Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 32, 1718. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1962.

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Treasury Solicitor


AUDIT OFFICE: BUNDLE 2319, ROLL 44 [A.O.1/2319/44].

Anthony Crachrode, Solicitor for the affairs of the Treasury.

2 June 1717 to 1 June 1718.

Charge. £ s. d.
Arrears: remaining in the Accomptant's hands at the end of his last preceding Accompt, none, he being in surplusage nil
but depending upon several persons, particularly named at the foot of the said last Accompt 100 10 6
Receipts: money had out of the Exchequer:
Easter term, 3 & 4 George I, by way of imprest, by General Letters Patent dormant of 14 Aug. 1 George I
4,000 0 0
Michaelmas term, 4 George I, ditto, by the same 3,000 0 0
Easter term, 4 & 5 George I, ditto, by the same 1,000 0 0
Voluntary charge: money received for costs in The King v. Wood and Blakeway in Shropshire, which did not go to trial 35 2 11
total charge and receipts £8,135 13 5
Discharge. £ s. d.
Surplusage of the preceding Accompt 2,014 11
charges and expenses of several prosecutions etc.:
v. Bly, for seditious words in Middlesex
6 11 0
v. Bell, clerk, a Jacobite conventicler 13 2 0
v. Bisse, clerk, (fn. 1) for seditious sermons and words 104 14 6
v. Batt et al., for a misdemeanour in Kent 2 1 0
v. Cook et al., for seditious practices at Beaumaris 7 14 6
v. Constable, for seditious words in London 7 14 6
v. Crisp and Nodes, (fn. 2) for fraud in Chelsea Hospital 17 17 0
v. Clark, for a misdemeanor in Middlesex 0 2 0
v. Carter and Gosling, for seditious words in Kent 11 9 8
v. Cheape, for publishing a libel in London 51 17 6
Battin v. Coleman and other Officers in the New Forest, for searching records at the Tower for Perambulations of the New Forest etc. 1 0 0
v. Nicholas Dalton, on information of intrusion 34 17 6
v. Dorrison, for seditious words in Middlesex 6 11 0
v. Dodd, for cursing the King 9 14 0
v. Carberry, clerk, for a libel 6 14 0
v. Edwards, for seditious words 19 3 6
v. Edwards, for a riot at Beaumaris 7 14 6
v. Gordon, for moneys due to the Crown 23 18 10
v. Gray alias Skelton, for seditious words in Middlesex 6 11 0
v. Harding et al., rescuers of Bisse 3 5 6
v. Harrison, for seditious words 3 5 6
v. Heathcote, for publishing libels in Middlesex 6 11 0
v. Higden et al. 1 1 0
v. Hawkins, for high treason 17 1 0
v. Hawes, clerk, for holding a conventicle 38 11 0
v. Hicks, for seditious words 6 11 0
v. Harley and Foley, Auditors of the Imprests, (fn. 3) on Information for misdemeanours in their offices 188 5 4
v. Heap, for seditious words (indicted in Middlesex for calling the Pretender King) 9 18 6
v. Hare and Mann, to reverse a grant 184 0 4
v. Inger, for drinking the Pretender's health by the name of King James 6 11 0
v. Ingleden, for seditious words 6 11 0
v. King et al., Executors of Sir William Robinson 2 4 6
v. Lambert, Jones and Purcell, for drinking the Pretender's health at Cardiff 30 6 0
v. Lewis, clerk, for writing, printing and publishing a libel called The Scourge 6 11 0
v. Lewis, for seditious practices at Beaumaris 7 14 6
v. Locker, for seditious words in Middlesex 8 10 10
v. Lowey, for seditious practices at Beaumaris 7 14 6
v. Leonard, for high treason 17 1 0
v. Morphew, for publishing The Scourge 10 0 0
v. McManus, for seditious words 6 11 0
v. Nash, for seditious words in Middlesex 6 16 6
Attorney General at the relation of Gen. McCartney v. the Earl of Orrery 3 5 6
v. Portman, for calling the Pretender King and drinking his health 6 14 0
Palmer et uxor v. the Attorney General etc. 3 14 6
v. Redmayne, for printing and publishing a libel in London 5 19 0
v. Rokeby, for seditious words in Middlesex 4 11 0
v. Simanitt, for publishing a libel in London 6 16 6
v. Scriven, for seditious words in Middlesex 6 16 6
v. Shepheard, for high treason 35 17 0
v. Shepheard and forty seven others, for being present at a conventicle 6 11 0
v. Twisall, for a riot and assault at Newcastle 6 11 4
the Attorney General v. Whitfield, Executor of Whitfield, late Paymaster of Marines 5 11 0
