Treasury Warrants: March 1718, 11-15

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 32, 1718. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1962.

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March 1718, 11–15

March 11. Treasury warrant to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to give allowance of 917l. 14s.d. to William Clayton in his account as Paymaster of his Majesty's Pensions and Bounties: the said sum representing fees paid at the various Offices and incidents.
Prefixing: statement of said fees (including 583l. 16s.d. paid at the Exchequer on the receipt of 48,341l. 9s. 11¾d.; and 121l. 13s. 4d. paid to Charles Bint and Thomas Boniface for a year's allowance as usual from Xmas 1715 to Xmas 1716 for carrying the votes to his Majesty). Money Book XXVI, p. 234.
C. Stanhope to the Navy Commissioners to make forth bills in the method of your Office for allowing to John Aislabie, Treasurer of the Navy, 1,43l. 11s. 1d. paid by him for the interest of 60,000l. borrowed for the service of the Navy 1716 Dec. 12 and 18. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 81.
Same to the Navy Treasurer to apply to the head of Wages 20,000l. out of the money remaining in your hands of loans on the Land Tax anno 1716: and is to be for Recalling [Recalls on] the Ships' Books paid by you in the year 1717. Ibid., p. 82.
William Lowndes to the Army Debts Commissioners. In your report to his Majesty you have represented that Lieut. Col. St. Leger de Bacalan was appointed and continued Paymaster to the prisoners in Spain from 4 Feb. 1709–10 to 23 Aug. 1711. What allowance per diem do you think fit for his Majesty to give in this case? Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 280.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Charles Cunningham (a tidesman in fee, London port), to officiate for Mr. Claypole, the surveyor of Eriff [Erith] in Kent, who is seized with a dead palsey. Ibid., p. 282.
Same to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to report on the enclosed report [missing] from the Customs Commissioners on the memorial of the Marquess of Winchester and Brigadier Powles concerning some sword blades they have imported from Bremen for their Regiments. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Linton shewing that he hath been a great dealer in roll tobacco and employed many poor people therein; but the Northern War having put an end to that trade he prays some employment in the revenue, to which he is well recommended. Reference Book IX, p. 381.
March 11. Same to Edward Young, Surveyor General of his Majesty's Woods, of the petition of Lord William Pawlett, Master Keeper of Rhinefield Lodge and Queen Mead in New Forest, praying that the stable and railing round the Mead may be repaired. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of William Coventry, Esq., Master and Keeper of Bolderode Lodge in New Forest, praying for several necessary repairs at the said Lodge and stables. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular or constat of several parcels of land in Co. Cumberland which descended to the Crown upon the death of the late James Dacres, Esq.: in order to a lease thereof to Charles, Earl of Carlisle.
Prefixing: report dated Jan. 31 last by H. Cholmley, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, on the petition of said Earl, ut supra, p. 149. By patent dated 1542 Nov. 22 Hy. VIII. granted to Thomas Dacres and his heirs male for ever the scite of the late dissolved monastery or priory of Lanercost with all the messuages and outhouses thereto within Co. Cumberland and a water corn mill in Lanercost and several parcels of demesne lands belonging to the said late monastery or priory, with an exception of the parish church, churchyard and a house called the Utter Yate House: in capite by the service of the twentieth part of a knight's fee and under the yearly rent of 9s. The late James Dacre (who was the last heir male of the said Thomas Dacre, the grantee) left no heir male, whereby the premises reverted to the Crown. The memorialist is willing to undertake the defence of the Crown title at his own expense. Warrants not Relating to Money XXV, p. 24.
Same to the Victualling Commissioners to make out perfect bills for paying and allowing to John Conduit to a total of 3,760l. 2s. 10d. for provisions supplied by him for the Garrison of Gibraltar as Commissary of the Stores and Provisions there: and thereby to clear the imprests on him for same: and to assign the payment thereof in manner following: viz.
