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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 32, 1718. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1962.

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Dabaddie, Daniel, cornet, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Dacere, Elizabeth Marmand, pension for, 552.

Dacres (Dacre), James, lease of Lanercost, 32, 40, 231, 241, 244, 328.

-, Sir Thomas, lease of Lanercost, 40, 231, 328.

D'Acunha. See Cunha.

Dagneau, Lewis, pension for, 552.

-, Mary, Dension for, 552.

Daily Alms and Poor at the Gate, allowance for, 166, 299, 632.

Daily Courant,’ 16, 208.

Dakens, John, tidesman, inferior list, in London, 611.

Dalais, Isaac, pension for, 552.

D'Alais, See Alais.

D'Albenas. See Albenas.

D'Alberac. See Alberac.

Dale, Samuel, landwaiter in London, incapacity of, 5, 22, 24, 50, 229, 293.

Dalem, Elizabeth Sixte, pension for, 552.

Dalhousie, Countess Dowager of. See Ramsay, Mary.

Dalkeith, Earl of. See Scott, F.

Dallon, François, pension for, 552.

D'Allone. See Allone.

Dallway, Robert, lieutenant colonel, half pay officer in Ireland, 393.

Dally, Joseph, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 395.

Dalrymple, Charles, to attend at the waterside at unlading and shipping of goods, 592.

-, Sir David, Lord Advocate of Scotland, 156, 481, 496, 501, 516, 526.

-, Geo., petition of, 23.

-, James, of Hailes, Principal Auditor of the Revenue, Scotland, 427.

-, John, 2nd Earl of Stair, Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of France, 46, 91, 139, 296, 315, 330, 335, 344, 431, 502, 503, 603, 634; Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 181, 297, 408, 603; Regiment of Dragoons of, 645.

Dalston, Thomas, Mayor of Newcastle, royal bounty for, 259.

Dalton, John, Frances, wife of, petition for relief out of her husband's forfeited estate, 74, 440.

Daltstone, Christopher, captain lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 394.

Dalwigk, Baron Freiherr Johann Reinhard von, Envoy from the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel, 626.

Dalzell, Margaret, et al., payment to, for apprehending a burglar, 244.

Dampierre, Stephen, captain, French pensioner in Ireland, 407.

Dancourt, Mary, pension for, 552.

Dandre, Theophilus, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Danford, John, transported to America, 591.

Dangeau, Charlotte de, pension for, 552.

Daniel, John. See Belton, John.

-, Thomas, tidesman at Exeter, 641.

Dann, William, an owler, 311.

Danzie, Richard, transported to America, 591.

Daranda, Paul, bill payable to, 276.

Darby (Darbie, Derbie), —, keeper of the Marshalsea, 372.

-, Benjamin, Receiver General of Taxes for Dorset and the town of Poole, 56, 67, 355, 380, 660.

-, John, Receiver General of Taxes for Dorset, 380, 443, 660.

-, -, captain, half pay officer in Ireland, 404.

Darcy, Conyers, removal of pale into the Privy Garden, 91, 508.

-, Robert, 5th Earl of Holderness, Commissioner for Trade and Plantations, 426, 495, 657; lease of waste ground in Whitehall, 46, 53, 71, 331, 346, 380.

Darking, John, apprehended for felony and burglary, 604.

Darmstadt, Germany, 549.

Darnell, [John], Serjeant at Law, 40.

Darques, Lewis, cornet, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Darquier, John, surgeon, half pay officer in Ireland, 404.

Darripe, David, captain, French pensioner in Ireland, 407.

Darsilliers, Mary, pension of, 619.

Dartford, co. Kent, Surveyor of. See Dawson, —.

Dartiquenave, Charles, Paymaster of the Works, issues to, 122, 168, 279, 370, 435, 568, 569, 575, 607; payments by, 122, 279, 607; salary of, 284.

Dartmouth, Clifton Dartmouth Hardness, co. Devon, collector of Customs, 12, 22. See also Collins, —; Cowell, W.; Ettrick, W.
-, perpetuity granted by Henry VII to the Corporation of, 283.
-, riding surveyors between Exeter and, 51, 338, 679.
-, waiter and searcher at, 293.

