing. Ibid.
Same for 100l to Sir John Trevor, one of the Principal Secretaries of State, for one year to Sept. 29 last of his annuity or pension as such. Ibid.
Letter of direction on an order of May 27 last, for 1,605l. to Viscount Fauconberg. Ibid, p. 8.
Money warrant for 30,000l. with interest thereon at 6 per cent. from Sept. 29 last to the date of repayment hereof: same to be registered upon the register appointed to be kept upon the money of the orders (registered on the Fee Farm rents) given up or transferred by the Cofferer, Sir Ste. Fox and others to His Majesty's use: same to be in full of the privy seal of Oct. 16 last for 30,000l. to Sir John Bennet in part of the 207,400l. advanced by Lord St. John, Sir William Bucknall et al., late contractors for the farm of the Customs, wine duty and wine licences. "And whereas His Majesty hath lately directed by the said letters of privy seal that the said Sir John Bennet shall be admitted to contract for any of His Majesty's fee farm rents and other rents to the value of the said 30,000l. together with the interest thereof, at 16 years' purchase, and that the orders so registered shall be accepted as ready money and be wholly paid and satisfied out of the money of such contracts as shall be made by the said Sir John Bennet, these are therefore to request you [the Auditor of the Receipt and the Clerk of the Pells, &c.] from time to time to give tallies to the said Sir John Bennet upon such contracts with the Trustees [for sale of Fee Farms] as he shall bring unto you as if he had really paid the [purchase] money into the Exchequer, and to discharge the Exchequer thereof by making issues of the same upon the said orders registered for the said 30,000l." You are to take care that Bennet deliver in tallies of loan for said 30,000l. to be cancelled upon the settling this new security. Ibid, pp. 10–11.
[?Nov. 10] Money warrant for 300l. and 336l. to Sir Robert. Southwell, for equipage and three months' advance of ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary to the Count de Monterie. Ibid, p. 7; Money Book (Customs) p. 10.
Nov. 11 Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Wadlow. My Lords will sit on Tuesday next wholly on the business of your accompts of the Wine Act. Please attend at nine o'clock. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 7; Out Letters General III. p. 11.
Same to the Customs Commissioners for Tho. Theed to be a landwaiter in London port on the first vacancy. Out Letters General III. p. 11.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against John Duncklin (Dunkling), Collector of Hearthmoney for London, Westminster and Middlesex, he having passed his accounts thereof. Warrants Early XLIII p. 27.
Nov. 11 Privy seal for 1,500l. for equipage and 10l. a day as ordinary to Sir William Godolphin (who has now for some years resided at the Court of Spain as Envoy Extraordinary) being appointed to remain there as Ambassador in ordinary: to date from Sept. 29 last exclusive. (Treasury subscription of the docquet hereof, dated Nov. 13.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 21, 51; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 8.
Nov. 12 Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities, detailed, of Samuel Lambe, of Mitcham, Surrey, as Receiver of Hearthmoney for Kent, Canterbury and the Cinque Ports. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 32.
Nov. 13 Same to Serjeant Francis Stephens. It appears by the affidavit of Sir William Doyley, late Receiver of Hearthmoney for Surrey and Southwark, that William Robinson, William Mitchell and John Cosins have absconded with their collections of Hearthmoney for said county and city, due at Lady Day, 1671. You are to arrest them. Ibid, p. 29.
Same to the Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Exchequer for process of extent against the said Robinson as above, and similarly against James Robinson, John Polea. Peter Edwards, Arthur Babington, John Ogle, Thomas Mason, Thomas Watford, George Shyers, Robert Coleman and Edward Moore, who are bound in several obligations with said Robinson. Ibid, pp. 29–30.
Treasury approval of the following as Sub-commissioners of Excise in the counties detailed. Ibid, pp. 30, 33.
Abra[ham] Carter, William Wilson, and Rich. Raymond for Worcester and Stafford.
Robert Pegeon, Ralph Mathewes, and Rich. Smith for Wilts and Dorset.
Tho. Colton, George Hughes, Jo. Element for Sussex and Hants.
Thomas Hart,Edward Parsons and Thomas Cockett for Devon.
Anthony Yardley, Christopher Hayward, and Edmond James for Essex.
John Wells, Edmond James, Anthony Yardley for Hertford.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities, detailed, of Francis Weaver as Receiver of Hearthmoney for co. Surrey. Ibid, p. 31.
Same to Sir R. Long, Auditor of the Receipt, to cause all orders already registered on the respective quarters of the Customs to be paid in one entire course as they stand registered, that is to say in the first place all such orders as are registered upon the first quarter ending at Xmas next, and when all those are satisfied then all the orders upon the succeeding quarter to be satisfied, and so afterwards all orders upon a preceding quarter to be paid before any be paid upon a following quarter: and for the future no distinction to be made in registering orders upon particular quarters, and no tallies of loan to be admitted to be struck, but all loans to be received as so much to be repaid after the gross sum registered: the orders of repayment and all other orders payable out of the Customs to be registered after the gross sum registered upon the same; which is to be endorsed on each respective order for the satisfaction of persons concerned. Further to take care to reserve sufficient of the Customs moneys to pay the Judges, Masters of Chancery, and other constant payments particularly charged on the Customs, and also the 10,000l. per month from Jan. next, to Lord St. John and his partners in the late intended farm of the Customs. This new course of registering being necessitated by the fact that the Customs being now managed by Commissioners the payments therefrom into the Exchequer may be unequal in the several quarters and so the process of registering on the Customs by separate quarters as prescribed by the privy seal of Dec. 22 last and Treasury warrant of Jan. 18 last is no longer serviceable. Ibid, pp. 35–6.
Nov. 13 Sir Ro. Howard to Sir R. Long et al., concerning my Lords' reference of the late Customs Farmers' accounts of the moneys of the late Wine Act received by them during the term of their farm. Out Letters General III p. 11.
Letter of direction on a Treasury order for 1,000l. to Philip Packer for impaling Windsor Park. Warrants Early XIX. p. 13.
