Minute Book: May 1674

Pages 241-245

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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May 1674

May 1. A letter to be written for one year's salary to be paid to Mr. Chase, the King's Apothecary, to enable him the better to attend the King at Windsor, &c., this summer.
A letter [ordered] for 50l. for the poor of St. Margaret's, Westminster.
Another for Mr. Finch to be paid the three quarters of a year of his pension lately ordered.
[Ibid. p. 112.]
May 2. The Lord Treasurer orders a letter to be written for 200l. out of the Chimney money : [to be] for two weeks to Mr. Hyde.
May 4. The Lord Treasurer directs the sum of 800l. to be issued to the Master of the Wardrobe for provision of the King and Queen's linen and to be paid out of the Chimney money.
Baron Spilman to have his half year's salary [due] at Lady Day last, 66l. 13s. 4d., and also for his attendance at the seal days of Hilary and Michaelmas terms, 15l. 0s. 0d., making 81l. 13s. 4d. in all : to be paid out of the Chimney money.
May 6. Mr. Nelthorp to be sent for about the uncertain casks.
Mr. Bennion and Mr. Cottle to be summoned to attend at the Treasury on Saturday next.
Send to Mr. Caltoff to attend the Lord Treasurer about his interest in Fox Hall.
Alderman Foorth to attend at the Treasury Chambers on Saturday afternoon next.
May 9.
Wallingford House.
Alderman Jno. Foorth called in concerning the Irish Revenue Farm.
The Inland Excise, ale and beer licences, the quit rents, Chimney money and wine licences are paid quarterly and amount to 108,000l. per an. (after due abatements) : which is for half a year 54,000l.
The Customs are 75,000l. per an., which is paid by equal proportions every 14 days, which is 3,000l. a fortnight. 'Tis proposed by Alderman Foorthe to leave in His Majesty's hands a month's payment, which is 6,000l., which, being added to the 54,000l., is 60,000l.
A letter from the King, 1 Feb. 1672-3, [is ordered] to be called for from the signet office this afternoon.
Memorandum : That there is 41,000l. advance money of the [Revenue] Farmers of Ireland at present in His Majesty's hands, which Alderman Forth promises shall be made up [to] 60,000l. to the satisfaction of the Lord Treasurer.
Agreed by Alderman Forth to make his quarterly payments according to the letter of 1 Feb., 1672-3.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with the Lord Keeper upon the paper presented by the Irish [Revenue] Farmers for defalcations.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 113.]
May 9.
[? Afternoon.]
Mr. Benyon and Mr. Cottle called in. The Lord Treasurer thinks fit to hear them only to the point of 438l. in dispute betwixt them. Mr. Thursby, Counsel for Mr. Cottle, affirms that Mr. Jno. Ashburnham and Lord Clarendon aver the payment of this 438l. to the late King at Oxford, and that it appears entered in Mr. Ashburnham's books, which are now in the custody of Mr. Lawrence. The Lord Treasurer appoints the Lord Keeper to be desired to be present at the next hearing of this matter and that Sir Philip Warwick attend at the same time [viz. as] to the point of the 438l., whether this sum were paid at Oxford or no. The Lord Treasurer directs a stop of all process against Mr. Benyon in the meantime. This cause to be heard a second time some day next week.
Mr. Marriot proposes whether money lent in 1645 or 1646 to the late King can by any law or equity be discharged by an accomptant in 1663.
[Ibid. p. 114.]
May 11. Roberts and Taylor, Receivers of [the rents, &c., of the Castle and Honor of] Windsor are to be summoned [to attend the Lord Treasurer]. Sir C. Harbord and Mr. Laurence to be present at the hearing of the business.
The Lord Treasurer to order 1,000l. to the Works [payable] by 200l. per month.
Mr. Mason to bring his patent for New England to be perused by Sir Geo. Downing and myself [Charles Bertie].
[Ibid. pp. 114-5.]
May 13. Present : Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Duke of Ormonde.
Mr. Cherrell called in : stands to his petition.
Mr. Bridge and the constable called in : he [Bridge] desires he may have the money he has laid out upon his patent.
The Lord Keeper says he has no patent but an exemplification and during the King's pleasure. Revoked by an order of Council.
Bridge says if it be vexatious he will bring up his patent to-morrow morning.
The constable produces a warrant from the Recorder of London for his justification.
The Lord Keeper orders him [the constable] to restore to Cherrel all his goods in his custody and Bridge to restore to the constable the goods he hath ; which Bridge says shall be done to-morrow morning.
The Lord Keeper says that prohibited goods ought not to be [received] into private houses.
The Lord Keeper says that Bridge must come to-morrow morning not only with his patent but an effectual surrender also. If he does not [then he is] to attend the Council on Friday and [be] taken into custody.
[Ibid. p. 115.]
May 14. Present : Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Duke of Ormonde.
Sir Robert Viner, Mr. Meynell, Mr. Portman and the rest of the goldsmiths' are called in.
Their humble proposal is read. The Lord Keeper demands if they have found out any way to make the first part of their proposal practicable. Sir Robert Viner answers that 'tis highly probable and that their credit hath been trusted for a far greater sum : and that 'tis a just and equitable debt promised to be paid at the end of one year.
