Minute Book: December 1674

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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December 1674

Dec. 2. A letter to be written to the Commissioners of the Navy to make a contract with Commissioner Deane for building two ships according to the estimate following, dated Oct. 27, and signed by J. S. [Sir Jeremy Smith], J. E. [Sir Jo. Earnley], J. T. [Jo. Tippetts], R. H. [Richard Haddock, Navy Commissioners] out of the establishment for this year.
Ft. Ins. s. d.
Length of keel 90 0
Br[eadth] to the outside 27 6
For the hull, masts and yards completely fitted 2,669 0 0
Ft. Ins.
Length of keel 75 0
Br[eadth] to the outside 22 6
For the hull, masts and yards completely fitted 1,363 10 0
4,032 10 0
To be paid
At sealing the contract, 1,270l.
When the second Futtocks are laid, 1,250l.
When the gun deck beams are in, 1,000l.
The rest when finished.
Mr. Mounteney to pay 20,000l. into the Exchequer.
A privy seal for 750l. to Mr. Ashton for a jewel sold by him to the King.
Mr. Percy Church to have 20l. 17s. 0d. of his pension.
[Ibid. p. 163.]
Dec. 2. afternoon. Treasury Chambers. Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Charles Harbord.
A warrant [is considered or? ordered] for a grant of the fishing and manor of Wondy and Husk [Undy and Usk] to the Marquess of Worcester for 99 years from date hereof. The like for the manor and castle of Caldecott and the exchange of the advowson of Sopworth, co. Wilts, for that of Blendworth, co. Southampton. The first Wednesday in the next term is appointed to hear the Marquess of Worcester and Mr. Okeden upon their several petitions concerning the manor of Wondy.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with the Attorney General in [the matter of] Sir Baynham Throckmorton's paper concerning the establishment for settlement of the forest of Dean. My Lord directs the payment of one half year to Michaelmas last to the keepers of Dean Forest for the present till the matter of the Forest be settled with the Attorney General. This [half year's pay is ordered] to be placed on the privy seal dormant. My Lord allows 40 trees more of timber for the building of the lodges in that forest : also 50l. in money for the building of the stables at the Speech House.
Mr. Lawrence to be writ to to bring on Friday afternoon all the papers he has from Sir Robert Atkins relating to the Law bill.
George Wharton, Esq., to have 7,500l. [for the office of Ordnance] for this quarter, ending the 25th inst. To be paid presently.
The list of money paid to several persons who have pensions [payable] in the Exchequer [but which have been ordered to be paid] by Sir Ste. Fox by order of the Lord Treasurer is to be entered : and warrants are to be drawn for repayment of the money to Sir Stephen Fox.
A letter to be written to Sir John Norton to know whether he hath surrendered the office of Woodward of New Forest or not and if he be willing to continue in the said office.
A letter to be written to Mr. Bernard Knapton to come up on Friday the 18th inst. and answer several complaints made against him to the Lord Treasurer in relation to New Forest.
Mr. Ashmole to put his control upon the vouchers transmitted to the Excise Farmers immediately and also upon all books of accompts relating to that duty ; for the performance of which service the Lord Treasurer agrees to allow him four extraordinary clerks in his office [the names of] which he is to present to my Lord for approbation.
Sir Peter Ball and Sir Charles Harbord are to attend on Wednesday next to give an account of the state of the Queen Mother's arrears of her jointure and what debts yet stand out sperate or desperate. Sir Philip Lloyd is to bring in an accompt of what he has received and disbursed of said arrears.
When the arrears of the Ordnance are [considered of] to be settled, the Lord Treasurer will place [or allocate a fund on which to charge] 614l. due to Mr. Bevil Skelton.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind to move the King for 200l. per an. to each of the six auditors of the revenue [in the Exchequer Court audits]. The other [remaining seventh auditor, viz. that] of Wales, is to be considered of by my Lord and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 163-5.]