£ s. d.
out of money paid by the Treasurer of the Navy “or his Cashier for the Victualling” upon four bills of exchange drawn by the said Conduit in Sept., Oct. and Nov. 1714 2,166 18
out of 55l. 5s.d. which the said Conduit is to pay into the hands of the said Treasurer or his Cashier, and which the said Treasurer or Cashier is to be surcharged with as for the value of sundry stores remaining in his [Conduit's] hands as the balance of his account 55 5
out of moneys remaining in the hands of the said Treasurer from loans on Land Tax anno 1718, who is hereby directed to apply and pay over the same accordingly 1,537 19
£3,760 2 10¼
On the said Conduit giving his receipt for the said perfect bills the Victualling Commissioners and the Navy Treasurer or his Cashier are to deliver up the bills of exchange drawn by said Conduit and all other vouchers or accounts by which the said Conduit is or may be charged in super for the moneys by him had of the said Treasurer or Cashier for the service of the said Garrison of Gibraltar.
Prefixing and appending: report dated 18 Jan. 1717–18 by Auditor E. Harley on the said Conduit's account: followed by the detailed state thereof: in obedience to the Treasury order of reference of 1717 Nov. 18 thereof. The said Conduit was appointed Commissary of Stores and Provisions at Gibraltar by Queen Anne by commission dated 1713 April 6 and was continued therein by the present King by commission dated 11 Jan. 1714–15 and was thereby required to obey the orders of the Commander of the Garrison. His account contains the money by him received and paid for that service from 19 July 1714 to 17 July 1715: as follows:
£ s. d.
money paid by the Victualling Commissioners upon four bills of exchange drawn by Conduit on the late Lord Treasurer in Sept., Oct. and November 1714 (which is all the money chargeable on him by the Books of the Victualling Office), amounting to 2,166 18
surcharged upon him as the value of the stores, detailed, remaining in his hands as the balance of his account 55 5
£2,222 3
Discharge. £ s. d.
payments for provisions, detailed, pursuant to a warrant by Ralph Congreve, Lieut. Governor [of Gibraltar] of 1714 Oct. 5, wherein the accomptant is required, in regard the provisions in store fell short and the arrival of provisions from England was uncertain, and the want thereof would be of the worst consequence to that place, to have always in store two months' bread and one month of all other species as absolutely necessary for the preservation of that place; but to acquaint the said Lieut. Governor of the quantities and prices of what he bought. The purchases made by him in 1714 are:
62,344 pound weight of biskett at 27/25d. per lb. weight
592 5 48/25
9,546 lb. wt. of flour at 1199/200 0d. per lb. wt. 79 7 027/100
30,000 lb. wt. of pork at 323/25d. per lb. wt. 490 0 0
269 bushels of pease at 7s.d. per bushel and 93 bushels of pease at 5s. 11¼d. per bushel 123 8
3,152 gallons of oatmeal at 1s.d. per gallon and 1,392 gallons of oatmeal at Is. 015/32d. per gallon 259 9
7,954 lb. wt. of butter at 511/32d. per lb. wt. 177 2 03/16
6,972 lb. wt. of rice at 321/50d. per lb. wt. 99 6 1199/100
2,976 lb. wt. of Suffolk cheese at 25/8d. per lb. wt. 32 11 0
5,878 lb. of Cheshire cheese at 5789/1000d. per lb. wt. 141 15 7871/1000
8,037 lb. wt, of Dutch cheese at 5013/100d. per lb. wt 171 11 1037/100
£2,166 18
The accountant appears to have issued the Cheshire and Dutch cheese to the Garrison at half the allowance usually made in Suffolk cheese, in regard the cost thereof was so much more to the public.
The value of the provisions bought up by the accomptant for victualling the said Garrison in 1715 come out in sterling as follows:
£ s. d.