v. Williams, for seditious practices at Beaumaris 7 14 6
v. Weyborne et al., rescuers of Bisse when first taken 22 6 0
v. Walker, for seditious words at Doncaster 6 16 6
v. Wood et al., for a riot in Shropshire 10 2 0
promiscuous disbursements by Richard Combes and by Barnabas Legard in several causes 6 10 3
1,060 6 7
payment to sundry persons for business done and for disbursements:
Richard Harcourt, of the Crown Office
598 10 0
James Pearse, attorney in the King's Remembrancer's Office (v. Eversfield for not accompting for public money; v. Dalton, on information of intrusion concerning Pimlico House; v. Baker and Newton, for a trespass in Windsor Forest; v. Lord Isla, in the case of Whitfield, late Paymaster of Marines; v. Gordon, late Garrison Paymaster of Annapolis; v. Lord Orrery at the relation of Gen. McCartney; v. Hare and Man on scire facias to reverse a grant) 57 14 2
several attornies-at-law etc. (John Richardson, Preston (v. Scarisbrook, Ashton and Gregson on their surrender to the outlawry for rebellion in Lancashire); Daniel Underhill (v. Heap and Portman at Hicks's Hall); Robert Tournay (v. Carter and Gosling at Rochester); William Ingram (v. Vavasour); John Dovey (v. Traherne, Wood and Blakeway, in Shropshire); John Skrymsher (ditto); David Duarne (in a Chancery suit, the Marquis de Novarez v. Craven et al.); Alexander Kellet, Clerk in Court (ditto); John Richards (v. the Tiverton rioters); John King (in the Sheriff's Court, defending Nost v. Thornton et ux'); Henry Williams, in Wales 368 12 9
the Attorney General, for attending to take care of recognizances; five terms to Easter term 1718 27 5 0
the Attorney and Solicitor General, for attending at the trial of the rebels in Middlesex and Surrey 22 0 0
Francis Breton, Clerk of the Crown, for travelling expenses from London and Preston to the Special Commission at Carlisle, etc. (including a payment to Mr. Rook, attorney) 165 19 2
the Under-Officers of the Courts at Westminster Hall, for attending the trials of the rebel prisoners 74 13 8
Thomas Parker, Cryer to the Special Commissioners of Gaol Delivery at Westminster and the Marshalsea 25 16 0
the Attorney and Solicitor General, for Consultations and Opinions 225 9 6
Mr. Hall, a clerk at the Enrolment Office, for enrolling the surrender to the King of the Government of the Bahama Islands etc. 4 10 5
Mr. Woodward, bookseller, for Acts of Parliament 2 3 0
Michael Letten, for errands 11 15 6
1,584 9 2
money paid on Orders of the Principal Secretaries of State:
James Doyne and Thomas Richardson of Handasyd's Regiment, for travelling charges to Bedfordshire to prosecute Francis Attwood for treasonable words
11 6 8
William and Mary Nost, for defending themselves against an unjust prosecution 0 10 8
the same William Nost, for expenses through the malicious prosecution by James Thornton and Sarah his wife 4 8 6
Mary Leake, Elizabeth Luke and Mary Williams, for prosecuting Anne Carpenter at Maidstone for reflecting and approbatious words against the King and Government 6 5 9
Nehemia Lodge, for prosecutions at Norwich 7 8 8
the same, for prosecuting Richard Clarke for words against the King and Government 15 6 10
Thomas Burton, for charges in prosecuting three hawkers at Quarter Sessions, Rygate, co. Surrey, for dispersing a scurrilous paper The King's Letter to the Prince of Wales and the Prince's Answer 3 3 2
William Greenhalgh, a Justice of the Peace for the County Palatine of Lancaster, for expenses of the prosecution of Thomas Whitehead for high treason in the late Rebellion at Preston 4 14 6
John Brown, for retaking John Stone, since convicted of counterfeiting coin 21 0 0
James Lappan, for expenses of a journey to Scotland to give evidence against the Rebels 30 0 0
James Bell, for sending witnesses from Newcastle to London for the trial of rebel prisoners 33 0 0
Mary Bromwich, for expenses of attending the trial of Charles Hornby and other publishers of libels 2 0 0
R. Turton, for expenses etc. in the prosecution of the Marquis Paleotti (on the Coroner's Inquest and on the Statute of Stabbing) 19 0 0