Money warrant for 100l. to Mrs. Catherine Bointon for one year of her pension. Ibid, p. 11
Nov. 14 Sir Rob. Howard to William Jones, John Carter, George Street, Ro. Daglais, Rob. Rogers, Henry Palmer, Edward Reading and Humphry Roscarrocke to attend my Lords on Monday afternoon next to shew cause why you have received moneys on the Hearth tax and have not paid same to Sir William Doyly, Receiver of said duty. Out Letters General III. p. 12.
[?] Entry of the order of reference to Sir C. Harbord of Mrs. Reneirs' (Regnier's) petition, praying a grant to her of a lease purchased by her husband who was an alien and had his name put into a bill of naturalization but died before it passed. Ibid, p. 14.
Nov. 14 Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to take care that the prosecution of all seizures be committed to the care of Richard Prowse, Solicitor to the Customs: the officers of late, on making seizures, having been used to employ divers sundry solicitors about the prosecution thereof in the Exchequer so that oftentimes great loss has happened to the King both by not prosecuting effectually and by undue practices used to evade the law. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 55.
Letter of direction upon an order of June 3 last for 300l. to Lord Belasyse. Ibid. XIX. p. 11.
Money warrant for 40,079l. 1s. 6d. to Sir Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, as imprest for wages and bills due in his office. Ibid, p. 12
Warrant under the royal sign manual for a privy seal for 5,000l. to Charles Lord St. John, Sir John Bennett, Sir William Bucknall, Sir William Doyley, John Bence, William Roberts, Ralph Bucknall, John Mann and George Blake, with interest at 6 per cent. from May 4 last till payment. Ibid.
Nov. 15 Entry of the order of reference to the Warden, &c., of the Mint., of a petition of Mr. Thomas Doyley, Clerk to the Warden of the Mint, praying recompense for several services by him performed in discovering coiners and clippers. Out Letters General III. p. 14.
Same of same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of Mr. Hague's petition for a fresh lease in reversion of the tolls of Ferrybridge, &c., co. Yorks. Ibid, p. 15.
Same of same to same of Mr. Martin's petition for a fresh lease in reversion of certain lands in Hampton-in-Arden, co. Warwick. Ibid.
Nov. 15 Entry of an order of reference to the Surveyor of Crown Lands, of Mr. Curtis's petition for a lease of certain lands in Waltonupon-Thames, co. Surrey. Out Letters General III. p. 15.
Sir Robt. Howard to the Customs Commissioners for Richard Meredith to have a landwaiter's place in London port, my Lords having a good recommendation of his ability and integrity. Ibid, p. 16.
Treasury warrant to Auditor Sir Edmond Sawyer to allow 661l. 1s. 6 6/8d. to Richard Marriot in his account to 1670, Sept. 29, as Receiver of the Honour of Windsor: same having been applied to the repairs of the castle. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 46.
Same, appointing said Richard Marriot to again execute the office of Receiver of the Honor of Windsor, to which John Ball was appointed by Treasury warrant of Oct. 5 last, by reason of the absence of said Marriot from the then approaching audit, but said Marriot having since returned and presented his account with which we are satisfied. Ibid.
Royal warrant for 175l. 18s. 4d. to Sir Thomas Chichley, for one year to Lady Day last, on his fee of 200 (100) marks per an. for himself as Master of the Ordnance, and 6d. a day for a clerk, and 1s. 4d. for two men to attend him: his letters patent of grant of said office of date 1670, June 4. having been surrendered by him so that no payment thereon can be made without fresh authorisation. (Money warrant hereon dated Dec. 5.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 20. Warrants Early XIX. p. 22.
Money warrant for 1,798l. 8s. 4d. to Sir Allen Apsley, Master of the Hawks, being grown due for 1670, Apr. 30 to 1671, Sept. 29, on his fee of 10s. a day; and 1669–70, Mar. 3 to 1671, Sept. 15, on his allowance of 30l. a month; and one year to Sept. 29 last, on his allowance of 800l. per an.; and 5¾ years to Sept. 29 last, on his fee of 24l. 6s. 8d. per an. Warrants Early XIX. pp. 8–9.
Letter of direction upon a warrant dated —, for 500l. to Mary Blagg for one year of her pension. Ibid, p. 9.
Entry of the Treasury allowance of the Michaelmas quarter's incidents bill, dated Oct. 5, of the Agents for Hearthmoney. Ibid, p. 10.
Money Warrant for 80l. to Robert Challoner, for three years to Lady Day last, on his fee of 40 marks as Lancaster Herald. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Edward Brampston as a landwaiter, London, loco Thomas Kirby. hereby displaced. Ibid, XLIII. p. 34.
Same to Mr. Mounteney, Cashier of the Customs, to pay the Earl of Leicester 40l. for two years' Creation money: this warrant being first entered with the Auditor of the Receipt. Ibid.
Nov. 16 The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to employ the following additional watchmen in London port as ordered on the 6th inst., viz. Edward Creech, Moses Perkins, Thomas Heycocke. John Bushell, John Clarke. James Davies, Lawrence Reynolds, James Hadley, and Francis Knipe. Ibid, pp. 40–1.
Nov. 17 Same to the Commissioners of Assessment for the Aids and Eleven Months' tax for counties severally as below. William Bowdler, Receiver General of said aids and tax [for co. Hereford], has in his accounts set several in supers, amounting in all to 843l. 0s. 8d. upon divers Head Collectors. Process of distringas has issued out of the Exchequer, but the Sheriff has returned that there is nothing distrainable in his bailiwick. Similarly for other counties. The Court of Exchequer being applied to pass a remedy did on Nov. 29 last [sic] order distringas against the Commissioners of Assessments for such counties. This will cause you trouble. So we acquaint you herewith that before the writs issue you may take care for the sums, as below, to be levied upon the estates of said Collectors or other persons in whose hand same is, or failing that then to reassess same on the said counties in accordance with the power given to you in that behalf: viz. as follows. Ibid, pp. 26–7.