Dartmouth, Earl of. See Legge, W.

Datchet Bridge, co. Buckingham, 551.

D'Aubuse. See Aubuse.

D'Auverquerque. See Auverquerque.

Davat, John, et al., prisoners Lewes gaol, 90.

Davenant, Henry, Envoy Extraordinary to the Great Duke of Tuscany, the Republic of Genoa and the Dukes of Modena and Parma, 138, 367, 519.

Davenport [Sherrington], major general, Regiment of Dragoons of, 327, 340; memorial concerning duties on exportation of plate, 87.

Daventry, co. Northampton, 101, 573.

Davesnes, Claud, pension for, 552.

Davessein, Mary Anthony, pension for, 552.

-, -, Magdalen, wife of, pension for, 552.

Davis (Davies), —, major, 276.

-, Luke, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 386.

-, Mary, royal bounty for, 121.

-, Prudence, tenant of a messuage in London, 257.

-, Samuel, ensign, half pay officer in Ireland, 400.

-, -, of London, merchant, prisoner in the Fleet prison, 30, 287.

-, Sarah, petition for pension rejected, 40.

-, Stephen, tidesman, inferior list, in London, 338.

-, Walter, doorkeeper of the House of Lords, 292.

Davison, George, Auditor of the Accounts of the Charter House Hospital, 273.

Dawes, Lancelot, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 391.

Dawley (Dawly), Anthony, a Commissioner for the Duties on Hides and Skins, Vellum and Parchment, 154, 379, 512; a Commissioner of Taxes, 243, 599, 600.

Dawson, —, Surveyor of Dartford, 290.

-, Hester, pension of, 555.

-, Richard, reward for taking owlers, 38, 311.

-, Samuel, King's waiter in London, 170.

-, Thomas, tenant of land in Rosedale, 167.

Day, Thomas, pension for, 259, 545.

D'Ayrolle. See Ayrolle.

D'Blossett. See Blossett.

Deal, co. Kent, boatmen at, 98, 567, 641; flags for the packet boats at, 137; Surveyor of. See Boughton, D.; tidesurveyors at, 114, 229, 640.

Deals, seizure of, 101, 568, 577, 637.

Dean, Forest of, co. Gloucester, Act for the preservation of timber in (20 Car. II, c. 8), 437.
-, Conservator and Supervisor of, 286, 330, 618, 679.
-, Constable of. See Berkeley, Earl of.
-, damages in, 74, 437.
-, felling in, 577.
-, Keepers of, 286, 330, 618, 679.
-, Lea Bailey in, destruction of fences round, 437.
-, officers of, 302.
-, White Mead Park in, 613.

Dean (Deane), John, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 385.

-, Richard, of Whitchurch, prosecuted for rioting, 237.

-, Thomas, of Whitchurch, prosecuted for rioting, 237.

Dearsley, Samuel, bond for debt for duties on wine, 639.

De Bacalan. See Bacalan.

De Beaubuisson. See Beaubuisson.

De Bellefons. See Bellefons.

De Bette. See Bette.

De Birenhof. See Birenhof.

De Blagny. See Blagny.

De Blaignac, Baron de. See Dumont, G.

De Blance. See Blance.

De Boisrond. See Boisrond.

De Boisrousseau. See Boisrousseau.

De Bourbon. See Bourbon.

De Brevil. See Brevil.

De Brugire. See Brugire.

De Cantiran. See Cantiran.

De Ceville. See Ceville.

De Chabanne. See Chabanne.

De Chadignac. See Chadignac.

De Champagne. See Champagne.

De Champlaurier. See Champlaurier.

De Charon. See Charon.

De Chavernay. See Chavernay.

De Chivre. See Chivre.

De Cire. See Cire.

Decker, Sir Matthew, merchant, 8, 11, 54, 528; loan by, 3, 8; payments to, 47, 71, 178, 364, 420, 467, 558, 560.

