Entry Book: December 1672, 16-31

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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December 1672, 16-31

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Dec. 16 Signature by Treasurer Clifford of a docquet, dated 1672, Dec., of a grant to George Viscount Grandison and Thomas Crumpe, Esq., of the remainder of a debt due to the King from Sir John Harrison, Kt., deceased, and others, late Customs Farmers, and of all extended lands &c. of said Harrison in the counties of Herts, Norfolk and Lancaster, during the continuance of said extent, &c., utsupra, Vol. III. p. 1,348, under date 1672, Nov.16. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 120.
Sir. Ro. Howard to Sir Ro. Long. I will send you to-day a list of such moneys as Treasurer Clifford would have presently paid. There is 6,000l. set down for the Ordnance. I desire that in the meantime you would strike a tally for 2,000l. of it this morning on the Farmers of the Law duty. Out Letters General III. p. 199.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners. Henry Loades, of London, merchant, on behalf of the master and proprietors of the ship "St. John Evangelist" of Ostend, has represented that said ship was lately taken and brought in by a privateer into London port, and there is a cause depending at this time about the same in the Admiralty Court, and he desires that the perishable part of her lading, namely chestnuts and lemons, may be sold pending judgement and after entry made, which you refuse to permit unless her whole lading be entered. As said ship was brought in by constraint you are to admit an entry of the perishable goods until determination of said cause. Warrants Not Relating Money III. p. 211.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against the Earl of Anglesey on his accounts as late Treasurer of the Navy, which he is now upon and endeavouring to perfect with all speed. Ibid, p. 212.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Castleman, of Banstead Downs, co. Surrey, as officer of the Customs to look after and seize all such uncustomed goods as shall be conveyed by the roads about his place of residence. Ibid.
Same to same to deliver to the Earl of Mulgrave some goods lately imported from France. Ibid, p. 213.
Entry of a [Treasury] minute or order of reference [by Treasurer Clifford] as follows : "Upon hearing the matter before His Majesty concerning the beer furnished by the Victualler to his Navy, it is ordered that the matter be referred to such brewers as now or heretofore have used to brew beer for sea service to be nominated by the Master and Assistants of the Brewers Company, who are to consider what are fit proportions of the best malt of the several counties from whence it's usually brought, for the brewing of 30 tuns of beer for His Majesty's Navy, and what hath been the ancient proportion of such malt for that quantity of beer used in brewing, and to make report thereof to the Lord Treasurer." Ibid p. 222.
Money warrant for 1,095l. to Tobias Eden, of Clement's Inn, gent. [as royal bounty], in consideration of good and faithful services : payable out of baronetcy fee due from Sir Robert Eden. Tallies of discharge to be levied on said Sir Robert Eden. Warrants Early XIX. p. 232.
Money warrant for 27l. 7s. 6d. to Hugh May for one year on his fee or salary as Comptroller of the Works. Ibid, p. 234.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt. The order in Council of Aug. 23 last referred to the Treasury Lords the petition of Rebecca Hill on behalf of two orphans of her son, Capt. John Harley, desiring satisfaction for moneys due to him for service done at Barbados, as commander of the "Success" fireship, which he burned very successfully and with considerable damage to the enemy, and afterwards as commander of the "Willoughby" frigate. I find that Captain Harley was only voted by the Governor of Barbados 50,000 lb. weight of sugar as reward for his service in general in the West Indies : which, at 12s. 6d. per hundred [weight] would have been computed upon the place [or spot] at 300l. But no part of said sugar has ever been made good [handed over] to him. You are hereby to issue to the Treasurer of the Navy 300l. to be paid to said Rebecca Hill for said orphans. To be paid out of the 4 per cent. duty.
Together with Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Navy Commissioners to make out and sign a bill directing the Treasurer of the Navy to pay abovesaid 300l. in full of all pretences and demands of any abovesaid service and disbursements by said Capt. Harley.
Ibid, pp. 234-5, 237-8.
Money warrant for 200l. to Clara Bolton for one year on her pension, as recommended by the King in his reference of the 12th inst. to Treasurer Clifford, and in part of 1,000l. arrears thereon due to her at Michaelmas last, as appears by a certificate of the Auditor of the Receipt of, the 7th Nov. last. Ibid, p. 235.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Auditor and to the Receiver General of Crown Revenues of Dorset and Somerset to continue to pay as formerly out of the Crown revenues of those counties the annuity of 200l. to Juliana Coningesby (now the wife of Amias Hext, Esq.,) as granted by the letters patent of 1665, Dec. 18, in consideration of her good and hazardous service performed in the King's escape from Worcester. Ibid, p. 238.