47,950 lb. wt. of biskett at 1/40d. per lb. wt. 384 11 11¾
21,600 lb. wt. of beef at 163/80d. per lb. wt. 160 17 6
16,500 lb. wt. of pork at 33/10d. per lb. wt. 226 17 6
107 bushells of Spanish pease at 9s. 2d. per bushell 49 0 10
244 bushells of beans at 7s. 53/8d. per bushell 90 17
7,827 lb. wt. of flour at 137/40d. per lb. wt. and 9,976 lb. wt. of flour at 113/20d. per lb. wt. 131 7 33/8
40 empty barrels at 3s. 95/6d. each 7 12 9⅓
filling, measuring and shipping part of the said provisions bought at Malaga 13 7 1097/120
freight of the ship that brought the same to Gibraltar 45 16 8
£1,110 9
Upon computation the provision amounts to about 3s. 1d. per man per week and does not exceed the rate allowed to the present contractor.
The accomptant alleges that he has been obliged to make good to the proprietor the said bills of exchange with interest for the same at 5 per cent., they not having been answered by the public [the Treasury].
The foregoing quantities of provisions, as well as other provisions which were sent from England by the Victualling Office, have been charged on the accomptant in his account of stores hereunto annext, and appear by the said account to have been issued and expended in victualling the said Garrison, which consisted of between 1,960 and 1,970 persons, from the 21st June 1714 to the 17th July 1715 at the customary allowance made by the Navy, except some provisions which were delivered over to the contractor that succeeded him in the care of this service, and [to] others therein named and a small quantity which remained as the balance of his said account:
£ s. d.
for the wages of the officers, artificers and labourers employed in the service of victualling the said Garrison and for waterage and porterage of the provisions into the stores &c. in the same manner as Mr. Vere, the Agent Victualler who transacted this service before the said Conduit: to wit a master baker at 3s.d. a day, a turner at 1s. 10d. a day and ten bakers and faciners to gather wood at 1s. 3d. a day each, viz. from 21 June 1714 to 26 of the same month:
and for a storekeeper at 2s. 6d. a day, two coopers at 32. a month each, and four labourers at 1s. 3d. a day each from 21 June 1714 to 17 July 1715, and one other labourer at the same rate from 21 June 1714 to 28 Sept. following (which rates are lower than those paid by Mr. Vere)
242 1
waterage and porterage 196 6 7
a carpenter and bricklayer for repairing the storehouses 56 15 0
brooms, shovels, twine, nails 12 19 7
£482 15
The above several payments as made by the accomptant Conduit to the parties at the rate of 60 pence per dollar amount to 508l. 2s.d.: but as the same have been valued by him in his account at 57 pence to the dollar (the rate at which he alleges he took up the money to defray these charges) they amount only to 482l. 15s.d.
The total discharge is therefore 3,760l. 2s. 10¼d., leaving him in surplusage 153l. 19s.d.
The accomptant craves to be allowed 104l. 12s. 2d. for 5 per cent. interest demanded by the proprietor of the two bills of exchange drawn by him on the Treasury for 1,110l. 9s. 9d., the value of the provisions bought for victualling the Garrison in 1715.
Followed by: a detailed state of the said account of John Conduit, Esq., of all the stores and provisions bought by him or received from the Victualling Office for the service of the Garrison of Gibraltar: and of the issuing and expenditure thereof from 21 June 1714 to 17 July 1715. Warrants not Relating to Money XXIV, pp. 438–446.
March 11. Treasury reference to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland of the petition of John Philp, pursebearer, and Mrs. Ogilvie, widow of David Ogilvie, macebearer, to the Earl of Finlater, Chancellor of Scotland after the Union; praying payment of their salaries for the year ended May 1708, to wit 502. for the purse and 37l. 4s. 6d. for the mace. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, p. 258.
March 12. Money warrant for 260l. to the Lieutenant or Keeper of the Forests of Alice Holt and Wolmer: without account: to be distributed among the respective Keepers of said Forests for two years 1714 Xmas to 1716 Xmas as in lieu of all wages, fees and other allowances, viz. two Keepers in Wolmer Forest; three Keepers in Alice Holt Forest and a servant. (Money order dated March 22 hereon.) Money Book XXVI, p. 235. Order Book X, p. 76. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 89.
