Minute Book: April 1671

Pages 734-739

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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April 1671

April 3. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Sir Dennis Gawden: [warrant for] 7,000l. on the loans on the Subsidy Act. (Done.)
Warrant on Mr. Sydney Godolphin's petition for [a lease for] 31 years, reserving to the King a tenth part. (Done.)
Earl of Lauderdale: warrant for 1,500l. on the Customs: on Sir Robert Long's certificate. (Done.)
Sir Allen Apsley: [warrant for] 6,000l. for the Duke of York. (Done.)
[Ibid. p. 161.]
April 4. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Sir John Bennet called in: a warrant for his defalcations: on the loans on the new Farm of the Customs. (Done.)
Letter from the Farmers of the Customs considered. Warrant to them to take the best care they can to return the money of the Wine Act from time to time. (Done.)
A privy seal for 1,000l. to Mr. Marryott for Windsor. (Done.)
Mr. Trussel: petition: a report.
Col. Whitley's privy seal to be past: with the charge of passing thereof. (Done.)
Major Langhorn: half a year of his pension on the loans on the subsidies.
The Cofferer of the Household: [order for] 41,000l. on his certificate: [to be] on the second and third quarters of the subsidy.
Col. Titus: his former warrant to be vacated and a new warrant for two years.
Brooke House: letter considered: warrant accordingly on the loans on the subsidy.
Westminster Hospital: warrant for 50l. on the Exchequer.
[Treasury Minute Book. DCXXIV. p. 113.]
April 6. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Earl of Ossory: a warrant for a year. (Done.)
Mr. Bartue: a warrant for 200l. on the loans on the subsidy. (Done.)
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 162.]
Warrant for 200l. for the Treasurer of the Chamber for the Maundy: on the loans on the subsidy.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 113.]
April 7. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Privy seal to put Mr. March out of the Barbados and Leeward Islands [four and a half per cent. duty.] farm. (Done.)
Privy purse certificate to be fetched. (Done.)
Mr. Progers about Bushey Park.
Mr. Lawrence: warrant. (Done.)
Mrs. Neale. (Done.)
Spry: Kemps. (Done.)
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 162.]
April 11. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Mr. Batailhe to have notice of Mr. Jackson's petition. (Done.)
A warrant to prosecute Mr. Neale on Lord St. John's information. (Done.)
Warrant for the [salary of the] Councillors for the Foreign Plantations for Lady Day quarter. (Done.)
Warrant for Mr. Hamilton's privy seal: on the Tenths in his paper. (Done.)
Sir Edward Hungerford's business to be despatched for his 2,264l. for his lands taken in at Plymouth.
Warrant for Mr. Packer for 1,750l. for Lyndhurst: on the [proceeds of sale of] offal wood in New Forest, Alice Holt and East Dean Forests. (Done.)
To insert in the papers of the Customs the 100l. per an. for Berwick Bridge. (Done.)
Mr. Holder's warrant to be on the loans on the third quarter of the subsidy. (Done.)
[The] traders in stuffs in co. Devon are heard by Mr. Offley, their Counsel, and the order is read, and Mr. Dickenson heard. His Majesty also heard the report, and ordered that the Attorney General enter a noli prosequi. (Done.)
Mr. Ferdinando Littleton: 300l. warrant for a privy seal.
Mr. Bernewell's petition.
Fee farm privy seal to be fetched. (Done.)
[Ibid. pp. 162–3.]
Warrant for the Office of Ordnance for the Earl of Craven's money on the loans on the third quarter of the subsidy. Memorandum: the Solicitor will call about it.
Sir Sam. Morland: warrant for his 3,000l. on the Queen's portion.
Mr. Dawborn: Warrant for his money for his lands in Windsor Forest: on the loans on the third quarter of the subsidy.
Lady Sanderson: the like warrant.
Earl of Manchester: warrant for his creation money.
Memorandum: delivered the Earl of Ranelagh's papers to Mr. Ll[oyd] for [the Privy] "Councell."
[Treasury Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 113.]
April 12. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Warrants on Sir Charles Harbord's particulars on the leases of Mr. and Mrs. Blend [Bland], the Receiver of Hull. (Done.)
Coldstreamers petition to be referred to Sir C. Harbord. (Done.)
Privy seal to vacate Mr. Roberts's former privy seal for 3,000l. and to make those fees paid into the Exchequer and to issue it to Mr. Roberts.
