Minute Book: March 1669

Pages 30-47

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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March 1669

March 1.
Present: all my Lords.
The Earl of Lauderdale called in about Lady Dysart's business. Warrant for 1,600l. on [the Customs of] August [come] 12 month and 3,200l. on [same of] Sept. [come] 12 month instead of what is assigned on the Exchequer [in general] to her.
Mr. Newport moves for liberty to lay out 1,000l. of what [is warranted] for this year to pay what they [the Wardrobe] are in debt for last year.
The soldiers at Dover are to be paid as desired by Mr. Golden.
Mr. Wyndham moves for his pension of 200l. per an. My Lords will represent it in Council whether it is to be looked upon as a pension or as wages for present service.
Sir Thomas Strickland called in about his rent of the salt farm: presents an account of what he has made of it. Ordered to apply to the King in Council, but first to bring the grounds of what he demands.
The Customs Farmers called in. Ordered to advise with their brethren what money they will lend on the 8,000l. per mensem [which they are entitled to retain] for repayment of their 200,000l. Ordered that they be repaid their interest money conformably to what was ordered November 23 last as near as may stand with the project for settling the revenue.
Warrant on the 10,000l. dormant for the 300 pieces paid by Alderman Backwell to Monsieur Ognati. Backwell is called in with Auditor Aldworth about his interest account which is allowed. A privy seal for it is ordered.
Mr. Kirby's case about the 1,211l. [which he demands] to be remitted to him is to be moved in the Privy Council.
Lord Arlington is to certify that Mr. Moulin's business is past the Council for Foreign Affairs and then my Lords will pass his docquet.
Write Sir Ste. Fox to send hither Sir John Duncombe's note, which he has, about the houses pulled down at the Tower.
Auditor Aldworth offers Mr. Meynell's interest account. Warrant for a privy seal on Meynell's signing the account.
Write Mr. Levet, Sir Tho. Escourt and Auditor Parsons to attend Sir W. Doyly about stating Mr. Levet's account. When the account is stated Levet shall have his bonds delivered and his surplus repaid.
Mr. Sheffield et al. called in and the petition and affidavits against him are read. He says he never did anything as is alleged.
Warrant to allow Mr. Seymour 100l. for collecting the Sixpenny Writs.
Mr. Warder to send an account on Friday what moneys are issued on the 100,000l. order on the Chimneys and what remains [unpaid] on the City debt.
Mr. Slingsby presents a draft of a new indenture for the Mint. To be considered on Thursday, and the Comptroller and Warden of the Mint to attend then. The Mint to have a month's time till the end of March to coin crowns and half-crowns, and not to be tied to coin shillings and sixpences solely; notwithstanding my Lord's former order. This order is in consequence of Mr. Slingsby having informed my Lords that much silver has been proffered to be coined, but has been stopped because the proprietors were not willing to stay so long as would be necessary to coin same into shillings and sixpences. Send this order to the Mint, and desire them to send to my Lords the new indenture for the Mint next Thursday.
Write again to Viscount Fanshaw to hasten the Imprest roll and to give a reason why it is not already brought in.
Sir G. Downing to advise with Sir R. Long how the Earl of Bristol may have 200l. on his 2,000l. warrant.
Lady Wentworth called in. My Lords tell her they can do nothing in her pension without an order of Council.
The Lords of Ireland (viz.: the Lord Privy Seal, the Duke of Ormonde, the Earl of Burlington, Sir Geo. Carteret, the Earl of Orrery, Lord Berkeley and Sir John Temple) are to attend to-morrow morning together with Mr. Muschamp, Mr. Taylor and the rest of the Farmers of the Customs, &c., of Ireland.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 44–5.]
March 2.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe and the following of the Council of Ireland, viz.: Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Lord Berkeley, Vice-Treasurer [of Ireland, viz. Sir G. Carteret], Sir John Temple.
The Farmers of the Irish revenue called in and a brief of the covenants is read and exceptions taken thereto. To be further proceeded upon on Friday and the Solicitor General to attend then.
Mr. Burges put in all the particulars charged on the Customs of Jan. and Feb. last and March instant. Alderman Backwell to bring his answer to Sir R. Long on Thursday as to the moneys which the Customs Farmers desired to detain in their hands of the months of February last and March instant for repayment of the money lent to the Government by way of being paid by them at the Custom House by my Lords' warrant.
[Ibid. p. 46.]
March 3.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir W. Coventry, Sir J. Duncombe.
The Cofferer's interest account is referred to Auditor Aldworth.
The 6,000l. privy seal for the Custom House is to be passed.
Mr. Portman's interest account is allowed. A privy seal ordered for it.
Write the Chimney Farmers to pay their rent for the half-year due at Michaelmas.
The Chimney tallies to be listed, and those to be put first for which the King pays interest: and Mr. Dunker's order is to be inserted in its course.
Mr. Elliot to have a privy seal, and the whole agreement for keeping the house to be inserted.
To consider to-morrow the furnishing 5,000l. to Sir Edward Griffin for bills.
Sir G. Downing to see what will pay a year's wages to the King's servants [i.e. those of them whose wages are payable] in the Exchequer.
Mr. Golding must petition the King in Council.
Mr. Warcup and the Salisbury brewers are to be heard this day three weeks. Send to Warcup the said brewers' reply for him to send his answer thereto to my Lords.
Sir Thomas Strickland's petition is read with his covenant for defalcations: also Mr. Eldred's proposition; with which the King is to be acquainted when said Strickland's petition is reported.