Dec. 3. Mr. Thomas Eustace, Col. Lawrence Dempsy and Mr. Nathaniel Gerard on behalf of Col. Charles Gifford and Lady Vancolster came [in] with Mr. Kellet, and desired that the following agreement made betwixt them might be entered at the Lord Treasurer's, viz. that it is agreed that upon the receipt of 150l. (directed by the Lord Treasurer yesterday to be paid upon Col. Gifford's pension for one year) the Lady Vancolster shall have 50l. thereof paid unto her to supply her present occasions and necessities : and that upon the receipt of the next half year [of said pension] she shall have paid to her or to the abovesaid Mr. Eustace 25l. : and it is further agreed that for the future Mr. Kellet shall without any molestation receive from time to time the whole said annuity or pension of Col. Gifford's until the debt due to him from the Col. shall be fully satisfied. [The entry of this agreement in the Minute Book is subscribed in autograph by Tho. Eustace, Nathaniel Gerard, Lau. Dempsy and Matt. Kellett.]
Sir John Cotton's warrant for 24l. for the parson of Landwade [is ordered] to be paid and to be drawn dormant for the future.
Mr. Peer Williams to have a warrant for 153l. 6s. 8d., being all that is due.
Lord Byron to have 500l. as royal bounty by way of compensation for wood which he has pretensions to in Sherwood Forest, &c. To be paid by Sir Stephen Fox upon his privy seal for secret service. To be repaid [to said Fox] out of Oakes's debt after Mr. Buckley's 1,000l.
Lord Byron to have 250l. [for] half a year of his pension to Michaelmas last.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with William Herbert about the petition of Mr. Edward Progers relating to some lands in Ireland, being a reversion after Sir Ellis Layton.
Sir William Hickman and Mr. Waller [are ordered] to have each 250l.
The Navy to have 60,000l. upon the sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax] after 130,000l. [already charged upon said quarter].
The Earl of Kinnoul [is ordered] to have a quarter of his pension.
Mr. Nicolas, Surveyor General of the Customs, is to have what was due to him at Michaelmas last, being half a year.
Capt. Buckly is to have 1,000l. pursuant to his privy seal, to be reimbursed out of Oakes's debt.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 167-8.]
Dec. 4. Sir Robt. Howard to pay what was due to Auditor Beale at his death, and to Auditor Bridges what is due to him upon his fee, keeping him a quarter in arrear. (In the margin : A letter writ.)
Mr. Doyley's petition is read for a grant of [the place of] Engineer of the Mint. Mr. Slingesby (who entered a caveat against the passing of this grant) desires he may have a copy of Mr. Doyley's petition and also of the bill [to enable him] to make his objections against it. This day week Mr. Slingesby to return his answer in writing. Mr. Slingesby to send his exceptions to Mr. Doyley on Wednesday next.
The Farmers of the Law Duty are called in. They pray for a defalcation in respect of the Recognizances and desire to know whether they shall continue Farmers by [the King's] allowing of defalcations or whether the Lord Treasurer will permit them to become accomptants to the King. The Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer will take the matter into consideration and give their answer to the Farmers by Wednesday next, the 9th inst.
The said Farmers are to give an account of what sums of money [of the Law duties] have been collected by any officer whatsoever which have not been paid, as well for recognizances of alehouses as upon any other branch of the Act for the Law Duties.
Write the Auditors of the Imprest for the accompt from Sir Robert Atkins of the Law Duty : to be brought to the Treasury on Wednesday next. The Comptroller to attend at the same time and the Farmers the Friday after.
Put the Lord Treasurer in mind of moving the King in Council next Wednesday in behalf of the old Farmers of Excise about the abatement they desire on the Additional [Excise] Duty.
Sir Richard Ford and the rest of the Merchant Adventurers are called in upon the business of [Mr.] Otto, referred to the Lord Treasurer by an order of [the Privy] Council. Otto refuses to appear this day. Both parties to be summoned again on Wednesday and one of the King's Counsel to attend at the same time. Send to Mr. Otto a copy of the Merchant Adventurers' petition and a copy of the order of Council.
Mr. Backwell called in and Alderman Backwell's petition is read concerning 1,000l in tallies remaining in Mr. Shadwell's hands, which he prays may be redelivered to him. The petition [is] dismissed, re infecta.
Mr. Laurence's two bills, due to him as Solicitor to the Treasury [are ordered] to be paid.
The Lord Treasurer directs a warrant for striking tallies on the Excise for half a year to the Treasurer of the Chamber.
No other fees to be demanded by the Tellers from the officers of the Works at Windsor than such as are paid for [money warrants for the office of Works at] Whitehall, &c.
Write Capt. Dean to wait on the Lord Treasurer on Monday morning.