£ s. d.
In the County of Cornwall 2,779 4 10
" Devon 683 16 9
" Essex 292 10 10
" Hereford 843 0 8
" Kent 2,064 12 8
" Monmouth 1,939 18 8
" Wilts 115 3 8
" Anglesea 145 17 2
" Carnarvon 688 17 3
" Denbigh 285 11 5
" Merioneth 195 3 5
Nov. 17 The Treasury Lords to Lord Baltimore to give order to his deputy in Maryland to strictly examine all masters of English ships arriving there whether they have given bond for returning to England and if they have not or if any ship there built shall be designed for England that they be not permitted to lade till they have given such bond for their return to England, Wales or Berwick. Also for an exact account to be taken of all such ships as have not given bond, and of such as have so given bond with all details of ship, destination and cargo of tobacco, and of all tobacco laden on any vessel that shall go to the neighbouring Plantations: and for diligent enquiry and prosecution to be made of all foreign ships prohibited by law to trade with His Majesty's plantations and coming under said officer's jurisdiction. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 36–7.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Richard Reterick as tide waiter in London port, loco William Pewd (Pewde), removed from being a tidewaiter in London port to be waiter and searcher at Salisbury. Ibid, p. 38.
Treasury warrant to —, as executor to William Chislet, late deputy auditor of Crown revenues for co. Cambridge, to deliver to Auditor Phelips the accounts of Capt. Robt. Hill, late Receiver of Hearthmoney for said county: in order that Phelips may be enabled to make out a surcharge against the precedent sheriffs and constables in arrear of that duty. Ibid, pp. 38–9.
The Treasury Lords to [the officers of the Works] to make a view and admeasurement of the works lately done about the paling of Windsor Great Park, and whether same be performed according to contract. Ibid, p. 40
Treasury warrant to John Howland, late Register to the Excise Commissioners, to deliver to the present Commissioners of Excise all such leases of the farms of the Country Excise, and all such bonds relating thereto [as are] remaining in his hands. Ibid.
Five same to the Customs Commissioners for Mr. Porter to have a salary of 40l. per an. as clerk to the tidesurveyors in London port: for John Beech to be waiter and searcher at Barking, Essex; and for Nathaniell Spencer to be tidesurveyor in Hull; and for Mathew Humerston to have a salary of 50l. per an. as Clerk of the coast business in the Customs, London port; and for William Pewde, at present tidewaiter in London port, to be waiter and searcher at Salisbury. Ibid, pp. 41, 42. 43.
Nov. 17 Royal sign manual for 100l. to Sir Robt. Dallison as royal bounty. King's Warrant Book III. p. 19.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to Lawrence Hyde, Master of the Robes, for the Office of the Robes. Warrants Early XIX. p. 9.
Same for 220l. to Henrietta Maria Price, one of Her Majesty's maids of honour, for a half-year to Sept. 29 last, as the assignee of the pensions of 440l. per an. granted to Sir Herbert Price. Ibid, p 12.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of 1671, Oct., of a grant to Lewis Marquess Blankeford [de Blanchefort], Sir Charles Wheeler, Col. John Strode, and Col. Stapleton, of all His Majesty's part of the ship "James," of Belfast, lately seized by Capt. Hubbert at Nevis, upon the Navigation Act. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 9.
Nov. 18 Sir Robt. Howard to the Excise Commissioners to attend my Lords on Monday afternoon next, "upon the occasion of Sir Stephen Fox's having shewn to my Lords that there are great sums of money still unpaid [to him] upon the Excise." The like letter to the Farmers of Excise, and to Sir Stephen Fox, and Mr. Ball. Out Letters General III. p. 20.
Nov. 20 Same to the Customs Commissioners forwarding, on reference, the petition of the four deputies in the searcher's office in London port, setting forth their industrious care and continual imploy, and praying that their salary may be made equal to that of a landwaiter's in fee, besides their other extraordinary allowance of 10l. per an. towards their charges. Ibid, p. 22.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to employ Joseph Buckwell as a night waiter in London port: and — Dee as waiter and searcher at Greenwich and Deptford. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 52.
Money warrant for 100l. to Thomas Gunter as royal bounty, he having been instrumental in providing a ship for His Majesty's escape. Ibid XIX. p. 13.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of 1671, Nov., of a grant to Sir William Morice the elder, for life, and after him to Sir William Morice the younger, for life, of the office of Havener of the Duchy of Cornwall, upon the surrender of a former grant thereof to Sir William Morice, Kt. and Sir William Morice, Bart., his son, or the longer liver of them: with the reservation only of the rent of 30l. per an.: also in consideration of the surrender of the pension of 100l. per an. formerly granted to Sir William Morice the elder, for life, as one of the Secretaries of State, and his release of the arrears thereof His Majesty acquits said Sir William Morice the elder of all moneys received by him for the Prizage and Butlerage of Wines and all other matters touching the said office of Havener from the time he first entered upon the same. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 9.
[?Nov. 20] Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Sir R. Long for permission to compound for His Majesty's interest in certain lands called Higham Ferrers Park, co. Northampton, in which he has a lease for three lives. Are agreeable to same on payment of 800l. "Though it be the inheritance of the Crown yet we are rather induced to admit of it because it is land belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster." Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 43–5.
Prefixing:—Note of said petition, of the order of reference therefrom from the King to the Treasury and from the Treasury to the Surveyor General, and said Surveyor General's report thereon to the Treasury. The land contains about 700 acres by estimate, but by measure 50 acres less, divided into 12 or 13 several closes by ditches and quick set hedges and much of it ploughed up of late years, whereby it has been impaired and is now let by lease from petitioner to one Luke Addington for 12 years from 1668, Lady Day, at 150l, per an. to plough only 140 acres. It is subject to tithes for which there is now paid 15l. by agreement.