The East India Company to attend this day fortnight about the business of the "Leopard," my Lords having expected them to-day.
Sir R. Long to certify what is to be done for settling the payment of interest due to the commanders of the fleet upon orders for their pay upon the last 100,000l. of the Eleven Months' tax: same to be in reply to a paper sent to said Long from the Treasury on the 23rd ult. and not yet replied to by him.
Sir John Bennet's Cavalier account is to be heard to-morrow fortnight.
Mr. Madden called in and the letter from the Navy [Office] is read about timber seized at Chertsey by the Navy Commissioners, being pretended to be offal wood bought in the forest of Holt. He says he sold only what is warranted to be sold, but the purveyor is to see that no more goes away than what is sold. Col. Legg, John Reeves, Abram Lee, James Hunt and the regarders of Alice Holt Forest are to attend on Friday about this business. Also the principal officers and Commissioners of the Navy are to bring the contract for sale of the offal timber in Whittlewood Forest. Write them to know how many tons of timber have been served in to the use of the Navy out of the 2,000 trees felled in Holt Forest of which the timber seized above was pretended to be part of the offal.
Mr. Weld and Mr. Strange's warrants for Portland and Hurst Castle are to be on the Receivers [of Crown revenues for Hants] and the warrants on the Exchequer are to be vacated.
The alum account is to be considered on Monday sevennight. The Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Bridgewater and [Sir Hugh Cholmley, et al., late alum] farmers and the King's Counsel to attend then.
The Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Bridgewater and Baron Turner came in about the business of the Alnage, which has been committed to the consideration of my Lords by an order of the King in Council, and the Duke of Richmond is heard by his Counsel, Mr. Thursby, who moves that they immediately have attachments. Baron Turner says there must be informations first. The business to be considered the 26th of April, when both the Chief Justices, the Lord Chief Baron, Baron Turner, and the Attorney and Solicitor General and the Duke of Richmond are to attend.
Motion to be made in the Privy Council that the business of Eastmond be dismissed till next term.
Mr. Greenvill moves that he may have the 500l., part of his former warrant for the Stables. Ordered that he have it on the money of the Customs.
Write Sir R. Long to pay Mr. White, Mr. Portman and Mr. Meynell their interest money on the Chimneys as the money from the Chimneys comes into the Exchequer.
Warrant on the Earl of Carlisle's privy seal.
The Customs Farmers to give an account on Monday week whether Navy provisions pay Customs or what course they hold as to provisions put on board any of His Majesty's ships for the use of the Navy, and how same may be cleared of Customs.
A privy seal for Sir Robert Viner's Jewel House account.
The complaint of Excise abuses in Norfolk is to be moved to-morrow.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 46–8.]
March 4.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Warrant for Sir Henry de Vic according to the establishment in the order of Council.
Same for Col. Progers on the King's warrant.
The Mint indenture to be considered on Monday week.
[Ibid. p. 48.]
March 5.
Present: ut supra, together with the Duke of Ormonde, Sir G. Carteret, Sir John Temple.
The Lord Privy Seal not coming, the business of the covenants for the Irish [revenue] farm was adjourned to Tuesday week.
Write the Lord Privy Seal to attend then.
Mr. Kilby to have a month's time to go into the country on bail.
The King came in about settling New Forest.
Warrants signed for Mr. Moulin and Mr. Goulding.
Mr. Eldred to attend on Monday week about his proposition to farm the imported salt.
Col. Birch's warrant for a privy seal is to be carried up again to the King for his signature because only the foul copy was by mistake sent up and signed.
Lord St. John called in about New Forest. Ordered that there be liberty to fell 45 tons for the King's house at Lindhurst. Ordered that his Lordship have copies of the Woodward's accounts since 1660. Warrant to the Auditor. A privy seal for felling the 1,000 trees in Whittlewood Forest, reciting the Earl of Oxford's report, and taking care that no offal wood be sold until the timber is felled and the offal is viewed. Warrant for altering George Rodney's lease and making it for the land for 40 years, he furnishing the house and gardens at Lindhurst. Ordered that the Solicitor General have a copy of Lord St. John's paper entitled " Proposals to prevent abuses in the embezzling ship timber."
The privy seal for the Bishop of Chester's instalment [for his First Fruits] is brought in and my Lords are acquainted with it.
Sir Will Walter and Mr. Loven called in and present a privy seal. Sir. G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long about it and report what is fit to be done in the case.
Mr. Sheffield called in with Mr. Swinburne. Warrant to discharge Sheffield he having acknowledged his fault.
Sir D. Gauden to attend on Monday week to shew cause why he desires process to be stopped against him for the 26,701l.
Write Sir R. Long to pay Sir Heneage Finch, Solicitor General, his fee notwithstanding the warrant for Alderman Backwell.
Sir Saml. Sterling called in about his firehearth account. My Lords are not satisfied with the allowances demanded by him.
Write Mr. Wadlow to furnish 15,000l. to the Navy on their orders on the Wine Act. Wadlow to attend on Monday week with his interest account.
The Earl of Bath called in about his payment as Groom of the Stole. A warrant accordingly, reciting the whole state of the case and how ordered by His Majesty.
Mr. Finch called in. Sir G. Downing to certify what passed in the examinations of Hanning.
Sir G. Downing to write to Sir C. Harbord for Mrs. Jacobson [for him] to pass a warrant in her case.
Mr. Huchinson to have liberty for a month to fetch up his papers: on security to the messenger.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 48–9.]