March 12. C. Stanhope to the Navy Commissioners. The Treasury Lords direct you to make forth bills in the method of your Office, on John Aislabie, Treasurer of the Navy, for paying 707l. 3s. 6d. to Sir Roger Mostyn, Paymaster of the Arrears due to the late Marine Regiments, as in full of demands, ut infra, p. 270. (Same to said Navy Treasurer to pay same to said Mostyn.) Disposition Book XXIV, pp. 80–1.
Same to same to make forth a like bill for allowing to John Aislabie 803l. 15s.d. for loss and discount upon the disposing of 49,693l. 17s.d. in 4 per cent. Annuities for answering several services of the Navy and Victualling: and to take care that he charge himself in his account with the sum of 15l. profit made by him upon the disposing of a further sum of 87,908l. 2s.d. in the like Annuities for the like services. Ibid., p. 82.
William Lowndes to Henry, Earl of Lincoln, Paymaster of the Forces, to apply out of the 4 per cent. Annuities remaining in your hands the sum of 70,361l. 14s.d.: and is to be for the services following: viz.
£ s. d.
for Clearings to the Forces under your care of pay: to 24 Dec. 1717 8,752 1
for Offreckonings to 24 June 1717 61,636 12 10
£70,361 14
C. Stanhope to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a bill of lading [missing] received from Monsieur Schmidtman, Resident from the Elector Palatine, concerning a present of wild boars [flesh] in three casks put on board at Amsterdam on the Gloucester sloop bound for London, being a present from the Elector to his Majesty. Send the same to St. James's on arrival. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 279.
Same to Mr. Coleby enclosing Auditor Harley's report [missing] on William Chetwynd's memorial for sundry disbursements. My Lords desire you to report on the article of 158l. 12s. 6d. therein. Ibid., p. 280.
William Lowndes to same to report on the enclosed expenses account [missing] of John Vat, who was employed about the transportation of the [poor] Palatines back to Germany. Ibid., p. 281.
Treasury reference to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, of the petition of Frances, wife of Henry, late Visct. Bolingbroke, praying a grant of the residuary interest and benefit of the real estate of her said husband, for her support and maintenance, after the incumbrances are satisfied.
In the margin: 2 May: referred again to Mr. Lechmere. Reference Book IX, p. 381.
March 12. Treasury reference to the Auditors of Imprests of the petition of Sir William Scawen [et al., clothiers] shewing that upon the Auditors stating their accompt for the 32,653l. 8s. 3d. paid to them by the Paymaster General of the Forces in Ireland for clothing provided by them for the Army there in 1689 and 1690 directions were given for a privy seal for passing the said accompt, in regard that the value of the greatest part of the clothing had been charged upon the Regiments [respectively concerned in said clothing]; but it being likewise directed that as to the rest of the clothing which did not appear to have been stopped from the Forces, the value thereof should be charged on the persons who received that part of the clothing; which the accomptants [petitioners herein] not having in their power to prove, the Auditor informs them he cannot, without further directions, prepare the draft of the privy seal for their discharge: therefore petitioners pray that in regard they have performed their contract in providing and delivering the said clothing, the necessary orders may be given for passing their accounts and discharging them from any further suit or process. Reference Book IX, p. 382.
Same to the Comptrollers of the Accompts of the Army of the petition of Col. Moor, laying before the Treasury Lords a scheme for carrying on and performing the business of issuing Debentures for such debts as are or shall be certified by the Commissioners of Army Debts to fall under his payment.
The said Comptrollers are to consider hereof and to inform themselves what proportion of Army debentures may probably be made out by the said Mr. Moor; and to report their opinion what allowances are reasonable to be made for the same. Ibid.