Mr. Roberts to be allowed 2s. a day as Receiver and Paymaster of the Works at Windsor.
Sir Thomas Clutterbuck's contract to be dispatched.
Mr. Evelyn to have 250l. for half a year of his salary.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 168-70.]
Dec. 5. Sir Stephen Fox to pay 500l. to Mrs. H. G. [Helena Gwyn].
[Ibid. p. 170.]
Dec. 7. Sir William Boreman's arrear for Greenwich, &c., to be paid by 50l. per week.
The Earl of Mulgrave to have another quarter of his pension.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with the Attorney General about the Custom House officers being abused at Weymouth by one Strong. A letter to be written to the Mayor of Weymouth to assist the King's officers. (In the margin : Done.)
Write the Customs Commissioners to take security of the under officers within six weeks [? of their respective appointment in future] and if any of them refuse to give security because the receipts are small then to consider thereof and give their opinion thereon to the Lord Treasurer.
"The Commissioners of the Customs to shew my Lord the ill consequences of opening goods elsewhere than at the Custom House."
Enquire if Sir Robert Holmes receives the Castle Guard rents in the Isle of Wight.
The Lord Treasurer orders 500l. per week for the Sick and Wounded till the sum of 10,000l. be paid.
The sum of 19,700l. due to Sir Stephen Fox upon a privy seal for Secret Service is to be made good to him by weekly payments out of the Exchequer.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 170-1.]
Dec. 8. Sir William Turner to have 50l. [being the unpaid] remainder of an order for 100l. [dated] 30 Sept., 1673.
[Ibid. p. 171.]
Dec. 9.
Treasury Chambers
Present : Lord Treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Sir Robert Atkins [is ordered] to bring the state of his accompt relating to the Law Duty.
"To call of my Lord Treasurer to-morrow morning for the list of the Gentlemen [Pensioners] paid out of the Excise."
Sir Richard Ford and the rest of the Merchant Adventurers are called in concerning an unlawful trade exercised by one George Otto, who shipped off 21 bales of goods contrary to the concordance made between the Senate of Hamburgh and the Company of Merchant Adventurers forbidding any of their subjects to trade : and also contrary to His Majesty's proclamation of the 10th of May, 1665, and other His Majesty's letters to the Senate to that effect. Mr. Offley says in behalf of Mr. Otto that an alien by law may trade in England. If the seizure of the Company be good in law the plea of the Company will be good also, which they have taken time till Xmas to do. He further adds that this is a private cause and no way relating to matter of state. The Lord Treasurer thinks fit to refer the determination of this matter of Mr. Otto to the consideration once more of the Privy Council as relating to matter of state. A report to be drawn to that purpose accordingly.
The petition of the Farmers of the Hearthmoney is read concerning undue certificates [of exemption from said duty]. Mr. Sawyer says that several persons in the parish of St. Botolphs, Aldgate [such] as the minister and churchwardens take money for their certificates [of exemption] which is contrary to law. The Lord Treasurer asks them [said churchwardens] why they discharge 600 persons. The churchwarden answers they are dischargable according to law. All houses having above two chimneys are chargeable by law. Sir William Turner [is ordered] to attend the Attorney General who is to draw up an information against John Torbuck, the minister of Aldgate, John Haly and Charles Tough, churchwardens, for making undue certificates.
Enquire of Sir Tho. Fanshaw and the clerks of the Crown Office how the fines and amerciaments are answered to the King.
To show the Lord Treasurer the last commission of the New Forest : and to refer it to Sir Cha. Harbord to draw up a fit commission for the Surveyors of the Forests this side Trent.
The list of the arrears due from the Receivers of the Hearthmoney is to be sent to Sir Robert Howard with directions that as they are or shall be paid into the Exchequer the moneys shall be applied to the service of the Privy Purse excepting only the debt of Oakes which is already assigned.
The 292l. in full of what is due to Col. Kingswell is to be paid.
Strike tallies for Lord Byron's pension.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 171-3.]
Dec. 11. The Speaker [of the House of Commons] to have 3,000l. upon the Farmers of the Excise.
A privy seal to be drawn for Mr. Weld's debt of 1,178l. 14s. 0d. as Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant of the Tower.
[Ibid. p. 173.]
Dec. 11.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Sir John Duncomb.