March 15.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for stay of process against Sir Walter Moyle, he having paid in what he has received. Warrant also to repay him (out of the money in the Exchequer of the Customs uncharged) the 500l. paid by him to the Earl of Bath by my Lords' order.
The Secretaries [of State] to be moved about placing Sir Charles Cotterell, Master of the Ceremonies, on the Customs on the same month with the Ambassadors.
Warrants to be prepared for a year's salaries for the King's servants.
Lord Howard of Escrick to have his impost bill without examining whether he has paid his New Year's gift.
The Queen's warrant for the 18 houses is to pass.
Warrant for Secretary Trevor on his privy seal. Same for the Duke of York's children on their privy seal.
Mr. Guy called in. Write John Gibson expressing the informations against him and that he attend this day three weeks, my Lords being unwilling to complain in Council till they have heard him.
Sir Thos. Strickland called in. Warrant to the Auditor to take his account according to the order of Council.
Mr. Eldred also called in and his proposition is read about giving 1,800l. per an. for the salt farm. Ordered that to-morrow he bring the cases in which he desires defalcations, and [state his opinion] whether he thinks any Scotch salt will come in if the halfpenny per gallon be kept up.
Sir John Frederick called in and his petition read about some Spanish wines imported in a foreign bottom. Write to the seizer who seized this ship and wine to attend on Wednesday to give an account why he made this seizure.
Sir Denis Gauden desires process may be stopped [against him for the 26,701l.] because the Commissioners of the Navy have not returned certificates of his account. Warrant for stay of process. Auditor Beale brings a state of an interest account of his.
The complaint concerning the Salisbury Excise (as to the difference between Mr. Williams and Mr. Warcop, the Farmers thereof, and Mr. Naish, Mr. Laidlow and Mr. Westfield) is to be heard this month. Write all parties.
Sir Edw. Deering's Navy bill is to be considered to-morrow.
Warrant for Mr. Batalier for the Impost money.
Write the Customs Farmers to attend to-morrow when my Lords intend to consider the Irish revenue farm and that they then give my Lords answer to what time they are contented to stay for [repayment of] the money they have [lent or] paid by my Lords' warrants at the Custom House, whether they are willing to take it after Lady Day.
The alum account to be considered on Wednesday. The Solicitor General to attend then; my Lords having expected him here this afternoon for this business.
The Customs Farmers' paper about goods imported into one port and exported into another port is referred to the Attorney and Solicitor General. They and the Farmers to attend on Monday.
Auditor Beale to state the Customs Farmers' account for interest from 1667, Sept. 29, to 1668, Sept. 29, on 200,000l. lent by them on the credit of their farm.
Sir Denys Gauden to attend on Wednesday week with his Auditor with his interest account for 27,000l.
Sir G. Downing and Mr. Sherwin to consider what is to be done in Mr. Gorsuch's business.
The Chimney Farmers to give an account on Monday fortnight about the Lady Day, 1666 [collection], and to pay in presently what is due on their rents.
Mr. Mosely called in about his [Cheshire] Chimney account. Ordered that the Auditor bring to Sir G. Downing the patent to the City [of London for the City's receiving moneys of the Hearth money by way of repayment to the City of moneys advanced by it thereon] to see whether Sir Thomas Player's acquittance be a sufficient discharge.
Warrant for Sir Samuel Moreland for Xmas quarter.
Mr. Waddlow called in. Warrant for 10,000l. for charges of collecting the [moneys of the] Wine Act. Auditor Aldworth to state the six per cent. and the four per cent. for the Vintners' loan on said Act.
Sir John Shaw to have a warrant for changing two lives in [the patent for] a Custom House place, when the Treasurer of the Household brings the petition.
The Imprest roll to be considered to-morrow.
Alderman Backwell to be spoken to to-morrow about paying into the Exchequer the money for Lady Fanshaw's plate.
Write Sir R. Long not to dispose of about 4–500l. to be paid in by Sir Tho. Strickland, upon his salt farm, without my Lords' particular warrant for that they intend to reserve that money for paying their [coming] Lady Day quarter's salary.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 50–2.]
March 16.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write Sir Tho. Littleton, Sir R. Long and Capt. Wharton to attend on Monday next about settling the assignments to be made on the Customs for the Navy, Ordnance, &c., for the present year: and for them to bring an account of what they have had.
The officers of the Works to have assignments on the Chimneys for 7,500l. due to them on several years, and Mr. May to assign to the Treasurer of the Household 500l. for what was laid out on his lodgings. There was a place reserved for them for 5,000l.
Mr. Newport and Mr. Reymes called in. Ordered that they make use of 1,000l. of what they have for this year to pay off debts of last year, and my Lords will supply it after. My Lords will take care at Lady Day for money for their [the Wardrobe officers'] salaries. My Lords are to be put in mind of it.
Write Alderman Backwell to pay into the Receipt such moneys as are due from Lady Fanshaw for plate furnished to Sir Richard Fanshaw, Knt., late Ambassador to Spain, and write Sir R. Long not to dispose of same.
Mr. Ellsden's petition read. Warrant for his salary [due] on the Customs house. As to the quarries it is to be presented to the King what he will have further done for him.
Warrant for the King to sign for 200l. for Mr. Needham: in pursuance of Lord Arlington's letter.
The Treasurers of the Navy to be spoken to next time they come about Sir Edward Deering's bill.
Sir C. Harbord's report read on Sir Tho. Hanmore's petition. Warrant ordered.
John Chace's petition read. Ordered that he shall have a year out of the 5,000l. which the Treasurer of the Chamber is to have for bills.