Same to the Board of Works of the petition of Thomas Kynaston, Clerk of the Works at Somerset House, shewing that the lodgings belonging to him in right of his office are possessed by Madm. de Malauze: therefore praying an allowance of 20l. per an. from the date of his warrant [of appointment], being 2 June 1715 till such time as he can be restored to the said lodgings. Ibid., p. 384.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to admit Samuel Edwards, George Jerman and John Stockwell, gent., into the rooms and other accommodation in the Exchequer which are at present used as an Office for the Paymaster of the Lottery called the 10l. Lottery anno 1711 as soon as the said Paymaster (whose office ceases at Lady day next) shall be ready to deliver up the same.
Prefixing: report by the Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, on the petition of said Edwards &c, ut supra, p. 226. The petitioners show that they are in great want of a convenient place to transact the business of their Office. I find that the place where they at present keep their Office is very strait and inconvenient, there being not proper room for their payments, vouchers and books of accounts, which are very large and numerous. Warrants not Relating to Money XXV, p. 25.
Same to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to enter a noli prosequi to the information in the Exchequer against Robert Jackson, merchant, relating to some iron from Holland seized as Swedish.
Prefixing: report dated Feb. 22 last from the Customs Commissioners on the petition of said Jackson, ut supra, p. 163. Ibid., p. 26.
March 13. Royal letters patent constituting and appointing Nicholas Lechmere (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster) to be Attorney General: during pleasure: in place of Sir Edward Northey, thereto constituted by patent dated 1714 Oct. 14, whose patent is hereby revoked. King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 114.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a patent to grant to said Lechmere of a yearly sum of 1,500l. as in addition to the wages, fees, diets and other profits appertaining to his office of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Keeper of our seal for that Office provided and Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster and Keeper of our seal for that Office provided, to which offices he was constituted by patent dated 1717 June 9; the King having taken into consideration the dignity of said offices and the great trust by us reposed in him and the smallness of the salaries, wages or profits of the said offices and being resolved to make a suitable augmentation, “as we have already done in the case of our Judges”: to commence as from 1717 Xmas and to be for his life “if it shall please God so long to continue us in this life.” (The patent hereon is dated March 15.) Ibid., pp. 54–5, 115–16.
Royal sign manual for 531l. 4s. 0d. to Samuel Muller of London, merchant, whereof 500l. is for the value of a bill of exchange payable to him drawn by Francis Louis de Pesme, Seigneur de St. Saphorin, “and is to be taken as a mark of our royal bounty to the said Seigneur de St. Saphorin, whose services have been acceptable to us.” The remaining 31l. 4s. 0d. is to be for [Exchequer &c] fees and charges on the issue of said sum. (Money warrant dated March 14 hereon.) (Money order dated March 15 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated March 15 hereon.) Ibid., p. 57. Order Book X, p. 72. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 82.
Same to appoint James Craggs, junr., to be one of the Principal Secretaries of State loco Joseph Addison, thereto appointed by patent dated 15 April 1717, whose patent is hereby revoked: Craggs is hereby also granted an annuity of 100l. to commence from 14 March instant. King's Warrant Book XXIX, pp. 117–18.
Treasury warrant to Anthony Cracherode [Treasury Solicitor] to pay Samuel Elisha's bill of 17l. 16s. 0d. for his charges for prosecuting seven rioters at the last Assizes held in Co. Salop, viz. George Crumpe, Roger Maddox, Ranulf Maddox, George Maddox of Wemm, Co. Salop, and Joseph Harding, Richard Dean and Thomas Dean of Whitchurch, Co. Salop: as certified by Thomas Mulse, Clerk of the Assize of the Oxford Circuit.
Prefixing: said Cracherode's report dated 19 Nov. 1717.
Appending: bill of said charges. Money Book XXVI, pp. 236–7.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Joseph Fisher for a lease of a small tenement standing on a certain piece of ground in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields whereon are also standing several other tenements, and he hath great reason to believe belongs to the Crown: that he will defend the Crown's title at his own charge and after recovery is willing to pay a rent to the Crown. Reference Book IX, p. 376.