Same to the Receipt for a tally to be levied at the Receipt purporting the payment of 1,095l. by Sir Thomas Barnardiston of Ketton, alias Kedington, co. Suffolk, being his baronet fee. Ibid, p. 239.
Royal sign manual for 120l. to Fredrick Bloyston, gent., as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated Dec. 17.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 193 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 239.
Same for 82l. 9s. 0d. to Edward Proger in satisfaction of so much by him expended for hay and other necessaries for the deer in the Middle or North Park [sic for New Park] at Hampton Court in 1670 and 1671. (Money warrant dated Dec. 17.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 193 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 238.
Dec. 17 Entry of the order of reference from Treasurer Clifford to the Customs Commissioners of the order in Council as follows :
Prefixing :Order of the King in Council, dated 1672, Oct. 30. The petition of Dionisius Bossenot and other merchants of St. Malo [is] read shewing that about the 18th Sept. last a small vessel of 15 tons burden, David Bigott master, came out of Dieppe laden with goods on petitioners' account and was forced on the coast of Sussex and driven ashore, where the officers of the Customs came on board and seized all the goods in so much that the master could not proceed in his voyage, since which time said vessel was staved to pieces. The said officers have seized all the goods on the pretence that some of them were prohibited, and the Serjeant of the Cinque Ports has also seized them on behalf of the Duke of York. It appears by certificate that said vessel and goods are really bound for St Malo. His Majesty will order redelivery of said goods. Ordered therefore that it be referred to the Treasury Lords to examine the fact. The Duke of York's officers concerned herein are to attend said Lords to make out their cause of seizure.
Out Letters General III. p. 200.
Sir Ro. Howard to the Customs Commissioners forwarding from Treasurer Clifford the petition of John Stoner, of London, merchant, and the affidavit of Edward Lovell, landwaiter. On Stoner's submission you are to accommodate and determine the business, and Stoner to be discharged. Out Letters General III. p. 201.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Commissioners. There are some goods arrived from France belonging to a company of French comedians who are come over into England. The King's pleasure is that such clothes, vestments, scenes and other ornaments, necessaries, and materials proper for and directly designed for their own use about the stage should be imported Customs free. But if any goods are brought over not for their own immediate use you are to take Custom for all such. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 213.
Treasurer Clifford's fiat for letters patent to constitute Thomas Roane Controller of Customs, Chichester port, loco John Martin, gent., deceased. Ibid, p. 214.
Privy seal for 1,000l. to Thomas Lord Colepeper for two years' arrears of his salary, being omitted to be mentioned in His Majesty's letters patents whereby he was constituted a member of His Majesty's standing Council for Foreign Plantations. (Money warrant, dated Jan. 28.) King's Warrant Book III. p. 220 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 274.
Royal warrant for a privy seal whereby His Majesty accepts 9,000l. to be paid by Sir John Shaw and partners in satisfaction of 15,211l. charged on them for money and bonds in their hands as late Farmers of the Customs and to discharge them from said whole debt thereupon. King's Warrant Book III. p. 192.
Dec. 18 Entry of the order of reference from Treasurer Clifford to Bartholomew Fillingham of the petition of Daniel Johnson, commissary of the provisions of Dunkirk : to certify whether the arrears mentioned in the petition be truly stated and still unpaid. Out Letters General III. p. 202.
Same of same from same to Major Andros and Mr. Fillingham of the petition of Tho. Herd, drum-major to Sir Tobias Bridge's regiment. Ibid
Same of same from same to Sir Robert Atkins, junr., and Mr. Philips of the petition of Edw. Cooke, William Skipwith, and Edward Seymour, deputy in the Greenwax, Alienation and Hanaper offices for allowance for their fees about the Law [duty] Bill. Ibid, p. 203.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Serjeant Francis Stephens to search for and seize sundry prohibited goods lately imported and lodged in the house of one Monsieur de Lottere, living near Fleet Street, London. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 214.
Treasurer Clifford's constitution and appointment of Richard Gregory, gent., messenger in ordinary, as messenger to attend him as Lord Treasurer. Ibid, p. 215.
[?] Same of Anthony Seagar, gent., as messenger to the Commissioners of Appeals in Excise. Ibid.