The Lord Treasurer demands if they have any other proposal to make that may suit better with the [present condition of the] King's affairs. They answer they cannot offer any other.
The Lord Keeper says it will be very fatal to them unless the interest be provided.
The goldsmiths would be content that payment of their interest should not commence till after Xmas next.
Mr. Taylor and Mr. Cottle's business is to be heard to-morrow afternoon at the Lord Keeper's house. Mr. Mason to attend at the same time.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 116.]
May 15. A letter to be written for 500l. for the royal foundation [the mathematical boys within Christ's Hospital] for half a year ended Lady Day last.
[Ibid. p. 117.]
May 21.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde.
Viscount Dillon's petition is read.
The Lord Treasurer to grant a warrant to the Auditor and Surveyor General of Ireland to make certificates what the new quit rent is that is chargeable on Viscount Dillon's state, what the old composition rent was in 1641 and what the arrears of both are till this time.
The Lord Treasurer to move the King for a respitt till the first day of Michaelmas term and [Dillon] to be at liberty to be heard if they can procure the certificates by Trinity term next or sooner.
Mr. Cole (written over Nelthorp as an erasure) to be sent for to Wallingford House to-morrow morning and Mr. Nelthorp to attend the Lord Treasurer in the afternoon.
The Lord Treasurer to be reminded about placing an officer at Falmouth as Collector.
[Ibid. p. 117.]
May 22. The Lord Treasurer will, within a week or 10 days after his return from Windsor, appoint a day for hearing Mr. Cole about uncertain cask.
And then also [will] hear Sir William Blackett's business.
[Ibid. p. 118.]
May 23. [Ordered by the Lord Treasurer] to settle upon the Excise 50,000l. per quarter for the forces :
For the Household 25,000l.
" Stables 2,500l.
" Secret Service 2,500l.
Sir Stephen Fox to have 3,145l. 5s. 9d. for secret service upon the contingencies of the fifth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax] : and 10,000l. for the same service upon the sixth quarter [of said tax].
[Ordered that] 600l. for the Duke [of York's] lodgings at Hampton Court and 400l. [? for hangings] be placed upon some list.
Write to Sir Bainham Throckmorton an account how the Lord Treasurer has ordered the 400l. for the Forest [? of Dean] and desire his care as to the repair of enclosures, &c.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 118.]
May 23. Present : Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer, Attorney General, Solicitor General.
The Lord Treasurer demands better securities of the new Farmers [of Excise] and desires them to show reason why they refuse it.
The Lord Keeper says that it may so happen that their advance money may be but a fifth part of what they will have in their hands.
The new Farmers propose to give security for the paying in the city and country running cash every day.
Two things the Lord Treasurer expects, viz., either : (1) that the Farmers give sufficient security or else (2) that His Majesty make them a compensation : which the Lord Treasurer thinks His Majesty will incline to do upon their re-signing [? or in the event of their resigning] the farm.
The Lord Keeper says the sum of all the Farmers' discourse is that the King hath let a bargain whereas he hath none or very little security.
The Farmers desire to know what security his Lordship expects.
The Lord Treasurer and Lord Keeper answer even 12 bonds : such security as may be sufficient to the Receipt.
The Farmers desire time to consult their Counsel.
Their answer to be returned by to-morrow night.
[Ibid. p. 119.]
May 25. [Warrant for] 100l. for half a year's pension to Mris. Anne Wyndham ; [she] being instrumental in the King's escape from Worcester.
The plenipotentaries' plate [is ordered] to be called in and as many ounces as are appointed to be delivered to Sir William Temple.
Write to Sir Rob. Howard to pay 350l. for the [King's musicians of the] violins and the two last orders for the Children [of the Chapel amounting to] 420l. . . . : [both sums to be paid] out of the Chimney money.
[Ibid. p. 120.]
May 26. Warrant to discharge all the Farmers [of the revenue] of Ireland from the said farm except John and Dannet Forth.
Another [warrant] for [the said Farmers'] defalcations. [To be left] blank.
[Ibid. p. 118.]
May 28. If the Commissioners [for Tangier] are applied to any further in the business of Tangier they are to inform themselves and to report to the Lord Treasurer whether they will be contented to allow the nomination of the Commander to His Majesty and be at the charge both of the manning and victualling the ship.
The Commissioners [of the Customs] are to consider and to report to the Lord Treasurer, by Monday next, what will be necessary for putting in execution the Composition trade.
Duty for feathers [is] to be taken according to law. Sewell to be Surveyor of Portsmouth.
[The business of] Mr. Cole's and Mr. Nelthorp's wines [is] suspended till a day of hearing, which the Lord Treasurer will appoint after his return from the Bath.
The [Customs] Commissioners to report to the Lord Treasurer what distribution of the coinage duty they think most reasonable.
The reports about Prizage are to be viewed, &c.
The Collector of Berwick [is] to admit corn to come over Berwick Bridge, according to their [the corn importers'] last petition, till further order.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 120.]