Mr. Doyley's petition is read for the grant of the office of Engineer of the Mint. Mr. Slingesby's paper of objections is read against passing this grant for the petitioner : said paper consisting of six articles. Mr. Solicitor Jones (Counsel for petitioner) is of opinion that such a grant is no intrenchment upon the Master of the Mint and that Mr. Doyley is ready to give security for the due execution thereof. Mr. Slingesby says that this grant [office] of Engineer to the Mint was erected upon a necessity, Mr. Blondeau refusing to make a discovery of his new invention without it. Mr. Solicitor Jones observes against Mr. Slingesby that by the patent this office is created for ever and infers from thence that there must be such an officer. Mr. Slingesby affirms that after Mr. Blondeau's term of 21 years the King hath in his patent granted him the 18d. on the silver and 7s. on the gold, and [he] reads the clause. The Lord Treasurer reduces it to this question, whether His Majesty could grant the profits contained in Blondeau's patent to any other after the expiration of the said Blondeau's term. Mr. Slingesby to satisfy the Lord Treasurer in this matter on Wednesday next.
Mr. Allin called in touching the comptrol upon the Law Duty. Mr. Pocock comes in likewise to shew what counties were farmed out by the Farmers [of said duty]. The Farmers have paid 17,000l. to the King out of 24,000l. received by them for the year 1673. The Lord Treasurer directs the Farmers to bring in an accompt of what they have made of their farm and to attend on Wednesday next. ([Postea] : Since : ordered not to attend.) The Farmers to bring their accompt to the Auditor and to produce their vouchers before him.
Write to Sir Robert Howard to pay the arrears of the chimney money to the Privy Purse excepting 1,500l. ordered out of Oakes' debt.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 173-5.]
Dec. 12. Col. Russell's warrant for 150l. [is ordered] to be executed.
[Ibid. p. 175.]
Dec. 14. Sir Rob. Howard to pay Sir Stephen Fox 8,700l. for Secret Service.
The same day a paper from the Commissioners of the Customs was sent in the words following : viz. whereas goods are rated in the Book of Rates and it is [or may be as cases arise of seizure of this or that particular parcel of goods] the Lord Treasurer's intention to mitigate the rate and collect the duty in proportion to the value of the goods it is necessary [wherever such ad valorem rate is to be allowed by the Lord Treasurer] that the order to the Commissioners be in these words or to the like effect"that you cause the said goods to be delivered upon payment of Custom according to the value thereof, notwithstanding the same are rated in the Book of Rates." Where it is the Lord Treasurer's pleasure wholly to dispense with the Customs [the order should run] "that you cause the said goods to be delivered Custom free." But where it is not the Lord Treasurer's intention to dispense with the Custom or mitigate the rate it is sufficient to say "that you cause the said goods to be delivered upon payment of Custom according to law." Because the law has already provided that such goods as are not rated shall pay according to value. And it is to be noted that although diverse commodities are prohibited yet for the most part they are rated by the Book of Rates.
Dec. 14. [? afternoon] The Lord Treasurer directs 300l. to be paid, being half a year of Lady Wentworth's pension.
Sir William Killigrew to have a quarter of his pension at Xmas.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of the old Excise Farmers, to move the King as to their debt.
Lady Fisher to have 500l. for half a year on her pension.
[Direction to be sent as follows] to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. The Customers and Collectors in Ireland to be directed upon giving a dispatch to any ship laden with wool from Ireland to send a copy of the entry to the Collector of the port in England to which the wool is consigned and every quarter to send to the Lord Treasurer a list of all such entries as are made in their ports of any wool.
And here in England [for] any wool shipped coastways the Collector to observe the like rule.
The Lord Treasurer on Wednesday next in [the Privy] Council is to advise with the Attorney General how those men shall be punished that have forged the wool certificates.
[Ibid. p. 176.]
Dec. 15. Dr. Waldron to be three quarters [of a year] on his pension.
Dr. Hyde, Professor of Physic, to be paid.
Mr. Smyth to be paid 110l. for making the organ at Windsor : [to be paid] on the privy seal dormant.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of Mr. Shish, when attending the King to-morrow.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 176.]
Dec. 16. The Lord Treasurer directs that 520l. due to Sir Joseph Williamson for 3 years to Michaelmas last, as keeper of His Majesty's papers of state at Whitehall, be presently paid : and that in convenient time care be taken of the 437l. 10s. 0d. due to him as Clerk of the Privy Council for 1 3/4 years to Michaelmas last.