Tho. Holden's petition read. Ordered that he set down the value of the office and bring certificate of his fitness and then my Lords will consider him.
The petition from the soldiers of Castle Cornet is to be sent to Lord Hatton to show what exceptions he has to it.
The paper about the Duke of Albemarle is referred to Sir C. Harbord.
Petition read from Tho. Willoughbye.
Same from Mr. Bedbrow: warrant for a year on the Exchequer and another on the Chimneys if he had none last year.
Same from George Kirke: to be read another time.
[Same from] Dr. John Clarke. Warrant ordered for his salary.
Same from Sir Gilbert Talbot. Warrant ordered to grant him the King's right.
[Petition read from] Sir Allen Apsley. Warrant for a year.
The paper about Mr. Bean to be delivered to Mr. Lawrence.
The King's warrant about the Gentlemen Ushers, &c., is read.
Moneys are provided to pay them a year in the Treasury [of the] Chamber.
Letter read from the Commissioners of the Aids for Cheshire. Referred to Sir R. Long and Sir W. Doyly to attend the Attorney General hereon.
Petition read from Mr. Lavington. Sir W. Doyly to report if the case is as presented, and then Lavington to have liberty for six weeks on security.
Same from Robert Hart. The parties to attend on Friday.
Same from Sir Walter Vane and Mr. Brounker. [Reply made] that the King by order of Council has appointed these moneys to pay the debt on the Exchequer.
[Same from] Major Henshaw. Not to be granted.
Same from Sir Charles Doe. Warrant ordered on the Chimneys according to the order of Council: but no interest [to be paid].
Sir Thomas Strickland and Mr. Eldred called in and his [Eldred's] new proposition read about farming the imported salt. Sir Thomas Strickland offers him a lease for seven years.
[Petition read from] Richard Lee et al. Warrant for payment for their lands to be laid into St. James's Park.
Same from Tho. Conde. Sir G. Downing and Mr. Sherwyn to consider what is fit to be done in the case as was done to others.
Same from Col. Eubank. Write some Justices of Peace in that county to report.
Warrant for a lease to Sir Edm. Wyndham according to Sir C. Harbord's report.
Petition read from Mr. Johnson with Sir C. Harbord's report. Warrant for a lease for 31 years.
Another petition from Mr. Chace read. Ordered that if it be salary the Treasurer of the Chamber will pay a year: otherwise not.
Petition read from Mrs. Leonard. Warrant ordered.
[Petition from] Sir Tho. Foot read for a hearing about an account of his and of some other gentlemen Commissioners of Excise in 1650. Write Col. Birch that they are to be heard on Wednesday week. Give Sir T. Foote, Mr. Bulstrode and Mr. Parker notice hereof.
Write Major Reeves et al., late Farmers of the Hearth money of London, to bring in their Chimney and interest account forthwith, otherwise process will issue.
Petition read from the Grooms of the Chamber. Their warrants [for salary] to be prepared, and then my Lords will find money to pay a year to all the King's servants [who are] paid in the Exchequer, and to pay off the present charge; and then the Duke of Buckingham's 1,000l. shall be paid.
Same from John Hebden. Warrant ordered on the Chimneys.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 52–4.]
March 16.
Tuesday afternoon.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
The business of Ireland is to be considered on Thursday morning. Notice to be given to the Lords of Ireland (Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Earl of Orrery, Lord Berkeley, Sir G. Carteret, Sir John Temple), and to the Farmers of the Customs [England] and the Irish [revenue] Farmers.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 54.]
March 17.
The indenture of the Mint to be considered next Wednesday. Give the Mint officials notice hereof.
The master and man whom Mr. Bucknell complained of are to be sent for in custody.
Sir John Frederick called in with Mr. Dewy: and Mr. Low (clerk of the seizures for the Act of Navigation) says the ship had English colours out and the men all Dutch. My Lords can do nothing in it. Ordered that Low bring to my Lords his patent on Friday for that Mr. Dewy says he makes many seizures but prosecutes none.
The Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Bridgewater and Sir Hugh Cholmley called in, and the state of the [alum] account is read. Ordered that the account as now stated be reported in Council as the opinion of my Lords, and that Sir George Charnock and Mr. Fox may have their allowances for their services granted them by His Majesty to be paid out of the money on the foot of the account. Further that when the Earl of Mulgrave [arrives] at age my Lords will speak with him about his account about the alum farm. Also that the Lord Mayor of London be with the Privy Council on Friday. Sir G. Downing to speak to him. The Lord Chamberlain and Sir Hugh Cholmley to attend my Lords then.
Write the Customs Farmers to give order to their clerks to write upon the back of their weekly certificate the total of what is received upon such certificate: for the more ease in reading them over.
[Sir Andrew Rickard et al. for] the East India Company called in about the business of the "Leopard": say all is agreed but about the dead freight of the ship "Leopard." They do not yet acquiesce to give full satisfaction for the ship, alledging that their order for the ship to go to Cochin was only a concurrent order to that of the Earl of Marlborough's: also that the King by the late treaty gave away their right to satisfaction from the Dutch for hindering the said ship from taking in her lading. [Ordered] that the East India Company and Mr. Pepys attend on Monday next.
Letter read from several Commissioners of the Aids in Southampton. Lord Ashley to write to the under steward complained of.
Sir Thomas Player called in and his petition and the order of Council are read. Referred to Auditor Beale to state what money Player procured for His Majesty's service for which he has as yet had no recompence "as alsoe the 800l. given by the King to Mr. Snow whereby he might be made receiver for London."