De Clou. See Clou.

De Coninck. See Coninck.

De Cormell. See Cormell.

De Cosne. See Cosne.

De Court. See Court.

De Cresserous. See Cresserous.

De Critz. See Critz.

De Cunha. See Cunha.

De Dangeau. See Dangeau.

De Dollon. See Dollon.

De Durand. See Durand.

Dee, John, Receiver General of Taxes for Sussex, 30, 57, 62, 357, 443.

-, Nicholas, Receiver General of Taxes for Sussex, 30, 57, 62, 357.

Deeplake, Jonathan, Commander of the Customs smack at Queenborough, 360, 430.

Deer, in Bushey Park, hay for, 149, 206.
-, in Cranborne Chase, Windsor Forest, hay for, 283, 307, 650.
-, in Hyde Park, hay and beans for, 283, 322.
-, in New Lodge Walk, Windsor Forest, hay for, 73, 77, 433, 457.
-, in St. James's Park, hay for, 210, 321.
-, in Windsor Forest, 338; hay for, 649.
-, in Windsor Great Park, hay for, 467, 566, 667.
-, in Windsor Little Park or House Park, hay for, 435.
-, red, in Windsor Forest, 7, 201.

De Falquerolls. See Falquerolls.

De Farey. See Farey.

Deficiencies, of grants of Supply anno 1717, issues to make good (as by 4 Geo. I, c. 1), 52, 103, 148, 340, 428.
-, of grants of Supply anno 1718, issues to make good, 654, 661, 662, 663.
-, Sixth General Mortgage anno 1710, Fund for, 617; Register for, 611.

De Foisac. See Foisac.

De Fos. See Fos.

De Fournier. See Fournier.

De Franquefort. See Franquefort.

De Goisy. See Goisy.

De Graff. See Graff.

De Grangue. See Grangue.

De Hompesch. See Hompesch.

De Juigny. See Juigny.

De Komugh. See Komugh.

De la Borde. See Borde.

De la Chainay. See Chainay.

De la Chapelle. See Chapelle.

De la Chappelle. See Chappelle.

De la Cour. See Cour.

De la Croisette. See Croisette.

De la Devese. See Devese.

Delafaye, —, advertisement in the Gazette, 71.

De la Ferriere. See Ferriere.

De la Force. See Force.

De la Guiminiere. See Guiminiere.

De la Maria. See Maria.

De la Martinerie. See Martinerie.

De la Mauclere. See Mauclero.

Delamaudrie, Peter, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 401.

De la Maugere. See Maugere.

De la Menardiere. See Menardiere.

De la Milliere. See Milliere.

De la Mothe. See Mothe.

De la Motte Blagny. See Blagny.

De la Muce. See Muce.

De L'Angle. See Angle.

De Langrac. See Langrac.

De la Primaudaye. See Primaudaye.

De la Roche. See Roche.

Delarose, William, Collector of Excise in Hampshire, 6, 159.

De la Sabliere. See Sabliere.

De la Salle. See Salle.

De Laspay. See Laspay.

De la Touch. See Touch.

Delaval, George, Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the King of Portugal, 362, 363; Treating with the Emperor of Fez, Morocco, etc., 362.

-, Robert, stamper, 154.

De la Verie. See Verie.

Delaware (De la Warr), Lord. See West, J.

Delegates, Court of, Commissions for, 75.

De L'Epine. See Epine.

De Leys. See Leys.

De Leyva. See Leyva.

Delma, David, subsistence for, 276.

Delme, Peter, lost annuity order in the name of, 412.

-, -, sheriff of Middlesex, 604.

Delny, co. Ross and Cromarty, barony of, Chamberlain of. See Strathnaver, Lord; payment out of, 137.

De Lomaria. See Lomaria.

De Longuevergne,. See Longuevergne.

De Longueverque. See Longueverque.

De Lonpre. See Lonpre.

De Lorain. See Lorain.

Deloraine, Earl of. See Scott, H.

De Lovigny. See Lovigny.