Mr. Breden called in and saith that they will give 54,000l..per an. for the new additional London Excise. Warrant for the grant according to the present covenants for the present London [farm of the present Excise] duty.
Privy seal for registering on the additional new London Excise: and the like for the new additional Country Excise. (Done.)
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 163–4.]
Mr. Collins: certificate about him from Mr. Webb is considered. [Ordered] that another be security instead of Mr. Wadlow in regard they say it is reported he hath settled his estate on his son.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 114.]
April 15. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Sir Francis Anderson's petition considered. Warrant for 100l. (Done.)
Sir Charles Harboard's report about Sir Edw. Massey considered. Warrant accordingly. (Done.)
Privy seal for Lord Lovelace for the money for Woodstock Park, as the last Lord Lovelace had. (Done.)
A list [to be made] of all warrants to this time.
Col. Whitley. (Done.)
Sir William Bolton's papers.
Mrs. Stuart's order. (Done.)
Council of Foreign Plantations. (Done.)
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 164.]
[ ? ] Mr. Roberts: warrant for 3,000l. (struck out and corrected to 1700l.) on any money uncharged, and 300l. on the money to be paid in by the Clerks of the privy seal.
Healing medals: warrant for 200l. more for them: on the Wine Licences.
Sir Dennis Gawden: [order for] 20,000l. to be on the Chimneys.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 114.]
April 17. [Downing's or Charnock's memoranda.]
Auditors of the Customs: warrants to be drawn.
[Ibid. DCXXV. p. 164.]
April 19. [Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Meynell's orders to be signed.
Mr. Godolphin. (Done.)
Memorial of Sir Robert Carr about his desiring to be heard before the Excise farm be concluded. Ordered that he be heard accordingly. Charnock to take care hereof.
Charnock to search and let Sir George Downing know what money [was] charged on the improved Cornish [Duchy] rents, which were [put up for offers], to be bought in [by the tenants thereof] (Done.)
Wine officers to be despatched with the King's crest with three bunches of grapes. (Done.)
[Treasury Minute Book DCXXV. pp. 164–5.]
Dr. Wren: dormant warrant as His Majesty's Surveyor General.
Consul of Tripoli: warrant for him.
Mr. Legg and Mr. Berkley: each a warrant for a year.
Mr. Lawrence: his petition considered and the Lord Chamberlain's letter. Warrant for 150l. of what is due to him.
Mr. Collins: the certificate from the Agents for Hearth money concerning his security is considered and approved. Warrant ordered accordingly.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 114.]
April 24. [Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Hide: his 2,000l. to be put on the Wine licences.
Sir Henry Wood: warrant on the Exchequer.
Mr. Prideaux: warrant for his 1,500l. on the fee farms.
Sir Allen Apsley: warrant for the Hawks (crossed through).
Mr. Gohory: warrant.
Memorandum. D[elivered the following papers] to Mr. Ll[oyd for the Privy Council], viz. the petitions of Margaret Coles, Edward Wood, Major Chambers, Edw. Halshall, Rich. Hewit, Earl of Derby, Sir Tob. Bridge, William Freeman, Mrs. Mullett, Raph Skinner, Mr. Gringaud, Mr. Jay.
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 114.]
April 25. [Downing's memoranda.]
Sir John Nicholas: warrant for 1,500l. on the Alienation Office, and 3,000l. on the new farm of the Customs. (Done.)
Mr. Oneby to prepare 8 messengers against to-morrow morning to carry the letters about the paper bill. (Done.)
A privy seal for 110,000l. for the Cofferer of the Household for this year's expense of the Household. (Done.)
Mr. Montague's order on the fee farms [is to be taken off the fee farms and] to be put on the subsidy, and also his three months' [ambassadorial ordinary], which are now due: whereof 2,000l. is to be on the second quarter and the rest on the third quarter, with the interest for the first 1,400l. which was due on the fee farm order, which [as abovesaid is] to be transferred. (Done.)
Copies to be made for each of my Lords of the project for this year's expense. (Done.)
The fee farm privy seal to be despatched. (Done.)
Sir William Reeves' warrant to be looked out. (Done.)
Sir Charles Harbord to rate the particular of Gillingham anew for [a reversionary lease thereof for] 41 years after the present leases. (Done.)
[Treasury Minute Book DCXXV. pp. 165–6.]
[Downing's memoranda.]
Mr. Roberts: his other 300l., in full of the 1,000l. lately directed for him, is to be on the Exchequer in general.