Sir Edm. Sawyer gives an account of the revenue of Windsor and a state of Mr. Taylor's account. Write Dudley Rowse to attend on Monday about his account or to be sent for in custody.
[Warrant for] a lease of Langley Marish to Mr. Lawrence in trust for the King at 12d. rent as long as it shall remain in the King's hands.
Write Sir C. Harbord, the Attorney General and Mr. Long that my Lords having received an order of Council concerning improved rents in the Duchy of Cornwall they attend my Lords for the consideration hereof this day week.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 54–5.]
March 18.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
Warrant for Mr. Legouse on his privy seal.
The Earl of Dorset to be heard on Friday fortnight by counsel about [my Lords] granting a new commission for discoveries at his request. The Solicitor General to attend then.
Petition read from Peregrine Clarke. Ordered that he set down the nature of the thing petitioned [for], and then my Lords will further consider it.
The Lord Privy Seal, Lord John Berkeley and Sir John Temple came in about the Irish revenue. Alderman Bucknell declares on behalf of himself and the rest of the London Farmers that they will not take the farm at the rent proposed in these articles. Mr. Taylour and the rest say they will go on at the rent agreed on. The further procedure on these Irish covenants is adjourned to to-morrow. Write the Customs Farmers [England] to attend then, they having failed to attend to-day.
[Ibid. p. 56.]
March 19.
Present: ut supra.
Mr. Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, is to certify what money has been paid into the Exchequer from the Additional Aid and from the first month and the last ten months of the Eleven Months' tax.
Warrant for Mr. Lawrence on the 200l. bonds in the Attorney General's hands.
The Lord Privy Seal, Lord Berkeley, Vice-Treasurer [of Ireland] and Sir John Temple came in. The articles of the covenants of the farm of the Irish revenue are gone through. My Lords to meet hereon on Tuesday morning.
Write the Earl of Bath to certify on Monday what money he has received towards the fortifications of Plymouth, either from Sir Walter Moyle or out of the Exchequer. Sir R. Long to certify what money has been paid [out of the Exchequer] for that purpose and by what privy seals.
Write the Customs Farmers [England] to send to my Lords a fair book of all the [letters patents of] grants and [all] privy seals which they have for their present farm of the Customs. "My Lords having often occasion to call for them are displeased that they have them not."
[Ibid. p. 56.]
March 22.
Present: ut supra.
The Commissioners of the Navy called in about assigning their proportions on the Customs for this year.
Warrant for [the salaries of] the Welsh Judges.
Sir Edmund Sawyer called in with Sir William Godolphin's account as Receiver of revenue for Cornwall: said account is declared.
The Chimney Farmers to attend on Wednesday, and then to say what they have done with Auditor Beale about stating their account.
Abbot is to make a list of such of the King's servants as are in actual service in order to my Lords' providing money for them.
Warrant for the King to sign for the officers which came from Surinam.
Mr. Madden and the verderers, &c., of Alice Holt Forest called in about the timber stopped at Chertsey. A warrant of the late Lord Treasurer is read, by which the timber was first to be felled, and then the offal sold, and not before. Ordered that the Navy keep what of the timber they have seized without any satisfaction to the persons for the carriage. As to timber for repair of the lodge in Alice Holt Forest no officer can fell more than three trees in a year without the Lord Treasurer's warrant. One of the purveyors says that about 100 trees have been felled above the King's warrant for the Navy in a year. Mr. Madden to give an account on Wednesday next of all money made by him of offal wood. Warrant ordered for 20l. to John Morehouse, the purveyor, for reward for good service done in that forest: same to come out of the 250l. to be paid into the Exchequer by Mr. Madden for offal wood sold in Alice Holt Forest, of which Col. Legg has declared he expects no part, he having received 500l. on his privy seal, whereby he was to have the benefit of the offal wood sold in said forest. Write Col. Legg to bring to my Lords a copy of the said privy seal, together with an acquittance under his hand and seal that he claims no more upon the said privy seal above the 500l. already received. The abuses in Alice Holt Forest to be considered after dinner.
The King to be moved about the lease for Mr. Johnson.
[Treasury Minute Book III. p. 57.]
March 22.
Monday afternoon.
Present: Duke of Albemarle, Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Warrant for preparing Mr. White's articles. Sir W. Doyly to send them.
Lavington to have liberty for a month on good security. The like for Gurling.
Mr. Finch says the King promised him none shall interpose as to the business of Hanning if he can recover the place and prays that my Lords will also move the King in it. Agreed that my Lords will move the King in it.
Mr. Adderley called in about a house of the King's in Sir Robert Honywood's possession.
Warrant for a privy seal for what is due to the Cofferer for entertaining ambassadors.
Warrant for 200l. for the Maundy money: to be out of the money of the Customs in the Exchequer uncharged.
Write Dr. Wrenne, Surveyor of the Works, to be here to-morrow about his going to Windsor to see in what condition the Castle is and about making up a wall there in order to keeping St. George's feast.
Petition read from Sir William Bowles, being presented by the Lord Chamberlain. To be considered and money ordered on it for him.
Lord Henry Howard presents a letter from Lord Arlington for 4,000l. for a present to [Muley Raschid of] Tafilet. He must have a privy seal ere he can have the money. Sir G. Downing to ask him for a particular of the said present.
Letter read from Sir John Trevor for allowing Sir William Temple 10l. a day. The King to be moved in it.