A note to be shown to the Lord Treasurer of the reducement on the Wardrobe [establishment]. Also to show my Lord what assignments have been given by him to the Wardrobe.
The Clerk of the Pipe to bring to the Lord Treasurer the accompts of the Treasurer of the Chamber and other offices.
Enquire who were Auditors from 1630 forwards. Enquire after Auditor Beale's papers. The accounts of the Wardrobe, Jewel House and Treasurer of the Chamber for any year backwards are to be searched for, for the Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer to see the new establishment of the Yeomen of the Guard.
[Ordered that] 1,200 hats lately seized in a mow of corn in Kent be burnt, being the King's part.
Mr. Dewey to give an account of what he has made of such seizures.
[Ibid. p. 177.]
Dec. 17. Mr. Gargrave to have 320l. for four geldings : [to be paid] upon Sir Stephen Fox's privy seal.
The Speaker [of the House of Commons] to have 3,000l. : [the order for this is to be drawn] upon the [advance money payable by the] contractors for the Chimney money.
[Warrant for] Sir William Bowles [for] 1,000l. [to be paid] upon the same [contractors' advance money].
Dr. Barlow's warrant to be drawn [for his salary] as Margaret Professor at Oxford.
Dr. Gibbons to have 100l. from Sir Stephen Fox : to be repaid [or made good by the Lord Treasurer to said Fox].
Enquire of Mr. Pepys or Mr. Steevens if the Navy Commissioners reserve money enough in their hands out of the 200,000l. ordinary of the Navy for payment of the summer guard [of the seas].
The Wardrobe to have 2,000l. for their present supply : but satisfaction in some degree to be given to the trumpets, warders [of the Tower] and those others who are to have liveries out of it [the Wardrobe].
Peter Giles, if qualified, is to be a watchman in the room of Manasses Gwillim, who is willing to resign. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Mr. Berkley, Page of Honour, is to have a year and a half of his pension.
Mr. Roger Charnock to have a dormant warrant for his place of King's waiter.
Mrs. Bird's father's arrears of 7l. 10s. 0d. are to be paid to her.
The Bishop of Oxford's first fruits [are ordered] to be remitted.
[Order for] 2,957l. 18s. 2d. to be paid to Mr. Steevens for the Victuallers of the Navy, and they [said Victuallers] are to repay Mr. Mountney the bills drawn upon their account. This [new order] to be done [met] out of the Customs.
Mr. Pepys to have tallies for 28,600l. being half [a year on] 57,200l. for Tangier : [to be struck] on the Excise.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 177-8.]
Dec. 18 Mr. William Levett to have 200l. on his patent of 200l. per an.
Mr. Legg and Mr. Snell called in, the latter appearing for Lady Bridgman. Her petition is read concerning Bowood Park, in Wilts., and a case annexed [is also read]. The Lord Treasurer is of opinion that no grant pass to the prejudice of Mr. Legge till he has at least a compensation equivalent to what this lease is valued at by Sir Charles Harbord.
Mrs. Skelton's interest to be paid on her orders for 2,000l.
At Midsummer next Mr. Ashmole to enlarge his control [of the Excise] throughout England and Wales and to send his deputies into the respective counties.
The Surveyor [General of the Works] to give the Lord Treasurer an estimate of what will build and repair the Stables at the Mews [at Charing Cross and at] Hampton Court, Windsor, Reading and Newmarket.
Mr. Vernon to be sworn into the Teller's place to-morrow at 10 o'clock. The Chamberlains [of the Exchequer] to be summoned [to be present].
[Warrant for] 1,000l. for the ordinary allowance of the Works. Mr. [Bernard] Knapton to be again written to attend the Lord Treasurer on the 13th January next.
The Treasurer of the Navy is to have 10,000l. out of the sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax]. In the margin : Done [meaning : orders drawn or tallies struck thereon].
[Ibid. pp. 178-9.]
Dec. 21. [Warrant for] 10,000l. to the Navy : on the sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax]. A letter [to be written] to Sir Robert Howard [to strike tallies thereon to that amount].
Sir Stephen Fox to pay Major Brett 240l. for two years' interest due upon an order for 2,000l.
[Ibid. p. 179.]