[?] Entry of demise to Thomas Carter and his wife at the nomination of Francis Stephens, Esq., of a parcel of waste land or common called Hermitage Common, in Hermitage, parcel of the manor of Fordington and of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ibid.
Dec. 18 Treasurer Clifford's warrant for appointing John Clarke, waiter at Newcastle, to be surveyor at Shields loco Stephen Baeker, deceased, with an addition of 20l. per an. to his salary of 40l. per an.
Nathaniel Massy lately designed by the Treasury Lords for that place is appointed waiter at Newcastle.
Thomas Wharton to be waiter and searcher at Sharpton loco William Hall.
James Hollis to be tidesman at Minehead loco Robert Syllivant, who declines that service.
William Gwin to be a tidesman in London port.
Ibid. p. 217.
[?] Entry of demise by in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Thomas Bradley, and Mary his wife, of several messuages and lands in the parish of Little Ouseburn, co. Yorks. parcel of the lands of Robert Walters, gent., outlaw. Ibid.
[?] Same of same by same to Anthony Keck, and Mary his wife, of the manor and several messuages, lands and tenements in Scampston and elsewere, co. Yorks, part of the lands of Sir John Bolles, bart., outlaw. Ibid.
Same of same by same to John Pratt of a messuage and lands in the parish of Broadhembury, part of the lands of Francis Pratt, outlaw. Ibid.
Dec. 18 The King to the Governors of the Foreign Plantations severally as follows, viz., Barbados, Montserrat, Antigua, Nevis, St. Christopher, Jamaica. By several laws and statutes of the realm the growth and product of our Plantations in America ought to be imported to England, Wales, and Berwick on Tweed "that they may answer us the Customs due by law thereupon." We are informed that there are divers practices for defrauding us of the said Customs by ships sailing hence without giving bond for their return as by law is enjoined, and foreign vessels which by too much connivance are suffered to lade within your government, and yet come not into our Kingdom of England, Wales, or Berwick to make their discharge and satisfy us the duty due thereupon, and by many small vessels that come from the neighbouring Plantations and take in goods for other parts and return neither to this our Kingdom nor the said Plantations. For prevention hereof you are to cause strict examination to be taken of the commanders and masters of all English ships that from henceforth shall arrive in your Government whether they have given bond for their return into England, and in case they have not you are not to suffer any of them to be laden till they have given bond with good sureties to come into some port of our said kingdom, "that they may pay us the customs due by law" : as also to take bond with good sureties from all vessels that shall come from any other Plantations for the returning of their goods into some of our said Plantations, or bringing of them into our said kingdom. And if any foreign ships shall come within your Government we require that our laws be put in due execution against them. In all which you are to proceed according to the Navigation Act, the Act for encouraging of trade, and the Act for encouraging the Plantation trade of the 12th, 15th, and 22rd years of our reign. We require you to send to Lord Treasurer Clifford in England a list of all bonds that you shall so cause to be taken, with an account of all ships, their burthen, masters' names, and to what place belonging that shall lade in your government yearly. King's Warrant Book III. pp. 194-5.
Dec. 19 Signature by Treasurer Clifford of a docquet dated 1672, Dec., of a warrant for the Exchequer to pay Sir William Swanne 3l. a day as ordinary from Sept. 29 last as Resident with the Hanse Towns. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 122.
Entry of the order of reference from Treasurer Clifford to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir Gabriel Sylvius for [a lease of] some concealed lands near the Horse Ferry at Westminster. Out Letters General III. p. 202.
Same of same from same to Mr. Filingham of the petition of Marcus Browne, merchant, about provisions supplied to the Island of Montserrat : "to examine if the money be not contained in the debt already stated and directed to be paid out of the Four and a half per cent. for matters relating to the West Indies." Ibid, p. 203.
Money warrant for 48l. to John Greene for two years on his fee of 24l. per an. as Keeper of His Majesty's Stables at the Mews, in part of 7 3/4 years arrears thereon to Michaelmas last. Warrants Early XIX. p. 240.
Same for 100l. to Thomas Windham for half a year on his annuity or yearly pension. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Auditors of Imprests and the Comptroller General of the Accounts of the Custom House to allow 237l. 8s. 3d. in account to Jackson, Collector of Customs in Berwick port, being a surcharge upon him for having collected the duty on Scotch pladding only ad valorem and not according to the Book of Rates, which in this particular case has been passed and discharged. Ibid, p. 246.