Delves, Mark, Serjeant at Arms, 477.

De Malauze. See Malauze.

De Marais. See Marais.

De Maranein. See Maranein.

De Marmande. See Marmande.

De Maulevrier. See Maulevrier.

De Medina. See Medina.

De Mimet. See Mimet.

De Molien. See Molien.

De Monceau. See Monceau.

De Montandre. See Montandre.

De Montant. See Montant.

Demontbray, Peter, tenant of a messuage in London, 253.

De Monteleon. See Monteleon.

De Montgomery. See Montgomery.

De Montigny. See Montigny.

De Montmeillan. See Montmeillan.

De Montsegur. See Montsegur.

De Moya. See Moya.

Dempster, —, lands of, 521.

De Mue. See Mue.

Denbigh, county of, Chancellor of, Judicial seal for, 521; Chief Justice of, 203, 376; Receiver General of Taxes. See Burton, S.; Conway, J.; Hughes, R.; Lloyd, T.; Second Justice of. See Jefferys, E.; sheriff of. See Jones, J.

Denbigh, Earl of. See Fielding, W.

Denby, Humphrey, pension for, 545.

De Neufville. See Neufville.

De Neuville. See Neuville.

Denham, John, Surveyor General of the Works, 322.

-, Sir Robert, captain lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 389.

Denia, Spain, bread for, 649.

Denis, Peter, corporal, pension of, 510.

Denmark, Envoy from, 48. See also Sohlenthall, H. F. von.
-, King of, 529, 589, 593; Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to. See Polwarth, Lord; loan to, 47, 318; subsidy to, 212; treaty with, 211, 212, 213, 214.
-, money of, counterfeiting, 490.
-, Prince Charles of, annuity for quitting pretension to the bishopric of Eutin, 32, 120, 300, 669.
-, Prince George of, servants of, 35, 36, 51, 304.
-, troops of, pay of, 211, 212, 213, 214, 631; recruit money for, 589, 593–595.

Dennet, Robert, sheriff of Essex, 604.

Denny Lodge. See New Forest.

Denroche, Charles, captain, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Denroches, Charles, lieutenant, pension of, 511.

Dent, Charles, Commissioner for the Duty on Salt, 221.

-, Matthew, under clerk in the Treasury, 58, 59.

-, -, Anne, widow of, payment to, 58.

Denton, Alexander, King's Counsel, 48, 332.

Denty, Eliza[beth], pension for, 545.

-, Francis, captain, half pay officer in Ireland, 402.

-, Hannah, pension for, 545.

-, Hellen, pension for, 545.

-, Letitia Essex, pension for, 545.

De Ochoa. See Ochoa.

De Passac. See Passac.

De Passy. See Brunet de Passy.

De Pechelves. See Pechelves.

Depenouze (Depeneuze, D'Epenouze), John Francis Richard, petition for a pension refused, 24, 49, 80.

De Percourt. See Percourt.

De Pesme. See Pesme.

De Pidget. See Pidget.

Deplade. See Depwade.

De Plessin. See Plessin.

De Portneuf. See Portneuf.

De Pressac. See Pressac.

Deptford, co. Kent, 102, 263, 574.
-, Navy Yard at, issue for, 84, 477; joiners and labourers in, 506, 514.

Depwade, Deplade, co. Norfolk, hundred, 356.

Derbie. See Darby.

Derby, county of, Receiver General of Taxes. See Gisborne, T.; sheriff of. See Every, Sir J.

De Regne. See Regne.

De Reneville. See Reneville.

De Rigo. See Rigo.

Dering, Charles, cornet, half pay officer in Ireland, 395.

De Rochegude. See Rochegude.

De Roussy. See Roussy.

De Roux; See Roux.

Derry. See Londonderry.

De Rueda. See Rueda.

De Sacetot. See Sacetot.

De St. Clair. See St. Clair.

De St. delis d'hencourt. See St. delis d'hencourt.

De St. George. See St. George.

De St. Meme. See St. Meme.

De St. Paul. See St. Paul.