March 13. Royal warrant dated St. James's for a letter of gift to be made and passed under the privy seal of Scotland granting and disposing to and in favours of Capt. David Ogilvie and the Honble. Col. William Kerr's Regiment of Dragoons, his heirs and assigns one or more, the escheat of the personal estate (escheatable goods and gear gold silver coined or uncoined insight plenishing corns cattle horse nolt sheep mails &c.) of William Duff of Brano, escheated to the King by the escheat laws of Scotland and inherent privilege of the Crown by and through the said William Duff, his having at the Castle of Balveny lying within the sheriffdom of — upon the 24th of January 1718 or upon one or other of the days between the said 24th of January and the 11th day of February following committed the crime of wilful self murder at least by and through the said William Duff, his having on one or other of the foresaid days and at the place above written wilfully given himself one or more mortal wounds whereof or of one or other of the said wounds he thereafter died.
In the margin: [the privy seal] prepared at Lord Roxburgh's Office. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 258–9.
March 14. Same to Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, to accept 100l. from John Conset, late an officer of the Customs at Hartlepool, for the penalty of his 200l. surety bond, he having been found guilty of several fraudulent practices in the execution of his office: all in compassion to the circumstances of him and his sureties: upon his payment thereof satisfaction is to be acknowledged on the record of the judgment against him. King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 56.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to discharge Charles, Earl of Sunderland, of 1,033 ounces 8 pennyweight of white plate (valued at 344l. 9s. 4d. at 6s. 8d. per ounce) which was delivered 1707 May 16 out of the Jewel House to him as a Principal Secretary of State to the late Queen Anne; and further from 1,011 ounces 17 pennyweight of white plate similarly delivered to him 4 June 1717 as a Principal Secretary of State to his present Majesty similarly valued at 337l. 5s. 5d.: the King being pleased to grant him the said plate in consideration of many good and acceptable services. Ibid., pp. 57–8.
For the money warrant for 375l. 4s.d. to Walter Douglas see supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. XXXI, p. 549, under date 1717 August 13. Ibid., p. 53.
Royal sign manual for 50l. to Don Emanuel Mercador for two months' allowance to 5 March inst. on an allowance at the rate of 300l. per an. for so long as the King shall think fit to continue his stay here as a Deputy from the inhabitants of Minorca. (Money warrant dated March 18 hereon.) (The money order dated March 20 hereon is for 100l. and includes the 50l. ut supra, under date Jan. 18 last.) (Letter of direction dated 25 Feb. for the first 50l. and 4 April for the second 50l. hereon.) Ibid. XXIX, p. 13. Order Book X, p. 65. Disposition Book XXIV, pp. 76, 89.
Letter of direction for 2,000l. to Sir Andrew Chadwick on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the 10l. Lottery anno 1711: to be issued out of any money remaining in the Exchequer applicable to the payment of arrears of interest on the Lottery orders subscribed for Annuities: and is to be for clearing the arrears of interest on the said orders at Midsummer last. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 78.
March 14. C. Tilson (in the absence of the Treasury Secretaries) to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Robert Aston of London, merchant, concerning the Gardner frigate and her cargo: with the Attorney General's report thereon. Out Letters (General) XXII, p. 281.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Solo[mon] Stevenson, Customer of Ipswich port, shewing that at the instance of the Customs Commissioners he deputed the Collector of that port to receive his [the Customer's] fees, who in the account which he returns him of said fees charges 5l. in each quarter for his trouble, though the whole fees have never exceeded that sum: therefore praying leave to appoint another deputy who is well experienced and will serve him at an easier rate. Reference Book IX, p. 383.