Privy seal for the Auditor of the Receipt to compute the 6 per cent. interest of the 302l. 12s. 5d. from the payment of same into the Receipt by John Throckmorton as purchase money for fee farms in the manor of Higham, Sussex, of the value of 20l. per an. (contracted for by him, but which he could not enjoy as they had before been conveyed to Sir John Clobery), and for orders to be drawn for payment of said 302l. 12s. 5d. with interest, &c., &c., by way of allowing same in satisfaction or as part purchase money of other farms of the value of 22l. 9s. 2d. contracted for by him. (Treasurer Clifford's subscription, dated Dec. 20, of docquet hereof. Treasurer Clifford's warrant hereon to the Exchequer, dated 1672-3, Jan. 15.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 211-2 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 121 ; Warrants Early XIX. p. 258.
Dec. 20 Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet dated 1672, Dec., of a warrant for the Exchequer to discharge Thomas Holder of the sum of 509l. 12s. 6d. of foreign specie which he has in hands as part of and in consideration of several sums of money as below by him disbursed in His Majesty's service : and also to discharge him of the several sums of 56,235l. 3s. 10d. and 11,029l. 13s. 1d., and of and from all accounts to be made by him of said several sums, which said sums were received by him for His Majesty's use from Sir Thomas Bond, Kt., and Joseph Drake, Esq., and employed according to His Majesty's directions. (Royal warrant, dated Dec. 17, for a privy seal for said payment of 509l. 12s. 6d., and for said discharges as above.) British Museum Additional MS. 28074 p. 121 ; King's Warrant Book III. p. 192.
Same by same of same, dated 1672, Dec., of a grant to Richard Westcombe and Clement Westcombe, his son, of the office of Controller of Customs, Cardiff port, on the surrender of Richard Dutton. Ibid, p. 122.
Treasurer Clifford to the King's Remembrancer to stay all process against William Harbord on the 2,000l. charged on him as imprested by a privy seal for repairs in the New Park called Richmond Park : said Harbord having by virtue of a Treasury warrant of 1668, Sept. 25, assigned the orders, drawn on said privy seal, to Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, to be by him employed for the said service : notwithstanding which process of distringas has been awarded against said Harbord. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 218.
Same to Sir Fr. Russell, Col. Sands, Mr. Street, Richard Dowdeswell, Tho. Foley, Commissioners of Assessments for co. Worcester. Complaint has been made on behalf of several late head collectors of the Royal Aids for Worcester to the effect that Robert Foley, late Receiver General thereof, has in his accounts discharged himself of a great part by setting supers on said head collectors and has thereby overcharged them with several considerable sums. so that said head collectors cannot clear and discharge themselves without returning and charging part of their supers back again upon the said Receiver, to the great prejudice of His Majesty's service in obstructing the bringing in of the King's moneys : whereupon said Foley was summoned before me, and acknowledged that some mistake had been committed by him, but that at present he could not by his books and papers amend the error without going into the country, and therefore desired that the differences between him and the head collectors might be referred to you. You are to consider hereof and report by the first day of next term after comparing the Receiver's books with the said head collectors acquittances and demands. I have appointed Mr. Kemp Harwood to attend you herein.
Appending : note of the said supers in question.
Ibid, pp. 219-20.
Aids. Eleven Months.
s. d. s. d.
Will. Geeres, deceased, head collector of Pershore and Black [Blackenhurst] 271 4 0
Kemp Harwood, same for same 47 7 6 973 16 8
Ri. Hodgkins, deceased, Head Collector of Oswaldslow 120 2 4 2027 0 8
William Woodward, same of Pershore Lower 18 12 1 327 10 8
Same to abovesaid Robert Foley to attend the abovesaid referees for the abovesaid purpose. Ibid, p. 220.
[? Dec. 20] Treasurer Clifford to the heir or executor of Sir Thomas Player, late Chamberlain of London. During Sir George Carteret's employment as Treasurer of the Navy he deposited in the hands of Sir Thomas Player, deceased, several tallies levied upon divers Receivers of the Royal Aid, of which many are yet unpaid and remain in your hands. As said Carteret cannot be duly discharged of the money upon said tallies until they are again delivered into his hands you are therefore to deliver all said tallies so remaining unpaid as aforesaid to said Carteret, taking a note under his hand for the receipt of same, which shall be [to you] a sufficient discharge for said tallies. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 221.