De Samasan. See Samasan.

De Sarriere. See Sarriere.

Desborde, [John], colonel, Regiment of Dragoons of, 629, 645.

Desclaux, Noah, lieutenant, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

De Seguera. See Seguera.

Deserbiers, Richard, major, French pensioner in Ireland, 407.

De Sercler. See Sercler.

Deskford, Lord. See Ogilvy, J.

De Souselles. See Souselles.

Despierres, William, captain, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

De Stirum. See Stirum.

De Teilhac. See Teilhac.

De There. See There.

De Thors. See Thors.

De Tugny. See Tugny.

Deucher, Alexander, minister going to Barbados, 7, 247.

De Vassor. See Vassor.

De Vebron. See Vebron.

Deveille, Ann, pension for, 552.

De Veneville. See Veneville.

De Verangeville. See Verangeville.

Devese, Catherine Prat de la, pension for, 552.

De Vigneau. See Vigneau.

De Villenuve. See Villenuve.

Devizes, co. Wilts, 357.

Devon, county of, Receiver General of Taxes. See Quash, J.; Thorne, G.; Veale, J.; sheriff of. See Shepherd, F.; tin in. See Tin.

Devonshire, Duke of. See Cavendish, W.

Dewhurst, John, tidesman at Liverpool, 508.

Dewing, Geo., Surveyor of Duties on Houses in Cambridgeshire, 31, 63.

Deyos, John, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 400.

D'Goulaine. See Goulaine.

D'Hourse. See Hourse.

Diamond, —, Customs waiter, 164.

Diamonds, seizure of, 55, 60, 353, 438.

Dice, duties on. See Customs-duties, on cards, playing; Inspector of vendors of. See Kellet, T.; Sheffield, S.

Dickenson (Dickerson, Dickinson), Edward, a, cutler, street keeper to the Commissioners for Hackney Coaches, 185, 228, 469.

-, Francis, waiter and searcher at Parton, 581.

-, James, apprehended for burglary, 186.

-, Jane, pension of, 555.

-, Thomas, merchant, 540.

-, -, tidewaiter at Whitehaven, 105.

-, -, waiter and searcher at Parton, 641.

Dickins, Francis, lease of a tenement in New Forest, 353.

-, -, Doctor of Laws and Reader of Laws to Cambridge University, 282.

Dickinson. See Dickenson.

Dieu Island, 499, 522.

Digby, —, memorial concerning Sherwood Forest, 52.

Dillon, James, transported to America, 591.

D'Ilten. See Ilten.

Dineros. See Coins.

Dines, John, Commander of the Essex [Customs] smack, 50.

Disney, —, lieutenant colonel, half pay for, 88.

-, Ann, pension of, 555.

-, Eliza[beth], pension of, 555.

-, Thomas, lieutenant, placed on half pay, 509.

Diss, co. Norfolk, hundred, 356.

Diston, —, recommendation by, 22.

Divinity Lecturer, at Cambridge University, 265; at Oxford University, 265.

Dixey, Edward, captain, half pay officer in Ireland, 387.

Dixon, Henry, quarter master, half pay officer in Ireland, 386.

-, James, collector of Customs in New York, 329; to be collector of North Potomac river, 39, 294.

-, Nicholas, royal bounty for, 49, 81, 94, 96, 530.

-, William, security for Thomas Byerley, 439.

D'Malvirne. See Malvirne.

Dobie, James, seizure of ship of, 640.

Dobrie, William, master of the Providence, 637.

Docminique, Paul, a Commissioner of Trade and Plantations, 374, 426, 495, 657.

Dod (Dodd), Edward, drawback debentures on cowries, 133.

-, Joseph, convicted for felony, 595.

Doddington, George. See Bubb, G.

Doe, Charles, messenger and doorkeeper to the Customs Commissioners, 216.

Doftranville, Martha, pension for, 552.

Doidge, Thomas, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 398.

Doig, David, tidewaiter at Inverness, 145.

Dolby, John, lieutenant, French pensioner in Ireland, 407.