William Calderwood, to go to Lancaster for the trials of Robert Scarisbricke and other rebels 20 0 0
the same, for necessaries and for his return home 10 0 0
the same, for a journey out of the country to give testimony 2 0 0
Mary Nost, for 52 weeks' subsistence while her husband was detecting the printers and publishers of seditious libels 72 16 0
William Shaw, William Macintosh, William Calderwood and Robert Patten, clerk, evidences against the rebels, for 49 days' subsistence 24 10 0
Crain Liddell, for 40 days' subsistence while in Town as evidence against James Leonard in custody for high treason 4 0 0
John Tench, for fees of ten Commissioners for trying pirates in the West Indies 915 0 0
1,206 10 9
sundry persons, pursuant to Treasury Warrant:
Thomas Briggs and Samuel Done, Doctors of Physick, for attention to rebel prisoners at Liverpoole
363 7 0
Thomas Crispe, late High Sheriff of the County Palatine of Lancaster, for further disbursements on accompt of the Special Commission for trying rebel prisoners etc. 1,000 0 0
William Wall, for expenses at the Assizes at Liverpoole etc. 107 10 0
William Rooke, for the like at the Carlisle trials 107 10 0
William Carnaby, for the like at the London trials 120 0 0
James Preston, late Under-sheriff of Middlesex, for expenses of the trials of the rebel prisoners brought from Lancashire to London 500 0 0
Robert Patten, clerk, William Calderwood (at 20l. each) James Lappan and William Paton (at 10l. each) 60 0 0
James Lindsey, Edward Shaftoe and Crain Liddell at 2l. each, Aeneas Cameron, 10l. 16 0 0
Kenneth, late Lord Duffus, for 19 weeks' subsistence while a prisoner in the Tower 57 0 0
William, late Lord Nairn, and Robert late Earl of Carnwath, for the like for 7 weeks 42 0 0
John Darby, Keeper of the Marshalsea prison, for fees of five Swedish prisoners, committed on suspicion of piracy but afterwards discharged 8 6 8
Olof Nordborg, for subsisting the said Swedish prisoners while detained after discharge for the prison fees 7 5 5
Robert Heaton, for charges of the prosecution at Lincoln Assizes of Lewellyn Gwyllin, a papist, for speaking seditious words etc. 21 18 0
Francis Brace, for ditto of Robert Thomson at Bedford Summer Assizes, 1716 for dispersing a book English Advice to the Freeholders of England 50 11 5
Samuel Elisha, for charges in prosecuting seven rioters at the Lent Assizes for Salop in 1717 17 16 0
Thomas Lister, for charges in prosecuting several persons for riots and breaking his windows in St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and in prosecuting Thomas Brooks, then parish constable, for not suppressing the said riot etc. 50 0 0
this Accomptant, for expenses relating to the trial of the Earl of Oxford [see Vol. XXXI, pp. 56, 633] 358 0 5
John Evans, for fees of honour to the King's Servants upon Prince Frederick and the Duke of York being put in nomination to be elected Knights Companions of the Garter 185 16 4
Thomas Foley, for the Auditor's fee 70 0 0
3,143 1 3
fees paid at the Treasury and Exchequer and allowances to the Accomptant etc. 257 10
(total allowed as above 7,251l. 18s.d.)
total payments and allowances £9,266 9 5
and so remains in surplusage £1,130 16 0
to which is added money depending:
on Nathaniel Nichols, for subsistence of witnesses on the road to London
17 7 0
and on Gilbert Douglas, for the like of the King's evidence in Lancashire and for his own expenses 83 3 6
100 10 6
and so the Accomptant is in Surplusage £1,231 6 6
Declared 23 October 1727.


  • 1. The Rev. Mr. Bisse was indicted for preaching sermons full of seditious matter. He was sentenced to stand in the pillory at Westminster; to pay a fine of £600; to be imprisoned for four years; and to find two sureties in £500 each for his good behaviour [Torrens, History of Cabinets, Vol. I, p. 793, quoting a Report of the Solicitor to the Treasury of 27 Nov. 1718].
  • 2. James Duke Crispe, the acting Secretary and Butler Noades, Surgeon's Mate, were accused of falsifying the roll of Out-Pensioners. [Dean: The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, pp. 188–190.]
  • 3. See Vol. XXXI, p. cccxciii.