Mr. Haynes: warrant for 50l. as royal bounty: on the 10,000l. general dormant.
Mr. Ellyot: two warrants [for him], one as Housekeeper of Newmarket and another as Harrier and Page: get a certificate [of what is due thereon].
[Ibid. DCXXIV. p. 115.]
April 26. [Downing's memoranda.]
A warrant for Sir Robt. Atkins to be of the King's Council. (Done.)
Mr. Baker et al., late bidders for the Excise, called in and told that the King hath directed them 1,500l. per an. for the three years of the rent farm of the Excise. A privy seal [ordered] accordingly, as also for 1,000l. for Sir John Coppleston on the same accompt: to be both paid out of the [proceeds of the] new Excise farm in the Exchequer. (Done.)
A privy seal for vacating Sir Charles Wheeler's privy seal and to pay those companies and the arrears of the regiment according to the King's directions.
Sir G. Downing and Sir C. Harbord to peruse the instructions brought in by Sir Robt. Atkins and report. Charnock to send to Mr. Townsend for them. (Done.)
Letter to each Receiver [of taxes] to do the office of Solicitor [of taxes] by himself or whom he shall appoint and that he shall be considered for [his pains in] it. Send to Mr. Fillingham about it and that he prepare a letter as he thinks meet. (Done.)
Sir John Bennett: warrant on the Wine Licence.
Mr. Lyonell Walden: privy seal to be done for the instalment of his debt. Mr. Fillingham will do it.
Warrant to the office of the Ordnance to pay the Earl of Craven out of the first money of their assignments for this year: taking notice of [i.e. reciting in the warrant the terms of] the former warrant. Done.
Mr. Kirke: petition for the 800l. fee to be considered to-morrow. (Done.)
Warrant to be drawn to the Trustees for sale of the fee farms, according to the substance of a draft drawn, that they sell [the fee farms] at 16 and 18 years' purchase, and the reversion of the fee farms of the Queen's [at] 8 years' [purchase]. (Done.)
Sir G. Downing, Sir R. Long, Sir C. Harbord to advise with Sir Robt. Crooke and any of the auditors about appointing the Receivers of the subsidy to collect all arrears of the aids unless the respective Receivers have declared their accounts and any money set in super, and to consider how the respective persons or places on which those supers [are] set may be discharged thereof with the least trouble.
[Ibid. DCXXV. pp. 166–7.]
Sir Robert Atkins: warrant for him to be of the King's Counsel.
Lady Fisher: warrant for a year of her pension (there is a dormant warrant).
Sir John Bever: his defalcations to be on the Wine Licences.
Sir Allen Apsley: warrant on imported salt.
Q[uery]: Earl of Bath: warrant for 3,000l. for this year on the proper fund, viz. on the Cofferer's and Sir Ste. Fox's orders on the fee farms.
List [to be made]: of usual pensioners.
Lady Mercer: letter to [be sent to] Sir Edward Griffin to pay her money and [for him] to be allowed it on the next assignment [to him as Treasurer of the Chamber].
Mrs. Civet: warrant to Sir H. Wood to pay her according to the King's warrant after what already charged to be paid by said Wood.
Madame de Bord [Bordes]: warrant on her patent.
Earl of Castlehaven at Brussels. Mr. Brunkert.
[Treasury Minute Book DCXXIV. p. 115.]
April 27. [Downing's memoranda.]
In all reports wherein any buying in of the improved rents [are reported on, the Surveyor General is] to report what he values the buying in thereof [to be worth]. Also [send a] letter to the Receiver of Cornwall and Sir Robert Long to keep these moneys distinct and not to issue them out without particular order.
Dr. Massonet: a warrant.
Mr. Royston: warrant.
Mr. Whinyard: to be paid as the rest.
Earl of Marlborough: warrants for pension (query: if all) and creation money: all (query).
Col. Man: [warrant for] 100l. on the general dormant.
April 28. [Downing's memoranda.]
Sir William Temple: warrant on the first quarter of the subsidy.
Sir Robert Viner: warrant for his part of the money advanced to Madame: he to bring what to ground the warrant on.
Mr. Baker: warrant on his privy seal.
The Earl of Burlington: warrant for his creation money.
Mr. Ferrer's petition: report [to be made to the King in Council] that my Lords see no inconvenience to the King.
Delivered to Mr. Lloyd the petition of Capt. Cock.
[Ibid. p. 116.]