Dec. 23. The Lord Treasurer directs that Mr. Vernon enter upon the execution of his office of a Teller in the Exchequer notwithstanding that Sir William Whitmore has not yet given bond for part of his security : but that he [Whitmore] do it as soon as may be.
Write to Mr. Mounteney to pay into the Exchequer 3,500l. for [on the head of his receipts of] New Year's gifts : 118l. 1s. 9d. being remaining of the last year.
Know what benefit has accrued to the King for the last year by the coast bonds.
The Prince [Rupert] to be paid his quarter due at Christmas.
[Ibid. pp. 179-80.]
Dec. 24. Mr. Kent's warrant not to be delivered out till such time as he give security for the receipt of the revenue of Excise. In order hereto the Lord Treasurer directs that enquiry be made what was done by Mr. Mountney as Receiver of the Customs.
The tally for the hats [is ordered] to be delivered.
The business about the merchants' bonds for the 4l. per tun (with the Attorney General's report) is to be heard the first day the Lord Treasurer sits after the holidays. All parties to be summoned and the King's Counsel to attend.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 180.]
Dec. 27. The Earl of Strafford to have half a year of his pension.
The doorkeepers of the House of Commons to have 40l.
The ministers of the Isle of Man to have their allowance placed elsewhere now the fee farms are sold.
Enquire what plate is now in the Jewel House.
Mr. Shish to have an additional salary as Pett has.
The sum for Mr. Gregory [is to be] as in his letter.
Mr. Reynolds to be provided for as the Pendrells [have been].
The Attorney General to be consulted which way to punish the forgers of the false certificates for wool.
The sixth quarter of the Eighteen Months' assessment [is] charged [as follows] by the Lord Treasurer.
On the Sixth quarter. To be placed elsewhere.
Mr. Ryves and interest 5,000l. s. d.
Sir Charles Cotterell 500l. in part of 2,337 0 0
Sir John Berry 500l. " 1,740 0 0
Secret Service 10,000l.
Col. Whitley 1,000l. " 2,844 6 7
the remainder on the Chimney rent due in March next, 1674-5.
Duke of York's buildings at Hampton Court 600l.
The Duke [of York] for hangings for the King 400l.
Major Beckford 3,000l. in part of 18,000 0 0
Mr. Skelton for Plymouth 614 0 0
Mr. Wiseman 1,700 0 0
The Duke of Buckingham
Mr. Le Couche 2,000l. in part of 6,340 0 0
Mris. Fanshawe's arrears 1,800 0 0
Master of the Robes arrears on two orders 5,500 0 0
Sir Philip Musgrave 1,000l.
Sir Thomas Allin 1,000 0 0
Sir Ralph Knight on the rents of Durham [bishopric] 2,000 0 0
Lord Ogle 1,000l. in part of 2,000 0 0
[to be charged] upon the Chimney rent due in March next.
Mr. Kerwood 1,000 0 0
Secretary Coventry 1,710l.
Most of the others will be placed on particular arrears of the Hearthmoney.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 180-1.]
Dec. 30. The Lord Treasurer orders 2,000l. for the Navy towards payment of the "Dartmouth" frigate : [to be paid] out of the Custom House money, if any be, in the Exchequer.
[Ibid. p. 182.]
[? Dec. 30] New Year's gifts, 1674-5.
Gold : s. d. s. d.
To His Royal Highness [Duke of York] 500 0 0
Lord Treasurer 1,000 0 0
Chancellor of the Exchequer 666 13 4
Secretary Coventry 500 0 0
Secretary Williamson 200 0 0
The Duke of York's Secretary 50 0 0
Lord Treasurer's Secretary 200 0 0
Mr. Chiffinch 50 0 0
Clerk to the Treasury 25 0 0
Silver : 3,191 13 4
To the Pages of the Backstairs 40 0 0
The King's coachmen 5 0 0
Gallery keepers 2 0 0
King's porters 3 0 0
Porters' men 0 10 0
Clerks and officers of the Council 34 0 0
King's footmen 5 0 0
Queen's footmen 2 10 0
Duke of York's footmen 2 10 0
King's trumpets 5 0 0
King's drums 5 0 0
Mr. Mounteney, Receiver General of the Customs 20 0 0
124 10 0
The change of 3,191 guineas at 1s. 9d. per piece 279 4 3
Fees at all offices 23 2 6
302 6 9
3,618 10 1
[Ibid. p. 183.]