Dec. 20 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 150l. to George Porter for half a year to Sept. 29 last of his salary as Surveyor of Customs of London port. Money Book (Customs), p. 82.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to repay to Samuel Pepys, 9,000l. for the service of Tangier on such orders as are already drawn in his name for that service : same to be paid by levying tallies on the Customs Cashier to that amount. Ibid.
Same to the Receipt to levy a tally purporting the payment of 1,095l. by Sir Thomas Adams, of London, kt. : being his baronet fee. Warrants Early XIX. p. 240.
Money warrant for 40l. to [Thomas] Barlow, Dr. in Phisick, and Margaret Professor of Phisick in Oxford, for three years to Michaelmas last, being in full of what is grown due to him on his annuity or pension of 20 marks. Ibid, p. 241.
Same for 40l. to Dr. James Hyde for one year of his fee as Regius Professor [of Phisick] in Oxford. Ibid.
Same for 18l. 7s. 9d. to Sir George Downing in full (with 2,391l. 12s. 2d. as the value of his ambassadorial plate as late Ambassador to the United Provinces) of 2,410l. due to him upon an order of loan, dated 1671, Nov. 8, registered in the name of Capt. John Peters on the Customs : and also to pay him 102l. 16s. 0d. for interest on said loan from 1671, Nov. 8, to the date of the privy seal of July 24 last. Ibid, pp. 246-7.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Sir C. Harbord for a particular and ratal of a house and common oven in Macclesfield with a view to a renewal of lease to one Samuel Mottershed therein assigned to him by William Farringdon, of Worden, co. Lancs. . the new lease to be for 31 years from Michaelmas last on surrender of the lease in being and on a fine of 24l. 13s. 4d. at the old reserved rent of 8s. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 216.
Royal warrant for a privy seal for discharging the estate, executors and heirs of the late Earl of Sandwich of all accounts of moneys relating to the Great Wardrobe during the whole time of his having been Master of the same : but nothing herein to release Thomas Townsend from the said accounts. Also for the remitting of 2,000l. to the said late Earl (due from said Earl to the Crown, being the remainder of the sum of 9,042l. 15s. 6d., being purchase money on contracts for fee farms) : the said late Earl having at the time of his death (as is alleged in the petition of his heir the present Earl) lost a considerable estate in plate, jewels and other goods to the value of 4,000l. and upwards : the aforesaid petition having been referred July 30 last to the Treasury : for the remitting whereof an order is to be drawn for the said sum of 2,000l. to the present Earl of Sandwich out of the sale of fee farms, which is to be applied to the discharging and satisfying the money due [from said Earl] upon contracts for fee farms made by said Earl. All in regard of said late Earl's services, and in regard also of the fact that in consequence of said Earl having been employed upon several embassies and other services abroad the said Wardrobe moneys never came to his hand but were received and issued by said Townsend as his deputy in said office, all the books, writings and papers being in said Townsend's hands. (Treasurer Clifford's subscription, dated Feb. 13, of docquet hereof.) King's Warrant Book III. pp. 196-8 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 133.
Money warrant for 20l. to the Earl of Rivers for one year's creation money. Warrants Early XIX. p. 281.
Dec. 21 Subscription by Treasurer Clifford of a docquet, dated 1672, Dec. of a warrant for the Exchequer to deliver to Sir Thomas Orby a bond for 4,500l., condition[ed] to pay 2,250l., which was entered into by him and Sir Peter Killigrew to the Trustees of the late Queen Mother for a lease : the King being pleased to discharge said Orby and said Killigrew from said debt. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 123.
Treasurer Clifford to [the Customs Commissioners]. By the order in Council of the 20th inst., made on the petition of the Royal Africa Company, I am to order the stopping of any ships bound out upon private accounts to any places between Sallee and the Cape of Good Hope to the prejudice of and contrary to the Charter granted to the said Company. On behalf of said Company I am informed that the ship "George," William Shafte, master, and the "Benjamin," Abraham Major, master, are now outwards bound from the Thames upon the said [Guinea trade] account. Until further order herein you are to lay a stop on said ships and to hinder them to proceed on their voyage. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 218.
Money warrant for 1,250l. to Lawrence Hyde. Master of the Robes, for a quarter to Xmas next on the 5,000l. per an. [for the Office of Robes] as by the letters patent of 1672, April 26. Warrants Early XIX. p. 241.
Same for 100l. to Lodowick Carlisle for half a year on his pension. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's dormant warrant to the Cashier of the Customs to pay from time to time the annuity of 2,000l. to Prince Rupert for life. Ibid.