Nov. 20 The Treasury Lords [to the Commissioners of the Subsidy for Essex] to issue their warrants to the sub-collectors in said county to be punctual in collecting and paying moneys, otherwise to proceed against them: we being informed by William Norrington, deputy Receiver of the subsidy for said county, that the sub-collectors there do much neglect their duty. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 45.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Richard Taylour as waiter and searcher in the port of York [or at Hull]. Ibid, p. 48.
Nov. 21 Sir Ro. Howard to the Attorney General. In consideration of 8,442l. 11s. 11½d. to be paid to the Earl of Sandwich you are to prepare a surrender for [by] the said Earl of the grant under the great seal of 1663, Oct. 19, of the 676l. per an. to said Earl and his heirs during the continuance of several estates of and in the quit rents, demesnes, &c., in the manor of Brampton, co. Huntingdon: all arrears thereon and title thereto to be hereby extinguished. Out Letters General III. p. 24.
Same to Auditor Beale to take the accounts of Sir Toby Bridges for money imprested to him for the regiment lately under his command in Barbados and the Leeward Islands. Ibid.
Same to Viscount Fauconberg. Mr. Henry Wilkinson, agent of Mr. Walter Strickland, deceased, late Receiver of Hearthmoney in one part of Yorkshire, being very much behind in his accounts my Lords have forborne to issue process till they have first acquainted you. You are to take care that all accounts in the hands of Strickland or his agents be satisfied. Ibid, p. 25.
Same to Sir C. Harbord to speak with Sir Bernard de Goome concerning the quantity of and value of the lands called the Lambhay belonging to Sir William Strode, lying under Plymouth Fort, about 600 feet in length, upon part of which houses and quays were built and others intended but stopped in regard the same was found convenient for His Majesty's use at the said port. Ibid, pp. 26, 27.
Prefixing:—Said Strode's petition to the King for compensation for said lands: and reference of same from the King to the Treasury, dated 1671, Nov. 7.
The Treasury Lords to the Warden of the Fleet to let out on bail Capt. Robert Hill, late Receiver of Hearthmoney, co. Cambridge, and Nicholas Coates, his deputy. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 47.
Treasury warrant [to the Customs Commissioners] for the delivery of goods as follows on security. Ibid.
Prefixing:—Petition from the Levant Company praying reparation of damage sustained in the ship "Speedwell," forced on shore near Mounts Bay in her return from Smyrna.
Nov. 21 Treasury warrant to Auditor Sir Joseph Seymour not to charge Richard Scriven and the executors of Sir Richard Oatley, [in their accounts as Receivers of Hearthmoney for co. Salop], with any money which by reason of the loss of their books they have not been able to levy, but to make allowance thereof upon their accounts not execeding 500l.: it appearing by an affidavit of William Finch and Thomas Sabrey (officers employed by Sir Richard Oatley and Col. Richard Seriven in the collection of Hearthmoney for a year and a half ended 1665, Sept. 29), that on their endeavouring to levy the arrears of the said duty in several places within said county there happened great riots and tumults there, in so much that many or most of the goods distrained for said arrears to a considerble value were forcibly taken away together with the books and papers relating to said arrears, and that thereby they are utterly unable to recover the same or to give an account in whose hands said arrears remain, which they conceive to amount to 500l. or thereabouts. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 48.
The Treasury Lords to Sir Mathew Hale, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, for Mr. Rewse, late Receiver of Royal Aid for co. Oxford, to be forthwith redelivered to the custody of the Serjeant-at-Arms, to which he was committed by order of said Treasury Lords, he having been since arrested by the Sheriffs of Middlesex by process issuing out of the King's Bench and so taken out of said custody, whereby, to gratify the concern of a private person, the debt due to His Majesty is in danger to be lost. Ibid, p. 49.
Same to the Sheriff of Middlesex, not to dispose of the goods of Mary Rythe seized upon an outlawry, until further order; she having petitioned his Majesty for a grant of said goods. Ibid, p. 50.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ officers as follows, at Shields, viz.:— Ibid, pp. 51,55, 56,57–8.
William Wilson as waiter and seacher.
William Watson and Thomas Hedley as boatmen.
John Crooper and William Turbet as tidesmen.
And the following at Newcastle:
Thomas Fleetwood, Richard Browne and Nath. Cave, as tidesmen.
Mich. Gray and John Buttry as boatmen.
Henry James, John Ewen, George Hill, Robert Williamson, William Portus, as porters for the coal account.
And for the following for the ports detailed:
Robert Callow as waiter and seacher at Carmarthen.
Henry Dannell as same at Llanelth [Llanhilleth].
Evan Watkin as same at Newton.
Thomas Bevan as same at Mumbles.
— Vaughan as same at Barry and Sully.
Also for the four coalwaiters at Newcastle port to have 30l. per an. salary, and for three tidesmen to be added to the three already settled there on the coal account with 10l. per an. salary; two boatmen to be added to the two already there with 15l. per an. each; and five porters to be appointed on the coal account with 5l. per an. each; 5l. per an. to the waiter and searcher at Carmarthen; 10l. to same at Llanelth; 40s. to same at Newton; 40s. to same at Mumbles; and 3l. to same at Barry and Sully, "which offers are most particularly to be employed on the coal account"; and 40s. to two boatmen at Shields; and 5l. to a boatmen at Swansea; and the salary of the Collector of Swansea port to be augmented by 20l. per an.
Nov. 21 The Treasury Lords to the Attorney General to stay prosecution against Robert Richbell, merchant of Southampton. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 60, 59–60.
Prefixing:—Certificate, dated Nov. 18, by [Sir] Tho. Wolstenholme, [Sir] John Shaw, and [Sir] Edmd. Turner. About three years since we employed some unworthy persons in the Customs at Southampton who have run away with and cheated us of great sums of money but have also ensnared several merchants by conniving at some in taking up goods without Custom and receiving Custom from others and not placing it to account. We exhibited information against some of these merchants inter al. against said Richbell in the name of Mr. Dickenson, 1669–70, Jan. 25, for wines and tobacco, detailed, out of the ships "John and Francis," "Goodhope," "Endeavour," "Three Sisters," and the "Ann and Elizabeth," on which information Richbell compounded by licence from the Court by a 50l. tally, dated 10 Nov., 1670. Said Richbell is now informed against in the name of the Treasury for the same goods at the instigation of one Fulford, who was one of said officers detected of that fraud, and dismissed by us by order of some of the Lords of the Council.