Dollars. See Coins.

Dollon, Catherine de, pension for, 552.

Donaldson, Robert, merchant in Kirkwall, appointed Chamberlain of Orkney, 90, 511.

Donlevy (Doulevy), John, wine taster, petition for increased salary, 41, 320.

Donne, Joseph, et al., payment to, for convicting a felon, 595.

Donnhill, Scotland, 521.

Doranda, Paul, bill payable to, 276.

Dorchester, Countess of. See Sedley, Catherine.

D'Orgevall. See Orgevall.

Dorison (Dorrison), John, pension for, 31, 296, 545.

Dormer, [James], brigadier, Regiment of Dragoons of, 391, 401.

-, James, Groom of the Bedchamber, 181, 297, 408, 603.

Dornand, Magdalen, pension for, 552.

Dorrison. See Dorison.

Dorset, county of, Receiver General of Taxes. See Darby, B.; Darby, J.; sheriff of. See Whitcombe, S.

Dorset, Duke of. See Sackville, L.

Dortoux, John, captain, pension of, 511.

Douai, Douay, Doway, France, 183; siege of, 630, 645.

Doubt, Hugh, tidesman in Padstow, 612.

Doudart, Angelique, pension for, 552.

Douglas (Douglass), —, forfeitures in Scotland, 325.

-, -, regiment of, 142.

-, Alexander, captain, 468.

-, Archibald, Receiver General of Taxes for Scotland, 57, 358.

-, Duke of Douglas, 240.

-, -, of Cavers, Receiver General of Crown Lands Rents and Casualties in Scotland, 280, 601, 680.

-, Charles, pension for, 545.

-, -, 2nd Earl of Selkirk, Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 181, 297, 408, 603.

-, David, ensign, half pay officer in Ireland, 405.

-, George, 2nd Earl of Dunbarton, pension of, 153, 475.

-, James, bills of exchange payable to, 205.

-, Dame Jane, pension of, 555.

-, John, Lord Douglas, colonel, 91.

-, -, -, William Theresia, daughter of, petition for half pay, 91.

-, Mary, Lady Mordington, petition of, 51; pension for, 547.

-, Rev. Oliver, payment for taking a Tory, 342.

-, Samuel, watchman in London, 180.

-, Walter, arrears due to, 78.

-, -, payment to, 238.

-, -, petition of, 78.

-, -,report concerning, 65.

-, William, Duke of Hamilton, 415.

-, -, cornet, half pay officer in Ireland, 390.

-, -, Dr., Physician to the King in Scotland, 136.

Doulevy. See Donlevy.

Dover, co. Kent, 59, 204, 244, 280; Collector of Customs, 62; Customs officers at, 140, 344, 360, 366, 384; increase of business at, 641; packet boats between France and, 641; Surveyor of Customs at. See Forster, J.; tidesmen and boatmen at, 612, 640; tidesurveyor at, 625, 640.

Dover Lord. See Jermyn, H.

Dow, William, Customs messenger, Scotland, 145.

Doway. See Douai.

Dowley, James, ensign, half pay for, 108, 625.

Downes (Downs), Dudley, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, 289.

-, -, Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer Receipt, 290, 438.

-, William, Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer Receipt, 226.

Downing, James, sheriff of Bristol, 265.

Downs, the, 229.

Dowse, William, Receiver General of Taxes for Huntingdonshire, 56, 355, 444.

Dowsett, John, grant of lands in Nova Scotia, 452.

Dowson, Edward, lease of land in Rosedale, 167.

Doyley, Hadley, Solicitor for the Hawkers and Pedlars Office, 483.

-, R., certificates sworn before, 274, 275, 278.

D'Quinsac. See Quinsac.

Drancourt, Mary de Rambure, pension for, 545.

Drew, Elizabeth, petition of, 4.

Drugs, duties on. See Customs duties, on coffee; for the Army, 171, 172, 219, 320, 421.

Drulhon, Henry, lieutenant, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Drummond, Geo., Accomptant General of Excise in Scotland, 195, 245.