Money warrant for 47l. 4s. 2d. to Sir Rob. Crooke for one year on his annuity or fee as Clerk of the Pipe. Ibid, p. 242.
Same for 500l. to Sidney Godolphin for extraordinaries during the time of his continuance in his employ as Envoy Extraordinary to attend the French Camp. Ibid, p. 247.
Same for 100l. 7s. 6d. to Sir James Norfolk for one year on his fee and allowance as a Serjeant at Arms. Ibid, p. 244.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant (marked in the margin vacated, see infra p. 25, 1672-3, Jan. 3) to the Receipt for tallies to be levied at the Receipt on the Cashier of the Customs for 30,000l., which tallies are to be delivered to Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, for the service of the Navy. "And you are to cause issues to be made of the said 30,000l. upon such orders as are already drawn in the said Receipt in the name of Sir Thomas Osborne for the service of the said Navy, and which do remain in his hands unsatisfied." Ibid, p. 248.
Dec. 22 Sir Ro. Howard to Mr. Stockdale to send to the Custom House to be opened there the box lately imported from France, and directed to the Earl of Bath, and now in your custody. Out Letters General III. p. 203.
Dec. 23 Entry of the fresh order of reference from Treasurer Clifford to the Agents for Taxes of their report already made, and which has been considered, as to the state of the account between George Clarke, Collector of Hearthmoney for Devon, Cornwall and Exeter, and John Norman and Richard Prowse : Treasurer Clifford being pleased to declare that said Norman was answerable for the whole charge contained in said report amounting to 3,588l. 10s. 6d., and that the question of the difference between said parties as to the distribution of the clear profit of said receipt according to the agreement between them be referred to the above referees to endeavour an accommodation. In order to enable Norman to clear said charge, part of which he alleges is in arrear in the country, he is to be sufficiently authorised from said Clarke for collecting and recovering said arrear. Ibid, p. 202.
Same of same from same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir John Booth and Sir John Poyntz for a lease of concealed and derelict lands in co. Sussex, found to belong to the King by inquisition returned into the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 205.
Same of same from same to same of the petition of Sir Richard Hatton for satisfaction for his lands taken into Tilbury Fort. Ibid, p. 247.
Same of same from same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of William Andrews, Receiver of the Subsidy for co. Herts., for an allowance for acting also as Solicitor thereof. Ibid, p. 214.
Report to the King from Treasurer Clifford on the state of the case of Thomas Herlackenden, late Receiver General of Assessments for Kent. I find that Thomas Miller received 300l. from said Herlackenden on a bill pretended to be the hand of Charles Duncombe, servant to Edward Backwell, which said Duncombe does disown to be his bill. Backwell says that Miller confesses the bill was counterfeited by his procurement. Said Miller has fled, and Herlackenden is in sickness and has sold a considerable part of his estate to satisfy his debt to the Crown of which this 300l. was part. I advise that this 300l. be remitted. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 223.
[?] Treasurer Clifford to [the Auditors of the Exchequer Court]. Col. Edward Grey and others (who pretend a right to a certain patent lately granted to Lady Salton for the discovery of arrears of rents witheld from the King) lately petitioned the Treasury to have the patent put in execution. The Attorney General to whom they were referred by the late Treasury Lords has certified that said Grey et al. have produced to him schedules of many rents in the counties of Middlesex, Lincoln and Derby, which they allege have been wrongfully concealed from the Crown, and that they desire a Commission to issue into those counties for the recovery thereof and of the arrears since the Act of Oblivion. This the Attorney General did not think fit until evidence shown of the King's right, and therefore required them to make it appear from the records of the Exchequer that the said rents were all in charge within 60 years next before the statute of 21 James I., and that they are not in grant or any way determined. As you have refused either to make searches yourselves or to permit the said persons to search your records without warrants from me this is to warrant you to permit them to make such search. Ibid, p. 224.
Dec. 23 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Auditor Phelips. By the order of Council of 1669-70, Mar. 2, you were directed to adjust the goldsmiths' account with Sir George Carteret, late Treasurer of the Navy, and therein to state the interest at 6 per cent. every six months for the money they advanced for the Navy, and to place the [4 per cent.] reward at the foot of the account. Sir Robert Vyner has complained that upon stating the said account for moneys by him advanced for said service you apprehend the [4 per cent.] reward is only to be placed at the foot of the general account for divers years and not to be allowed every six months, [which is] to his very great detriment. It is intended by the said order of Council that the [4 per cent.] reward should be paid and allowed every six months in like manner as the 6 per cent. interest is allowed. You are therefore upon the account of Sir George Carteret to make allowance of what is due to said Vyner for reward at the end of every six months in the same way as what is due for the 6 per cent. interest up to the 31st Dec., 1671. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 225.