Treasury letter of direction concerning the 237l. 0s.0d remaining unpaid of the warrant of Feb. 21 last of 800l. to Sir Henry de Vic for the Order of the Garter. Ibid, XXVIII. p. 96.
Like letter on a money warrant for 150l. to Sir William Sanderson and Bridget his wife, mother of the maids of honour to the Queen Consort, for three quarters on her pension of 200l. Ibid, XIX. p. 13.
[?] Entry of [Treasury allowance of] Richard Gregory's bill for Sept. 29 quarter last for attending the Treasury Lords about such businesses as he has been employed in for His Majesty's special affairs. Ibid.
Nov. 21 Money warrant for 343l. 8s. 9d. to Lawrence Hyde, Master of the Robes, to discharge a bill of goods and commodities furnished by several tradesmen for His Majesty's service, signed by said Hyde and approved by His Majesty. Ibid, p. 15.
Nov. 22 The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Gervase Grant as waiter and searcher at Lynn port, loco John Beech who has not appeared, and Henry Potkins as an additional officer in London port for tasting wines, and for — Jackson to have the salary of 60l. per an. as Collector of Berwick port: and for Walter Powell to have 80l. per an. as Jerquer in London port: and for John Salkeld to be a tidewaiter in London port, loco Thomas Williams, who has not appeared. Ibid, XLIII. pp. 50, 53, 54, 58.
Treasury warrant to the Farmers of the Country Excise to allow to the Farmers of Excise of co. Norfolk 160l. on their year's rent to Sept. 29 last, being so much allowed by them in part of 480l. due at Sept. 29 last on the allowance to the adventurers and fishermen of Great Yarmouth, on the Excise for their North Sea and herring fishery. Ibid, p. 53.
Same to Sir T. Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, to authorise him to take up and borrow, on credit of the orders received by him registered on the subsidy or other branches of the revenue, money at the respective rate of 7 per cent. and 6 per cent., and a gratuity of 3 per cent. (where the interest is 7 per cent.), and 4 per cent. (where it is 6 per cent.): the order in Council of May 26 last (taking notice that the service of the Navy and other pressing occasions required considerable sums, which could not be provided without a further allowance as additional to the 7 per cent. allowed by the late Subsidy Act), having authorised the Treasury Lords to make such further allowance as they should deem necessary. Ibid, pp. 72–3.
Nov. 22 Royal warrant for 300l. to Col. Thomas Howard, Lieut. of the Yeoman of the Guard, in full of a debt of 600l. owing to him from the late Queen Mother, of which debt 300l. was inserted in the schedule of said Queen's debts and salaries, and has been accordingly paid. King's Warrant Book III. p. 18.
Letter of direction on a Treasury order for 140l. to the Earl of Sandwich, for the Pages of the Bedchamber. Warrants Early XIX. p. 14.
Money warrant for 100l. to Lady Clinton, one of Her Majesty's Dressers, for a half-year to Sept. 29 last, on her annuity. Ibid.
The like to the following as the Queen's Dressers, viz.: Mrs. Thornhill, Lady Frazier, Lady Killegrew. Ibid.
Letter of direction on a Treasury order for 18l. 10s. 0d. to Viscount Fauconberg as Ambassador Extraordinary to Venice. Ibid, p. 15.
The Treasury Lords to the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy. "A considerable debt is yet remaining upon tickets for wages due to seamen that have served in His Majesty's ships, amongst which there are many that press for speedy satisfaction. We desire you therefore forthwith to give direction to the Treasurer of the Navy for the payment of all tickets of that kind to the value of 500l. or 1,000l. if need be, in each week out of any money which shall be from time to time in his hands until further order," from the Duke of York or from us. Ibid.
Nov. 23 Sir Robt. Howard to the Customs Commissioners concerning the watchmen, whose names you have presented to my Lords. My Lords nominated 10 out of your first paper. These are to be admitted to their employment. You are to present Customs matters to my Lords every Monday afternoon, and if you offer the names of any persons fit for employment you are to offer them separately and not in the same paper. Out Letters General III. p. 28.
Nov. 24 Treasury subscription of an undated docquet of a reversionary grant to Frances (sic) Belliew [Francis Villiers], Esq., younger son of Viscount Grandison, of the office of one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 10.
[? Nov. 24] Same of same of date 1671, Nov., of a grant to Sir Allen Apsley, Kt. and Peter Apsley, his son, or the longer liver, of the office of Surveyor and Keeper of the Hawks, with the allowance of 30l. a month for the entertainment of him and such as necessarily should attend that service, and 10s. a day for the provision of pigeons, hens and other meat for His Majesty's hawks: and also 800l. per an., whereof 200l. to be for entertaining four falconers for His Majesty's crow hawks, and 600l. for provision of hawk of all kinds: same being upon a surrender of a grant of said office to said Sir Allen Apsley alone. Ibid, pp, 10-11.
Nov. 24 Sir Ro. Howard to William Jones, John Carter, Geo. Street, Ro. Daglais, Robert Rogers, Henry Palmer, Edw. Reading, Humphry Roscarrock to appear before my Lords on Tuesday next to shew cause why you have received several sums of money due to His Majesty upon account of the Hearthmoney and have not paid same to Sir William Doyley, His Majesty's Receiver of that duty. Out Letters General III. p. 29.
Money warrant for 150l. to Mrs. Henrietta Orpe for half a year to Sept. 29 last as one of the Queen's dressers. Warrants Early XIX. p. 14.
Same for 60l. to Mrs. Ann Golding for half a year on her pension. Ibid.
