Minute Book: September 1669

Pages 138-140

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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September 1669

Sept. 27.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the Chimney Farmers to attend on Thursday about the duplicates which they have not yet returned according to the order of Council.
Warrant for a year's salaries to the Ordnance Commissioners.
Write the late Farmers of the Customs to attend on Thursday about furnishing (by way of loan on their farm) 2,000l. for His Majesty's present service for my Lords' Michaelmas salaries.
The Earl of St. Albans et al. called in. Say the Queen Mother is to be interred the 10th of October and desire to be dispatched with credit to Sir Thomas Bond for 5,000l. at Paris as for Verbecke's business. My Lords say they cannot meddle with it till Sir Thomas Bond's accounts come in. Warrant to Auditor Chislet that in stating Sir Thomas Bond's account he allow 49,070 livres, French money, for which Ambassador Montague and the Earl of St. Albans engaged.
Write Alderman Backwell to attend on Thursday morning about furnishing 5,000l. for the Navy, on the [security of] loans on the [Crown] land revenue.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 182.]
Sept. 30.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write the [late] Farmers of the Customs to advance 3,000l. on the warrant for 12,000l. for the Navy for stores for next year.
Warrant for the drawing of orders for repayment of the loans on the land revenue and for registering the said orders.
Warrant for a grant of Somerset House to the Queen for her life: in accordance with Attorney Montague's draft. When the administrators have paid the Queen Mother's debts, consideration is to be had of making up the Queen Consort's jointure. The Queen Consort's council are to make a particular of such of those lands [lately in the Queen Mother's jointure] as they desire.
Mr. May to be spoken to about placing the Earl of Bristol's 10,000l. on seizures, and then consideration is to be had how otherwise to accommodate the Privy Purse.
The warrant brought by Mr. Wadlow is to be considered by the Attorney General, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord, and Sir G. Downing.
Before more moneys be issued to the Council of Trade write Mr. Moulin, secretary to that Council for an account what moneys he has received for the use of the said Council and how same has been disposed of.
Prince Rupert brought in Mr. Baron's petition. Ordered that he have seven years added [to his grant] to make up 31 years.
Warrant for payment to the Earl of Essex of the remainder of his money on September next. Write the [Customs] Farmers to advance the money.
Warrant for taking off the suspension of Charles Jay, receiver of Crown revenues for co. Norfolk. Write Viscount Fanshaw to know if his security is sufficient and if otherwise then to take fresh security from him.
Sir William Boreman's petition is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Warrant for 171l. for the Lord Privy Seal: to be on the Customs.
Warrant for 100l. to Dr. Chamberlain.
There must be a privy seal for the 200l. and 400l. for Mr. Dutell and Sir Stephen Fox [respectively]. Likewise there must be a privy seal for the 6,000l. to Mr. Legous for two diamonds.
The Chimney Farmers called in: present a paper of the reasons of their not yet having given in their rolls. My Lords tell them that they have failed to pay in their 15,000l. for last month. They say the reason is because the 4 per cent. is taken by them that advanced their money which comes to about 19,000l. and so they who advanced none can't go on in paying the 15,000l. per mensem. They present a paper which is read and they say there's about 50,000l. yet due from them [? from them to the Government or to them from their officers of the Hearth money or from them to their loaners]. Ordered that they bring in a list of what is owing from their officers and sub-farmers, in two columns, the one containing the full rent, the other the rent with the abatements. My Lords tell them they must continue to pay the 15,000l. per month till all is paid. Letters to be sent to all the sub-farmers [of the Hearth money] to bring in their rolls in 16 days, else my Lords will prosecute them.
Letter read from Mr. Andros about the tin at Ostend. Also a copy of a letter from the Governor of Ostend to Lord Arlington. Ordered that Lord Arlington be moved to write to him in answer [to the effect] that my Lords take notice of his care, &c., and he shall be considered [for same].
My Lords will have their 1,000l. [for their salaries] in money [not in orders or tallies].
Sir Denys Gauden to have the orders now due to him which are in his hands, as also warrants for what other orders are now due to him on his [victualling] ordinary and [on] the 11,000l.
Warrant for the Commissioners of the Ordnance for their salary.
Ordered that no warrants be charged on the Exchequer in General, but on the weekly remain.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 183–4.]