Sir John Frederick called in and his petition read. My Lords say they are not dissatisfied with him.
Sir Denys Gauden called in with Auditor Beale about an account of his, Mr. Pepys says it were best the certificate for sea victuals did express from what time the victualling was used and till when, as was [the method used] before 1643. [Ordered] that the Commissioners of the Navy satisfy my Lords on Friday how 1,250l. [was expended] from the beginning of June, 1665, to the end [of that year] for Sick and Wounded.
As soon as Lady Day comes a warrant to issue for [salary to] the Duke of Albemarle as one of the Bedchamber.
Write Dudley Reuse by an Exchequer messenger to attend on Monday with his accompts or he will be arrested.
When the Exchequer debt is provided for care is to be taken to pay Sir John Robinson his [Lieutenant of the] Tower bills [for keeping prisoners, &c.]
The East India Company and Mr. Pepys called in about the business of the "Leopard." Since they cannot agree it is ordered that it be left to a trial at law. Pepys is to attend the Attorney General in order to it.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 57–8.]
March 23.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Dr. Wren called in. Ordered that he go with some of the officers of the Works to Windsor to see what is to be done to the house [castle] against St. George's Day.
Report to be drawn on Sir John Hinton's petition that he must have a great or a privy seal.
The Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Lord Berkeley, Vice-Treasurer of Ireland and Sir John Temple come in about the Irish [revenue farm] business. The farmers of the said revenue are called in concerning the time for payment of their rent and propound exceptions to their covenants. The articles [for this farm] to be again considered on Friday.
The King to be moved in Council about the warrant for paying to the Works the remain of the several years due to the Office [of Works] above their 8,000l. for this year.
Impost bills to be margented [with details stating] under what [official or other] qualifications [on the part of the persons privileged in question] they are given ere they are signed and given out.
The Customs Farmers to be heard on Friday next why they take bond to oblige all ships that go to the Plantations to return to England only, excluding Ireland.
[Ibid. p. 59.]
March 24.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Write Sir Denys Gawden to attend on Friday about the 30,000l. of the moneys of the Wine Act which he is to assign for the King's use in lieu of (or to reimburse) so much assigned to him out of the King's money for the setting forth of last year's fleet.
Write Sir R. Long, Mr. Sherwyn and Auditors Beale, Aldworth and Phelips to attend my Lords on Monday next about settling rules for [passing] interest accounts.
The stewardship of St. Mary's near York is not to be disposed of till the Lord General comes back and then Mr. Hilyard as well as Mr. Holden is to be considered.
Warrant for 2,483l. for the Cofferer for entertaining ambassadors.
Warrant for stay of process against Sir Walter Moyle till Michaelmas term.
Mr. [Richard] Downes, et al., late Governors of Excise [with Sir Thos. Foote, William Packer, Thomas Bulstrode, Maurice Thompson and George Snelling, in 1650] called in with Col. Birch. Ordered that Birch allow the account all but 15l.
The Customs Farmers to attend on Monday next about furnishing [lending] money on near assignments on the Customs.
Sir Edward Hungerford called in. Ordered to attend on Friday (when the Irish Lords are here) about Lady Falkland's docquet.
Sir G. Downing to speak with Sir R. Long to see if 400l. can be had for the Earl of Bristol.
Sir Robert Viner to attend on Friday to shew cause, if he have any, why Mr. Knype may not have back his bonds and till then my Lords defer signing a warrant for delivery of said bonds. [My Lords desire to speak with him on that day] about providing plate for Lord Henry Howard, Ambassador to the Emperor of Morocco.
The officers of the Works must pay Custom for the King's marble from Italy.
The officers of the Mint called in about the indenture of the Mint. The indenture to be further proceeded in next Wednesday.
Warrant for 200l. a year for Mr. Tho. Windham: to be on the Chimney money.
The petition from the Farmers of the 12d. per chaldron on coals complaining about the tax imposed on their farm by the Commissioners of taxes at Newcastle is to be considered on Friday next. The Solicitor General and Sir W. Doyly to attend then.
Warrant for another privy seal for 100,000l. for the Treasurers of the Navy.
The warrant for the Dover [garrison] men is to be new drawn for the King's signature, making the money payable to Sir Stephen Fox to be by him paid to them: and thereupon my Lords' warrant to issue.
Report to be made (on the order of Council of Jan. 27 about the rent of the Duchy of Cornwall) that my Lords think that what is proposed is very advisable for His Majesty's service.
The warrant for felling trees for repair of Lindhurst is to be sent up for the King's hand. Warrant to Mr. Madden to pay 250l. into the Exchequer, being money made by him out of the sale of offal wood in Alice Holt Forest. Write him to pay it in forthwith.
Mr. Legouse's warrant for the 2,700l. is to be for [i.e. in lieu of] an assignment of [or on] the King's money at the end of the Additional Aid.
The Chimney Farmers are called in and deliver a paper. My Lords say they must presently pay the rent, and that the 12 per cent. lies on them for the time they fail.
Mr. Wadlow and Auditor Aldworth called in about said Wadlow's [and his partners', the Farmers of the London Excise, their] interest account. Ordered that when passed my Lords will give them an assignment on the nearest [uncharged portion] on the Customs for the four per cent. [reward for money lent].
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 59–60.]
March 26.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir John Duncombe.
The Cofferer's interest account is to be considered on Wednesday next.
Lady Fanshaw and Sir Gilbert Talbot to attend, and Talbot to inform my Lords what allowance was wont to be made to His Majesty per ounce for white and gilt plate when plate [which has been served out of the Jewel House to an Ambassador] is not returned in specie to the King.
The Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Lord Berkeley, Sir Geo. Carteret and Sir John Temple come in about the [farm of the] Irish revenue, and the Farmers of said revenue are called in. The Customs Farmers, England, present their reasons for taking bond that all ships going to the Plantations should return to England [excluding Ireland]. The said Customs Farmers insist on it or else to have defalcations [made to them in their yearly account with the Exchequer]. Ordered that the Farmers of the Customs in Ireland have copies hereof.
Mr. William Howard called in and offers a paper. My Lords offer him all the quit rents [in Ireland] at 70,000l. per an., which he says are worth 83,000l. My Lords tell Mr. Muschampe and Mr. Taylour that now the covenants are gone through my Lords desire to see their security for their advance money and for their rent and covenants. They are to bring their security on Wednesday next, at which time the Lords of [the Council of] Ireland are to attend.
Alderman Bucknell moves about the French tunnage in Ireland. He finds obstructions in the collecting of it, and desires that he may be put in possession. He says that the Farmers of the Customs in Ireland claim it, but that he believes they have no right. Ordered that Bucknell and Dean attend the Solicitor General with a copy of his grant of the French tunnage in Ireland and of the grant of the Irish Customs to the present Farmers, and that on Wednesday when the Irish Lords will be here, they [Bucknell and Dean] make report of this matter, viz. as to whether the grant of the French tunnage be included in the present farm of the Customs.
Petition from Col. Fitz Patrick read. Quere whether it may not be granted that he have new patents and no defalcation to be demanded [for this, by the Irish revenue farmers], that he is the only person who had his land restored before any Act of Parliament. But my Lords say that the Farmers [of the Irish revenue] will have defalcation if it be done. Report to be drawn to the King accordingly.
The petition from Joseph Dean on behalf of himself and the rest of the present Farmers of the Customs and imported Excise of Ireland, with some proposals thereto annexed, are to be read on Tuesday next, and Mr. Morice and Dr. Gorges to attend then and give their answers to it.
Lady Falkland's docquet read, and Sir Edward Hungerford called in. My Lords tell him all those things are put into the Commission at Brooke House, so my Lords cannot do it, and it would be ineffectual.
Petition read from Sir Richard Aldworth with the letter from the Deputy of Ireland. Says he lets all his land at 180l. per an., and desires 100l. of his old quit rents to be abated. Nothing done in the business.
Sir Robert Viner called in. My Lords bid him get ready Lord Henry Howard's plate [which he is to carry with him as ambassador to Morocco] according to the Lord Chamberlain's warrant: and he [Viner] shall have a fund for it on the Customs.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 61–2.]
March 29.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Mr. White's articles to be engrossed and brought hither prepared in such manner as may be fit for my Lords to sign. Write Mr. Lawrence to take care of it.
The Customs Farmers [England] called in about lending money on certain months on the Customs. [They desire] that they [may] have a copy of the paper of the months on which there is room to lend and they will consider of it, said paper or accompt of assignments on the Customs being as follows:—
1669,      August 13,000
              September 13,000
              October 21,000
              November 21,000
              December 21,000
1669–70,  January 21,000
              February 21,000
              March 21,000
1670,    April 21,000
              May 21,000
              June 21,000
              July 8,000
              August 8,000
              September 8,000
              Octomber 8,000
              November 8,000
              December 8,000
1670–1, January 8,000
              February 8,000
              March 8,000
1671,    April 8,000
              May 7,099
Representing a total of £302,099
Also my Lords desire them to take [repayment] on some remote month [of] the money they have paid [or advanced on loan] at the Custom House, which now they would [desire to] deduct out of Feb. and March. They say they will also consider of this. Also about 4,000l. on January next for [Muley Raschid of] Tafilet as a present. As for interest money my Lords will pay them every six months. Warrant to said Farmers to pay some debentures during their Commission account. Warrant to Auditor Beale to adjust the account of their rent to Lady Day last. Ordered that on Wednesday they bring their answer what money they will lend.
John Jackson to attend next Monday: my Lords being informed that he was a mariner on board the ship which went under the name of the "Susan," of Poole, and landed coin at Rochester. Send the letter to the Customs Farmers for the safer conveyance of it to him.
The 6,000l. [which is] to be advanced [by the Customs Farmers] for rebuilding the Custom House is to be placed [for repayment] on the [Customs rent] of August and Sept. come twelvemonth.
The Earl of Ailesbury called in and brings a report from Sir Charles Harbord, which is read.
Warrant to draw an order for 20,000l. on the Chimney money on which to strike tallies for Receivers that have paid their moneys to Sir Thomas Player and are to have tallies for their discharge by His Majesty's letters patent. Sir R. Long to draw it, and Sir G. Downing gave him [Long] the order.
Mr. Nathaniel Ludlow's docquet is considered, being for a grant of the manor of Hurstbourne Tarrant, &c., co. Southampton. The bill, signed by His Majesty, is to be sent for and sent to the Attorney General to advise my Lords whether it contains no more than was decreed in the Exchequer Court or otherwise.
Lady Fanshaw and Alderman Backwell to attend on Wednesday about paying for her plate, the account of which is already stated by Sir Gilbert Talbot.
The officers of the Works and Auditor Sawyer are called in about repairs to be done at Windsor. They say 1,000l. is necessary to put the house in a condition [fit] to keep St. George's feast. Inquiry to be made of Mr. Dudley Rouse what security Mr. Staples, Steward of the Seven Hundreds, has given as Receiver of said Hundreds. Sir Edmund Sawyer to bring said Rouse's account stated next Wednesday. Warrant for Rouse to pay 500l. to the Works for [the abovesaid] Windsor repairs.