Same for 200l. to Margaret Price for one year of her pension in part of arrears thereon. Ibid, p. 18.
Treasury warrant to Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy. By our warrant of the 22nd inst. in pursuance of the order in Council of May 26 last, we empowered you from time to time according to the requirements of the service to borrow money on your assignments at 6 per cent. interest and 4 per cent. gratuity. "For the further encouragement of persons to supply you with money upon your assignments to answer His Majesty's occasions we have thought fit hereby to authorise you that at any time when you shall find it necessary for His Majesty's service to borrow money upon such security as you shall have in your hands you accept from any lender any bills or tickets in his hands as part of the loan, provided the same do not exceed 10l. in every 100l. to be lent; and for the whole as well tickets as bills, so to you delivered, as for the money really lent you may allow interest and gratuity as aforesaid, which is to be paid at the end of every six months from the day of the loan until the repayment thereof." Ibid, p. 16.
Money warrant for 150l. to Honora Harding for half a year on her annuity. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to Rob. Eyre, Jno. Shalcrosse et al., Commissioners of the subsidy for the High Peak of Derbyshire. We have had search made in the King's Remembrancer's office for the extracts of the assessments of the subsidy. The extracts following [not detailed] are not returned out of your division. This ought to have been done by June 24 last or in 30 days after. For want hereof no perfect charge can be made against the Receiver. You are forthwith to return said extracts and to put into execution the powers given you by the Act for the speedy paying in of the moneys of the subsidy. Ibid, XLIII. p. 57.
The like letters for Cornwall, Devon and Exeter, Dorset. Gloucester, Hants, Norfolk, Northumberland, Oxford, Salop, Wells city, Warwick, Wilts, Northampton, Berwick and (dated the 29th Nov.) to Brecon, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Monmouth and Pembroke. Ibid
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to employ Samuel Hodgkins as Collector in Stockton port. And — Scott as tidewaiter in Hull port. loco John Edmonds, who has not appeared. And to again admit Thomas Kirby to be a tidewaiter in London port, he having been misplaced for some miscarriages and Edward Brampston admitted to his place but the Customs Commissioners certifying that they think his offences do not deserve so severe punishment. And for William Pewde to be a riding waiter from Wareham to Southampton, and to keep his station about Christchurch, he having been appointed on the 17th inst. as waiter and searcher at Salisbury, Wilts. Ibid pp. 60, 61, 62.
Nov. 24 Treasury warrant to Francis Stephens, Serjeant-at-Arms, to arrest Edward Nixon, it appearing by affidavit of Edward Wigg, Sub-commissioner of Excise in Durham, Northumberland. Newcastle and Berwick, that being at Newcastle Sept. 21 last, in the Excise Office on Excise business, said Nixon called him rogue and rascal, and asked whether he was that rogue that sat there to cheat the people and used other approbrious language, and with a great stick in his hand struck at the said deponent. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 63.
Treasury constitution to Robert Clerke, of Ipswich, gent., to receive the debts of Edward Keene, gent., late High Collector of the Aids for the Ipswich division of Suffolk, who is set in super for the sum of 5,655l. 16s. 5d. in the accounts of George Gipps, late Receiver General of said aids for said County: the Treasury having been certified by several of the principal gentlemen in said county (to whom a Commission was lately issued to enquire of and seize said Keene's estate), that the several persons named in a schedule, as follows, are justly indebted to said Keene by specialties and otherwise in several sums of money therein set out, and that some thereof are willing to pay same if a fit person be authorised to receive it. Ibid, pp. 64–71.
Appending:—Said schedule of debts owing to said Keene: a long list of names and amounts.
Declaration of account of Mr. Miller for Hearthmoney, co. Cambridge and Huntingdon, for three half-years ended 1670, Sept. 29. (Assessments 5,029l. 1s. 0d.; collections 4,963l. 2s. 0d.; arrears 65l. 19s. 0d.) Ibid, p. 92.
[?] The Treasury Lords to Sir Tho. Ingram, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, for the like direction to be given to the Auditors of-the Duchy as have been given to the Auditors of the Exchequer, for the making out of schedules of all the perpetual pensions and stipends allowed upon annual accounts therein, and a perfect schedule of such particular rents and tenths as are fit to be reserved from sale and to be settled for payment of such perpetual pensions and stipends, with an addition of 5l. or 6l. per an. in rents for every 100l. of the said perpetual pensions, to the end same may be for ever duly paid. Ibid, p. 81.
Nov. 24 Same to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms to sell the following reversions at 11 [years] purchase, for half cash, half orders or 10 years' purchase for all cash, viz.: 260l. 18s. 4¼d. per an. granted to Sir Edward Sydenham out of the manor of Aldington, co. Kent; and several fee farm rents amounting to 220l. 4s. 9d. granted to James Nelthorp. "And it being also represented to us that you are doubtful what you shall do concerning the sale of rents that are granted to Coldstreamers we think fit to direct you to proceed to the sale of all rents whatsoever, liable to be sold by the Act of Parliament, that are granted by His Majesty to any persons to be enjoyed during pleasure or otherwise, unless the grant thereof be confirmed and held by letters patent under the Great Seal of England: and for those persons that may suffer damage thereby they must expect such satisfaction from His Majesty as His Majesty shall think fit." Ibid, pp. 81–2.
Nov 25 Sir Ro. Howard to the Surveyor General [of the Works], Mr. Hugh May, Mr. Philip Packer and Mr. Dickenson, Clerk of the Works. My Lords are informed of the great decay of the Cooperage on Little Tower Hill. You are to view same and prepare such a model as may be more proper for the service by contriving such garrets overhead for the holding of casks and such other conveniencies as shall appear nec.ssary. Also to view the vacant ground at the East end of Tower Wharf, belonging to His Majesty, and to prepare a model of such sheds as may be proper for the present service of the Victualling. as also for another crane in the same place: also to view and estimate the necessary repairs wanting for the buildings belonging to the Victualling Office. Out Letters General III. p. 30.