Same to [the Customs Commissioners] to place on the establishment of the Customs office Thomas Christopher, with the salary of 50l. per an. from Sept. 29 last, and to add 30l. per an. to the salary of Benjamin Hodskins [as officers for the bills of exchange] : there having been this last year very many bills of exchange to the number of 1,090 which have taken the whole time of said two men in procuring acceptance and payment, the establishment at present only allowing one man, said Hodskins, for said work with a salary of 20l. per an. Ibid, p. 226.
Allowance by Treasurer Clifford of Richard Mountney's bill of disbursements by him as Cashier of the Customs in paying money into the Exchequer and receiving bills of exchange, &c.
Prefixing :Said bill in detail. (Total 201l. 4s. 5d.)
Money Book (Customs). pp. 83-6.
Warrant by same to said Mountney to pay the King's Remembrancer 45l. 12s. 0d. for the fees to him and his clerks heretofore usually paid by the Customers of the outports, viz. : for passing their accounts for the year ending Xmas instant. Ibid.
Money warrant for 18l. 5s. 0d. to Peter Brent for one year on his fee as Master Plumber of the Works. Warrants Early XIX. p. 227.
Treasurer Clifford's subscription of a docquet, dated 1672, Dec., of a warrant to the Exchequer to pay the Earl of Oxford 5,000l. in consideration of his surrender of the office of Chief Justice in Eyre of all His Majesty's forests on this side Trent : to be received without account. British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 124.
[?] Same of same, dated 1672, Dec., of a grant to Nathaniel Cocks (Cox), gent., of the office of one of the keepers of the Council Chamber, with the fee of 2s. 6d. a day in reversion after George Cocks, his father, or Thomas Ravenscrofte, "and after His Majesty's letters patent to Benjamin Cooling of the said office have taken effect or be otherwise determined." Ibid.
Dec. 23 Money warrant for 250l. to Frances, Countess Dowager of Portland for one quarter on her pension. Warrants Early XIX. p. 242.
Money warrant for 100l. to William Chiffinch for half a year to Xmas next on his pension. Warrants Early XIX. p. 243.
Same for 2,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox for one quarter to Xmas next on the 8,000l. per an. for secret service, as by the letters patent of 1668, April 30. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to pay to Judith Pamphlyn (if rightly due to her), widow of Richard Pamphlyn, the 6l. due out of the Wardrobe to her said husband at his decease. Ibid.
Same to Auditor Sir Joseph Seymour to allow 80l. in account to John Newsham, gent., for acting as solicitor for the subsidy for co. Warwick. Ibid.
Like warrant for allowing 81l. 15s. 3d. to Nathaniel Smith for his employment as same for co. Northampton. Ibid.
Money warrant for 50l. to Mrs. Catherine Bointon, now wife to Col. Richard Talbot, for half a year on her annuity or yearly pension. Ibid. p. 244
Same for 40l. to John Shillingford, alias Izard, for one year on his fee as Grand Yeoman Pricker to His Majesty's Privy Harriers. Ibid.
Same for 200l. to Sir Peter Wich for equipage and transportation, and 184l. for three months' advance on his ordinary as secretary to the extraordinary embassy to espouse and conduct the Archduchess of Innspruch on behalf of the Duke of York. Ibid. 245.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to the Auditor concerned, to allow to John Tooker 105l. as solicitor of the subsidy in Somersetshire. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners for granting Wine Licences. Andrew Snape has petitioned that the licence granted him for seven years for the sole selling of wine at Hampton Court, at the rent of 50l. per an., might be made void, as the rent was too great, "alledging that he had not received so much for wine spent in that place as the rent comes to." You are to take in said lease and let a fresh one at easy and moderate rates to any who shall desire the same. Also on Snape's surrender you are to abate 20l. of his rent arrears of 87l. 10s. Ibid, pp. 245-6.