Royal warrant dated St. James's for letters to be made and passed under the privy seal of Scotland for allowances as follows (making 1,327l. 18s. 5d. in all) to be made to James Dundas in the accounts of his father, Patrick Dundas, deceased, who by commission dated 29 Nov. 1692 was appointed Collector of the vacant stipends in Scotland and acted therein to 22 Aug. 1700, when his said commission was superseded, the said items being cravings which through some defect or informality in the vouchers cannot be allowed without a royal warrant: viz. 778l. 1s. 8d. for salary to him at 100l. per an. (authorised by a warrant which imported the passing of a privy seal, but the privy seal was not appended to his said warrant); 314l. 6s.d. paid by him to collectors employed by him (pursuant to a power in his commission) for their expenses and charges therein; 235l. 10s. 5d. for his own expenses and disbursements relating to his said commission: all provided the said James Dundas do by instrument duly executed and enrolled release and discharge the Crown from all claims and demands by all the said Patrick's sub-collectors.
Further, the Receiver General of Crown Land Rents and Casualties in Scotland or any others having in their hands any moneys, rents or arrears unsatisfied to the Crown and due before the Union are hereby to pay to the said James Dundas any sums which shall appear as in surplusage at the foot of the said account when passed. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 260–1.
Same for a charter to be passed under the great seal of Scotland (being a signature of resignation [and re-grant] of the lands and barony of Kimerghame) in favours of Sir Andrew Hume of Kimergham, one of the Senators of the College of Justice, and his heirs, for a re-grant on resignation of the lands of Kimerghame, comprehending the Rooms and Lands of Dunseltiell, Belshiella, Blythsbank, Midle Slotes, Alicefields, alias Greenknow, Kingshaw and Sinclairshill with the milns of Kimerghame, Milnlands, multures and sequels of the same lying in the Regality of Buncle and Prestown and sheriffdom of Berwick: and sicklyke all and naills the lands of Reidhugh extending to one eighth part of the Barony of Blackader which are retourned to 50 shilling Scots money of old extent as ane eighth part of 20 pund money Scots as the retourned duty of the said Barony of Blackader; together with the Towesford alice [alias] manure place, houses, biggings, yards &c. with the Feinds (Teinds) of the said lands of Reidheugh with the burden alwise of the minister's stipend and blench duties if any (ane penny money upon the ground of any part of the said lands at the term of Whitsunday yearly in the name of Blenchfarm) payable yearly for the said Feinds, as the said lands and Feinds are at present occupied by James Brown, tenant, all lying in the said Barony and parochane of Edrim and sheriffdom of Berwick: with proviso that if the said lands &c. fall to females, they or their husbands shall be obliged to assume the Sirname of Hume and to bear the arms and armours at coat with the proper sign of a cadent of the family of Marchmont, otherwise to amitt and forefault their right of the said lands:
all which lands pertained heretably of before to Archibald, Duke of Douglas, and were granted to the said Sir Andrew Hume by procuratie of the 22 June last and were on 17 Feb. 1717–18 resigned by him purely and simply by staff and baston, as use is, duly and lawfully into the hands of the Lord Chief Baron and Barons of the Exchequer [of Scotland] as in his Majesty's hands, immediate lawful superior thereof, in favours and for a new infeftment of the samen to be made and granted to the said Sir Andrew and his heirs male and of tailze in accordance with ane destination of succession made by him on the same day, viz. 17 Feb. 1717–18.
All the premises are hereby confirmed to him and his heirs &c. accordingly together with the Crown's rights thereto or mails, forms and Duties therefrom by reason of Ward Relief Non Entry Marriage &c.
Further the King hereby dissolves, disunites and disjoins the said premises from the Barony and Regality of Bunckle and Prestown and all other Lordships, Regalities and Baronies to which they or any part thereof were formerly unite; and of new unites, erects, creates and incorporates them in a haill and free Barony to be now and in all time coming to be called the Barony of Kimerghame, ordaining the Manour place of Kimerghame to be the Principal messuage of the said Barony: all to be holden of the King Blench (with dispensation for taking of Seasine) in a free Barony fie and heretary for ever by all rights, meiths and marches old and divided as they he in length and breadth. Out Letters (North Britain) IV, pp. 261–4.