Nov. 27 Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer, the Clerk of the Pipe, the Auditors of the Revenue and First Fruits to permit Richard Sherwin, William Webb and Bartholomew Fillingham (appointed to manage the prosecution and getting in of the arrears of Hearthmoney, First Fruits, Subsidy, Poll money, Assessments and Aids) to have recourse to any accompts or duplicate of accompts, or to take copies thereof; and also for such constats and certificates to be made out as they shall desire and for them to have the perusal of any Hearthmoney rolls: and for said Auditors to attend the said Sherwin, &c, with the states of their accompts before attending the Treasury Lords or the Barons of the Exchequer respectively with same for declaration. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 74.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to employ — Clement as an assistant to the [Northern riding] Surveyor General, who is now ready to set forwards for the visiting and settling the Northern ports of this kingdom. Ibid, p. 79.
Treasury warrant to Anthony Parsons, Auditor, and Simon Smith, Receiver of Crown revenues for Southampton and Wilts respectively, to allow in account and to pay the 264l. 12s. 6d. due at Michaelmas last to Edward Strange, Capt. of Hurst Castle, for himself and the soldiers there according to the establishment, and 44l. 5s. 6d. more, which will grow due to the soldiers only to Dec. 7 next, being the day prefixed for their disbanding. (See supra Nov. 3 and Nov. 10, pp. 1129, 1132.) Ibid, XIX. p. 18.
Treasury subscription of a docquet of a warrant to the Exchequer for discharging the Duke of Buckingham of 1,000l. by him received on a privy seal of May 31 last for the provision of horses for the King. and 34l. by way of surplusage and for 1,000l. for the like service upon account. (Money warrant Dec. 11 for 1,000l. and 34l. 10s. 7d.) British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 11; Money Book (Excise) p. 5.
[?] Royal warrant for a privy seal for paying old Custom House tallies. King's Warrant Book III. p. 19.
[?] Same for a dormant privy seal not exceeding 10,000l. for the Jewel House, and for such jewels as His Majesty shall buy: upon signification thereof to the Treasury Lords from the Lord Chamberlain or Vice-Chamberlain. Ibid.
Nov. 28. Sir Ro. Howard to the Customs Commissioners. My Lords have to-day nominated Mr. Clement to be assistant to the Northern Riding Surveyor. Out Letters General III. p. 31.
Nov. 28 The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to allow Henry Carew, Surveyor at the Pill, near Bristol, 70l. per an. salary. And for Isaac Needham, George Hibbert, Francis King, Somerset Fox to be four additional tidewaiters in Bristol port. And for Henry Jerman, John Charles, John Lewes, Roger Harris to be four additional seamen for sailing the pinnace belonging to the Pill near Bristol, who may sometimes serve for tidesmen there. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 75, 76–7.
Same to the King's Remembrancer for process of immediate extent against William Collier, of Hartley Rowe, co. Southampton, one of the Collectors of Hearthmoney in Basingstoke Division (who detains above 100l. of his collection thereon for the year and a half due 1670, Sept. 29), and Thomas Hethouse (Kethouse) his surety: said indebtedness being certified by Thomas Straine, deputy to Simon Smith. Ibid, pp. 77, 80.
[?] Same to same to stay process against John Wickliffe, one of His Majesty's equerries, as security for Walter Strickland, deceased, late Receiver of Assessments for co. York: and instead thereof for process to be issued against the estate of said Strickland in Westmorland. Ibid, p. 78.
Nov. 28 Same to — Hemings, Receiver of Crown revenues for co. Lincoln, and Humphry Morrice, Auditor of same, to forbear for one year to demand or levy any of the rent of 200l. due from the tenants of Sutton Marshes, co. Lincoln, in regard of the great losses by them sustained lately by a great storm and inundation: as represented by the Duke of Richmond on their behalf. Ibid, p. 82.
[?] Instructions and directions to the Customs Commissioners in relation to the management of the Customs [being the usual Treasury directions on papers of proposals submitted by the Customs Commissioners]. George Horne, John Banger, Walter Philips, and Richard Child to be no longer employed as extraordinary tidewaiters in Bristol port. William Carew to be superseded as a landwaiter in same port in a month if he do not recover from his sickness. John Burges and William Holland to have two more months' trial as landwaiters in said port to make themselves expert, but John Fant to be immediately displaced. The waiter and searcher at Neath to have 15l. per an., and the waiter and searcher at South Barrow to have 7l. per an. Mr. Browne, surveyor at Newcastle, to survey the ports from Bridlington to Shields and to be paid out of incidents. Ibid. pp. 83–4.
Nov. 28 Treasury warrant to same. For the better collecting of the Customs, officers have been placed on board merchant ships as soon as they arrive in port, there to remain while the goods are delivering, which many times happens to be many days: and a certain allowance called Portage has been usually made to masters of ships as well by way of encouragement to traffic as to defray such charges as the said officers have put them to during such time. But we are informed that the ship masters instead of being at any charge with the said officers do put them to many hardships both for provisions and lodging on purpose to find opportunity to commit frauds on the Customs and yet do demand the said portage money. On any complaint by any officer of not being civilly treated you are to hear the case and thereupon, according to the finding, have hereby power to detain all or any part of said portage money and to pay it to such officer. The like course to be observed in the outports. Ibid, pp 84–5.
[?Nov. 28] Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Richard Holder, concerning a Spanish buiit vessel of 45 tons, called the "Pearce," which he was forced to take upon composition for a debt due from a Spanish merchant, and praying to be allowed to unlade at London on paying native duty. Liberty to unlade ships foreign built, is not fit to be allowed. but in this case may be reasonably granted. But as for the naturalization of said ship we do not think it fit to be done lest it be drawn into a precedent. and be a discouragement to Englishmen in building ships. Warrants Early XLIII. p. 86.
Nov. 28 Money warrant for 83l. 6s. 8d. to the Earl of Oxford, for half a year to Sept. 29 last. on his fees as Chief Justice itinerant of the Forests this side Trent. Ibid, XIX. pp. 16–17.