Sir Edm. Sawyer brings a state of Mr. Trout's account as Receiver of Kent. Ordered that the account be amended. Also he presents Mr. Wats' account as Receiver of Hertford: which is declared.
Warrant for 30,000l. for the Treasurers of the Navy on the Wine Act on their present privy seal what it will bear and the rest on the next privy seal. Also a warrant for 15,231l. 0s. 10d. for the Victualler of the Navy on the Wine Act: of which sum he is to assign 10,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy in lieu of so much received by him [the Victualler] of His Majesty's [money] towards the expense of last year's fleet.
Warrant to discharge Battaille and Tresse: in pursuance of Mr. Lawrence's report.
Mr. Deering to have his bonds delivered to him: Mr. Payn having certified that he has given bond to the King's Remembrancer.
The Bishop and Dean of Durham to be heard on the 2nd Wednesday in next term about the difference between them as to the perpetuity payable by His Majesty to the school at Durham.
Warrant for healing medals to make up half what the order of Council ordered for that use and on that fund.
Dormant warrant for the perpetuity for Emanuel College.
Warrant to Sir R. Long to place the 182l. and 88l. 13s. 9d. ordered to Sir William Swan on June next on the Customs.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 62–4.]
March 30.
Present: Lord Ashley, Treasurer of the Household, Sir J. Duncombe.
Ordered that 3,000l. be set apart to pay those that had pensions last year [viz. to pay them] half as much as they had then. A list of them to be made.
Examine to whom the 2,000l. for Richmond or New Park wall is paid that Lady Harvy may have [repaid to her] her 31l. 3s. 2d., laid out by her about that business. Mr. Packer to give an account what is done in repairing that wall.
Dormant warrant for the [salaries of the] Secretaries of State.
Warrant for Mr. Legg as a Page of Honour.
Sir Ch. Cotterell and his son are to have warrants for what is due to them: to be on the same month on the Customs as the Ambassadors are assigned on.
The Receivers' accounts to be considered on Friday.
Write Sir Gilbert Talbot, the Master of the Jewel House, to certify what silver and gilt plate was furnished to the Earl of Sandwich on his going Ambassador to Spain and Portugal.
The Lords of Ireland came in, viz. the Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Lord Berkeley, and Sir John Temple: about Mr. Dean's petition. Mr. Dean, Mr. Morice et al. [the Farmers of the revenue of Ireland] called in and the petition is read. Petitioners consent that the Commission for examining their accounts go on, on condition none are in it that are parties against them, and that the report be made to my Lords in England after the matter is examined in Ireland, and that they be put to no charge to bring their officers to Dublin. Ordered that Mr. Dean bring in more particularly to-morrow what he objects against this Commission, and Mr. Morice to have a copy thereof from him.
[Ibid. p. 64.]
March 31.
Present: ut supra.
Warrant for the Earl of Salisbury for a year on his creation money: to be on the Customs.
Warrant for the Earl of Carbery on his privy seal.
The Lords of Ireland came in, viz. the Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde, Earl of Burlington, Lord John Berkeley, Sir John Temple. Mr. Muschampe et al. called in: present a list of their partners. If any of them fail they will bring in others. The Farmers of the Customs [England] called in with Mr. Thursby, their counsel, about [their claim of] obliging ships from the Plantations to return [exclusively] for England. Ordered that they say what they said here to the Attorney and Solicitor General, to whom this is referred. In the meantime my Lords declare that since the Customs Farmers, England, are in possession [of the right] of taking these bonds they continue so to do. If those of Ireland think themselves aggrieved they may try it at law: but no defalcations to be on either side. The Lords of Ireland went away.
Lady Fanshaw called in about the business of her husband's plate. She desires to keep 1,000l. of it in her hands till her pretence (of so much to be allowed her for her charges in her return home) be ended by the King. My Lords say they cannot delay calling for the King's money, nor can she keep it.
Consideration to be had on Monday about buying plate for the King at cheaper rates.
My Lords having considered the particulars of the present to [Muley Raschid of] Tafilet, order Lord Howard to be told that the Wardrobe and not he is to provide the present, and that the money cannot be paid before there be a privy seal, and that he take care to get one drawn.
The Customs Farmers say they will lend what money is necessary to be borrowed on [the credit of the Customs of] January next, and they will pay in the 5,600l. remaining on [the Customs of] Feb. and March: to be repaid on [the Customs of] Sept. and Oct. next.
The Farmers of the Excise of Salisbury called in, together with Justice Williams and the brewers, with counsel on both sides. First, as to allowance of beer to the brewers for their families, the Solicitor General says it's against all practice, and would overthrow the revenue. [Secondly] they say the gauger's return is only a charge as to the quantity, not as to the quality. The Solicitor General says it's equally a charge as to both. Thirdly, that they do not allow them their allowances. The farmers say they will allow it, but not out of the gauger's return. Ordered that the brewers have a copy of Mr. Joyce's certificate. The Solicitor General complains that Mr. Williams came in as a yolunteer Justice to give judgments and mitigate the forfeitures for 15l. to 20s. The whole matter is to be represented to the King in Council.
A warrant for Mr. Sandford.
Warrant to Sir Ste. Fox for my Lords' salary: to be on the money of the Customs uncharged in the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book III. pp. 65–6.]