March 15. Royal warrant dated St. James's to William Clayton to determine and make void the pension of 500l. per an. granted 26 July last to Washington Shirley, commonly called Lord Tamworth, son and heir apparent of Robert, Earl Ferrers, now lately deceased, the King being minded to determine same from the death of said Earl. King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 87.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for an annuity or yearly sum of 1,500l. to Sir Edward Northey “in consideration of good and acceptable services to us performed and for other good causes and considerations as in this behalf moving”: to hold for the joint lives of us and him as from Xmas last: provided always that if at any time during the continuance thereof he be granted and do accept an office of equal value (at least) than this said annuity shall cease from and after such grant. (The patent hereon is dated 18 March 1717–18.) Ibid., pp. 98–9.
March 15. Treasury warrant to Thomas Foley, one of the Auditors of Imprests, to allow 193l. 0s. 2d. to Thomas Jett in his account as Paymaster of the 10l. Lottery anno 1712: to wit for his expenses therein from 1714 June 24 to 1716 June 24.
Prefixing: report by said Foley on the said Jett's memorial and bill of said expenses. Money Book XXVI, p. 212.
Money warrant for 125l. each to the Commissioners of Army Debts (Grey Neville, John Plumptre, Leonard Smelt, Sir William Gordon, Sir Thomas Palmer, Robert Bristow and William Yonge) for the quarter's payment due to them March 10 inst. on their respective allowances of 500l. per an. each. (Money order dated March 19 hereon.) Ibid., p. 240. Order Book X, p. 72.
Same for 750l. to James Moody, Esq., for same quarter for the clerks and incidents of the abovesaid Commission. (Money order dated March 19 hereon.) Money Book XXVI, p. 240. Order Book X, p. 73.
Dormant treasury warrant to Francis Hawes and Anthony Lechmere, Cashiers of the Customs, to pay the salary of 61l. per an. to Thomas Kennedy as Customer of Chichester port.
52l. per an. salary to Charles Smithson as a King's waiter, London port. Money Book XXVI, p. 241.
Money order for 50l. to Daniel Smith, Lieutenant Governor of Nevis, for one quarter to March 2 inst. on his allowance: to be paid out of the 4½ per cent. Duty.
In the margin: “This order is signed this 24th day of March by the Treasury Lords.” Order Book X, p. 81.
Letter of direction for 20,824l. to Francis, Earl of Godolphin: on the unsatisfied order in his name as Cofferer of the Household: out of Civil List money: and is to be as imprest and upon account to defray the expense of the Household for 1717 Xmas quarter. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 83.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay 30l. to Henry Martyn, Inspector General of Imports and Exports, for extraordinary services in drawing out special accounts for the use of the House of Commons during this Session.
Prefixing: said Martyn's petition and list of the said several accounts. Out Letters (Customs) XVII, pp. 66–7.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of John Lantrow shewing that upon a vacancy of the Deputy Comptroller's place at Barnstaple the Comptroller appointed him [thereto] and that since then the Customs Commissioners have proposed an additional allowance to that deputy and the Treasury Lords, approving it, have appointed one to that office: therefore praying to be accepted by the Treasury Lords for that office, petitioner being already settled at Barnstable. Reference Book IX, p. 382.
Entry of a Treasury caveat at the desire of Richard Gilpin on behalf of Joseph Dacre Appleby and the creditors of James Dacre, Esq., deceased, that no lease may pass of the scite of Lanercost &c. to the Earl of Carlisle or any other person till they be heard before the Treasury Lords thereupon.
Notice to be sent to him [Gilpin] at Mrs. Goodwin's, bookseller in Fleet Street.
“Entered by order of a minute 15 March 1717–18.” Caveat Book, p. 66.