Same for 150l. to Lelis Cranmer, one of Her Majesty's Dressers, for half a year on her annuity as granted by letters patent of 1671, Nov. 23. Ibid, p. 17.
Letter of direction on a Treasury order for 686l. 17s. 5d. to the Earl of Essex as Ambassador to Denmark. Ibid.
Money warrant for 200l. to Jane Berkley, for one year to Lady Day last, on her pension. Ibid, p. 18.
Nov. 29 The Treasury Lords to Lord Chief Baron Turner. We are informed that when seizures are made of forfeited goods, the values whereof are considerable, such are the devices of men to evade the rigour of the law that they often times by evil practices procure such goods to be appraised at under values, and to be so delivered, which is greatly prejudicial to His Majesty's revenue. We pray you that care be taken that before any appraisment be proclaimed in the Exchequer Court. Richard Prouse, solicitor of that [the Customs] revenue, may have notice that he may acquaint the Customs Commissioners with the nature of the fact in such case, and receive their opinions how to proceed therein. Out Letters General III. p. 33.
Copy of letter to the Treasury Lords, dated from Lisbon, from Francis Parry, agent in Lisbon for getting in the remainder of the Queen's portion (under instructions to observe all payments thereon that shall be made in Lisbon to Alderman Backwell's procurator, and to take notice of what money shall be sent or remitted home so as to be able to control the accompts and proceedings of Backwell or his deputy). In accordance herewith upon the arrival at Lisbon of Mr. Corbet with Alderman Backwell's procuration I assisted him so far as that contrary to all men's expectations he recovered what these people's necessities forced them to divert. But I could never bring him to give me a just and clear account of the money he received or how he disposed thereof, as I have already acquainted your Lordships in my letters of April 20 and June 1. Upon his return to England Alderman Backwell sent a new procuration to Mr. Nicholas Polexfen, a factor of Lisbon, who is more reserved in his proceedings than the other for though I have spoken to him times without number to give me an accompt of the bills he receives, yet to this hour he puts me off. Upon the arrival of the "Diamond" frigate here, which I thought a convenient opportunity to send home so good a sum of money as I expected should be due since March last. I pressed him to give a particular account of the [hypothecated Lisbon] Custom House bills, that I might know what are due and what to be rebated, so as to give your Lordships an exact account of what goes clearly home, but he has thought fit to break his promise to me in this case. So that I am able to send your Lordships no other information than this that the [Portugal] Treasurer tells me he has paid him 18,000 crusados and that he has shipped 19,000 crusados, for which Capt. Holmes has signed bills of lading at one per cent. freight, as he himself told me. I have frequently advised Mr. Polexfen to peruse the 7th instruction given to Alderman Backwell, wherein His Majesty commands that his deputy do from time to time acquaint me with all money or Custom House bills for money which shall be received on account of Her Majesty's portion, and that no money be paid or issued here without my acknowledgment. But this signifies nothing with him whose interest it is not to observe it. and who having the full and sole power of receiving the money and giving acquittances for same thinks himself accountable to nobody but Backwell. Ibid, pp. 49, 57–8
Nov. 29 The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to appoint John Whitehall (Whitall). Gyles Kent, Henry Scoper, William Vaughan, Richard Salway. William Morgan as tidewaiters in Bristol port, locis Robert Banckes, John Collingson, William Staggin, Henry Adison, John Douglas, and Thomas Carnaby, who do not attend their duty therein. Warrants Early XLIII. pp. 75–6.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against the late [Assessment] Commissioners for the Royal and Additional Aids and Eleven Months' tax within the Hundred of Condover, co. Salop, for the sum of 730l. 4s. 0d. charged by George Hosier, Receiver General of taxes [co Salop], to be due and in arrear from Tho. Hickman upon his receipts as High Collector of said Hundred, who is proved insolvent: one of the said late Commissioners, Richard Screven, having petitioned His Majesty, setting forth that he did undertake to the said Commissioners, upon the admittance of said Hickman, to save them harmless: so that he is liable for said debt. Ibid, p. 87.
[?] Same to same to supersede process against Tho. Herlackenden, late Receiver of Assessments for co. Kent, he having lately paid in part of his moneys and undertaken for the rest. Ibid.
Nov. 29 Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Anthony Hill as tidewaiter at Bristol, loco Edmund Aram, promoted to be a landwaiter there. Ibid, p. 88.
Same to same to order four small brass guns for the use of the pinnace belonging to the port of Bristol. Ibid.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to the Earl of Rochester for one year in part of his arrears as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber. Ibid, XIX. p. 19.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners and to Mr. Mounteney. Lord George Berkeley and the rest of the owners of two three-decked ships lately built in the King's dominions, have petitioned the Privy Council for an allowance of 10 per cent. on the Customs of the goods imported and exported in said ships for the first two voyages as by the Act of 14 Car. II, notwithstanding the fact that said ships were not finished in the time limited by said Act. After report thereon from us an order in Council passed on the 17th inst. granting said allowance. You are to observe same. Ibid.
Nov. 29 Money warrant for 100l. to Sir Robt. Dallison as royal bounty Warrants Early XIX. p. 21.
Nov. 30 Privy seal for 5,000l. to Lord St. John and his partners in the late intended Farm of the Customs, together with 6 per cent. or common interest thereon from May 4 last: having been laid out by them upon particular occasions in order to the said intended Farm. (Treasury subscription to docquet hereof of same date. Money warrant ? Dec. 8.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 29–30; British Museum Additional MS. 28.074, p. 12; Money Book (Excise) p. 4.
Treasury subscription of a docquet dated 1671, Nov., of a grant to Tobias Rustat, Esq., yeoman of His Majesty's Robes and Henry Samwayes, gent.. of the goods, chattels and personal estate of Richard Sanford of Weston Zoyland, co. Somerset, forfeited by his outlawry for the murder of a child. British Museum Additional MS. 28.074, p. 12.