Privy seal for the Receivers [of Crown Revenues] of North and South Wales to pay to the Marquess of Worcester, as President of the Council of Wales, or his steward, 800l. per an. for the extraordinary expenses of His Majesty's Court and Household in the Marches of Wales ; the first payment to be by way of advance for the quarter commencing at Lady Day last : and 400l. per an. more for an honourable stable for said President. This privy seal is to vacate and take the place of the privy seal of July 10 last, which ordered said 800l. per an. and 400l. per an. to be paid out of the Exchequer : said marquess having prayed for fresh privy seals to transfer said sums to be paid out of the Crown revenues of Wales. The said Steward of the Lord President's Household is to keep a book of his disbursements hereupon, and said book is to be signed on the several pages thereof by said Lord President or two of his Council.
Appending : Copy of the establishment dated 1668, Nov. 13, of the said 800l. for extraordinaries of said President's Court and Household, (Undated royal warrant [? Dec. 18] for said privy seal. Treasurer Clifford's signature dated Dec. 21 of docquet hereof.)
King's Warrant Book III. pp. 192, 196. 202-5 ; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 123.
Dec. 24 Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Serjeant Francis Stephens to arrest Robert Whittacre, who has "been accused to me by very credible testimony of crimes of a very high nature." Warrants Not Relating to Money III p. 232.
Same to the Attorney General to prepare a bill for the Great Seal for His Majesty's grant of the office of Customer of Newcastle port to Henry Brabant, son of Henry Brabant, in reversion after his said father. Ibid, p. 238.
Money warrant for 47l. 4s. 2d. to Sir Rob. Croke for half a year on his fee as Clerk of the Pipe. Warrants Early XIX. p. 247.
Dec. 27 Treasurer Clifford to [the Grand Commissioners of Excise]. John Forth, farmer of Excise of Cornwall and Devon complains that Edward Manning, Thomas Badham, and several other persons pretend a power of collecting and receiving said Excise, having no commission thereto according to the laws of Excise. You are to call them before you and examine them so as to prevent this abuse to the country. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p 248.
Dec. 28 Same to the Customs Commissioners to admit (after examination) Nicholas Warren, of London, merchant, and the rest of the persons interested in the cargo of wines laden on board the "Four Arms" from the Canaries, to make entry of such wines which are landed in the Isle of Thanet, and put on such vessels as they could find there to bring them up the river, for that the said "Four Arms" lately arrived in the Downs was by extraordinary foul weather driven ashore on the Isle of Thanet and there utterly disabled. Ibid, p. 231
Same to same. By my warrant of the 21st inst. I directed a stop of the ship "George," William Shaft, master, and the ship "Benjamin," Abraham Major, master, outward bound to places where they ought not to trado to, the trade of those parts being granted to the Royal Africa Company. The owners petition for said ships to be allowed to proceed, they never intending to go to Africa. You are to release them on security not to go to the coast of Africa between Sallee and Cape de Bon Esperance or eastward of the said Cape. Ibid, p. 232
Dec. 31 Letter of direction transferring 500l. of Sir Robt. Holmes's money warrant of June 12 last to the Exchequer in General. Warrants Early XIX. p. 116.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Serjeant Francis Stevens to search the papers and arrest the persons of John Armorett, clerk, George Lapidge, gent, and John Webster, who are informed against by Robert Whitaker for counterfeiting and clipping the coin and other great crimes. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 227.
Same, dated from Wallingford House, to Richard Gregory, messenger in ordinary attending the Lord Treasurer, to release on bail Eustace Seymour, late Collector of the Royal and Additional Aid in the several wapentakes of Boothby Graffoe and Langoe, co. Lincoln, now in your custody for an arrear on his account, in order that he may produce a certificate which he alleges he has from the Commissioners of Assessments of said wapentakes importing their discharge of him from the said whole collection. Ibid, p. 228.
Same to same to similarly release Charles Read, late Receiver of the Lennox lands, co. Yorks, now in custody for the arrear of 500l. charged upon him in the accounts of the Auditor of said county : he alleging that he has secured a good part of the said arrear by sufficient bonds from the tenants there and could secure the rest if he had liberty. Ibid.
Treasurer Clifford's warrant to Sergeant Francis Stephens to deliver Robert Whittacar (now in your custody) to Sir John Osborne : said Whittacar being bound over to prosecute certain persons by him accused of treason and other high crimes ; Whittacar being a soldier of the foot-guards under the command of said Osborne and unable to find securities for his appearing and prosecuting such persons so accused : the said Osborne having been requested to take care that said Whittacar be from time to time forthcoming to the said end. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 230.
Money warrant for 30l to Roger Harsnet or his assignees without accompt : being for His Majesty's secret service. Ibid, p. 231.