-, James, Lord Drummond, forfeited estate of, 89, 97, 466, 563.

-, -, -, Jane, wife of, jointure lands of, 24, 89, 97, 466, 496, 516, 563.

-, Lawrence, lieutenant, annuity of, 476.

Drury, Thomas, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 400.

Du Bac. See Bac.

Du Berger. See Berger.

Dublin, 280, 385; Battle Axe Guards, Company of, 341; Council Chamber, fire in, 472; Customs House Coffee House, 472; packet boats, director of. See Macky, J.

Du Bois. See Bois.

Dubois, Abbé, Ambassador from France, 59, 204, 210, 244, 344, 366, 573.

Du Boss. See Boss.

Dubourgay, [Charles], colonel, Regiment of Foot of, 5, 630, 645.

Ducass (Ducasse), James, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 403.

-, Stephen, lieutenant, half pay officer in Ireland, 396.

Du Chail. See Chail.

Du Chesne. See Chesne.

Du Cosne. See Cosne.

Ducros, John, lieutenant, French pensioner in Ireland, 407.

Du Cross. See Cross.

Dudley, —, colonel, bills of exchange drawn by, 205, 206.

-, Sir Matthew, a Commissioner of Customs, 666.

Du Fau. See Fau.

Du Fay. See Fay.

Duff, William, of Brano, escheated estate of, 238.

Du Ghast. See Ghast.

Duke, Ann, pension of, 555.

-, Robert, waiter and searcher at Seaton Beer, 51.

Du Lac. See Lac.

Dulce, Mathias, lieutenant, of the Earl of Galway's Spanish Regiment of Foot, 175.

Dumas, Peter, corporal, pension of, 510.

Dummer, Edmund, West India packet boats, 467.

Du Mont. See Mont.

Dumont, Gabriel, Baron de Blaignac, pension for, 544.

Dunbar, co. Haddington, landwaiters and searchers at, 602.

Dunbarton, Earl of. See Douglas, G.

Duncan, Claud, pension for, 552.

-, John, boatman at Leith, 208.

Dunch, Edmond, lease of land in Scotland Yard, 9, 134, 184, 268.

Dunckley, Sir Robert, security for, 303.

Duncombe, Jane, widow, lease of lands at Meaux, 20, 226.

Dundas, Patrick, collector of the vacant stipends in Scotland, 239.

-, -, James, son of, 239.

-, Robert, Solicitor General, Scotland, 137, 156, 169, 303, 532.

Dundee, co. Forfar, tidesmen at, 334; tidesurveyors at, 526.

Dunkeld, co. Perth, 564; bishop of, 451; diocese of, Chancellor of the chapter of, 451.

Dunkerly, Adam, Customs officer, 304.

Dunkirk, France, 362.
-, Burgomaster and Aldermen of, 536.
-, demolition of, 67, 495, 535, 536; Commissioner to inspect. See Clayton, J.
-, hospital at, 8, 166, 181.

Dunseltiell, [co. Berwick], 239.

Dunwich, co. Suffolk, 417.

Dupplin, Lord. See Hay, G.

Dupuis (Dupuy), James, petition for extension of lease of houses in Pall Mall, 13, 200.

-, John, ensign, of the Earl of Galway's Spanish Regiment of Foot, 176.

Durand, Jean de, pension for, 545.

Durant, Francis, petition for a pension, 51.

Durell, Susanna, pension for, 545.

Durham, bishopric, Receiver of Crown Lands Revenue in. See Aldworth, [W.]

Durham, county of, Receiver General of Taxes. See Wilkinson, C.; Wilkinson, T.; Wyvill, F.

Duroure, Francis, captain, pension of, 511.

Du Ruel. See Ruel.

Duterne (Duterme), —, colonel, 276, 278.

Duvall, August, lieutenant, French pensioner in Ireland, 406.

Dwyre, John, pension of, 555.

Dyers, 284.

Dyot, Arabella, pension for, 625.

Dyrham, co. Gloucester, rector of. See Perry, M.